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Crime / Re: Death In Imushin: Niger Delta Militants Want To Invade Ogun- CP by prettydamsel2(f): 5:26am On Jun 21, 2016
Everything crime now na NDA, does that mean that OPC can't commit such crime..

It will be hard to believe that NDA will leave the creek of niger delta to come to all the way to ogun to rob citizens when they have foreign expatriate to kidnap in their backyard..
Hard to believe..

It is true, u can confirm frm pple that stay there. Evey1 is under tension there because The militants said they were coming back.
NYSC / Re: Oyo State Batch A' Let's Meet Here by prettydamsel2(f): 5:41am On Apr 23, 2016

Just joking wif that though.....if u need help on that let me know

Re u Still helping
NYSC / Re: Nysc 2016 Batch A Oyo Corpers by prettydamsel2(f): 8:24am On Apr 21, 2016
Hi Fellow oyo state corpers
Romance / Re: Bed Bug Infestation Made Me Lose Her!!(please EPP Me) by prettydamsel2(f): 12:54pm On Apr 14, 2016
Lol u r just a dirty person... But I feel your pain

Bedbug doesnt hv anything to do wt being dirty. They feed on blood nd reproduce very Fast . Once One enters ur house ,u re in trouble


Celebrities / Re: Lepacious Bose Is Now Completely A 'lepa' Woman by prettydamsel2(f): 5:44pm On Apr 02, 2016
You mean we should all loose weight?
Seriously i dont know how to do this my sister has been trying to loose weight for 2yrs now but sadly she just keeps gaining more

You cn join weight loss channels on bbm. Ujay's weightloss And dieting , Btrim n healthy.
Romance / Re: HE Slept With A Female Lecturer To Get A In A 7unit Course In School, "Judge! by prettydamsel2(f): 7:31pm On Oct 12, 2015
Pls which uni is that nd when did they start awarding first class upper

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Politics / Re: Power Supply Decline: Share your Experience by prettydamsel2(f): 7:34pm On Oct 08, 2015
No light here since friday @ita oluwo Ikorodu . The power supply hs been constant for a while now until last friday.
Business / Re: Bank Verification Number by prettydamsel2(f): 8:37pm On Oct 07, 2015

u mean u did urs without any ID??

Yea yesterday
Business / Re: Bank Verification Number by prettydamsel2(f): 7:12am On Oct 07, 2015
You dont need any ID for your bvn. Just go to the bank and you ll be asked to fill a form.

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Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Divorces Kim-kardashian While She Is 7months Pregnant, Her 3rd Divorc by prettydamsel2(f): 7:44pm On Oct 02, 2015
You can lie o
Romance / Re: How She Brought Her Friend To Our Hotel Room And Regreted Knowing Me by prettydamsel2(f): 8:06pm On Sep 08, 2015
[quote author=Griffen post=37738879]many people here, are just saying this guy is stingy, or lost a chance of 3 some. man thats good for those hungry ass hoes anyways.. 90% chances they would have given in, but for what? 1,500 plate of rice each? number 1, they are cheap, alot of nigerian girls are cheap...

You sound too harsh o. Will u hv a gf like dis
Family / Re: How My Stepsister And Her Husband Tricked Me And Took Egg From My Ovaries by prettydamsel2(f): 8:30am On Aug 31, 2015
The hospital should have a properly signed consent form. If they didn't sign anything. Sue them.

All the doctors that were involved in the medical procedure shoukd b dragged before the medical doctors' body for professional misconduct. No doctor does such a complex medical procedure without a properly signed consent form.

For the injection administered and being unconscious against her consent, she should write a petition straight to the IGP against the hospital, the doctors and her sister for kidnapping and attempted murder.

Next, she should request for a DNA test to be conducted on the kids.

Upon receipt of the results, the lady should demand custody of the kids.

Alternatiely, let her get a proper lawyer to write all these in a letter to them and request for 100M settlement each from the hospital and her sister for the emotional torture caused her.

Any of the above would get her far more than 3M in out of court settlement.

