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Business / I’m Trying To Validate An Idea About AI Banking by SilverG33k(m): 11:40pm On Jun 02, 2023
So most of us might have heard about ChatGPT, its not new, if you haven’t heard of it, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot that you can chat with and it gives you sensible information based on what you tell it
I’m typing this off of my head so please don’t mind me.

First off, I’m a product manager and developer so bringing an idea to life is not a big deal to me, time is what i usually don’t have.

So the idea i had is, a digital wallet like Abeg App or Eyowo, but has AI chatbot or your account manager but a chatbot sitting infront of your digital wallet.

E.g Once you open the app, your first option is to chat with the AI just like ChatGPT, telling it to send money to someone or send airtime of 200 to a particular number.

However, I understand that some people might be having language barrier issues with the chatbot so there’s another option to switch from using the chatbot to the normal way of using buttons to send and buy airtime.

The issue is, its a cool idea but how useful will it be? Sounds cool but isn’t it almost like Leo of UBA, or KudiAI that spent lots of money on ads but didn’t make much profit.

It sounds cool and I’m tempted to build but is it useful? I want to know what people think about this tho

Btw, you’re free to build it if you want lmao, talk is cheap trust me
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by SilverG33k(m): 8:47pm On Mar 31, 2023
My own case is critical i might need help from an officer actually.

I applied November 2020, did capturing around February 2021, then i was given a number written on a piece of paper. I was told that I would be called to come and pick the passport when it has been printed but i was never called, i went there differently times and they keep telling me there was issues verifying my NIN that i need to wait till NIN network is good. After going there till April, I stopped bothering myself.

I would really like to either start afresh or continue the process but I don’t have an idea how to go about it
Programming / If You Have A Personal Website As A Developer, Share URL by SilverG33k(m): 12:30pm On Oct 26, 2022
I'm planning to create my own personal website that contains info about me and projects I have done as a backend engineer over the past 3 years. I do not have a school certificate not a CV till date lol, I want to start taking my life serious

I have 2 domains in mind, siilver.me or siilver.dev, still trying to choose. Anyways, fellow devs, share your personal website and make suggestions which domain I should pick.

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Romance / Re: I Want To Create A Forum As Big As Nairaland Or Even Bigger by SilverG33k(m): 9:04pm On Jun 30, 2022
The data naira land has you can't have it in 6 months

When you hear a company sold for millions, it's not that the software is difficult to build, it's the data behind the software that's difficult to collate

Nairaland has the data and the brand name, you can't beat that in a year even if you run BBNaija ads which is roughly 1billion naira for main sponsor
Romance / How Do You Know The Right Person? by SilverG33k(m): 7:12pm On Mar 07, 2022
I am a very confused human being so don't mind me.

I stayed single most of my life because at some point, I always have this feeling I'll break my partners heart.

Recently, early this year I met this girl, she did everything, cooking skills is great, she's very clean, house is always neat, sex is awesome, also she's the kind of person I want... Short slim and pretty.

A little story about her... She was about to get married last year when her fiancee got another woman pregnant. One day we talked extensively about family and i found out she comes from a good Christian home, family is very spiritual and she too is very spiritual... To my knowledge.. She's on the verge of joining the choir right now. Another thing, her English is awesome and she's a university certificate holder, infact she values school as much as I do.

Another thing is, this girl is madly in love with me, infact she is obsessed with me. I know love when I see one, most times it's me that will be doing shakara, she always texts first, and she barely ask for money.

However, my problem is, she started hookup after she had to cancel her wedding with her fiancee and now, 2days ago, I casually asked her body count and she said roughly 90 - 100, bruv, I'm dead lol, I can cope with it but my problem is, is it worth it? My own body count is 7 ffs.

Is this girl worth it, i can cope without her surely but aside the hookup thing, she is just too perfect.. Infact if you had got to know her from church, you wouldn't notice any bad girl behavior in her... I'm not a red piller at the same time I am not a simp trust me. I'm so lost rn man.
Romance / Re: Share Your Experience Toasting Girls As A Shy Guy by SilverG33k(m): 12:23am On Jan 27, 2022
First day at school, this short slim lady looked at me and called me Femi, meanwhile my name is Tope. I am very cute so getting girls attention wasn't a problem, the problem is, I am really really shy.

One day, rain was falling, lectures was over and we ended up inside the same bus going home. I decided to try my luck, "How fa, I go follow you go your house today". She didn't hesitate, she invited me immediately. Getting to her house, we talked and she said she wanted to rest a bit, i slept on the bed and she slept beside me. I noticed she wasn't sleeping.

Next thing, I didn't know what else to do so I fell asleep too. After 2 hours sleeping, she angrily woke me up and told me it's getting late I should go to my house. She never invited me over again.

Another occasion, I have this final year brother who thought he can help my single life. He arranged a short babe for me, she was my coursemate but we don't talk.

