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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 11:02pm On Oct 13, 2016

Say wahr?? 104 omg! This is magnanimously numreounte! I know a guy who has deferred. Another has travelled. That makes 3 of us attending. Looks like the other 3 may have also deferred. I have forwarded my db alert to the consulate. They only replied my mail of yesterday in which I requested to send the swift copy to them. They said they have been mandated by law to issue visa only by DB alert. They have, however, not sent me AM mail despite receiving my funding mail.

Ja, out of 1431 applicants, about 130 were admitted and 104 accepted the admission. About 80 have enrolled and resumed, expecting 24 more to resume. All will work out just fine for you. Have a safe trip to Munich!
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 8:42pm On Oct 13, 2016
Faith is when you are yet to fund blocked acct, yet, go ahead to buy winter jackets and travelling box. This, I did yesterday, and, ecobank, out of the blues, debited me today. Rate was N420/EUR.

Congrats @Lobito,MSPE class TUM WS'16 earnestly await your arrival. You needed to see how the whole class was staring at me while introducing myself during orientation today. I was the only African present.

I pray Nigeria's economy gets better. Six Nigerians and One Burkinababe (7 Africans out of 104 admits) were admitted for the course. Unfortunately, I have only seen myself and much later, the Burkinababe entered the hall (glad Lobito is joining soon). Largely, this is due to the present forex crisis in Nigeria.

Nigeria shall rise again. Amen!!!


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 3:29pm On Oct 10, 2016
Pls if an A.M mail says ur departure date should be scheduled for at least 7days from a date, does it mean it should be scheduled for days after the 7th day? Thanks bro

Genau, just as posters above me have explained. Nonetheless, if you have enrollment deadline to beat, you can emphasize that in a short letter.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 6:47am On Oct 09, 2016

Great one bro. Your fellow TUM admit is still stuck here in Naija o. No fx to fund blocked acct.

Hello bro, I understand the situation with forex and pray you get it done soon. If there is any way, I can be of help, please do not hesitate to ask.

See you in Munich soon!!!
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 9:14pm On Oct 08, 2016
I arrived in Munich two days ago and it has been a wonderful experience right from departure in Nigeria till date.

- No embarrassment of any kind so far

- Was the only black on-board while connecting Munich from Abu Dhabi. Most Africans I have seen (though few) smile when you meet and some natives have been so friendly.

- Cost of accommodation here is expensive (heard there are very few&cheap student dorms within the city but hardly available) and difficult to get but God dey.

-Transportation system is superb. My best so far is U-bahn.

- Time runs fast in Germany (my personal observation).

... and many more

In all, thanks to every member of this thread. I pray all prospective students will enjoy immense favour.

P.S: This is not my last post here. As much as I can, I will try to help others here. Danke schoen!

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 11:13pm On Sep 27, 2016
German scholars, shay na like this una go dey look me It's 3 weeks to the start of my lectures and I have not yet funded. My form A application has not been consumated in any of the 3 banks I applied to viz stanbic, eco and sterling. I gat no money for black market. Everybody just dey post about AM, most of whom I did my visa interview before. It appears rapture to Germany has taken place and I am the only one left behind. Biko, epp me.

@lobito007, you have a mail.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 8:00am On Aug 30, 2016
Saw this link and thought to share:


Wishing all prospective students success in this trying time.

Alles Gute!

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 1:38am On Jun 29, 2016
Tesland Bewaju...pls you can mention me here cos it can't figure out why email messages fail to deliver
Amahtrendy, u've got mail. Kindly send a pm if u are unable to reply from your box.

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 10:59pm On Jun 14, 2016

I'm sorry, Plismoll. I did answer your mails. Perhaps you should recheck your inbox. My money is still with First Bank. The lady in charge said she wanted to get through with the smaller bills before my €8000. I'll definately let you know when it gets done.

Thanks for your reply. Where exactly is the branch of First Bank you used? Not all their branches seems to know abt such transaction with Form A.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 7:40pm On Jun 14, 2016
Hello house,

Pls, who have successfully deposited into blocked account with Form A through First Bank, recently? Marie96 and Sparkle01, reply my mails, biko.

It is urgent.

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 1:09pm On Jun 13, 2016

I opened an account and did my Form A at first bank on Thursday. Though it was for tuition.

I went with all needed documents ( Passport, Admission letter, School fees invoice, notification of result as my certificate isn't ready yet)
They helped me write the letter to debit and I only needed to sign and fill the Form A form. It was straightforward and I was told I would be debited this week. So I'm still waiting.
Thanks Mille.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 5:08pm On Jun 12, 2016

I was at First Bank, Akure today and the lady in charge of Form A transfers seemed unsure if she could initiate the transfer as the Deutshe Bank account bears my name. Apparently, the transfer should be directly to a school account. I told her it's been done but I don't think she's handled many transactions like that. What First Bank branch did you use?

marie96, you've got mail. Pls, revert.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 5:05pm On Jun 12, 2016
Amen... And you too. Thanks bro

Sparkle01, kindly PM me. I have been trying to do that over here but it's not working. I need info about FORM A at First Bank.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 7:26pm On Jun 11, 2016

I sent you a PM bro..

