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Foreign Affairs / Israel Rocked By Largest Protests Since War Began by QueenRebecca(f): 5:54pm On Apr 02

Thousands of people took to the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem over the weekend in the largest protests Israel has seen since the start of the war against Hamas, a significant challenge to the increasingly embattled leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Demonstrators are angry at Netanyahu and his government for not having secured the release of all the hostages taken captive during the October 7 terror attack. While 105 people were released during a temporary truce last year, another 130 that were kidnapped are either dead or still being held by Hamas and other militant groups.

Banners at the protests called on the Prime Minister to resign and for Israel to hold new elections.

“You’ve failed,” one poster read. “Impeachment now,” read another.

Netanyahu has said that the goals of the current war against Hamas are to bring back the hostages, destroy Hamas and remake Gaza so that no militant group can ever carry out the type of attack that Israel suffered last year, in which about 1,200 people were killed. But the families of the hostages and demonstrators that came out over the weekend believe the Israeli government should be more focused on hostage retrieval than any military or security objectives.

Aviva Siegel, one of 17 hostages released by Hamas on the third night of the temporary truce in November, called on Israeli authorities to “take responsibility” and put more effort into releasing her husband, who remains in Gaza, and other hostages held by Hamas and other militant groups in the strip.

“We are dying inside here,” Siegel, 62, said at a Saturday rally in Tel Aviv.

Speaking to crowds in Jerusalem on Sunday, former Israeli prime minister and current opposition leader Yair Lapid said the government was ignoring the existence of the families of hostages.

“They stood outside the Kirya (the Israel Defense Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv), screamed their souls out, and nobody heard. They waved signs and no one saw,” Lapid said.

Sunday’s demonstration outside the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, in Jerusalem was dispersed by force, but protesters appear to be readying themselves for more protests. Dozens of people were camped at tents outside the Knesset on Monday, and some vowed to stay there until Wednesday, when lawmakers head home for spring recess.

The protests appear have brought back to the fore deep societal divisions in Israel papered over by the initial reaction to the events of October 7. The months before the attack saw hundreds of thousands of Israelis participate in repeated demonstrations against reforms proposed by Netanyahu’s government that critics said weakened the country’s judiciary and eroded its systems of checks and balances.

Israelis of all political stripes, however, united in horror when details emerged of a terror attack in which young people attending a music festival and families living on kibbutzim were slaughtered or dragged to Gaza against their will.

Reservists from diverse backgrounds reported for duty as the military embarked on an unprecedented mobilization of 300,000 troops ahead of the incursion into Gaza, while Netanyahu’s government, the most right-wing in Israel’s history, put aside its disagreements with opposition politicians such as Benny Gantz to form a united war cabinet.

After nearly six months of war, however, that unity has worn thin. Netanyahu, who on Sunday underwent a hernia operation, faces pressure both from the left for not doing enough to bring home the hostages and a possible rebellion on his right flank over exemptions from mandatory military service enjoyed by Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community, a longtime flashpoint in Israeli politics. The Israeli Supreme Court last week ordered the government to stop subsidizing Jewish religious seminaries whose students defied service orders.

And then there’s international pressure and outrage over the way Israel has pursued a war that has seen upwards of 32,000 dead, more than a million people displaced and a manmade famine looming over Gaza.

But the staggering casualty figures and scenes of devastation across Gaza have unsettled even Israel’s most ardent supporters, including the United States. Washington has in recent weeks been attempting to get Israel to call off a ground incursion into Rafah, a city on Gaza’s border with Egypt where more than 1.3 million people — more than half of the enclave’s population — are seeking refuge from the fighting.

The US and Israel are set to hold a virtual meeting on Rafah today, a US official told CNN. The two sides working toward holding an in-person meeting at a later date, the official said.



Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 8:47am On Jun 26, 2022
E be like say money dey this niche oo shocked

Na only 10 emails I send oo.

Omo, they rush me with "how much"

Bin: $500
SP: $495

Don't forget to pay your tithe to our aproko ministry grin grin grin

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 10:37pm On Jun 24, 2022

Inspired by the CentralFlorida one reported a while back. Big thanks to that fellow.

Congrats!!! It was shared by me. They don't want something like this to happen in their WhatsApp group, they like to keep things to themselves, scarcity mentality in the midst of plenty. I'm happy that someone finds it useful. More sales to us.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 9:10am On May 03, 2022
haaah a.. Haa... You strong ooh... They will come after u

Come after me? Let them come. Russia did not know that Ukraine Invasion will take so long. Most people don't know that a mosquito can literally cause a plane crash.

Violence no dey finish for this thread grin

Master chef himself. grin My matter is on their table right now. I have been receiving DM's grin grin
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 7:03am On May 03, 2022

Abeg help us dey share those classic info here mummy grin

Bad man wizzy, here is one of those classic infos. I also attached a sales report for confirmation. Their admin, who happens to be a gym rat, will hate this, but who cares?? After all, I am not one of their members but I gat snitches and moles. cheesy grin grin

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 2:38pm On May 02, 2022
Make me sef drop small April sales report

Modesto Cleaning Services//king $399
Indianapolis window repair//king $200
Video production edmonton//king $100
Injury Attorney Modesto//king $100
lqdty//xyz $988

More sales to us all

Typing this from the sickbed so pardon me if I'm not detailed enough. I no too get strength.

