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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Attorney: 'If They Needed Any Other Documents, They Could Have Just Asked' by othermen: 10:53pm On Aug 11
While China takes over the world completely.
Crime / Re: Gov Udom Emmanuel Orders Judge To Imprison Laywer Inbehe Effiong by othermen: 12:02pm On Jul 27
The NBA again is been tested. A lawyer was assaulted by the police only a short while ago. The NBA did nothing tangible to rectify the situation or forestall a re-occurrence. It’s not enough to vacate the order, the judge should be investigated by the NJC for abuse of authority.
Sports / Re: African Men's And Women's Player Of The Year Announced(see List) by othermen: 10:15pm On Jul 21
Congratulations Oshoala.
Politics / Re: Davido Rejoices With His Uncle, Ademola Adeleke And Bukola Saraki by othermen: 7:41am On Jul 17
Davido supports his family as most of us would have.

Davido didn’t tell the Osun people any other basis of such support or endorsement.

Davido knew his uncle would engage in vote buying and yet performed an outlandish display of hypocrisy by pretending to condemn such corruption; when he and his family cohorts sponsored same.

Was his uncle the most qualified or even competent? Davido don’t care, except assisting his uncle fulfill a long term dream of becoming the CEO of Osun’s treasury.

Would Davido aid his uncle towards competence or does Davido feel he owes the Osun people a duty of ensuring they are rightly governed and their resources, appropriately spent? Davido don’t care, except assisting his uncle fulfil a long term dream of becoming the CEO of Osun’s treasury.

Now Davido’s father definitely would be the minister of procurement and supply and be the recipient of state contracts he is not competent for.

Adeleke victory is a win for the Adeleke family, not so much for the people of Osun.

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Career / Re: Is ICAN As It Is Now Overrated by othermen: 8:57am On Jun 26
You can just go to the last paragraph to see my suggestion as regards your primary concern. However, you may find something useful in between.

I am glad you know the primary requirement for success in such pursuit is being focused and putting one's heart to it. This ability is more valuable to success in the endeavor than going-in, having a sense of being exceptionally brilliant. I have interacted with so many aspirants pursuing the ACCA or ICAN certification, some are medical doctors already, some already got their MBA's; far back, a decade close, when I was in Ibadan; It's always a constant that you find a number of University of Ibadan very bright Economics students and others from OAU involved in the ATSWA. It was in this professional exam, most of the first class students of those foremost universities first experienced reference in any exam; but then some of them in spite of, became Qualified Chartered Accountants few months into their service year. There were extraordinary cases of those that qualified even before graduating from their respective universities. I think last year, a boy who had not even attended the university became a qualified chartered accountant. However, you cannot afford to have a sense of thinking the exam as unexacting or effortless. The right frame of mind is to be focussed and put one's heart into it.

Also I think you have to improve on your premise. You have to be sure why you are giving the exams any shots whatsoever. Saying you have some likelihood of passing is no sufficient reason why you should write the exam. You have to see how the certifications fits into your direction. I am glad you have been giving that some thoughts too; you want to be able to be elsewhere from your home-country, but you really don't need exclusively most of these certifications to travel or work abroad. What you need is basic effort at selling yourself; there are those I know that have gotten jobs abroad just by applying online, doing the assessment online and now they are abroad earning with just their first degree but perhaps with their networking resource. I think ultimately, what you are considering is what certification would increase your chances or appropriateness at being so considered in the lack of such other resource.

The way to know which, is you have to find out similar people who probably started as you have here started and who are now settled in what your aspirations are. You have to look at their life choices, the skills they acquired; the organisations they were employed before they got such break. Again, you must also consider that all of their experiences may be irrelevant to their destinations- but often where it's not, you should know and be able to gain one or two insights from.

You are not asking, which certification may complement your first degree in Economics; but that which certification can increase your visibility and give you much advantage to achieve your aspiration of getting an opportunity abroad; (IT or medical related certifications if such exists are perhaps better investments) whether this should be your most legitimate concern is a personal problem that I cannot project my own situation upon. If it were not so and I was allowed to project my personal insight as to what might be the basis of your pursuit, it'd be to say- you first have to determine your preference, you could get insight into your preference either by some job experience or looking back during your first degree education. So, for instance, you must have been introduced to some form of finance during your undergraduate; did you consider it interesting enough as a field you are willing to dedicate your career to? Now, if you so much like finance, then maybe you can consolidate on it by pursuing job positions that affords you the opportunity of being a finance analyst or a risk manager or investment analyst; you could look at the job requirement; and perhaps from there begin to develop your developed interest in Finance by pursuing the CFA; even if you don't pursue the CFA, by virtue of your experience, your visibility increases to multinational businesses which has the opportunity of an office space abroad which is your desire. On the other hand, your preference could be accounting, and then you develop your developed interest accordingly, becoming a chartered accountant or a compliance officer.

