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Education / Re: Mathematics Challenge: 50% Will Fail This! by Posh2018: 10:31am On Jan 26
Just state your answer. Don't show the working please.

If na to find Y, then Y-6 =6

Y= 12.

But the question didn't ask us to find Y.

The equation is Y-6 = 3!
means Y-6 = 3x2x1 = 6.

Simple. Ans is 3! = 6
Family / Re: Married Men With Experience, Please I Need Your Help. by Posh2018: 11:36am On Jan 11
You have a long way to go.
1. Start cutting the payments you give her, in other words start shopping Yourself.
2. Start investing your money in another means, she can't help you to grow rather she can make you poor.
3. You need to stand firm in some decisions if not you can't control her excesses.
4. You need to call your sponsor to advise her, or you need to talk to someone she revere so they can talk sense into her, failing to comply you may take some action she might not like.
5. Pray that God give you the grace to handle this with wisdom.

Best advise so far.
6. Start planning your alternative. Things can get worse if she really is a slay.
7. Don't give more births if there is no evidence of change after 1st child. Easier to manage separation with less children.

Remember advise no 1. cut down on excesses and finances for cosmetics. Do most shopping yourself and keep ur gaze in the future without her (I pray not)
Wishing she changes before things go worse. They usually find themselves and form gangs. But less funding reduces the likelihood.
Politics / Re: Will Direct Primaries Be The Game Changer For Party Democracy? - The Cable by Posh2018: 5:26pm On Oct 14, 2021
Direct primaries will favour only the big parties with national spreads and enough financial war chest.

How would you expect parties like AAC, KOWA or even ACCORD to afford primaries in all States of the Federation

This is primaries, for very small parties, there are candidates are usually unopposed. So almost no need for the primary.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Railway Revolution (Pictures) by Posh2018: 12:48pm On Sep 28, 2021
yea railway linking the south to the north. Who's benefiting here, u must be an aboki

So d trains carry aboki persons and their goods only? Na wa for our thinking o
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Railway Revolution (Pictures) by Posh2018: 12:19pm On Sep 28, 2021

Dem forget GEJ started dis, but dey take glory for what dey did not pay for.

Na so life be. Obj took glory for GSM that Abacha started. Which other thing did PDP finished and took glory for in the whole of 16 yrs?

PMB is smart. Finished outstanding project and took glory for it shikina. If eh pain anybody, let then take over from PMB and finished his outstanding projects and take glory for it.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria's Railway Revolution (Pictures) by Posh2018: 11:56am On Sep 28, 2021

Just two Train's engines plying Lagos ibadan and then Abuja Kaduna cheesy cheesy

What of Itakpe Ajaokuta route? Assuming is one per route, which is not true because I have used Abuja Kaduna route


Politics / Re: Kidnappers Demand N200m For Major Stephen Datong (NDA) by Posh2018: 4:42pm On Aug 24, 2021

And some reports say the bandits might still be inside the Academy

In a sane country Buhari should be tendering his resignation today

Exactly what is the plan. Buhari should tender be tendering his resignation abi. So that when we want the next president to leave, we orchestrate another embarrassing security situation. If not the intention why not kidnap those on their way home. Why in a military formation? And possibly by inside job.
Politics / Re: Why Uche Secondus Was Sacked By The Court by Posh2018: 12:22pm On Aug 24, 2021
Until politicians have no say in the appointment and promotion of judges, this is what we will continue to experience. The process of subjecting the appointment of judges to confirmation of the senate or house of assembly brings politics into the process. As we know, Governors control state houses of assembly. The appointment of judges should strictly be between the National Judicial Council and the Nigerian Bar Association.

Politicians will go and simply take over NJC and NBA. I think that is done already. IT is the bane of a people without principle, Nothing you can do
Politics / Re: All 44 Candidates On Navy Supplementary List Under Buhari Are Northerners - SR by Posh2018: 1:01am On Jul 13, 2021
Update, I searched and found the total list of candidates that will report to Port Harcourt.

