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Properties / Re: Best Selling Terrace Dupelx Located In The Ajah Lekki +2349030188831 by Topfolhomes: 5:14am
Autos / Re: Foreign Used 2013 Lexus ES350 Full Option With Mouse by doctorbj4real(m): 5:14am
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by obyno82: 5:14am

only ipobians always talk about burnin down their own home....

Oga just shut up
Autos / Re: Tokunbo 2013 Dodge Journey Crew AWD Fullest Option by doctorbj4real(m): 5:13am
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by obichrist2: 5:13am
Please my guys add me to the whatsapp group for interview dates. I'm to resume in August 2013. Here's my number: 08062678341. Thank you.

Same here ,please add me to a mock WhatsApp group my appointment is for this june.08145923415
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by Abeos(m): 5:13am
Pls guys if you know any cheap hotel close to the US embassy in Abuja, kindly let us know.

Optima Hotel
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by obyno82: 5:13am
As it stands, tens of thousands of Nigerians are employed by the Dangote refinery complex and over two hundred thousand Nigerian workers are st to be employed by the refinery complect when it's fully up and running, on top of the massive and positive economic collateral effects via the industrial end users of the ammonia and petrochemical raw materials, even the immense IGR sees nothing but his self induced and blurred partisan vision of monopoly.

Is it also a monopoly that Dangote is the largest employer of labor in the private sector, or this man is saying their paychecks won't put food on the table or the banks won't accept their paychecks because it's from a monopoly?

The NLC's number one concern is the welfare and well-being of Nigerian workers including hundreds of thousands of Dangote workers across the country.

This man and his labor party NLC sat comfortably and quietly during the CBN naira change, they did not say a word, they watch Nigerian workers groan in pain simply because it was all about denying Tinubu the presidency.

No, all of a sudden, they care about the Nigerian workers all because of the same subsidy removal that they saw coming months ago, the same subsidy removal that all the presidential candidates including their own Peter Obi promised to stop immediately.

Fortunately, this man and his destructing, unpatriotic elements and economic saboteurs are on their own, the Nigerian workers are not interested in his anti-Nigerian partisan nonsense.

Oga have conscience and shut up
Politics / Re: Tinubu Has Solution For Impact Of Subsidy Removal, Says Oshiomhole (Video) by Goodlady(f): 5:13am
Oshiomole if I grab ya blokkos?
Tinubu, you are our last hope o, receive brain! 🧠
Religion / All Life Problems Have Answers by Joychinonyerem: 5:12am
Dear friends,

I greet you with the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my utmost pleasure to share with you a message that holds the power to transform your life and bring you hope in the midst of any problem you may face. Today, I want to remind you that all life's problems have answers, and these answers can be found within the timeless wisdom of the Bible.

In a world filled with uncertainties, challenges, and pain, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Many of us are carrying burdens that seem too heavy to bear, and we wonder if there is any relief or solution to our struggles. But I am here to tell you that there is hope, and it can be found in the Word of God.

The Bible, as the inspired and authoritative Word of God, holds the answers to all of life's problems. It is a book that encompasses the entire range of human experiences, addressing our deepest longings, our fears, our sorrows, and our joys. Its pages contain the stories of people who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, yet found victory and restoration through their faith in God.

Friends read more 👇👇👇👇 and comment

Romance / Re: Selling Their Daughters In The Name Of Bride Price(pic) by udede(m): 5:12am
A man that complains about bride price is not matured enough to keep someone's daughter under his cover grin

No Man in the history of the world has ever been denied his bride on the account of not having enough money for bride price.
you nefa chiichomchim.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Mohisah: 5:12am
Truly affidavit may not work in most cases. I missed an opportunity recently to be employed by one of the recognised deposit money banks in Nigeria with a net salary of close to 400K monthly. I was disqualified because of discrepancy of date of birth on my WAEC certificate when compared to the one on other documents, just a difference of one year despite the affidavit. In fact they even mailed me to upload NECO result for me to be considered but I don't have.
U may use this small time to write another Waec then.
I hv same issue on my Waec Cert. I'm makin use of 2 results, tho I cleared both, but the Exam officer dat year deleted my Religious Study, so I had to Reg fr Waec, it ws like an insult no to sit fr Islamic Study😃.
Hope u've gotten a better job ever since. 😕
Politics / Re: Apologise To Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala - Peterside To 2012 Subsidy Removal Critics by BigIyanga: 5:12am

