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Properties / Re: It’s December Promo Offer 0’clock +2349030188831 by Topfolhomes: 3:02pm
Welcome to one of our best fast selling estate sir……..Located just behind Pan Atlantic University and as well facing the lekki epe expressway.Arizon Estate is strategically located for smart growing ROI for all our investors
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by udemzyudex(m): 3:02pm
Putin tell dem make e dey ring for their ear.
Properties / Re: Main Castle Apartment,penthouse Is Situated At Maryland Ikeja+2349030188831 by Topfolhomes: 3:02pm
Welcome to one of our best fast selling estate sir……..Located just behind Pan Atlantic University and as well facing the lekki epe expressway.Arizon Estate is strategically located for smart growing ROI for all our investors
Politics / Re: Check This Funny 2023 Election Election Chart Titled: Who Are The Bigots? by Ogiame: 3:02pm

Aye e ma baje ni


Fergie001 Nlfpmod Is this not against rule number 2 or should I retaliate?
Romance / Re: Why Do Cheaters Keep On Cheating Even After Getting Caught? by jaxxy(m): 3:02pm
u don't automatically stop cheating because u get caught especially if ure a serial cheat. it's a bad habit. undecided

A lack of self control or a mindset that cheating isn't wrong or so bad.
Career / Re: Tax Experts, How Much Is He Supposed To Receive At The End Of The Month? by SALLYBERRY01(m): 3:02pm
Politics / Re: Hardship: Life Was Better Under Boko Haram - IDPs Threaten To Return To The Bush by ibidokun65w: 3:02pm
Somebody should foward this to the god of waste land Somebody should foward this to the god of waste land...
Business / Re: Why Are Some Nairalanders So Daft? by Prudoh(m): 3:01pm

You don't always have to pay attention to every post. Just ignore them like you didn't see them to avoid saying words you don't want to say.

You even went as far as creating a topic for it. Wow your emotions are really working good.
It's just annoying, sharing a forum with an illiterate
Politics / Hardship: FCT Consumers Turn To ‘awara’ As Substitute For Meat by FuglyGurl(f): 3:01pm
An ‘awara’ seller in Bwari Area Council, FCT, Mrs Hannatu Musa, says more consumers have turned to buying ‘awara’ as a substitute for protein.

Musa, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Bwari, said since meat was no longer affordable, some consumers had resorted to the use of `awara’ as a substitute.

NAN reports that ‘awara’ is the Hausa version of tofu, a meal made of soybean curds. Soybeans are a richly healthy food; it contain several vitamins and is low in carbohydrates.

It is a common delicacy in the northern region, produced in block form and eaten as a snack.

Musa said that the snack had significant popularity in the north due to its health benefits and delectable taste.

She said that she had gained more consumers in recent times because people had realised it could serve as meat in foods, especially for those who avoided beef intake.

“I learned it is packed with protein and serves as an excellent alternative to meat for individuals looking to reduce their meat intake.

“I think that is why patronage for it has increased; lately, I have seen more people of different tribes come here to buy the snack.

“One of my customers actually told me he buys it for his entire family so that they can add it to their meals.

“Since I cannot afford meat or fish regularly anymore and my children love it, I substitute it for meat.

“I think it is because it has a meat-like texture and flavour after it is fried; you can actually add it as an ingredient in soups and stews,’’ she said.

Musa said the delicacy was traditionally served with ground pepper or sliced fresh pepper, cabbage, and cucumber and could also be eaten with pap or ‘kunu’.

She said that despite its nutritional value, the preparation of ‘awara’ was time-consuming and challenging, which was the reason people opted for ready-made.

Madam Christine Douglas, one of the consumers of the snack, told NAN that she had never eaten it until she came to live in Abuja five years ago.

She said that her neighbour, who was a northerner, introduced her to eating it, and she has since taken a queue to buy it.

“I have introduced other women to it; it is very delicious if well prepared.

“I like the way it is usually garnished; it goes well with rice, and now that meat is expensive, I use it to balance my diet,’’ she said.

Dr Kemi Adegoke-Abraham, a nutritionist, said that the food, made from soybeans, has a high vitamin content and low carbohydrates.

According to her, ‘awara’ is a good choice for those monitoring carbohydrate intakes.

“In addition, its low glycemic index in soybeans ensures stable blood sugar levels, rendering it a suitable option for individuals with diabetes.

