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Politics / Re: Two Times Buhari’s Govt Failed In Floating Social Media Platform by motymop: 1:51pm
These newspapers are anti Nigeria.

If a newspaper come up to write this against Nigeria techpreneurs even supporting those that wrote a bad review so that a Nigerian owned app can be deleted from the app store, that shows the country is done for and foreigners will continue to rule us.

If you give bad press to your local app, dont expect foreign investors to take your country serious.
Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by Manvalo: 1:51pm
Tell the manager to either log complains through the Pos machine by uploading the pic of the said transactions. Or email the Pos party.
They will check it on their system, if the fault is from them, they will let him know and reverse it back to the Pos..
I run a business and it has happened to me severally.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Appointment Letter Genuine? by Judolisco(m): 1:51pm
You that is wise, what have you achieved? Must you insult, abi na your hobby? Did I force you to comment? The money is not my problem. I can make 400k in less than two months. I'm not a church rat, like you.
u jst gave someone 400k Mr rich man because u want a government job... u want to cheat the system... U and the person that scammed you are thieves... U can make 400k in less than a month and you're still looking for a government job... U be mumu u think say u dey wise... Mumuman
Politics / Re: Nigerian Politics: How To Publish A Book On Nigerian Politics by Number8: 1:51pm
Write it. Tell it. Make it interesting!

Make it happen.
... _-_-__
Romance / Re: Shocking After-match photos of WWE wrestlers. ((Graphic Photos)) by RevolverOcelot(m): 1:51pm
The injuries are real. Don't try it at home or anywhere.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by jayjaycee0: 1:51pm
Come and Carr your sub ooo TOILETPRINT

Investment / Re: Business Investment: How To Invest In Social Media Promotions To Grow Your Brand by SpottedCity: 1:51pm
Increase your sales. Create a brand for yourself or your business. Let people trust you.

Make more money for yourself.

Upgrade your business. Upgrade your level.

Make it happen.
... -...
Properties / Re: Elite Garden Beside Abijo GRA. Only Few Plots Left by renieproperties(f): 1:51pm
The best investment on earth is earth
Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by sonnie10: 1:51pm
List of Materials and workmanship for the construction of the suspended slab for a double wing of 2 bedroom flats at Asaba.

1. 1x12x12 wood (345) x 1300 = N448,500
2. 2x2x12 wood (100) x 350 = N35,000
3. Long bamboo (178) x 400 = N71,200
4. 1x9x12 wood (10) 1,100 = N11,000
5. 1x6x12 wood (75) 650 = N48,750
6. Bag of 3" nails (2) 13,500 = N27,000
7. Half bag of 2" nails N8,500
8. Roll of nylon sheets (6) 7,000 = N42,000
9. 16mm rods (80) x 6,262 = N501,000
10. 12mm rods (245) x 3,522.24 = N862,950
11. 8mm rods (45) x 1733.33 = N78,000
12. Roll of binding wire N13,300
13. Electrical pipes, boxes,gum etc. N122,053.75
14. Bags of cement (181) x 3450 = N624,450
15. Trips of sharp sand (7) x 19,714.28 = N138,000
16. Trips of chippings (6) x 60,000 = N360,000
17. Carpentry N130,000
18. Iron fitters N120,000
19. Electricians N60,000
20. Concrete casters N250,000
21. Site foreman 20,000
22. Security man N20,000
23. Transportation and loading N47,950

Grand total N4,052,953.75

Promise kept, I will be around to entertain some questions. Thanks all.

Edit: Cost prices in fractions indicate that we bought several quantities at different times and at different prices, so you are likely seeing average costs as unit prices in some materials.

Oga spyder880, where you dey buy 16mm for less than 7200?
Even the 1 x 12 planks for 1300? The price is about 1900.
You even quoted 12mm for lesss than 4200 This estimate might not be too long ago but the price you have there are no longer obtainable.
Education / Re: Court Awards N5million Damages Against Lecturer For Victimizing Student by Freestainworld(m): 1:50pm
Let them pay the student sharp sharp
Travel / Re: Immigration Stops 20 Intending Passengers From Leaving Nigeria At Lagos Airport by plusfield: 1:50pm
This is unheard of. A traveller has a valid travel documents issued by the receiving nation and you are baring him or her from travelling.
Please, all the affected persons should quickly to go to mile 2 and enter taxi to Ghana or Togo and from there reroute their trip to their country of destination.
What nonsense
Family / Re: NIPR; Professional Exam/certificate In PUBLIC RELATIONS... Enter Here! by IMC247: 1:50pm
Register for 2021 NIPR Professional Examinations in Public Relations, contact us.
Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by Xkoba: 1:50pm
Send a complaint to the consumer protection commission

[1quote author=tunbosun002 post=103002010]Does Anyone Know How I Can Resolve This Issue?

