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Business / Discover Where To Download Free Ebooks Of Your Choice by Rosyblack(f): 4:03pm On Aug 19, 2016
Really, we spend so much buying eBooks because we can't do without them. We need them for so many reasons: as a stepping stone to publishing our own, to resell them for profit, to derive website content and the list continues. But what if I show you where to download eBooks without paying a dime?

Yes find out where to download eBooks for free. If you are interested, use my signature and go to my free download page. Download the video for free.
Business / Responsive Email Marketing Tutorial For Online Marketers- Download Video For Fre by Rosyblack(f): 8:45pm On Aug 15, 2016
Greetings friends,

Just want to share a little tips with you. There's something I've always struggled with in this field of online marketing. That is email marketing. I really don't think my email marketing has been very effective. When it comes to this field I use the service of a good friend I who's an expert and have tons of email list. But that has to stop now. But if you need his service contact me O. What guarantee an effective email marketing? It is when you have a responsive email list.

Many of us are experts at building email list. Some know all the list building tools there are in the world.That is not what I'm talking about and it doesn't make you a good email marketer. I mean responsive. This happens when those in your list take action at seeing your message. If you don't get clicks when you send email, then it's not responsive.

What I'm driving at is that I stumbled on a video on this very subject and since I needed to learn effective email marketing method I purchased it for a little dollar. Don't loose interest, I'm not asking you to buy. If you think you need it just use my signature. It's absolutely free, no conditions attached. The only cost is the data you will have to burn to download it.

Enjoy the free tutorial.

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Business / Re: MUST READ : Why Gtbank Latest 737 Simple Mobile Banking Is A Beautiful Nonsense by Rosyblack(f): 7:13pm On Apr 11, 2016
They've just made it easy for me to transfer all of my money to another bank. I can't risk losing my money. By the time they see the huge loss they will suffer, they'll sit up.
Politics / Re: How Jega Defeated Jonathan For Buhari - Femi Aribisala by Rosyblack(f): 10:01pm On Apr 07, 2016
This is the true picture of that election. Out of 3 Igbos in my compound, 2 did not get PVC. Many Yorubas pretend to like Buhari out of hatred for Jonathan. Don't worry, Jonathan is out of the way. In the next election, It may even be a westerner this time who will be competing against Buhari. Let's see how far they can sustain this support.


Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS Muhammadu Buhari- POISONED IN AMERICA "Pics INSIDE by Rosyblack(f): 4:55pm On Apr 01, 2016
How could you joke with a thing of this magnitude.
Politics / Re: Kachikwu Answering Questions At Senate Over Fuel Scarcity (Photos) by Rosyblack(f): 10:47pm On Mar 29, 2016
This same Kachikwu told Nigerians few months back that some refineries had been fix and were working fine.
Politics / Re: "How APC Destroyed Nigeria For 16 Years" by Rosyblack(f): 10:13am On Mar 25, 2016

Duuring PDP's 16 year rule, was Nigeria ruled under APC manifesto or PDP manifesto?

Was Nigeria ruled based on APC policies and programs?

Was Nigeria ruled under APC economic and social policies?

Were OBJ, YARADUA and GEJ ministers were appointed by APC president that never existed?

Were heads of the law enforcement and anti corruption agencies appointed by the APC or PMB?

Was Dasuki appointed by the PAC or PMB?

Was the Nigerian Navy handed over to Tompolo by the APC or PMB?

Was looted and drained NIMASSA handed over to looters by PMB or GEJ?

Was billions handed over to looters for spiritual prayers by PMB or GEJ?

Who approved arms funds Dasuki shared with PDP looters? PMB or GEJ?

Who made billions of dollars from from high oil priced for 5 years but looted everything with nothing to show and even still borrowed to pay salaries? PDP or APC?

Who looked the other way while the NNPC looted and did dirt with our money?

I can go on and on till next year, but why bother....

1. Now under APC, APC programs, APC policies, APC anti corruption policies, we don't have looters running around looting and stealing, FG accounts are unitary and not thousands all over the place making room for looting and stealing.

