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Politics / Re: AUDIO: NNAMDI KANU SAYS AGAIN: "IGBO IS CURSED" & IGBO IS FAILURE by christistruth01: 2:32pm
He is talking about himself
Politics / I Lure Girls On IG To Sleep With Me And Then Blackmail Them With Nudes -man Says by Kayzy8: 2:32pm
I lure girls on IG to sleep with me and then blackmail them with n*des -suspect confesses.

Health / Re: Can A Woman Be Pregnant For 9 Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant? by Shegzy8(m): 2:32pm
A Sorogate should have helped her.
Meanwhile you guys should learn to mind your business cos the woman's situation won't obstruct your success in life.

Rubbish!! It's not everything we mind our business. What if someones baby was stolen or swapped. What if it's from a baby factory. That's how they all go about commiting crime then turn back to say "mind your business".
Politics / Re: FFK Hails Nerita Ezenwa As She Sings Love Song (Video) by mukthar2000(m): 2:32pm
This one never know Mr Bankrolling, let him done with u and see how the go treat you.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by FirstbornWds: 2:32pm
Oh... I made a mistake with that.

Let me edit.. Let me know if you remember.

The one against Bilbao right?
Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by amdoyin82(m): 2:32pm

Thanks for your response, I will do this.
Don't do shit. It will only amount to waste of time resources. This happens often in filling station. It could be as a result do network downtime or POS error. The receipts shows clearly declined. The best is to go to your bank and fill Pos reversal form. Afterward a mail will be sent to the filling station to do proper investigation. You don't need EFCC...
Politics / Re: Intermarriage Is Against Self Preservation by NAIJAilliterate: 2:32pm
Some of you might not understand this concept and you might think this is bigotry.

To destroy an identity, traditions, culture, language, encourage intermarriage, in due time, it will be destroyed.

E.g if all igbo men marry yoruba women, in 20 years, yoruba identity and race will be over and the igbo will become majority, likewise, if all yoruba men marry hausa women, the hausa race and identity will be over and the yoruba race will increase in population and become majority.

To preserve a tribe, a nation or an identity, there should be a limit of intermarriages.

The truth is that you can't stop people from loving out of their tribe or nationality but you can limit it by teaching children about their heritage.

In isreal for instance, a marriage between a jew and a non jew is not recognized by law, that is done to protect the Jewish identity, even within the jews a cohen( from priesthood heritage) can not marry a non cohen, that is also to protect the priesthood heritage.

You are talking about culture where people are dying of Hunger and starvation no food in the country and poverty everywhere.
Sports / ⭐ ���� ����: ���� �� ��� ����� ����� by Lawretta123: 2:32pm
⭐ ���� ����: ���� �� ��� ����� �����

Did we get it right? Give us your XI � #EURO2020 http://www./291458

Webmasters / Complete Seo Course For Just 2k (negotiate Small ) by Israelo16(m): 2:32pm
Complete seo course for just 2k (negotiate small )

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Politics / Re: Biafra 1967: The Hidden Part Of Yoruba Stance On Biafra Independence by FakeUnity: 2:32pm

Like Banjo that the ungrateful Ojuku killed?

If Soyinka had stayed long in the Biafran territory as an adviser or player in the war, Ojukwu would have slaughtered him under the pretext that he betrayed the Biafran cause.

Stop lying to yourself.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Outcome Of CBN CPP Recruitment, 2020 by SecretReporter(f): 2:32pm
Do you ever dream about me?
Health / Re: Can A Woman Be Pregnant For 9 Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant? by Glorygrace(f): 2:32pm
No I don't think so.
Celebrities / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Becoming An All Round Success by Innovative405(m): 2:32pm
Impossibilities are possible.

With God all things are possible.

Make sure you get this book.

It's a must read.
... ... .... .....
Technology Market / Macbook Pro 2018 For Sale by cashrules12(m): 2:32pm
MacBook Pro 2018 13”
Core i5
Laptop and charger only
Mint condition
Location: Lagos

Sports / Goaloong. Net by Gifrancollectio: 2:32pm
Norwegian Tippeligaen - Kristiansund BK VS Mjondalen IF

Kick off: 24-06-2021 16:59 Thursday

Livescore | Betting Tips| 1x2 Odds| H2H Stats


Kristiansund BK

Kristiansund recently won 5 consecutive victories and has now risen to 3rd in the league. However, in the previous round, they were defeated by Haugesson 3-0, ending the winning streak. After 8 rounds, they didn't have a draw, and they played more aggressively.

