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Religion / Re: What's Difficult To Keep In The Ten Commandments That Jesus Had To On The Cross? by MindHacker9009(m): 4:01pm

So what is the punishment in the Torah if an Israelite shun the Sabbath? cheesy

God of Judaism is very Marciful and will not order the stoning of anyone for shunning the Sabbath. The Roman empire took the original Torah away and rewrote a new one mixed with Islam which is the one you are reading today.

The God of Israel and the Original True Judaism is the only true God
Politics / Re: Urum Kalu Eke: South East Nominee Rejects Tinubu's Appointment To CBN Board by bentenny(m): 4:01pm
People from that part of the country are super unpatriotic. Na them cry marginalization pass.

He is far more patriotic than you!
For the very fact that he rejected the job due to conflicts with another job he is currently doing is a noble act and should be commended!
Investment / Re: Selling Your Pi At Giveaway Price Is Like Selling Your Birthright For Peanuts! by imagrg(m): 4:01pm
I would want to advise you for your own good not to sell your Pi Network coin yet.
You may regret you did after Mainnet launch!
Politics / Re: Why Do People Build Classy Houses Everyday In Owerri (pictures) by Nigercity: 4:01pm
You would hardly see s city in Nigeria that beats Owerri
Celebrities / Re: Keep Your Mouth Shut To Prevent Physical Abuses — Minister Tells Women by EreluRoz: 4:01pm
It is natural for women to look for trouble but that doesn't warrant a man to excercise his muscles on her, he should put that muscles into something productive.

As a man look for other ways to deal with your troublesome woman and not going physical just because she abuse you, you have to learn to accept women and what makes them women.

You have the option of silent treatment or walking away, why choose going physical?

There'll never be any justifiable reasons to hit a woman even if she hits you. That's It.
Autos / Re: 2009 Registered Acura MDX full option. Location Ibadan by mummyz(m): 4:01pm
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by drerocker: 4:01pm

U fear
De must surely send tropes
Education / Re: Uniport Post-graduate Student Sets To Marry His Course-mate by olawale780: 4:01pm
Handsome young guy got scammed by an evening newspaper.

You can tell the lady is old and wicked from the truckload of make-up on her face.
nawao grin
Romance / Re: Why Do Cheaters Keep On Cheating Even After Getting Caught? by Oghene86: 4:01pm
A cheater never regrets cheating, but regrets getting caught. If they are human, they regret that they hurt their partners. You are dead wrong if you expect a cheater to go on their knees. If they do, double check the motive behind it. smiley

I am looking for one to ask this your question ⁉️
Education / Re: Uniport Post-graduate Student Sets To Marry His Course-mate by inspectorg(m): 4:01pm
To the mod who banned me
We shall see at heavens gate
U go make person shit im pants oo! With this ur sense of humour.

Education / Re: Uniport Post-graduate Student Sets To Marry His Course-mate by Blackdisciple(m): 4:01pm
She looks older than him though
Politics / Re: Umuahia Is The Worst State Capital In Nigeria: Pictures by Ogbuu101: 4:01pm
I'm not a sadist, I'm happy for abians if it's true and not some social media propaganda
But na their indigene done buy half of Lagos 🤣
Politics / Re: NLC Suspends 2-Day Nationwide Protest, Gives Reasons by GreatOchuks: 4:01pm
It shall never be well with those People who beat Ajaero in Imo State for not doing a very Thorough job .
Events / Re: People Born On 29th Of February by dominique(f): 4:01pm

Shares birthday with me, he is welcome cheesy

Happy birthday in advance 🥳
Webmasters / Please Give Me Tips On How To Set This Up. by Johnweeked12: 4:01pm
I want to venture into mini blogging on Facebook, i want to create a site just like legit.ng that i can link to my Facebook account for daily news and update. How do i go about this please
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by iichidodo: 4:01pm
do ur research Russia is ahead of d world in weaponry
You correct, but you forget. Russia is ahead of d world in OBSOLETE weaponry...They prefer quantity to quality, go figure.
Politics / Hardship: Tinubu Anxious To Repair The Economy — Sen. Kalu (Video) by Metrix147: 4:00pm
Former Chief Whip of the Senate and Senator representing Abia North Senatorial District, Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu says the President, Bola Tinubu is anxious to repair the country's economy despite hardship faced by several Nigerian families.

He said the President who has experience in the private sector cannot afford to fail the system, expressing hope that he has the capacity to deliver.

