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Celebrities / Re: Daniella Okeke Flaunts Her Butt In New Photos by Phranex(m): 3:04pm On Sep 28, 2016
Life isn't about bosom and yansh
Business To Business / Re: Recommend Someone For This Job Please!!!!! by Phranex(m): 2:43pm On Sep 24, 2016

gotten someone already dont bother.

Why is the thread not deleted
Business / Re: Naira Crashes Further To N436/dollar by Phranex(m): 9:34pm On Sep 23, 2016
Imagine receiving $700 monthly somewhere

Read my siggy

What job u offer
Politics / Re: What Will You Do To Save Nigeria If You Are Elected As President Tomorrow???? by Phranex(m): 6:43pm On Sep 23, 2016
1. Slash salary and allowances of president and vice by 60%: president and vice president should earn like civil servants, so I will start with myself by slashing not just my monthly salary but all salaries and allowances/entitlements, including easta code abi easter codeine lol

2. Implement federalism whereby each state controls and manages her resources and remits 30% to the federal/central government which will be used to tackle national security/boundary security watch, immigration, foreign affairs, etc

3. Privatise every federal government owned asset or business such that government will only become a regulatory body and not management. This will bring efficiency among government workers, and curb corruption in government offices

4. Make sure most government handled activities are computerized such that they will be done mostly by electronic; especially cash handling to reduce corruption and bribery

5. Ban cattle grazzing and find effective ways to improve cattle rearing such that we will have more ranches for cattle herders.....and have more Nigerians go into farming by making farming lucrative and attractive using farm mechanization and improved security for Nigerian farmers

6. Implement State Policing:
every state must have their own Police.

7. Scrap state of origin: all Nigerians are equal and the same no matter their state of origin.

8. All political office or post must be made unattractive such that they will earn very meagre salary and allowances so people will stop clamoring to go into politics to make money or to fight poverty. If you want to be a millionaire, go and start a company, invent something or develop a new business idea and don't ever think about going into politics to make money because political offices and posts will earn even lesser than school principals!

9. No politician or his/her children/spouse/immediate relative will be allowed to travel out of Nigeria twice in a year the moment you are elected or appointed into office. They will submit their travel documents to a special Federal Police Team to enforce strict travel monitoring for all politicians!

10. Increase tax for the rich: if you are worth more than 1billion naira, then you will pay 35% higher tax. To reduce your tax, open more companies, farms, businesses and employ more people so that the more people you employ, the lesser the tax you will pay as a rich person.

11. Tax religious bodies: churches, mosques, shrines, juju houses, all must be registered and must pay tax to the government. The higher your revenue, the higher your tax.....to reduce your tax, build schools and make it free, open companies and employ Nigerians, then you will pay less tax as a Church or Mosque

12. Life jail for any political office holder found guilty of corruption: [/b]35 years jail term for any corrupt practices no matter how small

[b]13. Reduce number of senators and reps:
there will only be 36 senators and 102 (3 per state) reps, and their salary/allowance cannot exceed 1 million naira only! No senator, rep, commissioner, perm sec, etc will be allowed to travel out of Nigeria twice in a year. Same with their children, spouses, immediate relatives. So before you think of becoming a senator/rep/commissioner/etc you will think it well and know that you are only going to serve and not to make money!

Are you a member of new Nigeria vanguard

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: He Said I Should Grease His Bed For A Job But I Politely Turned Him Down by Phranex(m): 9:14am On Sep 21, 2016

Very useless comment from you!!! If she opens her legs thinking well, it's just sex, then for how long will it continue? You didn't even ask yourself this, what if she opens her legs but never gets the job?

And definitely, the fool will keep asking even when he managed to give her the job. Also, what if the guy is married, so she should be sleeping with a married man because of job?

I'm pretty sure you're the very man she met at the hotel!! angry

Now you ask yourself

What if she never gets a better offer ??

Her life would be full of regrets..

Its just sex.. I don't know why men ask for it so much and why women think their pvssy is a gift to men
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: He Said I Should Grease His Bed For A Job But I Politely Turned Him Down by Phranex(m): 9:02am On Sep 21, 2016
so, according to you non-virgins have no right to say No to sexual advances, they shud just give in to everyone who wants it. Is that what your momma taught you? Then she must have been or still a ho'.