Mjondalen IF

Mjondalen has only had 3 draws and 2 losses in the last 5 rounds, in a sluggish state. At present, they have scored the same points as the relegation zone, and their fighting spirit in this game is very high. They have achieved 2 wins and 1 loss in the last 3 away games, and they have good confidence.

Betting Verdict:

The two teams played against each other 10 times in history, and Kristiansund had only 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. The 1X2 first odds is 1.73-3.60-4.75,obvious support the home team. Kristiansund should win this game.

Kristiansund BK VS Mjondalen IF

Pick: 1

Politics / Re: FFK Hails Nerita Ezenwa As She Sings Love Song (Video) by Sweetcho: 2:32pm
Awww shes cute is this one Chinese albino?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fans Thread: Finally Reborn! The Red & White Army: FA CUP Champions 2020 by kodded(m): 2:32pm

I think he is. His facial look (that seriousness unlike that of Klopp) says a lot. He always speaks straightforward no jokes. undecided .Even Wenger throws jabs at times.
I actually respect him for his straightforward approach because it has helped our boys to sit up. But the main issue every fans has with him is his decision making, for the fact that he has no experience should be a major concern because truth be told, we dont know if he will be the next pep guardiola or the next tony pulis that kills the talent of our youngstes.

only time will tell but at the moment I dont think he is the former cry

His treatment with the youngsters is really disturbing,

Shifting smith rowe to the wings so that he can accommodate odegaard
Choosing to give willian minute over nelson
Prioritizing mustafi and white over saliba
Overlooking Martinelli countless times
Overplaying Saka
Politics / Re: Is This True Igbo's From Ebonyi by Isusugbaghada: 2:32pm

Good you directed your questions to Ebonyi people.

Others don't know about this practice..

What you explained is alien to us....and the system of land ownership also alien to us.

We don't practice such.

Practice such in where?

Politics / Re: Anambra 2021: Dr. Godwin Maduka We Need! Delegates To Pdp by cheerup: 2:32pm
This election will be something else
Career / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Secrets Of Career Success by Cabs22: 2:32pm
Succeed in your business.

Achieve your dreams.

Get this great book now.

You'll be glad you did.
Travel / Re: The Scenic Beauty Of South Africa by Joziboi: 2:32pm
Mossel Bay is a harbour town on the Garden Route, Western Cape Province

Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: The Sisterhood by RAGGA40(m): 2:32pm
Politics / Re: Political Branding: How To Promote Your Political Ambition Or Career by Episode101(m): 2:31pm
So what's your views on Nigerian politics?

Are you ready to contribute your own quota to make Nigeria better?

We must all join hands to make Nigeria great.
Education / The Impact Of Educational Facilities On The Academic Performance Of Students by eduprojectsng: 2:31pm
Education is man’s fundamental method of reform and progress. It can be regarded as the tool with which society brings the transmission of its own culture. Reomer (1981) refers to education as “all those experiences of the individual through which knowledge is acquired, the intellect enlightened or the will strengthened “ while Unachuka (1989) defines education as “ the process by which individuals are assisted formally or informally, though proper direction and finance, to develop their capacity for their own benefit and that of the society.

Education can therefore be regarded as a social process whose purpose is to bring about certain desirable behavioural change in the total development of the individual. In the whole world education has been given more regard while in Nigeria particularly education has been seen as the main vehicle for rapid development.

View trending: Project Topics

It is obvious that since advent of the Europeans, Nigerians have attached much importance to western education. The first type of schools according to Bab Fafunwa (2001) were the Islamic and Arabic schools which emerged as a result of the Islamic Scholars arrival into the country on the pretence of trade. They brought along with them their religion which was Islamic under which were the Arabic school.

The first set of schools were usually situated under big trees with students who were mainly normally conducted in the evenings after their trading activities with the merchants who acted as the tutors. These teachers are called “Mallams”. It is obvious that the first type of school system didn’t have any facility apart from the slate and foreign textbooks used.

Furthermore, with the arrival of western education, the uses of facilities became ivogue. Classrooms which came in small rooms now in form of schools which comprises of administrative blocks, offices with such facilities as chairs, tables, chalk and chalkboards. Textbooks were also provided to aid teaching, this ease the way knowledge was formally imparted to the students to prove for old stanions system.