2. Today, we found out that N7 billion was recovered from GEJ's looters with many more billions to follow

3. TSA account is at N3 trillion and overflowing with money, money that was nowhere to be found under GEJ and PDP.

4. Our foreign reserve is no longer bleading, it's actually growing ..

5. Our ECA is getting replenished the first time since june last year

6. No more sending armored vans to the CBN to loot our funds in the middle of the night

7. No more BH taking over or planting their terrorists flags all over the place

8. Our galant men and women in uniform are no longer running from BH because of low moral and poor or no weapons to fight with because GEJ and his looters stole and shared their money

9. Our agencies are making and remitting huge and record amount of funds into the Federal account...

We are doing all the wonderful things above with the so called APC or former PDP members you listed

The question now is, why are we achieving and gaining with the same APC and former PDP members under this APC government?

Shouldn't it eve the looting and stealing be worse and in overdrive today?

You see how silly, ignorant, thoughtless and unintelligent your primary school thinking and logic is?

Fool yourself and your mentally warped and corrupt minds all you can, but you can not fool us or re write your odious and corrupt history or even insult our collective intelligence with your absurdities...

This is too harsh, you are infringing in his freedom of speech. You're entitled to your own opinion he entitled to his. Haven't you watched a debate before? Do the participants insult each other simply because their points are opposing?. Sometimes, people who think they're smarter are really the ignorant ones.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News Efcc Arrests Obasanjo And Tinubu by Rosyblack(f): 12:11pm On Mar 19, 2016
How credible is your source?
You still don't catch the joke.
Politics / Re: Buhari Lied, Boko Haram Still Holds Territory In Nigeria - US Commander by Rosyblack(f): 9:21am On Mar 11, 2016
The US commander is the liar here. They see us winning d war without them, hence, their attempt to rubbish our effort.

Only time will tell
Politics / Re: 1983-85: Buhari Never Ruled Nigeria But IDIAGBON - Factfinders by Rosyblack(f): 5:57pm On Mar 07, 2016
How true is this? Historians over to you.
If you haven't heard about Idiagbon, go and make research.


Politics / Re: Buhari Addresses Biafra Issue In A New Interview by Rosyblack(f): 8:00pm On Mar 05, 2016
– President Buhari in a fresh interview with foreign media
speaks about Nigeria’s problems

– He restated that naira devaluation is against national

– The president claimed that he hasn’t failed against Boko

– Buhari addresses Biafra issue

President Muhammadu Buhari during his last visit to Qatar has
given the interview to Al Jazeera.

The Nigerian president has been speaking about the challenges
the country is facing now, comprising the naira devaluation,
the Boko Haram, anti-corruption crusade, the Biafra issue.
Buhari is seeking support for his fight against corruption and
to promote much-needed investment in his country’s ailing

Qatar is the actual president of Organization of the Petroleum
Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil

The low oil prices have a destroying influence on the Nigerian
economy, which has long depended on the export of oil.

President Buhari said: “ We were unable to diversify our
economy, hence we are much more disadvantaged by the
lower oil prices.”

He tells the journalist that he values the institution of OPEC and
that “ Nigeria will make the necessary sacrifice to remain in

On naira devaluation, the Nigerian leader of the nation said he
would not reconsider his insistence on freezing the currency.
President Buhari said as Nigeria “virtually imports everything,
from rice to toothpicks”, it cannot afford to devalue its

“If it is against our national interest, why can’t we go against
the IMF advice? ” Buhari asks.

Two major Buhari’s promises during the election campaign
last year were to eradicate corruption and end the Boko Haram

Speaking on the Boko Haram, the president restated that none
of local government areas has been occupied by the
insurgents, adding that he hasn’t failed against the insurgents

However, the Boko Haram remains active in many areas of
Nigeria, seemingly able to strike at will.

Being asked how Buhari is planning to deal with Biafra, the
president said: “ At least two millions Nigerians were killed in
the Biafra war. And for somebody to wake up, may be they
weren’t born. Looking for Biafra after two millions people were
killed, they are joking with the security and Nigeria won’t
tolerate Biafra.”

The declaration of the Independent Republic of Biafra in 1967
caused a civil war that resulted in the death of millions and the
re-annexation of the republic to Nigeria in 1970.

