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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Gets Extra Sleeve Tattoo (Photos, Video) by Reex12(m): 3:19pm On Apr 19

Chai, only one seed of beans for your rice.
maybe na mistake e take enter grin
Religion / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Visits Joshua Iginla Over Mother’s Death (Photos) by Reex12(m): 2:24pm On Apr 19
ffk the man with 50+ domestic staffs grin
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Abraham Hails Her Husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi For Their Sweet Marriage by Reex12(m): 2:14pm On Apr 19
WhatsApp me
are they rots?
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Abraham Hails Her Husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi For Their Sweet Marriage by Reex12(m): 1:56pm On Apr 19
May your marriage be strong and stronger but nevertheless I do not agree with all this media show ups. Bad belle people everywhere


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Zero seven zero, three three, two six, six one, nine three
how much
Romance / Re: I Am A Dreadful Redpiller And Hate Women Even More Because Of My MOTHER!! by Reex12(m): 1:51pm On Apr 19

What I don't understand why someone's story can hurt you so much.
Person say him mama na farm tool, why e come dey pain you like this grin
grin see as the mumu dey wash e mama dirty linen for public

Romance / Re: Is It True That Before A Man Loves You,He Must First Abuse And Make You Sad? by Reex12(m): 1:41pm On Apr 19
WTF is this

Something tells me this is coming from place of pain and hearthbreak..

Pls dont generalise if you fell for that badboy on your steet who abused you and broke your heart abeg no carry am come NL dey yarn dust
Health / Re: Wiping Back-to-front Introduces Bacteria From Anus To Vagina —researcher by Reex12(m): 12:41pm On Apr 19
who cares asfar as I dey smash the kpekus wetin concern local man
Celebrities / Re: Wathoni Anyansi Celebrates Her 30th Birthday (Photos) by Reex12(m): 12:41pm On Apr 19
Romance / Re: The Big Curses She Laid On My Head. Did I Do Anything Wrong? by Reex12(m): 11:55am On Apr 19
like I said before, I do not give a Bleep about my girl's past life.
If the lady had an association with cultists, I clearly will steer clear. Not because of who she was, but for my own safety.
Funny enough, I once had an encounter with a road side girl who lived in the same lodge with me. We got quite close and she divulged her little secrets to me. Yes I made her change, relocate to her hometown and is currently learning a trade in a drug store. Don't know if she has completely changed though, that I can not vouch for. Sometimes when you get to know the true story of those purported oloshos, you will feel nothing but pity for them.

everyones responsible for thier action no matter situation you find yourself, you were never coerced nor forced its called freewill

that aside back to the my question.
.why would you avoid her? isnt her association with criminals all in her past, she is a changed person, your answer to this will know your stance in your above logic


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Romance / Re: Meet The 128 Years Old Man Who Has Never Slept With A Woman Before by Reex12(m): 9:44am On Apr 19
Now that's the real defininition of a monk
This man will be very strong spiritually. I bet he doesn't know the powers he has.
am sure he knows, hes an Indian,mostly likely budhaa

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Romance / Re: The Big Curses She Laid On My Head. Did I Do Anything Wrong? by Reex12(m): 9:34am On Apr 19
I personally do not believe in curses,
But you are wrong by telling your friend of the lady's past. I personally do not give a Bleep about the past of anyone I am with.
cashio pls there's a girl in my church who repented yesterday from being a roadside prostitute and a call girl to cultists, she's looking for a Godfearingman who can forget her past and enter a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, pls if your interested send me a pm..

