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Politics / Re: Wike Orders Immediate Closure Of International Conference Centre For Renovation by othermen: 6:00pm On Apr 08
The manager of the place should also be fired. And EFCC should audit their books.


Crime / Re: Emefiele To Be Arraigned In Lagos Court Monday by othermen: 7:27am On Apr 06
He wanted to be president so he could cover all these up.

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Celebrities / Re: Imam Forces Naira Marley & Sam Larry To Say AMEN To A Prayer For Mohbad's Killer by othermen: 8:43am On Mar 25
How di Imam take get access to dem both?

So Nairamarley invite di Imam go dia house and den di Imam, wey wan do some social media thingy, come decide to do stunt. Na so e dey increase im own popularity.

Dis one na like say e dey dance on top of Mohbad’s grave and e dey try use di dead man make e become famous Imam too.

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Family / Re: Nigeria Has 2nd Highest rate of Paternity Fraud In The World by othermen: 7:21am On Mar 25
Nairaland dey behave as irresponsible as dem fit. The quality of post wey dey for di forum na just disappointing.

So, I fit just buy projector, set am up for my room, type some data for PowerPoint, project am - snap am, come talk say na fact. Dat one na rubbish. Dem no dey care about my methodology or how I take get di information wey dey for di screen.

Di individual admin for di forum dey interested for clicks, and e no concern dem whether di claim dey verifiable or not.

Di information wey dey for di screen fit no be exactly finding, e fit be inference from literature review. Di presentation na di opportunity for the person to discuss am. So, make we first assume say na from literature, somebody fit don do research on paternal discrepancy for one Nigerian tertiary hospital and di result fit be say anytime wey there be dispute, 3 out of 10 come out to be validated by paternity tests like DNA.

Now, e no fit be impossible to take dis study and put am for one slide come talk say Nigeria get 30% paternity fraud. Dis no mean say 30% of Nigerian fathers no be di rightful fathers of their children. No bi evryone wey dey university, wey dey use computer be ogbonge for research.

But make we even assume say di claim na say 30% of Nigerian fathers no be di rightful fathers of their children. So, wetin fit be di methodology and di issue wey fi dey with di methodology?

Shey You really need to get data on every DNA test wey dem do for di country to get credible result Or you fit just do sampling for some DNA test centers? For research, the two dey acceptable.

Di methodology fit be observational study for family courts across di country or review of court records to understand di outcome of paternity fraud.

And so di result fit be di outcome of paternity fraud for each of di court cases. But, how many court cases dey there? Dis methodology logic still apply to analysis of DNA testing records. You go check di number of DNA tests wey dem don conclude and di percentage wey confirm or refute paternity.

But e get to dey global, to make claim say one country get di highest for di world, because di claim dey relative to other nations.

Now, to generalize about di prevalence of paternity fraud for Nigeria based on data from court cases or DNA testing, I fit guess, go likely inaccurately represent di population. How many Nigerians get access to legal recourse or DNA testing? All dis dey skew di data. Even if many people get access to legal recourse or DNA testing, still fit get sampling bias - wey fit lead to overestimation or underestimation of paternity fraud rate.

I don tire, so make I comot. Nairaland no dey try at all, dem just dey make the users of di platform dey more dull. Dey dey actual research wey dem fit project and bring attention to - instead, dem wan paint di country as morally slack and dey full of adultery. Na why one admin go bring dis lazy post to di forum without any context.


So di claim say Nigeria get 30% paternity fraud na from dis news article. https://punchng.com/paternity-fraud-shocking-revelations-as-more-couples-embrace-dna-testing/?amp

For dat article, Smart DNA, one DNA testing and diagnostic center for Lagos, report say 25% of di people wey visit dia clinic turn out no be di biological father of their children.Similarly, di article tok say Nigerian Institute of Medical Research also do one study and dem indicate say 27% of paternity tests wey dem conduct for Lagos show cases of paternity fraud. (I don find the research sotey, I don tire, fit be sat na Aba made research) the article mention another DNA center wey dey do paternity test for Test, 60% of those wey come for di tests show paternity fraud.

Di 30% claim dey alluded to for dis post dey for the article, but dem no mention di clinic. Di claim say Nigeria get di second highest rate of paternity fraud for di world na Synlab talk am, and dem make bold claim say 40% of Nigerian men no be di biological fathers of their children and say 60% of paternity tests for di country confirm paternity fraud.