Walberg and Thomas (1992) shown that pupils have been noted to learn best when they can effectively explore at school environment that is rich in material, so that whenever they are given the responsibility to make meaningful choice, they afford to interact with the available facilities.

This led to Adaralegbe’s (1978) statement which states that the large scale of educational programme had been embarked upon, because of increasing awareness of the country that, education pauses the way for modernization and enable one to improve oneself. Putting this into consideration in our schools presently it will be noted that, education by various government bit yet, much efforts is still required to meet up adequately. Since over fifty million people desire education presently.

Classrooms are very vital in schools, the classrooms are constructed to suit the purpose of learning and also considering climate of the people. eagle Hardt (1954) emphasized that classrooms referred to as “Teaching laboratories”. Much importance should be attached to facilities to enabler an imagined educational programme to be achieved. This in short shows the importance of the provision of efficient and effective facilities to help enhance a smooth and conducive teaching and learning process to enable the production of effective manpower for the nation.
Technology Market / Re: Blackberry Q10 And Z3 Used One For Sale by olatunjin(m): 2:31pm
Z3 sold
Health / Re: Can A Woman Be Pregnant For 9 Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant? by Timoleon(m): 2:31pm
Lol I perceive child adoption, you can never hide pregnancy instead will be confusing I.e nine months pregnancy will still look like that of 4 or 5 months.

True. Women who’s pregnancies don’t show (slim women o) when they get to about 8 months, their stomach becomes noticeable like it’s a four months pregnancy. Not that you won’t see any signs at all.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by Tatiana4u: 2:31pm
Come and Carr your sub ooo TOILETPRINT
Travel / Re: Immigration Stops 20 Intending Passengers From Leaving Nigeria At Lagos Airport by socialmediaman: 2:31pm
How is it your business to know why people want to travel? Your business is making sure they are not criminals.

Next they will stop issuing international passports to people without documentation from known people in the society, or they will need deposit to ensure you return to Nigeria or lose your deposit. Next level grin
Politics / Re: Ongoing Road Construction Work At Ngwa Road Aba (Pictures) by Read4rmthend: 2:31pm

Depends on your location. At Ogbor hill we have about 22-23 hrs power supply
how far ?
Politics / Re: Their Is Ongoing Genocide In Imo State by Omoslim26: 2:31pm
E go make sense if Portugal win this Euro Cup.
Business / Re: Get Your Profitable Small Scale Business Easily Started And Successfully Managed by ozornet(m): 2:31pm
The oil that is derived from palm kernel are used for cosmetic product making and other vital industrial purposes. Palm kernel oil extraction business is one of the hidden lucrative and profitable businesses that many people are yet to know much about or anything at at all. Unless you are told of how lucrative this business is by an insider, you will never believe it makes any money let alone making millions. But I can tell you for certainty and for free that palm oil extraction business is a mega millions business. For those desiring to venture into the business without experience, it is advisable to link up with an experienced professional consultant

Do you know that you can make N200,000 and above daily even as a small/medium scale producer? Are you aware that palm kernel oil product is one of the few products you can sell right at the point of production, without necessarily needing to take it to the market or
advertising for buyers? Do you know that most of the time buyers even pay for the products in advance and give you time to buy the raw materials and produce for them?

It can be run in a small, medium and large scale, depending on your financial capacity . You may be wondering but where can one get palm kernel in large quantity? The Southern parts and some areas in the middle belt of Nigeria are palm tree growing zones. It is produced in hundreds of thousands of tones in the Eastern and South Southern parts of Nigeria annually. All you need to do is to go set up your palm kernel oil extraction business around the east/south south or you transport the raw materials, procured from the east or south south at a much cheaper rate, to your desired location and mill.

It is however most profitable when you set it up in an area where you can get Palm Kernel Nuts (PKN) in largest quantity due to transportation costs and other logistics. Ondo, Ekiti, Osun , Edo, Kogi and Benue states are also good at the production of palm kernel nuts too, so you may decide to source it there if you are within the West or middle belt

The Analysis Of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business
PKN – Palm Kernel Nut. The is the nut you get when a palm kernel’s hard shell is broken. That’s the nut where the oil we are talking about is extracted from.

