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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy For Location Supervisor by Tucleus: 1:01pm
Check the date you posted.
Romance / How To Get Your Ex Back After A Messy breakUp by May22nd(m): 1:01pm
Travel / Re: Just Testing by GoldBoss(m): 1:01pm

Nope, I'm not new here. At least I've used up to three years as a member here but been following as a guest since 2016.

Hope you get to enjoy your stay.
I hope so too. I had been following as a guest since 2015 too.
Fashion / Re: Let's Paint by airminem(f): 1:01pm
Nice one. Paint the DOT NATION on a Tshirt let us see wink
Properties / Re: Elite Garden Beside Abijo GRA. Only Few Plots Left by renieproperties(f): 1:01pm
Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value
Properties / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: The Blessing Of Intellectual Property by Business48: 1:01pm
Don't let anyone discourage you.
... ...

You've been destined for greatness.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Outcome Of CBN CPP Recruitment, 2020 by rawtouch: 1:01pm
Politics / Re: “I Hear You” — FFK Tells New Lover As She Sings Love Song (Video) by DDDEnterprises: 1:01pm
When you're cute, have money and power... grin grin
Politics / Re: "They Have Come To Arrest Me, Not My Mouth" MKO Abiola As He Was Being Arrested by HedwigesMaduro(m): 1:01pm

You no dey shame?
You fought a war for One Nigeria with the fulanis
Your son Obafemi Awolowo provided all the financial policies for the war efforts.
Your son's Obasanjo, Adekunle etc played very important roles in the war..
Your cities provided the most vital launching pads for all desicive strikes, bombing runs and invasions that helped Nigeria win the war..
Without your political support as one if the main regions of fthe country at this period, Nigeria was as good as dead!
Almost 60 years after the war, the only times the North has allowed you near the presidency, they picked only one man in the whole Yorubaland that they can trust; Obasanjo! When Shonekan was picked by the North for few months he was there, he was the ultimate caricature until they disgraced him out of Office and killed Abiola to add salt to injury!
The federal capital territory has been moved from Lagos to the North and you only grumbled!
Your dominance in the federal civil service has been whittled down to nothing, while the same North who fought equally with you takes the lion's share.
The Nigerian Army is now a Northern Nigerian army and your son who is the current vice president is being disgraced on daily basis as you pretend there's nothing to it..

What exactly are you proud of?
You should measure your political and economic growth side by side with those of the fulanis whom you fought with to understand how ineffective your politics has become.

The irony of a yeebo talking about shame. You guys are captives in Nigeria. And you ain't going nowhere until Yorubas decide Nigeria's time is up. So, you're free to email on that while Hawking your gala.
Properties / Re: 2 Bedroom Apartment Selling In Abijo GRA. Payment Plan Up To 12 Months by renieproperties(f): 1:01pm
Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value
Technology Market / 9 Ways To Protect Your ATM Debit Cards In Nigeria by Financialslot1: 1:01pm
Despite warnings and social media campaigns by banks on the need for customers to protect their debit and credit cards, so many Nigerians still fall victim to card frauds which leaves them with nothing but debit alerts and a near-clean sweep or clean sweep on their accounts in some cases.

In this post, we will share some important tips on how to protect your debit card from fraudsters in Nigeria. We will also share some tips on what to do if you suspect you are a victim of card fraud.

1. Avoid using your cards(s) when dealing with PoS agents

The presence of mobile money shops or PoS agents on almost every Nigerian street has greatly contributed to the rise of debit card fraud, particularly in the past five years. Although this is not to say that mobile money shops in Nigeria are set up with the intent to steal from those who patronize them. However, there have been numerous reports about how mobile money shop agents/salespersons connive with street boys supposedly “Yahoo! boys” in sweeping clean, the bank accounts of customers who used their services, particularly those who made withdrawals. There have been reports that shop agents who sit behind desks are prone to engage in this illicit deal with fraudsters in exchange for some percentage.

