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Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Arrested By Police In Lekki (video) by phockallmods: 5:38pm On May 28
He gay now, why won't him be arrested
gay just like you. the gay boy of nairaland
Family / Re: Seeing Dead Aunty In My Dreams Repeatedly. I Need Any Solutions Please by phockallmods: 2:22pm On May 28

your head dey shake.
ask forgiveness for what?
you must be high.
Carry your stupud wahala commot here.

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Education / Re: How I Studied Pharmacy Twice By Lauretta Oyemwenosa Obakpolo by phockallmods: 2:22pm On May 28


Family / Re: Seeing Dead Aunty In My Dreams Repeatedly. I Need Any Solutions Please by phockallmods: 12:29pm On May 28

lol abroad?
I have being abroad myself ten times over.
no I don't have any resentments.
it's just an "I don't care feeling ".
as for comparison with my cousins, well that was my driving force in the beginning, now it's no competition whatsoever.

that being said like you asked,my conscience is 1001% clean.
i have never done anything diabolical in my life.
Nobody owe you anything in this world. If anything, you should be grateful to them!!!!
You have complex issues! You need to ask for forgiveness
Education / Re: How I Studied Pharmacy Twice By Lauretta Oyemwenosa Obakpolo by phockallmods: 12:22pm On May 28
Your entire generation will never reach my greatness. Imp
I rebuke u and your evil generation. Back to sender.
Die already, male witch like you!

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Health / Re: Who Else Has Lost Sense Of Smell And Taste? by phockallmods: 10:52am On May 28
Guy dt wrote this i believe wat u said cos i had like two people dt called me from lagos that felt exactly dt way..
They both lost their sense of smell and taste buh i wonder wat could be the cause..
It happtns mostly in lagos.
I hope obasa has nt sprayed lagos like dis?... grin
My bed mate had the symptoms ehn, was so scared.

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Education / Re: How I Studied Pharmacy Twice By Lauretta Oyemwenosa Obakpolo by phockallmods: 10:38am On May 28
I don't think you are alright.
Much more than you would ever be in your life.
Education / Re: How I Studied Pharmacy Twice By Lauretta Oyemwenosa Obakpolo by phockallmods: 12:12am On May 27
You are now sounding so emotional. Laws are made to keep order. From your comment, we should go ahead and forgive Evans the kidnapper since Babachir Lawal is free man after all they stole from people. The truth is that the world is unfair to some people, some would be lucky in her shoe while others won't but those who are caught should face the music, the law should deal mercilessly with them. You know why? It will discourage those that have the intention of following the same path.
you are just a bitter soul, abeg, go commit suicide jare

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Travel / Re: The Odyssey. Narrative Of A Nigerian Nurse. by phockallmods: 4:43am On May 26

I hear migrating to Canada as a nurse can be quite difficult.
How true please?
Very True
Health / Re: Nurses Withdraw Services At Plateau Isolation Centre Over Hazard Allowance by phockallmods: 7:14pm On May 25
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 6:42pm On May 24

Lmao. Work for Airtel? Even if them give me work, I no go collect. Personally, I have not experienced such sha. One thing I have noticed is that even intelligent people just put blames on service providers; I am not saying they are infallible though.
One thing for you to check is your data cycle. I can see that it says May 22 - June 21 there. May 22 was a day before you created the post, which means the data you used prior to May 22 was not included in the 659 mb data count, which means in the long run, you used more data which is included in the previous month's cycle count. It is just very very simple thinking. If you really want to know how much data you consume, use the Internet Speed Meter app. It gives you a day by day breakdown of your data usage.

Before now, na so I dey para for MTN, but I later found out that Playstore apps were updating in background without my knowledge. Since then, I haven't had data zapping problems and combined with that Internet Speed Meter app, I can track my usage.
Oga, I'm not dumb. Stop over analyzing. I must not post on nairaland same day it happened. I could have posted 10day later my claim is still valid. I've used the phone with other sim cards and didn't experience any discrepancies. I know my way around the data usage settings. It's annoying how you assume the fault is from menot knowing how much I used.
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 6:25am On May 24
men and glo are worst
Glo is only bad with poor network.
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 1:06am On May 24
It's a different ball game for me. At times, I track data usage with the data limit stuff (data usage settings) and its accurate.
Increased data consumption per time frame may be due to a better internet connectivity though.
Why is there so much discrepancies? Mtn has good connectivity too and it's always accurate. This on is not accurate at all and I'm not the only one complaining
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 1:04am On May 24

Who is this imp?


Oga/madam its like u were paid by mtn to come here and wail
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 1:03am On May 24
Edit the start date in the data usage settings and also know there could be inaccuracies in calculation. There is also a upload data count (it. uses the data too) (up and down arrow)
I've been using glo and mtn since I bought my phone 3years ago, it has always been accurate. I only bought airtel cow of their useless adverts and now this shit is happening. I'm not the only one complaining.I know what I'm doing and saying.
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 1:01am On May 24

I have been using Airtel for 7 years and this never happened once. Can you tell me how you subscribed and got 3.9gb of data? Airtel doesn't have any 3.9gb plan; only 3.5gb and with that 3.5gb in mind, it means you were not cheated. You thought you had 3.9gb but it was 3.5gb. If you can pull up a screenshot proof of the message they sent you after activating the plan, you can definitely follow it up.
Get the hell off. I did 3G subbed. Got 3072MB plus 889MB as welcome bonus, it's a new sim. Stop supporting crap. Go to their facebook and twitter and see angry mob for yourself. Guess you work for airtel. Better tell them to sit up. I've used all my social media power and influence to let people know of tgis atrocity commited.
Please seun, Laslasticlala, let this be on front page so they could see it cos more people will testify and it would lead to it being resolved on time.
Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 11:58am On May 23
My N200 has been stolen by UBA and Airtel.