Good morning nairalanders,

Please I have an issue with MobilinNigeria(Mobil petroleum station) in one of their branches in Lekki axis and the manager seems not to know what to do about it or he’s trying to play me.

On the 12th of this month, I was at one of the branches to buy diesel worth N10,000 with my atm card using POS..the fuel attendant whose name starts with M tried using my card with their POS machine and after about 30mins, he gave me the card saying the transaction was declined and opted that I transfer 10k to his personal account and he would pay later when the POS machine starts working, which I did and I left the petrol station.

On getting home, N10,000 from the declined transaction was deducted from my account. I sent an email to my bank(FCMB) immediately asking them to make a reversal of the N10,000 deducted from my account and I got a response stating that they will investigate for 3 working days.

After the said working days was completed, I got an email from FCMB saying the POS merchant got credited with the money with proof. I went back to mobil petrol station and I met with one of the attendants, asking to see their manager and I explained why I needed to see the manager but when the guy he called their manager came, the first thing he said is “IT IS A POS TRANSACTION and IT CANNOT be traced”, I immediately told him he cannot tell me there’s no way to keep track of their account records and I needed my money back since FCMB said the money went through, I also showed him the receipt FCMB sent to me. He promised to investigate and call back on Monday noon which he didn’t, I gave him till past 6pm of the said day before calling him, he asked that I call back so he can check and when I did, he said he didn’t see the N10,000 transaction in their account.
I called FCMB yesterday and they still insisted that they received the money and they asked that I go back there and give them a call to talk to the manager.

Note, the manager has refused to check with the bank copy receipt FCMB sent to me saying since the one they gave me at the petrol station says declined, then the money is not with them.
Please I need help from bankers in the house and nairalanders on how to get this money, N10,000 is really a lot this period as I have not been working for the past six weeks now.

I will attach the declined receipt I got from the petrol station and the receipt FCMB sent to me after their investigations.

Attached is the declined receipt I got from the fuel attendant and the receipt FCMB sent to me after their investigations.[/quote]
Properties / Re: Luxury 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex At 2nd Avenue, Banana Island by renieproperties(f): 1:50pm
The best investment on earth is earth
Autos / Re: 06/07 Toyota Sequoia Available For Sale At Enugu State by o42austino(m): 1:50pm
Travel / Re: Immigration Stops 20 Intending Passengers From Leaving Nigeria At Lagos Airport by Mozegee: 1:50pm
I am sorry to insult u,but u are a total disgrace for writing this trash.
Nice work from the Nigeria Immigration service. I think it's important to research properly before making any attempt to travel outside the country.. Homepage worthy, lalasticlala, mynd44
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Boluw9tife: 1:50pm
Good morning I uploaded my original University statement of result and complete transcripts to university of Worclaw application portal, but they sent me a mail asking me to Attach originals of my university diploma: Or statement (fresh one) from the University..

What's could be the issue....please I need ur feedbacks guy

Submit your original certificate or statement of result....doest really need to be legalized b4 applying...but you have to legalize b4 going there cos you have to present them
Politics / Re: Harrison Gwamnishu Escapes Assassination By Men In Police Van (Photos, Video) by OBALOLA55(m): 1:50pm

I will soon also deny being a member of Bororo herd terrorists very soon. We are really feeling the heat in the east
Autos / Re: Firstbody Corolla 2007model Need New Owner by Grass2gracedeal: 1:50pm
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by commentchecker: 1:50pm

You deserve

Okay. But like I said. You guys should pick a struggle.

And between hope you've seen that nengi is stainless. After all your narrative of toilet..

