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Celebrities / Re: "While Breaking Internet Think Of Your Pikin" - Ik Ogbonna Shades Tonto Dikeh by SassyVixen(f): 7:21am On May 02, 2019
Laff wan bend my prick here...

This one sef wan trend foolishly on Toto Dick back?

Na now we go hear gist about your sexuality, wetin you really dey do to survive and how you and your wife dey live..

Na you find trouble
No mind the mkpi. A Z list actor who swings both ways and forms model. At least Tonto lives her toxic truth unlike this stupid hypocrite whose only achievement is marrying a beautiful Colombian woman.Nonsense and relevance seeking
Celebrities / Re: Benny Ark: Tiwa Savage Shouts, Doesn't Sing by SassyVixen(f): 1:41pm On Feb 08, 2019
Ehen just negodu Benny Ark who only got popular because he married his wife Ese who is still expecting a "robust reply". Biko who knows him? Jealous mofo. If Tiwa shouts what does Aunty "Oh my Gosh" do? This Z list OAP should not drag Seyi into unnecessary drama. We like the way the poor girl is maintaining her lane.


Romance / Re: Slay Mamas In Bikinis Twerk To Davido's N1M #BumBumchallenge At The Beach by SassyVixen(f): 5:00pm On Feb 05, 2019
Why didn't davido think of something more intelligent than this degrading act
Does that turtle Ninja lookalike look anything deep to you? The lyrics of his pangolo music would tell you how shallow he is. Save some blame for the airheads who think shaking their posteriors is the best for the same 1million they can make through a more dignified way. Tomorrow they will scream they are being sexually objectified.


Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Rocks Her Curves In Figure-Hugging Mini Dress, Fans React by SassyVixen(f): 5:37pm On Feb 01, 2019
She don use high heels finish her legs. See yam leg! Wish she flaunts intelligence the way she flaunts her plastic body.
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Advises Women Wooed By Married Men: 'Chop His Money And Run Away' by SassyVixen(f): 7:33am On Jan 31, 2019
It is shocking that this is the type of women that young impressionable ladies look up to. Toke that low self worth has finished. Can anything worthwhile come out from such shallowness? The day I heard her vomit that young ladies should not pick calls from their boyfriends who call via Whatsapp as it shows they are "broke" is when I concluded on her innate stupidity.

Now negodu. My question is what is the joy in being any man's second fiddle when you have the chance of being a queen to the one who is single and committed? Toke needs a straitjacket
Celebrities / Re: "Expect New Waist Breaking Music"- Yemi Alade Tells Fans by SassyVixen(f): 7:07am On Jan 31, 2019
Yawn..Invest all the money you have made into the life of a good songwriter then come back and break your waist
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Getting Married This Weekend, Called Out For Sleeping Around(photos by SassyVixen(f): 7:55am On Jan 24, 2019
Let me use this opportunity to enlighten Igbo ladies, you ladies and other Southsouth ladies should listen carefully to what I want to write now.

Yoruba guys intentionally go after Igbo girls for fun cos to them, catching an Igbo girl is a trophy, a good win, so they go after Igbo girls even when they have a Yoruba girl they have made up their mind to marry simply because it is easy for them to leave the girl when they are done devouring her, how

They will just use the common excuse:


With this excuse, the relationship is completely over and the girl have nothing again to say or fight because in Nigeria, parental consent to marriage is final undecided

So as an Igbo girl, before you accept to date a Yoruba guy, have it in mind that it won't lead to marriage, just take it like you just going for fun no future, if you are okay with it that way, go ahead but if you are aiming for marriage, cancel it or just take it as gamble, so if it works, you thank your luck and thank your God too.

This is the very big disadvantage of intertribal relationship in Nigeria, the disadvantage to ladies mostly cry
As much as I appreciate your advice but I totally disagree. I do not believe in stereotypes. I see individuals and humans before tribe or color or language. There are Yoruba men who are happily married to women from other tribes!!! The fact that my ex chose to marry her rather than me was entirely his decision. He had his reasons, one I may not agree with but that was his choice. I will not deprive myself of happiness if God brings a man who is Yoruba my way all because of my past dealings with them.

Imagine if we all married only the people from the same ethnic group? Where is the fun in that? As someone said single men and women should commit their journeys of marriage into God's hands after all he is the grand originator. We tend to miss it when we feel we can work it all out on our own.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Getting Married This Weekend, Called Out For Sleeping Around(photos by SassyVixen(f): 7:15am On Jan 24, 2019
I have been in her shoes before so I know how it hurts. In my own case he wanted me to keep playing ostrich and pretend that his parents did not want a non Yoruba woman as he claimed but I chose to walk away from that nonsense. A week later huncle got married. Was I angry? Yes! Was I heartbroken? Yes! I chose to hand him over to God and held my peace. A man more worthy of me will find me.

