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Politics / Can Nigerian Leaders Be This Free And Friendly With The Nigerian Police by Pysam(m): 7:01pm On Sep 21, 2022
If only this kind of friendliness dey
Salary for don increase well
Police living and working conditions for dey ok

Felix Johnson Osakwe the presidential candidate of national rescue movement

Phones / Re: Infinix Hot 10t by Pysam(m): 6:19pm On Jun 08, 2022
Where are you at
Politics / Re: Former DPP Presidential Aspirant Joins Tinubu, Atiku, And Others For 2023 by Pysam(m): 11:25am On Apr 19, 2022
Nigerians are really tired of Buhari and APsh*t..
FJO is the way forward ma am. Nigeria is leaving the hands of the wrong people. Enuf of the hate, enuf of the division, enuf of tribal disunity.
Politics / Former DPP Presidential Aspirant Joins Tinubu, Atiku, And Others For 2023 by Pysam(m): 11:09am On Apr 19, 2022
Ambassador Felix Johnson Osakwe, FJO, has joined the teeming crowd of presidential aspirants asking to be made president in 2023.

Speaking on his aspiration, the aspirant who in 2019 nursed the same ambition in Social Democratic Party, SDP, but later moved to Democratic People’s Party, DPP, where he became the later party’s standard bearer, said that consultation is in top gear but he is still keeping the party option under whose flag he will contest close to his chest.

“My last experience taught me a great deal of lessons.

“While the choice of party is not yet in the open, I can assure you that my ambition is on course as we have almost wrapped up negotiations and mapping out strategies,” he said.

FJO is a preacher, diplomat and business management consultant who hails from the Ukwani speaking area of Delta State, South-South Nigeria.

He began pastoral work at the age of 19 and served in Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG as one of the first generation of evangelists before he went ahead to found his own ministry, Christ Evangelical and Prayer Ministry, CEPM across Nigeria, the US and India.

In 2019, flying the DPP flag, FJO went into the elections and eventually emerged 17th place in the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, despite being a relatively new entrant into the intriguing, cutthroat world of Nigerian politics.

Speaking a little about his political movement, the presidential aspirants said, “our political movement focuses on aggressive and accelerated growth and even development of human and material resources in all parts of Nigeria.

“We will ensure that our national integrity and solidarity is restored to give every Nigeria a pride of place in the global community.

“My team craves a prosperous and powerful most populous black nation in the world that will robustly engage world powers and discuss African development and not debt relief.

“We will grow our nation and exit the citizens from poverty and mass illiteracy and despondency while we steer the ship of state to safety,” he added.

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Urgent!!! I Need This Logo Re-designed For 10k DONE! by Pysam(m): 3:16am On Sep 29, 2021
Crime / Re: Man Hides Items Around His Waist, Gets Caught In Lagos Supermarket (photos) by Pysam(m): 7:26am On Sep 02, 2020
hunger ooooo
Politics / Re: APC Considers Zoning National Chairmanship Position To The North by Pysam(m): 7:23am On Sep 02, 2020
welcome idea. let the North try too.
Romance / Re: Guys It's No Simp September by Pysam(m): 4:26am On Sep 02, 2020
grin grin many will agree here but off line..... they are grade one simp


Education / Re: UNIBEN Made Me Doubt My Intelligence by Pysam(m): 4:03am On Sep 02, 2020
Greatest uniben students, uniben never really made me feel great, right from the day I wrote my post utme which I prepared so hard for, down to my final year, because all my result were never reflection of the efforts which I put in.

Did anyone else feel this way, i would love to here from you.
chemistry education na hell for uniben my guy just thank God u came out and move on make ur life for the present better.
Education / Re: UNIBEN Made Me Doubt My Intelligence by Pysam(m): 4:00am On Sep 02, 2020

chemistry education
chai sorry brother if u came out then u are a strong man those two department na hell from Star to finish.
Romance / Re: (Lesson) The Guy That Was Rejected By a girl (In IMO), by Pysam(m): 3:48am On Sep 02, 2020
thunder fire you there! undecided

see the rubbish you dey yarn so!
your type no dey ever progress because you don set your destiny to "hand for mouth"

I wonder how you useless women think?

if your mama born male child I'm sure that child go dey as useless as that guy who propose with mud.

lol dey here dey form hard man

na ur type go still dey beg one Rasheedat or Ngozi for street corner.

i see how frustrated u are e be like say girls don suffer u or life don suffer u.