Nice one
Travel / Re: So There Are Nigerians That Fly From Lagos To London Then To Abuja Than Direct? by prettydamsel2(f): 8:01am On Aug 31, 2015
[quote author=lekjons post=37495827]u know, when u have too much money you don't want to die, u give it wateva it takes, but i think anyone who can actually do that should be able to buy a private jet and get a personal pilot.[/quote

Private jets re very expensive to maintain
Politics / Re: Abacha's Daughter, Gumsu Mocks Amaechi On Instagram Over Buhari Appointment Snub by prettydamsel2(f): 5:58pm On Aug 28, 2015
Romance / Re: Prophesies Say I Can't Marry Her Even... by prettydamsel2(f): 11:10am On Aug 28, 2015
Dont make it About me ok, i bet i'm much older than you". Tnks Pls dont reply. YES maybe you're but u sound like a feeble minded teenager with raging emotions. Another thing, wisdom doesn't come with an age tag and the last time i checked we still have retarded bitchess and little babies in aged body/over grown baby elephants hahahahahahaa enjoy ur day honey

Romance / Re: Prophesies Say I Can't Marry Her Even... by prettydamsel2(f): 10:30am On Aug 28, 2015
hahhahahahahahahahahah why ccan't y'all try to be reasonable and use your God given brain to ascertain the future possibility? look honey i ain't wicked and i bet i'm sweeter than your bf but can't you see that it's better they both do themselves a good thing by separating? REASONS
1. if the guy marries her out of pity at a point in his life he's going to realise that he doesn't love her and will start treating her like shitt cos she irritates him.
2. he starts cheating on her not giving a fk if she knows or how she feels about it oor wether it breaks

her heart.
3. she's will be frustrated cos now she's stock with someone who she thought loved her but now treats heer like poo
4. her self esteem will collapse and she will be in a mental and emotional turmoil
5. let me stop here xos a lot comes out of this .

now which option is better for her? leave the nigga or marry him and get to experience all this? well i guess you are still a teenager and don't know so much about life cos you still think life revolves around emotions, well sorry to burst your bubble honey.

Dont make it About me ok, i bet i'm much older than you. Tnks Pls dont reply.

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Romance / Re: Prophesies Say I Can't Marry Her Even... by prettydamsel2(f): 9:37am On Aug 28, 2015
yeah you would, ain't you a girl anymore?
@op..... though the prophecies might be true but the main question is "DO YOU WANT TO MARRY THE GIRL?" before you answer that question forget how many abortions she had for you and stuff (afterall some of the aborted foetus might not be yours). I get it that you are considering marrying her out of pity, DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT!!!!!!! NEVER MARRY ANY GIRL OUT OF PITY for example
1. she had abortion for me so now i owe her marriage
2. we have been in a relationship for years for that i owe her marriage
3. she's been washing my clothes for months ...........
4. she's been living with me for years for that i ..........
and so on
Don't do that, see i think you really don't want to marry that girl and believe me it doesn't make you a bad person AT ALL
just do what you want and marry who you want to marry bro. Don't let any bittch guilt trip your assss into marriage. But you gotta be VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU QUIT HER OR DROP THE RELATIONSHIPS cos of many crazy things girls do to niggas nowadays rather make her drop you, do a mind trick on her. mail me if you need tips or steps.

You must be very wicked
Politics / Re: APC Leaders Angry As Buhari Appoints More Northerners by prettydamsel2(f): 8:53am On Aug 28, 2015
Romance / Re: She Said I Don't Know How To End A Sexual Experience by prettydamsel2(f): 9:31pm On Aug 24, 2015
Op Its like you re high on vitamin c grin grin
Career / Re: 8 Reasons You Should Never Take A Private School Teaching Job by prettydamsel2(f): 8:18pm On Aug 24, 2015
Most of them would owe you your salary or they ll be giving you little by little. 2000 today, 1000 next week angry


Celebrities / Re: Lola Okoye: Your Look When Your Girlfriend Gives A Guy Her "Football' Age (pic) by prettydamsel2(f): 6:57pm On Aug 21, 2015
everyone kno say thiz woman don old
but shez just using yourobber juju to cage my brother
but one day all shackles will b broken cheesy

Education / Re: What Was Your First GPA &now Your Current CGPA by prettydamsel2(f): 4:05pm On Aug 21, 2015
do carry over reduce one chances of graduating with first class.

