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Politics / Re: I Am Not A Crook, I ‘m Not A Criminal – Bode George by Sinachay: 9:58am On Dec 05, 2011
We know jare.
Na who nor know Nigeria, not sabi sointin.
All na witch haunt from h-enemies.
Who nor be crook for Naija. . . Including the gateman?
Arrantus Nonsensicus!

Shine my dia. At least you nor be Ibori. . . the SOUTH-SOUTH moo-moo! kiss

Even if I go back to Nigeria today I go be tief too!
You can't avoid it!
Nor be to make mouth for h-internet!
Politics / Re: Lecturers Cripple Universities, Begin Indefinite Strike by Sinachay: 4:34am On Dec 05, 2011
Great idea.
There are no schools in Nigeria anyway.
Those so-called students need to go back to the 'farms'.
Better time spent as stark illiterates! kiss
Politics / Re: Are Nigerians Coward? by Sinachay: 4:16am On Dec 05, 2011

Please do no let your poor man lover go to Nigeria to get jailed alone. I know you went alone before the new anti- man-lover bill. Why not go together now so you can share the same prison cell?

Shattap! Stalkarazzzi!
At least I have MANY man lovers. . . and rightly so.
Where are your 'WOMAN-LOVERS'? wink 0 FOR 25 since you got our ugly, bent, dwarfish brokos on NL. grin
I am in a good mood. I just got super-laid. cool
What is phocking your anus? wink
Still on the subject. . . GERRRROF DA NET! YOU NGBATIC COWARD. kiss
Politics / Re: Bill Against Gay Marriage May Threaten Hiv Medical Aids From Western Nations by Sinachay: 4:01am On Dec 05, 2011
[size=30pt]Heterosexual sex accounts for 80% of HIV transmissions in Nigeria, the National Agency for the Control of Aids reported recently.[/size]

wink wink wink wink wink

Through the anus I believe. cheesy

[size=30pt]David Cameron recently threatened to cut British aid to countries that discriminate against man-loving-men and lady-loving-ladies. Both the US and UK governments say they are watching the Nigerian bill closely, but declined to comment on how it may affect their outreach.[/size]

Na wah. Just wondering why they should get involved.
They should not give any monetary AID to Africa. . . regardless.
Africa needs to take care of it's own problems.
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 6:14pm On Dec 04, 2011

I think Sinachay and Kobojunkie had it right and there is really nothing I can add other than a little comedic touch:

In the last scene of the movie, Amadeus, where Antonio Salieri is being wheeled away for breakfast, Salieri delivers one of the best lines in the movie when he mocked himself and everything mediocre.

“Mediocrities everywhere: I absolve you. . .I absolve you”

This, here, is mediocrity.

Gbam! grin
Thank you jare!
One word sums it up!

I hope these dudes can understand this.
In 2012. . .we still have open rooms for lacatating women and screaming infants?
Other countries are striving to include fathers and relatives in a family-centered approach so husbands and wives can remain together till they leave the hospitals. . .dear Nigeria is giving us open view of come one come all to look at every persons business due to lack of privacy. Not to mention the spread of diseases with bodily fluid and all. . . .Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 6:11pm On Dec 04, 2011

Classic . When defeated with logic, play the colonial mentality card . Let me make it clear that no one is touting that Nigerian hospital must look like UK Hospital. The substantive point is that you deliberately mocked how this hospitial looked to suit your agenda of discrediting what has been achieved. What better way then to show that there is nothing wrong with this Maternity and Childcare health centre than to show you similar examples of Hospital wards from a nation (The UK) still reputed to have one of the best public healthcare delivery system in the world?

What you wrote below just shows the confused, convoluted and senseless arguement of a drowning man:

Abeg, can you show where I remotely hint that Nigeria should build Hospitals "after models in the UK of all places". Rather, is it not you and your sidekick who keep touting a South African Hospital as an example of what you wish to see before you can deem Lagos State's effort acceptable? Besides, are you not aware that hospital must first be primarily functional , as per delivery of healthcare, before anything else? If you appreciate this, you will see that what Fashola has delivered is an adequately functional hospital not different to others elsewhere in the world where we all know adequate healthcare is still being delivered.

