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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by Osemigho: 4:43pm On Jun 16

Someone have meticulously answered the fund aspect for you and i beleive him,i think theres a lump sum in the acct without any explanation!

Buh the main issue is the ties you’ve in canada.
If you hv made enough research or watch u tube videos even in nairaland ,you shldnt hv even pointed out you have sister in canada,that is shooting yourself in the foot.

Thirdly many agents are just thrash, mine was directly responsible for my first denial! He just did nonsense sop and document and submitted!

Second time i used my hand and made research and did the second application without gcm note and still got!

It is false that having a family in Canada is a negative thing for a Canada student visa. I know three Canada PRs and Citizens that have sponsored their siblings to study in Canada in the last 1-3 years. I also know two siblings that received student visas, sponsored by parent, while their sibling was a PR, now a citizen.

Advising people to not disclose their siblings is a horrible idea. From my experience, it gives no advantage for student visas and could backfire significantly in the future. I will advise you to read about Indian students facing deportation due to fake documents.

All the best.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 9:13pm On Jun 14, 2022
Please guys I need your advice , during my nysc I was not posted to a particular company , I was posted to a school but I also worked at the company where I was not posted . I worked with them and was paid but because of the way I got the job , I just have employment letter and a paystub but not a bank statement . Funds for tuition deposit has already been debt and tuition deposit is being paid . They are also my sponsors . But I ended nysc in 2020 but have been working there from the beginning of nysc 2019 till date . Will my nysc contradict my works and is my personal bank statement nessasary if the company is providing me with theirs .

Please I need your help

You are allowed to work more than 2 jobs as a Nigerian citizen. So it should not be a problem that you worked at a school and a company at the same time during your NYSC.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 9:09pm On Jun 14, 2022
Hi there,

I need help!

I need honest review on this course - Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics, University of Calgary Continuing Education. I really cannot tell if it is a PGCERT program but it is more of a professional program recommended for international students who wants to live and work in Canada according to the information on the school website.

The program is 12months with one year PGWP and tuition fee of CAD22,050.00. The core courses align with what the applicant is looking for and it is business related reason considering the program.

The background of the applicant:
- Computer/Electrical Engineering
- Currently working in the finance sector as Credit Risk Officer

What advise do you have for the applicant


BI/BA is a lucrative field but make sure you confirm the program qualified for PGWP. UofC continuing education mainly focus on part-time programs for professionals. You may also want to check 18 months PGD in colleges, mostly in Ontario. You may get it for that 22k. All the best.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 4:45am On Jun 14, 2022

Try University of Alberta

With 2:2? I won't advise that except candidate has atleast 80% GPA in the last two years of study. UofA is top ranked and will likely receive llots of competitive applicants.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 8:01pm On Jun 11, 2022
Hello guys,

I have a question I'm a bit confused about something. I am heading to Calgary by August and so far from my research, airlines with connecting flight through the US have the cheapest fare. However, I have also googled to see that a transit visa is needed to pass through the US to another country. Please can anybody help clarify this for me. God bless.

Aviod any airline transiting USA except you have a valid USA visa. Aviod any fare that have two transit locations in Europe too. All the best.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 7:55pm On Jun 11, 2022
Finally I have gotten to the end of this thread, started reading from the beginning, skipped very few times it’s took me weeks to read all and now I’m here.
This is my first time posting on any Nairaland also.
Congratulations to everyone who got PPR. I’ll testify in good time by God’s grace.

Welcome. You have done well for yourself. I hope you used the share and like options to track what is important to you.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 7:53pm On Jun 11, 2022
Hi all I'm a software developer, I studied information management technology, I just served (nysc) last year, barely 2years experience of work, please what course will show career progression and in which low tuition school (preferably scholarships) can I apply to? this process is so new to me thanks. I await your responses

Msc computer science if you have above 80% GPA. You have to look for the school and admission by yourself.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 7:50pm On Jun 11, 2022
I secured my admission since December last year, applied for school scholarships around March. None forthcoming yet. I want to apply for the study permit now. And recent comments on this thread shows that it's best for sponsors to be closely related to whomever they are sponsoring. In my situation. My sponsor has a company in Canada. And he is capable of sponsoring me. I just don't want to make mistakes especially concerning the proof of funds aspect. I dunno if there is any other option or line of thought that I've not considered already to ensure positive responses from the VO

