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Adverts / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly Income For Life!! by SpottedCity: 1:35am
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Politics / Re: This Is Not Peter Obi's Son by OgunLaakaye: 1:34am

The usual!

Always trash when the truth is spoken!
Adverts / Re: Powerful Business Strategy: How To Promote Your Business & Increase Sales by Innovative405(m): 1:34am
Reach the world.

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Politics / Re: Panic As Unidentified Turbanned Man Invades Catholic Church In Abuja by legendarystar: 1:34am
Na wa o

Family / Re: How Do I Stop My Toddler From Sucking Her Lip by ImaIma1(f): 1:34am
Keep tapping her lip when she does or anything to show that it is not ok. You could ask the elderly or ooder people.

Please don't take the advice if letting her be to stop on her own. I know 2 people personally who still suck; one is in his 50s while one is about 40. Not all kids stop on their own.
Investment / Re: Investment Branding:Get An Article Written &Published In Your Name In Newspapers by News101: 1:34am
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Technology Market / Re: Tech Products Sales: How To Promote Your Business & Increase Sales by Episode101(m): 1:33am
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Investment / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly For Life! by For353(m): 1:33am
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Religion / Re: Adeboye: Christians Don’t Need Guns For Self-Defence by amakanancy(f): 1:33am
But your escorts dey use guns
Have you seen his escorts before?
Technology Market / Re: Brand New,usa Used And Open Box Iphones And Samsungs by psalmz(m): 1:32am
Price list updated in JULY 2022

Call or WhatsApp 08038940607 or visit my office address attached to my signature .

Brand New phones ☎️
Samsung Note 10+=N270,000. New
Samsung S10+=N185,open box
Samsung S10+ duos=N195,000 open box
Samsung S10=N180,000 new
Samsung S10 = 157k,open box
Samsung S8=N88,000 open box
Samsung S8+=N105k open box
Samsung S9+=N120,000 new open box
Samsung S9= N95,000 new open box
Samsung Note 8=N115, new open box
Samsung Note 9=N135,000 open box
Samsung Note 10+= N240,000 open box new
Samsung Note 20 ultra 128gig = N430,000 new
Samsung S21 ultra =N550,000 brand new
Samsung galaxy fold 3 = N780,000 brand new
iphone 13 128gig = N460,000 brand new
iphone 13 256gig = N490,000 brand new
iphone 13 pro max 128gig =N670,000 brand New
iphone 13 pro max 256gig =N720,000 new
Iphone 13 pro max 1 tb=N820,000 brand new
Iphone 12promax 128gb=N550,000 brand new
Iphone 12promax 256gb=N590,000 brand new
Iphone 12pro 128gb=N490,000 new
IPhone 12pro 256gb=520,000New
IPhone 12 64gb=N370,000 new
Iphone 11 64gb=N270,000 new
Iphone 11 128gb=N290,000 new
iphone 11promax 64gb=N375,000 new
iphone 11promax 256gb=N410,000 new
Iphone Xsmax 64gb=235,000 open box
iphone Xsmax 256gb=260,000 open box
IPhone XR 64gb=N170,000 new open box
IPhone X 64gb=N158,000 open box
IPhone X 256gb=N185,000 open box
IPhone 8+ 64gb=N130,000
IPhone 8+ 256gb=150,000
IPhone 7+ 32gb=N113,000 open box new
IPhone 7+ 128gb=N125,000 open box new
IPhone 7 32gb=N80,000 open box
IPhone 7 128gb=N90,000 open box new
IPhone 6s+ 16gb=Nil
IPhone 6s+ 64gb=N85,000 open box
IPhone 6+ 16gb=N70,000
IPhone 6+ 64gb=N70,000
Iwatch series 3 44mm =Nil
Iwatch series 6 44mm =N220,000
One plus 9Pro 256gb=470,000

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6 16gb N38,000
6 64gb N43,000
6s 16gb N50,000
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6s 128gb N65,000
6splus 16gb N63,000
6splus 32gb N73 000
6splus 64gb N75,000
6splus 128gb N89,000
7plus 32gb N108,000
7plus 128gb N120,000
7plus 256gb nil
8 64gb N95,000
8 256gb N115,000
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X 64gb N153,000
X 256gb N175,000
XS 64gig N165,000
Xs 256gb NIL
Xr 64gb N160,000
Xr 128gb N180,000
Xsmax 64gb N210,000
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11 64gb N225,000
11 128gb N255,000
11 256gb N280,000
11pro 64gb N275,000
11pro 256gb N305,000.
11ProMax 64gb N338,000
11promax 256gb N370,000
12 pro max 128gig N495,000
12 pro max 256gig. N510,000
12 pro max 512 gig N530,000
13 pro max. 128gig. N610,000
13 pro max 256gig. N645,000

Samsung galaxy s7 48k,duos 53k
Samsung galaxy s8 80k duos 85k
Samsung galaxy s8+ 98k duos 105k
Samsung galaxy s9 90k,duos 95k
Samsung galaxy s9+ 114k duos 120k

Samsung S10e 128gb 135k
Samsung S10 128gb 150,000
Samsung S10plus 128gb 175,000
Samsung s20 ultra 128gb N 280,000
Samsung note 20 ultra 128gb N390,000

Samsung galaxy s20 230k
Samsung galaxy s20 ultra 280k
Samsung galaxy note 8 110k
Samsung galaxy note 9 130k,duos 135,000
Samsung galaxy note 10 185,000
Samsung galaxy note 10+ 230,000
Samsung Note 10plus duos N240,000

One plus 7pro duos 256gb N210,000
Religion / Re: Adeboye: Christians Don’t Need Guns For Self-Defence by amakanancy(f): 1:32am

When Jesus Christ was on earth, he travelled from one city to another surrounded by 12 men armed with weapons for self-defense and he never told them to discard their weapons.
Do you read your Bible well??
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Lied He Has No House Abroad, See His House In London by legendarystar: 1:32am
It is well,
Maybe it is his uncle’s house

Adverts / Re: Business Branding: Get An Article Written & Published In Your Name In Newspapers by Words35: 1:32am
Get an article written and published in your own name in reputable Nigerian national newspapers!

