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Politics / Re: We Killed One Million People To Keep Nigeria United: President Buhari by SonofLothbrok: 8:06pm On Aug 09
God punish you.


Politics / Re: Abia Government Says Ebube Agu Security Outfit Won't Be Disbanded by SonofLothbrok: 10:47am On Aug 03
shut up and get out if you're not revealing your identity.
I though you were born a man. Give a name and location, and stop ranting like a day old kid.
Politics / Re: Abia Government Says Ebube Agu Security Outfit Won't Be Disbanded by SonofLothbrok: 10:38am On Aug 03
Bastard coward no dey rant behind keypad, reveal your face if you're man enough
Don't waste your time looking for me. Just give a name and location.
Politics / Re: Abia Government Says Ebube Agu Security Outfit Won't Be Disbanded by SonofLothbrok: 10:27am On Aug 03
another criminal fool spotted
In my world your death intrigues me. I will worry less about your insult.
Politics / Re: Abia Government Says Ebube Agu Security Outfit Won't Be Disbanded by SonofLothbrok: 7:38am On Aug 03
It's better to disband them now. Boys will retaliate and it will be bloody. No government officials will be spared.
Politics / Re: Terrorist Threat: Release Nnamdi Kanu – IPOB Tells Buhari Government by SonofLothbrok: 11:23am On Jul 28
Over to the Obidient fools.
The ones that believes so much in one Nigeria.
Una eye never clear. Be shouting PVC up and down. Don't go and arm yourselves.

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Investment / Re: Willing To Sell Your Pi(π) by SonofLothbrok: 10:08am On Jul 28
Stop selling your Pi(π). Pi is worth more than N200. Those people whom refused to mine and called pi a scam are now looking for shortcut to obtain the coin.

Pi network will not have any Initial Coin Offerings or airdrops.
I repeat do not sell your Pi(π) coin.

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Politics / Re: How Sam Mbakwe Airport In Imo State Was Built By Contributions Of Igbos. by SonofLothbrok: 12:25pm On Jul 22
Am just laughing when some foolish igbos are fighting for one Nigeria. When all we need is total separation.

Forget all these silly Peter Obi's presidential ambition.

After 4 years of Peter Obi's presidency. What next? They zone it back to the corrupt Fulani's and the stealing continues.
Politics / Re: Imagine James Nwafor Was Not Igbo by SonofLothbrok: 11:42am On Jul 21
He just said the truth. I keep asking myself everyday were is
James Nwafor?. Why was he not arrested, and why is Peter Obi still walking freely.

I am not going to vote. People that's wants to vote should do it in lagos or Abuja not the South-East.
Politics / Re: How Ebubeagu Killed My Seven Brothers In My Presence – Survivor by SonofLothbrok: 10:35am On Jul 21
That means once Peter Obi becomes President, we will all die for nothing. It is not about shouting obedient up and down.

Igbo youths should buy guns and protect themselves.

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Celebrate Openly After Defeating Security Men In Imo by SonofLothbrok: 3:19am On Jul 18
Well done boys. Kill them all.
Politics / Re: Cancel South-East Visit, IPOB Advises Catriona Laing by SonofLothbrok: 2:17pm On Jul 14
I heard them say there won't be election in the whole of south east tongue undecided

Yes there won't be any presidential elections in South-East. Those who think it is an empty threat should remember the beheading of a law-maker.
Those who wants to campaign and vote should go to Lagos and Abuja since one Nigeria never tire them.

Let it be known that the South-East British installed Governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo do not speak for us. We will not abandon our Biafran agitations for one Obi's silly presidential ambitions.

The ideas we have embraced is bigger than Obi and any body who says otherwise is not a true Igbo son by birth and will have his head up-rooted from his body and hanged on that green white green they love so much.
Politics / Re: Adadike is in hospital , needs our prayers after Unknown Gunmen attack by SonofLothbrok: 10:15am On Jul 12
That's what happens to people that does not have ear. You think everything is online ranting.

Come 2023 those of you that wants to trade Obi for our Biafran struggle will have yourselves to blame.

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Politics / Re: Why Are You Really Scared To Have Your Own Small Country, igbo oil? ~pictures by SonofLothbrok: 6:58am On Jul 10
That's the discussion in the East right now. Half of the youths are divided. Some Eastern youths support Peter Obi's presidential ambitions, but a great number supports Biafra.

Those of them who thinks we will abandon our Biafran agitation for one silly presidential campaign must be joking.

People who take part in elections usually are corrupt, confused and have no purpose in life.

