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Politics / Re: Bala Mohammed: A Governor Defining The Pace Of Leadership In Bauchi State by Seetto: 3:13pm On Oct 10
Op thunder scatter ya teething......no single project on site..

U must have been paid heavily for this rubbish.

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TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: JMK And Angel In Bikini Twerking Competition At Friday Jacuzzi Party. by Seetto: 9:21am On Aug 21
Please sm1 should help me explain what the show is all about that waranty millions to be won

That is the warranty, spread immorality and get the millions and the goodies, as long as u are on that show, u have mortgage ur souls to the devil.

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Politics / Re: Taliban, Israel Vs Palestine:I Hope Christians See How They Support Their Own by Seetto: 9:16am On Aug 21

Ndi Iberibe..

You are a serious dumbass, less than 2% isreal population are Christians and most of them are Palestinians , 10% Palestinian Christians lives in Gaza and West Bank, they have also been bombarded by the Jewish isrealites, you ignorance f**ls like most Nigeria clownish christains taught it is religion fight and support isreal assult against the armless Palestinian people fighting against the occupation of their by the invasive isrealites.


Health / Re: My New Girl Friend May Leave Me Because Of My Body. by Seetto: 6:50pm On Jul 12
Hi guys, this is urgent!!! On red alert.

For long time/years now, I've been battling with this skin disease and it just became worst like 3months ago, with some serious middle chest pain. honestly, I gave up on this skin, especially my chest, neck and back region. And I'm all about chasing money.

But recently, my new girlfriend of 1month plus, saw my chest and back after our nsorinso and has declared "No more knacking", until the skin clears. That she can not even wear my clothes, if she's sleeping over, and I might transfer the skin thing to her.

Brethren poop! The pictures of my skin, drug and creams I use is there oo..i

.. If you have any natural remedy, pls prescribe 4me,im tired of the oyibo concoction..
Did I mention I have romatism? The seasonal skin scratching don tire me abeg.

Op get black seed oil, rub on ur skin morning and evening, monitor the progress for a month, take a teaspoon everyday
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bennett Replaces Netanyahu As Prime Minister Of Israel by Seetto: 7:45pm On Jun 13
you’re useless.

You’ll continue crying.
Go mark it as far this world remains Christians Nations will always be super powers and your Islamic countries will continue in war and poverty.

Even in 2000yrs from now Christian nations will determine the affairs of this world

Go hug the nearest transformer, uncircumcised philistines that’s what you are
Ignorance at his highest peak and who told u isreal is a christain nation..
Politics / Is Twitter Really Banned? by Seetto: 12:07pm On Jun 05
I replied omojuwa tweet some few minutes ago via opera mini, what are the banning?

Sports / Re: Jude Ighalo Takes His Mother On A Yacht Cruise While Vacationing With Her. by Seetto: 12:32pm On Jun 04

Mary was a jew!
There were Jews thousands of years before Muslims. So they copy most of their manners from the Jews!
But she is the mother of Your god, Muslims copy from a a descent mother, meaning we are the true followers of Jesus,

Christianity went astray by deviating from the true teachings of Jesus, allownig their women to walk naked and exposed their body.

I believe this is how you will like to see your mother dressed.


Sports / Re: Jude Ighalo Takes His Mother On A Yacht Cruise While Vacationing With Her. by Seetto: 12:20pm On Jun 04
I love the outing and show of love to the mother but that hijab thing is very irritating and spoilt the picture ...mtcheww..
You are stup**d and Idi**ot, you are hating a someones mother for being decent and mother,

This is Mary's picture according to christainity


Sports / Re: Jude Ighalo Takes His Mother On A Yacht Cruise While Vacationing With Her. by Seetto: 12:16pm On Jun 04
Why d woman com dey wear hijab upandan?

Which day Ighalo turn muslim? mtcheeewww
Muslim maintain the real tenets and practice of Jesus teachings..