As well, you could remain squarely as an economist, by getting the post-graduate degrees; by being an economist, you may even discover, you are much more valuable. Credentials may increase your visibility, but the role of getting experience in a multinational here in Nigeria like the Big 4 or a Mckinsey may be equally or even more valuable. However as this may not be, your primary concern and your primary concern is also very legitimate, I would suggest below.

If you are considering working in an accounting role, financial analyst role, compliance or auditors role and If you have the intention of going abroad as you have indicated, you have to determine 'which abroad'. If it is Europe or the UK or perhaps ASIA or the Australian continent or in other Africa countries; then the ACCA is the appropriate for you to pursue. If Abroad means the US or Canada, then you may be considering doing the CPA. However you can do both; If you have done ACCA or ICAN, you would likely never find the CPA rigorous. You have to learn about the regulations in the North America countries as regards accounting, audit and corporate governance, but it's very doable. However if you go for the CPA; you having the CPA, may not give you so much foundation to do the ACCA or ICAN if you intend moving. Increasingly, there are memoranda of recognition between the professional bodies. ICAN has with CIMA and with the ICAEW and even with the ACCA among others. So, if you do a small check, you would find Nigerians with ICAN working in the BIG 4s abroad with just their ICAN certificate. Also, the organisation you intend to work with say in the USA or Canada, would also employ an ACCA member, as they have branches in other parts of the world that requires knowledge of what’s prevalent in other climes.

If you go for ICAN or ACCA, you have already acquired enough muscle to pursue complementary certifications. If you have ICAN, the knowledge and experience is sufficient to write the additional 4 papers that ACCA requires. It's not so much rigour. It is also so if you acquire the ACCA, you will still need to write ICAN papers if you want to work in certain roles in the Nigeria private sector.

You should definitely go for the ACCA; it's an exam that is well paced and very knowledge driven and that grants you the most opportunity of working abroad.


I will Like to ask, I'm an Economist and want to give these exams a shot. Not that I like accounting but I'm brilliant enough to stay focused and pass any of the exam provided I put my heart to it.

Which is advisable, Acca Or Ican

I don't want to pass through the rigorous process of seating for extra papers. I have intention of seeing the world beyond Nigeria so which will be more advantageous to me?

I do hope you get my question as I'm so antsy for your answer.
Career / Re: Is ICAN As It Is Now Overrated by othermen: 4:44pm On Jun 25
Ok. If you have ACCA in Nigeria, you also have to be a member of ICAN before you can derive the full benefit of your certification. In order for ACCA to become ICAN members, they have to write some ICAN papers as well. So it is not an upgrade as such in terms of superiority or inferiority.

In the UK, you can practice with the ICAEW. With your ICAN membership , you don’t have to write any exam to gain the ICAEW. In most countries, you just have to write very few of the locally developed syllabus such as Advanced Taxation in order to become a member of their local chartered accountancy body. It's not exactly so with ACCA. You don't have to write any such locally developed syllabus to become a member of ACCA or ICAEW. Most ACCA holders don't even have the advantage that comes with being a member of the ICAEW because they wrote the international variant of the ACCA and so cannot reach the pinnacle of their career say as audit partners if they choose to practice in the UK. They needed to write the ACCA UK variant in Advanced Audit and Strategic Business Reporting.

Even if you are a member of ICAEW; if you are interested in becoming ACCA, you would write the same number of papers that ICAN members needed to obtain the ACCA certification. ICAN is a member of IFAC and CAW among other global chartered accountancy bodies.

A CPA holder is useless in most of EUROPE and most of the world. Most countries are IFRS compliant however ACA is not an upgrade or superior to CPA despite you having to write ICAN papers in addition to your CPA in order to practice in Nigeria.

Most countries have similar arrangements. So the CPA holder does not know the accounting and audit standards that are prevalent in much of the world (IFRS and ISA) . So there is no superiority or inferiority as such. It’s only normal and expedient what is obtainable and it goes either ways.

In fact, none of the big 4s have their headquarters in the US or in Canada. It’s the same way you have the Nigeria office, that you have the US office.