PM replied
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 5:13pm On Jun 11, 2016
Danke Schon. Any test?

Thanks. I did not write any but heard some pple wrote test during their interview.

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 5:10pm On Jun 11, 2016
9ice one boss and tanks for sharing. Wish you all d best sir. See u n Deutsche land already. Just have a few questions 2 ask. The courier envelop on the new checklist,how do 1 go about it? and Secondly was their any need for motivational letter?

1. Got the envelope at DHL office @ #4,120.00 Told them I need prepared courier envelope for Visa processing from German embassy Lagos. They know about it and also have the embassy's address on their system.
Reason for the high cost is likely cos the delivery address is another state outside Lagos.

2. I did not write it during or before the interview but was prepared for it, in case.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 5:02pm On Jun 11, 2016
^^Goodnews coming your way Bro.

I sent you a pm. Pls do reply
Amen. PM replied.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 3:31pm On Jun 11, 2016
Guten Tag,

I had my Student Visa interview recently and thought to share my experience (...to whom much is given, much is expected), praying for the best. Thanks to everyone for the info shared on this thread and Eke40seven for the mail sent. Prospective Student Visa interviewees should go through his post on Nov. 29, 2014(Part 1, page 460) and other posts. Therefore, I will try as much as possible to make my account specific to avoid repetition of similar answers.

To begin, I handed over all required docs to the V/O(same young white woman that opens blocked account) for verification & filing, paid #13,500 and was instructed to wait at the lobby for the main interview.

Venue - Same cubicle I opened blocked account
Interview format - Telephone interview. She sat down while I stood throughout the process.
V/O - Same young white lady

The questions asked:
Do you speak German?
Ans: I have started learning. (Stage: Beginner)

1. Why are you travelling to Germany?

2. Name of the school and intended course of study?

3. Previous educational background (university, course and duration of study)?

4. Duration of your intended course in Germany and why did you choose the course?

5. What is the relationship between your undergraduate study and proposed course?

6. How many semesters is your intended course and explain the curriculum?
Ans: It is spread across 4 semesters, number of credits, 1st & 2nd semester - Course work in so and so field/departments and 20 credits each, 3rd Semester - Course work, research... and their no. of credits, 4th semester - Thesis (30 credits)

7. List your subjects for each semester?
Note: Make sure you know all the subjects because she typed all I said into her computer. Although, she stopped me when we got to the middle of 3rd semester courses.

8. What is your aim after completing your study?
Ans: Explained and told her I will be coming back after my study. I noticed her face brightened when I said the latter.

9. Why not MSc Nigeria, U.S or other European countries?

10. Do you have any relative in Germany?
Ans: No

11. Do you have friends in Germany, where?
Ans: Yes, too much nairaland friends naa (lol...didn't say that o)

12. Your means of sponsorship?
Ans: Parents

13. What do your parents do?
14. Average monthly family income?

15. Which other university did you apply to in Germany, course and result of application?
Ans: Admitted and same course

16. Why are you not going to other Uni?
Ans: Research potentials and reputed faculty

17. Who is the President of Germany?
18. Who is the Chancellor of Germany?
19. Who is the governor of the state you are going to?

20. Who is the governor of the city you are going to?
Ans: The city doesn't have governor but Lord Mayor. His name is ...

21. How states in Germany?
22. Name them?
Note: Please know them all
23. How many nations surround Germany?
24. Name them?

25. What three things fascinates you when you hear about Germany?
Ans: Told her low crime rate, food, culture. She objected low crime rate, stating that it has increased due to the high immigration of refugees. At that junction, I agreed and told her about the mass rape in Cologne in January, Bavarian governor sending a bus full of refugees to the Chancellor in Berlin late May and recent criticism of the Chancellor's open door immigration policy. We talked a bit about Germany then continued with the interview.

Note: Try to know about current happenings in Germany.

26. Tell me about the culture of the city you are going to?
Ans: Told her about their festival and food

27. Do you drink beer?
Ans: No

28. How will you spend your free time in Germany?
29. What type of system of government is practised in Germany?
30. Date of reunification of Germany?
31. Have you paid your semester fee (student union and semester ticket)?
Ans: No
32. Why?
Ans: I will pay this week. Wanted to be through with visa .
33. What arrangements have you made about accommodation?
Ans: Applied for student hall and still working on applying to some private hostels...

34. When will your study commence?
35. When do you intend to travel?

V/O: That's all, you can go.
Me: My original docs are still with you.
V/O: You will get it through the courier envelope you submitted.

She returned my International passport to me.

P.S.: Please, any RWTH Aachen student in the house?