Yeah they're economic implications for our poor leadership and bad fiscal policy regarding the economy... Nigeria needs to get this right once and for all regarding the oil subsidy brouhaha it's long over due ...How can we be paying over 2.8trillion to the otedola, Emeka offor the Business men for oil imports the Govt can't account for when we can upgrade our refineries it's not going to be sustainable definitely no matter how you see it
Tinubu’s Oando is one the greatest beneficiaries. Co-founder, Boyo is likely going to be made minster of Petroleum. Same people who profiteered from subsidy are going to run ministry of petroleum lol.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 3) by 4dor: 5:11am
Good afternoon House.
please I need the best of advice/ideas to solving this problem before someone does what he no suppose.
An ex patient or service user raised a sexual complaint against her previous carer since last year August and he has been suspended from work ever since. We first thought it would be over soon that its just to do investigation and come up with findings which will either proof guilt or innocence. But loo and behold up till now the issue is still on the table. The last action that sparked outrage was during one session he was asked some questions in which he mentioned hes schooling in a university, so they now went ahead to write the Uni to inform them hes under investigation so the uni asked him to stay away until he is cleared. I cant stomach this injustice anymore. Please how does someone fight this kind of battle. It took months for the details of the so called offence that led to safeguard was even known o. the police have been invited and they couldnt find any evidence of misbehavior. Yet these people are hell bent in destroying a mans life. the only thing was that the girl was given a lift and the discussion was going intimate and he claimed he stopped it and dropped her off at the hospital and went his way. that very week wahala started and up till now na on top of the matter we still dey. No work since last year and the small consolation traing hes trying to do they blocked it without any formal conviction. this BS has to stop.

Please any great advice will be welcomed

Giving a patient a lift and having a discussion that's intimate is already sexual harassment. Stay away from women, you guys never learn.
Politics / Re: List Of Popular Nigerian Pastors Who Left The Pulpit To Become Governors by Goodlady(f): 5:11am
Politics / Re: Apologise To Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala - Peterside To 2012 Subsidy Removal Critics by LZAA: 5:11am
So what difference will it make apologizing? Some people just like making unnecessary noise. Almost 95% of Nigerians were against the removal of the subsidy in 2012 simply because we did not trust the government of the day.
Apologise first o ye afonja 😄😄
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by obyno82: 5:11am

The price is determined by crude oil price in the international market, a big refinery definitely don't want to be keeping stocks , they want to sell quickly and keep there margins, there is nothing like one player. He just want to use Dangote's name to be catching cruise, he is not talking about the trillions we lose via smuggling to other countries, because he is now Partisan.

And who told you they don't keep stocks? There is a reason why they have storage tanks and tank farms.
Travel / Re: Subsidy: FCT To Develop Lanes As FRSC Wants Nigerians To Embrace Bicycles by Chetas81(m): 5:11am
Black African citizen with plenty issues 😃 Chinese and Indian better than Nigerian when comes to anything, but they love bicycles and black African man who don't know how vehicle being made prefer Ferrari to enter toilet, Japanese embrace bicycles India embrace bicycles but African citizen really far from reality
Religion / Re: Prophet Suddenly: A Shameful Satire Of God's Prophetic Ministry by Goodlady(f): 5:11am
The movie is rated 6/10 by me. It exposed most trivos used by fake prophets.
Religion / Re: Prophet Suddenly: A Shameful Satire Of God's Prophetic Ministry by Kobojunkie: 5:11am
In the flick, the mannerisms of prophetic ministers are extensively mimicked. The Apostle in the movie even criticizes prophets who utter “Can I Prophesy?”, he claims it is blasphemous. Please read Luke 12:11-12. Are you the Holy Spirit who gives utterances? In this movie, the prophetic ministry of God is greatly parodied. Though, the intentions of the movie's producers could be good, but they did a shoddy job at trying to conceal their disdain for the power ministry of God. A lot of Christians in Nigeria need to genuinely find GOD. There's this satanic envy of ministers of God who are wealthy. There's also this satanic envy of ministers of GOD who operate in the prophetic dimension of God, the culprits here are usually ministers who are commissioned by GOD as teachers/evangelists.
They covet the prophetic gift so much that they sinfully feel those prophets anointed by God are not deserving of the gift of prophecy bestowed upon them, thus envy which leads to the launch of campaign of calumny against ministers who operate in the Power Ministry. They fuel campaigns of misrepresentation by sponsoring rumors/scandals, saying they're womanizers, occultic, spiritually fatherless and all manner of despicable accusations. A lot of them shall be surprised when they leave this world and God opens their blocked eyes to see His servants like T.B Joshua who they maligned while on earth, who are now saints in heaven. They shall become sober and gnash their teeth in regret. In Yoruba language, people like this are called “Adé-òrun-m'òótó” (They who don't believe the truth till they get to heaven).
There are lots of genuine men of God in Nigeria who operate in the Power/Prophetic Ministry. The most fierce is Dr. Chris Okafor (D.C.O) of Grace Nation, he specializes in altar/foundation, he prophesies in a unique frequency and he has the Holy Spirit ability of teleportation. He consecrates himself in prayer and allegedly doesn't sleep, he prays throughout the night till dawn every single day. Through the power of Jesus Christ, he's responsible for the demise of thousands of strongmen, if you're an agent of darkness and you don't wanna kick the bucket, don't go near him. If you see D.C.O physically, you've got to have fire of God in you to look into his eyes, his eyes look as though there's fire in them. Agents of darkness always take it upon themselves to always misrepresent him but they keep trying in futility for God is always with him. 
Let's pull the brakes here and visit reality as declared in Scripture for us all. undecided

