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Properties / Re: Urban Crest Estate. Mixed Use Land Around Dangote Refinery by renieproperties(f): 2:38pm
Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Sommyroy10: 2:38pm
Who remembers this commentary?

"And Here's Messi.... Away from 2,3, 4...... And he scores..... Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!!! How good is he? A mere supernatural goal from Lionel Messi. He has wriggled and tiptoed his way to the gates of Wembley Stadium. He's just brilliant. Best Player in the world, unmatched."

Against Madrid?
Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by DAutoDiagnosis: 2:38pm
The more drama, the more money she makes. Dont be surprised
Romance / Re: Are Yahoo Boys So Wealthy Or Just Over-hyped by Iceyjayz: 2:38pm
lmao, cheesy I don't blame you,. I can see your back from your imaginary Qatar,. Anyways, I don't really have your time,. Cause obviously you're not really my cup of tea..
Imaginary Qatar lol..I don't think you can ever afford my lifestyle, not in this life or next life, I'm sorry to say this but that's the plain truth, I just hope you have stopped that fake life of yours and the filtering and editing of pictures if you haven't, then you need fasting and prayers, anyways you can join me, I was just about to eat gringrin

Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by rulergrf4409: 2:38pm
smiley make your business look better

Politics / Re: BREAKING! Jubilation In Ebonyi As Umahi’s Commissioner Reported Dead Resurfaces by Elonmuskfan: 2:38pm
Shame on those who said Umahi used him for occultic rituals for his political aspirations.
Romance / Re: What’s The Craziest Lie A Guy Has Ever Told You Just To Have Sex With You? by SmellySperm(m): 2:38pm

Na this was yrs ago. We was together off n on for years but im happily married now to a really great guy.
Wow congrats Mrscarter. Your home is blessed wink
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by shewefad(m): 2:38pm

Iphone 7

Iphone 7+
Celebrities / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Becoming An All Round Success by Innovative405(m): 2:38pm
All that matters to you also matters to God and He wants you to succeed.

Get this great book and be blessed.
... ... ... .. ...
Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by Thinktwicemybro: 2:38pm
I have learnt to keep quiet in matters like this, I will never judge anybody cos as he dey man body na so he dey woman body...

That you hate someone doesn't mean God will never bless him or her..
The person I was planning to show pepper when I finally make it or travel out Don travel go Germany last week and me still dey ibadan...
So on this note, I give up on hating people or trying to show dem pepper.. Ever since I Don dey notion all these Yeye plans, I am always at the receiving end..
the Edo woman has been coming online to shame her afonja husband. She even jailed him and wish herself happy Father's day. But you will hardly hear any noice from the man. She should sign the papers let the man remarry in peace. She can't be eating from two plates at the same time
Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by money121(m): 2:38pm
Politics / Why What Is Good For Ijaws Should Also Be Good For Others. By IBANGA ISINE by AceRoot(m): 2:38pm
Culled from https://thesouthernexaminer.com/why-what-is-good-for-ijaws-should-also-be-good-for-others-p5523-239.htm

By IBANGA ISINE Tue, Jun 08, 2021

I have been directly and remotely involved in the Niger Delta struggle for over two decades and still counting.

While I may not have carried arms like my Ijaw brothers, I can beat my chest and say that I have made very constructive contributions to the region’s struggle through the instrumentality of my twin addictions – journalism and advocacy.

Apart from my investigative and human interest stories that highlight the depredations of oil exploration on the region’s land, water and air and the concomitant effects on lives and livelihood of the people, I went a step further to lead international media organisations to produce far-reaching and very revealing news features and documentaries to draw attention to the atrocities committed against our people.

I have reported severally for CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Associated Press and Jane Country Report, and they brought to the world firsthand images and stories of the wickedness of multinational oil companies and the tyranny of the Nigerian government against the people of the region.

I tend to agree to some extent with my friend, brother and former colleague in The Punch, Fidelis Soriwei and others who say that Ijaws have invested and sustained the region’s struggle for justice with their blood more than any other tribe.