The list of successful candidates in the 2020 Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview held in Lagos and Port Harcourt from 1 to 16 April 2021 has been released online at www.joinnigeriannavy.com. The successful candidates are to report for training in 2 Batches at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Onne, Port Harcourt, Rivers State as follows:

a. NNBTS Batch 31 – Saturday, 22 May 2021.

b. NNBTS Batch 32 – Saturday, 8 January 2022.

Candidates are to come along with the following items:

a. Two (2) navy blue PT shorts.

b. Two (2) white round neck vests.

c. One pair of white canvas.

d. One pair of brown canvas.

e. Two pairs of black trousers.

f. Two (2) white long sleeve shirts.

g. Two (2) black ties.

h. One pair of black shoes.

i. Three (3) pairs of white long socks.

j. One pair of national dress.

k. Original and photocopies of credentials.

l. BVN print out.

m. One set of cutlery.

Any candidate who fails to report 4 days after the indicated dates will not be accepted for training.


Navy Secretary

for Chief of the Naval Staff


Batch A


Batch B


Lazy Youths of Nigeria Limited (LYNL) though believed they are very learned and enlightened will never do any personal search and introspection. They just dive the bone like hungry dogs on any news that tickles their political biases.

See all the energies dissipated on fake news from that fake forlorn


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Politics / Re: Why South-East PDP Govs Are Considering Defection To APC by Posh2018: 1:23pm On Jul 09, 2021
and you dont think northerners will vote against them massively if they make such statements

Na only one stage thinking
Politics / Re: Northern Elders, Groups Reject Southern Governors’ Position On Power Shift by Posh2018: 1:42pm On Jul 07, 2021
It is now clear that the North has very hidden plan against Nigeria and the south.

They are talking of their population that is even causing problem to the nation.


But this is the the usual drama na. Na to enable negotiation. Power is never given freely
Education / Re: Cut-Off Marks Into Unity Schools: 134 For South-East, Anambra 139, 2 For Zamfara by Posh2018: 1:55pm On Jul 06, 2021
What that means is that the brain of an average northener is like that of a chimpanzee compare to that of an average southerner. A chimp and human beings can never be the same in intems of intellectual reasonings

The last time I checked the SE voted overwhelmingly for Atiku a Northerner more than Moghalu a fellow SE. Some people brain less than a Chimp

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Education / Re: Cut-Off Marks Into Unity Schools: 134 For South-East, Anambra 139, 2 For Zamfara by Posh2018: 10:19am On Jul 06, 2021
Not sure what all the hullabaloo is all about here. Are we saying that the kid in Zamfara who is not well schooled don't deserve to go further and learn more? Schools are not meant for only the brilliant but also the dumb.

Ok lets say the cut off is equal and at the end of the day, no Zamfara kid is eligible to attend a secondary school and that kid ends up being a bandit tomorrow ....do you think s/he won't come for that student who scored 150 and is living big?

This is the same thing that led to the north being the 'food basket' of the nation and we all depend on them for our tomatoes and onions. We abandoned farming for white collar jobs, leaving behind strategic occupations to the northerners we all perceived are dull. The result today is glaring - northerners head the army because they grew through the ranks. Southerners who tried to sneak in through short service can only get to certain ranks in the military through short service route.

Same thing goes with the civil service, the southerners prefer to trade or aim for higher paying jobs while the northerner settle for the low paying civil service and end up heading choice ministries. Politics nko? The northerners are more united because they're focused on the goal unlike the southerners who are disunited and in the process lose focus on the goal.

Allow the north joooor!

Question to ask is that after the admissions, are the exams marked and grading done with quota system to enable issuance of certificate also. I think the whole thing is just to encourage those states. If they get there and fail.....then that is their wahala.