PKO – Palm Kernel Oil. This is the actual oil that is being extracted from palm kernel nuts, the actual product or one of the main products we are talking about here.

PKC – Palm Kernel Cake. This is another product that is being derived from the palm kernel extraction process and it makes up good percentage of the palm kernel nuts processing..

According to a reliable statistic, it is believed that in every 25 metric tons of good palm kernel nut one is expected to get 10 metric tons of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), another 13.5 metric tons of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) as pure product and about one ton of a minor by-product called sludge oil.. Or from every 2.5 tons of kernel nuts processed, you wiil get one ton of PKO, 1.35 tons of PKC and 0.1 ton of Sludge

Below is how they are sold currently

Palm Kernel Oil sells for N650,000 per ton. The Palm Kernel Cake itself is sold for N60,000 per ton. While the Sludge goes for N160,000 per ton.

The cost of palm kernel nuts is N237,500 per ton. You will require ten tons of kernel nuts to extract four tons of the Oils, 5.4 tons of Cake and 0.4 ton of Sludge.

So if you process ten tons of kernel nuts per day which is the normal capacity of most locally made expellers (oil extractors), the cost of raw materials would be N2,375,000
The PKO produced would be N650,000 multiplied by 4 tons, which would give N2,600,000, the PKC produced would be 5.4 tons which would give N324,000 and the sludge produced would be 0.4 ton whichj would give N64,000.
Total sales revenue therefor equals N2,988,000.
When we subtract the cost of the raw materials from the sales revenue which would be N2,988,000 minus N2,375,000 therefore giving us a gross profit margin of N613,000 per day.

So even if we remove say 50% of this gross margin as other costs and expenses we shall be making a net profit of about N306,500 per day.

A consultant can produce a detailed and comprehensive profit and loss account for any interested person.

In a week, you will be making a whooping sum of N306,500 X 6 = ₦1,839,000

NOTE: This profit estimate is based on the current prices of both raw materials and finished products. It is assumed that the raw materials (kernel nuts) are of good quality and the machines condition and efficiency is optimal. All things being equal. Again it is assumed that the factory is in production day in day out 24/6 (two shifts day and night) Monday to Saturday.
Even if all things are not equal and the operator can achieve 50% of the factory's capacity, he will still be making a handsome profit for his efforts.

The expeller is made of the electric motor and/or diesel engine, the main axle (articulated vehicle axle like Mark, Styer or Kamaz truck axle) and the crushing chamber. The electric motor and/or diesel engine is the prime mover which propels the expeller mechanism. The axle reduces the speed of the prime mover, adjusts and transfers the speed to the main shaft which rotates inside the basket of the crushing chamber.
. At the back end is the electric motor and at the front end is the cage and bars arrangement. All these are mounted and coupled together on a rectangular main frame solidly supported by three iron blocks. On top of the machine is a hopper through which the palm kernel nuts are fed into the machine

The crushing chamber is the place where the grinding and oil extraction action takes place. The main cage of the chamber is where the crushing activities take place. The main cage is made up of a basket of strong iron bars arranged and woven together to form a cylindrical cage inside which the main shaft rotates This specially designed strong iron bars (normally made from the main springs of an articulated truck vehicle) are laid side by side, and nut spacers in between them. The cage is designed with open slots from where the expelled oil drains out. The bars are very well laid so that there would be no clogging of oil or loss of solids in the main cage.
The extra heavy-duty main expeller shaft in the cage is made from ringed iron bar worms (normally made from the main springs of an articulated truck vehicle), that are assembled sequentially such that the worms snake round the shaft from back end to the tip. The thrust of the pressure worm is taken upon a large ball-thrust bearing which makes for smooth crushing operation and alignmentt.

As the kernel nuts are fed into the expeller through a hopper (funnel) and picked up by the rotating shaft, the nuts are propelled by the spiral ringed worms on the shaft and as it moves the nuts through the tight iron cage, the nuts are crushed and the oil squeezed out from the ground and crushed nuts. The squeezed oil drips out through slits made in the basket bars of the cage while the palm kernel cake whose oil is thoroughly extracted and dried is expelled through the front end of expeller cone point. The oil collects in a through under the expeller cage from where it is channeled into the primary tank of the filter press ready for filtration. The palm kernel cake is then collected into bags measured and packed and ready for sale

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