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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 11:29am On Jun 05, 2016
Dear All

Please ensure that you take note of the updated checklist for student Visa... Everything is still the same at first glance.

However on further perusal, you would find that the email address to book visa appointment has changed from rk-visa105@lago.diplo.de to student@lago.diplo.de

I have attached the updated checklist for everyone to download


Dear all, Handwritten letter of motivation is also missing in the new checklist for Student Visa Application.


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 10:30am On May 27, 2016

Your visa and application document will be return to you via Dhl.You dont need to go to the embassy to pick the visa up anymore.

Thanks Chief!
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 6:57am On May 27, 2016
Guten Morgen House, can someone pls shed more light on the prepaid courier envelope required for Student Visa application?

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 12:35am On May 17, 2016
Plismoll n lobito, pls I sent u PMs. Ps answer me. Preparing my applications for Power Eng TUM. I need to ask some questions. Thanks bros.
Hello Br, PM sent.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 9:11am On May 13, 2016
Congratulations bro. So happy for you.
Thanks Urchmann101
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 9:00am On May 13, 2016

Morning bro.I sent you a PM.
Hello Chief, msg replied.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 9:13pm On May 09, 2016
@weirdarkhitekt, Thank you! My paper docs got to TUM late Feb.

@Tesland, Lobito007 & Hadassaheke, thank you!

@Barleh, I did Skype interview (2nd stage) on 2nd of May. Got success mail few hours later. My application experience:

1st step: Online application (after thoroughly surfing the school's website).

2nd step: Sent all required paper docs (for admission) except Health insurance which was required for enrollment (I will send that later).

3rd Step: Got a notification that my docs have been received. Prayed and hoped for the best.

4th Step: Got an interview invitation but I rescheduled to an earlier date (rescheduling is allowed as stated in the invitation).

5th Step: 30mins interview. 3-man panel (one male lecturer, a woman and an observer). The interview questions covered my motivation for applying for MSC programme, why TUM, other schools in Germany that I applied to, my CV, my present job, funding, my undergraduate specialization/ courses and some technical questions on power plant, power generation, transmission and distribution. I was UNABLE to answer ALL questions correctly but gave technical ideas on those I don't know. Finally, I asked some general questions about life in Munich, the study and when to expect result of the interview. In a nut shell, it was God's grace.
N.B: On MSPE website, there is information about the general areas to focus on (motivation, technical questions, CV etc.) for the interview with their allotted grades.

6th Step: Got a success mail from the President of TUM (similar to Vice Chancellor in Nigeria), accepted the offer officially on TUMonline and downloaded the admission letter.

7th Step (loading...) : Visa application and Resumption, by God's grace.

Hope the summary helps. See you!

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Plismoll: 1:33pm On May 09, 2016
Hello house, thumbs up to everyone for the good work here. I got admitted to TUM MSPE programme and I need some clarifications as regards visa processing, accommodation and all. I will be dropping my questions as events unfold. Congrats to Lobito007 and others!

P.S: @Lobito007, let's connect.


Travel / Re: Studying In Finland (free Tuition) by Plismoll: 7:45am On Dec 05, 2015
No I didnt. What i uploaded up there is a photocopy of certificate, datz how is should be. i did it at Ikeja in police barrack just b4 high court in 2012 that is 3year ago. it will nt take more than 10 minutes. 100/copy

Note: court or high court doesnt use red seal bt it is still acceptable

trust ur questionssss has been answered. lol

Thanks growingboi,I better find my way to Ikeja,to prevent stories that touch.Thank you for the answersssss.
Travel / Re: Studying In Finland (free Tuition) by Plismoll: 4:29pm On Dec 03, 2015
Thank you.@iceberg,there was no red seal,photocopy of my degree certificate was just stamped "Certified True Copy" and signed.
@Growingboi,did you swear an affidavit and was the red seal+stamp put on d photocopy of your degree certificate.Kindly clarify,plus hw much did it cost,hw long and where?So sorry for asking many questions,just expedient to be clear abt everything.
Travel / Re: Studying In Finland (free Tuition) by Plismoll: 9:30pm On Dec 02, 2015
Hello house,can anyone suggest the acceptable way to notarize degree certificate here in Nigeria for MSc admission in Finland. I applied to LUT last yr with complete documents(IELTS-7.5,Transcript sent by my University,CV...and my degree certificate stamped and signed "Certified True Copy" by a notary in the Ministry of Justice of my State).Unfortunately,my application was disqualified by UAF at the eleventh hour,stating that the "Certified True Copy" stamp was unacceptable.Kindly advise cos I don't wish to waste my money like last yr.Thank u!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nestle Siwes Aptitude Test!!! by Plismoll: 9:27pm On Jul 23, 2015
If you know Nestlé Nigeria PLC Agbara,come there and wait for me in the morning between 7:30 and 8:00am with your SIWES letter.send me ur email so that I can send my number to you for contact sake.
Kindly send to: tomisintobiloba@yahoo.com.

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