That experience was a lesson to me. It also did not turn me into a misandrist who believed that all men cheat because I do not believe that. There are men who are still faithful and committed to their significant others.

She should not have gone this far. Dragging him on social media may not even end the intended marriage. Many women out there choose to be married to the devil himself even if an angel appears and warns them off. They will rather seek counseling and watch 'War Room' for him to change later. She should move on with her life, count her blessings that she dodged a bullet.

Dear men, sit down and sort yourselves out. If you have made a commitment to a woman you should do the right thing by seeking closure with the ones you are still philandering with. Tie up your loose ends and be free. Leaving a long trail of hurting women is simply messy and silly.


Celebrities / Re: Blackmailers Threaten To Release Tonto Dikeh's Nude Photos. See Her Reaction by SassyVixen(f): 6:44am On Jan 24, 2019
My darling tontolet cheesy

They picked the wrong celeb!! I laughed real hard reading her response because I know she's not kidding or forming at all, she actually doesn't give a damn, Tonto is Teflon cool.
Aswear nothing sticks!! cheesy

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Romance / Re: A Man Without A Car Shouldn't Come Near Me - Twitter User by SassyVixen(f): 3:58pm On Jan 23, 2019
Oh my baby, my sweet baby.
Pls wait for me, I am coming to take you to the cinema.
Hope dis wan is okay for you sha..
Nonsense element..
Thunder fire ur mouth dia..
Why waste this beautiful vintage on an idiot? Airhead oshi.
Romance / Re: Girlfriend Vs Woman by SassyVixen(f): 10:43am On Jan 23, 2019

She's really good. As in I'm tripping
So you like poetry like I do. Nice wink
Romance / Re: Girlfriend Vs Woman by SassyVixen(f): 9:36am On Jan 23, 2019
Lol...she went in like she had curfew!! That part of "turning a PC to a Mac and Kim Kardashian into Oprah" cheesy...beautiful poetry

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Celebrities / Re: Rape Allegations: Chris Brown Released Without Charges by SassyVixen(f): 7:36am On Jan 23, 2019
I really didn't believe this news when I heard it. As much as Chris Brown was popular for aggressive and bipolar behavior the birth of his daughter has really humbled him. And I feel women who cry wolf claiming rape should be jailed when found out. It's simply wicked and inhumane

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Celebrities / Re: Sandra Okagbue Removes Tattoo Of Flavour's Name 'Chinedu' by SassyVixen(f): 11:59am On Jan 22, 2019
Some members of umunwanyi and low self esteem. Tufia! Anytime I see this people's stories the bile in me rises. Women that would have been shaking their worlds with men standing in ovation have turned themselves to mere chattels. So Sandra is nursing a son while her flaky dreadlocked boy in a grown man's body decided to take the other floozie to cater to his 'needs'.Sigh. Lord, the man that will bring the f**k that will make me lose my marbles do not bring him my way. Selah


Celebrities / Re: 'Best Thing To Do To A Man That Doesn't Value You Is To Move On' - Toke Makinwa by SassyVixen(f): 6:55pm On Jan 21, 2019
I am absolutely not impressed.One minute you are waxing lyrical next minute we see you flashing a lifestyle that your OAP job and endorsements cannot clearly provide. The earlier Toke wakes up and accepts that she has deep seated self esteem issues and seeks help the better for her.
Celebrities / Re: Anita Joseph, Tonto Dikeh And Bobrisky Hang Out Together by SassyVixen(f): 8:36am On Jan 21, 2019
Two and a half man

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TV/Movies / Re: Safari's Movie Reviews by SassyVixen(f): 8:57pm On Jan 17, 2019

Movie Title: The Greatest Showman


Year: 2017

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson

Genre: Musical, Drama

Industry: Hollywood

Time: 1h 44 min

This movie tells the story of PT Barnum, the man who started the circus. It tells how PT Barnum, went from a poor, tailor's son to the owner of a circus; his trials and how he overcame them.


