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Crime / Re: Lagos engineer sets lover, rival ablaze with petrol bomb, poisons self by Phranex(m): 6:27pm On Jan 26, 2017

For me now my motivation is love

Babe, there is no such thing as love. If you discovered Im ya cousin now. U would treat me differently. If we become friends and I toast u for a long time. U would think u love me but no I was just appearing too much in ya life.
Crime / Re: Lagos engineer sets lover, rival ablaze with petrol bomb, poisons self by Phranex(m): 11:38am On Jan 26, 2017

This is a really sad story people are so selfish and not thinking about anyone else but themselves. He has children he didn't even think of them or even her children what they would do without her as the bread winner of her family

I agree with you here after marriage invest in yourselves before marriage give as much support as you can but don't lay down your life

Actually give as little support as it's necessary. How can I give much to someone I am not married to.

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Crime / Re: Lagos engineer sets lover, rival ablaze with petrol bomb, poisons self by Phranex(m): 11:26am On Jan 26, 2017
Never train a girl in school. Never start a business for her. Never expose her to life. When you have d slightest financial setback, they leave u.

No matter how much I love a girl I would never invest in her until I marry her.

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Romance / Re: 10 Reasons Why Men Think Many Women Are Useless by Phranex(m): 10:46am On Jan 26, 2017
I asked a girl to give me her email address. She said she doesn't have an email address that it's only Gmail she has.

I didn't correct her. Most girls form a lot yet they have fish brain.

I b wan toast am. I b dey find wife. But I can't be marrying dundee. Which kind pickin I go born
Politics / Re: Open Letter Warning To Gov. Fayose And CAN!!! by Phranex(m): 9:59am On Jan 26, 2017
it is not the right of any Civilian to order for the killing of other civilians in the guise of self defense. mind what he has been saying. remember he has always been making threats. or have you forgotten when he wanted to kill a sitting Government Official? this is the end for him.
U have not condemned the ACTUAL attack. U are condemning just WORDS of defense. Abi any known killing of fulani in defense. Na just talk d man talk

Bros nor vex. Is it the right of civilian to kill other civilians in the guise of attack or defense of their cow

What's ya opinion about the fulani killing?

If I came to your house and killed your brother and there is tendency I would come again to kill ya children, parents and sisters. Abeg, u go dey wait for me or u go tell ya remaining brothers to be on defense and attack me when I come

Ya answer go determine how you think.

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Investment / Re: MMM Number One Guider Chuddy Ugorji Flees Overseas With Wife by Phranex(m): 7:36pm On Jan 22, 2017
FLEE ko, FLEE ni. MMM has come to stay, whatever HATERS have to say not withstanding. MMM is not a business, neither is it an investment. MMM is still paying people. CHUDDY didn't borrow money from any MMM particpants, so has no reason to flee. We the members understand the risks.

2TEK replies a nairalander --yinkard4me--

YINKARD4ME: The only reason i didnt do MMM is because no one was able to ansa d one logical question i asked all MMM participant i knew which is
that 30% profit everyone was getting, who is responsible for it?.
For example, i PH #1000, i'll be expecting GH of #1300 (30% profit of my money) from someone... The person will also be expecting a 30% profit of his money and so on and so on.... So where is d 30% coming from?

None of them was ready to knw, they forgot that they re all gonna return it in 100%

The 30% come from
(1)TRAFFIC GENERATED FROM WEBSITE: Mark Zuckerberg is the 5th richest person in the world and one of the ways he gets his money is through traffic generated by facebook. MMM is more popular than facebook in Nigeria. MMM is currently in over 120 countries with over 200million participants.

(2) MONEY DONATED BY NEW MEMBERS WHO SIGN UP: new members who have seen their friends and neighbours benefitting from MMM willingly sign up. They understand that when Peter is robbed to pay Paul, they will be robbed to pay Peter and Paul will be robbed to pay them. At the end, money is re-distributed among members.

(3) MONEY RE-DONATED BY OLD MEMBERS: This is self explanatory

(4) HELP FROM OTHER COUNTRIES: MMM is currently in over 120 countries with over 200million participants. MMM is currently mornitoring over 30BILLION USD being re-distributed among members.

am sorry but this is the lamest excuse ever.. traffic ke.. u see any advert for the site. u ppo dont know anything about websites . una go dey make mouth. if u like get 1billion users. if ya site nor get ad, u go poor like church rat. traffic ke. u have been fooled

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Education / Re: MUSTE 2014/2015 Scholarship Shortlist by Phranex(m): 7:22pm On Jan 12, 2017
Let's meet on the whatsapp group. More info there

