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Politics / Re: Abandoned Niger Delta Regions, Beautified By Buhari – Lauretta Onochie by Shubbylee(m): 3:59pm On Feb 21, 2019
If Truly Buhari did all these things in the NigerDelta, they need to support him with their votes!
Career / Re: Massive Recruitment At Lidya Nigeria 2018 | Apply Now Before Deadline by Shubbylee(m): 7:27pm On Sep 13, 2018
Any idea how much they pay?
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed, Abba Kyari, El-Rufai & Attahiru Jega Meet At Kaduna Airport (PICS) by Shubbylee(m): 6:10pm On Apr 01, 2017
They never ceased to thank him for the wonderful rigging machinery he put in place during the 2015 general election.

Let it be known to Jega that till today... cheesy

Jonathan appointed Jega to rig election for APC and take him out of Aso rock?! U're very wise....clap for urself!!

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Phone/Internet Market / Re: ***ALL Android Os Upgrades, ROOTING, & HD GAMES for All android deviceⓐ*** by Shubbylee(m): 7:48pm On Jan 06, 2017
Pls I need a download link for Street fighter (any version) for android, there's none on google play store, thanks
Celebrities / Re: Pretty Mike Leads 2 Girls By Dog Leash (Video) by Shubbylee(m): 10:41pm On Dec 18, 2016
EndTime bîtches!! Aja 5 and Aja 6!! Money must be made!!
Politics / Re: Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu And Her 4 Children (Photos) by Shubbylee(m): 7:49pm On Nov 27, 2016
Its just like saying FIFA should postpone world cup because Super Eagles and NFF were having internal issues and didn't have enough time to train, Its not INEC's fault that PDP are having In-Fighting, or do u think Other Parties would be happy that INEC postponed the elections cos of PDP? Would that be fair?

I maintain that the election ought to have been postponed in the spirit of fairness. jegede won his last appeal at supreme court on Thursday and the election held on Saturday,just 2 days. but then again u look at our electoral laws, it bans campaign 48 hours to the election, 2 days. which time was given to jegede to campaign? congrats to Akeredolu shall. God gives power
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2016 Firstbank Graduate Trainee Programme by Shubbylee(m): 7:52pm On Oct 25, 2016
Is it a contract job or full-time job?!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Women Fight In Salon Over Politician In Kenya (Photos) by Shubbylee(m): 12:54am On Jul 16, 2016
This ain't Kenya!! Their accent Sounds more like Jamaica or other Carribean Countries

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Family / Re: My Wife's Siblings Are Breaking Us Apart And I'm Mad Right Now by Shubbylee(m): 1:28am On Jul 06, 2016
May God take Control...But don't be dismay by the way we exclaim,every home has its peculiar challenge only when discussed openly we get to know how terrible they are. Yours isn't the worst case. There is nothing new under the sky. Please don't discuss the shortcomings of your wife with your Family....they won't forgive her. She can repackage you before her people and you will be accorded the respect you think is lost.

If this happened to ur little brother, is this the kind of advice u'll give him?
Family / Re: My Wife's Siblings Are Breaking Us Apart And I'm Mad Right Now by Shubbylee(m): 1:03am On Jul 06, 2016
Mr Devguru You're a very fóolish man I must say, that you can eat the food this woman cooked or sleep in the same house with ur two eyes closed with her is just beyond comprehension. And as a yoruba man u claim to be its very unwise of u. Someone who told her siblings u av one testicle and laughed abt it? Someone who's planning on building her own house? Someone who lied to ur parents that u beat her just to fall ur hand? THIS WOMAN CAN KILL U FOÓLISH MAN!!! As yoruba pple would say, the problem u're hiding from ur father, it's ur father that'll solve it at last!! The trust is dead bro!! Divorce her áss!! SHE'S NOT LOOKING REMORSEFUL COS SHE'S SORRY THAT SHE BETRAYED U , SHE'S LOOKING REMORSEFUL COS SHE GOT CAUGHT!! This kind of woman would chill till this case dies down and do sumtin even worse, i hope this time u won't pay with ur life!! Come to think of it sef, this ur Quickness to forgive her is suspicious, It's Either u've done worse things in the past to her that u don't wanna tell us or this whole story was made up by u.