Furthermore , your comment about "the UK of all place" just shows how wholly ignorant you are of possible solutions to Nigeria's problem. Whatever personal problems you have with the UK, keep it away from its public healthcare system (through its NHS scheme) that is lauded as one of the best in the world. The Nigerian Government should , because of the poverty of Nigerians, actually be looking at that sort of social healthcare provision model that means far more should be invested into caring for the health of Nigerians so that wellbeing, life expectancy and thus productivity of  citizens is not linked to private "cash and carry" care most cannot afford !!!!

I only pointed out that we do not need 'open wards' for infection control reasons. . .ESPECIALLY IN A PLACE LIKE AJEGUNLE.
I have a problem with that part of the UK model of hospitals. . .you showed us in one of your links. It was acceptable to you. . . Not to me.
I prefer private rooms for mothers and children for privacy and infection control reasons. YES, WE CAN AFFORD THAT IN NIGERIA. Only if our so-called government would consult others like nurses, doctors and pregnant women to know what their needs are. Instead of acting as a 'Rambo' in these matters.
THERE IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH OPEN MATERNITY WARDS LIKE YOU SHOWED IS IN YOUR UK MODEL. I have explained the reasons to you. If you don't get them. Too bad!

Where in this day and age do you find pregnant woman in an open maternity facility? undecided

You are not a woman. . .so I don't expect you to understand these things!
When I mean the UK of all places. . . I mean the most frugal, austere and conservative model of health care. I have experienced a better model here in the US where human life comes FIRST before cost. Cost comes before human life in the UK. Emphasis is not given to preventive/routine care. You have to be practically symptomatic to get the attention of the NHS. Not acceptable by the standards I am accustomed to. No apologies.

It does not matter if the NHS system is used or not in Nigeria. . . not my call. I would not use it. . .or live there. Nigeria needs to find it's own model, according to the needs of Nigerians. Simple. Fashola did not do that!

This was his lone project. . . I doubt he consulted anyone. . . as usual. . .Nigerian style of government!!!

I am not satisfied with his project. . .if you are. . . Goodluck to you! kiss
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 5:29pm On Dec 04, 2011

Indeed. It is tragic Nigerians love arguing with total ignorance that always ends up exposing their shocking lack of knowledge and ulterior motives . Sinachay and his co-traveller in Ignorance keep mentioning falsely that this Hospital was built by the red Cross when these ignorant chaps do not understand that the Red Cross memorial name is a honorary one and not an indication that the Red Cross built this hospital single-handedly . This hospital is a public Hospital, i.e owned and funded by the Government,  that was delivered through Public subscription. I will urge Sinachay and his sidekick to go and investigate what that means before they speak again to expose to the forum that their agenda consist solely of rubbishing the efforts of fashola even if they have to lie and provide nonsensical and logic-defying non-starter criticism to do this. Fashola , when the FG has not done such, is now supposed to build a Hospital to equal that built by the South African Government ? Ignorance + bad belle is an awful mix.



Even if the hospital was built as a public hospital and we misrepresented it as one built by the Red Cross. . .does that change anything here? undecided
If the government of South Africa IN CAPE TOWN. . .can build such, why can't the government in LAGOS Nigeria do the same or the government in Nigeria in any other part of Nigeria for NIGERIANS? Cape Town can be compared to Lagos. . . South Africa. . .to Nigeria. So what is the problem here? Simple comprehension?
Must you always cut corners?

