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Sports / Re: Atiku, Ben Bruce, DJ Cuppy Congratulate Anthony Joshua For Defeating Andy Ruiz by johnpablo541(m): 12:34pm

You need to go back to history of AJ and your country NIGERIA....

What history ? that AJ was born in the UK And he been boxing for the UK. His dad is even mixed half Nigerian half Irish
Sports / Re: Andy Ruiz Vs Anthony Joshua: Photos From The Rematch by Deepthoughts: 12:34pm

i didnt o
I meant,I was only mocking Ruiz,of I'm happy Joshua won,the hate n lack of respect especially from weilder was too much, Joshua needed to silence them n force them to sing a different tune like weilder is already doing.
Properties / Re: Architectural Designs for Nairalanders/African Innovative Style of building by Timtol(m): 12:34pm

Contemporary 5Bedroom Duplex
Celebrities / Cardi B Delivered An Electrifying Performance Wearing Nigeria Green White Green by shakiez893(m): 12:34pm
Cardi B delivers electrifying performance wearing green and white outfit during here performance at the Livespot Festival in Lagos.
The American Grammy wining rapper has taken over the media since arriving Nigeria Prior to her performance.

The event which left many of her fan fans happy was fully parked as all her backup dancers were so dress in the Nigeria famous color green white green.

Source: https://jupitagist.net/2019/12/08/cardi-b-delivered-an-electrifying-performance-wearing-nigeria-green-white-green-outfit-video/
Technology Market / Re: TLC/AIN Deals From Offerup, Craigslist, Letgo, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Etc by wizzy89(m): 12:34pm
Hello Bosses, I'll be posting lots of TLC and AIN deals on this thread now. Watch out !!! Feel free to buy your deals and also post good deals here.! Please, make sure you get go ahead from a legit well known deal hunter or reseller here before you deal with anyone you don't know, also, I'll be available as escrow if there's any deal you'll like to put through with someone you are not really confident in dealing with. Happy December Sales!!!

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Nice one bro cool
Sports / Re: Atiku, Ben Bruce, DJ Cuppy Congratulate Anthony Joshua For Defeating Andy Ruiz by Hypnotise: 12:34pm
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by grudges: 12:34pm

he is correct
Sports / Re: 1000 Viewers Storm Anthony Joshua’s Family House In Sagamu, Ogun State by Dannonye(f): 12:34pm
grin grin grin we are party riders but not on this sha grin grin
A positive viber
Please invite me for d next party u will attend

Amala is "hungrying" me
Romance / Re: Help Us Know You Better by MedicH: 12:34pm

1. I don't beg him for money.
2. I cook good meals for him or send him pictures of cooked meals cheesy
2b. I have an A in home-management.
3. I send him VNs just so he remembers the voice that makes his prick rise.
4. I give him TROUBLE. Yes, once in a while I need to give him PLENTY TROUBLE.
5. I check on him. Work, health, his family...
6. I try to ask questions. If e no answer, e kuku know say na WW3 e wan start.
7. I make him laugh.
8. I write him notes, just for fun.
9. I am a good conversationist. The only exceptions should be when I am angry or sick.
10. I let him in on my plans. Allow him influence some of my decisions, even work related.
11. Sometimes I ask him stupid questions, like..."should I make shuku or all-back?"
12. I tell him my movements.
13. I could be a good listener, anti-depressant and motivator.
14. I am pretty frugal. I love the easy and cheap life.

After everything, I wear my heels to work on Monday. When he sees how I do things out there- makes him wonder how the same woman is his chick. They love shii like that.

I can't be every man's woman, I can only be one man's woman (i.e) I can only bend for one. The rest should fix themselves. That's why I said, till I see mine posting nonsense on here, I can just chill... grin

This phenomenal, enigmatic, terrorist poco
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by goatface: 12:34pm
Open box Factory unlocked US Used Black iPhone 8 64GB available for sale. Cartons dn all accessories available. Mint phone without any fault.
Location is Abuja. Free delivery within Abuja. Waybill fee to any other states in Nigeria.
Price is 120k.
Serious buyer only should chat me up


Politics / Re: Olawale Bakare Mandate Speaks From Hiding (Video) by JerySmalls(m): 12:34pm

Look at this self-serving, one-sided activist who was blind when it wasn't serving their interest.
Oga, you and your family will protest alone.