Let your sponsor pay your one year tuition in full and transfer some living expenses to your account. Submit pictures together and any other documents to show your relationship.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 3:11pm On Jun 09, 2022
Hello Nairalanders! please I need your help. I got my visa in October last year and immediately applied for my kids. Since then, no response. I traveled ahead and left my kids behind because school was resuming in April but it was the hardest period of my life.
I spoke with my program coordinators and they allowed me come back home since my courses were virtual.

This is my dilemma: After doing the Canadian life for a few weeks I’ve seen how difficult it’ll be for me to combine school and 2 toddlers (2&4 year olds) without my husband (he’s staying back) and I think I should wait for both of them to be of school age first. Even if I want to come with them, I’ll have to reapply and with all these IRCC long waiting times, the visa may not come in time for me to go with them in September. If I abandon this study visa (it expires in Feb 2023), will I have issues getting a new one when I’m ready (maybe in 2 years)? What would you guys honestly advice?

What is your personal and family goals? If it includes immigrating to Canada, then you have to return to school. This time, leave your kids with their father to allow you to focus on school. You should then come home every holiday (summer and christmas) to refresh and enjoy with them. This way, you will not miss each other too much and you will still achieve your goal of immigrating to Canada in the short run.

If your goal doesn't include immigrating to Canada, you can do anything you like including withdrawing. Canada student visa is getting more and more difficult to get. Withdrawing will also put a ding on your profile, which will require a lot of explanation in the future. No one can also guarantee that you will gave a better economic and social ties to Nigeria at that time.

Na my one cent sha. The final choice is yours.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:39pm On Jun 07, 2022
After ordering my notes and sending them a mail for the first time yesterday’ I was served a refusal letter this morning ‘ just woke up with my phone in my hand reading twitter trends when a message from Ircc popped up!!
It’s really painful .

purpose of visit and personal assets were the stated reasons but I own a business and applied for business management? and my business ‘ my dumping truck and even my personal car shd be an enough asset ?

well my school don’t defer applications ‘ what shd I do ? Wait or go again ?

Since your school doesn't defer, ask for tuition refund if you paid any. Wait for your GCMS note. When it arrives, think of how long it will take you tackle it, then add that months/years to 6 months visa processings. You then reapply for admission for the available intake that you will give the sufficient time you need to repackage.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:36pm On Jun 07, 2022

You may want to contact me by email or via my signature below as I have a possible solution for you.

This is highly discouraged. Please share your solution here for others to learn from.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:34pm On Jun 07, 2022
@Ketima has already answered you. But if you are looking for a relatively affordable school, send me a message.

Which one is message you? Share it here now for everybody to see.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:33pm On Jun 07, 2022
Hi everyone,

I got two Post Graduate Certificate admissions.

1st is Global Business Management @ Georgian college - Toronto campus costs $18,894.78 annually.

2nd is Strategic Global Business Management @ Conestoga - Kitchener (Downtown) Campus costs $Cad 18,608.20 annually.

Both are two years.

Which of these do you advise me to go for?

Please, advise.

Anyone with internship? You should choose that first. If none, review their course requirements and select the one that the courses make sense the most.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 10:29pm On Jun 06, 2022

I just checked. I don't know how that relates to the question I asked. Please, to those who have used the 1 + 1 strategy, when should your second program start? For instance, if your first program ends August, should the second one start in September or January? Thanks in anticipation.

