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Programming / Re: Tech Gurus, Advice Needed Pleased by olyjosh(m): 11:11am On Jun 06, 2017

I know good designs when I see one. And I know the best are always simple, no too many colors, no complex structures

You are right. you may do good in UI and graphics. Can't say much on UX.
Incase you plan to be a developer, I won't advice you to just pick any stack base on what you hear people saying but consider some factors like purpose of doing this. A very good web app here http://www.bestprogramminglanguagefor.me/ will help in picking good stack

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Programming / Re: 10 Nights Of Cloning Nairaland With PHP by olyjosh(m): 5:36pm On May 29, 2017

That was the first thing I wanted to say when I saw his work, but I just decided to keep quiet - as he did not ask for advice.

You wanted to but you never did!

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Programming / Re: Any Techi Person To Develop A Scanning Vote System by olyjosh(m): 9:03am On Apr 15, 2017
These are the factors to consider in doing this.

What is the size of the concert venue in dimension (square meters, square ft or so)?
What is the expected number of voters you will likely have at the concert?

The exact solution to this is called NFC bracelets but these come in different specification for different use as their signal read range differs. I can only proffer a solution if these question are answered or I can visit the likely venue. You can get to me using olyjoshone@gmail.com

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Programming / Re: I Am In Need Of A Programmer To Partner With As A Co-founder L by olyjosh(m): 1:01pm On Feb 27, 2017
You think you can pay a programmer?

no beef intended

Never under estimate anybody. There is potential even in a madman on the street. A boy has got arms, brain, legs. A boy is a human(A boy can be harmful and can do you good). Someone about that age is no longer to young to do things

[b][/b]i need a programmer to partner with or to program an app for me and get paid.I am aged 14 in ss2 and i have a business idea that will bring cool cash.if u need me call or whatsapp me @ 08024583443.[color=#990000][/color]

Why must you tell people ur age or your class in a biz like this. This will makes people to have mix feeling about you, especially in this part of the world. I think you need someone to start managing you too. Checking the legality of what you are about getting yourself into, You will always need a guardian you can work with.

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Software/Programmer Market / Re: Web Developers Who Need Front-end Developer Should Hop In. I'm Here To Help. by olyjosh(m): 4:49am On Feb 24, 2017
I use those things required to design a website.

That means you can design front end in JavaEE using xhtml among others and let say nodejs using something like jade, handle bar.
Do you use CSS processors too for your front end designs?
How about javascript platform, do you use any?
If yes do you do unit test on your front end javascript code?
Which is your favorite testing tool.

These are the factors I consider while choosing a front end designer/engineer to work with
Software/Programmer Market / Re: Web Developers Who Need Front-end Developer Should Hop In. I'm Here To Help. by olyjosh(m): 8:33pm On Feb 22, 2017
And what are those thing that you use for front end designs?
Programming / Re: Top 10 Movies A Programmer Must Watch. by olyjosh(m): 2:34pm On Feb 07, 2017
Just to add to this list :
Aye Akamara

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Programming / Re: Real Time Image Editing by olyjosh(m): 1:36pm On Jan 31, 2017
In short sentence. Yes it can be done.

In long sentence, You can look into image processing algorithm. Think of a way of capturing your frames from the live video( video - live or not, the idea is getting hold of frames that makes up this video) and apply your image processing algorithm. You can look into opencv for capturing frames.
So easy to say this with mouth. Though I have worked with opencv- using javacv( it's the java implementation of openCV). It's fun though but you need to be multi-thread, async programming grounded. Hope am not confusing you yet. Credit to the work of Dr Andrew Davison whose white papers and articles really helped me in using opencv for some realtime effect on image, object recognition, human face recognition and matching, AI camera with movement detections and AI ballistic shooting... Things are more advance now, there should be better way to these things than stuff I used two years ago. There is androidCV too, many opensource image processing algorithm. Your good knowledge of maths and physics will do in following them.

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Programming / Re: Javafx or Swing? by olyjosh(m): 11:46pm On Jan 23, 2017
I have done swing for so long before switching to javafx. Verily, verily I said unto you, you may curse guys at oracle for bringing in swing before fx if you understand javafx perfectly. Among those few thing I fancy most apart from the flexibility in been able to style your UI (with style sheet - CSS) are:

- binding: the way binding is done here makes everything simpler. some logics are better writing in few lines here.
- Collection : ObservableList and ObservableListArray. Just like the names sound, they are observable. They are bidirectionally bonded to your views such that if u alter from the view or model, you don't need any extra work or code to commit changes on the view or model. That reminds me of the hell operation you have to go through in swing before you can come up with table using jTable..., how you need to do some overriding just to get row count or column count of a table in swing.
(DefaultTableModel, TableModel) you can have these as something like ObservableList<MyModelClass>.
- Effects and Animation are just too simple and cool
Programming / Re: Javafx or Swing? by olyjosh(m): 7:09pm On Jan 22, 2017
Nope. Javafx is far better than Swing.
Programming / Ios Developer And Nodejs Developer Needed by olyjosh(m): 9:46am On Jan 10, 2017
Am an android native developer, nodejs - MEAN stack developer, and I need an iOS developer on a project I'm to develop in a short possible time.