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Autos / Re: 2012 Toyota Camry Registered Available @3.8m Asking by FashAutos(m): 1:50pm
Family / Re: Nigerian Woman Dies Six Weeks After Her Wedding (photos) by Ezedon(m): 1:50pm
Village People
Investment / Get Out Of The Box Business Ideas by Samwils: 1:50pm
Okay, I'm Tom Samuel and I've spent half of my life wondering what people think when they think of starting a provision store where there are more provision stores in the said street than the city put together.. and you try to understand the thoughts behind that, they're not offering products for cheaper prices or discounted rates, they sell same products as the other stores infact the moment the other stores don't have a certain product you want to buy, you find out they don't also have it.. so what's the point?

Here's where I come in, I provide complete fail safe business strategies and ideas, wanna start a business you have the capital but don't know what to go into? I'll help you with that

You'll see folks out there with lots of funds but ignorant of highly lucrative businesses to go into...

Here's a little story:
I'm a writer and 6 months ago I made over 30k writing in a month, yes I know it's little but I was the cause of that as I was too lazy to write articles, I'd rather spend my time hanging with friends and this particular girl close to a junction near my house. So I made this 30k and all the sudden I thought I was all rich, note I'm 20 years, I'll be 21 this year though..

Back to the story, it wasn't up to two weeks I had spent half the money, 12k in school for sorting 6k each, and got myself a few clothes.
And then came the worry, I had wasted all my cash!!! And the following month seemed like there were no writing jobs for me, no client was hiring and I barely saw a writing gig ad on Nairaland, literature section to be precise.. so I thought to myself, what if I could start an offline business with less capital and less exposure? Hmmm.. well I thought of running errands for a price which would include, house cleaning, Grocery shopping, bills payment and everything that was seen as an errand I'd gladly do it as far as my pay was assured; betterstill, I'd be my own boss..

That was the thought, so I came up with a great business plan and showed it to my elder brother who runs a lot of self owned offline businesses; he's a music producer, a pianist, teaches music in two montessori schools here in Calabar and also owns a barbing salon, a match viewing center and a mini eatery where they run barbeques and drinks..

He said," well this is a great idea," and continued down the business plan to where I included the intended price rate for my services, and he was amused as I wrote N300 for every 30 minute errand I completed, and he was like," is this price for your transportation?" And I said it was my price for offering the services, he laughed it off and I told him I chose that price cause I thought no one would afford paying more for just errands!!! He said," first, you need to know your target audience, it's not gonna be running errands for just anyone but people who are ready to pay you your worth!" He proceeded to saying he once cleaned a house for someone and got paid 13k, 3k for the cleaning materials and 10k for his service.

Wow! 10k just to clean?? And he didn't clean for any shabby person, but a rich dude who owns a house in Satellite town here in Calabar.. well at that point I decided I was going to focus more on cleaning.

So I got home, and that night I used up all my 965 mb worth of data to watch as well as download youtube tutorials on house cleaning, hacks and all..

Broke up my saving box and went on straight to buy a few items I needed which included;

- A mob( utilized one of our house mob)
- Bucket( also got this from one of my mums' many occasion souvenirs)
- Microfiber towel( had this at home also)
- Baking soda( got from the market at a pretty discounted rate as people didn't really patronise this so the old man had to sell me a whole lot for a little price with a beaming smile on his face)
- White vinegar( got from a chemical store at the U.J Esuene stadium here in Calabar)
- Lemon essential oil ( sourced for this)
- Spray bottles( sourced for this around, already had 1 at home so I got two more from a friend)
- Hydrogen peroxide ( from the chemical store)
Antibacterial liquid soaps

Got home, that night I spent the whole night telling my influential friends who I concluded will have contacts of people who needed my services and my post was all round their whatsapp status update that night.. took a whole week but I finally got a client who paid 7k to clean his apartment which was unoccupied due to the fact he was out of the state for months.

So he paid and advance 2k for the items I needed, and will complete when I finished the cleaning.. so I went there did my job, showed him a before and after shot I took when he was back and he was amazed at the work I did, he made a transfer of 6k, 1k extra for my transport fare, I thanked him and left..

That's how I started an offline business and now I get 2-3 clients most weeks and I make 10-20k every week cleaning, cause that first client also referred me to other folks too ( that's why it's good to do a great job!)

Well that's pretty much it, well I have a few more no brainier business ideas, it really doesn't have to be cryptocurrencies, forex, blogging, provision stores (LMAO) or anything ordinary, besides I know how to trade forex and can constantly make 10-30 dollars a day, I can also show proves when you message me but that's not the point.
Think outside the box, find out what people need and provide that! That's the way to really make money...