All join, dey bin talk say your mama na agaracha. And make your papa bring akpalakpala con get paper to disown you. No money Dey den find.

So, beyond di news article, I search online so I fit see di methodology for some of di claims to assess how valid dem be, but e dey disappointing. If you go to Synlab website, you go see di claim, but dem no provide any support or reference to di claim.

Di laboratory dey involved for doing DNA tests and so dem get interest to make di public get need to come for di test and so dem fit dey exaggerate di figures. Also, dia claim fit dey based on those wey dey come for paternity test for dia laboratory but e dey reckless to use dat as basis for di whole country. Because, for one particular laboratory, out of di 10 people wey come for DNA test, we see paternity fraud for 3 cases, so e must be so all over Nigeria

If for one teaching hospital, dem collect sample of pikin papa and then dem do di DNA analysis, and find say there dey significance for paternity fraud, then dat umbrella go cover more. But those wey don dey go do DNA, already get kasala and doubt, so di outcome of dia disputes or suspicions go affect di result for one certain way wey go make di likelihood increase. But if you do am for every random person, you go realize say di level of paternity fraud go dey significantly lower.

Di presenter for di slide fit don dey hint dis news report wey be say na DNA centers dey find market for dia tests, also dia claims no be fact and e no fit be generalized.


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Investment / Re: SEC Declines PZ Cussons’s Request To Buy Other Shareholders And Delist by othermen: 11:27am On Mar 20
Politics / Re: Governor Otti Makes 26 New Appointments by othermen: 7:32am On Mar 19
What is strange in a governor making 26 appointments that it should be of relevance to Nigerians

Were they appointed into his bedroom?


Politics / Re: Sowore Apologizes For Sharing Fake News About Nigeria Army Burning Villages by othermen: 7:28am On Mar 19
Sowore apologizing is not the story. It’s his irresponsible virtue signaling.

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Sports / Re: Falconets In The Final, Flying Eagles Out Of All African Games Football by othermen: 7:26am On Mar 19
The topics (constructions) on the forum just indicate there’s an abdication of responsibility and competence.

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Education / Re: World university rankings 2024 by othermen: 2:49pm On Feb 15
You should know folks will be interested in Africa and Nigeria’s position.

UI and Covenant University- 800-1000
FUTA and UNILAG - 1001-1200

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits College Of Nursing Sciences In Ihiala, Donates ₦20 Million by othermen: 12:16pm On Feb 15
Obi has to reorient his supporters from not alienating him further from those who could become converts.

An individual asks why Obi donates only to the East. A reasonable supporter hoping to sell his candidate could use the moment to point out the many charitable endeavors of Obi in other parts of the country- instead, they ignorantly allude to ridiculous premises such as “charity begins at home” or “people in the north and southwest also focus on their regions” as justification. Others see such a question as an opportunity to use uncharitable insults in their worthless responses.

So when Obi aspires to the presidency, you are telling the northerner who already has some notion that he has to vote for a northerner who has his region interest, you are telling the northerner that he is right. that of coz, with an Obi administration, they will be less prioritized.

That’s not the Obi’s way, you ignorant lots and not thinking of building bridges is about the reason his chances are lower.

This facility he has provided support to, have produced nurses that have served people in the Northern part or other parts of the Nation. He didn’t say the support is only for indigenes, it’s for the facility- and as a northerner, apply to that facility- I can assure you, if you meet the basic requirements and you are not given admission because of where you are from, then certainly you could have a cross with Obi.

That facility needs support, hence the donation. I am sure any northern institution needing similar support can reach out, and Obi would do the little he can as a private citizen.
Crime / Re: Professor and Dean Law Faculty Rapes A Final Yr Student In Calabar by othermen: 8:09pm On Feb 13
Those who reinstated him should be prosecuted too.
Politics / Re: Benneth Chinedum Igweh Is The New FCT Commissioner Of Police by othermen: 8:24am On Feb 05
Wike is the minister of the FCT.
Chinedum is commissioner of Police of the FCT.
May this rising sun envelope the darkness and criminals ravaging the FCT.

