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Health / Re: Receive Your Supernatural Healing From Any Ailment Or Disease! by JustGood55(m): 12:52am
Be glad because you have been healed!

Rejoice because the Lord has done it for you!

Be happy because you are a child of God and the Lord loves you so much.

Don't let anyone put you down.

You are special to God and He loves you.

Romance / Re: How Do I Tell My Beautiful Girlfriend That She Smells by DaInferno(m): 12:52am
I do have a beautiful girlfriend but she smells whenever I try hugging her. It seems the smell comes from her undies. How do I tell her.
uwu shocked ...all the way from down there while hugging?!
Politics / Re: Breaking: Seun The Owner Of Nairaland And Tribal Card by Kwem(m): 12:52am

If it’s your weakness, you have a right for it!

He is a citizen of Nigeria and has constitutional right to political affiliation. Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack of Twitter have political affiliation, so why shouldn’t Seun have? Is he God?

Please free Seun!

The lineage of those lots castigating him are the greatest tribalism and traitors Nigeria has ever known. Go and verify!
just like he doesn't want people from other religions to engage in Muslim topics without taking an oath, he shouldn't be in obi-dients space to listen about their political strategies when he is not an obi-dient child..
Romance / Re: If They Dash U This Motor Will You Collect PHOTOS by HocusPocus: 12:52am
VOLVO (very old looking vehicular object)
grin grin wahala o
Car Talk / Is Chevrolet Aveo 2007 A Good Car Or Have I Wasted My Money? by jonas117: 12:52am
I used my last card to buy a Chevrolet Aveo 2007, I wan to use it for bolt business, I have changed the engine because the other was too weak to carry a.c, so now I have a new engine but I want to know if the car is reliable, thank you
Politics / Re: I'm Concerned That Our Yoruba Friends Are The Only Ones Not Keying In To Obi by EfonAlaaye2023(m): 12:52am

I think instead of talking politics in public forum, you rather go and learn the basics of diverse statehood, meanwhile you should understand that with four major contenders Being Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso, each candidate have roughly 1/4 chances of winning, in this case,

I'm not against Tinubu being a western candidate but if such Tinubu wins, won't he be a president of all Nigerians both those that laboured for APC for a century and those that burnt their brooms, I guess you are looking at the president of Nigeria as the APC party chairman.

Peter Obi is a presidential candidate, his party would be on the ballot and has as much chances of being victorious and when he wins he won't be the president of labour party but president of Nigeria, looking out for the Yorubas even now and then is beyond their party loyalty, they are Nigerians and thats more important than their political party, so I will still ask if you may point out in more responsible terms, what are the reason for Yorubas being the only people not massively keying in to P. Obi's candidacy.

I expected you to use the opportunity to market your candidate, convince me that there is something the Yorubas see in Tinubu that the rest is not seeing not this bitterness you are spewing here.

go and read your post, you said you're surprise Yoruba are not keying to PO ambition, are Yoruba in LP?

we are talking about reality, you're talking through emotions, despite igbo have no candidate from southeast region in 2007 to 2015 didn't they stick with PDP? they stick with PDP because they're stakeholders there with 3-4 govs, so is expected

Yoruba have five APC govs and highest stakeholders in APC then you're surprise they're not keying to a LP candidate ambition

no be only statehood, alaye face your beauty pageant thread
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of Europe 2021 by homesteady(m): 12:52am

The reason why Mourinho will easily win is because of Drogba,it will only take one decent ball to Drogba to bully the pique and Kompany to find the back of the next while pep's pass them to death without any threat.


Messi has scored 26 goals against a Ramos led defense. Lewandoski ran riot against Ramos, scoring 4 goals in one match. Iniesta scored one of UCL memorable goal vs Terry’s defense.

And there is no threat? But Drogba is the greatest threat grin
Crime / Re: Eiye, Blackaxe,buccaneer,k.k All Of Them Clash at once In Ogun State VIDEO by gamechanger547: 12:52am

Send me ur number I like mk ur ux enter crime section 4 nairaland.com cheesy
Drop your number you no fit.

Try buy courage or summon one to drop your authentic phone number make cultistupdate display your pictures. ( Me I no get time but those wey get time go do you wotowoto)

little kid like you just making mouth up and down.

Little boy Stop being a coward and drop your authentic phone number.