In fact, my God will punish anyone that wants to destabilize a duly elected democratic government.

Protests will never take the place of the ballot.
And the ballots have spoken.
The courts have also spoken and like we say in Latin,
"Vox populi, vox Dei"

It is Sai Baba till 2023.

But why do I feel this guy has compromised and is only acting out a script?

It does not add up.
If I were in his shoes and managed to escape from the court...releasing a video will be the last thing on my mind unless I am compelled to by the ones I am running from.

No smart fugitive does that.

He does not even look reassuring, his speech delivery seems a bit coerced and not freely coming.
Then how he gets up at the end of it tells a lot of stories.

It reminds me a lot about Tuface's infamous speech on his cancelled protest.
The only thing both videos have in common is that they don't look voluntarily made.


I may be dumb, but no veteran of behavioural analysis will fault my scenario-profiling.

Fvck it, what do I even know?

This may be real but if truly he is hiding, I'd borrow the same advice his folks gave to Allen Onyema,
"Ogbeni come out and face your trial"

Shut up Ode!
Religion / Re: Oneness, Union With God by kingralph(m): 12:34pm
OP how Can i reach you please?
Celebrities / Re: Call Professional Book Editors: 08022405738. by EditorsPalace(m): 12:34pm
Thanks to you all for your patronage.

You're blessed.

Keep them coming.
Religion / Re: The Only Different Between Reinhard Bonnke And African Pastors by ENGINEERG(m): 12:34pm
Read well pls, I say most pastors, not all

I disagree. Many African pastors are in the middle east evangelizing but they don't blow the trumpet like you want them to do. Secondly you need to rephrase your heading because it is stereotypical. I may not like what these African pastors do but not all of them share the same traits as opined by you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by obidark: 12:34pm

grin grin..true they look manly. .it's like you are dating a dude

am sorry for you,if you cant differentiate between a man and a woman....

yeah yeah,women have to look like something a dog shat out for you....
Technology Market / Re: Unused Iphone 11 Pro Max price reduced + photo by patomaniac: 12:33pm
Happy sunday people....still available
Religion / Re: Pastor Leads Prayers Using A Goat As A Point Of Contact by Luchiana1(f): 12:33pm

must there be spilling of blood? Can't God redeem us without blood being spilled? I tire for religion
the wages of sin is death, without the sheddin of blood there is no remission of sin. JESUS HAS PAID, HIS BLOOD IS GREATER- Because He is God AND IT HAS BEEN SHED ONCE AND FOR ALL. only believe
Business / Re: Stock Market Loses N71 Billion As Investors Play Safe by bjbjbj: 12:33pm
The naija stock market us a joke or a scammer. I trade NYSE and NASDAQ stocks daily.
Religion / Re: What Is The Weirdest Testimony You Heard This Year? by sandyd: 12:33pm
We believe no testimony is weird, some could be kinda funny to you tho.

But you won't understand what these people making the testimony were all so happy to survive until it happen to you.

We heard the testimony of a woman that left home and forgot the food she was warming on her gas and left for work from 8am to 5pm, and got back home to still meet her house the same way she left it, apart from the smell of gas everywhere!

And we also heard about the guy that did the same thing, but was only out of the house for 45 mins but got home to meet all his properties GONE IN 45 minutes.

It can only be GOD!
This happened to me this year left the gas on from 7am to 12pm and came back to meet the soup on fire burnt but everything intact. Praise God.
Technology Market / Re: Iphone 11 For Sale by KulKid(m): 12:33pm
Still available!
Sports / Re: Atiku, Ben Bruce, DJ Cuppy Congratulate Anthony Joshua For Defeating Andy Ruiz by mechanics(m): 12:33pm
Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer.. meanwhile Nigerians carry the matter for their head.. smh
He's part of us.
Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The ONLY Obstacle To Southern Unity Against The Buhari Menace by takethis: 12:33pm
This is too Sad for me to say,

The menace of Domestic violence in Nigeria and it’s implications on the families of the victims.
Late Engr Sylvia