if not i wonder why u are so full of hate, swears and curses

u sabi read at all to even talk say u read wetin i write.

bf u do head like say na roasted fish dey inside ur brain cells.

see ur moniker sef am sure no be woman born u.

thunder dry ur yansh there eeeeeediot.
Romance / Re: (Lesson) The Guy That Was Rejected By a girl (In IMO), by Pysam(m): 5:03am On Sep 01, 2020

OP what are you, four? The lady in question is in no way "digging her own grave whilst alive" just like you've said.
Excuse my French but don't be silly and wake the f*ck up.
The lady did nothing wrong and dodged a big bullet. The man in question is a MUGU and the greatest SIMP that ever liveth.

I feel sorry for the lady. She felt embarrassed. Grown ass man throwing tantrums in public. Just pathetic and infuriating. The man was just trying to be manipulative. I don't support for ladies to marry their sponsors out of pity or as a sign of appreciation. It sucks and makes no sense. Ffs this is the 21st century. Respect boundaries. Be kind enough to help people regardless of their gender and expect nothing in return.

That man had high hopes with the lady in question, but she dashed them due to some reasons. Respect her feelings. She is human. It is not by force and I doubt if they signed a formal Contract stating that the lady would marry him after taking care of her and her needs.

He played himself. I am not a fan of public Marriage proposals. Some men do this in public knowing fully well most ladies would find it hard to say NO out of embarrassment. Private proposals is BAE for me. Family and friends at max.

He should pick himself up. It's not the end of the world, plus, rejection is a natural phenomenon. You win some you lose some. He should try a gain. He shouldn't give up on finding true love but change the he goes about searching for LOVE. You can't buy unconditional Love. There will always be Someone out there for everyone. Everyone wants to love and be loved in return. I respect his feelings but once again, he should pick himself up and move on. He should forgive "Amaka" for disappointing him.
wen u talk like this i wonder whether u were with them all thru the 5years did u spend a minute with them don't judge that guy with what u saw. ibo men are not stupid. for him to have taken such step there must have been some talks that made the guy believe the girl was for him for the taking. that made him pull out such a stunt. it's painful he didn't have enuf sense to check the girls lying and deceitful ways he wouldn't have fooled himself that way. i am still with the opinion of guys minding what they say or do with the ladies they spend on .

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Romance / Re: (Lesson) The Guy That Was Rejected By a girl (In IMO), by Pysam(m): 4:58am On Sep 01, 2020
It calls for concerns to remember that girls don't feel for those who adores them or play by their rules but those who act the opposite way,

At a time like these, calls for a reflections and cross examination of whom we call our girlfriend read it again.

I was in agony when I saw him, I know something big has went down the drain, I was hurt seeing him so hurted beyond control, and the Jezebel throttled hard without a thought, or remorse,
even before the face of heaven and earth,
My heart was broken cos I can't stop imagining myself being in his position cos I was once a dangerous lover who never looked back when loving and spending on a girl.

As the story goes, he simped with his sweat and life, with all he labored for, to trained her in high institution and build house for her parent. 5 fcking years, and rolling in the mud, and rejection is his take home share,

Boys are watching, but simps will never learn, as for the girl, kerma is around the Conner racing to spend the rest of his life with her,

I wish I could reach out to him to console him, I wish I could mend his frustration.

The falling of the dry leaves, is warning to the fresh ones,

A guy who does a girl a favour and expecting it in return, is like a passenger awaiting to board a train at express way,

One who spends on girl in the name of love, is like one who cooks a local rice without removing the stones, he must preper to crush stones with his theath by surprise,

Girls loves putting a show, my pain is that we have been hearing the rumours now we are watching the reality, but still there lot of boys who are heading to that pit of agony..

this girl has digged her own grave while alive

If you are reading this, step back and reexamine the girl you call your girlfriend, I don't know the spell she casted on you, but if she has been using you as her provider or one of her saviour in times of her financial turbulence days,

It's time to burn that bridge and road to agony and sorrow, there is hope, if you reject her rope,

You must not be the next victim of scapegoat bro,
Good morning..
Boss i no gree with u oo no body is digging any grave she no want she no want ni oo. moreover it's a matte of choice. the only problem i see is either she has lied to the guy so much that she made him believe she loved him or they don't even communicate at all. relationship is not all about spending make una dey talk. talk is important ... my fellow chairmen them stop adding like father Christmas . lessons learnt anyway
Investment / Unemployment Is Increasing Invest Your Little Cash Earn In Euros Let Talk by Pysam(m): 5:57pm On Jul 07, 2020
are you scared ur savings is going low chat me up let's talk
Family / Re: She Keep Sleeping With Him Without Any Commitment by Pysam(m): 7:23am On May 19, 2020
she is using his soul..his destiny must be half bar Now