In response to the promise which He made to the people of Israel as part of His Old Law of Moses, God explained that He would send Prophets to them whom He would communicate with via dreams and visions.
5 The Lord came down in the tall cloud and stood at the entrance to the Tent. He called out, “Aaron and Miriam!” They went to him.
6 God said, “Listen to me! You will have prophets. I, the Lord, will let them learn about me through visions. I will speak to them in dreams.
7 But Moses is not like that. He is my faithful servant—I trust him with everyone in my house.
8 When I speak to him, I talk face to face with him. I don’t use stories with hidden meanings—I show him clearly what I want him to know. And Moses can look at the very image of the Lord. So why were you brave enough to speak against my servant Moses?” - Numbers 12 vs 5 - 8
So, according to the Old Law of Moses, a prophet is basically someone who God communicates with via visions and dreams.
However, after God had cursed and scattered the Nation of Israel, one of the Israelite Nations at the time, God,by way of a dream, revealed to Daniel that He would, in the end, put a seal of Prophets and visions — an or a stay of sorts to the Old Law of Moses promise of prophets and visions to His people.
24 “God has allowed 70 weeks[e] for your people and your holy city, Daniel. The 70 weeks are ordered for these reasons: to stop doing bad things, to stop sinning, to make people pure, to bring the goodness that continues forever, to put a seal on visions and prophets, and to dedicate a very holy place.
25 “Learn and understand these things, Daniel. From the time that the message went out to go back and rebuild Jerusalem until the time for the chosen king[f] to come will be seven weeks. Then Jerusalem will be rebuilt. There will again be places for people to meet together in Jerusalem, and there will be a ditch around the city to protect it. Jerusalem will be built for 62 weeks, but there will be many troubles during that time.
26 After the 62 weeks, the chosen one will be killed.[g] He will be gone.[h] Then the people of the future leader will destroy the city and the holy place. That end will come like a flood. War will continue until the end. God has ordered that place to be completely destroyed. - Daniel 9 vs 24 - 26
As revealed in the vision to Daniel, this seal on all prophets and visions of God's Old Law of Moses, was to go on after the Messiah had been revealed to the people. undecided

Much later, God informs the people left in the Land of Judah through Joel that He would communicate directly to them via visions and dreams — the same way He communicated in the past through His prophets — when the last days were upon them. undecided
28 “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.
29 Even on the male and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit.
30 “And I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke.
31 The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
32 And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom the Lord calls. - Joel 2 vs 28 - 32
Now, fast forward to the end of days — the last days of the Old Law of Moses—, to the arrival of Jesus Christ, and then He announced that indeed John the Baptist was the greatest prophet— the last of those sent from God to the people.

Then on the day of Pentecost, Peter, the disciple of Jesus Christ, announced that indeed, the time spoken of by the Prophet Joel was finally upon them and that even sinners in the land would see visions, and prophesy as God had said they would. We read of how one such murderous sinner, Saul, who knew nothing about Jesus Christ except that He, Jesus Christ, was a blasphemer that was rightly killed also saw a vision. This was all thanks to God's prophesy that He would communicate directly with men and women in the land in the last days. undecided

Now the most important takeaway from this here is that the Old Covenant Prophets (and Prophecies) and visions ended when God destroyed Jerusalem almost 1900 years ago. Visions such as the one Saul and even Agabus were able to see — both of them of God's Old Law and truth — ended when God brought down His judgment on the Land of Judah as He promised He would. This is what is made clear in the Book of the Prophets. What this means is that anyone who claims to be associated with God's Old law to this day is a liar and a deceiver — a false prophet and a false teacher.
Politics / Re: Subsidy: NLC Absent As FG, TUC Meet In Aso Rock by sportskid(m): 5:10am
Im surprised that only igbos carry the NLC nationwide strike on their head like Gala.

