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Politics / Do Nigerians Deserve A Good Leader? by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 9:10am On Sep 17
When Buhari emerged people were jubilating across the country saying corruption and other crimes would be reduced but have been experiencing the worst administration since the creation of Nigeria.

Goodluck Jonathan was a better option but we didn't listen and we did is criticizing and mocking and rubbishing him.

Now, we say Tinubu, Atiku and Peter Obi. I will tell my fellows Nigerians that nobody can solve Nigerian's problems except God. It baffles me everytime we sought for good leadership we have always got the opposite but when i sat and think critically and logically i came to realize that we don't deserve a good leader because from my assessment i see that 99.99% of Nigerians are corrupt and thereby good governance is far from us. It is crystal clear that when a corrupt leader leads corrupt people insecurity and other vices will be order of the day, if you think the right way you realize that our leaders are buying us to win elections and as a result mining us like mineral resources and develop other nations, create employment opportunities for people of other nations and subject us to slavery, with their children schooling smoothly without government disasters like ASUU and other obstacles. If you aren't a weed smoker you will definitely understand my point and reflect.

Corrupt nations deserve corrupt leaders no matter how hard you tried. When seeking for good things you should try to be good for once.

With experience i will boldly tell Nigerians that among the three major aspirants vying for the presidential position none of them worth it but we can still manage one out of the three by praying, changing your attitude, thinking critically, honestly and logically so that God will reveal to us bad among the worst because there is no good, better and best among these three aspirants. Our situation should go from bad to good, good to better and better to best. Reflect and see.

So my fellows Nigerians by using this platform i would you to show your choice of candidancy among the three major contenders vying for president of Nigeria by answering these three critical and logical questions
Who do you think is the bad among the worst to lead us to good by the willing of God?

who do you think is the worse among the worst to lead us to bad by the willing of God?

who do you also think is the worst among the worst to lead us to worst by the willing of God?

As a meaningful Nigerian, i will advice you to just reflect and see things yourself. Don't allow anybody brainwash and make you worthless while you are worth it.

#Say no to vote selling.

#Say no to vote buying.

God bless Nigeria and the entire world.
Politics / Tinubu Is My Favourite Any Time Any Day by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 10:31am On Jun 21
Alhaji Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Lagos State Government pilot and the National leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is a veteran in the game of politics and knows how to handle things when it come to governance and building people from scratch just by the leave of God. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is the only politician i have heard of or seen in the history Nigeria to have formed different parties from minority to majority party. I love him. He is the only politician with many political families across different States.
I want to use this medium to counter the impression of chosen a non Muslim running mate. Let me tell you the ignorant ones the truth. As an ignorant you need to ask before you react and as a result of not asking then you showed your ignorance to the world. Go and ask a sound political science student and you shall be enlightened. It doesn't matter who you chose as your running mate, all that matters is being competent, effective and efficient leading your people and BAT has it all. Being a Christian or Muslim running mate to Tinubu isn't a problem. The problem is the level of competence and governance.
The hypocrites are the one complaining about his choice of running mate. Religion should not be a barrier to our progress in this Country. If you truly anticipate a new Nigeria, come let's board the airplane pilot by Tinubu.
BOLA TINUBU is the only ideal aspirant vying for the position of presidential in Nigeria.
BAT will lead Nigerians come 2023 by God's willing.
The only serious Presidential aspirant in Nigeria is TINUBU, the rest are not a serious contender. PDP is dead and gone and if i may ask, what does the living have to do with the dead? Labour Party (LP) is amateur and hence need many to build a strong party.
Tinubu the Jagaban is a giant in terms of politics and with grace of God he is the winner of the 2023 contest.

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Nairaland / General / How Much Is 1kg Of Gas Refilled In Your Area? by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 12:48pm On Jun 20
Mine is N750 per kg
Politics / Re: Okowa Appreciates Supporters After He Was Announced As The Running Mate To Atiku by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 3:08pm On Jun 16
Peter Obi is gradually fading away in terms of meaningful political influence. The 2023 El Classico is between PDP and APC. Stop yearning for what is far from beingt possible. Haba! when will Southeast people get sense?
Politics / Let Us Admire The Tenacity Of Bola Ahmed Tinubu And Atiku by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:03pm On Jun 10
Between [Bola Tinubu] and [/Abubakar Atiku], who do you think is the best option for Nigerians come 2023. As you may know, these two candidates are the main contenders for the office in Aso Rock.
Please cast your vote without having to insult anyone here as this is a quick survey.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Receives Certificate Of Return As Labour Party Presidential Candidate by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 4:52pm On Jun 10
Sometime i ask people to confirm if actually the Igbo people are mentally balanced in terms of choosing or supporting a leader in political arena. who actually peg down this tribe?
who swear for una?
These people are not insightful at all.
Yoruba Carry go, it is your turn and as a reasonable set of people then we shall conquer.
Undisputed Champion Tinubu
Politics / Alh Mahmud Adams Vs Natasha Showdown For Kogi Central PDP Primary Election by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 1:58pm On May 25

�Natasha 300k plus 1 bike for each delegates.