In order for them to complete their fraud, all they need are your card details which consist of your 16 digit card number, your card validity details and Security (Card Verification Value) number. To get this in seconds, PoS agents have been reported to capture customers card details with their camera phones in less than 5 seconds while trying to help them initiate their original transaction then perpetrate their evil act immediately after the customers have left or most times, in the dead of the night when their victims are fast asleep and unaware of what was happening or about to. The latter is often executed by cybercriminals with sound knowledge of websites that do not require OTP to make purchases after which proceeds from the transaction will be shared based on the agreed percentage.

A report by Vanguard in November 2020 revealed how a woman got a debit alert shortly after patronizing a POS agent. An excerpt from the article reads:

Her words, “I was travelling to Ebonyi State and decided to do PoS withdrawal from an agent in Marina, Lagos. I used my Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card to withdraw N6,000. Throughout the next day, I started receiving debit alerts of sums ranging from N30,000 to N50,000. I called my husband if he was making any transactions from the account and he said no. I quickly remembered that I withdrew from a PoS agent in Lagos. ‘‘Luckily, I was with the printed slip. I called the Police and on getting to the agent stand in Lagos, the agent felled to the ground immediately he saw me. By then he had withdrawn N250,000 from my account. He returned my money and was arrested. Some of his victims were not lucky to get their money back.”

It is advisable not to use your ATM cards if you decide to patronize street mobile money agents. Options such as bank transfers and pay IDs or pay codes are less riskier compared to using ATM cards.

2. Avoid helping someone fund a betting account with your cards

Unfortunately, most compromised debit cards these days are often channelled into funding bet accounts which are untraceable, according to the debit alerts which are generated and sent to the victim’s phone. A common mistake many make is helping their friends, lovers or partners, neighbours and even family members in funding their betting accounts.

Unknown to many, most betting platforms are notorious for saving a card without the consent of the individual making the payment. While an OTP might be required the first time you are helping out, it won’t at other times if your card is saved and this means the individual can initiate several deposits into their betting account without requiring an OTP from your device. If you have fallen victim or received debit alerts claiming you funded a betting account, first find out if you had assisted someone in funding their betting account within the past three months.

3. Avoid linking your cards to unauthorized fintech apps

You are solely responsible for what happens to your debit cards and monies and this is why it is never advisable to link your cards to authorized fintech apps that either grant loans or allow you to save on their platform.

A linkage between your card and these apps means authorized transactions can be made from your bank account and your bank might not be able to help you when such withdrawals are made. If at all you link your ATM card with any of these apps, be sure to read what their company says about how they handle sensitive information such as debit cards, IDs and BVN numbers.

4. Regularly scan your phone for spyware

In an era where mobile applications can be downloaded from authorized and unauthorized sources, it is important that you periodically scan your mobile phone for spyware, particularly keylogger, which is “an insidious form of spyware”.

Spyware describes software with malicious behaviour that aims to gather information about a person or organization and send such information to another entity in a way that harms the user, according to Wikipedia.

If you have ever downloaded a mobile application outside of your phone’s authorized app place repository or you have had to turn off your phone’s security just to “install from unknown sources”, then you are at risk of having sensitive data, including your debit card details stolen.

5. Avoid using your card on cyber cafe computers or one that is not yours

Avoid using your cards on computers in cyber cafes, belonging to your friends or siblings. As unbelievable as it sounds, cyber cafes are still very much around and most people see nothing wrong with using their debit cards in making online payments for exams, professional courses or certifications.

While that in itself isn’t the problem, computers naturally save up sensitive information such as usernames, card details, passwords, etc., by storing up cookies which makes it easier to reuse later.

If you are tempted to use a public computer or one that is not yours, make sure you take of the sensitive details such as making payments on your phone first, save up your progress before switching to a computer, if you don’t have one, that is. However, be careful about the type of information you fill out in public.

6. Avoid saving cards on websites for automatic renewals

Most websites with eCommerce features allow users to save their card details when checking out in other to use them without having to enter the card details in the near future. This is a bad idea since doing this means transactions can take place on your bank account, whether or not you authorize them. Transactions such as automatic renewals, automatic upselling and cross-selling can take place without your consent and allowing this feature means you probably consented to it.