No need to deviate from the main  points I am making.
The Nigerian government, including your Fashola is used to building SUBSTANDARD hospitals for NIGERIANS with ALL THE FUNDS ALLOCATED.
This Fahola's hospital of a mess is a disgrace by world standards. . . even by African standards. The pictures are worth a million words. . . No need to visit the facility. I hope no one I know finds herself or himself in ANY of those buildiings. Pleasssssssssssssse, MY GOD!!!!
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 5:25pm On Dec 04, 2011
Eko Ile:

This is g ettingfunny. SA as a country and lagos state are now on the sames scale. Thanks for the compliments.
What about SA as a country and nigeria as a country? Are you now going to show us and compare what the federal government don build just like SA country?.
This is real comedy. Lmao.

embarassed embarassed embarassed

lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 5:09pm On Dec 04, 2011
The Ajeromi Maternal and Child Centre that we officially hand over for public use today is the fourth of its type that our Government has delivered to the public.

It is a 110- (One Hundred and Ten) bed specially designed hospital for women and children, as a decisive response to the problems of access and distance in the way they compound the indices of infant and maternal mortality.

Until your Government provided these facilities, women in labour who required special attention had to travel from Ikorodu, Isolo and Ifako Ijaiye all to Ayinke House in Ikeja.

Sometimes during this travel, complications occur in labour and the worst happens. We lose either the child, the mother or sometimes both.

Since we started building these centres, the story has changed. The incidence of death during labour has dropped significantly because the facilities in Ikorodu, Isolo and Ifako Ijaiye are serving their purpose.

The gospel according to Fashola reporting. wink
If only your believe. . . the truth shalt set your free. Just have faith in 'his words'! cheesy
Look, I am not saying the existence of these makes-shift, maternal-child care centers do not make ANY differences in the live of the Ajegunle residents. My point is that. . . .THEY DESERVE BETTER! Simple! kiss


You must be slow on the uptake if you don't get my point . This comment just shows you reason based on ignorance and uninformed assumptions :

My friend, stop clutching at straws and simply accept that , give or take, the pictures I provided are what hospital wards look like in the UK . I have had all my kids in the UK same goes for my Sister, brother and untold number of friends. Suffice to say I have seen many, many hospital wards all over the UK and they don't look substantially different to that in the Hospital Fashola is commisioning. Your criticism had no leg to stand on to begin with and you only look more insincere and possessing an ulterior motive if you cannot see that there is nothing particular wrong about the pictures we see ,especially in comparison to what obtains in the UK for example,  to support your attack against this Maternity and child healthcare Centre.

The article makes it sufficiently clear it is targetting catchment care as a way deliver better healthcare. It therefore makes sense these health Centre cannot look like the Hospital your "truth" telling buddy want it to look like before you can be convinced it is good maternity and healthcare centre.

Sorry, you need to shed your colonial mentality.
About time your had your originality. . .a Nigerian originality.
You cannot be building hospitals after models in the UK of all places.
That does not meet the need of Ngerians. . .
Thank you!
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 4:45pm On Dec 04, 2011
Look at what AK47mann showed us?
In South Africa next door to Nigeria. . . BUILT BY THE RED CROSS. . . A CHARITY ORGANIZATION! cry
Specially devoted to the care of children.


Compared to this Fashola RRRRRRRRRRRRRUBISH?
That looks like my grand-fathers house with 20 tenants in the village to collect petty rent in old age? undecided


You can tell he purposely built it like a make-shift home. . .to convert it to some private residences in his old age TO COLLECT RENT. These look like flats NOT A HOSPITAL! GUESS WHO OWNS ALL THOSE BUILDINGS? FASHOLA AND SONS. 10 YEARS FROM NOW. . .THERE WOULD BE NO RECORD OF THOSE SO-CALLED HOSPITALS. . . THEY ARE NOT GOVERNMENT PROPERTY SIR! 4-1-9!!!!! kiss
Tell your Fashola to reveal the names in whose these buildings are recorded. . . You will be shocked to know he has willed them ALL to his grandchildren UNBORN. . . NOT YET IN EXISTENCE. . . !!! 4-1-9!!!! kiss


Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh! Looks like a doggone building you find in Onitsha market inhabited by some traders for quick-cash!
Are we going forward or are we moving backward in time? undecided
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 4:32pm On Dec 04, 2011

it is always regretable that it is those who don't show much aptitude for logical thinking who are always keen to call others "illiterate" and "bush men". My friend , you are not capable of educating anyone because it you who actually needs education with how you are too simplistic to understand that a Local Lagos Health centre specifically built to serve a catchment area can never look like a specialist and training hosptial that is one of its kind even for South Africa !!! I guess in your haste to criticise vacously you missed this from your own article :

If not ignorant you will know that Great Ormond Street Hospital is a globally regarded centre of excellence in child healthcare yet this Hospital is not the most imposing or grand of Hospitals in the UK !!!!! In fact, most Uk Hospital , to include those that look far more grand than Great ormond, often have to refer children to great Ormond for treatment by the best specialist in the world !!!! It is therefore sad that Nigerians exist who are ignorant enough to begin judging how good, important or effective hospitals are by virtue of size and grandness . Compare Great Ormond and Queens Hospital in romford below. I guess by your logic we must conclude that Queens Hospital is a fantastic Hospital delivering world class care while Great Ormond is a "ramshackle" disgrace offering poor health care .

Great ormond.

Gueens Hospital. Romford.

What exactly is your point? undecided
First of all, you show us an old folk's home in the UK of all places with the most conservative of healthcare policies. . . however adequate.
In your lack of foresightness. . . you failed to realize that you were only helping my arguement.


With all these building you are showing us?. . .DO YOU FORBID THEM IN NIGERIA? undecided
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 3:39pm On Dec 04, 2011
Eko Ile:

You didn't answer my questions for obvious reasons. Only a foolish  i.diot offers assessments about what they're have not personally experienced and can not effectively articulate.
How re.tarded. You can not even tell us what substand care is or what made this place substandard. How do you even reached any kind of conclusion about
A place you have never visited?
Some of you are just freeking insane.

Insults as the best defence huh?
I already told you why those ramshackle buildings do not meet the most basic health of safety standards of any third world country besides Nigeria.

1. Poor ventilation.
2. Severe breach of infection control standards! YOU DO NOT HAVE WINDOWS OPEN IN ANY BIRTHING CENTER OR OPERATING ROOM. But your sleek-willy
Fashola already knows that there will be NO electricity anytime soon in Ajegunle and left provisions for windows. . .so NATURAL BREEZE CAN BLOW IN DISEASES AS DOCTORS USE CANDLES TO OPERATE IN THE USUAL FASHION. wink

Why did he not show us the toilets and bathrooms of the facility? WHERE ARE THE LABS? . . .Abi Ajegunle residents dey forbid hospital gowns and supplies for hopitals? It does not take much to see through those images. In this day and age. . .ANY NEW FACILITY BUILT SHOULD HAVE PRIVATE WARDS/ROOMS. NO ONE WANTS TO BE SMELLING ANOTHER WOMAN'S ARZZZE OR BABY'S SHYTE IN AN OPEN WARD. . . especially when you do not know what kinds of diseases these low-income group residents have while pregnant! COMMON SENSE SIR! THEY ARE NOT SCREEEENED FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES. . .ALL WE KNOW IS THAT DEM WAN BORN PICKIN. . . THE BEGINING AND END OF A WOMAN'S LIFE IN NIGERIA AND AFRICA!!! kiss

Now, I could go on and on about this. . . but it would serve no purpose.
My darling husband leaves for Nigeria tomorrow. . . I need to give him some attention and GO BUY HIM SOME CONDOMS. . .if he will use them o! HE IS A NIGERIAN MAN. wink

Have a blessed week! kiss
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 3:19pm On Dec 04, 2011
Eko Ile:

1.  This is a maternal child care center

2. You know the care is substand because some kind of care has been rendered to you at this center?

3. Please share your care experience after visiting and obtaining care at this center before.

4. Please tell us what is substandard at this center. Are they not delivering babies? Are the babies and mothes dying? Please tell us precisely what is substand care.