One faithful afternoon, at the mini campus, she invited my coursemate over, got a chair for both of us to sit, all alone without distraction. My matchmaker told me to start toasting this girl.

I couldn't do anything but smile all through, Y'all would probably find it hard to believe but I didn't say a single word for close to 2 minutes, it was extremely awkward, i literally had nothing to say. I just kept mute and stared at the floor.

Long story short, I didn't get the girl.

Just to put this out there, I'm still single, the difference is, I am now funded compared to when I was in school.

If you're in lagos, short slim, looking for love, perhaps we could totally hangout. I'm 24, and I'm no longer shy, trust me, Lagos opened my eyes

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Programming / Re: How We Built A Bbnaija Standard App In 2 Weeks by SilverG33k(m): 10:12pm On Aug 15, 2021

Does BBN have events API, or you will create one?

Rate limiting grin you funny sha, are you selling the API.

A lot of engineering decision comes when the need arises, you don't want to throw up massive infrastructure ahead, my opinion though.

And lastly while insertion sort, when there is quick or merge sort?

Lmao, no mind me, so basically I'll need rate-limiting for cases where someone has reversed engineered the app, and want to like vote multiple times.

Also, insertion sort, bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort, basically anyone would work for me especially when what I'm sorting is not a long array.

The sorting is just to list housemates based on who is Head of house, deputy, and evicted housemates, while still putting the number of fans they have into consideration. And there's like 26 housemates so, not a long list of array smiley

I like to overdo sha, Buh its good.
Programming / Re: How We Built A Bbnaija Standard App In 2 Weeks by SilverG33k(m): 4:31pm On Aug 15, 2021
Programming / How We Built A Bbnaija Standard App In 2 Weeks by SilverG33k(m): 4:20pm On Aug 15, 2021
Disclaimer: Interesting tech related content, mostly for backend devs/software engineers

I wasn’t really a fan of BBNaija until this season, the first week watching it, I almost got addicted. The problem with watching BBNaija is that It’s a round-the-clock reality show and you won’t know exactly when it gets interesting and the time to watch it.

If you’re extremely less busy, you could watch it all the time, for busy developers like me, I can’t stay glued to my screen. I got unfinished tasks crying for help already.

So I thought of an app that could notify you whenever things are getting interesting and when you should actually tune in and watch. I shared the idea with Max(my friend) and boom, we begin planning.

We didn’t have much money to start buying servers and stuff, I’m the technical guy, he’s the business/product guy so basically, I’ll be doing all the tech-related stuff, luckily for us, I’m an android developer and backend software engineer (PHP, Nodejs).

We started planning that evening, blah blah blah, the following day, we started building.

We initially wanted to build the MVP in 1 week but we needed something awesome and fast, Digital Ocean came to mind, I wasn’t really interested in setting up a goddamn Digital ocean droplet(also called EC2 on Aws) so I kept looking for the fastest way to get a server…. Boom Heroku.

Heroku works for a quick deploy, push and scale infrastructure. Moving on, we needed a database, It’s way easier to get the database working on Digital Ocean so I just created a MySQL database cluster on Digital Ocean. Linked our Heroku app with Digital Ocean and boom, backend server implementation began.

4 days later, We felt the need to start showing videos on highlights. We added a section called highlights on the app that shows highlights of things happening inside the Big Brother house. We needed to show videos, We can’t store videos on our Heroku server, that’s bad implementation, I thought about Cloudinary. Cloudinary provides cloud-based image and video management services. It enables users to upload, store, manage, manipulate, and deliver images and video for websites and apps.

After integration, we made a prediction of how many videos will go into Cloudinary and the cost for the premium plan, the cost prediction was huge, We had to look for another way. How did I forget Digital Ocean Spaces lol, it is similar to Aws S3 buckets and way cheaper.
Eventually, I integrated Digital ocean Spaces which will serve as our storage system for videos. The integration uses aws-sdk (npm package) so basically, it’s compatible with Aws S3 buckets.

We added a couple more features like Voting, where I did something on sorting (Insertion sort) for sorting housemates based on the number of votes, popularity, and number of fans. It also calculates votes in real-time.

What else? Max(Product guy) wrote the privacy policy, and we uploaded it on Google Playstore, and boom, Playstore said, “Not today”.

We had a major issue with UGC (User Generated Contents) because we added a feature where people get to post stuff about BBnaija on a timeline. After 2 days of submission and inshallah, It got approved and finally, we are good to go.

Anyways, this is a project we did for fun, voting is not official, zero ads, zero monetization strategy, just cruise grin

Things yet to be implemented:

1. Caching
2. Rate limiting
3. Moving to AWS EC2 or Digital Ocean droplets
4. Load balancers
5. A bunch of other things backend wise

This is the MVP we achieved in 2 weeks(Android app and backend architecture), How would you have achieved yours?