“You know, soybeans also proffers a substantial dietary fibre content and according to some research, soybeans reduces the risk of breast cancer,” she said. (NAN)

Career / Re: Tax Experts, How Much Is He Supposed To Receive At The End Of The Month? by 43Ronin: 3:01pm
Something around 130k net
U no try o, u no be correct guy. Padiman babe wan calculate him salary you rush twe twe.
Foreign Affairs / Re: World Lost 2 Banking Giants This February. Herbert Wigwe And Jacob Rotschild by Konquest: 3:01pm
like the wise man once said, vanity vanity, all is vanity
Whoa! Look at those huge gold bars Sukkot.

The Rothschilds are indeed a family of super bankers. European Jewish bloodline.

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Education / Re: Uniport Post-graduate Student Sets To Marry His Course-mate by BBIA: 3:01pm
Marrying your classmate or agemate is a no no in my world. Who wan help who?

Your husband wey go marry you if you get luck currently dey like 55years
Politics / Re: Simeon Ekpa: One Biafran Ego To One American Dollar by nobaga: 3:01pm
Look, you cannot be giving solutions in the sky. If you can do better and know how to change any African currency like Biafra dollar to one U.S dollar, please show us by demonstration in reality.

Bitcoin did it.

Ojukwu did it

So can Ekpa

Please, may Sayers, do not put sansand into the financial wizard garri.
Politics / Re: Urum Kalu Eke: South East Nominee Rejects Tinubu's Appointment To CBN Board by Showguyz: 3:01pm
At least
He is not greedy
By serving your father land?
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by Deepthoughts: 3:01pm
and it is bravery if coalition of 31 countries are threatening one country right? undecided
How are the 31 countries threatening russia? Or did you expect no one to help Ukraine against the madness of Putin?,I guess you support Russia's unjustified invasion of Ukraine.
Autos / Re: Ship Cheap Vehicles From California Via Container by Gimporters: 3:01pm
California shipping simplified.
Health / Losing My Vision To Glaucoma. by AfonjaScud: 3:01pm
fonjaScud: 4:03pm On Dec 18, 2023
Hello, my fellow nairalanders.

I am gradually losing my vision such that letters look very hazy to me.

I consulted a well-established eye hospital where I was told I have glaucoma on both eyes. I've already lost vision on one.

Any hope of cure for both or one ? Does anyone know what I can do or where I can go to reclaim my vision ?
Politics / Re: Check This Funny 2023 Election Election Chart Titled: Who Are The Bigots? by illicit(m): 3:01pm
Fergie001 Nlfpmod Is this not against rule number 2

Aye e ma baje ni

Politics / Re: Plateau: Appeal Court dismisses review, fines 16 sacked PDP lawmakers N8m each by Paraman: 3:01pm
Daily Trust reports that the Speaker of the state assembly, Gabriel Daweng, refused to swear in the 16 All Progressives Congress (APC) and Labour Party members as lawmakers on January 23, arguing that he had received court process and asked them to wait until the court made a determination.

Now that the court case is over, the speaker of the plateau house of assembly should swear in the APC lawmakers as soon as possible

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Politics / Re: Economic Hardship: I Take Full Responsibility - Tinubu by lexy2014: 3:01pm

Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (GCFR)

you are telling me the meaning of the acronym. but my question is this...

is GCFR a position or is it a title?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by WhoDeyHause: 3:00pm

I don't see anybody complaining the dollar has crashed to N1,400 for now. If anything, what I see people saying is that Tinubu should return dollars to what he met it and they will give him kudos.

As far as I know, asking people to praise Tinubu now is tantamount to asking people to thank Jumia and Konga for the scam black Friday sales dey always run. They will hike a product that normally sells for N2k to N5k few weeks to black Friday and when black Friday comes, they will reduce it to N4k and claim: It was selling for N5k, thanks to black Friday it sells for N4k. Hurry buy now while black Friday sales is still on.
The complains have even reduced a little to be fair but most of us want it how he met it when he assumed office even though we know the prices of most local commodities that inflation has made to go up will never come down.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by TradingGod: 3:00pm

The entire globe is in a state of peril given it's state right now with Wars And Rumors Of Wars, Famines, Pestilences And Major Natural Disasters!