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Politics / Re: The 37-Member Committee On Minimum Wage Setup By FG by othermen: 10:26am On Jan 29
See the parade of NLC, compare the quality with those they are to contend.

NLC and TUC is representing the lots of Nigeria. No reason, why ASUU, SSANU, NUBIFIE and other union representatives shouldn’t be in their parade.
Politics / Re: Police Arrest Oyeyode Over Killing Of US-Based Professor, Richard Adeoriokin by othermen: 7:57am On Jan 29
How to get away with Murder: Thwarting an Aspiring Leader, Nigeria edition.

Adeoriokin possessed both material and social capital, positioning him as a potential future leader in his state.

His humility and charisma endeared him to many, but some felt threatened by his ascent.

Here's a strategy to impede his rise: appeal to his likable qualities, invite him to a nighttime meeting, and instruct him to park his vehicle in a secluded area. Enlist local vigilantes and instruct them to give him a grand entrance with gunshot salutes. Have one of the vigilantes demonstrate by firing into the dark close.

Keep a controlled mob at a distance to ensure the vigilante can’t present a plausible story about being misled into shooting into the dark alley.

Utilize your influence to prevent any hospital in the vicinity from admitting him. If someone attempts to bring him to a hospital, get someone to remind them of a fictional police report and emphasize the victim's influence, suggesting that the hospital would be held liable if he were to die. The public hospitals don’t even have the capacity, “he should end up dead in one of those”.

As the plan unfolds, and he fortunately passes away, the police may invite you, but as a prince, you are likely to escape legal consequences. As it can lead to another Modakeke-Ife inter-community civil war. For the purposes of peace, proper investigations can be a cost.

With Adeoriokin out of the picture, those who less charismatic and socially incapable now have an opportunity without feeling threatened.

His immediate family abroad are afraid to come back to Nigeria to assess his estate for fear of their own safety. Those back home mourn their promising relative while ensuring they get ahold of his estate.

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Health / Re: Video Showing Nigerian Caregivers Abusing 89-Year-Old Granny Lands Them In Jail by othermen: 7:16am On Jan 19
For dis place, I dey see comments wey dey give me concern. Dis talk wey dem talk here, e no follow at all. E don happen before, dis pattern of abuse no be today own. No talk say because old person fit dey waka anyhow, e mean say you fit assault am. No dey accept am. As person wey dem dey pay for caregiving, no get excuse to carry leg waka enter abusive behavior.

If you dey see stubborn old person, make you report the matter, talk say e dey affect how you fit take care of the person wey need help. You fit find more training on how to handle difficult behavior, come find solution wey go make sense. People wey don handle similar situations without professional training sabi say patience and compassion dey important when you dey care for sick person.


Politics / Re: FG Relocates FAAN Headquarters From Abuja To Lagos by othermen: 4:37pm On Jan 18
Aso Rock would soon go to Lagos.


Politics / Re: Wole Olanipekun Secures Victory Again, Is He Nigeria's Lawyer Of The Decade? by othermen: 4:53pm On Jan 12
ASUU fit don consider am for hin matter that year, but dem waka go pick Falana, like say NIC judges dey select based on Twitter level. Falana dey handle MOHBAD case and other palava wey fit make noise for media. E blow during Oputa panel when e yan Obasanjo matter. But wetin we gain People wey dey find drama fit like Falana, while those wey want win, even if e go against our country, fit choose Olanipekun if dem fit pay hin bill.

Wole Olanipekun be ogbonge Senior Advocate of Nigeria, make we Dey pray make hin really reason Naija matter. If hin rep no stop to dey on defending people wey no get our country matter for heart, na serious palava we Dey o . E sabi talk well, e get sense for court matter, but, e eloquence fit no waka for Naija matter. E no dey find people to clap for am or admire am for crowd; wetin hin go fit do with that? Maybe end up like Gani Fawehinmi?

Until dem create better reason wey go make our smart people wan serve the nation and the country’s interest, Naija go dey under the control of people wey just dey look for how dem go chop am.

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Politics / Re: Court Stops Emefiele’s Re-arrest, EFCC Rejects N100m Fine by othermen: 1:26pm On Jan 09
the court again allows itself to be used as an instrument of futility for the struggle so far.
Court failed ASUU. Court failed the electorates. The court fails the country again and again.