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Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Simply Said Reality, The North Will Not Vote For An Igbo Man by SonofLothbrok: 12:29pm On Jul 04
It is so disappointing that some Igbo youths believes this Obi's nonsense movement to become a president of a corrupt and failed country called Nigeria.

The same country that is responsible for your predicament. The same country who murder thousands of Igbo everyday.
The same country that kidnapped the leader of IPOB and have refused him fair trial.
The same country that armed bandits and cut throats to invade our lands and murder and rape our fathers and mothers.

Just because Peter Obi is the presidential candidate of a Lost Party (LP) suddenly all is forgiven.

Open your eyes. Peter Obi was brought to make it look like Igbos participated in the elections.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Justice Nyako Only Read Buhari’s Judgment — Sir Udensi [VIDEO] by SonofLothbrok: 6:47pm On Jun 29
This is the country the so called PVC people want. When the Government do not follow laws, then there would be lawlessness all over the country.

To my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers taken part in a fraudulent election organised by a fraudulent country lets not forget from memory those who were murdered by the Nigerian Government.

People were murdered at St Francis Catholic church in the a town called Owo, Ondo State, a Yoruba land and 90 percent of people killed were Igbos. Did you know if this murderous act had happened in the South East. The Nigerian government would have sent their Fulani Military and Police to kill every single Igbo youths. They have done it before and they wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Biafra is the idea we have embraced and Biafra is bigger than Peter Obi's presidential ambitions. There would be no elections in the South East. This is the decision Biafran righteous Army have taken. We have declared war.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo-Iweala’s Son, Uzodinma Suggests Nigeria’s Dissolution Months To 2023 Elec by SonofLothbrok: 11:39am On Jun 29
"The ideas I have embraced is bigger than Peter Obi's Presidential ambitions". Those of you that keep shouting go and collect your PVC, should get it and go back to Lagos, and vote, because come 2023, there would be no election in the East, until Nnamdi Kanu is freed.

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Politics / Re: Organ Donor’s Real Age: Ekweremadu, Wife Sue NIMC, NIS, Banks by SonofLothbrok: 9:21pm On Jun 27
Why will they ask the court to grant them such authority. Is that not inversion of the boy's privacy.
Politics / Re: Igbos Or Christians Will Not Give P. Obi Victory But Nigerians Of Goodwill by SonofLothbrok: 6:03pm On Jun 17

Igbo's are not the ones to give PO victory.

I totally agree with you.

My concern islets stop pain, suffering and killings in Nigeria.

Its only Peter Obi that can guarantee this.

In your dream
Did pain and suffering start with APC.

You people have started again. PVC PVC. selling yourselves for a failed country.

Stupid youths that are afraid to protest because they might get shot by police or army.
Politics / Re: Policeman Killed As Unknown Gunmen Attack Checkpoint In Nsukka (Video) by SonofLothbrok: 12:13pm On Jun 17
They stand by the road collecting N500 naira from motorist.

They go about making illegal arrest.

These things are happening while we have Governors from different parties.

And it will be worse if Peter Obi becomes President. Knowing the track record of Igbo leaders, they dont listen to cries of their people.

I support unknown gun men to finish off these criminals from our lands.


Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Attacks Peter Obi, Threatens Political Rallies In The South-East by SonofLothbrok: 11:50am On Jun 13
Biafra is way too big for the presidential ambitions of Peter Obi. These are the ideas we have embrace and we are not going back.

For a bigger vessel to take place, we must kill the small one.

Do not say you have not been warned. No Election in the East.

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Politics / Re: What Is Been Done About Simon Ekpa? by SonofLothbrok: 6:45pm On Jun 11
First of all, I'm an Igbo boy to clear those who'll think I'm one of these Bitter northerners.
I've always liked the Biafra struggle only because since I came to Nigeria I've noticed how marginalised the Igbos are especially under this Buhari's government but I think it's becoming really stupid now especially with Simon Ekpa. That man is based abroad causing nuisance in the East with his stupid followers, how can you allow someone abroad enjoying his life make you cause trouble in your homeland and still send funds to him in the name of donations. Normally he can do all he wants but saying there should be no election in Igboland is the height of it and I condemn it big time seeing it might cost us Peter Obi a very competent Igbo Politician!
Please something should be done about that criminal, scammer.
I won't be replying any insults, thanks.

If you think being a president for 4 or 8 years will stop the biafran struggle then you must be a fool. Did we not tell you APC and PDP will never give you presidential tickets. Did it not happen.
For your mind you believe a Yoruba or Hausa Fulani will vote an Igbo man as president.
Have it in mind. No election in the East because Biafran Righteous Army will make sure of that.