Universal recognition is the better basis. CPA is superior in the USA or Canada. In Nigeria, ACA is superior. In the US, you can have CPA from a state and you will not be allowed to practice in another state in the US. For global universal recognition, IFRS and ISA are most prevalent. Which is the core of ICAN and ACCA; but of Coz, the a significant % of the top 500 companies are in the US.

Is the CPA more rigorous?
How rigorous it is, will be in the course content or in the elaboration of the course content and how easy it is to pick marks.
To write ACCA or ICAN averagely requires 3000 hours while the CPA test itself requires an average 150 hours. The CPA exam itself has 4 sections which is Audit, business environment, Financial accounting/reporting, and regulation... and 50% of all of the exams is multiple choice.
Of coz, one easily sees that this is just like a level in ACCA. So, other exams that they should write, it is expected to have been examined in their prior qualifications which is called the ‘masters degree equivalent’.

The rigour in ACCA or ICAN, is that you having a masters degree is not sufficient to get you such exemptions that the CPA would suggest you have. CPA has less processes and defers what you may find in ACCA to a CFA. And in no way, am I trying to diminish how rigorous the CPA exam is.

Generally you have more graduates and educated fellows than had decades ago. MSC and MBA are no longer scarce as more people have the opportunity of obtaining it. However, being a chartered accountant is always relevant; in most private organizations, it would project you further.

It is ignorant to compare ACCA/ICAN or CPA with CFA. The scope of the former is much wider. The CFA is chiefly for finance; it’s scarce and so very valuable. The reason why the CFA is scarce is besides being rigorous, the exam is very expensive. In a highly credentialised nation like Nigeria, you would have many CFA if the cost of the exam is very affordable and more accessible; but the CFA has high barriers of entry and so has retained its value significantly. However, despite such value, you cannot use your CFA anywhere in the world to become an audit partner. The organizations that needs CFA’s are very minimal in numbers and you would not earn the opportunities that being a chartered accountant affords by being a CFA. Anyone can be an accountant and anyone; even a medical doctor can be a financial analyst. However, there are certain regulations that requires strictly the consent of chartered accountants.

There is no need to convince anybody really of the relevance of acquiring professional certifications; if you are entering labour market, you would come to appreciate what advantage it may afford sooner. Most of the contents is in response to those diminishing ICAN and even the ACCA.

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Education / Re: Quantitative Reasoning: Please Help by othermen: 4:14pm On Jun 20
1. 7-5=2

2. (X-6)*3=9

3. (14-X)*6=24

6. X=5

7. X=48

I hope you got the idea.

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Crime / Re: Elderly Man Confronts Policeman For Slapping Him (Photo, Video) by othermen: 4:08pm On Jun 20
That’s assault. Police can be charged with assault.

This is the daily experience of millions of youths in the country experiencing police brutality.

I hope the police is appropriately charged.

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Career / Re: Just Fired. How Do I Cope With The Emotional Trauma? by othermen: 3:00pm On Jun 20
I am glad you realize your shortcomings. Most of us have such and I sincerely hope you can turn this to a blessing in disguise.

Don’t make the mistake of joining here to lampoon your former employer. Users here may have their reservations and judgment concerning the situation that led to your exit… but really anyone who can truly assist here will be looking out for a person who has learnt from the mistakes and who regardless of how little you may be paid; has gone above petty talks and is now an improved person from the situation. Even clarifying and further defending your former employer, when others here castigated them; would make you very attractive to potential employers.

Now, in most organizations, even bigger ones; such an encounter with a family of the owner would have similar outcome resulting in you leaving. In several big schools, if you have such an interaction with a parent of the student; it may also spell your end of employment.

Even if Bishop Oyedepo son steps on the toe of the VC of covenant university, the VC would be diplomatic in his response. If the VC had reacted as you had perhaps reacted; the VC would likely also have the same outcome as you have had. In public universities, if you have such an exchange with a principal officer, they may be interested in your stagnancy. The situation would have similar outcome in most places. The point is, the size of the school don’t matter.

At your work-place, you must take note not to allow yourself to be provoked. Your future employer can be less than 20 years or your future may be in her 20s; it is professionalism that you must be able to show that won’t be an issue for you. It seems that you were really offended that the girl that confronted you was younger than you. This may help you gather sympathy to your situation, but people that are capable of helping or a future potential employer may see it as a red flag. You don’t want to come across as a teacher who was not dedicated; perhaps a school had considered inviting you, but there were some bits where you had damaged your own teaching experience or reputation. You should never imply that teaching is a bad job if that’s your only experience.

I believe if you incorporate some of what I have said and align your thoughts to the bigger picture; it will all be to the good.

All the best.