Non virgins gave up their virginity for a reason..

The reason could be love,money, desire to have sex or even pretty face of the partner...

There is always a reason for sex... She fvcks her bf for a reason...

This is another reason... Job offer

She is appearing a saint to you all. But if she would still fvck after today before marriage if she ain't already... Then satan would be laughing at her..

My advise is she should just abstain from sex if she wants god to answer that
Prayer up there.

It is hypocritical to say no to sex over a job offer but say yes to your bf over his sweet talks .

Sexual sin is sexual sin

6 and half a dozen mean the same thing..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: He Said I Should Grease His Bed For A Job But I Politely Turned Him Down by Phranex(m): 7:38am On Sep 21, 2016

Sex should be an emotional thing and not a business...if she was your gurlfrnd would you advice her to go ahead n bleep the man becos ure hitting it for free...?

Secondly let God decide please...you are not heaven's spokesperson or P.R.O

If she was my gf (not wife, someone fvcked her before me na) and she really needs a job.. I would either tell her to record the convo or do it..

Sex is just penny in punna for a few minutes...

I once was looking for a marketer, a girl asked me if her client asked her for sex, what should she do??

I simply asked her if she had a bf to which she agreed to. I then told her to do what she likes but she should remember her bf gets it too

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: He Said I Should Grease His Bed For A Job But I Politely Turned Him Down by Phranex(m): 7:23am On Sep 21, 2016
Babe, if your story is true... Take heart...

But if you are not a virgin and you have a bf that fvcks you and he hasn't paid your bride Price, my dear.. You have no moral justification to call God or feel bad or even deny yourself that job..

Your bf fvcks for free or at the very best, for money to make your hair ....

If you are not a virgin and you still fvck
.... You just lost a job

If not, your God would give you a better one

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Politics / What Nigerians Are Saying by Phranex(m): 10:24am On Sep 16, 2016
What you think

Romance / Re: by Phranex(m): 9:03am On Sep 16, 2016
What do girls feel like??

Fvck them and their replies.....

If I send you a message and you are not dangote daughter yet you form for me, you can go to hell.

Girls are nothing but a pvssy...

Objects of sexual gratification

Except the ones with brains (I adore this set)
Politics / Re: LASCOHET Students Who Discovered Bio-Gas Technology Get N5m Grant From Ambode by Phranex(m): 8:09am On Sep 16, 2016
And am here writing codes for my dead mum, waw God pls help my coding career

Since you a coder. I stay in Ibadan. I need a partner.. I have a project .. Wanna partner??
Travel / Re: Man Who Rode Bicycle From Denmark To Nigeria Received In Calabar. Photos by Phranex(m): 4:46pm On Sep 15, 2016
Why is no one asking if this guy his papers correct? How can he just ride from Denmark?

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Education / Re: 6 Ways To Discover A Girl That Loves You When You Are In Higher Institution by Phranex(m): 10:22pm On Sep 13, 2016
Place God above everything!

I love chichi, that fine igbo girl that make sure i always attend mass on sunday, but not for her i don't know where i will be now. May be i will join this blood sucking atheist to say there's no God, when there's. Chichi will do as a point of duty that i must attend church .

Chichi see i no get offering o, that one na wahala, oya take offering.

Chichi, see my cloths are rumble i don't think i"ll be able to be in church, okay that one na problem? on my gen iron cloth.

Chichi, see am famished since yesterday i have eaten nothing. Not when i have enough and to spare, oya eat let go to church.

Abeg, gimme CHI CHI number. I want marry am ooo

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Business / Re: Amancio Ortega Overtakes Bill Gates As The Richest Man In The World by Phranex(m): 7:49pm On Sep 10, 2016

Let's connect. Thinking of investing in agric.

Send me a pm
Business / Re: Amancio Ortega Overtakes Bill Gates As The Richest Man In The World by Phranex(m): 7:08am On Sep 10, 2016
I just have to invest in something today. Anybody with a bright idea?

If you have the money and stay in ibadan.. I could serve as a busimes consultant for you and we could be on our way to be leaders in both tech and agricultural sector
Culture / Re: Emir Sanusi Covers Thisday Style Magazine by Phranex(m): 8:35am On Sep 05, 2016
how does it concerns u?