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Kanu Lived A 5-star Life, Traveled In Private Jets by Posh2018: 12:41pm On Jul 01, 2021
So what?!!!! ..to this wicked impoverishing govt travelling in Private is a sin ... So flying private is now a crime? It's clear this govt has no solid case against Kanu if not they wouldn't try this attempt to make him seem like a villain for flying private

Is a crime to be using peoples donor to live very high while pretending you are freedom fighter. It is fraud. Worse is sending them to die. No freedom fighter lives such high life


Politics / Re: How Lady Lured Nnamdi Kanu From London To A South American Country - VANGUARD by Posh2018: 9:45am On Jul 01, 2021
How low Vanguard can go. FACT is that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was not arrested by nigerian authorities. He gave himself up to nigeria and nigeria failed into his trap. Biafra's International lawyers are preparing to arrive in nigeria anytime from now. Biafra is near, my people get ready for your freedom.

Delusion extra-ordinary
Politics / Re: 27 Mourners And Traders Killed In Agatu, Benue As Herdsmen Storm Burial Ceremony by Posh2018: 12:44pm On Jun 08, 2021
During the Biafra war, it was this same benuel people the betrayed the igbos.

So let them enjoy their franternity with them fullani.

This most unfortunate comment.

So maybe it is the Igbos that are attacking the Benue clandestinely.
Politics / Re: Keyamo: Unknown Gunmen Turned To Innocent Citizens After Buhari's Threat by Posh2018: 2:44pm On Jun 02, 2021

U confirm it is Biafrans that were misbehaving? Thought they were hoodlums.
Politics / Re: Buhari Approves Appointment Of Abubakar Nuhu Fikpo As Substantive DG NDE by Posh2018: 12:00am On May 19, 2021
Another ABOKI on the lopsided appointment spree
E no surprise me o!ahbi E shock una??

Don't think so.

I don't know if it is just ignorance or deliberate mischief. So Buhari should not appoint Northerners again. When he appoints a southerner, we will all pretend we didn't see it. But when it is North, we just start wailing.

Wetin sef?
Politics / Re: IPOB To DSS: We Don’t Buy Arms, We Produce Locally by Posh2018: 9:57am On Apr 16, 2021
I heard that a bank was robbed in anambra yesterday(being 15th April 2021),and after the robbery the armed robbers decided to hoist the Biafran flag at the entrance of the bank....what a poor job by nigeria DSS agents,if this is all the DSS as the intelligent agency of nigeria can come up with then nigeria is doomed....I can predict their next line of action......

By next week or so the police will claim to have arrested those that carried out the robbery,then when parading the said robbers they (the alleged arrested robbers) will now confess being members of ipob ESN,that they robbed the bank so that they can get money to buy arms and ammunitions to wage war against the nigeria State....this is a very poor script by DSS,

So DSS robbed the bank and hoisted the flag?

Even Nollywood can do better..... pathetic!!
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze: There Will Be No Nigeria If Igbo Is Denied Presidential Ticket In 2023 by Posh2018: 12:29pm On Mar 29, 2021
For progress and continued subsistence of Nigeria as a nation there ought to be a firm and constant will to give to every segment of the country what is due to them. This is the justice which should bring about equitable participation of all the regions that constitute the country in the affairs of the nation rather than giving priority and importance to a tribe over the other. In the absence of justice there will continue to be perennial agitation for seperation in an effort to redistribute and restore equity within the already heated polity.

I agree with you. Igbo at least had Nnamdi Azikiwe there at the beginning. Let's begin with the Idomas, Then Efik, then Igalas, then Nupe etc before talking about Igbos again. These people have never even tested the VP.

That is giving every segment of the country an opportunity


Politics / Re: 2023: Zulum Advocates Power Shift From North To South by Posh2018: 11:06am On Mar 26, 2021

Stupid statement.... you have over 4m internally displaced persons, over 10m out of school children, poverty capital of the world, double digit inflation, extreme unemployment amongst youths, and a debt of over N33tr. but nations with almost equal size of your IDPs and out of school children are your problem..