Education / Re: MUSTE 2014/2015 Scholarship Shortlist by Phranex(m): 6:46pm On Jan 10, 2017
Dear Applicant,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive the Jim Ovia Scholarship Award.
To accept and receive this scholarship, you are expected to complete the following three (3) important steps immediately:
1) Open a Zenith Bank Savings Account. Ensure to take the proper account opening documents and identification with a copy of this email to the Zenith Bank nearest to you. This account will serve as your scholarship grant account and must be opened within 7 days of receiving this letter.
2) It is mandatory that you open a new email account with your first name and last name in the following format below:
Firstname.Lastname@gmail.com or Firstname.Lastname@yahoo.com,
alpha-numeric email addresses are also allowed as long as it contains your first-name and last-name. If you already have an email account in this format, there is no need to open a new one. Provide that email to us in the MUSTE Scholarship Agreement Form.
3) Once you open your Zenith Bank Savings Account and your new email account, you can then proceed to fill out and submit the scholarship. The MUSTE Scholarship Agreement Form must be completed no later than two weeks from the date of this award letter. Failure to meet these requirements within the allotted time will automatically nullify your scholarship award.
The Foundation will carry out a verification on your current student status with your institution. Once we receive the confirmation that you are duly matriculated and registered, we will proceed to transfer the award funds to the Zenith Bank account you provide in your application.
There is no need to contact the Foundation at this point.
Best of luck!
Jim Ovia Foundation

Who else recieved this?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 10:25pm On Dec 29, 2016

Am an aluminum fabricator, not listed

pm me.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 10:24pm On Dec 29, 2016

I'm skilled in painting but intermediate level. Please, can I apply?

Yes, you may. On our platform... There is a field where our customers choose what level of expertise they need. So, you game. But if you not in Lagos,Abuja, or PH. Dont bother
Politics / Re: Why I Laughed by Phranex(m): 7:44pm On Dec 29, 2016

Use your imagination Na.Kids are around and might stumble upon this chat.

Which of them u mean?

I had to google. Was tired of thinking? This puzzle is e gi di gan

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 7:41pm On Dec 29, 2016
pls hw do i remove ma number.kk
just modify your comment na undecided undecided
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 5:29pm On Dec 29, 2016
ok. I just tried applying, and the portal is saying maybe my full name, username or my phone number is already on the server. And I've not registered before as this is the first time I will be hearing about this program. What should I do?

Analee .. do same too and remove your number from this thread

fixed. If it happens again. Try a different username and make sure your phone number and email are correct.

If your initials is S.A, it's been recieved.
Politics / Re: Why I Laughed by Phranex(m): 4:58pm On Dec 29, 2016

You need serious banging aswear. When was the last time you did the horse riding thing?

What is horse riding?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 4:52pm On Dec 29, 2016
i didnt choose any of these,i chose computer or mayb delivery service and my locatn is Ph.bt av u confirmed me?ma numba is 09031550795;Grace

I am sorry. It wasnt found.
Politics / Why I Laughed by Phranex(m): 4:49pm On Dec 29, 2016

I like to share a story with anyone seeing this right now. If you dont like reading long tales. Better scroll pass this. It might get long.

I went to a bank's atm today and my card got trapped. I visited the bank's CC unit to make such complaint. They however told me that CBN's directive was to perforate any trapped card and that the card holders can as well go to their bank branch to obtain a new one. This was ridiculous to me (they probably have their reasons though). So immediately, I imagined the number of persons that have had their cards trapped and perforated. My mind began to brood over the stress in getting a new card.

As it is customary for me, this was a problem and a tech solution was begging to be built. Instantly, i decided i needed to solve this problem.

As i listened keenly to the CC agent, my mind took a journey into the future. I saw myself using an ATM machine without an ATM CARD. This was unbelievable, simply preposterous and evidently impossible (esp in Africa). But, for me, IMPOSSIBLE is NONSENSE and IMPOSSIBLE actually means IT WOULD TAKE A GREAT DEAL OF EFFORT to me.

Now that I saw that was possible, my mind began to find ways to make it possible. and alas,


I had an epiphany and an algorithm was before my very eyes. Just then,the 2 edges of my lips separated further so that i would appear to smile. In other not to be too excited, I asked the CC if there was a CBN bank policy that disallows my algorithm (I didnt tell her. I just gave her a scenario) from happening. My excitement reached climax when she said NO

The CC agent finished talking looking bewildered by my sudden smile.


how was i to tell her that i found a solution?

How was i to say that future financial transactions would be cashless and cardless?

How was I to explain this epiphany i got?

The distance from the CC unit to the bank exit door was only few centimeters apart but it seemed like I was journeying round the world in 80 days.

I was so excited. In my euphoria, i had thought of how i would start writing some codes. How i would call one or two and share this with them. In fact, I had already built a team in my head. I already knew who would be in the team.

