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Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by sparko1(m): 4:57pm On Jul 29

And where in my post did I give credence to bad habits?

FYI, civility is part of good social etiquette and has nothing to do with gender. Stop defending your lack of civility. If we were face to face, will you ask me if I'm drunk? Will you not pass your points across like a civilized human being? Why do people abandon decorum once they login to the internet?

The quote itself gives an impression that, it's fine to have bad character, because we all do (or what explanation do you want give for the quote as related to this topic)

And for your information, If we are talking face to face, whether you are a lady or not, if you say something that warrant the question, I will ask.

Civility is not stupidity!

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Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by sparko1(m): 2:18pm On Jul 29

Let me direct your question back to you since you don't know the meaning of civility. If you are not drunk, then you must be high on your own fart.

Oh you forget, we are equal now, no special treatment, and no civility, when you attempt to use scriptural reference to give credence to bad habit.

Emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse and should be treated as such, if he was a lady, would you quote the scripture, or is it not the same scripture that says, "Should we continue in sin and expect grace to abound".

Nobody deserve a terrible person, peace of mind above all else.


Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Crashed! by sparko1(m): 10:38am On Jul 29
Op, nobody is perfect. Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone.

Let who is without sin ... Are you drunk or something, you want to remain in a toxic relationship because of some stupid motivational quotes.

Anyone you see saying this quote is either seriously damaged or with low self esteem.

A lady that has over used her sex organ/womb dishing out motivational quotes, that is the craziest thing I have heard.


Romance / Re: ‘I Want To Get Married’ – Feminist Breaks Down In Tears (Video) by sparko1(m): 7:39am On Jul 24
You guys should stop massaging your ego over her matter. She knows what she wants and she's not referring to you. tongue

Ebony beauty, don't worry. your dream man will soon locate you.

Which Ebony beauty, will you give your son to a woman that have lost 90 percent of her hair not to talk of other unseen things she must have lots, she's probably over 40 and she wants a man to marry her out of simpathy.

If a man attempt this foolishness, will your reaction be the same, if no! Then shut the f* up.

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Travel / Re: My Terrible Experience At Onitsha Motor Park by sparko1(m): 1:56pm On Jul 10
Oh! That place and this transport company IZUCHUKWU my advice don't enter night vehicle there, after all the stunt, the will pack somewhere before ijebu ode, tell you something happened to the vehicle, if you can't wait till tomorrow go to the road, if you decide to stay, you will be robbed that night because it's in the middle of nowhere, the next morning the driver will tell you he was robbed as well, but we all know it was a planned work. (This is not friction but fact, run from that transport company)

If you are unfortunate enough in that situation, leave, don't mind the cost, take a bike to ijebu ode, get an hotel or find your way to Lagos.

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Religion / Re: Dominion City & RCCG: Changing Church As A Married Woman by sparko1(m): 8:21am On Jul 04
This kind of issue should have been resolved before marriage, I for one can't seem to pick a church to attend for the past two years now, the pretence is just too much. Church members worshipping pastor, the pastor and some elit (fire filled brothers) are above reproach.

You guys should sit down talk about it, if possible look for a middle ground, chose a church that is neither his nor yours and start fresh as a family.


Romance / Re: Ten Things Every Nigerian Lady Must Avoid If You Want Him To Marry You This Year by sparko1(m): 7:59am On Jul 04

So if I want to get married this year I should avoid all that listed, so long as I want to marry this year Abi?


Sometimes it not just about getting married, but staying married. Any big ass/Tite puss* lady can fool a man into marrying her.
Politics / Re: How Lady Lured Nnamdi Kanu From London To A South American Country - VANGUARD by sparko1(m): 11:00pm On Jun 30
How low Vanguard can go. FACT is that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was not arrested by nigerian authorities. He gave himself up to nigeria and nigeria failed into his trap. Biafra's International lawyers are preparing to arrive in nigeria anytime from now. Biafra is near, my people get ready for your freedom.

Can I have some of what you are on, its definitely not the shit that they sell around.
Romance / Re: His Fiancee Went To Her Ex Boyfriend's House To Visit After Engagement by sparko1(m): 10:42pm On Jun 30

U are the person, he is not matured enof to marry. To have a sweet marriage, u must learn how to forgive. If u can't forgive, den don't bother getting married..
He shld go abroad and join the monastery grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

What is sweet about marriage if the wife to be can be visiting fuckmate as many times as she wants.

That's how ladies like you become single mom, then blame everyone for your carelessness.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Was Dragged Into The Court In Chains, His Face Was Covered - Witness by sparko1(m): 2:42pm On Jun 30
I don't agree with this lamidi cownu's arrest story.

This man is well protected by the UK govt.

Special fierce looking guys were attached to him as bodyguards, so how were these bodyguards overpowered by the zoo?

Na lie joor, our dear ohamadick lamidi cownu is in UK watching and laughing at the zoo. undecided

The UK government even gave him a palace! Hahaha! You are very funny!
Politics / Re: How Nnamdi Kanu Was Arrested By Interpol While Seeking Support For Biafra- PUNCH by sparko1(m): 2:19pm On Jun 30

As at 2016 some of us got access to a document that the british and fulanis put together concerning their evil plans for yorubas, let them continue to rejoice because of what's happening to MNK, they have no idea what's cooking for them.

Hahaha! You can lie, just say Nigeria government, if the British want to hide something in your village, 2000 years to come you won't find it.

You think they give a Bleep about Nigeria and any tribe.

