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Romance / Re: Don't Talk To Me If You've Never Smoked Weed by Rafoski: 8:48am On Dec 26, 2020
You can't even spell, idiot!

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Health / Re: 17-year-old Boy Dies In Ondo After Smoking ‘colorado’ by Rafoski: 11:31am On Dec 24, 2020

Many like u are already trolling the street naked cos of marijuana. Whatever u term it, smokers are liable to die young.
Tah! Shut up sir!
I put sir smiley
Health / Re: 17-year-old Boy Dies In Ondo After Smoking ‘colorado’ by Rafoski: 11:22am On Dec 24, 2020
Nigerian men are shameless and have no self control and home training. Parents only focused on training and imbibing good morals on female children that's why most Nigerian men are wayward
For someone whose moniker is Midas, every topic you decide to touch turns to foolishness. Why do like this man? It's now a Nigerian men thing? If you have grievances at the way your parents raised you, take it to them. This topic doesn't even concern upbringing. Lastly, I think you're under some form of stress, try meditating. Peace!
Health / Re: 17-year-old Boy Dies In Ondo After Smoking ‘colorado’ by Rafoski: 11:14am On Dec 24, 2020
except it wasn’t marijuana he smoked though. Read the article again. It’s synthetic plant. Marijuana is natural.
Bro, no dey answer these ignorant people. Them no know shit be say dem know. Let's keep them in the dark.

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Romance / Re: Learn how to control The super Powers Of Your Mind today! by Rafoski: 7:05pm On Oct 21, 2020
Romance / Re: Residual High After Smokong Weed by Rafoski: 8:16am On Aug 05, 2020
There's still THC in your body. You need to pee it out, it'll clear eventually. Same goes for when you're really high. Just drink water and expect to urinate.
Romance / Re: How To Get Any Girl You Want! UDS cheat code (Guys only) by Rafoski: 7:21pm On Jul 25, 2020

Care to explain the Pareto principle more in depth? i read somewhere that Pareto principle is a prediction that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes.
In this context, I actually meant the fact that in a population, 20% of men are real alphas and the other 80% are the ones that act the part(in this case, I talked about the many pseudo alphas and redpill boys scout that represent the manosphere in bad light). Anyways the Pareto principle just means that the 80% of the wealth is controlled by 20% of the population in economics, in computer science, it means 20% of the hardest code takes 80% of the time to execute. It's just a minority versus majority dynamic.


Romance / Re: How To Get Any Girl You Want! UDS cheat code (Guys only) by Rafoski: 11:47pm On Jul 23, 2020
You know, a person who gets exposed to redpill for the first time usually acts like a drug addict who just found a new high. They're usually so buried in the philosophy that it affects their psyche. At a time, I thought they were too many alpha males but I got to understand that the real alphas are the men that have consciously worked on themselves. Alphas are hard to find but not difficult to spot. Actually, it'll remain that way, it's the Pareto principle. I go follow the thread.


Education / Re: Historic Events You May Not Know by Rafoski: 8:28am On Jul 18, 2020
I actually read everything o.

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Programming / Re: At 40, Can I Still Learn Programming And Be Good At It? by Rafoski: 8:11am On Jul 18, 2020

The thread is filled with many ignorant answers. Javascript that came out in 1995 the same time as java is what is called new and shiny. The same javascript that is being used in machine learning with tensorflowjs and can be used to make desktop applications with electron.
I think they're referring to JS' frameworks. You know, it can be hard for beginners to know what to settle on.
Romance / Re: What Have You Dated Somebody For, But Got Disappointed. by Rafoski: 11:02pm On Jun 17, 2020
I dated a girl once with the intention of helping her improve her personality but she was uninterested in self-improvement. Although I called the relationship off after one month, I still felt bad for wasting my time trying to polish a diamond that wanted to stay in the rough. I was disappointed because I left a whole world of amazing women that were my exact ideal with hopes of building up my girl to be the best version of herself. Moreover, I was not valued by her, she didn't even value herself. I was disappointed at my decision and my waste of one month of fun. E pain me o but na experience.

