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Education / Re: Nigerian Students In China by cnwamo(m): 1:27am
hello guys, i will like to update you here on the new kind of visa type that some provinces in china are now introducing to make things easier for international students.
i went for a summit yesterday in Shenyang which was organized by a body Shenyang government put in charge of arranging this new type visa called ENTREPRENEURSHIP VISA. this is a new type of visa that allow you to work in china after graduation without exiting china, it allow you to have your own company established in china after your graduation. some Chinese companies are present as well to explain things to us.it is slightly different from work visa as it is easier to process than work visa.. as explained yesterday to us..you can establish your company after the government look into the capacity of the company, you will be able to issue invitation letter to anyone in any where in the world to come to china to join you in running the company..so this is a new move by some provinces to boost there economy and retain the presence of good international students with skills.. below are the pictures took from the event.

This isn’t new per say, it’s been on for over a year and a lot of students that graduated last year are already on it.
Education / Re: ASUU To Student: “what Exactly Do You Miss? Fornication Or Education?” by KngGezy(m): 1:27am
This is not the original ASUU account. The real ASUU handle is Official_ASUU @ASUUNGR. While this fake one is ASUU @Official_ASUU. I have always had confidence in whatever is pushed by the mods yo front page. It's in this confidence that i carried this news to a WhatsApp group. Only for it to be a fake news. It's very bad that such simple integrity checks can not be carried out on posts. Please Super mods and mods, i know it's not easy but try to make sure that every news is confirmed not Fake news. Nairaland is a source of information and entertainment to many people. Thanks
Cc lalastisclala
Education / Re: Complete Courses Offered In Nigeria University by Findschoolnews: 1:27am
Visit our website now https://Findschoolnews.com.ng students blog
Education / Re: Summary Text For Jamb, Waec, Neco And Post Utme Art Students by Findschoolnews: 1:26am
Visit our website now https://Findschoolnews.com.ng students blog
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: GTB, Unfair With Its Contract Staff Conversion Process... by salford1: 1:26am

Many banks do that. As long as our labour laws and unions are useless, you should expect more of that

And I always advise people, the moment you get a job and it's a contract, start making plans to leave from the very first day you resume. Contract work no get future for Nigeria grin

How can I dedicate five years of my life on a job that states on my employment letter that the contract can be terminated at anytime?
It's not just in Nigeria but everywhere in the World. I worked for one of the biggest bank in the world when i lived in the UK. We had contract staff on our team that my manager can fire within a second if she does not like their face or they resume 1min late to work. The contract staff in different divisions within the building where about half of the total workforce. They were even made to where a different coloured ID card.

Contract work does not have future anywhere in the world, even banks will deny their customers access to some lending products once they realise the customer has a job with expiry date.

I just don't know the sense behind this contract staff in the first instance. As long as permanent staffs are being recruited on yearly basis, What does it cost them to make the contract offer permanent?
To save cost. Usually, contractors are not entitled to benefit or severance packages. Engineering firms and so many industries make use of contractors because projects have a timeline. Once the project is over, it's easy to disband the contractors.
Politics / Re: Atiku Locks Down Owerri by DoctorGenerator: 1:26am
Man of the people.....wish him well in his journey
Business / Re: Learn How To Make At Least $1000 Monthly by Kingslaw(m): 1:26am
Fashion / Re: See Super Eagles Inspired National Costume Of Nigeria At Miss Intercontinental by 6digitscomrade: 1:26am
That's not Nigeria flag she's hanging her chest

The desecration of our national flag has to stop.
sharrap Mr...The desecration of the flag is inconsequential here and can't be more besmirching than ur politicians taking the oath of office with bibles and Qurans only for the oath and our constitution to amount to mere words....
Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 13 by TissuePaper: 1:26am

i have added you sir
Education / Re: 2019 full List Of State Universities In Nigeria by Findschoolnews: 1:26am
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Romance / Re: How Can One Stop Unnecessary Anger Issue by CharlesJok3r: 1:25am

Olodo. After believing in god you still get angry like a baby. Ordinary slap you no fit give the guy. People like you like argument pass fight tongue

On a serious note try and learn from today's mistake. Just breathe in and out and demand for an apology and move on regardless.