In a video release obtained by ABN TV, the former Abia governor said despite not giving him the initial support to lead the country, when the party's primaries ended, all machinery of the APC was collapsed to support then candidate Tinubu.

"He is a man who can do this job if he wants to do it. I have never had doubt if Tinubu will be able to do this job or not. He will do the job because I don't what else he will be thinking.

"He's not looking for money, he's not looking for show, he's not looking for anything. He should give his life for Nigeria. Going abroad is part of the the business as long as he has strong economic team in Nigeria", he stated.

The lawmaker said he's convinced that Tinubu will justify the confidence of the Nigerian masses on him, saying those having doubt about the President's capacity do not know him.

"Nigerians can call me names, I don't care. I'm not looking for anything from anybody, I say my mind", he added.

He therefore called for an end to the unguarded criticism of the President, urging for prayers and support for him.

Source: https://abntv.com.ng/news/hardship-tinubu-anxious-to-repair-the-economy-sen-kalu-video/

Technology Market / The 600W Itel ISG-65 Mobile Power Box Station by NaijaStore: 4:00pm
The 600W Itel ISG-65 Mobile Power Box Station - Suitability Based on the Manufacturer's Claims:

• Indoor and Outdoor Use:
The Itel ISG-65 is maybe suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, from powering appliances during power outages to enhancing camping trips... More Info - See Photos 🔎NaijaStoreBlog:
......... .......... .......... .......... .......... ........
Romance / Re: Why Are Guys So Heartless To Their Fellow Men? by FarmPlanetNG: 4:00pm

I know you felt betrayed. I know you helped him out just because he's your guy. But the truth is... It's not compulsory for anybody to help you. It's a choice. That's the hard fact of life.

Just stay away from him my man. He's not your friend and he doesn't appreciate you at all.

His corper gf should be helping him out the way you have been or he should employ someone to help him with that.

Just have it at the back of your mind that... Helping is only humane thing to do but not compulsory. If you are screwed by someone.. don't take it to heart. You have just learned he's not your friend

Shut up
Romance / Re: Why Do Cheaters Keep On Cheating Even After Getting Caught? by Lifemanage: 4:00pm
But women caught or suspected of cheating do regrets and do stop but d prob is men who feel a must have as many concubines as he can afford
Cos men pay bride price and dowries....women do not pay. So they got no right to give what their parents and they have been paid for. A woman who takes care of the family expenses and cheats if often not looked down upon by the men.. Nigerian women with entitlement mentality too much
Politics / Re: Plateau: Appeal Court dismisses review, fines 16 sacked PDP lawmakers N8m each by Babangidapikin: 4:00pm
The suit should have been from PDP as a party not the law makers ..poor advice.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by aribisala0(m): 4:00pm
E be like them use nuclear bomb swear for this short man. .it will nuclear war if Sweden joins nato....Sweden join
It will be nuclear war if Finland join nato...finland join
It will be nuclear war if the west intervenes in this war.....the west intervenes

The guy strongly believes they are still in the communist soviet era of stalin and lenin, see how he is talking about stalingrad....ode no be mostly Ukrainians fight for stalingrad ni....now they hate you with venomous passion

He never said It will be nuclear war if Sweden joins
In fact he never objected

So you are a liar and lack credibility
Events / Re: People Born On 29th Of February by vickthourh(m): 4:00pm
happy birthday to you

Come and take me out!

Hope you know is a big celebration for you people
Come to OTA, lemme take you out
Education / Re: Uniport Post-graduate Student Sets To Marry His Course-mate by Cindypresh(f): 3:59pm
To the mod who banned me
We shall see at heavens gate

Politics / Re: Plateau: Appeal Court dismisses review, fines 16 sacked PDP lawmakers N8m each by unitysheart(m): 3:59pm
They should appeal to the Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, the application is frivolous, vexatious, irritating and annoying, the Supreme Court will reduce the fine.

Senator Nwokocha who asked for review was fined by the Supreme Court N5m. So I know the Apex Court based on the Mutfwang judgement will see some genuine reason to reduce the fine.... For the substantive case, Otilo...

You under-estimate our politician, just wait for the judgement from Plateau High Court on stay of execution.

Perny wise, pounds foolish. So the lawyers no go collect more than 3m if they take the case to supreme court abi. Dey play o.
Politics / Re: Shut Up During Argument With Your Husbands - Women Affairs Minister Begs Women by Ilekokonit: 3:59pm

Until she cheats on him with another “alpha male” wey no dey gree for anybody

Dey play!

True talk. Case in point is Portable wey get up to 7 baby Mama's including the wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo who is currently pregnant for him.