But I disagree, and so vehemently, with those who tend to think that the Niger Delta struggle started and ended with Ijaws or that what happened and still happening affects only Ijaws and so they must corner everything that comes to the region.

No one should also hold the distorted belief that the region is and will always be about Ijaws by Ijaws for Ijaws. That is highly ridiculous.

For those who don’t know, the Niger Delta region is one of the most populated areas in the world and home to over 31 million people of more than 40 ethnic groups and peoples who speak in excess of 250 dialects.

Some of the ethnic groups in the region include the Bini, Itsekiri, Efik, Esan, Ibibio, Annang, Oron, Ijaw, Igbo, Isoko, Urhobo, Kalabari, Yoruba, Okrika, Ikwere, Etche, Ogoni, Epie-Atissa, Obolo, etc.

Besides, the region’s struggle can never be construed to be all about militancy or the arm struggle that led to the killing of thousands of people including women, children, the aged and the sick in many parts of the region.

The genuine agitators who paid the supreme price for the struggle they believed so much and fought on the frontlines were not only Ijaws. People from every ethnic stock in the region died, lost sources of livelihoods and got their environment destroyed.

Some of the killings and destruction that occurred in many parts of the region were not connected to the struggle in the real sense of the word.

No one can justify the killings and brigandage that were unleashed on several communities by militant groups as part of the region’s struggle for justice, equity and fair play.

Militants who killed Niger Delta people, sacked whole communities and blew up oil pipelines to further degrade the region’s environment cannot be said to have fought in the interest of the region.

Such actions were pointblank criminality. You can’t kill a fisherman who went to look for food for his starving family in the creeks and say it is a Niger Delta struggle.

It was common for militant leaders who were fighting for supremacy or economic space to level communities, destroy businesses and blow up oil installations sending tons of effluents into the environment.

Such incidents were widespread in many parts of Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Ondo states and some of those atrocities were nebulously ascribed to the genuine struggle for the liberation of the region. Nothing can be farther from the truth than such a deprecating assumption.

But the real struggle wasn’t about the killings and counter-killings among armed gangs and cult groups that mushroomed into militant groups or political thugs who fell out with their paymasters and turned the guns they used in rigging elections on their people.

We have people like Isaac Adaka Boro and his compatriots, Ken Saro-wiwa and his compatriots and others all over the region that paid the supreme price for standing up to the oppressors.

Others like John Pepper Clark, Anyakwee Nsirimovu, Patrick Naagbanton, Oronto Douglas among so many others, also fought during their lifetime and passed on the baton to those alive.

While militant groups were killing and maiming their own people and blowing up oil pipelines and also stealing crude and making billions, Akwa Ibom youth adopted constructive engagements with IOCs operating within the state.

I recall when youth blocked the Qua Iboe Terminal operated by ExxonMobil and stopped production for close to two weeks.

The police opened fire on the peaceful protesters just as the then Governor, Obong Victor Attah intervened and brought the situation under control.

At a point, host communities deployed their deities to the Qua Terminal gates and the management of the IOC and their workers could not access the facilities until outstanding issues were resolved. That was how Akwa Ibom youth approached the struggle and that was the same reason they were excluded from the Amnesty of the Federal Government.

They did not kill and maim their people. They did not kidnap oil workers for ransom. They refused to blow up oil facilities. They were not stealing crude and making billions from it.

When the leadership of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited then justified their employment policies which gave undue advantages to Yorubas on the grounds that Akwa Ibom lacked qualified persons to take up its top jobs, Akwa Ibom people did not declare outright war on the multinational oil firm.

Though we felt insulted as a people, youth from the state mobilised and peacefully protested against the management of the oil firm. But the state government did something amazing.

Obong Attah commissioned a team and they came up with a long list of Akwa Ibom people who were eminently qualified but were never considered for appointment.

Obong Attah did not stop at publishing the list in national dailies, he constructively engaged with top management of the IOC and the intervention paid off with the appointment of Udom Inoyo as the first indigenous executive director of MPNU. I was directly involved in that agitation but we did not shade any blood or destroy any facility.

