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Agriculture / Re: Fish Farming Mustn't Be Catfish Alone, Explore Tilapia Farming In Fullest(video) by Petyr1: 1:38pm

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what is your location
Investment / Re: South African Brothers Vanish With $3.6Bn In Bitcoins by SegFault: 1:38pm

But these ones are South African Indians - they are a much softer. The Guptas were real hardcore Indians.

I still don't know who's worse between Indian and Nigerian scamming grin Maybe the Indians have perfected the art while Nigerians are boastful about their ill-gotten ills - hence the notoriety.
grin forget naija scammers, it's boastfulness that puts them in the limelight, the indians are the real demons in terms of fraud.
Politics / What The Ndigbo Nation Wants? by cocolacec(m): 1:38pm
The Ißo Nation is looking for three things from Nigeria.

1. To govern as President of Nigeria and use the centralized military and police to recolonize the entire country. If they can't manage to rule as the President of Nigeria, then they want...

2. To take control of all of southern Nigeria and rule it. If that doesn't work, then they just want...

3. To carve out the former eastern region of Nigeria and take the minorities Ijaw, Efik-Ibibio, Edo with them into the Biafra.

The IPOB campaign for Biafra is not about the freedom of the Ißo, but more about being unhappy with the Fulani for forming a coalition government with the Yoruba led by Tinubu.

We must remember that at independence, Ißo refused a coalition government with the Yoruba people to team up with the Fulani and use the federal power to capture the Yoruba's wealth and resources.

The first thing they did was to work with the Fulani to carve out the Midwest region and annex it into the Ißo controlled area.

Then they got Awolowo out of the way so they could use Remi Fani Kayode, a half-blood Yoruba to take control of the western region.

In 1962, they had Awolowo, who was the architect of chasing the English out of Nigeria in 1960, celebrated the second anniversary of the independence of Nigeria under a house arrest in the official residence of the Leader of the Opposition at 7 Bell Avenue, Ikoyi in Lagos.

Awolowo had been restricted to within one mile radius of his home at Ikenne on 29th May, 1962, following the declaration of a state of emergency by the Nigerian Federal Government led by the Ißo and Fulani.

On 19th June, 1962, Awolowo was ordered to proceed to a remote, marshy, mosquito-ridden fishing village on the Lagos Lagoon of Lekki, where he remained until he was ordered back to Ikenne in July 1962.

On July 22, 1962, Awolowo was transferred to Lagos in order to be available for an exhaustive inquiry into his 8 year rule of the Western Region in all its ramifications.

During this time, Awolowo was under house arrest and later accused of treason and conspiracy by the Ißo and Fulani coalition government.

In September 1963, he was jailed for 10 years, shortly after his first son Ṣegun had been killed in a car accident planned by the Ißo.

In 1964, the attempt of the Ißo to take over the Western Region totally backfired when the Fulani imposed Akintola as Premier of the Western Region and now used him to checkmate the Ißo.

The series of events led to the Ißo coup of January 1966.

And when the second coup of July 1966 led by the Fulani totally removed the Ißo from power, they wanted to break away from Nigeria and take along with them the minorities that have always rejected them.

On the 2nd of August 1966, General Yakubu Gowon released Awolowo from the prison.

In the course of the civil war, the same Ibo who helped put Awolowo in prison suddenly tried to use him for manipulation.

Ojukwu saw that the Northern part of Nigeria was now out of reach and decided to capture the whole southern part of Nigeria.

Ojukwu wanted Awolowo to support him so he could provide soldiers for him. Awolowo did not fall for the bait.

Then he raised an army under Víctor Banjo with a mission to ransack the entire western region and take control of Lagos.

Ojukwu told Victor Banjo that if he takes Western region, he will be the new Governor of the region, but would take orders from him and his army will remain in the Western Region to keep him in check.

When this backfired, he settled for Biafra and carved out boundaries forcefully taking with him Ijaw and Ibibio… a people they were not together with as a nation before the arrival of the English.