Obviously it does
Family / Re: Help, My Girlfriend Is Pregnant And She Would'nt Remove It by prettydamsel2(f): 7:30pm On Aug 20, 2015

What problem would he face headlong?

Lets be honest in this equation where the father isnt ready for a child its the child that suffers most followed by the mother. In most cases the father doesnt even get affected one bit

What stops the guy from dusting his shoe and fleeing or even staying and blatantly denying responsibility? This is Nigeria. No enforced child support to help the woman or the child. Best case the girl would go to the guys house and shout but can anyone force him to take responsibility?

The guy might even get money and even abandon the girl and the child

As bad as abortion is, Its still better than many options we see people resort to in Nigeria like selling the new born, dumping in gutter and refuse dump, Using the infant for rituals or plainly neglecting the child and tossing from one househelp job to another where they would be serially abused

In all of these I would say the girl should get rid of the pregnancy and either break up the relationship or define it as always use protection

Pls you do not hv a Point in relation to this issue on ground. He should take responsibility for his actions instead of putting the girl at risk nd commiting murder
Family / Re: Help, My Girlfriend Is Pregnant And She Would'nt Remove It by prettydamsel2(f): 7:27pm On Aug 20, 2015
I am 30 years, a contract staff in a commercial bank with a low income of abt 60k, Although I have my HND, but as a result of the trending dichotomy between HND and Bsc holders, I have recently opted for a direct entry programme to enable me brace up with current workforce demands.
My girlfriend, on the other hand is a final year student in a reputable Nigerian university. I don't understand why it is at this point of my current desire to go for a degree that she would get pregnant . For the record, I love my girlfriend so much that I don't want to loose her. Dear nairalanders, I need your candid advise on whether to keep the baby or not. Matured advise pls
Cc: lalasticlala, seun, ishilove...

When u were having sex Without protection u didnt knw u were broke abi or What were you expecting . Pls accept ur responsibility, God ll provide.

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Crime / Re: Man Arrested For Touching Girl’s Breast In Lagos by prettydamsel2(f): 6:09pm On Aug 20, 2015
paedophiles everywhere, parents should pls protect nd monitor their girl Child .
Culture / Re: Meet The Contenders To The Ooni Stool; How The New Ooni Will Emerge by prettydamsel2(f): 5:46pm On Aug 20, 2015

No. There are four ruling families in Ife. The Giesi family should have been the last one because it is on rotational basis. The Ogboru family (which Sijuwade is from) should have been the next while the Giesi should have been the last. But Sijuwade used his money and influence to fast-track his family's turn hence the decision of the kingmakers to make him king. So the turn which the Giesi family should have had in 1980 is what they are having now. Comprendo? cheesy cheesy cheesy

But the predecessor of oba sijuwade ws frm giesi nw . Hw many turns do they hv
Culture / Re: Meet The Contenders To The Ooni Stool; How The New Ooni Will Emerge by prettydamsel2(f): 5:41pm On Aug 20, 2015
Who cares about what happens to these South West people and their silly compatriots with their corresponding uselessness.
Nothing gud can ever come from a yoruba man.

What exactly is ur stress ?

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Celebrities / Re: Reekado Completes His Own Home Few Months After His Building One For His Parents by prettydamsel2(f): 12:18pm On Aug 19, 2015

Is that a hut or a house? pls seun do something about nonsense news that makes front page these days; you are not too big to be banned

What's ur point exactly
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls And Flat Booty by prettydamsel2(f): 11:41am On Aug 19, 2015
Op you are right o. I dislike the sight of a bootyless girl.

You cn dislike when you hv learnt hv to create a person

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Fashion / Re: Mosunmola Oladipo Wins Miss Virgin In Lagos 2015 by prettydamsel2(f): 10:49am On Aug 19, 2015
Virginity is dignity and will remain that till the very last day of our existence. A virgin wife crown the husband. Tell me, which prefers to have a "tokumbo wife" if he has the blessing marrying a "brand new" wife?

Virginity is sure dignity. But I hope you re one too so the equation will be balanced.
Romance / Re: The Unilag Rape Case - I Think It Was Consensual - My Opinion by prettydamsel2(f): 4:29pm On Aug 10, 2015

if it happened to your father, i am sure you would take the girl's story with a pinch of salt.

The man is irresponsible to begin with.

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