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Religion / Re: SCOAN: TB Joshua’s Church Counters BBC Investigation by othermen: 1:19pm On Jan 09
He slept with virgins everyday in SCOAN . In Nigeria. The one who recruited the virgins could have provided some of the girls for the documentary too.

reservations regarding the credibility of Agomoh Paul, documentary did not furnish evidence to substantiate his personal relationship with TB Joshua.archival documents referenced in the initial segment of the interview span decades, yet there appears to be a paucity of evidence establishing a confidential relationship between TB Joshua and the self-proclaimed disciples.

Bisola expressed a desire for spiritual guidance, yet she contends that TB Joshua exploited this vulnerability, manipulating her subconscious through enchantment and hypnosis. (I find this part rather abstract, than genuine)

would enhance the documentary's credibility had the producers established that the former disciples, now denouncing their experiences as exploitative, are not motivated by grievances against SCOAN's new leadership or their failure to ascend within the organization's hierarchy.


Politics / Re: 27 States Attracted Zero Foreign Investments In 9 Months by othermen: 10:09am On Dec 30, 2023
The foreign investors are not gravitating on the basis of conducive tax or business environment. If you have exploitable resources in hell-fire, they would find their way.

The states that have failed to attract has to do better to demonstrate they have exploitable resources or some array of compelling investment opportunities.

The governments should also diversify their strategies beyond merely attracting foreign investors- in the end, the return from exploring export markets and seeking business partnerships will also open avenues for economic growth and resource utilization. Let us find countries or even states within Nigeria that have a demand for your local resources and you would get some beneficial trade relationship. Benue for instance can be the food basket of the nation and become economically buoyant from it- but the government does not have the initiative to do the business. The Northerners are exploiting the state- trucks and trucks of food produce from unprotected farmers, who are exploited. The government through its trade department can ensure farmers are well paid for their produce, while taxing the merchants getting the resources out.
Celebrities / Re: Ola Of Lagos Replies Steve Varsano, Says Client Gives Him Price by othermen: 12:12pm On Dec 29, 2023
As a brand influencer, this vendor approached you with a proposition to promote his jet. He priced it at 16 million dollars, significantly higher than its market value of 5 million dollars. How many of his followers uses a private jet?? Ola was going away from his Niche, next it would be a yacht that he will be selling to us. The vendors understands that Ola followers even if they don’t have the means for luxury, they have to power to make any object increase its value and desirability. The vendors know that a celebrity trying to demonstrate his success would exactly seek out that jet to create her sense of accomplishment and success. So, Ola didn’t do any due diligence and this exorbitant price wasn’t off by one million or two million, it was off by so much that it shocked those familiar with the aircraft's true market value.

While Ola did respond to the situation, he could have used a professional as the absence ofprofessional guidance in his response was evident. So, I think as a brand launderer, the essence of your prominence in that industry hinges on trust and credibility with customers. If I come to your Facebook page to access which brand of shoe I should buy, and then after saying a particular vendor sells the original of that shoe for a certain amount, only for me to find out, the amount charged was exorbitantly ridiculous- you have lost my trust. So when an influencer noticeably inflates a product's price and further exacerbates the situation by neglecting due diligence as evident in his response here, it erodes the trust of followers. When you lose trust, brands or vendors can’t make any need of you- because they don’t care about you, they care about the market you help them reach.

Private jets, luxury cars and houses are items in the purview of the wealthy. And although, the bunch of those that are luxury oriented in Nigeria come from wealthy homes- perhaps a father who had looted our treasury, yet for this wealthy individual with a penchant for luxury, Ola missteps could be an issue.

No doubt, those who have trusted him in the past are beginning to question Ola’s reliability in providing accurate information about luxury vehicles or recommending reputable vendors. Now they also may consider the fact that the jet in question is something you haven't personally experienced. Thus, your endorsement lacks the authenticity critical consumers seek. Again, those who have previously made luxury vehicle purchasing decisions based on your influence now perceive a lapse in your responsible use of that influence.

So Ola, use a professional and refrain from further actions that further tarnishes your credibility and reputation as an influencer. The specific critic may say he is open to collaborating with you, to redeem his damaging call-out, but this shouldn’t be your path forward- take responsibility- do your own bit of diligence.