�Alh. Mahmud Adamu Atta 1.5M for each delegates.

�Natsaha ups her game to 2M per delegates.

�Adamu Atta decided to make his 5M per delegates.

Seems Kogi central PDP primary is BTW Adamu and Natasha..

D rest have been paid by Adamu to go and rest�watch the game.

Adamu Atta na oil money true true.... But we no sabi am before oooooh�.

Were do u appear from? Wats ur plan Adayi Adamu?�.

*we are waiting for the outcome of all this drama.*.

*Natasha vs Adamu*✅
Crime / Re: They Have Wiped Out My Entire Family- Husband Of Woman With 4 Children by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 9:34am On May 25

Shut that your mouth and and non reasoning brain......


With sense don't actually insult people no matter what. Get that into your head

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Politics / Re: IPOB Replies Northern Groups On Killings: Don’t Start Fight That Won’t End by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 9:19am On May 25
This Ipob group is just full/fool of so many Illiterates.

How many Northerners are residing in SE when there are over 10 million Igbo's residing in North.

Ipob should start reasoning with their brains not with their anus cos what is emanating from their thoughts is just full of bullshit
You be Correct champion because you reason well unlike some senseless igbos
Crime / Name The Most Peaceful States In Nigeria As At 2022 by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:51pm On May 24
Name the most peaceful and less violence state?
Crime / Re: The Igbo Are Daring Us By Killing The Innocent Woman And Her Children by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:42pm On May 24
Shut up.the ones you guys have been killing in the north nko

They have dealt with you in the past and can do it again. Although I don't support this senseless killings.
Retaliation is underway unless ur miserable people in the southeast stop killing our people. You may kill your people as per your miserable life but killing our people you incur our wrath. Confusednation@Igbos
Crime / The Igbo Are Daring Us By Killing The Innocent Woman And Her Children by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 4:38pm On May 24
Can the igbos withstand the North if the true violence starts?


Politics / Only Youth Without Sense Will Not Support Gov. Yahaya Bello by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 6:25pm On May 16
Nigeria as a country need a youthful president this time because our grandfathers have been ruling and yet we can't set our eyes on meaningful and boostful development in this country. Gov. Yahaya Bello is young and vibrant hence he has done massively well in his state to say the truth. He will definitely do well and create a life long history in Nigeria.
Let us support him greatly as he cannot do it alone and for this, we ought to vote him into power in order for the youth to believe in themselves. Forget about all of these old men and incapable men aspiring to rule us to their own advantages.
I sincerely believe that Gov. Yahaya Bello is the youngest of all aspirants and if we support him he definitely pave way for the younger ones to come and contest for president in future.
We are the driving force of any country we happen to find ourselves, the case should not be different in Nigeria. Let us support the ideal aspirant to lead us come 2023. We the youths do not know our position before and now i think we should know better and stop supporting blindingly . Nigerians need a healthy and patriotic leader to rule them not one that will fall sick upon assuming the mantle of leadership. In Nigeria, we are tired of weak politicians who cannot take meaningful actions.
I urge all Nigerians to forget about tribal aspirant and do something great for your unborn children. Create platform for your children enjoy tomorrow.
It's high time we say no to favouritism, tribalism and nepotism. My fellow Nigerians, are you tired of being friendly to poverty and insecurity under the reigns incapable old leaders we have encountering? Let us be wise this time around and give our fellow brother to rub mind with us. Be enlighten please.
#Vote Gov Yahaya Bello for President come 2023
Please nairaland administrators in the house i call upon to do justice to this post and move it to the front page

Politics / Re: My Wife Will Never Forget Amaechi - El-Rufai by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:46pm On May 16