7. Periodically update your apps, PC, devices or mobile phone

Hackers find it easier to hack into outdated apps, computers with outdated software as well as mobile phones with outdated software since such outdated tools no longer get the latest security updates from developers or manufacturers.

If this is the case with you and you use your device to make transactions such as making payments, logging in to your bank accounts, etc., then you must, as a matter of urgency, update your devices.

8. Avoid sharing your card details & asking others to withdraw on your behalf

This grave error is mostly practiced by people in corporate environments who ask office assistants, company security officials, younger colleagues, colleagues, office cleaners and even strangers on a bank queue to help them withdraw from their cards. In doing this, they carelessly share their PIN, leaving them vulnerable but hinging on trust that the person won’t disappoint or hurt them.

Sharing sensitive details have gotten many people in grave trouble they never bargained for. Other than fraud, there is the likelihood of being set up and ganged up against.

9. Avoid sharing your card details with supposed telemarketers/bank agents

Scammers and fraudsters periodically pose as genuine bank representatives and randomly message unsuspecting victims about a possible account block over incomplete details. Almost anyone can see through their shenanigans at a glance but those with little or no knowledge of how banks operate often fidget and act under pressure. The endgame is always to get their victim’s debit card details in order to make illicit withdrawals from their bank accounts.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Outcome Of CBN CPP Recruitment, 2020 by foreveryoung1515(f): 1:01pm
CBN? You get long legs?

Are you in osun and needs a catering plug? We're your best bet. Call 08131635203 for enquiries. We make celebration cakes, small chops, decorations and event planning.

Travel / Quick Ways To Access Travel Loan In Nigeria by biyiwyle(m): 1:01pm
One of the first myth to be scrapped is that there is nothing formally designated a travel loan.

What is termed a “travel loan” is a personal loan you apply for; However, the sole purpose is for traveling either for vacation, study or business.

Is it advisable to apply for travel loan?

The answer is Yes and No; If you are traveling to study or traveling for business, why not However, for vacation, I would not advise that. It’s always better you travel for vacation to rest and be in peace.

Does the bank lend for travel purposes?

Financial institutions generally frown at travel loans as it is regarded as an unsecured loan. A travel loan can be gotten from a bank if the bank can secure a document like a letter of introduction from your place of work. Others include a 6-month bank statement of your salary account.

I will give an Instance of a family member who just immigrated to Canada for the purpose of study and these are the following requested by a financial institution;

Statement of account also containing your ....

Read all @ https://travelgrease.com/2021/05/12/travel-loan-in-nigeria/
Politics / Re: We Are Interested In Peace, Unity, Not Nigeria’s Break-up – ACF by Ahmeduana(m): 1:01pm
But your actions is opposite of your spoken words!
Properties / Re: Buy And Build Land Selling Within A Luxury Estate At Mowe Ofada. by LandOwners: 1:01pm
Secure your future today... Lets help you get started.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Politics: How To Publish A Book On Nigerian Politics by Number8: 1:01pm
Write it. Tell it. Make it interesting!

Make it happen.
... _-_-__
Education / Re: Combined Art: What Can A Graduate Do With This Course? by santos123(m): 1:01pm
I applied for law ended up in Combined Social Sciences and I don't regret it. Studied PHILOSOPHY/PSYCHOLOGY..It was stressful but I'm happy I studied those courses.
Travel / Re: Qatar Airways To Operate Double-daily Flights To Lagos by Bifwoli: 1:01pm
Africans being dominated on their own turf by foreign airlines .
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by QueenSindel(f): 1:01pm
I am a pained Hoelite. Ka3na street

Choked on my hatred. grin
Oh I forgot. my fave wasn't even part of the show
Phones / Re: Leak Image Of The First Infinix Device With Wireless Charging by talktalk4u: 1:01pm
Person Chop Banana Throwey The Peel.

You Carry Am Chop Dey Claim Na Fried Rice and Chicken .
you they post about charger seems you sabi do amibo oya still post xiaomi phone way they change color too grin grin grin
Properties / Re: Luxury 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex At 2nd Avenue, Banana Island by renieproperties(f): 1:01pm
Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value
Adverts / Re: Publishing Career: How To Publish Your Book On Amazon Kindle & Make Money! by Finkap65: 1:01pm
Read a book.