The administration of President Buhari has always maintained
that Nigeria’s unity is a priority for the country and that while
peaceful pro-Biafran protests are welcome, demanding the
separation of the Biafran territories is against the constitution.


Mynd44 lalasticlala
which part of the constitution is against the separation of the Biafran territories?

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Politics / Re: Free Meals: Lawyer Sues El-rufai by Rosyblack(f): 12:40pm On Mar 02, 2016
Lawyers Are the problem of the nation
Don't blame the lawyer, it's high time our government stopped making promises they know too well that they cannot sustain just to win election. They need to be taught a lesson.
Nairaland / General / Re: Heavy Rainfall Pulls Down High Tension Wire At Ikeja Area Of Lagos. See Photos by Rosyblack(f): 10:20pm On Mar 01, 2016
I didn't see rain on that floor.

Do you mean heavy breeze?
Don't mind him. I was in Ikeja for 3 hours, between 10am and1pm and their was no sign of rain. Even in the picture he posted the ground is as dry as ever.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Had To Abandon His Campaign Promises-lai Mohamed by Rosyblack(f): 8:15pm On Feb 29, 2016
Lai Mohammed, the minister of information, has explained why the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has to downsize some of its campaign promises.
Speaking on Channels TV on Sunday, February 28, the minister said that when the All Progressives Congress (APC) was campaigning, the price of crude was $100 a barrel, but now it is $30 a barrel.

“When you campaign, you say you will do A,B, C, but when you win election, you prioritise. “We are still faithful to those promises, but as you have rightly said, when we were campaigning the price of crude was $100 a barrel, today it is $30 a barrel so definitely, we will have to downsize some of the things intended to do but this does not mean abandoning those promises.

“You do not make a budget for four years, you make an annual budget and in this years budget, we have outlined those parts of the policy that we intend to keep. “Those we cannot keep this year, we will keep in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
This is how government works,” he said. Mohammed assured Nigerians that the administration was focused on how to fulfill its campaign promises.

However, he added that the federal government was waiting for the approval of the 2016 budget before it would start implementing its plans. Speaking about the anti-corruption campaign, the minister noted that it may look one-sided because the indicted people are connected to one transaction that is currently being investigated.

Mohammed said that those people facing trial were all connected to the investigation of how the fund meant for the purchase of military equipment was used. He further noted that some members of the APC were also being investigated for other corruption cases which he did not mention. “If you go to the EFCC today and ask them who are the people that are facing charges before them, you are going to find as many APC and as many PDP.

“However, what gives the impression that the fight is one sided is the fact that it is simply one issue that is being investigated now. That is money meant to buy arms which was diverted for other uses and unfortunately, everybody involved in that happened to be in the PDP. From the NSA to others who he had named.

“When you trace this thing, because it is just a particular transaction that is the contract of 2.1 billion dollars that was awarded to equip our soldiers, everybody that you have showed us here have been mentioned as a result of that investigation from that single transaction,” he said. The minister explained that it takes between 34 days and seven years to convict a low profile criminal. However, when that criminal is high profile, it takes as long as 10 years to infinity to convict that person, he added.

Meanwhile, Buhari has recently revealed that he will refuse to honour his pledge to grant N5000 to each unemployed Nigerian. The president added that he would rather focus on funding the construction of infrastructure, as well as education, agriculture and mining to create employment opportunities for able bodied young men. Buhari’s statement was met with furious reactions by Nigerians who voted for change.

Read more: https://www.naij.com/747689-president-buhari-downsize-campaign-promises-lai-mohammed.html
so the whole 8 yrs isn't even enough to fight one corruption case. Yet they want to kill corruption in Nigeria. We watching.