And after the war, Ißo re-entered a coalition government with the Fulani in 1979 and 1983.

The situation right now is no different from what has happened in the past.

Forget the cover-up with IPOB and the Fulani. They are just upset that Fulani dumped them for Yoruba under Tinubu in 2015.

Only a few years ago, the Ißo spoke of declaring Lagos a cosmopolitan state and dominating it.

The Biafran unrest started after Jonathan lost in 2015.

Nnamdi Kanu believed in Nigeria during the reign of Jonathan. But immediately they lost out at the center, the cry for Biafra started.

While the shouting continued, Nnamdi Kanu stopped to support Atiku, and when Atiku lost, he got angry and expressed in writing how they were robbed of the chance of getting back to power through Peter Obi.

Now, little by little, their agitation is drawing attention and arguments are made to give them their Biafra, which is only the Ibo-speaking region, they immediately changed the purpose and say they want the Niger Delta region.

Once again, the situation of the 1960s is at stake with their desire for Yorubaland through their southern unity and half Yoruba blood in Yoruba-PDP.

All they are doing is building on the English platforms in a desperate attempt to be the new overlords, rather than staying in their lane to rebrand a homogenous Ibo nation.

Biafra is not a fight for freedom. It is scum to make so much noise until they return to power.

With the noise of Biafra, the IPOB and Ißo are only trying to position themselves for the upcoming elections in 2023.

The IPOB campaign for Biafra is because they are angry with the Fulani for forming a coalition government with the Yoruba headed by Tinubu.

If Ißo really wants to leave Nigeria, the five states of Ißo plus the local governments speaking Ißo in the Delta and River states are Ißoland.

1. Abia State.
2. Enugu State.
3. Anambra State.
4. Ebonyi State.
5. Imo State.

6. The 9 Ibo-speaking local governments in Delta State:
Ika South Local Government.
Ika North East Local Government.
Aniocha North Local Government.
Aniocha South Local Government.
Oshimili North Local Government.
Oshimili South Local Government.
Ukwani Local Government.
Ndokwa West Local Government.
Ndokwa East Local Government.

7. The 4 Ibo-speaking local governments in Rivers State:
Ikwerre Local Government.
Obio/Akpor Local Government.
Port Harcourt Local Government (North).
Emohua Local Government.

Adeyinka Grandson,
President of the YYF.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by afrodoc2: 1:38pm

365days later..
1 naira no commot from what dey wanted last year.. This is so dumb grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin cheesy

Like why u no just pay the money last year.
U just waited 365 days more to pay the same amount that they would have accepted last year.. 95M. Making us end up with VDB that barely started up to 10 games


You got it wrong. Dortmund wanted 95-100 million POUNDS last year (about 120 million EURO). Now they are willing to sell for 81 million POUNDS (about 95 million EURO), though United are offering about 72 million POUNDS (about 85 million EURO).

In essence the fee has dropped by about 20 million pounds in the last 12 months.
Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by erai30(m): 1:38pm
Get an army officer and look for the attendant you transferred money into his personal account, before you get the manager.
Romance / Re: If Your Woman Does These Things...leave Her. by HarrisAWalcott: 1:38pm
I love killing the wicked
Politics / Re: Guardian: PDP condems Dss Arrest of Senator Abaribe by jlinkd78(m): 1:38pm
Family / Re: What Was Your Pregnancy Like? by zaynie(f): 1:38pm

I have read about the metallic taste which many women experience but I haven't had it. Did it last long?

Mine lasts all through pregnancy.
Nutri C was always my go to. Couldn't drink water.
But it leaves about a week after having my babies.
It was worse in my first pregnancy, but subsequently I knew what to expect so e no too pepper me.

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Stop Using VPN. You Think You Are Hurting Me By Using VPN (Video) by Sleekfingers: 1:38pm
Celebrities / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Becoming An All Round Success by Innovative405(m): 1:38pm
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Autos / Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:38pm
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Sports / Re: Ali Daei Congratulates Ronaldo As He Equals Men Goalscoring Record by divineuk(m): 1:38pm
penalty goal
lol Messi fan
Career / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Secrets Of Career Success by Cabs22: 1:38pm
Are you a business person or entrepreneur? This book is for you.