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Romance / Re: I Lied To Her And Now I Want To Marry Her (please Advise Me) by Shubbylee(m): 12:08am On Jul 06, 2016
You met her in Dec. '14 and till today July 5 2016 she hasn't been able to figure out u ain't in fct? Haba

Bro why do u wanna marry a dummy?

Anyway no need telling her the truth since she's either too dvll to figure it out or actually playing dvll to deceive you.

In either case just inform her you've been transferred to ibadan or just got a job in i.b so you moving back fully.
That will do the trick.

Lmaoooo!! Bros U're just a mean áss mótherfúcker haba! But small truth dey there sha.
Music/Radio / Re: Nigerians That Have Been Ranked On Billboard Charts. by Shubbylee(m): 2:13pm On Jun 19, 2016
EndTime Charts!! NameCheckers Oya takeover!!
Romance / Re: Why I Can Never Date A Man That Aint Wealthy by Shubbylee(m): 10:56pm On Jun 11, 2016
I know this post would provoke many Nls but i dont care.
When i was younger i dated a guy for three months he left me for my friend because i was not perfect and quiet immature. For two years the sore remained.
It was an inception of a new ideology ;that people who claim they are in love Stick with you when the grasses are in green and when they have something to gain.
I decided to follow that thread,date only wealthy guys. Yes, i was rejected because i had no perfection so i decided to use the same standard used on me by the guy who broke my heart on other fellows.
God understands my past pain so he is no furious with me for sapping guys financially and dumping them. My reason? I was hurt so i have to hurt.

Any 'Wealthy guy' that 'dates' u is Wealthy in Stupidity, don't deceive urself, U're not dating anybody, they're just fúcking u up n down. You better grow up and change ur fûcked up mentality b4 U're 36, Single, broke, Stretchmarks all over ur sagging boóbs and body waiting for another 'Wealthy guy' to fûck!
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Shubbylee(m): 10:14pm On Jun 05, 2016
only two schools offer M.Sc in Finance. And the deadline don elapse.. Stay in touch so we do it together by next semester..

LOL! I'm quite open minded abt the courses, if I don't get Finance or Economics, I'll settle for an MBA or Even Int'l relations, if I get there I can swap if possible!! I checked out Uni of Magdeburg they have a Course in International Economics and finance and it's still up, I just don't know what to do, let's check that out
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Shubbylee(m): 11:47am On Jun 04, 2016

Nice one you have a good Cgpa ,it's okay .have u sat for TOEFL or Ielts cos it will give you more edge .. I think MSC in finance has much prospects than economics

that's one of the things scaring me, i've never done TOEFL/IELTS, i feel they should know english is our lingua-franca so they could waive that one for us, actually Msc in finance is better, pls can i PM you? i need serious mentoring on this application
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Shubbylee(m): 7:24am On Jun 04, 2016

Cool, so what are the opportunities from d research u made , what was your bsc course and Cgpa and whats your area of interest for MSC ...answer all dos questions first

Thanks a lot bro!! I've found out that tuition is mostly free there and there are job opportunities, u can work to fund ur other expenses. my Bsc course is Economics, CGPA of 3.8/5.00. My area of interest is mainly an MSC in Economics, or Finance.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Shubbylee(m): 8:00pm On Jun 03, 2016
Good Evening Everyone!! I just got to know abt the Opportunities in Germany, I'm a JJC on this thread, pls help a brother. I'm trying to Get admission for an MSC in a business/management/social sciences field for this winter semester, I've done a little research on it and I like what I see, but I really need experienced pple to put me through the whole application stage, I'll be very grateful. Thanks. @sonnyville @foreverkind1 @kciano
Politics / Re: Official Statement Of The Anambra State Gov Over Biafra Demonstration In Onitsha by Shubbylee(m): 5:49am On Jun 02, 2016
This is why the North will forever be superior to the South.