Getting angry is natural and it take times to learn how to control and master your emotions. It comes with a lot of practise and you have to make mistakes.

Life is a journey. We learn every day

Slap ke shocked, the only thing I Know how to do is to joke and talk !
Religion / Who Is THE REVIVALIST ?? by TheRevivalist(m): 1:25am
Hello everyone, I am Bro Tony aka "THE REVIVALIST". am not really a newbie here on nairaland but at least to the account opening.


I know you all must be wondering who i am and just as I have said earlier it remains the same.
the core purpose of TheRevivalist here on Nairaland is to create a platform for REVIVAL through Gospel Reviving messages and warfare prayers daily.

The name for this platform (which will also be the permanent subject name of all my posts) will be up loaded along with the first post/message.

Now for a start, please don't expect frequent posting or perfection in my texts as I am not a pro in it at all, which means i'll be improving per post.

But what I can say is above anything i'd be posting here please don't be surface about it by checking for the negatives and unnecessaries.

I hereby, plead with all nairalanders to focus on the Message and only the message each post is passing! nothing more.

critics are allowed but only for correction purpose as am also very opened to learning, regardless of who is teaching, being it Gospel.

Furthermore, as a born again Christian anything Gospel and only Gospel ! ,structured in Christ will always be welcomed to my thread either as a contribution or disccusion in the comments section.

In conclusion, this might not be important or relevant to some people but for a Humble beginning it is.
as a True Christ Believer , I don't work or do anything without God's consent, so be sure everything is and has been Divinely directed with full assurance and assistance of the Holy Spirit.

I urge the veterans and pro here to show a brother love, if not for anything but for the sake of the Gospel of Christ. Posts should be expected at anytime in full whenever it comes.

God Bless you for your time.

TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by blingxx(m): 1:25am
Genre:Action, Adventure, SciFi

The best thing that happened to this franchise was getting rid of Michael Bay. The movie was very heart warming on a grand scale, it reminds me of the Sam/Bumblebee relationship in the first transformers movie. This has to be the second best transformers movie after the very first one. The storyline was decent, the fight scenes were awesome & the acting was near perfection, even John Cena who I earlier expressed my fear, that he was gonna ruin the movie, actually did very good.

The only flaw of the movie was the CGI. The CGI wasn't that good, the Autobots especially Optimus Prime looked like a power rangers megazord & Bumblebee, he sure looked like a kid bot in that movie(are they trying to tell us that the Autobots experience growth). This in my honest opinion is what Travis Knight ought to learn from Michael Bay, as his CGI are always top notch.

Bro have you seen the original transformers 80s and 90s cartoon? ... I swear you won't be complaining about the CGI if you grew up watching them... FYI it was Michael bay movies that got transformer all wrong wink
Romance / Re: When Was Your First Heartbreak And How Did You Handle It? by OBIPLUS(m): 1:25am
So you want to die because of a woman , you are still learning.
Celebrities / Re: Adunni Ade Shares Makeup Free Photos. Shows Her Real Face (Photos) by Nellyblaq: 1:25am
What is this? How is this beautiful?
Make up is hiding a lot of things. E no go better for people wey invent am.
She's got beautiful freckles.Duh
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 6 by soulhighman(m): 1:25am

grin losing my pof. Bye!
Politics / Re: Tolu Ogunlesi Compares 10,000 Trader Money To Obasanjo's Keke NAPEP by RTSC: 1:25am

So how many of the fumies are available in the red mud land for banging as compared to here in lagos where it is easier to arrange 20 chidima for all night banging than buying a sachet of pure water?
It doesn't matter.

We have enough emekas in Lagos to do the banging.

Taking the mountain to Muhammad as the case may be.
Pets / Re: Belgian Malinois Breeding Plan In Nigeria. by oluomoadebayo: 1:25am

it's a normal thing for experience to come with bigotry so I'm done arguing with you.
you still haven't said anything to prove your point except flaunting your experience and calling my facts "irrelevant".
because you are a malinois expert doesn't make you a dog expert, just read up on other dogs except malinois.... you'll be surprised

I'm a dog trainer and I have actually worked with most of the breeds. I'm talking from real life experience with the dogs. In the picture, I was advertising CO puppies from Europe and I will share the link for you to see.