The Sound of Music has been hailed as an iconic musical and the best of the 20th century, well, The Greatest Showman is the greatest musical of this century so far and I might even add, better than TSM. Not only was EVERY song from this movie a hit, everything from the choreography, to the storyline and the acting was perfect.
The story is set in New York, in the early 20th century, we see how Barnum (Jackman) first met his love, Charity (Williams), as a child, he shows her a life he sees for their future, despite how poor he is at the time and how rich her family is. His father's death leaves him wandering the streets, however, he eventually grows older and seeks her hand in marriage. Her father grudgingly accepts and he takes her away, but Barnum isn't the rich man he thinks his wife deserves. Eventually, he comes up with the idea of gathering 'misfits' to form a show which people pay for. He enlists the help of rich kid, Phillip Carlyle (Efron) to help in hosting the shows. Phillip introduces him to Jenny Lind (Ferguson) an opera singer, who distracts him from his circus and nearly destroys his career and marriage
There are so many lessons to learn in this movie, whether it's the lesson of believing in each other, of seeing someone more for what they can add to your life, rather than what they look like, of never forgetting your roots, or of never paying attention to people's opinions, the lessons are inexhaustible. And each song tells a lesson, each song speaks to someone.
Watching the movie, can lift anyone's spirits. No matter how low you feel, The Greatest Showman will surely make you feel better.
This is another movie that was so good, there was hardly a fault. The one fault I did notice however, was a scene where he hopped on a train, the graphics were so poor, I could tell it was fake. However, it had little or no impact on the core of the movie.
Like I have told the over twenty people I have recommended the movie to, The Greatest Showman is the greatest musical you will see in a long time.

Rating: 9/10

Play/Trowey: Play a Gazillion times
One of the best movies in the year 2018. I like the humanity first message it passes and that no matter the imperfections we come with it has no power over what we truly want to be. The greatest highlights of this movie were the songs. I had to download all for the love of it. Great movie!!
TV/Movies / Re: Safari's Movie Reviews by SassyVixen(f): 8:51pm On Jan 17, 2019

Movie Title: The Visit

Year: 2016

Cast: Nse-Ikpe Etim, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Femi Jacobs, Bhaira Mcwizu

Genre: Drama

Industry: Nollywood

Time: 2h 21m


Two exrremely different couples who share a compound, are brought together in unlikely circumstances. In the process, secrets are uncovered and they learn more of each other in the space of one day


This is one Nigerian movie I can recommend for anyone. There are so many good things to take away from this movie.

Let me start with the storyline, believe it or not, this movie had just four characters. You would wonder what four people could do in two hours, but they did far more than what a 20-man cast could ever accomplish. The story of a perfect couple, clashing with a dysfunctional couple isn't very familiar in Nollywood. Even more, what were the odds that the perfect couple would end up being the actual nutjobs and the nutjobs would turn out to be far better? I liked the spin of it all, I especially liked the whole idea of not judging a book by its cover, because the entire idea which was gotten at the beginning was turned on its head by the end.
This story was set in ONE location. 80% of it shot in one house and somehow, they made it work, both the cast and the producers.
Nse-Ikpe Etim shone, as always, playing the role of Ajiri, the crazy, nympho, marijuana-smoking wife of Lanre (Chukwujekwu), an equally crazy guy who happens to be a struggling music producer. Femi Jacobs was equally brilliant as Chidi, the somewhat caged husband of Eugenia, a perceived Stepford wife, who turned out to be anything but.

There were so many right things about this movie that it was hard to find the wrongs. It's 2 hours of your life, you will not regret wasting. The high points were rib-cracking and jaw-dropping and the cliffhanger in the end, was just right. While it gave room for more, it wasn't a frustrating end.
I would recommend The Visit for any lover of good movies, it is best watched when you have nothing else to go to and I can promise, there will be no regrets

Rating: 7/10

Play/Trowey: Definitely Play
This is one movie I will never get tired of watching. Nse Ikpe Etim is simply awesome. Her delivery as Ajiri a typical waffi girl was spot on. I liked how she could easily switch from Oprah to Kardi B in split seconds. One minute eloquent, next minute razz. Blossom didn't disappoint too. Great movie guys for those who are yet to see it

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Celebrities / Re: "Me And My Twin Sister" - Charles Inojie Poses With Wife by SassyVixen(f): 8:25am On Jan 14, 2019
Don't judge a book by its cover truly applies to this good and very funny actor. If na by how person dey mumu for movie Dem dey take judge person spouse I for no believe say this man for marry this beautiful woman. cheesy. They look so good together.


Romance / Re: Why Good Girls Remain Single - Nelson Asuen (Entitlement Mentality) by SassyVixen(f): 6:31am On Jan 07, 2019

I really love your profile photo. #Vintage
Thank you smiley
Romance / Re: Why Good Girls Remain Single - Nelson Asuen (Entitlement Mentality) by SassyVixen(f): 6:28pm On Jan 06, 2019

Do you stay on the island, asking because of your profile picture.
No, I stay on the mainland. I am just a lover of beautiful pictures smiley

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Romance / Re: Why Good Girls Remain Single - Nelson Asuen (Entitlement Mentality) by SassyVixen(f): 6:02pm On Jan 06, 2019
Some of us like a mixture of both.