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Romance / Re: by Reex12(m): 7:47am On Apr 19
so you mean to tell me that 5guys rushed to her rescue and still paid her uber fee to go home..chai DEATH TO SIMPS

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Romance / Re: Am In A State Of Dilemma by Reex12(m): 5:12am On Apr 19
SMH these simps never learn

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Romance / Re: Why I Personally Avoid Girls On Low Cut by Reex12(m): 5:08am On Apr 19
The ones I have met like sex wella sha grin


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Romance / Re: Why Do Females Lose Their Sweethearted Nature When They Grow Older? by Reex12(m): 5:01am On Apr 19
hesrthbreaks, pressure to get married, job seeking, the list is endless


Business / Re: Dangote Commits $700 Million To Sugar Production by Reex12(m): 4:48am On Apr 19
BUA is in trouble this is an unhealthy competition

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Romance / Re: Don’t Listen To Nairaland Redpillers by Reex12(m): 1:51pm On Apr 18

Man be wise. Life is much more complicated after marriage and having kids.
Pls dont listen to that kid foolishness abounds in the heart of a child
The redpill act as guide in our everyday life when dealing with women and even life itself it plays out in reality everyday but we fail to see it

its usually hard to get rid of a nagging woman especially when kids are involved you only have to control the situation
possible solution;
you give your wife too much attention and loyalty therefore she has lost respect for you, just simply ignore her, while still catering for your kids, also display a nonchalant attitude toward her generousities & she will think there's a competion somewhere and seek your validation and earn you respect ..
Do not cheat on her but create the illusion of a cheating partner and starve her of attention

Pls do not fail to take more of the redpill for more solutions in dealing with relationship/family issues

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Romance / Re: Because Am Shy And Quiet Girls Ignore Me by Reex12(m): 1:14pm On Apr 18
stop chasing butterflies, make your garden colourful and butterflies will come.

this is what is changing my life now.

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: Some Celebs Lie About Having Glamorous Lives by Reex12(m): 10:45am On Apr 18
Romance / Re: I Just Found Out My Girlfriend Of 3 Months Sold Her Virginity by Reex12(m): 9:03am On Apr 18

Thanks, I'm trying to ignore it.
if you ignore it you might regret it , you dont use pity to marry, use your clear eye enter marraige, this is a lifetime commitment and if the road gets rocky be ready to endure whatever behaviour your wife will exhibit..lobatan


Romance / Re: I Just Found Out My Girlfriend Of 3 Months Sold Her Virginity by Reex12(m): 8:51am On Apr 18
Ignore your partner's past.

I hate it when one party plays victim in relationships. You are not innocent!
this has to be the most foolish advice here seriously?
a girl willingly sold her innocence for the highest bidder like a piece of cloth without remorse, which invariably means that if opportunity presents itself she'll as well sell her body for money even when married.
And your giving advice you can't take, women are responsible for thier bodycounts take it or leave it, so stop this useless simpish mentality.
You can aswell go to church and marry that repentant aged roadside prostutite as a wife then
Nairaland should ban simps from giving advice here please


Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Will Beat Fury Because He Is Physically Superior - David Haye by Reex12(m): 4:03pm On Apr 17
Anthony Joshua was beaten by Fury the very day he went prostrating to that idiot in aso rock.

Mark my word. Fury will win the march. Even the rematch.
grin you no well aswear

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Programming / Re: Starting A Life In Programing, 5 Things To Know As A Fresher by Reex12(m): 3:48pm On Apr 17
Nowadays we just buy websites script and upload them and it get the work done.
do you have a blog that uploads
Romance / Re: The Girl I Love So Much, I Couldn't Talk To Her For The Past 4yrs. by Reex12(m): 12:11pm On Apr 17
the babe is probably going to groom you into meeting her needs soon enough. She’s also answering you now because she wants to keep you on a leash, so when she tells you roll on ur stomach, you’ll do so grin
hes the backup nigga, they never get the pussy, they are only usesul when.shes down or heartbroken or need a shoulder to cry on ..
Education / Re: What Was Your Survival Job Oversea As A Student by Reex12(m): 11:34am On Apr 17
Truth be told. I usually think that I would be able to work whenever I leave Nigeria for studies abroad. But I am here now and sometimes I wonder how I would be able to have supported myself if I was not sponsored by the school. To even find time for oneself after project reports, assignments and reading for exams is too hectic.
Thank God for scholarships.

NB: if you have to work abroad you may have to sacrifice your academic results for the cash. If you're for your academic pursuits, you better leave the job thingy.
where you schooling?
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: I Could Win A Grammy And People Will Still Feel I Am Not Good Enough by Reex12(m): 11:13am On Apr 17
everybody is not the same, everybody's road to success is not also the same.if you say her sister is more calm and matured than her,I will accept.