Politics / Re: Reasons Jimi Agbaje Will Win Lagos State Governorship Contest by Sleekfingers: 1:24am

Since the commencement of the 2019 electioneering season, I have deliberately refrained myself from making any political prophecy or projections even when I am clearly aligned with a political party, the Peoples Democratic Party and in full support of all her candidates at all levels across the 36 states of the federation and FCT.

However, I can't refrain myself from addressing a biased and misguided piece from a certain self acclaimed political scientist and public commentator, which he titled "Reasons Why Agbaje Would Lose The Lagos Governorship Election Again".

One fact about Lagos 2019 is that unlike the previous elections since 2011, the incumbent ruling party in the state and their supporters have been in serious fear mode; fear of losing their acclaimed empire, fear of losing the priced Gubernatorial contest to no other than Mr. Jimi Agbaje, the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party. Why? See the reasons;

1. Lagosians Are Fed Up With Tinubu Political Empire:
Being a longtime admirer of Asiwaju Tinubu, I can sense from distance the fear of his footsoldiers ahead of 2019 poll. This is the main reason their Governorship candidate Jide Sanwoolu has been bugging every nook and crannies of the state with his posters and billboards. In all their campaign billboard and posters, NOT one of them talk about their achievement in the last 20 years. Sanwoolu is even ashamed to campaign with the stewardship of incumbent Akinwunmi Ambode, simply because if he says Ambo performed, then the question will be why was he rejected? The question will be if Ambode had performed, why was he not considered worthy enough for a second term reelection ticket? Also, Sanwoolu cannot openly say Ambode underperformed because that in itself is an indictment on their party and vindication of the position of Mr Agbaje. However, Lagosians are quite informed that Sanwoolu is the furtherance of Bola's empire and are ready to put a stop come 2019.

2. Failure of President Muhammadu Buhari

In Nigeria's political environment the failure of the party at the centre is usually rubbed on her candidates at lower level. That Buhari administration is a failed one is no longer news, it is also an open secret that the failure of Buhari will affect his party's candidates especially in the southern part of Nigeria, where Lagos is a unit.

3. The Consistency Of Agbaje's Message:

Take it or leave it, the message of freedom as preached by Agbaje has sank deep into the nooks and crannies of Lagos state. In 2015, Agbaje's message became so loud that he narrowly lost to Ambo by small margin in 2015 despite the supposed sterling performance of then Governor Raji Fashola and the anti-PDP propaganda that swept Lagos. In fact, Jimi polled the highest vote garnered by any opposition party since 1999 and the PDP broke several jinx by winning seats in both the federal house of representative and Lagos state house of Assembly. I'm not trying to prophesy but a landslide victory in for Jimi Agbaje should not surprised anyone.

4. Involvement of "Non-Indigenes":

One advantage Jimi enjoy over his loquacious opponent is that he enjoys additional support of PVC carrying non indigenes of Lagos state due to his nationalist approach and programs unlike the ethnic-based political message of the other man. Only a political neophyte will playdown the influence of this segment in the politics of Lagos.

5. Jimi Is Busiest Of All Candidates:
May I educate the so-called political scientist that Mr Jimi Agbaje has been the busiest of all candidates running for the office. He has been engaged with marathon town hall events, grassroots outreach and has been very visible at conventions and other events. I think the writer of that piece is out if touch with present realities and happenings in Lagos.

6. Jimi Has Clear Policies:
Aside bullying Lagosians with posters and billboards, Sanwoolu has been the most quiet of all candidates. His policies are neither here nor there that they can't be critiqued because they lack substance. This cannot be said of Mr Jimi Agbaje. Lagosians know what he stands for. His posters and billboards convey message to the average Lagosian, a message that majority have already signed up for.

Those who are on ground in Lagos will tell you that the most uncomfortable candidate at the moment is Mr Sanwoolu. However, I will not make any political prophecy but having considered these facts and indices on ground, I will not be surprised when Jimi Agbaje of PDP is declared winner of Lagos state gubernatorial contest in March.

May God Bless Us All And Bless Nigeria

Written by TonyeBarcanista from Lagos.