Politics / Re: Labour Party Names Doyin Okupe As VP Candidate by othermen: 7:07pm On Jun 17
Just a faction of PDP.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Family May Sue UK Govt Over "Illegal Rendition" Of IPOB Leader by othermen: 6:01am On Jun 14
Nnamdi Kanu would have been the chance to insure the peace in the East. Especially in the recruitment of his ideas, and in the addressing of his concerns.

Nnamdi Kanu is a symptom of the country’s marginalization. And the political boundary of the East continues to sustain the symptoms.
He is a fruit that may be cut off, but the root deepens and even worse offshoots awaits us.

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Education / Re: Strike: FG Meets ASUU Today, SSANU Friday by othermen: 7:56am On Jun 13
Just know whatever FG did to end the strike, they could have done months ago without having to waste or spend two academic sessions.

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Celebrities / Re: David Hundeyin Blasts Burna Boy by othermen: 6:57am On Jun 13
And he'd claim he has your back during the EndSars protest; while he had alway used the police as his weapon of oppression.

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Attends Church Service At St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo (Photos) by othermen: 6:41am On Jun 13
There is no blessing in the attack.

The money donated by some of the ilks; their inability to speak truth to power, it is the primary cause of what led to the attack.

The government should be stoned out of the church for even desecrating it further with their presence.

But most likely, the priest is happy. He survived the attack, the parish is richer and more popular... while the dead are decaying and their dependents may never recover.

The government should be stoned out of the church for even desecrating it further with their presence.

The massacre is a fruit of bad leadership yet the church lent itself to be used for Photo Op by political jobbers whose attitude chiefly posited what led to the attack.

But most likely, some priests and churches now envy the attacked church; and would trade their members to death, to receive the millions and the attention St Francis Church in Owo has received.

But the government should have been be stoned out of the church.

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Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri Receives T'suut'ina Highest Honor In Canada by othermen: 6:17pm On Jun 06
Could have hosted the event in his hometown. Improving local businesses there, but he would squander resources globetrotting, pretending he is some extra cultural ambassador, while his subjects are in penury and under the affliction of Buhari’s presidency.

Could have gone out there to meet investors and be an ambassador of the opportunities in his state, but he’d rather compete as the most suave king. Ooni is probably looking at the pictures and searching for means to also squander wealth; what thrills them is the publicity and meaningless honor’s’.

The king could position himself to get paid to deliver lectures about the history of his people or his heritage; getting invited to Ivy League universities; getting those there to become interested in his heritage; and having them come around but to what Everything is in ruin in their kingdoms.
They will sell the ancient bronze to buy a Royce.

someone thinks this is too much to ask.

The cost of doing this trip with his entourage would equip the dilapidated hospitals in his community, would sponsor the empowerment of hundreds of youth in his community, but he’d rather use the resources to no purpose.

He should be interested in the election, challenging and channeling his people to get their PVCs and vote for a viable candidate; but it’s not his business. His business is to attend carnivals and weddings, never to meet with the presidency and appeal that he be responsible to his charge- where education and security and all other sectors currently in ruin, demands resuscitation.

But is it his fault? Some of these thrones demands that you become a slave to the political class. If he attempts to better the lots of the people or channel their direction; he could even get banished

In the end, these royals can be so much impactful!!! and we pray they become so much more.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Denies Claim Of Picking Lawan As Consensus Candidate by othermen: 5:24pm On Jun 06
Health / Re: 47-Year-Old Accountant, Afolake Abiola Commits Suicide In Lekki by othermen: 10:59pm On May 29
She is a fellow chartered accountant. Based on her profile on Facebook, she seemed to have a fairly considerable social capital. However even those with much more accomplishments have decided to end it all.

However, it is also possible that she was killed.

And possible, it was by those that stand to gain by her death.

So much rush to bury her and to even characterize the basis of such extreme violence to oneself.

But does it make sense? If we don’t have lazy minds, we might reconsider.

In a sane country, one can examine if she was poisoned or if the poison was forced into her.

Aside; it’s really an eyesore most of the comments on this thread.

Increasingly, one can see why most reasonable persons are becoming less interested in this platform.

You remain here or come to read comments, and you leave with an inferior mind.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Elections: Seven Political Parties Merge To Become ‘3rd Force’ Mega Party by othermen: 5:51pm On May 23
The 3rd force can become visible and feasible by flying an Osinbajo/Peter Obi ticket.

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Celebrities / Re: Haruna Ishola Vs Ayinla Omowura - Which Of Them Was The Greatest? by othermen: 2:01pm On May 23
Greater not greatest. Barrister.