Your people are being butchered by the Fulani-controlled Army for protesting. Instead of you to speak out, you are here singing the tunes they told you to sing. The same Army would never try that in the North because they know the tone with which the Northern governors and people will respond.

Hoodlum ko. Hoodlums ni.

As much as I used to dislike Fayose, it's obvious he is the only Southern Governor that is not a coward and a puppet to Buhari's Fulani-led government.

But the Army Also killed Shiite Protesters in Kaduna some months ago....have you forgotten so soon? Abi Kaduna is now in the south?
Celebrities / Re: #OneHellOfANiteTour: Chris Brown Announces Wizkid As A Special Guest On Tour by Shubbylee(m): 11:16am On May 30, 2016
Wizkid Baba nla won!! Kwenu!!
Sports / Re: Footballer Chichi Igbo In Panties by Shubbylee(m): 10:59am On May 30, 2016
With all these muscle, she's supposed to be amongst the best in women football!! What a waste of Muscle!!

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Agriculture / Re: Orji Uzor-Kalu's Mega Farm In Abia State To Cost $400m by Shubbylee(m): 10:52am On May 30, 2016
$400million for just 12,000 hectares of land?! EndTime Farm!!


Fashion / Re: Grace Okoro Adaeze Dethroned (Miss Nollywood Queen) by Shubbylee(m): 10:15am On May 28, 2016
EndTime Beauty Queen!!
NYSC / Re: Female Corper Romances Male Corpers (photo) by Shubbylee(m): 7:36pm On May 16, 2016
O setigo

U sef u setigo!! <3
Romance / Re: Photos: Are We In A Man's World? by Shubbylee(m): 8:54pm On May 13, 2016
Last week, I posted a thread here https://www.nairaland.com/3092108/photos-having-crush-guy about having a crush on Jeffrey Akoh the 2015 MTN West Africa Project Fame winner.
He was featured in Yemi Alade "KISSING" music remix.
Lo and Behold, some Guys began to insult me and carried my matter for head like gala.. *haba*
- whats wrong in a Girl voicing out who her crush is?
Guys move around and brag about their crush and everyone is ok with it BUT if a girl does that.. WAHALA.
We Ladies Do Have A Crush Feeling and Even A Sexual feeling over a Guy. We are not robots but humans with flesh and blood.
You see why Feminist are fighting for Gender Equality?
We are indeed a Man's World and its a scary truth.

Feminists should start by going bare chested everywhere like men or standing up to take a piss in public if they want to be equal to men!! Bloody hypocrites, feminists until it is time to put on d gen or lift heavy things then they know men are men for a reason.

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Politics / Re: Florence Eshalomi Elected As London Assembly Member (Photo) by Shubbylee(m): 7:35pm On May 07, 2016
EndTime Elections!!

Nice one sha
Properties / Re: Ambode Introduces Rent-to-own House Policy In Lagos by Shubbylee(m): 6:55pm On Apr 25, 2016
EndTime Housing Policy!! I hope they won't later deny it, but if its true, e go Epp.
Romance / Re: Favourite Sex Positions In Bed - Nigerians Respond (Very Hilarious Video) by Shubbylee(m): 6:12am On Apr 20, 2016
"bend down and select" grin grin grin grin

btw why were all those old men claiming that they're virgins. who do they think they're fooling undecided

Many guys/men are virgins oo!! Don't dull
Romance / Re: Favourite Sex Positions In Bed - Nigerians Respond (Very Hilarious Video) by Shubbylee(m): 6:11am On Apr 20, 2016
Na u be d real MVP..i hail!

Lmaaaooooo!! Too much porn
Romance / Re: Favourite Sex Positions In Bed - Nigerians Respond (Very Hilarious Video) by Shubbylee(m): 6:07am On Apr 20, 2016
:PTeam doggy!!

Yinmu!! If u see prick now u go run, See ur mouth like pepeye own!!

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