Very bitter souls who are always against every good thing that will move this country forward.

A shame

You are a fool to mention igbos. Your hatred will be your own undoing
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by toprealman: 5:10am
This IMO state guy is just being partisan. Everyone knows BUA will also finish his refinery next year.

What are the other options this country has? [b]Government can’t run any business. [/b]All their refineries keep swallowing money & is useless.

Subsidy is a pit that also swallows money wt no benefit for expansion. Subsidy is gone. The goal is increasing states revenue generation and providing a living minimum wage.

Properties / Re: Contact Us Today for Lands,House and other Property Matters in Asaba 09058818181 by AsabaPropertyAg(m): 5:10am
Please come and Live in Asaba and also Invest in Asaba Properties, Asaba is Beautiful and the Most Peaceful State Capital In Nigeria for Investors/Investments.
Business / Re: Sell Your Pi Here At An Amazing Rate 350/pi, Bulk Pi Accepted Too by emmyd002: 5:10am
Drop your number.
0 8 1 4 3 2 5 9 4 9 6
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by obyno82: 5:10am

So BUA and LaFarge are now out of the cement business? shocked

Because the last I checked…
BUA has a profitable multi-billion cement business while LaFarge is the world’s largest cement producer.

You are a very insincere person. BUA and Lafarge cannot compete because he has muscled them to sell at high prices. So they are content with the current margins they are making even with the small market share. Look no amount of whitewashing can change the fact that these guys are liars
Politics / Re: Bicycle Sales EXPLODE Across Nigeria As Commuters Seek Alternatives by Ihateheadslamer: 5:10am
Las las you go get sense

When will you stop begging on FP? 🤣
Be like shame no dey catch you.
Travel / Re: Subsidy: FCT To Develop Lanes As FRSC Wants Nigerians To Embrace Bicycles by Acidosis(m): 5:09am
There are many ways of government easing the pain of subsidy removal aka palliatives. The government doesn't necessarily have to spend money to do this. The federal government can cut import duties by 50% for the next one year only. They can also cut excise duties for local manufacturing firms at the same rate and for the same duration. The states and local governments on their own part can stop collecting ticket revenues and daily levies from keke and bus operators in exchange for keeping transport prices at pre-removal rates for the next six months. Traders in their various markets can get similar reliefs.

But no matter the strategy that government adopts, petrol subsidy must never be reinstated no matter the pressure by enemies of Nigeria led by the NLC that are remote controlled by the defeated labour party.

You have these fantastic ideas. The people you elected can't see these brilliant ideas of yours (because you're obviously more intelligent than a 90 year old man) yet you believe the NLC is the enemy of Nigeria, and not the daft crooks who can't see your brilliant ideas??

While I don't doubt your intellectual prowess, something is still wrong somewhere. Tribalism??
Politics / Re: Adeyeye Hails Osinbajo’s Quiet Exit From Office by komekn(m): 5:09am


He left very Quietly.

Just as his ineffective and consentual relationship to impunity, corruption, nepotism , religious discrimination and disinformation was always QUITE.

Osinbanjo kept Quite in the face of injustice and reckless executive abuse of power, he was QUITE.

He has left very Quietly a titanic disappointment to all Nigerians and Christians in particular. Osinbanjo so called pastor, man of God was QUITE, SILENT and did NOTHING to fight evil.

He is as guilty as the perpetrators a TITANIC DISAPPOINTMENT

Politics / Re: Speakership Tussle:next Lagos Speaker Must Be Indigene, Says Ex-minister Olanrew by Goodlady(f): 5:09am
Ok..una go get una ingidine or indigene.
Politics / Re: Enugu Government To Shut Schools, Markets Obeying ‘sit-at-home’ Monday -Gov Mbah by NIGERDELTAIDOL: 5:09am
U just come ,,,starting with threat

All Nigeria politicians lack knowledge to solve problems rather they create more.
Politics / Re: Convert Ajaokuta Steel Company To A Gold Company - Chat GPT by Goodlady(f): 5:08am
Will it yoeod profit?
FG creating companies that look moribund from inception.
Kaduna refinery, Ajaokuta steel, railway, Chad basin etc. All not working well.
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by obyno82: 5:08am

better calm down before police deal with your fvckup....

In what way will they deal with him?
Politics / Re: Dangote's Fuel Monopoly Risks Soaring Petrol Prices - Joe Ajaero by plaindealer: 5:08am

That has already been done. Obi is a dunce without innovative thinking.

They don't read and obi and his mob are not known to be bright and intelligent.

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