Programming / Re: So Guys Help Pick A Name For My Startup by SilverG33k(m): 10:57pm On Mar 03, 2021
1. Igbobia
2. weedita
3. viagrania
4. Annalisa
5. Traminol
6. Buhari

grin grin
Programming / So Guys Help Pick A Name For My Startup by SilverG33k(m): 8:15pm On Mar 03, 2021
I've been quite useless for the past few days now, so I just feel like building some cool stuffs.

The end goal is to build AI chatbot capable of socializing, and catching cruise, most importantly buy and sell bitcoin, don't think about the complexity, i've got it all figured out, I just need name suggestions..

So I have Lyta or Snowie

Which one would you rather go for?
1. Lyta
2. Snowie

Both names are cool buh I prefer Lyta because it sounds more street level and its short
Business / I Need A Cac Business Name Registrar, Speedy Delivery Please by SilverG33k(m): 3:25pm On Mar 03, 2021
I would have loved to di the registration myself but i have limited time, I have done it before buh I'd just prefer someone does that this time round,

Kindly drop whatsapp number, I would love recommendations as well, thanks
Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 3:45pm On Dec 08, 2020

grin grin grin. Baba no like stress.

Lol, i used to think like this before but mehn, things changed when i started handling real traffic, e no easy abeg, if it was that easy, facebook wont have hundreds of developers
Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 3:00pm On Dec 07, 2020

Reduce cost by using AWS Is this a joke?

Decoupled architecture? Why? There must be a reason to go that far.

Nairaland is a simple app. Its does not need to have the frontend and backend hosted separately. A good dedicated server should handle the load well.

You can use the new buzzwords like angular, vue, nodejs etc to bamboozle the client and win customers but simple plain PHP/Python/Ruby with vanilla javascript will be more than enough to produce nairaland in record time.

I consider the owner of Nairaland to be very smart. this is why nairaland does exactly what it needs to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes is he, very smart however, as simple as it may look, you never can tell how it can be optimized that the cost of running it would drastically reduce to a certain extent
Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 8:02am On Dec 07, 2020

NL say she has 2.5M members, if that is anything to go by then indeed it has to be a microservice. There must be very bad guys amongst these members, so an API Gateway is a must for the backend. I'll likely go with Kubernetes so it handles upscaling and downscaling for me without having me loose sleep. NGINX is very much ok as an LB for both frontend and backend, i prefer a round-robin as against weighted since the K8 engine will spin up equally weighted infra. For the DB, i'll likely go with Mongodb since it will allow me run a search engine without the need for Algolia . . oh well Algolia can come later , but at least I can do database sharding right out of the box. You dont expect me to dump 2.5M parent records which will span into hundreds of millions, imagine one user has 100 posts, which is way likely to be more each week. Fact is i cannot dump those in one single DB, no maatter hwo powerful it is, It has to be redundant. Redis is needed for caching frontpage topics, so i dont have to serve it all the time, for each request. I could cache with NGinx too but i prefer redis. LRU is powerful.
Choice of server infra . . a simple linux image will do, ssd based and most importantly, all servers, FE, BE and DB must be encrypted at rest. I'll use a KMS for that. I'll leave one bastion host available for maintenance work and make sure all servers only communicate via a VPC.

Database sharding how did I miss that... Excellent point there, very necessary, why would the DB be encrypted tho? Or what part of the DB needs to be encrypted, please share, because I am just considering the speed and complexity

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Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 5:38pm On Dec 06, 2020
Waiting for Experience Bosses to Come Tutor us on this.

lmao look at this boss oh, chai

Okay, Sir... How would you handle 10 backend devs working with 4 different languages
Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 5:35pm On Dec 06, 2020
What if you we try to reduce cost by

Using just AWS, or a good old server, right, host the database on a separate server, and the other contents(images, videos, profile pictures), serve the media files with cloudflare or AWS cloudfront, then in cases where the homepage gets accessed by thousands of users, a Memcached would work, I prefer to use Redis however, both does the same thing, so instead of reading the popular topics and posts off the database, it reads from the cache, which reduces load on the database server.

For analytics, i always prefer and suggest to use a nosql db like mongo db, cassandra or faunadb, anything flexible actually, obviously our core database is going to be a relational database e.g mysql, oracle so we don't want to put too much load on it, we just need to put in the critical data there, for scalability, so this means that all of those number of views, daily active users, page views, e.t.c would go to a nosql database, users logs as well, requests and responses(if you're keeping track) all of these analytical data should make use of firebase database or any nosql db you want

Am i missing anything, yes, anytime i remember, I'd share, this is how i am going to build mine, its not a general rule that everyone must follow sha, let us understand that

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Programming / Re: Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 5:16pm On Dec 06, 2020

In my case I would use a decoupled architecture. That is, separate the front-end from back-end and host them separately.
Front end would be an Angular app hosted on firebase, while back-end would be a Django Rest API hosted on Google App Engine with auto-scaling support to handle traffic surges.
I'd utilize a caching system like Memcached to reduce load on the back-end server, store the user generated contents like media files on a separate file storage service like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Buckets, host the database separately on Google Cloud SQL, and finally use a CDN like Cloudflare.
This setup would be expensive though, but for a platform that gets such a huge amount of requests I'm certain the owner would be able to afford it.