I will not waste more time with you because you lack understanding of these issues. You are only in it because of the political correctness. ALL FOR SHOW!

Firstly. Nigerian does not have any credible, monitoring entities to tell us what is really going on in these centers. ONLY A FOOOOOOL WILL BELIEVE THEM! All we know is that Fashola is building and REPORTING HIS OWN PROGRESS REPORT. . . . smiling in front of the media with some poverty-stricken, stark illiterates, who have no rights to their own health histories or lab reports. HE PROLLY PAID THEM ALL TOO TO STRIKE THAT POSE!!! All the poor people know is that they are taking pictures with the almighty Fashola. . . THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN WITH THEIR EYES AS A YORUBA SUPA STAR WITH 'SWAGGER'! Not done in any part of the civilized world.


Secondly, you are a man just like Fashola. . . you are in ABSOLUTELY NO position to address ANY of the issues affecting women and children in Nigeria or ANY part of this world.

Your job stops at ejakulation sir, not even conception! No offence! kiss

Eko Ile:

1.  This is a maternal child care center

2. You know the care is substand because some kind of care has been rendered to you at this center?

3. Please share your care experience after visiting and obtaining care at this center before.

4. Please tell us what is substandard at this center. Are they not delivering babies? Are the babies and mothes dying? Please tell us precisely what is substand care.

Same goes for you sir! kiss
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 3:12pm On Dec 04, 2011

Sinachay you are quite right thou, none of them will take the children to those hospital for treatment,don't blame them is illiteracy and poverty join together you see those two things can keep a country backward for 5000 years cool cool

Thank you! kiss
That is why I like you all the time. kiss
You say the truth.
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 2:47pm On Dec 04, 2011
Gbam! I ask again? Are people in Ajegunle not entitled to the best of healthcare? undecided
Real attack dogs o!
I don't know what is really wrong with Nigerians but selfishness and wickedness.
Will Fashola take his child to give birth in ANY of these centers? No!
Will ANY of Fashola's grandchildren spend one minute in ANY of these ramshackle buildings. . .NO!


Wow . So this is the extent to which bad belle can make one lose sight of everything? So you completely miss what is stated below in your haste to only find negatives? Why not , for once, just appreciate instead of hating and criticising blindly? It matters not a jot to you that lives are being saved, infant mortality rates is coming down and that these centres are achieving exactly what were built to do. Instead you prefer non-starter argument just to justify a desire to rant negatively. When you are nitpicking over whether the AC is central or localised, instead of appreciating the real care these centres are actually delivering, it is obvious you don't talk in the genuine interest of what is best for Lagosians.

What is the bad belle about this. This happens ALL OVA NIGERIA.
Appreciate what? undecided
Substandard healthcare? Because the people of Ajegunle are poor?
A desire to rant negatively?
Obviously, your years of exile in any foreign country of your choice have not made any impact on your physical or spiritual wellbeing.
Many apologies.
This is not about your almighty Lagosians ok?
Sooooooooooooooooo, only Lagosians live in Lagos and Ajegunle huh?

I pity Nigerians and Nigeria, TWA!!!!!
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 2:40pm On Dec 04, 2011
No excuse at all. It is a government hospital and healthcare is supposed to be freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
No point buildiing an edifice where patients have to cook the meals of their own babies. . . buy their own medication/blood. . .etc.
Of what use are these buildings when the health care is not freeeeeeeeeeee.
With all the stolen wealth in that Nigeria?
Adenuga nor spend 30million Naira for one his daughter's wedding?

Nigerians are wicked I swear!

I have taken my children to a Nigerian hospital. . .and I have spent time working in one of those centers as a volunteer even when visiting. . . let me tell you. . .those buildings do not mean JACK!