You too can have your name boldly written in the newspapers and people would like to read your article.

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Adverts / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly Income For Life!! by SpottedCity: 1:32am
This is the best business for residual income.

Make money and more money in book publishing investment.

It's a great investment opportunity and a secure investment.
Crime / Re: Father Peter Udo & Philemon Oboh Kidnapped In Edo (Photos) by juman(m): 1:32am
Till 2031.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by YeyeGbami: 1:32am

I didn't say I hustle til 10pm ooh, I said maximum 10pm, I don enter house.
And someone just said there are some drivers who hustle till later night like 12midnight. lipsrsealed
That one dey scary, boss.
Much respect, sir.

Scary keh! you no get juju? Midnight runs sweet well road go free but boyz r nt smiling.

Adverts / Re: Powerful Business Strategy: How To Promote Your Business & Increase Sales by Innovative405(m): 1:31am
Let people know your business and patronize you.

No patronage, no business.

The customer is the real king!

Honor them!

Education / Re: Hijab: Muslim Students Ask Lagos To Issue Circular On Supreme Court Ruling by Empiree: 1:31am
grin grin
Are you now ready to answer all your pending questions, is like that camel urine has done wonders in your life?

Politics / Re: Ghana Seeks IMF Bailout As Inflation HIts A Stunning 50% Per Annum by FreeStuffsNG: 1:30am
"Ghana's current inflation rate at an astonishing 49.35%, which is triple the 17.7% inflation rate of neighbouring Nigeria."

Thank you President Muhammadu Buhari
Politics / Re: Governor Ortom’s Convoy Involved In Accident in Abuja, No Casualty by ArcSEMPECJ(m): 1:30am
So which Governor was in the convoy when they were returning? Empty cars fueled to the brim ...

A convoy of up to 10 cars picking fuel from Benue to Abuja to accompany the Governor who sat on just a part of the back seat in one car.......and return back empty....

The one that got the accident will be replaced immediately and sold out.....

If you are to be told how much was involved in this ACCOMPANYING movement....

Why can't the Governor move alone with his driver to Abuja Airport , then let the driver park the car in the airport garage after he has entered his flight, the driver can wait for him in Abuja depending on the number of days he will stay or better still, enter public bus and go back to Benue State....

But will INSECURITY they created allow them have such freedom??

Nigeria really needs PETER OBI .!!!!!!!.......what a rooster and Buhari story.....
Investment / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly For Life! by For353(m): 1:30am
Book Publishing is a great business.

It's a great investment opportunity for you.

Do more with your life now.
Politics / Re: Advantages Of Marrying A Military Personnel by legendarystar: 1:30am
Yes ooo
Which lady will marry me

Politics / Re: Peter Obi Lied He Has No House Abroad, See His House In London by FuckkME(f): 1:30am
Which house did he buy in 1996?
Religion / Re: Christians Should Defend Themselves, But Not With Guns- Adeboye by donnie(m): 1:30am
So Christians should ignore the teachings(and commandments) of Jesus Christ who instead called for them not to defend themselves against attacks from enemies in Matthew 5 vs 38 - 48 & Luke 6 vs 27 - 36? undecided

If those scriptures weren't put in there by you slavemasters, they are wrongly taught. It is unscriptural to be unable to provide protection for your household when you are not a slave. Of course, aren't these pastors the uncle Toms we have, working for our slavemasters?

Dint pick and choose, read with understanding and in context and you'll discover what MESSIAH actually told his disciples in times of danger. That is the attitude you should have, but it's difficult to imbibe while following your slavemasters religion.
Politics / Re: This Is Not Peter Obi's Son by FuckkME(f): 1:29am
Only a blind man will believe that’s not Peter Obi’s son.

The family strongly believe in Biafra and Peter Obi’s major objective is to achieve Biafra.

All the unrealistic and in feasible economic plans are just the cajole the illiterates supporting him!

Hommie said he wanted Nigerian crude to be purchased in Naira grin grin grin. Almost fell from a 36 story building reading the trash.

His sole aim is to achieve Biafra and the family beliefs, his son exhibited
Celebrities / Breaking News: OPM Pastor Vows To Give Homeless Nollywood Actor A House To Stay by nollytvgist22: 1:29am
OPM Pastor Vows to give Homeless Nollywood Actor a house to stay with feeding

See full details below


Politics / The Nigeria Of Our Dream by Nala22: 1:29am
2nd stanza of our national anthem

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause
Guide our leader’s right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

This is a cry for a better Nigeria for us all.

Suffering knows no tribe and religion, we are in this together. If our country is good, it is for us all

Adverts / Re: Invest N6m & Make N400,000 Monthly Income For Life!! by SpottedCity: 1:29am
Here comes the best opportunity to make more money.

This is a very good opportunity for you to invest in your future.

Invest now and earn residual income in future.

It's a great investment opportunity.
Autos / Foreign Used 2005 Toyota Corolla Altis Or LE Is Urgently Needed. by AbelAbdul: 1:28am
If you have one quote me with pictures and your price and your location.
Technology Market / Re: Tech Products Sales: How To Promote Your Business & Increase Sales by Episode101(m): 1:28am
It does not matter the kind of services or products you have.

As long as they are legal, you can promote them and increase your sales.

Let's do it for you.

We are professionals.....

Always available.

Get in touch...
"... '..


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