I love this, interesting, you would definitely be needing devops. Great thinking really

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Programming / Backend Software Engineers, Let's Talk About System Design by SilverG33k(m): 9:26pm On Dec 05, 2020
Honestly, let's just catch cruise here.

Now here's a quick question, you're to build nairaland backend, how would you do that?

What technologies would you use, how would you handle scalability issues. Note than, the expected traffic for this system is 1k req/s just for fun tho

No yabbing

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Programming / Re: by SilverG33k(m): 7:04am On Sep 18, 2020

brother, pls do you have any link where i can download the setup?

Setup to? My project? Android studio?
Programming / Re: by SilverG33k(m): 6:15am On Sep 16, 2020


Buh overall, android sweet, and it's easy, buh I'm tired sha, I've done stuffs with it, stuffs I'm proud of, my next aim is to be a backend engineer
Programming / Re: by SilverG33k(m): 8:02am On Sep 15, 2020
Lmao, see this guy, you never even jam gradle sync, you go gats connect to internet to fix a problem, you never Sabi anything grin

You go download ndk join sef, download jre grin come dey use internet sync your build anytime you want to add a dependancy

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Programming / Re: Android App Developers Hop In by SilverG33k(m): 6:19am On Aug 17, 2020
Android dev here, I have like 7 apps
Technology Market / Re: This Thread Is Only For Aliexpress Shopper by SilverG33k(m): 6:36am On Jul 29, 2020
Guys abeg, just discovered my address is correct... Ikeja, but my postal code is wrong, I wrote 200271 instead of 100271

The wrong postal code is at Ibadan, hope my package won't head straight to Ibadan?
Romance / I Need A Shared Space In Lagos Mainland by SilverG33k(m): 1:18pm On Jun 28, 2020
Hello people, so I recently got a job in Lagos, around Ikeja, however, I do not have anyone that I know of staying in lagos. My parents stay in akure.

So I am 22 years, introvert, I'm very much reserved, I build android apps so most of the time, it's me and my PC, I don't really fancy having much friends obviously, I will take care of my feeding, I just need a not so expensive place to sleep and wake up.

So, if you know someone who needs a room mate or if you can help, that's fine, I'll pay if you want me to. Thanks, reach out to me on 08104422662
Business / Re: Spare 2 mins of your time to know about my startup, its the next big thing by SilverG33k(m): 12:23pm On Apr 30, 2020
Yesterday, we recorded 20 new users just 1 week after we put the app on playstore smiley

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Business / Spare 2 mins of your time to know about my startup, its the next big thing by SilverG33k(m): 7:39am On Mar 11, 2020
Hi, My name is Silver, I had an idea and i have already implemented the idea.

The idea: A loan marketplace, where people can give out loans or take loans, if you are giving out,
you can set the amount, interest, days to pay back and that's all, after the loan tenure specified, the company(Us)
automatically pays the person giving out loan and adds an interest rate to the amount the borrower is supposed to pay back.

I currently have access to tons of financial tools to get this started but i currently do not have enough funds, I mean i have the full capacity to run this thing what I just need is like a headstart.

I myself i am fully tech oriented as i can develop apps and websites very well. Also, I have access to lots of financial tools similar to what branch and paylater are using, we can just tweak ours and make it better.

I don't know if someone would want to invest in us, we would come forward with a registered business name and we would physically show up, I and my partner.

If you feel interested, please text me on 08104422662 or kindly drop a comment with something i can contact you with, lets discuss.

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Investment / IF You Have High Social Media Engagements, Get In Now by SilverG33k(m): 11:54am On Feb 25, 2020
So there is this platform called nanotrends, it allows you as a user get ad slots, post the image and url on you whatsapp status, and you just earn based on the views and clicks, thats all, you don't need to do a serious registration sef.

You can reach me out on 08104422662, lets create a facebook group and let ourselves familiar with it
Programming / Re: Software Developers Wanted In Lagos by SilverG33k(m): 11:35am On Feb 25, 2020
OP, if anyone applies, just know that the person doesn't have a stack. Just forgerrit, no good and sane developer would apply
Programming / Re: Startup Support - Fintech by SilverG33k(m): 11:31am On Feb 25, 2020
Sometimes i just dey weak for some threads, not that i don't have something to pitch buh really?

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