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Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 2:56pm On Jun 17, 2020
Welcome Back bro
Thanks man.
Romance / Re: Trying To Toast A Girl As A Shy Guy. Share Your Experience by Rafoski: 6:50pm On Jun 16, 2020
Recently, I never fit talk to any girl, I no want Corona and make another person think say I wan give am Corona. But, once in a while, I dey find their trouble for road.
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 5:32pm On Jun 16, 2020

Today, I have resumed the DS & A journey and back to business. For one week plus, I didn't touch anything that involved DS & A. It's 50% laziness/will, 40% environment and about 10% habit. Anyways, I know that if you really want something, you'll keep at it regardless of what happens, internal or external. I can actually go into the science of why I relapsed. Cue, Response, Reward, that's the foundation of habits. Basically, my habitual pattern got interrupted at some point. Well, I'm back.
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 6:49am On Jun 06, 2020
Could you please refer me to that particular video from freebootcamp you are using
It's on YouTube. I don't have the link, I used YouTube Go. But if you use the keywords "Data Structures and Algorithms in Java" you'll find an 8-hour long video from freeCodeCamp.
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 8:41pm On Jun 05, 2020
Day 04

What did I learn today? I spent a lot of time trying to understand the code for the implementation of dynamic arrays from the video, I got tired and decided to go out to see a friend-prior to today, I had not gone out since the last three months. Although I could understand certain methods from the source code, some other sections looked completely strange with the use of syntax. I never see am before. sad Exception handling, type casting, instance variables, they were used in different ways here. But I left it o. I'll come back to it.
From the video, the guy moved to the next topic, singly and doubly linked lists. I stopped the video here because that topic came later in the book. In the book, I was looking into sets. Sets are data structures that do not allow duplicate values to be contained in it. He talked further on the steps taken to search,read, insert and delete data from sets. The next chapter was about algorithms. An ordered array is an array that stores value in order of magnitude or something(simply put, ascending or descending). So he made an algorithm to arrange values in the array. That's the summary of today's account. Your boy is tired. Very.
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 8:03pm On Jun 05, 2020

It has been an interesting one, sometimes frustrating but definitely interesting.
I love java, it's a beautiful language.
Can you recommend some Java learning resources, books and videos?

Nice one bro, keep up the flame of motivation! wink
I think it's a thing with learning, especially something logical. I get frustrated even with mathematics man. But the joy comes when you finally get it! Aaah cheesy
Resources? NewBoston, it's a channel on YouTube. I downloaded their Java playlist and a guy named Bucky takes the course and I can recommend it to anyone. It's only to help the learner become familiar with the syntax. He does some easy calculations and stuff to help the learner understand the use of syntax in specific situations to reduce ambiguity and too much code. Then "Java for Dummies" is another book I can recommend. Although books can be verbose in an attempt to simplify things but it's important for understanding correctly. There are others but I can't remember them because I didn't really use them.

I'm trying to keep up the flame of motivation, we'll all need it to enjoy what we do.
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 5:16pm On Jun 05, 2020
Great thread bro

We are in the same path.
Am currently learning java, I started a few weeks back.
I brushed through some books in DS & A but they seem kind of complex for me at this stage so I decided to get some prerequisite knowledge before diving in.

Are you good at maths? cos I got to find out that I need to get a good grasp of Discrete mathematics to fully harness the power of DS & A.

