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Nairaland / General / See Some Epic School Memes And Memories (pics) by soloheater(m): 2:31pm On Sep 07, 2016
Compiled pictures of school memes and memories.. If you can't relate to any of these pictures, you need to go back to school grin cheesy grin

find more of these school memories on >> www.facebook.com/ASchoolLife

Education / Hostel Or Off-campus, Which Do You Prefer? by soloheater(m): 2:14pm On May 31, 2016
Whether you are a fresher or a returning student, one vital decision you have to make during your college life is whether to live in the hostel or off campus. Though it is highly recommended that freshers should consider staying in the hostel for a full session so as to be in a better position to decide for themselves. The idea is pretty good, but I strongly believe it is fully dependent on the student in question. But I have to tell you that during my time in school days, I had the luxury of experiencing both, that’s why am in a better position to discuss this.

This article focuses on bringing to our reader’s knowledge the advantages and the disadvantages of living either in the school hostel or off campus.

Let me start by saying that hostel life gives you the full opportunities of amusement and studies. You are constantly in touch with young people of your age and can do a lot of other activities except from studying. You can make friends with fellow hostel mates who have varied tastes and aptitudes which can help you out in studying as well. One may choose his friend according to his likes and interests and can spend quality time with them even after lectures or school hour. Mutual discussions of their favorite film actors and actresses, long criticism of the latest picture seen by them, and story-telling, adds charm to hostel life. Good arrangement of games and sports, including eating competitions, and day-to-day merry-making, make the hostel life a thing of envy for all. Apart from fun-leisure activities, hostelers have a unique unity and are always ready to help one another whenever needed.

However other advantages include:
One gets a chance to bond with classmates or hostel mates who turn out to be one of the best friends for life ahead.
It is less expensive to live in the hostel.
A student can take help of other fellows in studies if he has any problem with any particular topic.
When a careless and negligent student sees his partner or his neighbor competing for position, he also tries to follow his example.

Disadvantages of Staying in a Hostel:
In a hostel there can be illegitimate roommates known as squatters, this may cause nightmare to the real occupant making the room to be overpopulated.
In a hostel you might end up having a dirty roommate this can cause nightmare to you that enjoy cleanliness.
There’s no privacy in the hostel for those who enjoy and value their privacy.
You cannot determine how organize you can be while staying in the hostel.
Diseases can be easily spread among the hostelers due to the close nature of hostels.
Hostel bathrooms and toilet are a breeding ground for diseases and an eyesore.
Living in the hostel May cause ill-fated behaviors and lifestyle such as lesbianism, smoking to name but a few.

Advantages of Living Off-Campus

Freedom – Most Universities have strict rules that you must abide by if you choose to live inside the campus. On the contrary, you will neither have to fear a random roommate or hostel functionaries. You can decorate your room the way you want, have your girlfriend over, keep beer in your fridge, and use on site amenities. When living in student housing, what you do in your room is your business.

Moving off campus is truly liberating. It is your life, and you are able to live it to the fullest.

Adult Life Experiences – Living off campus offers you a chance to become an adult. It gives you more responsibilities compared to living inside campus. Besides the work you will have for school, you will be responsible for paying your rent, utilities, cooking, and coordinating with your roommates. This gives you a chance to experience what life is like in the real world. It is an excellent way to learn to deal with more responsibility, while enjoying more of your college life.

Make Your Own Choices – Another benefit of living off campus is that you get to choose the exact type of rental for your needs. You can select from a full-sized apartment, a studio apartment, or a house. It all depends on how much money you wish to spend on rent, and the type of amenities you are looking for. The more roommates you live with, the cheaper the cost of rent.

Bonding Experiences – Staying off campus for students gives you that bonding time with your buddies that you might not get if you choose the campus accommodations. There is nothing sweeter than sitting up late nights having random conversation with a friend.

Alone Time – Your off-campus apartment is a perfect place to retreat to for that much-needed time. As we all know, campus live can be stressful at times and sometimes, all you want is some time alone. Having a personal room that one can retreat to is typically not available for students living on campus. Your room is a perfect place to study peacefully, and or write that 20-page paper or revise for your exam that is coming up next Monday. In fact, you will find out you are more productive in your own place at your own desk; away from all distractions.

Disadvantages of living off campus:
Living off campus can complicate meeting up with friends or keeping abreast of events and social functions on campus.
Off-campus housing is typically further away from classrooms and other resources, requiring students to budget more time to walk or drive to campus, and commuting to school can be an obstacle.
Insecurity can also be a problem for a student staying outside school, depending on the location of his apartment.
It also requires a student to budget more money because you pay for almost everything you use such as water, light, food, gas or kerosene etc.