That multilayered engagement took place at the same time youth groups masquerading as militants were blowing up pipelines, killing innocent community people, kidnapping scores for ransom. It was the case of the same ailment with differential treatments. While one group decided to be violent, the other deployed peace.

At the end of the day, oil production was brought to the lowest levels in many oil fields located in Ijaw land while production increased in Akwa Ibom and indeed provided a buffer for the national economy which was almost pushed into recession at the time.

I took time to highlight the above to show that every tribe and people in the Niger Delta region have made invaluable contributions to the campaign for better environmental practices, improved resource allocation and better corporate governance and such efforts have resulted in the gains made so far.

I recall the push by the South-south Caucus of the National Assembly under the leadership of Chief Nduese Essien, which rallied governors and other political leaders in the region including Obong Victor Attah, Chief Peter Odili, late Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, James Ibori among others to stand together and individually, to engage the Olusegun Obasanjo presidency for the 13 Percent Derivation and establishment of the Niger Delta Development Commission from the relics of the Oil Mineral Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC).

It is; thereforewrong to assume that the Niger Delta areas that did not blow up oil pipelines, kill their people, beat up their elders, kidnap and collect ransom and commit atrocious crimes were not part of the struggle.

One of the sad reminders and or manifestation of such cockeyed thinking was what turned the Amnesty programme of the Federal Government into an Ijaw diamond field. Over 70 percent of the beneficiaries are Ijaws in a region with over 40 ethnic groups.

Ijaw-based groups and individuals have made it a routine to fight every appointee into the Niger Delta Ministry and the NDDC except their own.

When late President Umaru Yar’Adua created the ministry and appointed a consummate bureaucrat and a son of Akwa Ibom State, late Uffot Ekaette as pioneer minister, Ijaw youth and elders started a fight almost immediately as if he was not from the region.

Militants threatened to bring down the sky. The same scenario played out when Usani Usani from Cross River State was appointed to head the ministry. It was when one of theirs, Godsday Orubebe was appointed minister that militants and many Ijaw leaders stopped fighting.

Today, the same groups who saw nothing wrong when Ijaws were occupying offices as NDDC sole administrators and minister of the Niger Delta ministry are swearing and fighting tooth and nail to remove appointees from Akwa Ibom State.

While I am not canvassing for the individuals occupying the offices of sole administrator of the NDDC and minister of the Niger Delta ministry as the case may be, I have an issue with the campaign of calumny waged against appointees from Akwa Ibom State.

There is hardly any appointee from Akwa Ibom or other parts of the region that Ijaw groups don’t fight and sometimes to the extent of frustrating genuine projects and initiatives for the development of the region.

For the records, Ijaw youth and fifth columnists who specialise in disrupting the tenures of Akwa Ibom appointees right from the onset of both NDDC and Niger Delta Ministry do not protest and issue ultimatums when someone from their ethnic stock is appointed either in acting or substantive capacity in the two government bodies.

For the record again, Ijaws have served more years in acting leadership positions in the NDDC than people from any other ethnic groups in the region.

Such Ijaw acting NDDC administrators include: Ibim Semenitari, Enyia Akwagaga, John Brambaifa and Kemebradikumo Pondei.

Throughout the time Godsday Urubebe served as minister of the Niger Delta ministry, no Akwa Ibom man or woman carried a placard or protested against him and they also didn’t carry placards when Ijaws were appointed to act in NDDC when it was the turn of the state to fill the position of MD.

Those who think that the Niger Delta region belongs to them alone should note that the seed of rancor and hatred they are sowing today may haunt them tomorrow.

I recall how the so-called militant leaders abandoned the Okah brothers who were in the same struggle and even betrayed themselves for some morsels of bread.

When Charles Okah was held in Kuje Prison for five solid years without trial, his tribesmen and those who claimed to be fighting the same cause abandoned him.

It was on the night I participated in the Presidential Media Chat that featured then President Goodluck Jonathan that I got a call from a man who identified himself as Charles Okah. He told me he had been held in prison custody for many years without trial and pleaded with me to follow up his case and bring media attention to it.