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Politics / Re: The Display Of Insensitivity At Lucky Aiyedatiwa's Inauguration (Video) by othermen: 8:06am On Dec 29, 2023
“ It is with heavy heart that I accept this onerous responsibility of taking over the reins of governance and affairs of our State following the unfortunate loss and passing of our beloved Governor, leader and dear boss, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON.”

The above was the beginning of his inaugural speech.About 90% of the speech was about the past governor and continuing his legacy.


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Religion / Re: Pope Approves Blessings For Same-sex Couples by othermen: 3:23pm On Dec 24, 2023
The pope is not Christ.

This will be the blessing to those in such irregular relationships.

May the Lord guide you and cleanse your path; may His light illuminate your heart and grant you mercy; may He draw you close, redirect your journey, and lead you away from the path of destruction you are on.


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Romance / Re: Woman Cries For A Husband And Kids And Says She Feels "Betrayed By Feminism" by othermen: 10:52am On Dec 14, 2023
You feel betrayed or disillusioned by feminism. However, it’s the patriarchal that is punishing you.

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Business / Re: Jumia Food To Shutdown In Nigeria From December 2023 by othermen: 9:25am On Dec 14, 2023
In this Tinubu’s economy- I am interested in other Stakeholders, especially employees, who are directly impacted by the decision to move away from Jumia Food. Management already asserted that this move is in the best interest of shareholders.

That said, management sometimes take curious decisions. Just give a thought to the rationale behind this strategic shift, which is framed in terms of allocating resources to divisions with a higher return on investment. But, just a little delving , you would see that the decision is not solely driven by the presence of a division with a higher return on capital; rather, it is driven by the understanding that Jumia's Food division cost of capital surpasses the returns.

Jumia Food constitutes a substantial portion (11%) of Jumia's Gross Merchandise Value, and so any investor may want to move beyond a singular focus on the non-viability or non-financial sustainability of the food delivery division. They will want to do a comprehensive evaluation of the overall strategy across other divisions.

I would say, rather than attribute management decision solely to financial metrics, how about we do some industry ratio and trend analysis and consider factors contributing to the decline in active consumers and orders. Are there operational challenges, shifting consumer behaviors, or external factors like the removal of fuel subsidies impacting the cost of delivery? Such analysis will help you interrogate the content of the financial reasons which management claim to drive their decision, you may see that the reason why Jumia food is shutting down is not because of the division diminished financial returns, but rather, it’s a result of series of poor decision-making, management inability to adapt or navigate changes in the business environment or management failure to allocate resources efficiently or ensure efficient operations. So, it’s not the financial return that is the disease, the financial downturn is just a symptom. And we should know what the disease is especially, gleaming from the industry.

The competitive landscape raises additional questions. Why are competitors like Glovo thriving in the sector, and what strategies have Jumia employed to navigate challenges? Or it is just easier, to let go of employees, and use this shut down to scuttle assessment of management performances. If you lost significant market share, why is that not management failure in strategic positioning, market understanding or management failure in responding to industry dynamics?? Moreover , the absence of information regarding the potential return on investment in the other divisions adds to the “MagoMago”. As an investor, seek transparency on the strategic vision for these other divisions, their growth prospects, and the expected returns, re-evaluate Jumia's management strategy, considering not only the financial dynamics.

Biko, addressing the multifaceted reasons behind the decline in Jumia Food's performance is to gain more insight about the overall going concern of Jumia as you may elucidate strategies from such assessments that could help overcome potential challenges in other divisions. If you want to restore my confidence as a shareholder, this will be crucial in Jumia's overall business trajectory.


Politics / Re: NNPCL Not Transparent On Subsidy, Dollar Revenues – World Bank by othermen: 7:53am On Dec 14, 2023
corruption thrives most, where incompetence is norm. Buhari did the nation grave. Buharists or Buharians might say, he had no malicious intent; but the impact of incompetence is mismanagement. His administration culture of tolerating and breeding incompetence fostered an environment conducive to corruption. More than any administration in the past, the corruption scale permitted is outrageous.