I recharged my line using the USSD *919# followed all the prompts to "Your Transaction is being Processed".

Till today, no debit alert from UBA nor Credit alert from Airtel.

But my account balance showed the amount has been deducted.

Who thief am, UBA say na Airtel, Airtel say na UBA. When too of them meet, them say na network. Whose network, den no gree talk
People are also saying this about airtel too.

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Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 11:50am On May 23

AIRTEL gives me accurate records.
You only the one saying this.
Even d 659MB i consumed that my phone records, if it was glo, it would not be upto that. But removing over 1G when all I used was less than 700MB is terrible


Phones / Re: Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 11:44am On May 23
Glo does very well for me.
Yea, glo is ok.
Airtel gives false record


Phones / Help! Airtel Nigeria Is A Scam by phockallmods: 11:16am On May 23
Laslasticlala, seun, mukina2 and Dominique, nairaland is great as it offers us platform to express our displeasure and for world to see.

Airtel has been scamming us through data deductions. From twitter to instagram and facebook, everyone is complaining and no one is listening.

Airtel removes almost 3 times your data usage from your balance. If you check your settings, you will see the data amount you have used but it's almost twice the one that would be removed from your account.
Attached is receipt. I subbed and got 3.9Gb of data, imagine, I used only about 650MB, check the balance airtel is giving? Airtel says I've used over 1G
I've been using glo and mtn and the phone recored of data usage is ALWAYS the same with what they deduct and give me as balance. Pls kindly help us out!

Phones / Re: What Is The Best Power Bank You Have Ever Used? by phockallmods: 6:52pm On May 21
Bee7n using new age since 2017.no ish
Family / Re: My Wife Just Told Me She Regrets Marrying Me. What Should I Do? by phockallmods: 11:36am On May 21
I got married to my wife 5 years ago. Before we got married, she dated a guy. We all stayed in the same area. I live here because it is close to my place of work. Her ex lives in the area. He does building contractor. While they were dating, I met my wife. I was able to convince her to date me. And since the guy was always travelling, I was able to get close to her. I think I won her finally after we had sex. Because that first day, I scattered her brain. She later left the guy. I proposed, she accepted and we got married.

I will say, at that time I got married to my wife, her ex and I were on the same level financially. But, recently, the guy has turned to something else. He does building for people overseas. People said the guy's work is good and he is always getting contracts. My wife said he had a 2.1 in Civil Engineering. He started selling cement. He is now a dangote cement distributor. He built a duplex at the junction of my street. He has 3 cars in the compound (he recently bought 1 car during this lockdown that people are saying no money oo). I and my wife do not have any car. I am still a tenant. We have to pass front of his house every day.

During this lockdown, my office has being delaying salaries. It has not being easy. I have had quarrels with my wife in the past but yesterday was the worst. During the quarrel, she said she regrets marrying me. That if she had ignored me and married her ex, she would have being living comfortably. I almost beat her up. Then she told me that this her ex paid her school fees in 300 and 400 level when she almost pulled out of school for lack of finance. She regrets paying him back by leaving him to marry me.

Since then, I have not being myself. I just created this account to express myself.
Fake story
Nairaland / General / Re: Help: I Think I'm Too Soft For A Man That I Am by phockallmods: 4:51pm On May 15
let me guess: do you wear pink trousers and flowery shirts and/or scream like a woman when you see a needle before an injection... or better yet, do you drink coffee like the dude below?

You have spent all your years on nairaland gay trolling people. Not everyone Bleep men butthole like you, you sick faggotic element
Crime / Re: 14 Boys Raped By Fake Pastor In DR Congo - Hospital by phockallmods: 2:15am On May 14
That is what excess sex does to someone.

If you sleep with woman too much,

soon the spirit of fornication with women will invite the spirit of gay and before you know it,

you are looking for young boys.

Ditto for ladies.

If you sleep with man too much,soon you will start seeking for a female.

It is the work of the evil spirit.

They invite other evil spirits.

spirit of lying can attract spirit of fornication which can attract spirit of gay/homosexuality which may attract spirit of alcoholism which may attract

spirit of hanging sexual fantasy.

which may attract other sinful desires.

So we must keep ourselves pure.

That man may not have started out(been born) as gay,the gay desire may have started when he was 25 years.
You are very unintteligent
Romance / Re: Big Dick, Breast And Butts Naturally Without Side Effects FREE INFO by phockallmods: 2:51pm On May 04

different body type...,worked for me my friends and over 4 people i know..... twas recommended to me by a friend, i tried it, worked for me.....it fattens dick more than lengthens.....guess it depends on where/who/type you buy(i stand corrected though).
How the hell did u pound pandoro? It's hard. Used it to prepare a herb concoction last year
Travel / Re: The Odyssey. Narrative Of A Nigerian Nurse. by phockallmods: 2:47pm On May 04

Sir, I have purchased SON form for LUTH, and I don't know how there exam will be like. Besides, they are no past questions to that regard.

Please, with your experience, can you tell me how I can go about my preparations for the exam.
I didn't attend SON. So can't say.
Romance / Re: Men Should Marry More Military Women Than Evil Slay Mamas -major Luciana by phockallmods: 12:01am On May 03

Can you pls connect me with some beautiful military woman...Am ready to marry her
Hafa ur pandoro and ewe afato na?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by phockallmods: 12:02pm On May 01
What good brand of 40k or less can I buy new?

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