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Politics / Re: Yusuf Baba-Ahmed & Frank Onyeka Visit Alex Otti by Scamburster(m): 1:50pm On Jun 20

Time has shown what people hide behind social
media and accuse others of is what they actually are. He doesn't know jack about me, but check the bulshit he just posted. Also check his posts, he is always crying of hardship. grin
You can't be useful and keep on writing trash in every thread.


Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Worrisome Corporate Exodus - Punch Editorial by Scamburster(m): 8:09am On Jun 19
No backing down!

Whoever that is tired of standing on his mandate should carry chair and sit down.

Have you seen any Igbo man complain about the economy? No tribe is better prepared for the worst in Nigeria than the Igbo people.

You all thought you are doing Peter Obi and Obidients. Ngwanu... Tinubu must finish his two terms o.

Una never see anything.
Oga, you people should stop pinning obidient movement to Igbo tribe, i don't even know if that is deliberate or reverse phsycho agenda.


Politics / Re: Democracy @ 25: We started well in 1999 but have now deteriorated - Peter Obi by Scamburster(m): 2:24pm On Jun 12
They will always attack him. Sometimes I wonder if these set of people in nairaland are actually real. Like real in this Nigeria

Are they not in touch of current economic mess of Nigeria by Tinubu??

See the dumbo above me
Man, they were paid to do this always, so don't be deceived. They're nothing like that offline.
Crime / Re: Catholic Priest, Rev Father Ukeh Kidnapped In Southern Kaduna by Scamburster(m): 11:21pm On Jun 10

Time well spent..

Keep educating them..

Las Las the journey deh very long.. Format dey cast everyday..

People are gettit wiser, yes, even the hopeless racist.
I'm just enjoying both of your conversations with that Joe guy, two tribes that are still problem of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Committee Set Up By Kaduna Assembly Recommends Probe Of El-Rufai by Scamburster(m): 1:57pm On Jun 05

Misplaced priority.

These guys are just doing nonsense

They just want this niggah to be in the news and exonerate him later. So he can have things to boast of when he wants to context for president.

Make dem dey play
You have sense
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Let's Be Reasonable - TonyeBarcanista by Scamburster(m): 3:13pm On Jun 03
Some people’s destinies are tied to Nairaland. I long thought this one found a job in the real world.
Hahaahahahaha, wicked. some of them are tools use by political elites, they can sell their family.

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Politics / Re: NLC, TUC Go Ahead With Planned Strike As meeting With NASS Ends In Deadlock by Scamburster(m): 11:44pm On Jun 02

Bro strike or no strike instead for obi to rule Nigeria it is better Nigeria exist no more and we will welcome such development with joy.

Obi grigory will never see aso rock in his lifetime. If he like let him contest 1,000 time yet we will never let him win. It is a promise.

I hate obi with everything inside me.
Hahaahahahaha, go and make research about that man. He is the next Nigerian president if there will be anything like that then.

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Politics / Re: NLC Mobilises Unions For Nationwide Strike by Scamburster(m): 10:46am On Jun 02

Between Govt and the Nigerian Labour Unions:
Why wouldn't it be good,because your -LP is partly an IPOB and the Agenda is -don't take Instructions from the present Govt and rendered them useless,just condemnation in anything they do,no matter how good their intentions!
-When you people were taking Instructions that you wanted to Celebrate Biafra Day - 5- Nigerian Soldiers -were murdered and you forgot that Social and Economic Development and Activities remains parlous in the East- the same Economy you want the Govt -the Local ,the State and Federal- to Pay your Salaries and Wages and Other Allowances from!
-It's unfortunate too that Tinubu Govt- has not come up with anything tangible for the Workers,for you ought to have been firmly on what the govt can Pay,especially when you know the NLC- Union head - Ajaero is also a Politician who believes in the opposition,so what is the Govt having in mind,while they failed to dialogue with the Workers,since the removal of Subsidies and the Floating of the Naira and Nigeria is Not Producing enough, even from Farmers side,yet ,the Governors were given More -Money and Palliatives in NBILLIONS ,while the Legislatures too smiles with New Multi Millions Vehicles and Billions Maintainance.
-Meanwhile-Food Prices like the Garri,Rice,Beans,etc,are becoming more expensive due to galloping- Inflation,while Workers Salary remains Fixed,since last year 2023 and govt cannot say they didn't see this Strike Coming?
-Govt ought to have decided on this Minimum -Wages,a long time ago because many people will eventually join this Strike on a Sympathy basis.
-The Problems Nigerians are having is the Current Labour Unions -by joining
Politics, instead of being NEUTRAL -in a Country that the Unions themselves have never Rendered their Own Accounts too,for Nigerians-to see,so why calling for Accountabilities and Transparency in Govt,for most of the Unions in Nigeria are self serving,not necessarily for the Masses!
-Can these Labour Unions,show the true Position of the Money and Dues,they have been receiving from Members and different Organisations for the Past 7-12 Years to Date,at least, and can NIGERIANS see the Statements of their Bank Accounts of the Union- for no Law says,Nigerians cannot see those Accounts and where the Money has been going to?
•For,he that comes to Equity must come with a Clean hands.
Hahaahahahaha. How do you managed to wrote all these.