I got to the security door and pressed the green button. While the other half of the security door was yet to open, i thought of how convenient this system would be. The smile had refused to wear off. It was just too cool.

CASHLESS AND CARDLESS system of payment ? isnt something you find everyday.

The other half of the security door opened and BINGO. That was when it happened.

I began to laugh hysterically.

People around thought I was losing it. I laughed so hard, i hurt my ribs.


I'll tell ya.

As the other half opened, I was greeted by the humid air and scorching sun. Somehow, i suddenly realized that the bank had some AC. And that must have given me the feel that made me think the way i did.

As the other half opened, Reality seemed to have pressed a "FACTORY RESET" button on me. I was seeing BLACK PEOPLE (Africans/Nigerians) and they were supposed to be the FIRST users of this technology.

Then I laughed.

I laughed because I realized Nigerians still live as though this was 1980 and as such are not receptive to technology especially if it is new and was born in their homeland OR become receptive only when everyone else is using it. (Nigerian: Ok, the idea is good. But Nna, how many persons dey do cashless and cardless for other countries?)

I laughed because i was seeing 2030 in 2016 and I was the only one seeing it and only a few would probably see it too. (NIgerian: My friend,you better wake up oo.. even 2017 is far.... You are talking 2030. u wan kill yourself?)

I laughed because despite several platforms that gives us the opportunity to go CASHLESS. We still choose the old-fashioned way. (Nigerian: is it your old-fashion? i like the fashion like that.)

I laughed because NIgerians have not adopted the CASHLESS system of payment.
How then were they going to understand CARDLESS system of payment?. (NIgerian: ki lo de, is it you that think pass sef?)

I laughed because the Nigerian financial eco-system made me look foolish. (NIgerian: You think say you get sense b4? na naija u dey ooo.. think like a true nija)

And i probably laughed at my foolishness. (Nigerian: Its good, you have come back to your senses)

My laughter turned sour and i began to look into the heavens as if to ask THE CREATOR why he made me share nationality with Nigerians and Race with Africans?
.....And he lived happily ever after.


ISBN: 235-877-999-89
Education / Re: Top Ten Sites In Nigeria by Phranex(m): 2:02pm On Dec 29, 2016

Whats your fintech website? This is mine http://macksonwakama.com/ whats your honest view about it?

You are such a joke right? Thats a blog... You just wanted traffic. cool cool cool cool
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 10:47am On Dec 29, 2016
kk.cos i dnt want to submit twice daz y am askn for confirmatn first.


By the way.. spots left are the following

1. Painting (10)
2.Plumbing (10)
3. Photography and Video Coverage (10)
4. Mechanic (10)
5. Beauticians and make-up artist (10)
6. Gas filling services (9)

all must be from Lagos.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 11:16pm On Dec 28, 2016

Please what about those dat are close 2 these states and are willing 2 relocate can they apply?

I dont think so. We have already rejected applications that are not from those locations
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 11:15pm On Dec 28, 2016

how much for the training abi you don't want to share that here?

You are not paying anything for the training.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 8:37pm On Dec 28, 2016
bt av u checkd if it has submittd?

I didnt check. I passed the information to the tech guy in charge. There was no response. He either was very very busy or he couldnt find anything. If he did, he would have told me
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 8:35pm On Dec 28, 2016
Phranex, tell us what we need to know and that is...how much are you people paying?

one thing is certain. This is not for you. Thats all you need to know. If you are taken, you are gonna place money above our customers. This isnt healthy for continuity in business
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 5:20pm On Dec 28, 2016
I don't have a means of identification, what re my chances?

The means of identification is very essential. Maybe this isnt for you. Good luck.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 5:18pm On Dec 28, 2016
i av nt submittd b4,dat was ma first tym, if its d username it wud av statd it,d last digits is0795

Maybe you should try again with a different username in the username section. Type in your full name in the name section. Good luck.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If You Are Unemployed, I Think You Should Do This...IBADAN OR.South west only by Phranex(m): 5:07pm On Dec 28, 2016

Hmmmm, I read some of ur post....I can see u r getting frustrated.....I see d bright future u r painting fr your self just like I am painting mine..
It's very true we could get bored but the race is not for the soft hearted but for the passionate....its not about the money for me, its qbout the passion and d will to reach out to the people dat have no roof or food..... if I fail, which I won't, I would be able to say I had a vision that would have changed my environment.....
I wish you success in your endeavour...

You actually think i am frustrated grin grin grin grin.