Extreme birthpangs in the forms of Earthquakes, extreme weather patterns are shaking the globe!
Everything JESUS CHRIST told us will Happen as a sign of His return are Happening live before our Eyes.

Set your Priorities right.
Settle the Matter of your soul and Eternity now you Have the opportunity.
The next Moment is not Guaranteed.
JESUS CHRIST is Coming Quickly.
If Heaven matters to you, you must be Born-again . It is only Possible through JESUS CHRIST.

Always include a prayer of Salvation to your post so that those who want to give their life to Christ can say the prayer immediately and become saved wink
Romance / Re: Why Are Guys So Heartless To Their Fellow Men? by otipoju(m): 3:00pm
There's this my guy, we're so close and we share everything in common like eating together, going out to hustle together, gist and relate.
He's rich as he sells lands (real estate) and makes huge profits from it but he's uneducated and can neither read nor write, I usually help him and compose text messages for him and also chats for him on his Facebook account as he can't speak English correctly.

So there's this school I'm currently working, in the evenings when I go to workplace to drop my laptop (as home isn't safe due to recent robbery attacks in our neighborhood) he'll usually accompany me.

Recently he followed me and we strolled together, there's this corper working in our school, she came out and met me, we exchange pleasantries and gisted.

My friend said he likes her that I should help him talk to her, I obliged then smartly did the job but the lady seemed uninterested as he was not properly dressed and blowing wrong grammars with a very local accent.
But after the girl realized how rich he is and the assets he has she finally gave in.

So recently the Operating System in my laptop got expired, didn't have present money to fix and update it, gigs were coming in but no money to repair the laptop. I asked my guy to lend me 5k when I receive salary I'll pay back but he told me he doesn't have but he'll try and help, he requested for my account and gave him, he lied to me he sent it to the POS girl in my area that she'll give me, but till date I couldn't see any alert.
I approached the girl and she told me he's lying he didn't give her any money. He later told me he was lying but there's no money as he's broke. I moved on. Mind you the girl accepted him and they're both dating.

Yesterday I saw the girl with a new Redmi Note 12, I complimented her phone and congratulated her, she then told me it's my friend that got it for her yesterday and also told the her to move out of the school's premises (she was living in the school compound as accomodation was provided for corpers). The guy then rented a new self contain apartment (250k yearly) for her and she moved out and is staying in the new apartment.
The girl told me how he has stocked her house with foodstuffs and giving her upkeep weekly.
Funny enough the girl has a smartphone she was using and never requested for phone from him, he just willingly bought the phone for the girl. Price of the phone was around 140k.

I was sad and grieved how this guy could be so heartless to his fellow guy and close friend but extravagantly kind and so simpishly foolish to girls.
The girl sef couldn't even show gratitude for connecting her to a foolish maga.

On my way back from Church in the evening yesterday, I saw them together at an eatery with sumptuous meals on their table, the girl called me and I just waved at them and passed.
The guy doesn't call me again nor come around my place again as he used to.

I just learnt that if you're educated avoid walking or keeping company with uneducated people and those that aren't exposed, their mentality is annoying.

I feel your pain deeply. Just move on. And learn not to ne doing things for free for people.
As you dey help am compose and send info, demand for your commission. Respect go dey.

What is given freely is not valued. You go dey think sey you dey help am , meanwhile he secretly detests you for having what he doesn't have.

Always expect disappointment from people...and do whatever you want to do with the expectation sey they will be ungrateful.

Jesus healed 10 lepers, only one came back to thank him.
Romance / Re: Why Do Cheaters Keep On Cheating Even After Getting Caught? by oluwaseyi0: 3:00pm
Because it's in our blood

And we consider the sex too cheap and harmless to turn down
Romance / Re: 24 Year Old Man & His 80 Year Old Lover Are Trending On Social Media (pics/vid) by Timothy89(m): 3:00pm
A mother of 5? A 24yrs boy went for a retired pussy
Technology Market / Re: Sweet Graphics Laptop For Sale At Give Away Price by gbese: 3:00pm
How much?
Crime / Re: Army Uncovers 40 Wells Where Oil Thieves ‘Fetch’ Crude Oil by Cromagnon: 3:00pm
Nawa o
Diggers die in the process of digging the well, yet others will continue
workers die on the way to work yet you go out everyday
Business / Re: Bitcoin Breaks $60K For First Time Since November 2021 by vickydevoka(m): 3:00pm

Google is your friend

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