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Sports / Re: Footballers Around The World Post All Eyes On Rafah On Social Media. by Scamburster(m): 12:29pm On May 29
simple question, who started the current war and he's beating round and round the bush.
Honestly, I'm beginning to suspect a toddler behind that moniker.
Sports / Re: Footballers Around The World Post All Eyes On Rafah On Social Media. by Scamburster(m): 10:47am On May 29

Fact is that majority of the people supporting Israel think they're supporting the Israel of the Bible. God's own people.

The West that supports them are doing so to keep a plague far away from their land and to have direct access to the oil field in Palestine.

The people you call Israel today was once killed and exiled in Europe by Europeans, and they did so for a reason.

Go to Israel today and see for yourself. Theirs is a sick society. Far worse than barbarians. I'm not saying this because I hate them or due to religion. Do some research bro!
And your name is ade, change your moniker first before saying thing.
Sports / Re: Footballers Around The World Post All Eyes On Rafah On Social Media. by Scamburster(m): 10:39am On May 29
because you have nothing meaningful to say other than waffling around. Who cares if you followed the war for 100years.
That guy is feeling like what I can't explain all the time. In the nairaland o, a faceless forum like that.
Politics / Re: Rtd DIG Ibrahim Lamorde is dead! (Ex-EFCC Chairman dies at 61) by Scamburster(m): 1:35pm On May 26
Hope he was in right standing with God?
Maybe he was in left standing with the loot🙄.
Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by Scamburster(m): 12:17pm On May 26

How did you do that?
From electricity bill and place any amount you want even #50 of token.
Politics / Re: President Tinubu To Commission 3 Gas Projects In Imo & Delta by Scamburster(m): 12:14pm On May 26
I am from Umunze Orumba south LGA.
Ok, I'm from town in between owere ezukala and umunze.
Politics / Re: 'Obidient' Ife Salako Comes For Wole Soyinka After Verbal Attack On Peter Obi by Scamburster(m): 1:40pm On May 25
Did i hear you say many yorubas are now wiser? This isn't even about tribalism but about personality, we've always been wise. I'm sure you knew what happemed when the criminals turned off the server. Where would Tinubu have won? Let them try it again in 2027 then they'd know the majority are more than the minority that they are. Obi has it all. He also fears God. If you don't have that, you can't rule your people successfully.

Those ruling us now have no conscience. Their conscience is dead. Today they lie to us on something we already know, tomorrow they fabricate another lie. They don't even care anymore.

I personally mobilised millions of voters for Obi in lagos, in Alimosho where yoruba population is 95%, both Christians and Muslims willingly came out to vote Obi and I enjoin others to do the same come 2027 and jettison tribalism and bigotry of sorts, if they'retruly tired of deceit. Tinubu is only out to serve his family and associates. See the coastal highway project, its his company Hitech that it was awarded to. How come? You can answer that.

When i was shouting here last year, they gave me unprintable names, calling me ibo. Now, they're the ones shouting ebi npawon. A word is enough for the wise. That 2k they gave them, are they still spending it? I doubt.
One thing I have to tell you.
Literature / Re: Defiant Young Wole Soyinka After Release From Prison Custody In 1969 by Scamburster(m): 9:03am On May 25

Bitter Obituarists 😀😀😁

We will keep humiliating any Igbo candidate in presidential election if you like hate our professors, pastors and leaders

We will wait for you during election in 2027😁😀😁

Your Agulu fraudster shall be humiliated once again
Who are you in the scheme of things.
Phones / Re: What Is Tapswap? Why Nigerians Are Tapping Their Phone Screens by Scamburster(m): 7:32pm On May 23
I made money from pi,notching,bubble and waiting for param to launch.
Continue to complain we are lazy.
Celebrities / Re: Court Remands Verydarkman in Police Custody by Scamburster(m): 5:42pm On May 22
I can't imagine myself spending time reading and listening to one fool talk, I'll rather be watching cartoons than reason one fool that's forming oversabi

As funny and cunning as Reno is/was you will surely pick one or two things to learn in his agreement/disagreement but this dummy fight most times is non understandable. For example he's saying obi and Atiku should give up, does the fool understand we run a democracy in Nigeria and obi and Atiku not fighting for the seat we lead Nigeria into a one party system which will be worse for the bad democracy will practice

To me he's an opportunists, a gen z Ken sarowiwa wannabe
Hhhh, you said this 🙄
Politics / Re: 2027: Obi, Atiku Will Not Smell Presidency - Verydarkman by Scamburster(m): 1:12pm On May 22
When they call vinicius a monkey he go begin cry but the truth is most blacks are monkeys.
Example is this fóolish monkey praising a criminal as the greatest politician.
Can a criminal of such calibre hold a position in the western world?