Write a book.

Fiction and nonfiction books.
-_. - - __
Phones / Re: TECNO Launching PHANTOM As Its Own Flagship Sub-brand by Yourfav: 1:01pm
I saw a similar thread earlier, dem really wash hand produce this phone
Celebrities / Re: Baba Ijesha Arrives Court For ‘sexual Assault’ Trial by southniyikaye(m): 1:01pm

I don't just see it as a vendetta. If he wasn't caught being inappropriate with a.minor, there wouldn't have been a case.

He gave the village people lens to see him.

If I catch you being inappropriate with my child, I'll come at you with all the arsenal in America and the world.
yeah, he also lack self discipline..

About bringing to whole arsenal in America,
Me I will bring the whole arsenal with their fans all over the world, even Manu, Chelsea, Liverpool, barca and it won't still be enough...
I dey inside sun like this dey hustle because of my kids
Business / Re: Kano Bakers Threaten Indefinite Strike Over IRS, Others Flour Price Hike by Rickywardell332: 1:01pm
Strike everywhere..I have 2 plots of land in Rivers state Etche LGA Umuechem . Its located in a good site and close to the road . This place is good for fish farming and poultry. Its still a developing area. You can also buy and build. I have 4 plots in total there I want to sell 2 to develop the other. If you are in Rivers state or you need land in this location. Feel free to contact me 090 79423 938. The price is good am in distress so this a distress sale. A plot 1m if you want to buy the 2plots 1.8M . I await interested buyers. Thanks
Investment / Re: Business Investment: How To Invest In Social Media Promotions To Grow Your Brand by SpottedCity: 1:01pm
Don't allow lack of publicity spoil your business.

Promotions and Publicity can increase your sales by up to 70%.

Promotions and Publicity are the keys to making sales and quick turnover in your business.

Become the expert you want to be in your business.

Yes it's possible.
: ... ... ...
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 1:01pm
"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." (Hebrews 4:16 KJV)

Always plead and seek the mercy of Jesus Christ Crucified from His throne of grace dwelling within your mortal-body as a believer to speak better things on your behalf such that you will always have grace to serve God acceptably with holiness and Godly fear all the days of your earthly existence then watch-out as His perfect-will manifests on your behalf.....
Great Grace Brethren!!!
Politics / Re: Standard Chartered To Replace China Loans For Rail Projects In Nigeria by olisaEze(m): 1:01pm
Sorry for derailing but I need to say this.

Yoruba muslims & Christians are never enemies. You would hardly see any Yoruba family having no one practising either Christianity or Islam. We are religiously mixed. Please don't give attentive ears to the online warmongers & some religious fanatics. They have little or no knowledge about Yoruba culture. They are online wolves, they operate in packs. Don't be deceived by the number of likes their posts/comments amass. They are agents of division, they hate Yorubas for our oneness because they find it hard to achieve such lofty grace.

I know muric is on nairaland, and I know him & his squad will avoid this comment in a hurry. grin
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by nna777: 1:01pm
now bedsheet is pointing to two other stock.

one on banking sector another on d other sector.

it will be reveal at appropriate time on confirmation

watch out!!!

vummmmmmmm with my two leg b4 pastor vee catch me

grin grin grin grin grin grin

Access grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by basilico: 1:00pm

The people knew your Biden Jim Crow 2.0 allegations and voted out drumptf anyway.

States that suppress voters to win elections will come under Federal oversight whether you like it or not since they can be sued all the way to the Supreme Court.

Wont happen. States run the elections

And AOC of the Jihad Squad district is being absorbed.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: How To Grow Your Income As A Graphic Designer In Nigeria by DAutoDiagnosis: 1:00pm
The little youve learnt, put it to good use, dont learn forever, stop jumping from one training to the other without applying what you've learnt. You don't need to know everything.

Most importantly, market yourself. The jobs you cant deliver, outsource
Gaming / Re: PS4 Games Exchange by MejiLoyon(m): 1:00pm

Hello, I'm interested in the shadow of mordor, what's your location?!
We've spoken before. I only swap. Lagos.

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