I leave in the streets, so I get to eavesdrop on people's weird but amazing business ideas.. like someone in my street sells fuel from his mini van..
Whenever you get stuck on the road cause you ran out of fuel you give him a call and he comes with a fuel hose and fills you up, weird ideas right??

Well feel free to dm on WhatsApp I'll be glad to have a conversation with you regarding your business plan or ideas.


Also leave your comments below!

I can give you professional advice and counseling if you don't mind and it's all for free, plus business ideas!! All you need do is contact
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Dawn Of A New Era, AFCON 2022 And Qatar 2022 by humility33: 1:50pm
Oga humility you dey fall my hand o..let's stop this bulls hit here.This is a beautiful thread and it must not be derailed by tribal issues.

Okay sir
I have dropped it

I hate it when he tried throw positives on why tribal or ethnic nationalism should be encouraged.... it is a wrong course that has made Nigeria the worse it is as at today
Phones / Re: Leak Image Of The First Infinix Device With Wireless Charging by sunshineV: 1:50pm
More wahala for carlcare

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Education / Re: Educational Institutions: How To Promote Your School On Social Media Platforms by Great55: 1:50pm
Don't allow lack of publicity spoil your business.

Promotions and Publicity can increase your sales by up to 70%.

Promotions and Publicity are the keys to making sales and quick turnover in your business.

Become the expert you want to be in your business.

Yes it's possible.
... ... .. . . . .
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by FergieRaww(m): 1:50pm


Omo!!! are you sure that site is even legal lol

these are kind of sites i love cool ... thanks man!
Phones / Help by Asianjollof007: 1:50pm
I tried to download this plotagon app but it's telling me it's not compatible with my phone.

I really need that app, what can I do?

Foreign Affairs / Massive Rescue Effort After Deadly Partial Building Collapse In South Florida by HolinessForever: 1:50pm
Dozens of fire-rescue units are at the scene of a partial building collapse in Surfside, Florida, just north of Miami Beach. Much of the structure crumbled into a huge pile of rubble early Thursday.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said one person was killed and nine injured. He explained that two people were taken to a hospital and one of them died. The other eight who were hurt were treated at the scene.

CBS Miami says rescuers are desperately trying to reach trapped residents. Some may be stuck in the rubble, the station says, adding that firefighters are using truck-mounted ladders to reach people stuck on balconies. They also did a floor by floor search.

It was a high-rise condominium building called Champlain Towers South, CBS Miami reports.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue tweeted that it had more than 80 units there along with units from municipal fire departments. Miami Beach Police tweeted that "multiple police and fire agencies from across Miami-Dade" were assisting.

Florida Power & Light says it cut electricity to about 400 customers in the vicinity.

A family reunification center was set up nearby for anyone looking for unaccounted for relatives.

A man who was evacuated from a nearby hotel said, "The building – one of these huge buildings – gone! … The building – it's gone. … The whole building's gone. … Oh my gosh. This is the most insane thing I've ever seen in my life."

Building resident recounts being inside during collapse: "Loudest thing I've ever heard"

A man living in the Surfside, Florida high-rise building that collapsed early Thursday said he "thought it was lightning" when he first heard a crash outside his door.

"It was as loud as you could — the loudest thing I've ever heard," Barry Cohen told CBS News' Manuel Bojorquez. "Now I know what a building collapsing sounds like."

Cohen said Surfside police were already on the scene when he climbed out to his balcony.

"We said, 'What should we do?' And they said, 'Go back inside.' We don't know what's going on. And then we went out of our apartment," he said.

Cohen opened the door to leave but, where he was accustomed to seeing a 100-yard lobby. "It was rubble — gone," he said.

Cohen said he was simply "happy to be alive."




Business / Re: Mcafee Anti-Virus Founder, John McAfee Found Dead In Barcelona Prison by Ghostmode2two(m): 1:50pm
He was murdered. Why was he put in prison in Spain in the first instance? He has the money to defend himself should he be extradited for whatever crime. Africans do their own with dark magic and voodoo and the whites do theirs through carefully planned assassination moves. Tueh for life
Career / Re: Prophet Tayo Demola: Secrets Of Career Success by Cabs22: 1:50pm
Your life is in your hands.

Don't play with it.

Don't give up on your dreams.

You will succeed.

Yes. ...

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