Agreed.SOME. People enter the industry whether music,movie whatever and make it big just with their 1st try and others might have to keep trying over and over again.some may get various rejections several times before they get the hit that will break them into the industry but that doesn't mean they're talentless.at the moment cuppy is in the stage where she hasn't yet hit it, she's still getting several no(s) but that is not a reason to drag her, insult her bully her.no that is too much.criticisms is ok afterall there are critics in every Industry and in every facet of life but what Nigerians are doing is not CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS THAT WILL IMPROVE HER.insults and bullying is not constructive criticisms,it's called DISCOURAGEMENT.they want to keep dragging her up to a level she will slide into depression and start second guessing herself and doubting herself that she cannot do it meanwhile she's really trying in her own way.nigerians want her to give up so they'll be able to scorn her and say "we knew she didn't know what she's doing,we knew it's her daddy and nothing more".they did something exactly similar to Burna boy that he was pushed to work twice as hard so he can finally silence those casting Aspersions on him.even after winning Grammy they still accused him of being proud

Let's stop this toxic mentality and celebrate our own and when you see someone crawling use kind words to help him/her get up but no Una must use your words to break someone that is trying to get up.its not nice
shes thè one bringing the hate on herself, you put yourself out there despite your background is on one footing with society and you decide to make everyone love you bcus of your fathers name PROVE TO US THAT YOUR WORTH IT EVEN DAVIDO PROVED TO US THAT HES SOMEOME WITH HIS FATHERS WEALTH, how do you think an average man with 5kids to feed hustling night &day to pay bills will feel about you when you post rangerover and pinklamborghini on insta with a tag 'the world will stànd still bcus of the worth of my lambo' and you expect him not to hate you, meanwhile your songs are shitty with no content, she cant have it all you cant make people love you instead win them, jus like temi did, shes got the same lambo on her birthday but didnt make fuss about it, thats talent and maturity and that what fans like about her
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: I Could Win A Grammy And People Will Still Feel I Am Not Good Enough by Reex12(m): 8:09am On Apr 17
exactly.she is taking advantage of her daddy's influence.if Na you NKO? Won't you use your dad's influence to leverage on your career Abi you go go que

The envy and hate on this girl is so obvious and I blame Nigerian leaders for it.if poverty and unemployment rate wasn't this high, the envy on cuppy wouldn't have been this much because it's most of this broke n1ggaa that are this pained.you can't have money and be displaying some unbelievable level of vicious envy

I hate when critics push you to be better and you call it envy, its not, cuppy is wack and its obvious, obo was once like that but he put in more work to be better and it paid off virtually 80% of nigerian party goers like davido(except for his philandering), and he never stops imoroving himself.

But you cant say the same for cuppy bcus shes using davido as a yardstick to chase clout and pepperdem without any solid standing, putting the cart before the horse,even giveaways is hard for her, donjazzy, davido, vector, even rema does it inorder to win fans love its called showbiz.

Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: I Could Win A Grammy And People Will Still Feel I Am Not Good Enough by Reex12(m): 5:27am On Apr 17
why is temi your sister not experiencing the same thing, after she dropped her first movie, its because you lack talent, but inatead of you to work on yourself to be better the way obo did, your chasing stupid clout
Celebrities / Re: Chioma-Davido Breakup Rumour: Toolz Tells Chioma What To Do by Reex12(m): 5:18am On Apr 17
all humans are hierarchical. All humans are valued according to what they have, do or family background. If you believe otherwise then you most likely live with your parents and haven't seen the real world.
By the way, why are you obsessed with poverty? Is it embedded in your psyche?
so you dey reply that ignoramuse
Romance / Re: Wise Singles Focus On Marrying RIGHT. Foolish Ones Focus On Marrying FIRST. by Reex12(m): 4:39am On Apr 17
Nigerian girls want to marry bvusof societal pressure & biological clock but majority do not know what it take to be a wife and run a home..

Reno seems to forget in terms of marriage men make the choice and not women
women date who they like but marry who they can

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