You can never find picture of Mary, where she is dressed like this

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Sports / Re: Jude Ighalo Takes His Mother On A Yacht Cruise While Vacationing With Her. by Seetto: 12:12pm On Jun 04

Na the hijab dey vex me sef.
Go hug transformer. undecided

Show me the picture of Mary, where she is dressed like this

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Politics / Re: Gunmen In Military Uniform Kill A Policewoman In Owerri by Seetto: 8:43am On Jun 04
Fake news
Some people has finally succeeded in turning this platform into a be for that chunk out fake news.
DSS must hear this
This kwantry can spread fake news, even though when it is real, they will be spreading as fake news, I don't know why
Politics / Re: $1.6 Billion Lekki Deep Sea Port Reaches 50% Completion by Seetto: 10:27am On May 07
Good news coming from southwest ...


Health / Re: Sachet Water: Strange Disease In Kano, Many Hospitalized by Seetto: 12:01am On Mar 16
After slamming their heads countless times on the floor why won't they be suffering from different types of diseases
ur life is disgusting and u are another hateful and pained religion chauvinist


Politics / Re: Renewed Hostilities: Kwara State Govt Imposes Curfew On Two towns by Seetto: 7:07am On Mar 05
ode we don burn your new hotel and your houses before soldiers arrived na first attack you gave us the last time datz wat we also gave you this time around
so you support Killings and destruction of properties just because of one stupid land that u will die and be buried in it, you are worst than boko haram.

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Politics / Re: Bandits Kidnap 300 Schoolgirls In Jangebe, Zamfara State by Seetto: 9:02am On Feb 26
Why won't they abduct school children, it is a good investment, when government has earmarked 200,000 million naira for ransom and compensations


Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu 49 page $460k Forfeiture For Laundering & Heroin Trafficking by Seetto: 6:24pm On Feb 20
Snippets of the case and subsequent judgement are presented below. The complete document (VERY LARGE pdf file - 4mb) can be downloaded at the end of this report.

The United States of America, by its attorney, Michael J. Shepard, United States Attorney for Northern District of Illinois, for its verified complaint of forfeiture, states as follows:

1. This is a FORFEITURE action under 21 U.S.C , ss88 and 18, ss 981.....
2. The DEFENDANT funds are located in the above-described accounts and were SEIZED pursuant to PROCESS ISSUED BY THIS COURT....
4.... beginning as early as 1998, Adegboyega Mueez Akande, WITH OTHERS OPERATED a organiszation (sic) which DISTRIBUTED WHITE HEROIN, a controlled substance under Title 21 of the United States Code.
5.... this DISTRIBUTION OPERATION was conducted on a LARGE SCALE and the PROCEEDS of the operation SUBSTANTIAL. The defendant funds represent proceeds of this OPERATION of property involved in MONEY LAUNDERING.
6.... the defendant funds represent proceeds of NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING ... and ... MONEY LAUNDERING..... the funds are therefore FOREFEITABLE to the United States....

j... Neither a claim nor answer has been filed on behalf of the defendant funds .... accordingly, it hereby
ORDERED that the funds in the AMOUNT of $460,000 in account.... in the name of BOLA TINUBU represents proceeds of NARCOTICS or were involved in financial transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C ss 1956 and 1957 and therefore these funds are forfeit to the United States

Revealed: U.S Federal Agents Link Bola Tinubu to drug Trafficking Ring in Chicago

Facts have emerged that the erstwhile Governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu may have been involved in a white heroin trafficking network which operated in Chicago and some parts of Indiana and led by one Adegboyega Mueez Akande between 1988 and 1993. The source of the white heroine was identified as one Mr. Lee Andrew Edwards who was incarcerated for attempting to murder a federal agent while the agent was executing a search warrant on him.

According to the Verified Complaint for forfeiture in case No. 93 C 4483 which was filed on July 26, 1993 before the Hon. Judge Nordberg of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the United States Government urged the Court to order the forfeiture of funds in accounts Nos. 263226700 held by First Heritage Bank in the name of Bola Tinubu, funds in accounts 39483134, 39483396, 4650279566, 00400220, 39936404 and 39936383 held by Citibank N.A in the name of Bola Tinubu and funds in accounts 52050-89451952,52050-89451952, 52050-89451953 held by Citibank in the name of Bola Tinubu because there was probable cause to believe that the funds in Tinubu’s bank accounts represented proceeds of narcotics trafficking or were monies involved in financial transactions in violations of 18 U.S.C, sections 1956 and 1957 and therefore, was forfeitable to the U.S Government.