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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad: Naira Marley Sues Iyabo Ojo, Demands N500 Million In Damages by othermen: 7:53am On Dec 14, 2023
Aunty Iyabo could have pursued justice for Mohbad's death through various means, such as urging the police to conduct thorough investigations and even hiring a private investigator to find evidence of NairaMarley's culpability. However, it is mere naivety not to see that her focus shifted towards gaining social capital and becoming a trending news story, while she used the tragic event to transform into a self-styled social justice warrior. She became excessively sensational and yes to capitalize on the tragedy for personal gain.

The allure of trending on twitter, gaining followers, and securing ambassadorial deals from companies seeking to align with anti-bullying sentiments might have motivated Aunty Iyabo who used Mohbad's death as a means to increase her influence and income. Livestreams on Instagram and sensationalized claims picked up by blogs contributed to this pursuit, creating a lucrative cycle of attention and financial gain. Even Nairaland is still feeding on Mohbad's death. The platform don't care the harm they do to the victims of the stories they sensationalize here. It's all about money and power.

Aunty Iyabo's actions had severe consequences for NairaMarley, her orchestrated campaign resulted in widespread public animosity for him. Marley, the street boy, did not only lost his street credibility, but his safety too was put at risk in the public. Aunty Iyabo was no witness to the incident surrounding Mohbad, but to raise her own profile, NairaMarley was a dog to be slaughtered; you take away his voice, fuel intense public hatred towards him and become the country's foremost social warrior.

Marley is not a good influence- but she was in his circle and wanted to use his influence once or twice- we know. Now, there are other artistes, that may need Aunty Iyabo's intervention, that are enstranged, there is Temmie Ovwasa (YBNL Princess), Cynthia Morgan- but let them die first, that will give so much clout.

what is Justice for Mohbad?? Is Marley and his associates no longer under police scrutiny? you should not have held him for murder, perhaps just bullying, exploitation, harrassment and your legal jeopardy would be less apparent. The dust has cleared, and with Marley breathing easier, he would gain back his repuatation only by ensuring folks like Aunty Iyabo, who position themselves as crusader for justice, but they only want to leverage a situation to elevate their own status, have their time in the legal crosshairs and are accountable.

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Sports / Re: Salah Over Osimhen: Amuneke Responds Strongly Amidst Barrage Of Criticisms by othermen: 7:03am On Dec 13, 2023
If he was quoted out of context, he should rebuke the manipulative video editors and producers- but he has no criticism for them, it’s Nigerians’ fault. Those under consideration were boldly placed on the video.

Difficult to not think the man is dishonest even now. It is either him or the video creators. Others on the video mentioned Osimhen too.

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Health / Re: Share Your Experience With An Incompetent Doctor. by othermen: 8:30am On Dec 11, 2023
We are grappling with a high patient-to-doctor ratio in Nigeria. It’s a situation that inevitably compromises the healthcare interventions we receive. When attending clinics, patients face rushed appointments with doctors who have limited time to thoroughly discuss symptoms or provide detailed explanations. Burnout and fatigue are pervasive among our doctors due to their overwhelming workload, impacting their attentiveness and ability to deliver personalized care. This strain may also impede their capacity to stay abreast of advancements in their practice, potentially leading to preventable complications and worsened health conditions for many in the country.

The existence of diverse specializations underscores the necessity for doctors to refer patients appropriately. Unfortunately, some hospitals in Nigeria may attempt to manage cases beyond their depth of competence, jeopardizing patients' health outcomes. Even with specialists, the diagnostic process often involves a trial-and-error approach. And so, Patients, armed with a bit of knowledge from online resources, can contribute to the consideration of various possibilities in their condition. However, relying on unreliable or inaccurate internet sources may lead to anxiety and overwhelm healthcare providers.

Patients have the right to educate themselves about their health conditions and ask relevant questions without it resulting in communication breakdown. It is concerning that medical doctors on this platform are eager to state they would refuse treatment based on a patient's exercise of their right to actively participate in their healthcare decisions. If you are a medical doctor, and you fail to caution your colleagues here, they are doing a huge disservice to how healthcare providers from Nigeria may be perceived abroad. It may eventually jettison your chance of seeking a better livelihood abroad. I have met doctors who are professionals and they don’t have an issue with you obtaining more understanding about your health condition, the diligent of them even listen, for their concern is not in demonstrating their superiority, but in getting you back to proper health.