In addition to java am also brushing up my maths skills.
I'm glad there's a Java guy here. Welcome to the thread man. Few weeks ago? That's amazing, how's it coming for you?
If I'm good at mathematics? I'd say "a little". I currently do mathematical analysis as a course in my college so I'm familiar with certain concepts like set theory for example. When I'm not learning DS & A, I'm learning mathematics. I saw analysis as a foundation for the understanding of logic and discrete mathematics and that's why I stuck to it. Like you, I'm brushing my math skills in addition to learning DS & A. smiley
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 10:44pm On Jun 04, 2020


f(n) = n + n

That doesn't mean the Big - O is n^2 ,the big - O is (n)

I mentioned it was a pattern I observed in the algorithms that were used as examples and it was not conventional, it naturally doesn't make sense. But I have to assign patterns to learn how to carefully deduce the correct time complexities and I don't know how yet.
Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 8:12pm On Jun 04, 2020
Day 03

The last two days have been somewhat crazy. We've still not had power supply but earlier in the evening, the EDC here gave us four minutes of power supply for the whole day lol-how amazing. I'm sure theyll get their groove on by the end of the day. Okay, what did I learn yesterday evening from the video? Big-O notations for some algorithms. After looking at some algorithms that were used as examples, I came to the conclusion that the Big-O of any function is the number of n(s) you can find in the function. Just count the number of n(s) and raise it to the order(power). So, if I have 2 ns in an algorithm, that means it's O(n^2). Now, this is not conventional, it's merely a pattern I observed. Plus it doesn't work in the cases of logarithmic functions. But the Big-O of any function is found either graphically or by deduction. I don't yet know how to deduce the time complexity of functions but I'm learning. Below are some examples of algorithms from the video and their Big-O's.
Finding all subsets of a set-O(2^n)
Finding all permutations of a string-O(n!)
Sorting using mergesort- O(n log(n))
Okay, there they are. He talked about Static and Dynamic arrays, I talked about arrays in day 01 ba? I can't remember but it's pretty much the same content except I didn't mention dynamic arrays. Dynamic arrays do not contain a fixed length like static arrays. They are gotten from static arrays. That's the little I can share, there are many examples and codes from the video and in my notebook. But that's today's account.
In case you're wondering how I'm able to charge my device, we turn on the generator in my house by 7:00 and before we had our power problem, there was a power surge that spoiled my phone's charger so I can only charge with my laptop and that's really slow. So, I'll be going to the video course once I leave here.
Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 7:29pm On Jun 04, 2020
yes i agree am not your type but sir,pls work on your dictions.
That's obviously a subject you know nothing about. smiley

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Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 7:26pm On Jun 04, 2020

You tried your best to justify mocking his diction but yours isn't any better considering the level of carefulness attached to it.
For someone who I expected much from, your punctuations are disgraceful. So, before you mock someone's English , do well and be above average in your knowledge of the language
I agree that my choice of words fall outside your exceptionally narrow view of the English language, it's my problem, I just hate convention. About punctuation, you didn't end with a period, you should have ended with a period before your parents had sex. smiley
Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 10:39pm On Jun 03, 2020

It really pained you that the beautiful descent girls you saw on campus refused to play ball.

It's called home training. Most of them do not know anything about boyfriend till they got admission.

Allow their innocence biko.
It's different my man, it's different. I'm pained because these girls look so beautiful when you look at them from a distance but hearing them speak English in a conversation, it quenches my fires. I'm what you can call sapiosexual but as a man, I'm first attracted to looks. Let me not even talk about dress sense.lol.
Furthermore, I fear that if I eventually get overridden by my wanton natural desires and get to "play ball", I'd have reduced the quality of person I am/want to be.
Plus I don't do virgins. wink
Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 10:14pm On Jun 03, 2020

That's the same thing with all the schools in South East.

Local local girls with shine shine okrika fashion. You go speak English they will reply igbo.
The thing is, them no wan know. As long as dem dey blast their igbo dey go with their community skirt that all of them take as uniform. Lol, they're are funny amazing.

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Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 10:06pm On Jun 03, 2020
oga see blunder!!!! I shock for this your english chai
Hi there, you're not my type. Go and sleep. smiley
Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 8:08pm On Jun 03, 2020

You have a big problem.

Sadly, you don't even know that.

I just hope you realize that early and seek help.
Can you refer me to your psychiatrist or therapist? I can see the good work she has done in helping you contain your stupidity. It's not easy to fight one's nature, it's just SoNature.


Programming / Re: Data Structures And Algorithms: A Beginner's Journey. by Rafoski: 8:04pm On Jun 03, 2020
Day 02.