However, in a tacit defense of the ownership of the funds, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu averred in Court that the funds belonged to himself, his wife, K.O Tinubu and his surrogate mother, Alhaja Mogaji and warranted that they had exclusive right, title and interest to the funds.

In an affidavit sworn to by Kevin Moss, a Special Agent with the United States Internal Revenue Service, criminal investigation division in support of the verified complaint for forfeiture of Bola Tinubu’s moneys held in various Bank accounts, the agent gave a vivid account of how he came to the conclusion that the funds were proceeds of narcotics transaction in violation of the U.S law.

Mr. Moss averred that prior to and during 1988; the government became involved in the investigation of a white heroin trafficking network operating in Chicago, Illinois and Hammond, Indiana. The investigation disclosed that an individual known as Lee Andrew Edwards was a source of white heroin. The government sources provided information about Lee Andrew Edwards including the identity of a telephone number which activated in electronic pager. This pager according to him was to be called to place an order for white heroin. According to Mr. Moss, this pager was subscribed to by one Adegboyega Mueez Akande who at that time was a resident of Chicago.

Mr. Moss further averred that during February 1988, an individual named Abiodun Agbele arrived in the U.S from Nigeria and during investigation by the government, Agbele disclosed that Akande was his uncle who provided him an apartment in Hammond, Indiana.

According to Agbele, Mr. Akande returned to Nigeria in1990; however, before he left, he instructed Agbale to serve as a source of white heroin for Mr. Lee Andrew Edwards as a result of which Agbele sold white heroin for Lee Andrew Edwards on numerous occasions. Following a tip off, Agbele sold one ounce of white heroin to a law enforcement agent undercover on November 28, 1990 for $7,000 and was subsequently arrested. After his arrest, Agbele agreed to cooperate with the law enforcement agents regarding the white heroin distribution and network of Akande.

According to Agbele, Akande controlled the operation of white heroin from Nigeria in conjunction with other individuals in Nigeria and the U.S. One other individual who worked with Akande according to the affidavit was identified as Bola Tinubu who later became the governor of Lagos state from 1999 to 2007.

The investigation also revealed that in December 1989, Akande took Bola Tinubu to First Heritage bank where Bola Tinubu opened an individual money market. In the account opening application, Tinubu, gave his address as 7504 South Stewart, Chicago, the same address used previously by Akande and his company, Globe-Link. This is the same address used as the drop-off point for packages from Nigeria that contained the white heroin. According to bank records, Bola Tinubu also opened a joint checking account in his name and the name of his wife, Oluremi Tinubu. Mrs. Tinubu had previously opened a joint Bank account also in the same bank with Abdrey Akande, the wife of the heroin kingpin, Adegboyega Mueez Akande.

Upon opening the account, Tinubu deposited the sum of $1,000 in traveler’s check. However, five days after opening the account, specifically, on January 4, 1990, Tinubu deposited the sum of $80,000 into the account.

According to the federal agent, in a credit application dated January 6, 1990, Bola Tinubu disclosed that he resided at 7504 South Stewart and that Mueez A. Akande was his cousin. Tinubu further stated that he was an employee of Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited, Fairfax, Virginia and his take home pay was $2,400 per month. Additionally, Tinubu stated on the application that he had no other sources of income and listed his wife, Oluremi Tinubu as co-applicant for the application for automobile loan. The loan was secured with the certificate of deposit in the amount of $10,000 which Tinubu had purchased with a withdrawal from the $80,000 deposit in his checking account.

According to the federal agent, Bank records from First heritage Bank disclosed that in 1990 alone, Bola Tinubu deposited $661,000 into his individual money market account and in 1993; he deposited the sum of $1,216,500 into the same money market account. The agent further avers that in 1991, Tinubu began opening accounts at Citibank in the section known as the world-wide personal banking unit where he transferred the sum of $560,000 from his money market account at the First Heritage Bank.