Source: http://africademia.com/2016/02/05/choosing-an-accommodation-hostel-or-off-campus/

Education / Re: Kogi State University Strike Clocks 7 Weeks, Massive Exodus Of Lecturers by soloheater(m): 1:07pm On May 31, 2016
This is still the reason Nigerian education has been a mess!! After all those struggles to get admission, one will face almost 2years of strike before graduation.
Career / Re: Is It Necessary To Complain To My Boss Or I Just Quit. by soloheater(m): 12:49pm On May 31, 2016
You being a graduate doesn't determine your salary, I think. Its your output or skill. Meanwhile as other posters have stated, you committed a blunder not discussing your pay before doing a job.
Education / Jim Ovia Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships 2016 - Africademia by soloheater(m): 3:59pm On Apr 05, 2016
The Jim Ovia Scholars Program is fully funded by Mr. Jim Ovia to provide financial aid to outstanding Nigeria youths. The scholarship was previously known as the MUSTE scholarship.

Eligble awardees are supported for their undergraduate and graduate study for the duration of their program and includes tuition and maintenance allowances. The scheme offers an average of 100 opportunities each year for new applicants while renewing applicants are supported annually, conditional on meeting all eligible requirements of the scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to use their knowledge to contribute to society throughout Nigeria by providing service to their community and applying their talent and knowledge to improve the lives of others. Over time it is expected that the Jim Ovia Scholarship beneficiaries will become leaders in helping to address challenges related to health, technology, and finance, all areas in which the foundation is deeply engaged.

Eligible Groups: Citizens of Nigeria
No of Scholarships: 100 opportunities each year
Scholarship Provider: Jim Ovia Foundation

Scholarship Benefits:
Support for undergraduate and graduate study for the duration of the program and includes tuition and maintenance allowances.

Eligibility and Criteria:
The scholarship is open to all potential students of Nigerian citizenship.
One hundred (100) awardees are selected each year from a pool of eligible applicants.
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to contribute to society at large to improve the lives of others.

Source: http://africademia.com/2016/04/05/jim-ovia-nigeria-scholarships/
Apply here: https://www.jimoviafoundation.org/scholarship
Nairaland / General / 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A College by soloheater(m): 7:22pm On Apr 04, 2016
Choosing a college is a task you really have to consider, if you want to achieve your goals and enjoy life in school. Sometimes, it never worked out due to one or two reasons. Having that feeling of getting into college is awesome but the joy shouldn't take your mind away from the things you must know. We have listed some important things to look out while choosing a college.

You might feel that you are absolutely set and have everything planned out, but believe it or not, you might end up changing your mind. It happened to me while I was in college, I was offered to study Mass Communication but wanted to go for Personnel Management only to find out my school doesn't take students on that, I have to continue studying the initial course. Make sure that your school has more than one course that interests you so that you aren't stuck if you do change your mind.

In a large school, you can look around and see a flood of school spirit in students and this gives you some reason why you are not wasting any of your time. When you take your next college visit, make note of the school spirit – chances are you want to go to a school that it’s current students love.

Location is one big thing to consider when you have to choose a college and there are a ton of pros and cons to whichever distance you choose. I knew that I wanted to be away from my parents and possibly in another state and it worked out well for me.

This is one that you’re going to want to really discuss with your parents, and you have to keep things like travel costs, times, how often you want to come home, etc. in mind.

There is a lot to consider as far as location is concerned. Also weight, whether you want to live in a big city or somewhere a bit more rural. If you’re a city dweller at heart and you choose a college in a farming town, you may very well end up being a bit miserable.

This is a big one that you need to consider. And while you’re considering it, apply for a few scholarships. College is disgustingly expensive, but your dream school doesn't have to be unachievable because of price. Look into scholarships and grants, first of all, and then maybe consider loans. No matter what you do, know exactly what you will be paying and talk things out with your parents or, better yet, a financial professional.

Jokes Etc / Re: Naira Fall Vs Fallen Boobs: Male Twitter User Comes After A Lady's Breast by soloheater(m): 7:13pm On Apr 04, 2016
the girl nailed it. The guy would've had the last laugh if the girl didn't give the final epic reply.

Those retweets should tell you the guy smashed the babe.....
Education / Mtn-jumia Entrepreneurship Challenge For Students And Investors ($75,000 Prize) by soloheater(m): 11:17pm On Feb 20, 2016
Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea? Apply to the MTN Entrepreneurship Challenge by Jumia, a competition giving teams the opportunity to win over $75,000 in prizes, including investment, cash, and in-kind awards.