Terrorist who had endless orgasm because poor helpless christian girl was murdered for insulting a usêlèss nonêntity Called prophet, a pedôphile rapist at that .
Please stop showing that you are stupid. Stop insulting the prophet. Control your temper no matter what. Why have some people become this irresponsible?
Learn to control your mouth because it will certainly implicate where you don't expect. Consider this an advice if you're wise and vice versa.
Celebrities / Re: Erica's Outfit To AMVCA Reportedly Costs $794,000. Sparks Reactions (Photos) by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:38pm On May 16
Back in the state it isn't a big money. Some buy singlet that is costly compare to her outfit
Crime / Re: Deborah Samuel: 34 Lawyers Arrive Court To Defend Suspected Killers by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:31pm On May 16
However, i'm of the opinion that nobody should insult anyone's religion. Not all of us can control our temper. Period
Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: Christian Association Of Nigeria Declares Nationwide Protest by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:21pm On May 16
Like for "Atheism and Share for Christianity"
Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: Christian Association Of Nigeria Declares Nationwide Protest by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:16pm On May 16
Don't start what you cannot finish! peaceful protest or not, people must die in the process because protesters will surely cross the forbidden line. Everybody should control his/her mouth no matter because your can wreck havoc you have never expected. No true Muslim has ever insulted Jesus and it's because they hold him in high esteem because he's among the messengers of God. No sane Muslim will ever insult Jesus no matter what

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Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: Christian Association Of Nigeria Declares Nationwide Protest by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 5:07pm On May 16
Pls where is Abuja own taking place?
Maybe, you don't value you existence
Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: Christian Association Of Nigeria Declares Nationwide Protest by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 3:38pm On May 16
Brainless set of people. Your religion is encouraging you fools to insult people's religion and you agree. How would you feel if someone insult your parents who have done almost everything for you. Insult is an act of evil and nobody should support it in any way. Use your brain


Religion / Re: Anyone That Insult Islam, Does Kill His/herself by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 6:35am On May 16
You Christians that I know are not following Jesus because you know him clearly and that why you people call him God. Some said he is the son of God, some claimed he is God and so on and so forth.
Religion / Re: Anyone That Insult Islam, Does Kill His/herself by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 6:30am On May 16

ISLAMBAD makes Muslims to always search for violent verses.

How many times will the terrorists be educated that Christianity starts from new testament?

See what Jesus told Peter when brought out his sword

John 18:11 "Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me'

Matthew 26:53 "Don’t you realize that I could ask my/Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he
would send them instantly?"

You people are confused. My question for you please, who is the father? Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus asking for thousands of angels? Is it himself that you people claim he is God? Finally, who is God?
Religion / Re: Calling Jesus A Messenger Of God, When He Is God, Is Also A Blasphemy by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 8:36am On May 15
Christian believe Jesus is Lord and Christian also believe in Trinity.
But Muslim too always commit the sin of Blasphemy by calling Jesus a just messenger.
Is that not an abuse.?
Are they not guilty ?
But let sanity reign, for this world to be a better place.
Love and Humanity is the first Religion.
That is why we understand that you Christians do not understand the teaching of the Bible. We respect Jesus christ AKA prophet Isah the son of Maryam who has no father. You people are confusing the son of a Mary sent by God to deliver people from evils to be God. Does God have mother or father as you Christians claimegregiouly? Go and read your Bible well and stop confusing people. Leviticus 16:24 and more
Religion / Re: Anyone That Insult Islam, Does Kill His/herself by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 8:11am On May 15




End Islam to save lives.

Curse be upon Mohammed for this religion of terror!!
Christians are confused and don't their understand the teaching of the Bible. Go and read your Bible and get the feel of blasphemy... e.g Levitt us 16:24
Religion / Anyone That Insult Islam, Does Kill His/herself by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 7:51am On May 15
This issue is not a complicated matter as some want to make it appear.
1. Deborah did very bad and put herself directly in the line of harm by her wicked swearing against the prophet of Islam SAW.

2. Globally every idiot knows that insulting the Prophet is a no go Area whether in Muslim communities, the West or any part of the world. This stance was made pronounced since Salman Rushdie, the Kano Quran desecration case, Charlie Habdo cartoon etc ....
All Muslims are Unanimous on zero tolerance against insults on the Prophet of Islam SAW.

3. It's puzzling how Deborah who grew up in Kebbi (Tungar Magajiya, Zuru) famous for peaceful co existence amongst all adherents of faith will wake up one day in the course of a mere group discussion and non-challantly dish out insult on the Prophet. Even as she was being cautioned in the background this girl went ahead to post the insult.

4. As the outcry began she ought to have apologised or even run away to seek refuge until the matter die down. One must wonder why she did it? Why didn't she withdraw her audio? Why didn't she run away from the school afterwards?
Were some people behind her, encouraging her ? Perhaps with some rewards and promises of protection? Are there no political motives in deliberately stirring this trouble knowing that it's crossing the Red lines in any Muslim community?