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Politics / Re: Long Queue This Morning At Mobil Filling-Station Akowonjo Lagos - Pics by Rosyblack(f): 8:36am On Feb 28, 2016

@Airforce1 you are such a political bigot and confused human...You just want to mislead people by blowing the situation out of proportion when in actuality sense nothing of such...continue to wail Mr Wailer...PMB till 2023.
congratulations! By then you'll be the one wailing. These ones who woke up early and started their own wailing on time will have retired.
Politics / Re: Buhari Wants To Islamise Nigeria- Fayose by Rosyblack(f): 9:42pm On Feb 27, 2016
Ipods yoots.....sorry to disappoint una

Nigeria Is Not An Islamic Country: Buhari Rejects Offer To Join Coalition Of Islamic States


Buhari Rejects Invitation to Join Coalition of Islamic States against Terror

. Never get carried away by what they say. Do you think they will tell you what's in their mind ? If Buhari could Islamatise, Nigeria he would do it same as a christian would wish he could make Nigeria a xtian country. Even you an ordinary person, if you have the power to turn the whole Nigeria to practice your religion won't you do it. I have no reason to believe Fayose is far from the truth. He might be making a lot of noise but don't take his words for granted. Don't forget that dunks are the ones who see the truth the most but nobody believes them.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Wants To Islamise Nigeria- Fayose by Rosyblack(f): 9:33pm On Feb 27, 2016
Ipods yoots.....sorry to disappoint una

Nigeria Is Not An Islamic Country: Buhari Rejects Offer To Join Coalition Of Islamic States


Buhari Rejects Invitation to Join Coalition of Islamic States against Terror

. Never get carried away by what they say. Do you think they will tell you what's in their mind ? If Buhari could Islamatise Nigeria he would do it same as a christian would wish he could make Nigeria a xtian country.
Politics / Re: Buhari Bring Back Our Corruption Now Trending-pics by Rosyblack(f): 8:49pm On Feb 27, 2016

Seriously?? I guess i should count my blessings for now grin
Salary earners are the ones who suffer most in times like this. Prices increase yet no increment of salary. Instead your boss will delay your salary and tell you, 'don't you see economy is bad?' No money.

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Business / Re: ATM Scam: See The New Method Used By Fraudsters by Rosyblack(f): 4:48am On Feb 27, 2016
I have been getting the sms. What's baffling me the most is how they got my number.

I got the same message. Then if many nairalanders are getting same message, it's possible they that when we drop our number for these internet marketers on nairaland, scammers copy it. Besides, any number you type will end up being someone's no. So at times they just do trial and error.
Crime / Re: Another BVN Scam Alert! Nairalanders Take Note. (Pic.) by Rosyblack(f): 10:01pm On Jan 08, 2016
I received this BVN message and W was already calling out my ATM no to the sender before I came to my senses. I was like why is it not from my bank? Why CBN?
Politics / Re: Why We Shut Oshodi Electronics Market – LASG by Rosyblack(f): 9:36pm On Jan 06, 2016
Are these the pressing needs in Lagos? Isn't this just increasing the rate of unemployment?
Politics / Re: Petition In Favour Of President Buhari Gathers Over 5000 Signatures In 24hours by Rosyblack(f): 7:28am On Jan 04, 2016
It's expected because Biafra is a minority group. It's no big deal.


Politics / Re: WHAT WILL YOU DO IF YOU ARE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA? by Rosyblack(f): 9:54pm On Jan 03, 2016
I will split Nigeria into 3.
Then I will restore power supply for the region I'm presiding over. When there are less people using power supply , maintenance is easier.
Crime / Re: While You Are Away by Rosyblack(f): 12:01am On Jan 03, 2016
Your kids are important to you right? So which camera will monitor what you do to the maid?
Travel / Re: People Crushed To Death In An Accident In Benue State (Graphic Pics) by Rosyblack(f): 11:54pm On Jan 02, 2016
Too bad
Politics / Re: CHIBOK GIRLS: What Is Mr President Hiding! - Salkida Reacts by Rosyblack(f): 7:01pm On Jan 02, 2016
Politics / Re: Abia Election: More Protest As Aba, Ukwa/ngwa Women Block Roads In Aba [PHOTOS] by Rosyblack(f): 6:48pm On Jan 02, 2016
hahaha wailing wailers what do u ve to say on this since is APGA AND PDP, abi d judiciary is now been controled by apga. hahahaha Buhari my hero, Buhari my role model. weda u like it or not Buhari is a God's sent to nigeria.

But what has this got to do with Buhari?
Politics / Re: Why President Buhari Is Afraid Of Sambo dasuki – PDP by Rosyblack(f): 6:39pm On Jan 02, 2016
Hnmmm, comments reserved

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