Please call me and let's talk business on 081 5909 4586 or mail me on hackctrlshiftdel AT gmail DOT com
Programming / Re: I Need An Android Developer! by olyjosh(m): 6:41am On Nov 03, 2016
Yeah, but you know cryptography is a different kettle of fish.

Like I said, bring it on, we will solve your cryptography problem(s)
Programming / Re: I Need An Android Developer! by olyjosh(m): 5:31pm On Nov 02, 2016
Typical sms application that I have developed n can extend its crypto features base on your spec.
But money is involve sha. I will give a nice UI cleanup self
You can reach me

Programming / Re: Please Help Fix My Command Line by olyjosh(m): 3:08pm On Oct 31, 2016
Hold Shift key(if it's not shift then alt key should work) while you right click an empty space of a directory, then you will have an option for opening command line in that directory.

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Programming / Re: ATM Card POS Devices (any Programmer) by olyjosh(m): 11:14pm On Oct 28, 2016
Any body??
Programming / ATM Card POS Devices (any Programmer) by olyjosh(m): 8:22am On Oct 28, 2016
Hi guys.

Just need someone who have written desktop applications that uses POS to charge money via ATM Card. I have been written an application lately that involve charging from ATM Card with POS among other payments but my questions :

1. are these ATM Card POS having call back (Interface, abstract classes any of such) that are programmable in such a way that when payments are made successfully, the device will give a callback with payment detail via some connections like that (USB preferably) to the system such that I can capture the payment detail automatically. What I have seen so far - like at Shopright, they end up typing payment ID from receipt manually back in to the system after payment via POS.

2. Who are those that issue ATM POS to customers? Is it just the bank or one can get one somewhere else for programming, like sandbox programming of what it will actually be in realtime.

Please I will prefer responses from some one who has written program(s) in this scope
Currently, the app is writing in java(JavaFX) but please your contributions if you have done this in C/C++, C#, Java, python are welcome.

Thanks in anticipation
Certification And Training Adverts / Re: Urgent Vacancy by olyjosh(m): 8:28am On Jul 30, 2016
For those who may be skeptical about the vacancy here is additional info to help you decide.
The startup in question is Andela.com . I am not affiliated to them in any way but I understand they need to fill these positions within the earliest possible time.

Andela and Audax, I think they are not the same bro
Programming / Re: Kjava Developer Needed by olyjosh(m): 2:05am On Jul 20, 2016
Sorry bro, many developers drop those things years back. And who is supporting such sdk anymore?? Who Symbian help for ios n android era
Programming / Re: Who Wants To Attend A Hackathon? by olyjosh(m): 6:59am On Jul 17, 2016
Why are you guys not disclosing prize to be won. It's good you do. Not every time someone want to hack for the fun of it alone.
Programming / Re: Webpage To Pdf Conversion# Urgent Help by olyjosh(m): 7:16pm On Jul 09, 2016
You can always google something like this. Check the accepted answer here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28522749/save-web-page-directly-to-pdf-using-js
Programming / Re: Creating An Android Book Bank by olyjosh(m): 11:24pm On Jun 13, 2016
Am glad you understood what I meant. But the problem is how to develop one. Any idea or resources you can help with?
What format are planning to use in rendering ur books. Html, epub, etc.
It's all about loading the resource into ram and display it on the ur renderer (Webview or epub viewer). Moreover consider making small files of ur books - chucking them in order not to use small memory.
I don't know of any specific ebook or reference. but for expansion apk files https://developer.android.com/google/play/expansion-files.html
Now it's 100mb on recent android versions
Programming / Re: Creating An Android Book Bank by olyjosh(m): 11:16am On Jun 13, 2016

What I need is to develop an app which has booked compiled with it so that the people downloading it wouldn't worry about internet connection to read the books listed in the app once they've downloaded the app because the app has books embedded inside of it. They'll have options to download more books, but at least, they'll have books to keep them busy once they download the app. Hope you understand what I mean.