Politics / Re: Abuja Chief Imam Must Be Removed For Justifying Deborah Samuel's Murder -soyinka by othermen: 10:29am On May 22
Politics / Re: Sharia Law: Why Is MURIC Keeping Quite Over The Death Of Deborah ? by othermen: 7:03am On May 13
Sports / Re: Barcelona Censor Footage Of Youth Team Fermin Lopez Doing Ronaldo Celebration by othermen: 2:47pm On Apr 28
Sports / Re: Does Karim Benzema Deserve The Ballon D’or This Year 2022? by othermen: 5:36pm On Apr 27
Glad to see Benzema in the limelight. He’s been on the stage for a long, contributing immensely, but now it’s his turn.


Politics / Re: Seun Offered 150m To Sell Nairaland. by othermen: 4:57pm On Apr 26
Nairaland is worth far more than this.

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Travel / Re: A City Inside A City In Abuja, Nigeria by othermen: 4:50pm On Apr 26
The Gwarimpa housing estate in Gwarimpa is the biggest housing estate in Africa.

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Sports / Re: Messi Is A Finished Project’: Fans Debate His Ligue 1 Status After Boos In Lens by othermen: 4:36pm On Apr 26
Somebody said Ronaldo scores easily.

Football is all about goals.

There is no such thing as scoring easily.

Messi has the highest number of penalty misses in football modern era.

Ronaldo performs in the toughest leagues.

Messi in Barcelona played with XAVI, INiesta, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Zlatan, Henry, Suarez.
After seeing them go, he chose a team that has prime Mbappe and Neymar and yet can’t contribute more.


Science/Technology / Re: Man Shares Photo Of Malnourished Lions At Jos Wildlife Park by othermen: 9:00am On Apr 26
You would see that same picture in this earlier thread far back.

If moderators had any inclination towards diligence, it would be easy for them to find out… the post is a fake one.


In the end, inactions or absence of corrective actions only gradually destroys the fabric of integrity and reliability of information on the platform.

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Crime / Re: Police Subdues Civil Defense, detains their commandant by othermen: 8:25am On Apr 26
When soldiers assaulted police in Uniform; I said it is a crime against the state.

The NSCDC have been so empowered to arrest with or without a warrant , detain , investigate and institute legal proceedings by or in the name of the Attorney-General of the Federation in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Perhaps the NSCDC should have involved the NPF in the arrest proceedings. If they feel, releasing the officer into police custody might compromise the case, then they should have been quicker to a magistrate.

If the officer arrested by NSCDC was not in line of duty or in uniform, then he shouldn’t have immunity from arrest if he has breached a law.
This aggression by the police is a crime against the state and the police officers involved should be prosecuted.
Education / Re: A Carryover Student Once Said? by othermen: 8:03am On Apr 26
In some universities, if you carry over a course, it reflects in your CGPA, even if after you have “A” in the course. So eventually when you pass with “A”, it can cushion your past failure to an extent.

However, there are some universities, that only take cognizance of passes in CGPA ultimate computing. Your past failure won’t have an effect as such.

Interestingly, in the same department, I have students have such failures and eventual success, treated differently in their CGPA or transcripts.

You should be much interested in the information and what the norm is, in your school. That’s why you may find a carryover student making a 2.1 over you that collected mostly ‘C’s.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Access Bank Finally Sacks Many Old Diamond Staff by othermen: 7:49am On Apr 26
Their will be other banks willing to use their experience; as an employee of banks in Nigeria, you should look out for indications and don’t stop applying to a much more stable industry.


Education / Re: Nigerian Medical Doctors Among Least Paid Globally by othermen: 7:44am On Apr 26
A very grim but late realization.

There are several countries that wants our doctors and nurses. Many are already processing their exit.

The less medic we have, the higher the cost of healthcare. It’s better this was addressed; but indifferent government.

It’s also the same with our academics, our brightest minds are also processing their exit. Their are universities and research institutions abroad hungry for their service.

In the end, who suffers? Not Buhari that goes out of the country to treat headache or the slightest deviation in his body condition. Not Tinubu as well, not one of your leaders or the the prominent in the industry.

In the end, who suffers their absence? It’s the rest of the people; Those who can’t afford quality healthcare, those who can’t afford a covenant university, those working in the operation levels of our big industries but paid slave wages.

Just pray you don’t have any almost serious medical condition; the recommendation by your local doctor if you are poor will likely be that you go to India for treatment (here you have sell all you have and be in debt) then in India, an healthcare provider that left Nigeria attends to you.

The direction of the country is a mess.

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