Congrats man. Get well soon. The Lord is your strength

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 2:29pm On May 02, 2022
Someone asked Tony to sell the information he shared on his Twitter handle and his response you got me wonder.

Those guys are sincere to humanity and they have abundance mentality, no wonder they keep flourishing in the business.

But over here, some people are ready to sell information for you when they are yet to make dime in the business.

Even those who are making consistent sales here lock themselves in a private group hoarding info from the public. (Secret Cults). Scarcity mentality in the mist of plenty. cheesy cheesy

You have to as.slick before you given access.
But people like me get their classic infos from them cos we have moles among the members in the group. Fear women cheesy grin grin

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 8:52am On May 01, 2022

This is one of the ways to know quality.

Mr Soliu, like how many domain names you register in a month on average?? Hear from you soon.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 12:11am On Mar 12, 2022
I wish we could have MUTE button just like it's on WhatsApp. It will be easier to achieve out of sight out of mind that way.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 3:13pm On Feb 07, 2022
But me I have a question o. Is it possible to be dishing out fake sales report?

The guy on Namepros that always reports .xyz sales in high figures everytime ehn. I just don't understand.

@Bolded It's possible. A particular guy is know for reporting fake sales report on NP.

At first, the lady (maybe guy) has lots of xyz extension in her portfolio. She has over 20k domain names and xyz extension make up to 90%. (Got this on her Twitter handle).

She took the biggest risk in xyz and she is reaping consistent good sales as a result.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 2:57pm On Feb 07, 2022
You have not thought it through. Everyone has a right to report or not to report. It's not wrong not to report.

I agree with @Bolded. There is nothing wrong if someone chooses not to report sales. But the truth is that large majority of us here today are attracted to this thread because of the sales reports by the early people we saw when we stumbled on this thread.

Though I used Expired Domain in the past to build PBN, I still have no idea how someone can pick a name from ED and sell it for high price. Had there be no sales report, most of these things said here will look complete foreign to all of us here today.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 11:53am On Feb 02, 2022

BTW, queenbecca hope u re good.. I never see ur green light lately.

Thanks for reaching out to me good man, I really appreciate it. I am busy doing outbounding on some of my domain names that are yet to expire. I hope to land my first sales this year by God's grace. Na who give na him f@ck up grin cheesy


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 11:40am On Jan 22, 2022

Na joke oo

Bro do you use Let's extract to generate leads of end users for domain names?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 5:12pm On Jan 02, 2022

I paid dearly for this mistake as my first sale happened in the 4th month. This was after I took boss IykePromotions paid mentorship and still came back on here to read and get a better understanding.

I had 49 domains when I made my first sale embarassed

I. Salute your tenacity for keep going after 40 domain names. Thanks for the input. Appreciated

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 1:25pm On Jan 02, 2022

Unless u have bulk money to 'invest", Just build ur portfolio size gradually with good names till u make ur first sale.
Two $100 sales is enough to break even. In this biz,
I have come to realize that good names and portfolio size are two key factors to success.


This is striking, thanks for the valuable advice. I will take that to heart appreciated.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 12:49pm On Jan 02, 2022

Thanks boss.

Bro pardon my dumb questions. How many domain names you have before you sell your first domain name?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 11:23pm On Jan 01, 2022
Profound gratitude to God.

Special thanks to boss IykePromotions for creating this avenue for everyone here to thrive.

Special thanks to bosses AwesomeDuru and SlimJosh and all the other great members on here.
If I start to list names, the list no go finish grin

My last report here was in July. Here's how the journey has been since then:

August 2021
Armadillo//Removal220 (This was an installmental sale of 650 however buyer stopped paying after 2nd installment)

September 2021




and to save the best for the last, Southcoast//Construction sold for 2200 also in December.

All domains are in .COM

Here's my overall Domain Sales breakdown for the year 2021.

Total Sales: $17,441
Total no. of sales: 55
Inbound sales: 7 (total: $6,172)
Outbound sales: 48 (total: $11,269)
GEO sales: 44
Brandable domain sales: 3
EMDs/Generics: 5

2 years on and not a single sale yet for me from SH or BrandBucket. I pray that changes soon.

Lastly, I pray that as fruitful as 2021 is, the year 2022 should be more fruitful for everyone of us.

Happy New Year guys

Congrats man, this is highly motivating. cool


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 8:49am On Nov 25, 2021

First Sale on DAN.
HT: 24days,
Counter: $350,

Congrats!!! Care to share number of domain names in your portfolio at present? Thanks in advance.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 10:10pm On Nov 01, 2021

I wonder o. E be like say no monthly sales report again

Some Naija Domainers are low keys, they don't make noise when sales roll in. Perhaps, people are gradually moving to quarterly sales report. From there, it will move to yearly sales report.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 5:36pm On Oct 15, 2021
Thanks pals. Don't give up even if you're yet to make your first sale. As I usually say, even after outbounding and follow ups but yet no show, if you have extra funds, buy more domains. Just buy rightly and competitive ones. Selling is just a matter of time.
I am reading the thread all over again and I came across this and I decide share with you guys. Words on the cast iron.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 10:05am On Oct 01, 2021
Village people at work!