This is possible. To be on a safer side, your apk size shouldn't exceed 50mb - which means you can add more resources but keep everything under 50mb. However, recent version of Android break this limit with the expansion apk approach that gives you upto 4gb more resource to be added.
Programming / Re: .net Programmers I Need Your Help O by olyjosh(m): 6:35am On Jun 13, 2016
^^^nobody is going to die anytime soon, stop cursing. Did you even go to church or mosque today? Why the use of such negative words?
Me, i reject am in Jesus name. You want me to start firing thunderous prayers for your 32MB ram system abi?

I never cursed u anyway, I'm trying to tell u to keep it up if that's what will make u live longer.

Guess what! jaars no dey work for me so it can't work against me

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Programming / Re: .net Programmers I Need Your Help O by olyjosh(m): 10:01pm On Jun 12, 2016

Hmn, I am planning to get a 64GB RAM machine, I shall post the screen-shot here when i gerrit.
You better do if dat childish attitude make you not to die young, one day it shall make you grow.


Yeah, this can help guys like olyjosh (especially) with his 32MB RAM machine.
I'm not a .net developer though, I'm a java , swift developer - You know the requirements. In case you don't know, I'm okay on my 32mb ram machine so far I can still continue using java,android,ios development tool among others on em


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Programming / Re: Creating An Android Book Bank by olyjosh(m): 9:29pm On Jun 12, 2016

Actually I don't need an e-commerce site.

Real talk!

So what do you need and what mobile platform are targeting. I have worked on e-book you can read offline and even the one you need to make in app purchase on playstore before you can read , blackberry , and windows 8 store.
The fast ones on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sunkanmivaughan.bizdir

Let people know what you want in detail. If you feel like mailing me [email]olyjoshone@gmail.com[/email]
Programming / Re: .net Programmers I Need Your Help O by olyjosh(m): 9:07pm On Jun 12, 2016

for the benefit of future googlers, please post the solution here.

my guess is that is was an internet connection issue, since the installer needs to download those third party tools during installation

Beta talk

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Programming / Re: .net Programmers I Need Your Help O by olyjosh(m): 7:23pm On Jun 12, 2016
@fulaman (especially) and @dhtml, you guys should have created a post and call it bragging about my machine.

You refuse to solve d op's problem but instead making mouth on his important thread he has created to find solution wen he need 1. OMG angry

I don't mean to offend you but sorry I need to offend you and I'm not sorry about it. awon omo oju o ri Ola ri ti won ni awon ni olaniyonu

Anyway na all these machine especially Dat "MacBook pro 15 retina" na en we use setup cyber Caffè in my village. Yet I ain't Bragg about it. Come dey disturb person for here dey show us unbuntu installation. I don't expect this from u. I highly hyper disappointed


Programming / Re: Creating An Android Book Bank by olyjosh(m): 6:14pm On Jun 12, 2016
[quote author=favorassu post=46510859][/quote]

I wonder if u understand the spec. I think is good u understand what the op want before jumping into creating more problem over solutions. I'm afraid the op is not even talking about e-commerce yet.

@OP, are you a developer and you need ideas on how to implement such or you are looking good for a developer who can create such for you.

Please, explain more on what you want. Let people understand what you are asking for so they don't give you wrong solution that will cost you much without serving the actual purpose.
Programming / Re: Jamb Past Questions API In JSON by olyjosh(m): 10:29pm On Jun 03, 2016
Hi guys, I am thinking there should be a way to get the raw JSON format of JAMB past questions. Have you ever seen or heard about that before?
That's a project you should start working on cause I don't its available yet
Certification And Training Adverts / Re: Android App Development And Data Programming by olyjosh(m): 5:20pm On Jun 02, 2016
Contextually, the guy is wrong. But there is something like data programing. Moreover, I think is good you correct a learner instead of making him to have worst experience while he is yet coding or debugging.

If u think say u know pass for here, another person wey know pass u dey for there

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Programming / Re: I Need A Very Lucrative Web Designer by olyjosh(m): 5:08pm On Jun 02, 2016
Thank God I'm not the only one knowing that most ppl who come here to source for developer are non serious set of people. They can raise ur expectation like you are about coming but never arrive
Programming / Re: Simple Factorial Challenge by olyjosh(m): 2:48pm On May 27, 2016
An Attempt cool

from decimal import *
import math

x = 0.7893

beginH = Decimal(1.0 )
beginB = Decimal(1.0 )

multi = 3
adder = 2

r = Decimal(0)
for i in range( 2, 5001 ) :
r = r + Decimal( ( beginH/beginB ) * Decimal( x ** i ) )

beginH = multi * beginH + adder
beginB = multi * beginB
multi +=1
adder +=1

I begin to love dis python of a thing oo.
Your solution is quite brilliant n fast but your answer only converges upto d 15th decimal values. Unnecessary rounding in d system I guess.

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