Like him or not, Portable is an Alpha male who is the boss in his ever increasing Harem.
Events / Re: People Born On 29th Of February by samuel1981(m): 3:59pm
My son was born on this day 8 years ago. I celebrate his birthday on February 28th on none leap year, please say me a prayer for him. Thank you.

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Events / Re: People Born On 29th Of February by Chasito(m): 3:59pm
Same way I wonder how those that were born in December 31st use to feel.
Events / Re: People Born On 29th Of February by SensualMan: 3:59pm
Business / Roof Painting Better Than Re Roofing by ProjSynergies: 3:59pm
Metal roofs are all the rage right now. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider one for your home. They’re also durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing. They’ll boost your home’s aesthetic appeal considerably, whether you’re looking to eventually sell or be the newest envy of your neighbors.

But what about painting a metal roof? You’re probably wondering how you can and the best way to go about it. Luckily, you’ve found our write up about how to paint a metal roof.
Here's a step-by-step guide whether you’re looking to paint corrugated metal, standing seam, or a rusty metal roof.

Yes! You can paint metal roofs, but if you have a new and unpainted one, we suggest allowing it to weather for at least six months before you begin painting it. However, if the project can’t wait, make sure you wash oils and other remains of the galvanizing process off with vinegar.

When you are ready to paint it, make sure you prepare its surface correctly by choosing the right primers, paints (spray or other), and sealants as well as applying the products correctly. When done right, it can help extend its life and make your house more energy-efficient. These can be efficiently carried out by professional roofing companies.

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but metal roof painting provides plenty of benefits for your home’s exterior. They include:

Longer lifespan – Metal roofs already tend to have a longer lifespan in general than other types of roofs (especially asphalt shingles). And the good news is that painting them can be an added bonus by increasing their lifespan even further.
Whether it’s an old roof or a new one, paint for a metal roof can increase its life and also reduce the average cost of energy by insulating effects of the Hydrocoat.

Sustainability – Metal roofs are ideal for sustainability and energy efficiency. Lightly colored and reflective metal ones can reduce the heat island effect (the heat that radiates back into the atmosphere, which causes urban areas to be hotter than they should be). High-quality metal roofing can last twice as long as other materials. The materials from most steel roofs can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Enhanced aesthetics – There are tons of paint colors for you to choose from, from silver paint to green paint, so you can match your roof to just about any home exterior. No matter which color you choose, though, it’ll surely look beautiful for years to come!

Those are just a few of the benefits. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

Before you begin your DIY painting project, you’ll need to prepare by purchasing and gathering the right tools and materials. We’ve compiled a list with the basics:

Rust-inhibitive metal primer
Topcoat in desired color
Wire brush or wire wheel
TSP cleaner
Power washer
Paint rollers, brushes, etc.
Ladders or scaffolding
Scrub brush

Politics / South-west Speakers Demand State Police, Devolution Of Powers by lexylaw09: 3:59pm
Ripples NigeriaFeb 27, 2024 9:02 AM

Speakers of state Houses of Assembly in the South-West have advocated for the immediate creation of state police and devolution of powers to address the hydra-headed insecurity and other socio-economic challenges facing the country.

The speakers, in a communique signed and made available to journalists at their meeting held in Ikogosi-Ekiti, Ekiti State, said more power should be given to the sub-nationals to further enable them to deliver dividends of democracy to the people.

The communique was co-signed by the conference chairman and Ekiti State speaker, Hon. Adeoye Aribasoye, Adebo Ogundoyin, Olamide Oladiji, and Adewale Egbedun, the speakers of Oyo, Ondo, and Osun respectively.

The speakers stressed the dire need for holistic collaborative measures among the South-West governors to address the prevailing security challenges facing the region.

They also called for increased regional integration efforts to enhance economic growth and development across the six South-Western states.

The communique reads: “The speakers endorse the devolution of power to states, especially in the realm of security, and emphasise the importance of state policing as a means to enhance security and law enforcement at the local level.

“The Conference calls on the federal government to urgently address the rising economic concerns, particularly the shortage of food, and urges citizens to support government efforts in finding lasting solutions to these challenges.

“The conference agrees to host a legislative summit to address critical issues affecting the Southwest region and to foster collaboration and cooperation among the legislative assemblies of the Southwest states.

“We hereby affirm our commitment to these resolutions and pledge to work collectively towards the advancement and prosperity of the Southwest region.”
Events / Re: People Born On 29th Of February by Anguldi(m): 3:59pm

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