So when a very condescending fellow here talks down on people who have lost loved ones due to what they perceive as the negligence of the hospital, and all you can do here is to rebuke them and say they are deserving of such experiences, I again have no doubt that your profession has to rebuke you. Then you state here, you wouldn’t just be bias at a patient showing some understanding, you will choose to intimidate by denying care- but of coz, this not only infringes on the patient's right but also raises ethical concerns, particularly in an environment with little professional accountability.

The notion that healthcare providers in Nigeria are doing a favor by not practicing abroad is an unethical outlook that disregards the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence. Patients, pay for services, and so deserve fair-quality healthcare.

While advising patients to seek professional advice is crucial, the public hospital experience often falls short in the country. Doctors in public hospitals sometimes contribute to patient intimidation, dismissing patient input and compromising accurate diagnoses. Such unprofessional behavior, combined with a lack of regard for patient privacy, raises serious concerns and should not be defended. As an healthcare provider, pls know that your Knowledgeable patients being empowered to actively participate in their health can bring about enhanced communication which should promote a more informed decision-making. Yes, we may not be able to commit to a patient-centered care, but Patients' rights to active participation in their healthcare decisions should be respected, and their demonstration of knowledge or their petitions shouldn’t be a be a basis to penalize them.
Health / Re: Share Your Experience With An Incompetent Doctor. by othermen: 12:25pm On Dec 10, 2023
“…our trust in doctors should have limits. Medicine is like any other job: there are many talented workers in the NHS, but also those who are less dedicated and less able. Think of the old medics’ joke: “What do you call the guy who graduated last in his medical school class?” “Doctor.” There are plenty of clinicians prone to arrogance and complacency. Some doctors are “heroes”, but we should stop thinking of them all as such...

…However indebted you feel to the NHS, don’t be afraid to challenge decisions if you have good reason to. It’s easy to feel cowed, but hold your ground. Remember most of the doctors in hospitals are just training…Junior doctors are often green and trying to stay composed to impress their superiors. Make sure, if you can, that a single consultant has overall responsibility: we all know that if you’re answerable for something, you try harder...

…Ignore the advice and look everything up on the internet. Google like crazy, educate yourself, ask questions and, if you are unsure, insist on a second opinion, or a third…Be aware that much care in hospitals is less thorough at weekends. And understand the damage done by the hierarchical, patrician system – everyone defers to the most senior consultant. If things seem to be going wrong: shout the ward down. In our case, the cost of not doing so was too great. We had such trust; we feel such fools...”



Politics / Re: Femi Falana's Wife, Funmi Becomes A SAN by othermen: 7:29am On Nov 29, 2023
There's a legitimate need to understand the basis for Mrs. Falana's elevation, and raising this question has been met with hostility. Unfortunately, no satisfactory response has been provided. One explanation suggests that her behind-the-scenes work in her husband's chamber is evidence enough, but this claim lacks substance. The track record of the Falana chamber in successfully prosecuting cases is unclear. Mr. Falana's prominence has largely stemmed from public commentaries rather than courtroom performance.

The patriarch gained attention for his role in the Oputa panel and cross-examining President Obasanjo, but any discerning fellow knows it was more noise than substance. Representing clients like Sowore, Barrister Inibehe Effiong, and ASUU garnered significant media coverage, but the quality of legal representation is questioned.

It seems we have a tendency to look for a savior, and Mr. Falana, being the loudest, often assumes that role. So, is Mrs. Falana the unseen force behind the scenes? If so, what notable cases can be attributed to her efforts? Another claim suggests that a radio program featured callers advocating for her elevation, but again, you don’t have to be a discerning fellow to know that such advocacy could be orchestrated.

Seeking clarification on the accomplishments that led to her elevation is not an attempt to undermine her or belittle her efforts. It's simply a matter of not having sufficient information. While we understand the general criteria for becoming a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), some, including the person asking the question, just needs to know Mrs. Falana has adhered to these standards in action. But we don’t care, Falana is the saint, and whoever suggested that she might not have been elevated without being a Falana should get the piss of our accumulated toxicity.
Politics / Re: Looking Back Now, Did Ambode Made The Right Choice Of Not Fighting Back. by othermen: 2:23pm On Nov 25, 2023
I would have governed well, exposed the corruption of past administrations, while making sure that the option the party has aside me, is oblivion. You have do really well by the people.

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