You have to cook your own meals for your child. . .even after having the children.
Your husband is NOT allowed inside the operating room to help or support you.
Your husband cannot spend time with you and your child. . . SHARIA NATION OF COURSE!
After men and women make a child together. . .the almighty religious hospitals tell you both men and women cannot be in the same room. . . after phocking to make the child o! cheesy
The men are off phocking other women till the women are discharged from the hospitals! grin

All women have to share the same room after giving birth and use I TOILET!!!!
Every woman's azzzz in each other's face in one room after giving birth even with CS! Stinking pads every where! cry
Every woman has to wash her own clothes or wait for family members to bring them food. Or they all have mini kerosine stoves UNDER EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVERY PHOCKING BED TO COOK AKAMU. Imagine one mofo setting the whole gaddam place on faya one night.
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 2:21pm On Dec 04, 2011

It is the operating room where I will lead the team that will carry out Nigeria's first brain transplant. Yeah! you guessed right. You are the patient. grin grin grin grin

Mu he he he he he
In this ya 'Fashola' Women and Childrens Morgue? grin
May my God forbid!

Are you familiar with the term OPO. . 'organ procurement organization'?
This is what this Ajegunle joint is gonna be.
Harvesting women and childrens' organs for rituals! cheesy

Throughout their first 21 months of operations, these three facilities recorded a total of 89,255 antenatal clinic attendances, 15,091 gynecologic clinic attendances and 121,549 pediatric clinic attendances out of which 5,335 children (4.4%) required hospitalization. Of the total of 9,689 deliveries conducted to date at the three facilities, 3,653 (38%) were Caesarean Sections.

So how many died? wink
Politics / Re: Ojukwu Was A Symbol Of Igbo Unity by Sinachay: 2:05pm On Dec 04, 2011

bootyOnMe aka SIN-na-I-choose is stalking his god. Hey sub-human, stalk me when you reach human status in the next life. grin grin grin

Thank God you were able to rob an Indian store to contribute your share of NL charity. We thank God for your 10 pounds! wink
Abi you sell anus take pay up? grin
Please, don't go and send hired azzzzzazzzzzins to burgle the dude and ra-pe his pregnant wife/sodomize their toddler o! cry
Abeg carry ya dedi barry go another thread!
Don't forget to change handles this time.
Olodo! cheesy
Politics / Re: Ojukwu Was A Symbol Of Igbo Unity by Sinachay: 1:55pm On Dec 04, 2011

Please spare us all the " his people loved him" nonsense.

Did Ojukwu love his people?- YES!
Did his people love him?- No

Lets be objective and remove sentiments. If he was loved, the likes of Edwin Onwudiwe will not join hands with those criminals in PDP NPN to rig him out of the senate race.

If his people love him thesame way he loved them. He would have been the King maker in Igbo politics rather PDP score more votes in eastern Nigeria.

If his people loved him, APGA would be running a one party system in Eastern Nigeria. Please spare us the hypocrisy.

I admire him for standing up for what is right although I have my reservations on the way he planned,executed and finally concluded his convictions. By Nigerian standards he was a better leader than most of the crop of leaders we have in Nigeria but was betrayed by his people.

See Yoruba busy body don land.
Any where you find this m0r0n with his numerous handles, NO PEACE.
What a cursed creature! cry
Even the Ugly supa mod dumped his uselses azzze to marry aoda useles arzzzzzz!
Nothing to offer!
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 1:19pm On Dec 04, 2011
Eko Ile:

Private rooms in a public hospital? Are you alright?

So because they have security on the window, it's substandard?

What's your meaningless rubbish got to do with people getting needed care and babies getting delivered in a safe and secured environment?

If you have something to cry and be sad about, at least try apply some sense.

No need for your childish insults. . . I just gave my critique of the 'white elephant' project common to the Nigerian mentality.
You can only agree or disagree! kiss
Are Nigerians not good enough to have private rooms in public hospital?
There is nothihg safe or secure about that pitiful building. All painted in pink and some second hand equipment!
Please show us if the chilldren and their parents will have a place to take a shyte! Or if there is gonna be an out-house along the road like we have all over Lagos!