Unfortunately for Sylvia or Chinyere as she was fondly called by family and close friends, she did not live to tell her own story. She was cut down in her prime by the man she loved till death did them part Obinna Akaleme, her husband. She died on the day she was due to give birth after series of miscarriages in her husband’s house.

click here to view full video coverage

Technology Market / Re: Apple Ipad Air For Sale Or Swap by Ibrubaba(m): 12:33pm
Carry me
Romance / Re: I Came In 2 Mins by Babaalata: 12:33pm
You don't want to be caught, hence you cum quickly. grin
Politics / Re: Pictures: Atiku Caught On Camera Having Fun With His Grandchildren by Tajbol4splend(m): 12:33pm
Man waiting for Buhari to finish his tenure and take over, one Fulani comot, another one enter. Isorai.
Autos / Re: Registered M/benz ML320 1999:700k. by safari0412: 12:33pm
Politics / Re: Sale Mamman Inspects 49MW Power Plants In Calabar by Pulmable2k: 12:33pm

Politics / Re: Sowore: NHRC Calls For Prosecution Of DSS Over Courtroom Invasion by b03liberty(m): 12:33pm
Shame and slap on judiciary
Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The ONLY Obstacle To Southern Unity Against The Buhari Menace by Area4Area: 12:33pm
Awon tebliq ti de. The Yoruba Muslim alfas who are Muslim clerics by day and part time babalawo at night are here.
Very soon the Yorubas you hate so much would give you the marching orders to leave their region just as the north did in 2017, then some brains would start to reset.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: iPhone XR 64gb For Sale by KulKid(m): 12:33pm
Still available!
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Manchester United (1 - 2) On 7th December 2019 by mrLhanray(m): 12:33pm

Dose 2 laligga teams UCL Trophies s still more Dan d 5 clubs put together in EPL...........
It's not by crowd
how did an EPL match thread lead to argument btw Laliga and EPL?
EPL is more entertaining than Laliga, why will I pay or subscribe to watch a match if not to be entertained.
I honestly feel most Barca fans have not gotten over that 4:0 thrashing at Anfield, lol.
EPL is the most entertaining League in the world. Even Newcastle vs Sunderland matches back then dey sweet die, yet they were not even in Top8 then.
Romance / Re: How Long Should Should I Have Patient With My Sister by Xmen149(m): 12:33pm
Nairalanders pls come to my rescue as I have always come to people's rescue in topics related to co-existing with other people..

I am the first son of my family, I have a sister who is one year younger than I am.

For a very long time now, in fact from time immemorial, my mother has always taught my sister that it is


So fast forward to today. I am owing her some money for about two months now. And promised to pay her infact I have paid half of the money despite all the expenses on me in the family. She asked me to give her part of the money today, I told her I didn't have money, that the 15k with me is not mine. That I will give her 3k to hold hand, even tho it will cause me great inconveniences. She threatened to take the money, the whole 15k. I told her to stop that nonsense and I went to the bathroom to take my bath. On coming out of the bathroom, I noticed that my wallet was tempered with. The 15k Is no where to be found. I asked my Lil sis, she said it was sister that touched it.. I ran outside with my towel, and called out to my sister, but she walked off without turning back...

I cried inside my heart, because I know she didn't really need that money right then... I felt bitter, I don't even know what to do.... I found a way to sort for another 15k.

This is not the first time she has done something of similar behavior, and I brushed it off, afterall she's my sister...

Right now I am outside a beer parlour watching a match and typing this.. I am not feeling fine at all.. I am feeling bitter. Until now I always forget quickly what they do to me...

I don't know how to confront her when I get home. Whether to caution her verbally, or give her a slap.. Whether to keep mute and suck it up as usual and wait for when I am ready leave that house cos I understand that too much familiarity can breed disrespect. I have plans to leave before January.

What should I do..

I live with my mother and this sister and other of my little siblings. And I pay the house rent of where we live.

Play on it

it's on her conscience,she knows she has wronged you even though you owed her.

dnt confront her,when its time you leave..she is automatically one financial problem less for you with what ua making bcs it will always be at the back of her mind..Pride no go gree am

Las Las Na u go win

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