Showyoung is right that the best time is September if the other programs end by August. You want to aviod stories that touch from IRCC by renewing your study visa before the it expires or you complete the other program. All the best.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 10:27pm On Jun 06, 2022

Hi guys ! I was rejected by IRCC today and my school is Conestoga college with a whooping fee of 19k dollars for just one year program and I had to defer to September because of delay from IRCC which made me not to meet up with May 9 resumption.
Just this evening , on getting home from work, I received offer letter from Memorial University of Newfoundland for Masters in Occupational Safety and Health . I checked their minimum expense fee and the one year program tuition is just 10k Cad with C plan of paying 5k tuition fee for first semester and balance of 5k second semester. And no tuition deposit is required . I have accepted the offer . Resumption date is 6th of September and also Conestoga college is 6th of September too.
I checked Mpower and MUN is not eligible for Mpower loan.
Now I am confused. I don’t know what to do as I don’t have any source of fund anymore. Should withdraw from Conestoga college and ask for refund , so I can start with MUN. MUN is professional Master while Conestoga is postgraduate diploma and they are both in safety in line with my HND, and my work experience.
I need your advice

As long as my deposit fee will be refunded, I will definitely withdraw from the college and focus on the masters because it is lower fees and a higher education. The fact that you received a masters admission with HND in Canada is a miracle in itself, except you have bachelor's degree too. All the best.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 3:32am On Jun 05, 2022
Hello good evening guys. Please I need your counsel on the issue below.
My friend had PhD admission at University of Alberta. He used the services of an agent for the TRV application. Initially, all seemed to be going well because he had medical request and subsequent PPR.
He was looking forward to get his passport when shoot he got a refusal letter from IRCC stating that the bank statement of his sponsor submitted as part of his application was fraudulent. Hence, he has been banned for 5 years. As we speak now, the passport is still with IRCC.
Please what is the best way to address this issue?
And how can this ban be lifted from his application?

Is the statement fake or genuine. I suspect it is fake. You person probably thought the agent mean well when s/he said "don't worry about the statement. I will arrange it." If this is true, no Canada for your person for the next 5 years be that. Unfortunately, no court will overturn a justifiable ban.

For the passport, s/he can contact IRCC though webform and email for an update.

Let the person also know it will be hard for him to get visa in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand because they share visa information with Canada. If he applies to these countries and not disclose the ban, it will likely be automatically ban from those country too.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 3:24am On Jun 05, 2022
Good evening family and friends I got a refusal sometime last year. I wanted to reapply again but decided to order my note. I submitted two SOA. The first money appeared at the beginning of the statement I didn't touch the money until the statement was printed. But had inflow and outflow while the major money was untouched. the second account came in as my arrears. But as a lump sum. I show the proof of where the money came in from. Please house what went wrong and what is the next move.

You need a strong letter of explanation supported with evidence of employment from you and your sponsor. Having money in the account is not sufficient for IRCC. You need to show where the money came from. The visa officer should be able to determine that the balance is not ridiculous compared to the income source. For the letter of explanation, check out other post from successful applicants for LOE structure they used. These structure can give you an idea of what to include in yours. Thanks and all the best.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 2:39am On Jun 05, 2022
Bro, you are the first person I will hear say it's easier to get any category of Canadian visa than the UK equivalent and I don't think that's true. Any category of application is easier to get with UK but it's more expensive.

You see all these 4 months statement of account and lump sum scrutiny that Canada does, UK don't do that. It is why people will borrow the lump sum POF for UK, leave it in the account for about 30 days that is required, print statement and submit their application.

All these home tie that we have to proof beyond reasonable doubt with Canada does not occur with UK application. Same as all the truck load of documents that we have to submit to proof ourselves for Canada.

Drawbacks for UK for me are:

1. The application fee is expensive. Visa and IHS fee is over a million in total.

2. There's no smooth path to permanent residency after post study visa in UK unlike Canada.

3. Also, UK doesn't appeal to me like North America does.

Canada's pathway to permanent residency is smoother but to scale the hurdle of Visa approval from Nigeria isn't, including that of family application or SOWP.

Do not base your conclusion on the family application testimonies you read here. It's about ratio of successful application to the number of applications in total. And UK grants more without people having to pass through the eye of a needle.

The guy is obviously very intelligent, but his experience with Canada may not be that strong. I smiled at his reply and moved. Those who read the thread will definitely know facts from opinions. Na those wey no read well I pity. They can easily fall for one off answers and posts.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 5:39pm On Jun 02, 2022

Yes, it is easier in Canada than in the UK. The accompanying spouse will be issued open work permit which means the spouse can work in any job anywhere and for any employer while the other studies.