5. One is tempted to also Ask, why would that mob take the Law into their hands? Are there Laws against such inciting utterances? Are they implementable? What happened to those who violated the Law (if its in existence) against insulting other people's religion? Are we witnessing a growing trend in insults/desecration with impunity? If Deborah was arrested and handed to Law Enforcement would she be adequately punished?
To this I must point out to the Government's failure in curbing the root causes of religious crisis and stemming things in the bud. The Law Enforcement must be seen as actively protecting everyone and especially ensuring that trouble makers (abusing other peoples religion) are promptly dealt with.

6. One must also Ask if the action of this Mob will serve as an adequate deterent?

To that I must say that mob action is not a desirable action, however I now believe with conviction that no one will try it again. Atleast not while living within the Muslim community or where Muslims live. Even Area boys that don't practice much religion could take her out...
Sokoto don't have a history of religions crisis however she crossed the red line.

7. We have been saying for long that people are confused about their rights and freedoms. It is not freedom of speech to insult another persons religion. Thus the government and the Sultanate after arresting the mob must also come out to condemn any acts of desecration or insults against Islam. It is not okay to insult another persons religion and it's not freedom of speech to do so.

8. It is most unfortunate that it happenned in the first place. The girl must have been on drugs or something to do such a thing in Sokoto. I hope the school authorities and all communities will take precautions, brief new students and migrant communities against inciting trouble. Now after the Hullaboo on the social media for some days...then what?
Deborah indeed killed herself.
Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Tears As Deborah Samuel Is Laid To Rest(photos) by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 7:48am On May 15
RIP Deborah.

Your killers will know no rest, until they kill themselves.

You had better keep your uncontrolled mouth shut and stop perpetrating evil. Don't encourage anyone to insult other people's religion.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Change Of PPA And Change Of Payment Status Is System Error - Nasims by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 9:16pm On May 13
Why e be say the same network glitch no fit fail and make 5 months alerts drop for our account.

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Family / Pete Edochie “I Want Nigerians To Understand That I Only Recognize May Edochie by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 11:57am On Apr 30
Entertainment News
“I want Nigerians to understand that I only recognize May Edochie” Pete Edochie bans Judy Austin from his House
By Tireni Adebayo
Posted on April 28, 2022
Judy poses with yul edochie and pete edochie

Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie has reacted to the controversy trailing his son, Yul Edochie, who recently announced the birth of his new son, birthed by his colleague and actor, Judy Austin, who previously had two kids from another marriage.

Pete Edochie is reportedly disappointed that his son, Yul had a child with someone else, after having four children from the legitimate wife of over 16 years, May.

The Veteran Pete Edochie has now given the new wife an ultimatum, saying: “I want the whole world and Nigerians to understand that as an Igbo man, I never support my son’s actions and as a statesman, I only recognize his first wife, May as the only authenticated wife of my son, the rest is banished from entering my household” noting t[b][/b][b][/b]hat marrying two wives does not confer a manly status on anyone.

Pete Edochie also lamented saying “Right from when Yul was still a child, he never listened to him. “I’m not shocked that he has a son without my knowledge. A child that doesn’t listen to his father ends up cutting his or her life span short.”
YUL Edochie and wife celebrates 17th wedding Anniversary
Yul Edochie and May Edochie

Amidst the reactions that sparked online after Nollywood actor Yul Edochie announced the birth of his son with his side chick turned wife, an old social media post has resurfaced online.

In the post, Yul Edochie recalled how his wife May Edochie had suffered with him despite not having a sustainable job in the earlier stage of their marriage.

Yul Edochie said, irrespective of his financial condition, his wife said she would manage and never frustrated him for one day in the 16 years of their marriage.

He added that they are living happy and different things work for different people.

In his word: I had no sustainable job when I got married. She said she’ll manage. She has never frustrated me for one day. It’s been 16 years of marriage now. We are happy. Different things work for different people.

Politics / Re: Wike: Nigeria Needs Someone With Courage To Fight Insecurity by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 10:22am On Apr 12
GEJ was there, we complained about insecurity and other forms of instability then we brought PMB and the situation at hand got loosen. Now, we are complaining up and down without thinking properly and allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by some of these useless and heartless politicians. Why can't we stop making useless choices and allow God to chose for us; God knows which is better. Nobody can cure insecurity and the likes except God. Let's devote time to seek God's intervention. Just for the wise to convince the fools. Thanks and good morning to all
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Pure Act Of Slavery Or Real Job Vacancy? (Picture) by SAYEDADAMADAMS(m): 12:08pm On Apr 08
May be the bar owner wants to know the serious minded people who have the interest of the bar at heart. Some things are psychological

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