Teams will also have the opportunity to meet and network with early stage investors, experienced business professionals and successful entrepreneurs who will serve as judges for the competition.

The Pan-African competition is bringing together over 1000 entrepreneurs, students and investors, to collaborate on ways to amplify and consolidate the continent’s entrepreneurs. Targeting more than 60 universities in 13 countries across Africa, the competition will challenge students to develop a unique digital application or smart solution that will solve a tangible problem faced on the continent.

Contest(s) Offered: Business ideas
Contest Level: Entrepreneurs, Students, Investors
Provider: Jumia in partner with MTN, Facebook, GetSmarter
Eligible Groups: Citizens of African countries
Open to: ONLY Africans

Teams may be comprised of 2 or 3 individuals with at least one member currently enrolled at in an African university or a recent graduate (Academic year 2014 – 2015 or 2015 – 2016) of an African university.

Please note that the Application must be completed no later than 23:59 pm GMT, Sunday, March 27, 2016.

The MTN Entrepreneurship Challenge powered by Jumia was born out of the desire to contribute to building a stronger and more sustainable business environment in Africa and to boost the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa.

Curled from - http://africademia.com/2016/02/18/mtn-jumia-entrepreneurship-pan-african-challenge-for-students-entrepreneurs-75000-prize/

Celebrities / Re: Jumoke Orisaguna, Ex-Breadseller Reunites With Her Husband (photos) by soloheater(m): 3:55pm On Feb 10, 2016
Some posts making FP, I don't understand...
Nairaland / General / British Police Arrests 10-year-old Muslim For Poor Spelling - Photo by soloheater(m): 1:12pm On Feb 06, 2016
A 10-year-old Muslim boy has been questioned by British police in the north of England after mistakenly writing in an English lesson that he lived in a “terrorist house”, the BBC has reported.

The boy had intended to write that he lived in a “terraced” house (a row of houses with no gap between) but teachers did not realise he had made an error and reported the boy to the police in accordance with new counter-terrorism rules, which critics say are focussed on Muslim communities.

Curled from: http://africademia.com/2016/02/06/10-year-old-pupil-arrested-by-british-police-for-poor-spelling/

Health / 10 Ways To Prevent Contracting Lassa Virus - Experts by soloheater(m): 1:17pm On Jan 21, 2016
Ways to avoid contracting Lassa Disease:

1) Boost your immune system; Eat good, live right and when you feel physically drained, take ORS solution.

2) Maintain thorough cleanliness of your environment; clear all bushes, clear garbage, burn your refuse if you can and be mindful of food particles that could attract rodents.

3) Wear hand-glove, Overall and high knee boot when disposing your waste, cutting grass or doing any outdoor activity.

4) Be careful when buying grains from the market: most grains are often exposed to rodents or kept in stores where rodents can have access to them.

5) Boil all grain appropriately so that heat would kill the virus, wash pepper with salt and water before blending. All fruits and vegetables brought from the market should be thoroughly washed this way as well.

6) Proper hand washing with disinfectants, washing of floors and kitchen with antibacterial detergent. Wash your hand as many times as possible and dry it.

7) Protect your household and environment from rodents infestation by carrying out fumigation of both internal and external environment.

cool Always rinse your household cooking utensils before using them. (Even if they're already washed)

9) Visit a government hospital if you feel sick, due to the fact that Lassa fever infections are difficult to distinguish from other viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola and from more common febrile illnesses such as malaria.

10) If you notice anyone being sick for too long and kept at home, quickly inform the authorities, in order to prevent what could result in an epidemic. However, this is not to say all sicknesses are Lassa fever prone.

11) Avoid eating any kind of bush rats.

Curled from: http://nollyshow..com/2016/01/10-ways-to-prevent-contracting-lassa-virus.html
Health / Re: Lassa Fever Claims 63, Spread To 17 States by soloheater(m): 11:36pm On Jan 19, 2016
This is pure sign the earth is coming to an end... so many disease arising from nowhere.

Food Expert Warns - Stop Drinking Garri To Prevent Lassa Infection

Nairaland / General / 79 Year Old Inspiration by soloheater(m): 12:12pm On Jan 19, 2016

Celebrities / Re: Photos From 9ice's 36th Birthday Party by soloheater(m): 11:55am On Jan 19, 2016
9ice - Life Drama, so much love dude!!
Nairaland / General / What Happened To These Hairstyles? by soloheater(m): 11:38am On Jan 19, 2016
What do you think about threaded hair? The African hairstyle which many used to look down on is now a preferred no-heat method of stretching natural hair.

What happened to those days when women plait this style of hair, sure it brings out the beauty in most of them.