Mr. Okah is Ijaw and I am an Ibibio man. I don’t know how many Ijaw journalists reported on his case and why he singled me out to tell his story.

I followed up that case, asked questions from relevant quarters and wrote reports for Premium Times newspaper where I was working as a senior editor at the time. I used that platform to draw public attention to his plight and was arrested in a most brutal and humiliating manner by the DSS and detained for my insistence that Mr. Okah should be given a fair trial.

I did not see any Ijaw reporter in Justice Gabriel Kolawale’s court on the day Mr. Okah almost committed suicide when his case was adjourned simply because the prosecuting counsel was going to London to attend the graduation of his (counsel’s) child from the university.

The professional protesters and militants kept quiet and or looked the other way while one of their own was standing trial for a cause they fought together.

I want to draw attention of those who are sowing seeds of division and discord in the region to one of the Ibibio adages, “Nuun ked isi sioho ndang,’ meaning “one finger cannot remove hair lice.”

They should know that the region cannot make progress when one group is constantly at war with all others just to advance their own interest.

I don’t want to write about my experience as the special adviser to former Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Gbene Joi Nunieh today. Perhaps I will tell the story in the near future. But she is one of the best minds in the region and had so much passion to deliver on the mandate of the commission. Alas!

I have so much respect for my Ijaw brothers and sisters. They are unique people, full of compassion, smart, hardworking and daring. They have contributed immensely to the development of the region but they should also support people from other parts of the region when the need arises.

The Niger Delta is our only home and we have suffered together for decades and we should share in the bounties that accrue to us a region on the table of brotherhood, peace and goodwill. That’s not too much to ask. Or is it?

Ibanga Isine, is a CNN Award-winning journalist and Media Aide to former NDDC Managing Director, Dr. Joy Nunieh .
Computers / Re: Sale Your Scrap Laptops Here by resourcedude: 2:38pm
Available. Call or whatsapp 07034970762
i will snap the pics and send in your whatsapp .
your location pls.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by Teenie19(f): 2:38pm
Wow congratulations again! You already even requested for another gcms notes lol.

You all are the real MVPs. Lekiboe, Frank, Anon, Uzomachukwu, Baphil, Lianna, Shuppy, my darling Sis Bisola, infact, all of you, God will continue to bless you all. Special shout out to Oga Seun for creating this impactful forum, i am happy to have known this great family...

So, Australia was my first choice because i couldn't dare try Canada, I had heard of their strict study visa assessments. I spent a lot of money with different agents as most schools in Australia would never deal directly with students. I finally settled with a school in NSW and boom, Corona happened and their borders have been closed since then.

I had no choice but to try the almighty Canada and trust me, my anxiety and preconceived fear of their stringent rules got a better part of me because, my application was messssssyyyyyyyyy!!!!

1) After submitting my app, i read on here that i shouldn't have done a money gift deed, especially when the gift-er isn't related to me, moreover, some folks said they haven't seen any study visa getting approved with a money gift deed by a gift-er who isn't part of the family. Guess what! they were right because my application would be the first they'd see. I am self sponsored applicant and the bulk of my fund was gifted by my late father's friend. Even though we don't share the same blood and name, we had something more than that, we had the commitment and bond. So i had him do a money gift deed(10m), which he paid into my account in bulk, sometime in February. I dug up old pictures of himself and late father, old pictures of himself and myself when i was younger, letter he wrote to me in place of popsy during my graduation in 2013, financial statement histories between myself, momsy and him, from different banks and as old as 2014. I also had him write a support letter and explain why he had to make such commitments, using his Company's letter headed paper.

2) In the bid to achieve the much needed mb capacity, i had shredded lots of documents off my application and eventually ended up tampering with my transcript. I reported myself here on Nairaland, hoping to get some hope or outright condemnation. Lol, i was told to resend the transcript and beg them not to misunderstand my intention, and then hope for the best outcome. Uzomachukwu, on the contrary, opined to be concise and not beg for their mercy as though i have done something "hideous". Eventually, she helped my with a well structured mail and i sent it to IRCC via webform. Baphil also reached out and re-compressed my files, she produced a much clearer file even with the additional missing pages. I don't know how she did it but i was wowed and i sent my files afresh via email.