Sorry sir!
This is just window-dressing. You use your brains for a change!
Your darling Fashola ain't gonna send ANY of his children to that death trap. . . not even his sick pet goat!

Some barry help me shout:

Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over Fourth Maternal And Child Care Centre At Ajegunle. Pics: by Sinachay: 1:09pm On Dec 04, 2011

In this day and age of infection everywhere. . .we still have rooms like prisons?
Are we still living in the era of MARY SLESSOR OR FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE? undecided
Why do we always settle for substandard things?
Are Nigerians not good enough for private rooms at this stage of our existence? undecided
Tuberculosis go just kill every pickin for this place finish.
You cannot see this kind of thing in ANY civilized part of the world.
The windows do not even have mosquito nets to protect immuno-compromised children.

Abeg, any barry see any h-airconditioning unit protruding from any part of that building? undecided
OOOOOOOOOOOOOH? I see internal air-conditioning units.
Wey the generator wey go work 24/7 in Lagos where PCHN is practically non-existent. AJEGUNLE FOR THAT MATTER? shocked


Is that a gym or an operating room/birthing center I am seeing? shocked
Only in Africa will we have an operating room open for lizards to come in and out!
The whole gadddem place is supposed to be STERILE WITH SUB ZERO DEGREE TEMP TO KEEP BUGS AWAY!!!! cry

Nigeria is finished. I bet you Fashola will quote billions for this monkey project.

What a rip off!
Politics / Re: Why Do People Curse And Hate On Political Issues? by Sinachay: 1:00pm On Dec 04, 2011
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

See how quickly the thread defeats it's purpose?
Lessons learned?
You can't be civil to people who have never learned civility.
Shikena! grin

Please, carry on!
Politics / Re: Apo 6 And Justice Denied-Trial Of Murderous Polices Officers Involved In Killing by Sinachay: 12:54pm On Dec 04, 2011
We still dey wait.
Justice in Nigeria ke?

You berra leave everything to GOD.
The best option in that jungle! cheesy
Politics / Re: Deltan's Of Nairalanders by Sinachay: 12:49pm On Dec 04, 2011
You are looking for a leader on NL? shocked

God forbid. shocked
Not even to lead my sick chickens in my poultry. Assuming I ever had one!

Goodbye thread! I nor wan join wan kind Ogboni-Okija cult on or off the www abeg.
Where 2 or more NLanders are gathered in whatever or whossssever's name. . .COUNT ME OUT! cry

*Takes off. Never to return* grin
Politics / Re: The Delusion Of Grandeur Of Ahmadu Bello At Independence In 1960 by Sinachay: 11:50am On Dec 04, 2011

hehehehehehe! hey you boy wey say e get toto, read the quoted post again aloud. Kneel down 2 times and pray to me your god to give your the little wisdom to enable you depart from meaningless depraved rantings.

Are you surprised that it was easy to unravel the fact you are the same as BootyOnMe. Do not be surprised. The sub-human species you belong to have never had any form of intelligence and never will so if you lik e change user name to Bingo. grin grin grin

Anyway today na sunday. Make I forgive you small since you never recover from the bashing I wire your yash last time. grin grin grin. Because your mouth anus na like loose canon wey dey mumble incoherently. You know you have found your god(mua) who is the master in bashing you intelligently but I have decided that today being the Sabbath to keep my whip. At least for now until the malodorous anu.s- breath wey you inherit from ya mama toto blow come this thread again.