I wouldn't mind a Card B twerking and giving good head while being a choir mistress at the same time.
cheesy I like you already
Romance / Re: Why Good Girls Remain Single - Nelson Asuen (Entitlement Mentality) by SassyVixen(f): 5:58pm On Jan 06, 2019

I don't think there's a defined rule on how to identify bad girls, but one would just 'know' based on some things such as her past (if she's open enough), the way she carries herself, during sex (personal experience), etc. I might be wrong tho
So lets assume she has had some experience and is in touch with her sensuality, carries herself with an air of confidence does that make her a bad girl?
Romance / Re: Why Good Girls Remain Single - Nelson Asuen (Entitlement Mentality) by SassyVixen(f): 4:55pm On Jan 06, 2019
All this nye nye nyen about good girls not having knowledge and bad girls getting all the guys. See ehn there is no hard and fast rule about this relationship thing. I am going to be 34 in a few weeks and I have become a recluse mainly because I am extremely introverted. My social life is almost non existent and I pray to change this year. Sometimes its about positioning. There is no Tarzan or a prince on a horse that I expect to break down my door. I do not have to be a 'bad' girl to get a man, neither will I call myself a good girl because honestly I have been there and done that. And no,the day I meet someone interesting I refuse to pretend. What he sees is what he gets.

If I may ask what is 'good' and what is 'bad'? Both can be entirely subjective based on perceptions and experiences. Some good girls have been too heartbroken and they turn it up a notch. A man meeting them at that point automatically may assume she is 'bad'. My point is we should try not to put people in boxes all because of what we see from the outside.

Both good girls and bad girls get married every Saturday. In the end, it is all about our different destinies and paths in life. Not everyone will marry in their 20s and not everyone will marry in their 30s. Some will not marry at all. In the end stay true to you.

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Celebrities / Re: Lamboginny Marries Taccara Rae. Wedding Photos (Vintage Themed) by SassyVixen(f): 5:25pm On Jan 05, 2019
grin that is why I always love white ladies cheesy they are always pretty even without much makeup cool but our Nigerian touts of a lady grin can die for bleaching tongue spits immaculate was here

Come sell and buy what I have on my signature
Another Uncle Ruckus spotted


Romance / Re: She Wants To Tie Me Down With Marriage. Should I End My 2-Year-Old Relationship? by SassyVixen(f): 7:58pm On Jan 04, 2019
Even some of ones that are asking for her number are equally immature. A lot of them are crawling all over this forum. Grown assed men in diapers. I pray for wisdom for them this year. The truth is some men see women as chattels and it is unfortunate that some good girls fall prey to this himbos. Why go into a relationship if you do not want to be committed?


Celebrities / Re: Naomi Peller 13th Birthday: Shina Peller Celebrates His Daughter by SassyVixen(f): 7:38pm On Jan 02, 2019
I miss the days when parents allowed their kids be kids. It seems this days most are too much in a hurry to make them adults. If the OP didn't mention the age I would have assumed she was in her late twenties.
Celebrities / Re: D'banj With Davido, Ubi Franklin, Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual by SassyVixen(f): 11:53am On Jan 02, 2019
Nna but take it easy with the guy. Bis how you take know say na factory fitted. You be headgineer? grin
cheesy Bia no ask me questions and I will tell no tales. I never qualify to be headgineer . I still dey training
Celebrities / Re: D'banj With Davido, Ubi Franklin, Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual by SassyVixen(f): 11:39am On Jan 02, 2019
No be Ikechukwu be dis?
Na him. That him head na factory fitted, follow come.


Celebrities / Re: Why Omawumi And I Have Remained Friends – Waje by SassyVixen(f): 6:12pm On Dec 30, 2018

Never throw darts at a woman's physique because of the insecurities she may have over her body rather, throw light and compliment on her efforts and she will work harder. She is an object of approval. Even the most beautiful still got insecurities.

I often find the incredible lack of wisdom and shadow knowledge most men have on the issues of a Woman's weight. The complexity of their body makes weight loss a very difficult process nevertheless, majority of them work hard to achieve their aim. Give them credit. The rigorcity of childbirth stretches every skin, slows down metabolism, and contours even the smoothest of areas. Love them.

I have been following your comments on this forum and it mostly reeks of wisdom. Thank you for being human and understanding enough to understand what most of us go through.Your kindness and empathy is really touching.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Shows Off His Two Daughters, Imade And Hailey Veronica Adeleke by SassyVixen(f): 5:59pm On Dec 27, 2018
I fine pass you
Tall wish cheesy

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