U didn't read where he said in the past....that should be decades ago.
Politics / Re: PH Refinery: We’re Doing Rehabilitation, Not Turnaround Maintenance – NNPC by Posh2018: 9:54am On Mar 23, 2021

What is the difference between rehabilitation and turnaround in this context? Revamping the refinery at that outrageous price is ridiculous. No words manipulation can justify the cost.

Is the rehabilitation project profitable? What is the payback time and Return on investment? How is the loan going to be paid back? What asset will this project be backed by? Lots of questions begging for answers

What is this loan backed by? How

How much should it be mr man
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye: $1.5Billion To Renovate Port-Hacourt Refinery Is Embalming The Dead by Posh2018: 12:08pm On Mar 19, 2021

Do you know how much is 1.5 billion dollars?

Dangote is building one from scratch...

Apc is evil..

The most corrupt government in Nigeria history
Even the military never looted like this.

Walahi truly buhari is right abacha no steal ..
Apc is corrupt..

FVVCK Buharis integrity

How muchis Dangote refinery cost is $9b
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump's Fan Storms Press Conference To Accuse Joe Biden Of Stealing by Posh2018: 10:32am On Nov 05, 2020
See how nobody arrested him not to talk of shooting him dead. It can never happen In Nigeria in the next 20 years. By the way Trump's supporters are fanatical and it's no surprise that people who are openly racist all support trump. Also I'll like to ask nairalanders pls what is new world order and why is it bad or good?

We forget easily.

Was Orubebe arrested or shot in 2015?

Was Chidoka arrested or shot in 2019?
Romance / Re: What Are Advantages & Disadvantages Of Marrying Nigerian Girl Born In America? by Posh2018: 5:27pm On Sep 14, 2020
Marry her n move to yankee...get there and do a masters in medical field. Marriage is a gamble...u can either marry a good or bad spouse. Forget those who say u shud marry in lagos n make her move to eko.

Go yankee start ur life bro


Girls back home are equally very bad and dangerous.

Check her personality and ideology. If good and promising, you might want to try. But chances are 95% that she will want to be in charge and sees it as normal. Note divorce in US is as simple as breaking up of girl friend and boy friend. The guy normally suffers for it.

Why all these marriages sef? With all the wahala
Politics / Re: Nicholas Mutu: Abandoned NDDC Projects Of Lawmaker Mentioned By Akpabio by Posh2018: 2:42pm On Jul 30, 2020

How can I unread this? angry



Politics / Re: Galaxy Backbone: Clauses Conceding Nigeria's Sovereignty To China Uncovered by Posh2018: 4:43pm On Jul 29, 2020

Ok, you ask (hopefully for education) before jumping to conclusion...

First of all, Sovereign immunity clauses are normal and widely used. Many countries incuding Nigeria have signed of hundreds if not thousands of them so I believe these lawmakers are either grandstanding, or unaware of how international finance works.

Let's go:

- Nigeria (represented by a parastatal) wanted to take a loan from a Chinese entity (or have a Chinese entity perform a job on 'credit') and negotiates a contract;
- As part of the negotiations, they agreed what to do when a dispute arises (this is called 'arbitration', the adopted rules are generally 'clear and fair');
- Assume the arbitration goes against Nigeria, let's say the panel awards an amount to be paid to the Chinese entity;
- If Nigeria does not pay, the Chinese entity would not want to go to Abuja High court (lol!) to enforce the award;
- It would want to head to another jurisdiction and the 'waiver of sovereign immunity' is the Nigerian Government effectively conceding that saying - "if after we have gone to arbitration and we are at fault, you can sue us in a court in another jurisdiction to recover your payment"
- In these jurisdictions, the only assets the court can assess for seizure in case of continuous non-payment by Nigeria are usually commercial assets and not diplomatic and military assets;
- For commercial assets, think NNPC/NPA London office building, Nigeria Airways airplanes (Ha!) etc;
- For excluded assets ,think Embassy buildings, airforce jets, Presidential jets , Arms and ammunition paid for etc.