This is making me laugh. Maybe I am, Who wouldnt get frustrated sharing nationality with majority of people who dont think? On the international scene, other countries think we are plain lazy. I received a main from "Y-combinator" (please, browse to see who they are) stating that Africa is not ready for a tech shift that most of us still do things as though we were living in the 1800's (This is a paraphase). I cant believe those guys compared our company to the large majority of africans who are probably primitive (in thoughts). Tell me the truth, if it was you, would you not be frustrated sharing nationality with people who are considered primitive in thoughts?

Although, if ever i am frustrated.. it wouldnt entirely because i share nationality with those africans or because Y-combinator compared us with those africans but because even the africans (for whom we were rejected) do not encourage innovations.

I asked a techpreneur a question.

If facebook,instagram,and twitter were african.. Would the world know it? He told me the plain truth. he said "probably not".

Despite the fact that Y-combinator refused our innovation because they thought african was primitive, have we stopped getting more workers?


have we stopped our business?


I can assure you that come june 2017, we would have had about 10,000 workers getting paid weekly. My team and I have decided to man up and be the VC we need. We just need to take a portion of our salary every month to finance our startup. Two of my team members are professional doctors (I am too), one is a financial consultant (he was one of the project managers for REMITA). The others are software architects working in a several I.T firms. If the very worst happens, we would still be alright. But then, all the jobs we would have created by virtue of our startup would have gone down the drain.

Do you have an idea of how many persons GOOGLE,FACEBOOK,TWITTER,INSTAGRAM etc have given jobs to? Imagine they were non-existent, how many of those nnumbers would be employed?

At this point, it is african for you to think that i am giving all this explanation because i truly am frustrated. cool cool cool.

Like i said, Maybe I am.Or Maybe not!!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If You Are Unemployed, I Think You Should Do This...IBADAN OR.South west only by Phranex(m): 12:53pm On Dec 28, 2016

With all due respect, can u contact him privately

Listen, I have no wish to derail your thread. I just feel for the large number of people who want to join your whatsapp because they are unemployed. Chances are the first few weeks would be burning with emotions. At this stage, all of you would be having a feeling of pseudo success. But as the day goes by, many would be leaving the group after probably realizing that they need money or a job. What i hope to do is try to take as much persons away from the unemployed market in whatever way we can. we are aiming at 450 persons.

And by the way. To answer your question. I can't.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If You Are Unemployed, I Think You Should Do This...IBADAN OR.South west only by Phranex(m): 12:15pm On Dec 28, 2016

Ok, pls you can notify me if recieved will appreciate. Name: O. Godwin.

There is no Godwin in our records.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 10:38am On Dec 28, 2016
I had same issue. Kindly confirm if my application was successful. The last four digits of my phone number... 7421. Thank you.

if your initials is U.A.P, your application was received. someone would attend to you shortly. Good luck
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: For Your Information by Phranex(m): 10:12am On Dec 28, 2016
js finishd filln d applicatn,i clickd on submit,bt was told dat ma applicatn was nt sucessfully sent,bt ma name,username n fone number ar there,bt i shud retry, dat i shud nt retry if nt i wil b disqualified.js confused

you probably have submitted before or the username you choose has already been taken. meanwhile, what is the last 4 digits of your phone number... I would want to check if its submitted already
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If You Are Unemployed, I Think You Should Do This...IBADAN OR.South west only by Phranex(m): 9:20am On Dec 28, 2016

I have tried applying but anytime i click on Submit it refers back to the initial page, i thing there is a problem with the site.

It was loading in the background. you just have to wait for it. Your application has mostly probably been submitted
Romance / Re: Big Boy Dips Hand Into Girl's Panties Publicly...her Response Will Embarrass You by Phranex(m): 11:01pm On Dec 27, 2016
have a skill? and you are based in Lagos,Abuja,PH

you are a hot cake.. 450 persons would be employed by Feb 2017 (for just having a skill)

be among them.

apply using the link below

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If You Are Unemployed, I Think You Should Do This...IBADAN OR.South west only by Phranex(m): 10:54pm On Dec 27, 2016
i have always believed people who are unemployed are lazy and not creative at all. I mean this statement. Now you might think that i am employed. The truth is Yes i am. But i am my own boss. Because i wanted to help reduce the unemplyment rate in nigeria.. I founded a team and we decided to solve a problem. That problem requires people to solve them but we first want people to have such value in themselves.

In the future hopefully, my team would be regarded as the largest employer of labour in Africa. But you know, the people we take in as staff has to have one skill or the other. The question is HOw many of these unemployed people have a skill?

I hope we are able to give substantial number of persons jobs come 2017. Although, come Febraury next year.. we would have absorbed at least 450 persons from the large unemployed circle across Lagos,Abuja and PH.

I created a thread to that effect.

this is it https://www.nairaland.com/3541019/information for those interested.

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