Day 2 and my battery is 2%-Literally. Today's been dark because we haven't had any power supply from yesterday evening till now. My phone went really low, it still is. But I managed to read about 4 pages of the book that talked about how many steps it takes to either delete, read, search or insert data to or from an array. To read from an array, it's a one step process. To search an array, that's a function of the position of the data in a designated memory address(cell block), when you're using linear search. To delete data from the array, the computer looks for the particular index storage in the memory address and deletes it by fixing some other data there, some form of re-arrangement. It almost the same process with insertion of data, it's all about re-arrangement of data in the cell blocks. Then the next data structure under consideration is a set. Mathematically, it's a collection of objects and stuff. So, hopefully tomorrow go better. But I'm off to watch the video course on my semi-desktop PC lol.(bad battery).
Regardless of what happens in the day, I'll still drop daily accounts of the little I learned.
Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 11:40am On Jun 03, 2020

Yes I am an igbo boy. What are you? tongue
Igbo is a proper noun my good friend. wink I know you like the banter, but I can't continue. I can already feel your "aura of stupidity" from here and I don't want to get infected. I will get lost, you win. Carry on with your thread. smiley

Peace out!


Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 11:18am On Jun 03, 2020

English professor from England. You only hurting your pride because you are neither here nor there. Please get lost from this thread with your grammatical disaster if you have nothing else to post.

Even people that can't even write ordinary essay are also here to form what they aren't. Leave the thread in peace because I couldn't remember calling for your opinion on this thread.
Lol. Classic Igbo boy move.


Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 11:05am On Jun 03, 2020

With all your grammatical blunders you still had the guts to throw stones.

Well your last paragraph stated it all. If you had said it is a national problem then that would be ok, because what happens in Abuja for instance is not different from what happens in Lagos and Onitsha, because it's still the same people and human nature.
You and I know there were no errors in my reply except your reading is bad too or your grammar is not solid enough. But I'll let it slide, I must have hurt your pride or something, I'll give you a chance to comeback at me. It's your thread anyways, you can't lose in this war of words. smiley

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Education / Re: Pictures Of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka by Rafoski: 10:45am On Jun 03, 2020

Does your state have more educated people than Anambra? No. So why are you breaking your head. Anambra is the best. This same Lagos that's full with prostitutes and touts. We don't live toutish life here in Onitsha or anywhere in Anambra.

UNIZIK is the university of the moment and people from all over Nigeria and beyond comes here to study, no wonder the citadel is among the few most sought after universities in Nigeria.
Now read what you wrote again.
You just confirmed that you don't know how to construct a proper comment with text, your English is still bad like the majority of the people I speak to in Ifite; "..and beyond comes here to study", "..don't live toutish life here". I can smell idiocy from the way you type. But I can't judge you for being so senseless, it might be your genes or something, it's not your fault.
But these are not any of the reasons why I'm replying you. You have sold yourself out by saying your state has more educated people. Abeg, who ask you that one? You don't even have statistics to back up your claims. But once again, I'm ignoring your stupidity for the second time.
Now, down to my point. Many of you that come from Onitsha have never been outside that state, you might have all the education according to you but you're still going to be the same quality of persons that you are and be around the same quality of people. It's not just an "Onitsha" problem but a nation wide problem. We'd have to grow beyond tribe and religion to produce people of good quality. Millennials in Onitsha are trying to break the narrative but it's going to be hard because the majority of role models and influences are still under the same closed minded and religious viewpoints. But thank God for the internet and the global community, people are starting to become more informed and of better quality.
Lastly, remember this is a national problem, I don't want you to feel attacked. I have friends that come from Delta, Lagos, Niger, Illorin, Abuja even Lagos, that are still in some way, closed minded. These people do very well in school but they've never heard or read about The Holocaust or The Bubonic Plague or some world history or something. But thank God for the internet, many of them are at least catching up on the recent world news. It's a national problem only that certain people are in the shit hole more than some other people.


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