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Politics / Re: Osita Chidoka Reacts To The Beheading Of Lawmaker, Okechukwu Okoye by SonofLothbrok: 1:14pm On May 22
Your family will be killed first.Criminals like you will be flushed out of Anambra

The words of a foolish man.
Politics / Re: Osita Chidoka Reacts To The Beheading Of Lawmaker, Okechukwu Okoye by SonofLothbrok: 11:32am On May 22
The one Nigerian politicians are always afraid of having their heads beheaded. If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn't be scared.
Those of you who signed the extra judicial killings of Igbo youths are in trouble. They are coming for all of you. Lawmakers my foot. You will all be killed.
Politics / Re: The Bizarre Killings In The South East! Who Are Behind These? by SonofLothbrok: 4:25am On May 22
I don't have a single pity for his misfortune. This is what happens to people who believe in one Nigeria. This what happens to people who believe in eating his brothers ration of food. This is what happens to people who use convoy of police and military men to surround themselves.

If they have not committed sins why do they surround themselves with securities carrying AK47 . It is only a thief that does that. The punishment is reaching every single one of them one-after-the-other.

People should stop hiding behind IPOB and blame the Government. IPOB only opened peoples eyes and some aggrieved groups have started asking questions.
Politics / Re: Sit-at-home: Adopt Another Approach. Delta Government Begs IPOB, Unknown Gunmen by SonofLothbrok: 6:11pm On May 20
All I know is, Kanu should be released and then assassinated within Biafra land, that's the only cure to this very situation..

That won't stop the agitation for Biafra, but will end the violence. Because after the death of kanu what will be the excuse of these armed evil terrorists.

Then every Nigerian president will be assassinated.
Politics / Re: I Just Got Registered My Pvc On-line. Get Yours Today by SonofLothbrok: 10:49am On May 14
how will all these rubbish help your future and future of your unborn kids? the same way you lamented in 2015 and 2019 that gave less intelligent people power to enthroned this ediot thats is still rulling you till today whether you like it or not and if you fail to take part now you will still give those less intelligence people another power to bring in another ediot thats will make life miserable for you till 2031

We have been hearing this your gospel for years.

A wise man once said. "When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers - only better and better lies."


Politics / Re: I Just Got Registered My Pvc On-line. Get Yours Today by SonofLothbrok: 10:32am On May 14
Stop all this excuse
Go and register and get your voter's card.
APC and PDP is not the only party in Nigeria.
Then show me a politician who has never been a member of APC or PDP.


Politics / Re: I Just Got Registered My Pvc On-line. Get Yours Today by SonofLothbrok: 10:26am On May 14
I will never fall for this mind game anymore
Its not a mind game. Open your eyes and face the reality in front of you. You still want to make the same mistake your father's made. They wouldn't pay workers, they borrow to enrich themselves. Minimum wage is N30,000. Presidency form is N100,000,000. Yet they find it hard to pay workers.

They all wine and dine together. They jump from party to party and you think they are not the same.

You should be thinking about your future and the future of your unborn generations. In a sane world these leaders would be put to death, but here you are planning on how to vote them in again.

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Politics / Re: Sokoto Student: She Was Killed For Attributing Her Exams Success To Jesus Christ by SonofLothbrok: 7:21pm On May 12
Unbelievable cruelty. These are the terrorist whom wants to introduce Islam in South East. They should pray hard she doesn't turn out to be an Igbo girl.

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Politics / Re: How IPOB Kidnapped and Killed The Military Couple by SonofLothbrok: 7:16am On May 09

Free yourself from poverty first. Laziness is your problem. You Bingos will soon be shot at sight.

A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.
Politics / Re: How IPOB Kidnapped and Killed The Military Couple by SonofLothbrok: 7:09am On May 09

Above is thier modus Oparandi. If after kidnapping they discover that you are working for the Nigerian army or police probably due to your ID card, you will be killed outrightly because that is a standing instruction from Nnamdi Kanu himself. Also because they have sworn to a war with security operatives due to the fact they believe these operatives killed their brothers.

I believe in due time the IPOB killers will be arrested and all the evidence they think they have destroyed, unearthened.

If you are Igbo and supporting IPOB, may you never know peace in your live forever and ever, ISEE!!!!.

Get use to it, because there is only one thing that matters, and that thing is freedom, and in freedom we give everything.

If you forget were you came from, your people will do the same to you. A saboteur that has sworn allegiance to Nigeria deserves to be killed. This is the message I am passing to all of you.

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