3) Not a single ghost update till this morning. From what i read here, i guess i didn't really get any ghost update since my status remained "submitted", until this morning when i saw "your status updated". At a point i was praying for any kind of update, lollllllll.

One month and few days after my application, i requested for my GCM notes on 24th May, it came in yesterday, 23rd June. I hoped to tackle any negative feedback via webform but i was disappointed as i couldn't understand anything there and it seemed empty. Nairalanders said otherwise and i should brace myself for a positive feedback, Anon also assured me that a positive decision was coming soon since it was noted at the tail end of the notes, IRCC called my school to re-affirm the validity of my LOA. Even with all these, i remained skeptical, a little pessimistic and a little hopeful

This morning, as i logged in as per my usual ritual, I saw correspondence letter and PPR request sitting pretty on my page long before a mail dropped.
My application was tacky at best, i couldn't pray to save myself, i guess the prayers and good wishes of everyone and my family&friends made a way for me to be found worthy. I pray for this uncommon Grace for all PPR hopefuls, together we will all celebrate.

Application and confirmation was done on 17th April, with complete NSE docs (RLWS-7,7.5,7,7.5)
Biometrics Request on 18th April
IELTS Request letter, i resubmitted my IELTS
Did my upfront medicals together with my biometrics on 29th and 28th of April.
Medicals updated to pass on 28th of may after sending mails to Lagos
First Gcmnotes requested on 24th May, it arrived on 23rd June
Second Gcmnotes requested on 21st June...
Correspondence L and PPR request on 24th June.
Phones / Re: Who Can Help With This( I'm Ready To Pay) by majamajic(m): 2:38pm

I'll advise you take it back to the loaner. Make it official.

Next time try and read , u asked first question if the phone didn't belong to him ? He said yes , now u said he should return it , na wa
Career / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Secrets Of Career Success by Cabs22: 2:38pm
You can achieve success in your business.

Don't give up.

Yes you can make it.
Politics / Re: FFK Hails Nerita Ezenwa As She Sings Love Song (Video) by McOluOmo: 2:38pm
Problem be like dot in a circle girls love for old men with cash. One wen dem give fake assurance na endurance with unlimited depression be order of the day for her now. OBO baddest. Yoruba Folks I hail oooh. Ona get there antidote . Like if true and share if false...
ur zaddy

Politics / Re: Ebonyi Commissioner Engr Nweze That Was Declared Dead Is Alive by McCoy662(m): 2:38pm
Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by HEAVEN4444: 2:38pm
Same wahala....... grin

I went to a restaurant, tendered my debit card.... It got declined on 3 occasions.......

I had to walk to an ATM machine, the same declined card, gave me cash ......

Went back to the restaurant, paid my bill..... Got to my hotel room, checked my account, the 3 declined attempts, actually paid.....

Went to my bank the next day, lodged a complaint..... Only one payment was ever reversed....

Morale of the story : Cash payments only or direct bank transfers (I cannot fit shout)....... cheesy
grin grin grin grin But wait ooo so you left them with the rest of the money ? well me myself i dont use my card anymore. strictly cash. i have had up to 8 incidents where card declined but money debited from my account. although in my case all was eventually refunded but each case takes about 2 months each before they refund your money. on one occasion i had to report the bank to efcc. wrote efcc and copied the bank, when the bank saw the efcc letter they quickly put the money back in my account immediately lol. but its too much drama and time so now its strictly cash. me i no get time to dey fight bank
Health / Re: Can A Woman Be Pregnant For 9 Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant? by chaberry(m): 2:37pm
I have a neighbour that came three days ago that she has given birth, I was surprised. in facts everyone around the neighborhood was surprised. Her Tummy was very flat, for once she never look like a pregnant woman. everyone around us whom has given birth shown the sign and symptoms of a pregnant woman but this lady everyone is just surprise.
This couple has been married for 9 years without a baby. We are all surprised there was never any changes in her body she was very strong all thru this 9 months of the claim pregnancy according to the husband he said the wife give birth in a native place we ask of the address to greet her the man refused to disclose it, saying they will be coming home soon.
Did this happen in Owerri
Crime / Re: Baba Ijesha Arrives Lagos Court In Ikeja (Photos) by kay29000(m): 2:37pm

Is this about an inappropriate behaviour with a minor or about a pained woman?