U b fine gal Victoria.. How fine gal go wan join league of wives when young guys like us still dey.
Culture / Re: Emir Sanusi Covers Thisday Style Magazine by Phranex(m): 8:54pm On Sep 04, 2016
Fine man#sir,can I join ur league of wives? :Dpromise to be very active

Did you really mean this? Or you just wanted to comment
Education / Re: MUSTE 2014/2015 Scholarship Shortlist by Phranex(m): 4:29pm On Sep 04, 2016
By now i am convinced that most of us will have started preparing for the MUSTE Scholarship application? If that is the case my candid advice is you begin to get your documents ready for the application so as to avoid what happened last year when the site just closed up suddenly. This year application opens on the 15th of september 2016. New applicant get ready to apply and old beneficiaries get set for your annual renewal. The date for application once again is on the 15th of september 2016 dont miss out this time around. Remember is #150,000 till your year of graduation. See the application site here www.jimoviafoundation.org/scholarship. Thanks and God bless. I remain your one and only Omas.

Bros, do you know whether they give scholarship to polytechnic students
Politics / Re: The Quest For A New Nigeria by Phranex(m): 9:31pm On Sep 03, 2016

buhari sef

What about buhari milady
Education / Re: Uniben Is Unfair In Their Preadmission Screening by Phranex(m): 8:39am On Sep 03, 2016
which course?
We can't just wait ......we need make our complain considering the fact that most people were eligible and reg is closing 8days time

Although, I saw the "eligible for screening" but I didn't see the button to download the screening invitation letter.

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Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri-Erewa Meets Mark Zuckerberg by Phranex(m): 7:57pm On Sep 02, 2016
Zuckerberg is being celebrated by all and sundry. Have we questioned Ourselves how his wealth multiplied from 4bn Dollars in 2011 to over 50bn Dollars presently? It can never be that Rapid unless its in the Tech world. A dedicated tech entrepreneur would never die wretched. Join the ever expanding ICT world today guys. ICT is today as much as its the future..

Get started on Programming and Web Development. Get your ever comprehensive video tutorials and Textbooks.. Begin! the rest is History..Contact 08106501622 (Call and WhatsApp)

I hope you have made your billions ooo
Romance / Re: 7 Signs Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Has Lost Interest In The Relationship by Phranex(m): 8:57am On Sep 01, 2016
make sure say you don collect your 3points before you begin exhibit any bad boy trait, if not you the babe no go still send you.

3points or not. I nor get time for any girl again. I swear, that dude don open my eyes. . I b don dey hear something like that before sha.

If they like dem like me, if dem like hate me.. I go become so hard with them...

God know sha

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Romance / Re: 7 Signs Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Has Lost Interest In The Relationship by Phranex(m): 8:41am On Sep 01, 2016
see ya life... E fit be say na that babe wey go like you scatter you go come treat bad... If you close eye make bad pple pass o boy till good ones go Waka pass na like this ya eye go glue ooo... Dey dia dey form jetli

My dear, I go join my league of friends and colleagues who see girls as sex object.

I b nor wan become player before. But I don change mind.

God know sha... My badness go bad with the same measure of my goodness
Romance / Re: 7 Signs Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Has Lost Interest In The Relationship by Phranex(m): 9:58pm On Aug 31, 2016
A girl can never lose interest in me

I know how to treat women
Just treat them bad and make their live miserable, they will continue to love you.

If you show a girl that you're soft, loving and caring, you don die be that, them go use you play

I think you are right. I am the cool headed type of guy. Very emotional at heart. I don see die for babes hand.

Na to become bad boy b DAT..

Eye opener


Politics / Re: Good Bye To Secession, A United Nigeria!!! by Phranex(m): 9:51am On Aug 30, 2016
And by the way.. Why are you guys a above attacking a word ?

What is your opinion about the message?

Is it about time we took over power from these old men?

All I see you guys do on here is cuss each other with unprintable names like zombies and wailers.

When are you lot going to be a HUMAN not a zombie or wailer?

Someone once said the youths in Nigeria are cowards . you all give credence to that statement.

When are we going to prove them wrong


Politics / Re: Good Bye To Secession, A United Nigeria!!! by Phranex(m): 9:45am On Aug 30, 2016
NIGERIA IS NOT A NATION! I wonder how many times you coconut heads will be told about this!

Forgive me but would you please tell the difference.

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