Possibly, the one holding an open work permit might get higher chance of getting the family PR.


You are right that it is easier for SOWP holder to transition to PR in Canada. However, getting a SOWP for Canada is not easy and straightforward like UK. For Canada study visa, home tie is always a big factor and applying as a whole family is a risk to most Nigerian applicants. Also, many SOWP applicants wait for over a year to unite with their spouse in Canada and many still get declined. Thanks.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 5:04am On May 31, 2022

Thanks for your contribution. Yes she declared all her siblings in Canada, she has strong ties in Nigeria, her son, husband and landed property. She has never traveled out.

Her funding is too low. As others have suggested, it only covers her tuition. What of her 10k living expenses? What of money for her family in Nigeria?

She needs to show she can afford the program without her family suffering. It is hard to get visa without extra funds when you married with kids, even if family will stay in Nigeria.

Home tie is also more than socio. There is also the economic part depicted by good and well paying job. Does she have that currently? If yes, did she submit evidence of her employment?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 10:33pm On May 29, 2022
My people if you want to apply for a study permit, be ready to provide funds for your entire stay NOT THE ONE YEAR that is on their website o
The below new jurisprudence is an ambush many VOs will be using now.

I may have missed something, but I summarized it as:

JR refused because applicant didn't demonstrate sufficient fund for the complete duration of the program. Applicant argued that s/he only required to show sufficient fund for one year, and did that with over 70,000 CAD shown in different bak account.

However, the court sided with visa officer that, although that is required, it is also important that applicant demonstrate existing fund will not be completely depleted and funds will be available for whole duration of the program either through money in the bank or evidence of employment sufficient to cover year 3-4.

Conclusion: Applicants should remember to submit their and sponsor source of income to back up their statement of account. These documents are as important as a statement of account.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 3:18pm On May 28, 2022
Good afternoon everyone.
Please my passport will expire on the 22 of September 2022 and I intend sending my passport to ircc office but it was written that I cannot be issued a Visa beyond the date on my passport.
Please If I plan to travel in September is there anything I need to worry about or I should renew my passport before sending to ircc office.

Go and renew your passport. Make sure you are guaranteed not more than 1 week processing, even if you have to travel outside of your state for it. Dem go chop your money sha.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 10:01pm On May 26, 2022
Canada just served me breakfast, application refused just now

I see you have received many opinions on the way forward. I find it disturbing that Blessed451, with less than 1 month and 3 pages posting on nairaland, is advising you reapply without GCMS note. Please always check people's experience, validated by active post on nairaland, before following their advise. Experience counts over dem say dem say.

Be careful of older members too because some knowledge or experience are outdated. I will listen to people that have 2-5 years of recent and active posting or at least show they have been reading the thread for that long. All the best.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 9:51pm On May 26, 2022
I have already defered once (from January 2022 to September 2022) and their deferral condition is one can only defer 2 times so i guess i should just go ahead and reapply again without telling the school since i have 1 more deferral option if the need arises.

Great plan.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 9:31pm On May 26, 2022
pls to the experience brothers in the house currently base in Canada,I need your assistance,
it is one thing to study a course and another thing to work with it ,I am not traveling because I just want to japa , currently am not base in Nigeria,and I have seen a definition of doing menial jobs just to feed only ,

pls for a person who studied microbiology in Nigeria what is the best course to pick to avoid that ]RAT RACE life after master or PGD,I need your answers mostly from those BASE in Canada.

Getting a professional job after graduation, especially for masters and PGD graduates can be a little challenging due to lack of "Canadian experience" (meaning: not a good fit) or lack of a persevering spirit.

The IT, data science, and computer science industry was booming for the last two years. However, higher interest rates is crushing them and the economy into recession lately.

The best course to do is that which you have some experience or interest in. You may want to aviod anything oil and gas because it's current price and industry recovery may not be sustainable in the long-term.