This development prompted the Federal agents to interview representatives from Mobil Oil regarding Tinubu’s employment status and his take-home pay. The Mobil Oil representatives confirmed to the investigators that Tinubu was employed by the Mobil Oil as a treasurer. Mobil Oil further told the federal agents that this position did not involve the transfer of large amounts of money between banking institutions. Mobil oil representatives also stated that under no circumstance would Tinubu be permitted to retain money belonging to Mobil Oil in accounts bearing Tinubu’s name. Finally, Mobil Oil confirmed that the corporation never had any accounts in banks in the southern suburbs of Chicago.

On January 10, 1992, the federal agents obtained a court Order freezing Tinubu’s accounts at First Heritage Bank and Citibank respectively. Thereafter, Tinubu contacted the First Heritage Bank to transfer money from his accounts and was advised that the accounts had been seized by the U.S Treasury.

On January 13, 1992, Mr. Moss, the Federal agent contacted Bola Tinubu in Nigeria by phone using a number provided to the First Heritage Bank by Tinubu himself. Mr. Moss averred that during the course of the interview, Bola Tinubu confirmed that he knew Mueez Adegboyega Akande. Tinubu further admitted during the interview with the federal agent that he had wire transferred $100,000 to Akande’s bank account in Houston and that the $80,000.00 of the funds used to open the account at First Heritage Bank had come from Akande. Tinubu further admitted that he had other accounts in Fairfax, Virginia and London.

Concluding his affidavit evidence, Mr. Moss stated that with all these evidence, there was probable cause to believe that the funds in the accounts held by First Heritage Bank and Citibank, N.A in the name of Bola Tinubu represented property that was involved in narcotics transaction in violation of the U.S law. He therefore, urged the Court to issue an order of forfeiture of the funds.

After a protracted litigation in which Bola Tinubu claimed that the monies legitimately belonged to him, his wife, Oluremi Tinubu and his surrogate mother, one Alhaja Mogaji, Bola Tinubu finally opted for a stipulated settlement with the U.S government. According to the settlement Order dated September 15, 1993; Hon. Judge John A Nordberg ordered that the sum of $460,000 held by Bola Tinubu in The First Heritage Bank account be forfeited to the United States Government. The Court also ordered the release of the funds held in the Citibank account and any money held in excess of $460,000 at the First Heritage account to Bola Tinubu in line with the agreement and stipulation reached by Tinubu with the federal agents.

Ironically, this case came up at the peak of the struggle against the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election by the Gen. Babagida-led military junta during which time Tinubu as a member and one of the leading financiers of the National democratic Coalition (NADECO) made several “pro-democracy” trips to the U.S ostensibly to press for U.S sanctions against the Nigerian junta. It is, therefore, doubtful whether most of those trips were actually connected with the June 12, struggle after all.

Peter obi go soon locate u, he go use ur head do rituals..


Crime / Re: Why You Must Lose Hope On Nigeria; My Experience Today In Ibadan by Seetto: 4:44am On Jan 31
There was an accident along Ibadan/Oyo express way today involving a car and a heavy duty truck. When I got there, the dead and the injured have been evacuated. Only the destroyed car and the truck were there.

About 2 minutes after I got there, my Android phone vibrated. I reached for my pocket and brought it out. Within 5 seconds, someone snatched the phone from me. I struggled to get my phone back. Before I could say "Jack Robinson", punches landed on my body from about 8 thugs. They said they have sounded a warning that nobody must take pics. I took no pics. I looked around and could count about 200 thugs at a go. One hefty man talked like a sane man requesting to check my phone. I allowed him to check it and he returned my phone.

This happened in my hometown of Ibadan along the high way beside IITA. If it takes 30 years, I will take my pound of flesh. The die is cast.