If he wasn't inappropriate with the girl, will this "pained woman" be after him?

Or are we excusing the behaviour of this man because of his "pained old and abandoned woman"?

I swear. I tire for some people. They are not even concerned about what we all saw the man doing, live on camera.
Investment / Make Money Online: Why You Should Not Pay To Use JAA Lifestyle by judchuks20(m): 2:37pm
Over the weekend, a friend showed me a website named JAA Lifestyle. From the name, it appears that the site had origins in India. I check but couldn’t really pinpoint who the owner is like you could easily tell who owns other legit make-money sites.

The JAA Lifestyle website is in the beta phase, promising to get started in a few weeks, then they can start paying millions who have invested.

Should you invest your hard-earned money in JAA LIfestyle?

Read the following to learn more:

Things I Like About Jaa Lifestyle (Pros)
Unsurprisingly, Jaa Lifestyle does not have any pros; at least any we can think of. It seems like it could potentially be a pyramid scheme, like FM World and OPM Wealth.

Things I Dislike About Jaa Lifestyle (Cons)

From the above explanation, Jaa Lifestyle is not 100% a scam, although it does have some flaws that make it worth considering cautiously before joining. Here are the cons of Jaa Lifestyle:

1. No retailable products
The only thing that brings money to Jaa Lifestyle is the affiliate membership fee and the ads. There are no retailable products. They do have a magazine program but that’s not fully launched yet and until then, it’s best to assume they virtually have no real products yet.

Read the full info on the source webpage.

Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by befocused1: 2:37pm
You can as well walk to any UBA branch to make a complain at the customer care desk with the evidence (2 receipts) with you.
Alternatively, you can mail UBA customer, check their website for details. But for data safety I prefer the first option.

The manner of the manager may be the issue but bear in mind that some of them don't have access to the software app that manages the POS.
Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by Fiscus105: 2:37pm
Victim card as usual......as if she hadnt had more than 6 failed relationships since Gentry dusted her to the dust bin of single mother.

Change ur way if you want to enjoy marriage, simple!
Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by esthel(f): 2:37pm
Politics / Re: BREAKING! Jubilation In Ebonyi As Umahi’s Commissioner Reported Dead Resurfaces by cheerup: 2:37pm
What is really going on?
Autos / Re: 2019 M-benz G63 AMG by Motor45Procurem(m): 2:37pm
Motor45motion: The world in 45mins!!!
Celebrities / Re: Sign The Divorce Papers - Mercy Aigbe Begs Lanre Gentry (Photos) by NrwCrown0217(m): 2:37pm
Romance / Re: Do you know that StrangersForSex.com is a online brothel? by Elidrisy20: 2:37pm
Na yam legg full dis profession
Business / Re: Kano Bakers Threaten Indefinite Strike Over IRS, Others Flour Price Hike by vickydevoka(m): 2:37pm
Politics / Re: Stop Being ‘Mouthpiece’ For Terrorists — IPOB Fires Back At Gumi by FakeUnity: 2:37pm
Shiek Gumi,

Sheik Isa Pantami,

Alhaji Lai mohammed.

These are names that should be forwarded to the US White house and put on terrorist watch list.

They are evil men.
Sports / Re: Get Daily Free Expert Selections : 20 Wins 4 Losses! See Shocking Proof!!! by ghanaman5050: 2:37pm

Finland Veikkaisliiga


1 and Over 2.5

Match is starting by 4:30 today
Please, can you help us to drop your games before noon?

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