Get this book to learn a lot about business secrets and mysteries of business success.
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Family / Re: How To Check The Expiry Date Of Your Gas Cylinder To Avoid Explosion by Rhidolah(m): 1:37pm
My gas cylinder 6kg
Pls decode FAO3347 for me

That's SON registration number for the producer of your cylinder. It has nothing to do with expiry date.
Properties / Re: Precious Peace Estate Ikorodu Now Selling Two Bedroom Bungalows. by LandOwners: 1:37pm
Secure your future today... Lets help you get started.
Health / Re: Can A Woman Be Pregnant For 9 Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant? by TruthHurts1(m): 1:37pm
According to a certain headslamming religion, a woman can be pregnant for 4 years. So anything is possible in the realm of stupidity.
Adverts / Re: KING'S EXCHANGE by kingturky224(m): 1:37pm
Come In.
Programming / Re: Digital Naira Currency (NAIRA COIN) For Nigerians Has Been Launched O by Melanin07(m): 1:37pm
Your comment indicate how little you know about blockchain. You can't shutdown a blockchain project hosted on Github, not even the US govt have that power. You can only ban the use of it in your sovereignty.

Go and shutdown Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Tron and let me see. No one is running an ICO here (Initial Coin offering). You are not even buying, you are not even running an exe file to claim it is a malware, trojan horse or worm to steal your money from your bank.

You will have to build the project from Github on your own before you can start mining it ( Too bad, if you are not a programmer here).

Like it or not, there are already miners with nodes all over the world mining Naira coin. Crypto currency are here to say.

Decentralized, transancton free finance is here to stay
Properties / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: The Blessing Of Intellectual Property by Business48: 1:37pm
You can achieve success in your business.

Don't give up.

Yes you can make it.
Properties / Re: Buy And Build Land With C Of O Selling At Alagbado Lagos by LandOwners: 1:37pm
Secure your future today... Lets help you get started.

Yes I watch Koiki media. Those are the ones working and going to the trenches.

He is a correct guy and a Yoruba patriot to the core.

Koiki media that was tagging tug boats as warships.The only Yoruba patriot i know who has been agitating for Oduduwa rep before koiki is Adeyinka Grandson.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Free Seminar by mrfreestuff: 1:37pm
Wow!!! Nice one OP. Please post it on FreeStuffsNG.com to reach more people.

Phones / Re: Neatly Used Samsung A20S, 3/32gb by WeNoGoDie(m): 1:37pm
Neatly used Samsung A20S available @ 47K FIRM. Contact on signature smiley

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Business / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: 13 Keys To Business Success by Words35: 1:37pm
Get this powerful book by the man of God now.

It's a great book you need to have.

Be inspired.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: How To Grow Your Income As A Graphic Designer In Nigeria by Darkmode64: 1:37pm

It doesnt, just to motivate
I understand chief.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Politics: How To Publish A Book On Nigerian Politics by Number8: 1:37pm
Write it. Tell it. Make it interesting!

Make it happen.
... _-_-__
Health / Re: Can A Woman Be Pregnant For 9 Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant? by fred04(m): 1:37pm
To me it's not possible cos she won't see her period for nine month and as that she won't be comfortable without going for pregnancy test
Technology Market / Re: Samsung S10+ Whith The Charger And Screen Guide 139k by TerverAyaka(m): 1:37pm
Politics / Re: Fulanis: The Major Cause Of Culture Clash In Nigeria by Biafranboys: 1:37pm
Properties / Re: Bungalows Selling Within An Estate At Ikorodu by LandOwners: 1:37pm
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Adverts / Re: Publishing Career: How To Publish Your Book On Amazon Kindle & Make Money! by Finkap65: 1:37pm
It's all about books.

Write a book.

Publish a book.

Become an author.

Get a professional book editor and publisher.

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