Stop playing out the nitwit that you are..
Politics / Re: Northerners Will Not Vote For Peter Obi Because Of Biafra —rabiu Musa Kwankwaso by DWickedLandLord: 12:51am
Tomorrow somebody from nairaland will tell the igbos, which marginalization? Abeg stop playing victim. Smh

It's about building this imaginary bridge that goes all the way to heaven

Now ask them which bridge did they build when seeking igbo votes n you'll hear crickets

You don't want me to go. But you also struggle to make me feel welcomed. No be conundrum be that
Politics / Re: Panic As Unidentified Turbanned Man Invades Catholic Church In Abuja by OBALOLA55(m): 12:51am
Business / Re: How To Get RDP With Admin Access And Dedicated IP Address by WorkTheTalk(m): 12:51am
Remote Desktop Protocol is the commonly used name for a group of applications that allow you to access computers or devices from a remote location.
Politics / Re: This Is Not Peter Obi's Son by derecho(m): 12:51am
How much about genes do you know?
I'm sure you didn't forget about gene mutation?
Ever heard of gene theory?

Politics / Re: 2023: Kwankwaso May Not Go Far. His Words Are Indecorous & Too Divisive by Lovelive: 12:51am
Xeee,pls for your information,Peter Obi is not a SE project rather the Nigerian youth project.Know this and know peace.Hope you gettit now
NYSC / Re: ♦️ Get Your Medical Report For Redeployment ♦️ by Valkrio: 12:51am
Don't want to spend the 3 weeks in camp? I can get you a medical report to leave camp.
Investment / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly For Life! by For353(m): 12:51am
This is a tested and trusted business investment opportunity for everyone.

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It's a great investment opportunity.

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Invest in your future.

All for you.

Sports / Make Nigeria Great Again by EdwardTrump: 12:51am
This is the beginning of something new what I have is odd which is very accurate and is safe to invest money on it and get higher return

The odds is from 2.00 to 6.50 single match

I have free bet 2+ odds

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Crime / Re: Breaking: Massacre Of Defenceless Igbo Youths By Soldiers In Ogbaru, Anambra by LogicBomb8: 12:51am
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by swiftz(f): 12:51am

I think Korean drama lovers have their own thread.

99.9% of things posted there is celebrity gist, birthdays, pictures, games. It's quite depressing for someone like me that need the real thing. I don't know if to create a real kdrama series thread where people will suggest and discuss series.
Agriculture / Re: Giant African Snails Force US Town Into Quarantine (pic) by Ishilove: 12:51am
yeah some parts of ukwuani people forbids it. I guess your side is involved smiley
Indeed we are smiley
Politics / Peter Obi Lied He Has No House Abroad, See His House In London by Chinkoalhaji34: 12:51am
A video of former governor and 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi explaining how he got the funds used to acquire his home situated in the United Kingdom after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) invited him for an inquiry have caused a stir on social media.

Recall that Peter Obi was once invited by the EFCC after leaked files published by Premium Times, showed that Obi operated a foreign account and did not declare it in his asset declaration form provided by the Code of Conduct Bureau.

The former governor, who later denied making any statement on his invitation by EFCC, in a recent video that has surfaced was captured explaining and showing documents of how he acquired his house in the United Kingdom.

Obi Pandora is the guy with the most lie in Nigeria. He can't just live a day without lying.

Food / Re: What I Got As Cutlery In A Lagos Eatery by my3name(m): 12:51am
grin grin grin
Use am cut the chicken e dey more sharper
Crime / Re: Eiye, Blackaxe,buccaneer,k.k All Of Them Clash at once In Ogun State VIDEO by Freddykrueger: 12:50am
All these small children wey no get work go dey kap careless...na wetin transsion fone dey cause
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Leyqute(m): 12:50am
You are always rebuilding, maybe you want to build it to reach the cloud. If Ronaldo hand in a transfer request, and the club still refuse to sell. Does him not have the right to buy out his contract? Abi you just dey hear the term for the first time. Oga leave Ronaldo matter and tell us how Martial or Rashford will help the team next season...

Him has the right grin
Adverts / Re: Make Regular Income: Great Business Opportunity For Regular Income! by Plat16: 12:50am
Don't depend on one business.

Do multiple businesses.

Put your money in book publishing.

A great business opportunity for all.
Politics / Re: 2023: Kwankwaso May Not Go Far. His Words Are Indecorous & Too Divisive by Lovelive: 12:50am
Mr man, please save your advice or try harder.