Very foolish black monkey.


Politics / Re: May 30th - IPOB Warns UNIZIK, WAEC To Postpone Convocation, Exams by Scamburster(m): 10:56pm On May 21

Nairaland is so tired of this guy spamming this website that they turned his Moniker into a bot that cannot be quoted, I had to change 'S' to 'Z'.
Guy you are a Tiv man, focus on Benue State and allow those people you have trolled for years on this platform to live their lives as they wish

This Moniker is his alternate used for trolling on Romance section, he has another one for trolling the Mods called NLPolicewoman, meanwhile na old man behaving like small pikin on Nairaland 🤣
That niggar must be shameless to say the least.
Politics / Re: Japa: Proprietor Collects WAEC, NECO Fees, Sells School, Flies Abroad by Scamburster(m): 8:29am On May 21
Most of them that shouted emi lokan at my place of work have been sacked, according to the company an fcmg inflation and naira devaluation is their reason.

The thing sweet me die, I'm a contract staff there oo, God has bless me with a legit online side hustle that pays me 250 to 300k monthly even more than the staff, without adding my salary.

One of them ask me to coach him, I bill am 150k, e shouted yepa.

The only person I'm training for free is my direct oga, the bros don humble now and he was a nice oga to me , despite being part of the emi lokan group.

Baba is like, so you make money more than us as staff and you still stay humble and work diligently and committed like some one struggling. I just smile.

By Gods doing, he will get monetise soon and start earning $300 monthly more than his previous pay.

Online business?

can you teach me.
Politics / Re: Obidients Must Stop Engaging Reno Omokri On Social Media by Scamburster(m): 12:38am On May 21
go and learn hand work than waste your life online quoting everybody with these incoherent trash you just typed
How do you know that it's not one of his nairaland handle?.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Mourns Iran's President, Raisi by Scamburster(m): 10:07pm On May 20

Dey play
Don't mind the werey
Politics / Re: This Is Why Discos Are Reluctant To Install Prepaid Meters. by Scamburster(m): 8:50pm On May 17

Which app do you buy 2k 1k token from, I used to buy using opay and palmpay but this days only 3k and above token is available on this two apps
I bought even #200 token experiments using opay.
Politics / Re: 11-Year-Old Tolu Invites Peter Obi To His Graduation, He Honours It (Pics) by Scamburster(m): 1:52pm On May 17

When did ObiDeens change the meaning of impeccable for their gbajue looter

Soworo advocate rest.
Politics / Re: Posh Properties Owned By Atiku, Ekweremadu, Orji Kalu, Other Nigerians In Dubai by Scamburster(m): 8:56am On May 17
Honestly what is this thread for? I font care I anyone have property orproperties anywhere all I cares about is moving Nigeria forward.
Is this account hacked?
Nairaland / General / Re: The Mistake You Made In Life You Wouldn't Want Someone Else To Repeat by Scamburster(m): 3:21pm On May 16
Being timid and staying indoor when I was a child
It pays to be brutal and rugged.
It really deal with me at my early stage, annoying introvert and timid at the same time. but thank God sha.


Nairaland / General / Re: The Mistake You Made In Life You Wouldn't Want Someone Else To Repeat by Scamburster(m): 3:17pm On May 16
As the last of seven children, I didn't prioritize my future, waited for siblings. I believed things were going to fall in place for me, not knowing life doesn't work that way. I learned the hard way, and today I thank God I didn't enter 6ft b4 I realized I had to hussle on my own, and that NO ONE OWES me anything dime.
Politics / Re: FUBARA Vs Wike:: 7 More Commissioners Resign From Governor Fubara's Cabinet by Scamburster(m): 11:49pm On May 15

Did they really "resigned" or were asked by Sim to "resign" before they are disgraced out by public sacking
You really made sense
TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by Scamburster(m): 11:12pm On May 14

For all those who mentioned me I might not be able to quote everyone. I just got back from work and saw a lot of mentions. Just Google IPTV u can get more details. From my own understanding it's a link that gives u access to countless stations online and videos on demand. Just get an app like smatterspro or the one I use xciptv. When u subscribe u will be given username and password as well as a link to login. It's pretty straightforward. U can use on both ur phone, smart tv or an android box which I use. The experience I tell u is out of this world.
This is the link to the contact here on nairaland u can chat him up
Let green app.
Nothing 8 Nothing 37six six Nothing 1six3
TV/Movies / Re: I Have A Smart Tv, Never Knew I Was Wasting Money On Dstv by Scamburster(m): 11:11pm On May 14

That will be very difficult to do for some obvious reasons I would expect you to know. But if you drop me your contact, I may reach you from a business center by the roadside.
Let green app.
Nothing 8 Nothing 37six six Nothing 1six3

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