Romance / Re: Catholic Priest Had Sex With My Crush by Pysam(m): 7:21am On May 19, 2020
dont blame the priest only, you were dating a good for nothing deceitful/unfaithful/untrustworthy animal... count your blessings that she is out of your life.
they were not dating. he was a crush and he crashed. am sure he is cashless ... now his crying. sorry darling u get another
Romance / Re: Single Ladies 25-29 Year by Pysam(m): 9:32am On Apr 19, 2020
bros bros loneliness things abi or are u for real
pls reedit my number on ur post ....
Romance / Single Ladies 25-29 Year by Pysam(m): 11:16pm On Apr 10, 2020
are u a single lady looking forward to meet a guy for serious relationship and get married this year .. waste no time no more ................

if u stay in Lagos it's added advantage
Politics / Re: ''I Regret Ever Responding To Your Silly Rant'' Rahma Indimi Fires Back At Reno by Pysam(m): 9:28am On Nov 12, 2019
Reno making the elites pissing their pants the lady no get talks again
Romance / Re: Heart Break Is Over Join Our Group And Get Into A Decent Relationship by Pysam(m): 2:00pm On Nov 07, 2019
Chat me on Whatsapp
Romance / Re: Heart Break Is Over Join Our Group And Get Into A Decent Relationship by Pysam(m): 11:40am On Nov 06, 2019
Decent date group is just that place u meet that man or lady u have always wanted to meet... Mind u strict rules applies.
Romance / Heart Break Is Over Join Our Group And Get Into A Decent Relationship by Pysam(m): 11:05am On Nov 06, 2019
Are u a young lady and man wanting to get into a relationship after. Long break from dating or courting .
Are u sincere and a ready to be matched with a sincere person.
Join this WhatsApp group and u will be happy u did. WhatsApp only 0703-03072-26
Celebrities / Re: D'banj Failed To Comply With The 2 Years Contract He Signed With Dell43 by Pysam(m): 10:58am On Mar 23, 2019
This is totally wrong .dbanji and his crew should do something about this. Totally unacceptable if he was treated this way by Mavis record they him go blow Ni. Nigerians should add voice to this mod abeg front page things.dbanji should come and answer. sad


Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Race : Osakwe Promises To Give 50 Per Cent Appointment To You by Pysam(m): 9:01am On Sep 12, 2018
Wait for your turn, even Buhari waited for his time.
yes he waited but he missused the time we gave him for selfish reasons
Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Race : Osakwe Promises To Give 50 Per Cent Appointment To You by Pysam(m): 9:00am On Sep 12, 2018
Let them come and push buhari away Biko Nigerians are not happy... Osakwe sounds like a delta name. Abi Op
yes HR is from delta Ibo speaking anioma.. .a Nigerian fit for the job of leading this nation. Very passionate about the youths of this country
Politics / 2019 Presidential Race : Osakwe Promises To Give 50 Per Cent Appointment To You by Pysam(m): 8:21am On Sep 12, 2018
Ambassador Felix Johnson Osakwe , 2019 Presidential aspirant under the platform of Social Democratic Party ((SDP), has said that ,if elected, 50 per cent of his appointments would be accorded to the youths.
Osakwe stated this while declaring his intention on Friday at the SDP National Secretariat, Maitama, Abuja.
The presidential aspirant noted that running under the platform of SDP was through a divine revelation.

He said that being an ambassador for peace in almost 185 countries, and being a Reverend for over 30years , the nation would not be difficult for him to govern.
“My major concerns if elected into office of the President is youths . It is when the youths are engaged that we can talk of security .
” Insecurity is one of the major challenges we are facing and what we need to do is restructuring and when we have restructured we can then talk about state police and the problems will be minimal .
“By the time we engaged our youths who have no work at the moment , insecurity will be a thing of the past .
” My mandate is to see how we can move our youths forward from where they are now .
“Creating job for our youths to maximize their potential . By the special grace of God if I am elected , I will give 50 per cent of my appointments to youths .I don’t know why I always feel for them ,” he said.
On the economy which he said had been in a total collapse, he explained that the only way to revive the economy was to make power available and constant.

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