Replace 'Nigeria' and 'Chinese Entity' above with any other country and any other entity in a contractual relationship and the same applies.

Investors deem these necessary as a direct function of the lack of confidence in our Judiciary. Any country with a weak and non-independent judiciary would find it difficult to attract foreign investments without these clauses. If we fix our judiciary and it establishes precedence in enforcing against Government entities in test cases with arbitration awards paid when due, these sort of clauses would begin to be phased out in new agreements.

So, the danger with this legislative 'over-reach' is that foreign investors would not invest, simple. The tap will be turned off.

Now I'm not necessarily defending it but I hope you now understand better.

Many will still overlook this clarification. Just watch

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Politics / Re: Galaxy Backbone: Clauses Conceding Nigeria's Sovereignty To China Uncovered by Posh2018: 4:42pm On Jul 29, 2020
The clause is fairly standard in cross border agreements where a government is a party.

All the clause is saying is, bro, as e dey sweet you to borrow money from me so, if you no pay back when time reach, and I come go court go get judgement against you for my money, no turn around to claim say as you be government so, nobody fit sue you because your country's constitution say so o.

It's a fair clause.

Even big contracts between local companies & State governments in Nigeria often contain this type of clause.

Not sure many later commentators saw this. So we think all our legal guys are fools? Immediately I saw this, I knew there must be some reasons
Politics / Re: Dauda Lawal Testifies Against Magu by Posh2018: 10:18am On Jul 27, 2020
Let's say it as it is

Magu is a thief

Not sure u are reading

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Politics / Re: Dauda Lawal Testifies Against Magu by Posh2018: 10:10am On Jul 27, 2020

You have to understand that a lot of informal banking relations happen between bankers and high profile customers. A customer could even request for a withdrawal to be brought to his home/office before even signing a check/ withdrawal slip.

So that makes it right. If a bank does withdrawal without the appropriate instruments, then it bears the lost if it happens. A bank directors or CEO can actually be charged for liquidating a bank. Hope you know
Politics / Re: NFIU Submits Report On Magu’s FOREX Transactions To Panel by Posh2018: 3:15pm On Jul 14, 2020
. Oh really?

But GEJ was expected to get angels around him. Is it not from the same pool of Nigerians GEJ had to get from?

Buhari had 12 years to identify decent people. Jonathan had no time to.
Not saying you support Buhari or not support Jonathan.

The fact remains that we are not capable of managing ourselves because of corruption.

We need people like Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders with Commonwealth links, no colonial baggage and have a good record of anti corruption and integrity.

Nobody expected to get angels. What was his reaction when they said money was missing? He denied and said America will know if 10billion dollars is missing. But this time around, even the anti-corruption point man himself is in cell right now and been drilled. Hope u spot the difference
Politics / Re: Buhari To Inaugurate Ajaokuta-Kano Pipeline Construction On Tuesday by Posh2018: 2:34pm On Jul 01, 2020

A lot of Southerners cannot see that Buhari is actually preparing the North for a bigger role and those that can see, cant talk!
The man is implementing a road map that says:
if the South want to secede, we will make it very unattractive for them by ensuring they are no longer economically viable. Infact, when we are true with using their resources to develop the North, they will be begging us not to secede.

Just look back into the last five years and you wills ee this in EVERYTHING Buhari has been doing.

Why not build the Power plant at Ajaokuta, since it is easier and cheaper to transport Power to the North, than to transport gas?
What about all the Power Plants in the South that are short of gas, what happenes to them? E nor concern Buhari and his cabals.
He is building another Refinery in the North, Railway Engineering School, just think about any Project, it is going to the North.

It got so bad that he told foreign Aid agencies that if they want to work in Nigeria, they MUST work only in the North.
Southerners are under siege but some of them are still playing PDP Vs. APC, when the Northerners are just playing Northerners.

Eyes go clear very soon.

So it is easier to transport high voltage electricity for thousands of kilometers than gas?. Hmmmm...

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