I am expecting you to add heaven husband to the statement so it appears worst. If my think doesn't go in line with yours, that does not mean you should alter bad parlance. I have the contact of some of them, I can only reach out to them when I got to the critical stage in this business. I don't misuse my live line. After all, people like you will label women as leech if they keep pestering for assistance. Be guided bro. undecided undecided undecided

Village people wey neva see food chop for this economy grin

Do mind him, he is trying too hard to appear sensible only to become otherwise.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 9:54am On Oct 01, 2021

At bolded, that is not really necessary. God bless ikhalifah. You can go through his blog and check through some of the analysis he explained.

I do check his blog from time to time for inspiration and latest trick. In fact, I found his latest blog post insightful. It's all about avoiding similar names other geo domainers have registered. It's worth reading by everyone.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 9:42am On Oct 01, 2021
Do you get responses from your Outbound to begin with?

I do get responses. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You can check the attachment.

you'd be disturbing people who willingly reached out seems to suggest you are soft on this business.

It seems I am too soft. I don't usually feel like continue outbounding on a name after 7 follow ups.

Maybe you are earning big in some other venture or so or maybe he's been supportive. I can't tell.

Though I have other online business that brings passive income but not as high domain name business can give at present.

Seems you are a soft domainer aka part time domainer.

I do it on part time basis, I am a writer for two different blogs and earn the amount that can keep food in the stomach for a while.

Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 8:51am On Oct 01, 2021

Most of these domains were picked from ED and sold. I think the RaleighM.S sold fr $350.

I took you comment with a pinch of salt when I first saw it. I said never it's not possible, I sent series of out bounds on those names and later let them dropped and expired. I checked, alas!!! One of the names was sold.

I was sad at first because I wish I was the one who sold the name. But I have come to realise that I still have what it takes to choose a domain name which has possibility of being sold ( I got all the names from ED).

Perhaps, I need to be more patience and keep out bounding till the last day the name will drop (I gave up after first 5 follow ups). I need to work on my believe system and take this business more serious than ever ​if I want to make it in this business.

soliufiljannah thanks for opening my eyes to this, you rekindle the fire in me to keep pushing. I believe I shall report my first sales soon.

Also, thanks to those of you reaching out to me U1, AwesomeDuru, Bonsujk, SlimJosh, sapiosexuality etc. Don't see my refusal to respond to you as a form of arrogance, I know you guys have things to attend to and I don't want to add mine to them. Thanks much appreciated. One love (my bf must not see this cheesy cheesy)

P.s: I am going back to page 1 to start reading again, there is no shame in repeating the class, only those who stop fail completely. It's time to relearn.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 12:21am On Sep 29, 2021

Thanks bro

What's portfolio size? Just curious
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 6:29pm On Sep 28, 2021

I sent you a pm some months back but didn't get to hear from you. I'd appreciate if you respond

I lost the login details of the mail attached to this account, that why I couldn't respond.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 3:52pm On Sep 28, 2021
QueenRebecca, how many names do you have and if you don't mind, can you list them?

Here are some of the domain names I started with, I had to go on sabbatical when I couldn't make sales with my first 20 domain names back then. Perhaps I choose the wrong domain names or I wasn't patience enough. Majority of them have dropped now. I am left with just seven Sha.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 3:15pm On Sep 28, 2021

I found something very valuable on this thread a long time ago that elevated me from a confused, depressed, saddened, angered, envied state in my domain journey and gave me an eternal strength.

I feel like crying reading this. But I am happy because someone still find it valuable. I wrote the letter to myself something like 2 years ago.

Perhaps the subconscious mind knows that it might take longer than usual before I land my first sales in Domain name business ( don't be surprised I am YET to make my first sale for over 2 years).

I am kind of person who doesn't give up easily on any business venture or idea. Alexxien thanks for bringing back the memory, it serves as a great reminder for me to keep going.

P.s: Those two names (AwesomeDuru and Ikhalyfah) I mentioned in the letter are now among the biggest players in the industry. Sweet.

You mean you've not made a sale in two years?

Resound YES, is it a big deal?? Perhaps I am having illicit affairs with GRACE's boyfriend and she refuses to pick up my calls grin cheesy

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 8:57pm On Sep 27, 2021
baba no get mind lmao grin grin

Perhaps he is referring to Ikhalyfah, cuz he said something similar.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 4:09pm On Sep 27, 2021
Beckplanet usually comes at the right time to quench the toxic debate on this thread. Thanks for dropping this fantastic sales. I am breathing the fresh air. smiley smiley smiley


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by QueenRebecca(f): 6:27pm On Sep 25, 2021

Either ways sha make money
Dont be a losser like CHELSEA.

So because Chelsea lose to Man City today makes them a loser. I believe you said the same thing when Chelsea beat Man City to win Champions League. Don't let us turn this Grace debate to Football debate.

Take no offence....... UP BLUES

For life smiley wink wink

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