Curled from: http://nollyshow..com/2016/01/see-amazing-pics-of-beautiful-african-threaded-hairstyle.html

Celebrities / Re: (PHOTOS) Terry-g Flaunts Pink Lips In This New Selfie by soloheater(m): 11:22am On Jan 19, 2016
Lols.. Akpako master forming sexy!!
Food / Re: Free School Meal By Countries Including Nigeria by soloheater(m): 6:27pm On Jan 18, 2016
OP you couldn't do this to your own country!!! LMAO
Politics / Re: Umar Yakubu-Barde Recommends Amputation & Hanging For Corrupt Officials by soloheater(m): 6:09pm On Jan 18, 2016
I hope it's not a SAID WORD only
Crime / Re: Police Arrest Lagos, Ogun Bank Robberies’ Coordinator (pictured) by soloheater(m): 5:21pm On Jan 18, 2016
Our security officials apprehend culprits in 2/10 attempts..
Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akintola Flawless With No Makeup by soloheater(m): 5:17pm On Jan 18, 2016
If this is flawless then i'm dead

79 Likes 3 Shares

Celebrities / Re: Woman Comes For Tiwa Savage On Twitter |photos by soloheater(m): 5:15pm On Jan 18, 2016
Does twitter allow PMs even if you are not followed by the person you're intending to send it to?

It's harsh insulting someone publicly.
Education / Re: A Nigerian Medical Student In The Philippines Gives His First Tedx Talk.. by soloheater(m): 1:21pm On Jan 18, 2016
Good one bro, Keep the flag high!!

Nairaland / General / Re: Federal Universities To Offer Welding Engineering As A Course From 2016 by soloheater(m): 4:36pm On Jan 15, 2016
Anoda set of graduate ,yet no job.

When you think the other way round, its true. But not!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Federal Universities To Offer Welding Engineering As A Course From 2016 by soloheater(m): 4:33pm On Jan 15, 2016

its a possibility at some point, its practiced now but not yet codified per se [or maybe it is].

This is funny, how is it possible? I don't see that.. wedding doesn't have any sort of connectivity with engineering.
Business / Re: DIYLaw.ng - A Female Tech Startup - Wins $40K Prize In The Netherlands by soloheater(m): 4:29pm On Jan 15, 2016
I just visited the webpage and it's cool... Meanwhile a novice will find it difficult to discover what their service is all about.
Health / Re: Body Odour Problem, Please Help by soloheater(m): 10:24pm On Jan 13, 2016
receive your healing


Politics / Re: Corruption At A Voter Registration Centre In Abuja: My Experience by soloheater(m): 9:23pm On Jan 13, 2016
Oh same bad experience every time!! The policemen where supposed to be organising the queue but instead they pay deaf ears to the struggles.

The difference
Nairaland / General / Difference Between MBA And Msc by soloheater(m): 8:27pm On Jan 09, 2016
MBA is for pros who have fewer years of managerial work experience because practical aspects and situations are the essence of an MBA.
MBA is standard in business training. A student can pursue its MBA in a specialized field, for example Finance, HR, Marketing, International Business etc.

Masters of Science (MSc.) is specialized training in a specific discipline. For example, if a student wishes to pursue a career in the financial sector, MSc. The curriculum provides more course work in that field. To pursue an MSc. in a specific field generally the student needs to have a Bachelors degree in that same specific field because MSc. is more advanced and specialized course in the specific field.

Curled from: http://africademia.com/2016/01/03/the-difference-between-mba-msc/
Nairaland / General / Federal Universities To Offer Welding Engineering As A Course From 2016 by soloheater(m): 6:19pm On Jan 09, 2016
The president of the Nigeria Institute of Welding (NIW), Chief Solomon Edebiri has stated that four Federal universities in the country will begin offering Welding Engineering from next year.

The four federal universities includes:

1). University of Benin, Edo State
2). Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta state
3). Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger state
4). Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Bauchi State.

According to him, this development is a result of collaboration with the Petroleum Development Fund (PTDF).

Curled from: http://africademia.com/2016/01/09/federal-universities-in-nigeria-to-offer-welding-engineering-course/
Politics / Re: PDP Buries APC In Akwa Ibom State (Photos) by soloheater(m): 5:58pm On Jan 09, 2016
Useless mindsets, grow up these old men!!
Education / Re: Agbo Odeh-Hillary Of BSU Breaks Academic Record After 17 Carryovers by soloheater(m): 3:32pm On Jan 09, 2016
read complete story
Education / Re: Agbo Odeh-Hillary Of BSU Breaks Academic Record After 17 Carryovers by soloheater(m): 3:32pm On Jan 09, 2016
Read before commenting

Difference btw MBA and MSc

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