There is no opposition in Lagos... Pdp is dead in Lagos....

Better luck... Maybe in 2023.....that's if he is not in pdp.... Pdp got no place in Lagos. He should try and join any other party... A word is enough for the wise

To cut long story short.... I will be voting for Sanwo olu....
Crime / Re: Akanno Justice Nzubechukwu, Missing 400L Student Of Imo State University by Findschoolnews: 1:24am
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Education / Students And Graduates, Here's How To Make Money Online by Kingerons: 1:24am
Don't you feel cheated when you spend much time on the internet and you fail to make a dime off it

It is quite funny but most times when you people hear of making money online, they tend to streamline it to the activities of online scamming and duping but it is not so. Believe it or not but the world is advancing at a very fast rate. People can now sit down in the comfort of their homes and still make money like a regular day to day office man or even make much more money. This wasn’t really possible three decades ago where you have to write job applications, get hired and wake up every day to go to your office but thanks to technology its different now. Its left for you to find which money making method suits you and which you are very comfortable with.

So if you have been thinking of making some extra income as a student or graduate then you are on the right page to success because making money online is a good option.

NOTE: All money making methods listed here are legal and socially approved so there is no cause for alarm.

CONTINUE READING and change your financial life

Business / I Need Your Advice by Constance20(f): 1:24am
I recently finished school and I hate the fact that I am idle at home till NYSC calls. I decided I want to start buying items such as shoes, engagement and wedding rings, necklace from Ali Express so I can sell them to people. I would like to know if that is ok for a start.
Investment / Re: Free Website That Pays You For Answering Surveys by wyserose: 1:24am
Religion / Re: Lady Indicates Jesus As Her Next Of Kin While Filing A Travel Manifest by yetty247(f): 1:24am
Lemme mind my concern
Investment / Re: Diamond Bank - The Home Of Scam by Nemesisobaara: 1:23am

Nawa o

Those pple na real thief,I go soon go withdraw all my cash 4rm d bank and dem no even sabi attend 2 customers!I open hider account wit d bank till date I neva c any interest on top my money yet I dey deposit more cash!
Music/Radio / Lobablinks - Oluwaloseyi by itzbaron: 1:23am
Sensational music act LobaBlinks finally drops his highly anticipated single of the year. LobaBlinks breaks the music scene with his impressive effort which he titles Oluwaloseyi. Lobablinks teams up with Ace producer Sownick in delivering what is definitely no doubt a master piece.

Connect With Lobablinks On His Social Media Handle IG/TW @Lobablinks

Kindly Download And Share

Politics / Re: Obafemi Hamzat Live On Morning Digest With Jimi Disu by naptu2: 1:23am
The governor they opposed was Bola Tinubu not Fashola,according to the interview. You may want to edit this.

Respect brother!

No, he gave separate instances when they opposed both Fashola and Tinubu and I wrote about both of them as he said it. Go through the thread.
Autos / Re: Very Neat 2007 Honda Accord Dc. Buy And Drive by andy244: 1:23am
First body
Investment / Re: Another APPLICATION That Pays You By Just Installing... No Work by wyserose: 1:23am
wyseking@gmail.com 07035382371
Sports / Re: Emiliano Sala Told Teammates He Was Worried About The Plane! by Ishilove: 1:22am
That means he is.......
Dead? Yep, seems so.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: First Bank 2019 Graduate Trainee Programme by queenDD(f): 1:22am

I email HCP about rescheduling my location from Kano to Abuja and I got this reply . I choose Abuja as my test center during the registration sha but I was posted to kano , so I don't know mayb that's the reason why they reschedule my location after stating that in the content of my email to them

Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: GTB, Unfair With Its Contract Staff Conversion Process... by salford1: 1:22am
Most people are waiting to take over from you once you are sacked. If you can't meet their standard please pack your box.

Most people that complain a lot in private sector did not Merit their position
While i feel sorry for OP's friend. Nigerians can complain eh. Even some promotions within a private or government organization requires all types of test (verbal, numerical and logic) for promotions or to prevent being sacked. If you work for a organization and do not agree with their policy, it is best to seek job elsewhere or resign.

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