I don land this thread! Do your phocking worst your tarrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!! kiss
Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . you don recover! cheesy
YOU THINK LIFE IS A COMPETITION WITH LOST VAGABONDS LIKE YOU? I don't have any business with Sundays. . . you are the Christian, not I. Sooooooo, I don't need ya pity little toad!. . .Happy birthday to your OGBONGE BASTARD COMING UP! Conceived immaculately like you and your fada huh? After doing 'spiritual' ashawo work in the LORD! wink

You UGLY Ijebu dwarf. . .Aki don marry. Go and try your luck!  YOU NOR DEY SHAME? cheesy
Kig Pago of NL! Yoruba 2-inch peh-nis wey only fit phock fawu nyansh for night! cheesy
We know you must have the last word huh?
Thanks for wiring my nyansh!
Unlike you miserable, unloved cyber vagabond. . .I have a MAN to go home to! kiss
Enjoy your marriage to Nairaland.
Happy miserable life on/off the cyber airways! kiss
Please, when you get married. . . give me a holla.
I have spent enough time on your useless, frustrated, lonely behind! I CAN'T HELP YOUR SINGLE MISERABLE LIFE!
I can understand your misery. . . who would want to sleep with an abusive psycho like you every night? cry
I have minezzz.

You have my permission to have the last word. Please, change your moniker again. . . this one stinks of stale fart!
Now, go and cry to that your UGLY TOLO-TOLO sharia poohsie MAN U ashawo shooopa-mod. . . with pimples all over her Gambari face like FESTERED GEH-NI-TAL warts all over a GAMBIAN Babboon's arzzzze! grin
You may ban now my darling little piggly wiggly!
Next beta thread please!

Politics / Re: Are Nigerians Coward? by Sinachay: 11:38am On Dec 04, 2011
No be lie o!
Living in a foreign country makes you lose touch with the reality in Nigeria.
My last visit only confirmed one thing.
Nigeria is a truly lost cause.
No hope!
Things are soooooooooooooooo bad!!!!
May I lose touch for ever!

So glad to be back. It is now my husband's turn to go and suffer that epileptic electricity supply for one WHOLE month.
God forbid I say!
Not for another 6 months of regaining my sanity!


God forbid I say!!!! cry
Politics / Re: Reps To Probe 26 Private Refinery Deals By OBJ's Administration by Sinachay: 11:09am On Dec 04, 2011
Yet they say IBB is worse than OBJ!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I dey laff o!

See as Yoruba peeps kwayet for hai. If na IBB na. . . dem mouth go dey sharp piom-poim-poim!

Atiku shout soteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. . . im come be the tiefuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

Like some have rightly stated. . . nothing will come out of this.

Politics / Re: Deltan's Of Nairalanders by Sinachay: 11:00am On Dec 04, 2011
A Deltan by marriage. cool
Must you have a leader? undecided
You cannot get the visits you need because Delta State is like Nigeria.
Tribalism btw Urhobos and Igbos is a matter of world/war without end.
Soooooooooooo. . . .I wish you all the best. kiss
Politics / Re: Why Do People Curse And Hate On Political Issues? by Sinachay: 10:41am On Dec 04, 2011
Mu he he he he he he
Politics / Re: Why Do People Curse And Hate On Political Issues? by Sinachay: 10:23am On Dec 04, 2011

I actually went through your posts too and must say really you are very civil in your discourses.
Of course I am not a tribalist. . . cheesy
I never encountered them till I came to NL and other Nigerian messageboards or websites.
Maybe because I never worked in Nigeria. Thank God!
I just cannot stand tribalists.

Let us hope the rabid tribalists and uncouth NL members will hearken to your clarion call.
I feel the same way as you do.
I will NEVER ignore and insult directed at my person on or off the www. cool
It may make matters worse. . .but I frankly do NOT care.

In the final analysis, it has become difficult to walk away like you have demonstrated in your posts around here.
There is no solution to this problem because the same miserable people who can never find peace will be around for the longest time.
A Leopard never sheds it's spots abi? I don't plan to shed mine.

Thank God I get husband. . . so diafore, NL is the last place to find a sha-g mate. God forbid!!! cry
No need to play 'goody-two shoes'! If anyone cuzzz me, I go cuzzzzz shegey comot for im arzzzzze! cool

Make we dey dig am out! cool
Politics / Re: Why Do People Curse And Hate On Political Issues? by Sinachay: 10:06am On Dec 04, 2011

See you in action here WITH chief tribalists! kiss

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