When you get a student or work visa and enter, network with industry people, particularly Nigerians, working in your field to show you how they do it. The sooner you do it, the earlier you start to prepare yourself and your mind to persevere and be a good fit for your potential companies.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:20pm On May 21, 2022
Like I want to add some document to my application Can I submit additional documents through webform without request from ircc and please how much is considered as lump sum.

Lump sum- irregular and abnormally high deposit in the account. 500k naira into a dead account (empty with no transaction) is potentially a lump sum. Same amount into an account that regularly receive 1m naira salary is nothing.

You can add documents to your application. However, it may delay your application as the visa officer will spend more time to review your new information. Only send important and missing documents.

The quickest way to send documents is through email. If you apply from Nigeria, Search for cic kenya email address and send them an email. Remember to put your UCI and application number in the subject or body of the email.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:10pm On May 21, 2022
Good morning
Please I need assistance on how to order for gcms note....
I don chop breakfast.

The fatest way is to contact a PR or Citizen to apply for you. I thunk Anon123 does that. You will likely get it within 31 days.

The other way us to apply through third-party website. This usually get delayed due to double processing by the organization and IRCC.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:04pm On May 21, 2022
Please I want to know if i should inform my school about the refusal or go ahead and reapply without informing them?

Check the admission/deferral condition. If you are allowed to defer, apply and don't tell them. If you are not and have paid deposit, you may notify them to get your deposit and reapply for admission to other start dates.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:01pm On May 21, 2022
Good morning all,

I just received my GCMS notes and it seems much hasn't been done since November 15th, 2021. The info sharing says "complete" what does that mean?
Thank you!

Review required suggest the first person need a second eye to check your application again. There is a note section. Is there anything there from the first reviewer?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 5:38am On May 21, 2022
Thank you

My sponsor was a third party (my mum's brother)

*I submitted his 6 months statement of account.
*Letter of sponsorship by him.
*Bank reference letter on his behalf stating that the account is his own.
*His business transaction invoices cos he's not a salary earner but a business man.
*His tax clearance certificate.
*His CAC business certificate.
*Affidavit of sponsorship by him.
*His international passport.
*His business i.d.

Same documents, but add

1. Pictures of you and him. It will be good if you have 3-4 over the years. Add one that includes your mum if available.

2. His Birth certificate and your mum birth certificate to show they share parents.

3. Receipt of part or full tuition payment by him.

4. Table of contents that list all the documents and their pages.

In your letter of explanation, add a paragraph or section that explains your relationship with him (add one more Pictures of you with him) and his pledge and commitment to your program. All the best.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 12:30pm On May 20, 2022
Please guys I need an urgent help on what to do now pleeeeeesssse!
It was an agent that did my application before I came across Nairaland … was a bit relieved yesterday when I noticed eligibility has started on my application
But please to my greatest surprise now I got a message from Ircc now stating I use a fraudulent account statement that I should attend to this within 15 days or else I get refusal

Please gurus in the house I need ur urgent help on this please for God sake

You have been advised on the way to go. I just have a question. Are you sure your agent submitted your genuine bank statement? Agents of darkness in Nigeria are notorious for submitting wrong or fake documents even when they don't have permission to do that. You may want to question your agent and ask to see all the document submitted on your behalf.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Osemigho: 1:09pm On May 18, 2022

How is it deceit? they said i should "consider" deferring. A friend of mine had his ppr 2 weeks after resumption and still travelled nd meet up in January. I am just seeking insight from people that might have similar experience. Guy whats up dats harsh

Bro, most oyinbo no dey talk straight to aviod confrontation. Their "consider" is a way of telling you to do something as the best option. If you don't do it, they will read policy to you later o and will not accept any begging. I explained this implicit style of advise some weeks ago. This is why It is good to read the thread

You already pass two weeks to resuming in-class. They are telling you that end of the month is too late to join your class. There must be something in their policy that may cause you to loose your seat and deposit. You are strongly advised to defer to the next available date.

Make I tell you the 9ja way. Oga go and defer your admission. End of the month is too late to join your class in-person. Except you don't mind loosing your seat and deposit sha. Na you go decide that one.


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