We are Obident.

Dear Obidients, on what basis are you insisting that it's now the turn of the SOUTH(SE in particular) to produce the next president of Nigeria?

Let's get things clear here:

North is ruling for 8 years, it's now the turn of the Southern part to rule, it's clearly the SE that supposed to get APC ticket due to poor representation in the present administration but SW got it because they are more organized.

South ruled for 12 years while North ruled for 4 years (Southerner ruled here for 2 years), it's clearly the turn of the north to get PDP ticket and that was what happened during primaries.

In general, Both North and South ruled for 12 years, so any region can produce the next president but North is on the edge because Jonathan completed Yaraduas tenure.

If we go beyond the two regions to make decision, then:
Region P VP Total
SW 8 8 16
SS 4 4 8
SE 0 0 0
NW 12 4 16
NE 0 8 8
NC 0 0 0

From the above, SE and NC should produce the President and the VP.
Dear Obidient, if you are after EQUITY and FAIRNESS, OBI should go and look for VP from NC or you should go and look for a candidate from NC while OBI will serve as his VP.

Because of your hunger for power, you want to use KWANKWASO and at the same time claiming EQUITY and FAIRNESS.

Let me remind you people, POWER will be rotating among these three regions NW, NE and SW, as for SE keep marginalizing yourselves and you will see NC and SS benefiting more ahead of you from the corridors of POWER, as it's already happening currently.
Romance / Re: Good Men Marry Bad Girls, Bad Girls Marry Good Men by Simplelion: 12:50am
Though I don't support abusive relationship or marriage but there's always two side of a story. I wish the op well anyway.
Adverts / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly Income For Life!! by SpottedCity: 12:50am
Here comes the best opportunity to make more money.

This is a very good opportunity for you to invest in your future.

Invest now and earn residual income in future.

It's a great investment opportunity.
Politics / Demonstration In Ghana Over Fuel And Food High Prices by azikiweironsi(m): 12:49am
Demonstration in Ghana against the sharp rise in fuel prices, food and the high cost of living. Inflation has exceeded 27%, the highest level in 20 years. The President turned to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for help in the face of deteriorating economic conditions.

Crime / Re: Father Peter Udo & Philemon Oboh Kidnapped In Edo (Photos) by Ad2349011617135(m): 12:49am
Pray for me
Phones / Re: Where Do Phones Sellers Buy From ? by djperoski2010(m): 12:49am
Contact me and I'll hook you up Free of charge.
See them dey hide information like say na presidential Aspirant WAEC results!!!?!
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso: A Local Champion Rules Out Being A Running Mate To Peter Obi by 9jalyte: 12:49am
Former Governor of Kano State Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso on Channels TV Ruled Out Being A Running Mate to Peter Obi in Labour Party.

He said he has Kano, Jigawa and some few Northern States to Support His Presidential Ambition.

Much of his comments showed arrogance saying Peter Obi and Labour Party only has social media presence and support while he has the votes of the North.

Candidly, Kwankwaso will be a problem to Peter Obi's administration if he changes his mind to become VP.

Peter Obi and Labour Party has to opt for another VP from the North and not bank on Kwankwaso who may be a saboteur eventually

I am one of those that are quietly praying that it doesn't work out. That arrogant revised version of Buhari is indirectly insulting us. He thinks everyone from the South is his Alamjiri. Let him contest, we want to show him what we can achieve without the over arrogant Fulanis and some Hausas. Let him contest, it is better for Obi,so that the Vote of NE and NW will be balkanized. BTW, LP is not hoping to win the up North, they just need some votes. Those that will determine the winners (as always) are the Middle Belt, and South South. Whoever captures these areas has the mantle.

So, When Kwankwaso is talking about North, I hope he didn't include Benue, Nasarawa, Kogi, Plateau, Kwara, Niger and Kaduna (particularly Southern Kaduna). I hope he did not also include States like Taraba and the Christian North that have suffocated in the strangling fist of the Muslim North. More than ever, the Religious Line has been drawn and the sentiments are more amplified now. If you are ignoring it, I wish you well. I say, let him contest, as usual, they will not see it coming.
Crime / Re: Father Peter Udo & Philemon Oboh Kidnapped In Edo (Photos) by EmekaBlue(m): 12:49am
Maybe their Imam now preaches kidnap of priest

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