Is this the country you want to be proud of where 90 percent of the youths are thugs?
Thanks to makinde for empowering the thugs, it wasn't like this during ajimobi administration.
Islam for Muslims / Re: What You Need To Know About Maryam, The Mother Of Prophet Isa (jesus)? by Seetto: 10:15am On Jan 29

Jesus is my personal Lord and Saviour. I believe that He died for my my sins and He rose for my Justification
By the finished work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, I am saved from the grip of hell and its errors (religions and philosophies without the saving power in the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth)
so if u die and find urself in hell fire, Jesus cruxification on the cross is useless.
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Offers N1m To A Fan Who Tattooed His Image On Her Back by Seetto: 8:27pm On Jan 28
his or her tattoo..
Crime / Re: A Nigerian Drug Dealer Jailed In Trinidad & Tobago For Trying To Export Cocaine by Seetto: 6:25am On Jan 21
O boy shocked see flat head..

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Politics / Re: Does Peter Obi Really Have Any Political Value In The Current Political Space? by Seetto: 9:15am On Jan 19
A Yoruba mooslim taunting another with ritual killing is the eight wonder of the world. grin
See Yoruba Muslims taunted Ritualist grin


okija shrine record

Peter obi the ritualist and killer should be investigated for killing Akwuzu youths grin

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Politics / Re: Does Peter Obi Really Have Any Political Value In The Current Political Space? by Seetto: 6:47am On Jan 19
Tinubu is the one that mortgaged your future not Peteru
See this dickhead grin, wetin concern me with Tinubu, obi go soon suya u for another round of rituals, your head and vagina will be good for his presidential ambition.. grin


Crime / Re: 8 Members Of 2 Rival Cult Groups Arrested In Ogun (Photos) by Seetto: 6:42am On Jan 19
The results of I'll society and irresponsible parents..

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Politics / Re: Does Peter Obi Really Have Any Political Value In The Current Political Space? by Seetto: 6:34am On Jan 19
I didn't read the epistle by the OP. But one thing I know is that Peter Obi is the only ex-governor without corruption garb hanging on his shoulder.
That murderer and ritualist, he should go account for the death and missing of akwuzu youths..


Politics / Re: Redeemed Church Stops Muslim Ladies From NIN Registration Over Hijab by Seetto: 5:15am On Jan 09
Your last question is the real thing !

Will Muslims also allow people to enter their mosques without hijabs, and with shoes on their legs ?

We all know the answer !

They would have done the worst !

Well all the same, let love lead !
It is not permissible to use mosque for any activities except worship..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Reddit, Twitch, Shopify, Discord Ban Donald Trump by Seetto: 5:05am On Jan 09
I saw some Igbo boys discussing yesterday dat "d erection was lig" mazi donatus won but dey lefuse to gib him cause he plomise us biafra..
I saw some Igbo boys discussing yesterday dat "d erection was lig" mazi donatus won but dey lefuse to gib him cause he plomise us biafra..

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Politics / Re: SERAP Asks Buhari To Explain How Petroleum Ministry Spent ₦116m On Pens, Others by Seetto: 10:55am On Dec 13, 2020
I am pighting kwarruption


Politics / Re: Gov Sule Appreciates President Buhari & VP Osinbajo As He Commissions The Larges by Seetto: 9:19am On Dec 08, 2020

300 capacity cinema in Abuja or Lagos is big Business.. but Nassarawa am not so sure

Mararaba is close to Abuja, many Abuja private and government workers reside in mararaba, very congested and busy area..

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Crime / Re: Another Baby Factory Discovered In Ogun (PHOTOS) by Seetto: 6:41am On Dec 04, 2020
If I talk wetin dey my mind now, Myndd44, Lalasticlala and other mods will rush in and restrict my account.

Awon brown roof dwellers doing exactly what they accused other people of doing.

shai you have reading comprehension....
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Drop Three Places In FIFA Ranking by Seetto: 6:39pm On Nov 27, 2020
Courtsey of Gernort rour
Politics / Re: Okorocha Visits Sanwo-Olu, Solicits For Better Welfare For Imo People In Lagos by Seetto: 11:08am On Nov 27, 2020
The same okorocha use ndi imo allocation to better the life of their slave master..


Politics / Re: Kano State Hisba Board Warn Coolfm Against Calling Friday "A Black Friday". Phot by Seetto: 7:55am On Nov 27, 2020
Why not black Sunday...

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