I thought you lot said, Israel will descend on The Nigeria government if they lay hands on Kanu! Keep deceiving yourself, no foreign country is interested in another country without some kind of incentive.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Why I Jumped Bail, Escaped From Nigeria by sparko1(m): 4:16pm On Jun 29
To be honest. It'll be nice to see the same energy applied to radical islamic terrorists and their sponsors in government.

Except, no Islamic terrorist will come out openly and challenge the government, they hide their face, hide in the Bush, kidnap young girls to marry, they are already scared of the government.

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Family / Re: Let's Be Sincere. "Can You Marry A Woman Like Your Mother?" by sparko1(m): 7:39am On Jun 08

I am shocked at the comments here o. I thought all NL guy's mothers were the perfect role model wife material.

What they fail to understand is 90 percent of women are the same, it's the circumstance they find themselves that set the distinction between them.

My is No as well for many reasons.


Family / Re: Why Are Mothers So Loved By Their Children Than Their Fathers? by sparko1(m): 11:08am On Jun 05
[quote author=nowhere post=102395156][/quote]

Family / Re: Why Are Mothers So Loved By Their Children Than Their Fathers? by sparko1(m): 10:10am On Jun 05
For the over years now, despite all efforts put by fathers to train up their children, by attending to all their basic needs as fathers, after becoming successful in adulthood, children always tend to do great things for their mothers than that of their fathers. Even me is a victim as well, I want do great things for my mum but I remember my dad did all he could for me, make sure that I don't become a miscreant in the society by making sure I was discipline enough but still yet I love my mum more than him.
Why is it like that? Or is it written in the Bible to favour your mother than your father when you are fully mature?

Pls push to front page, let's know our mistakes as fathers in our children's life

Maybe for you, not for me, I think a lot, and I don't forget, my dad is more love than my mom, at least by me and a few of my siblings.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Nuke Bombers And Nato Jets Conduct War Games On Russia Doorstep by sparko1(m): 12:01pm On Jun 04
I have never read Russia carry out this kind of exercise near any US door step before.

Then you have been sleeping all your life, they do all the time.

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Politics / Re: 'Any Army Sent To South-East Will Die' - Nnamdi Kanu by sparko1(m): 5:48pm On Jun 03

Fulanis has never brought peace in Nigeria from the beginning, if Igbos didn't defend there land fulanis will kill the Igbos...

The army is now fulanis? when you start killing the army because you say you want to defend yourself, you expect them to fold their arm and watch, you must be joking because, they won't, the army doesn't follow those code of conduct, if you fire on them, they will return fire, like I said, if you start a war in your backyard, don't expect your wife and children to sleep.
Politics / Re: 'Any Army Sent To South-East Will Die' - Nnamdi Kanu by sparko1(m): 7:06am On Jun 03

Young Man, they are already there, why not cave a local government in the east and face the zoo army like you call them.

People who haven't heard gunshots talking about war, when you make your house the battlefield, your wife and children won't have a peaceful night rest.

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Career / Re: When Is A Man Said To Be Successful by sparko1(m): 6:44am On Jun 03
When he has the woman of his dreams..
Without a woman a man is incomplete, women complete men.
Women are successful when, they make decisions without depending or seeking the approval of a man!

Understand deeply.

A man is incomplete without a woman, but a woman is successful when without a man.

Your definition is flawed, successful is subjective and as such, this definition is subjective.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Gulak's Killing Was Calculated To Instigate Northerners Against Igbos by sparko1(m): 8:16pm On May 30
This death in no way further IPOB agenda or the biafran agenda ,that’s why am confident that it is not IPOB , I can bet u this was carried out by elements of Nigerian security services , IPOB can never ever think of killing gulak, for what ? He is not even one of them the anti igbos in the first place , any IPOB member involved in this is strictly on his own.

You talk like you wrote iPob handbook, when they started killing security forces, what did you think will happen, they will look for soft target, their aim is to be noticed, so yes it's possible they did this, they might not be aware of his political standing.

When you feed a monster, it grows, a time will come, no amount of sacrifice will satisfy it, it has to hunt, iPob is gradually becoming a monster that can't be controlled, a time will come, Kanu won't have a say on who, when and how they take lives.

If you think it makes sense that the military will plan and assassinate a man of his status just so they can achieve some popularity or create an impression, then you have been watching too much conspiracy crap.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do You Think About Working In The UN by sparko1(m): 9:20pm On May 22
Romance / Re: Most Girls Already Have Back Up Plans Of Various Guys - How To Deal With This by sparko1(m): 7:09pm On May 21
A woman shelve life is linked to her sexuality why men are linked to money.

The day a man stop making money, he begin to lose everything, respect, woman even his life.


Crime / Re: A Six-year-old Girl Raped To Death In Kaduna (photos) by sparko1(m): 2:31am On May 19
Dear men, may I know what joy you derived from sleeping with minors?

This is what I always tell every mother that comes my way. Never leave your girl child in the custody of any man be it her father Most rape culprits are the people so close to us.

If the meaning of rape is having sexual intercourse against a person's wish, then all Nigerian men are rapists. Permit me to say so.
Why will a guy call his girlfriend to visit him only to force himself one her?
Most people think rape is when a stranger beats a person tear her clothe the force himself on her.
The refused to understand that having sex with someone against the person will is rape. Whether you sweet-talk a person into opening her legs, you use force, you use gifts as bait, it is rape as long as the person's initial intention wasn't to have sex with you

This is gross generalization, if you guys have been having sex before and she always start with some form of games before she finally allow, there more to it, if he influence her by giving her alcohol or anything that take her freedom of choice away it's rape.

The one discussed here is just unbelievable, completely wrong. I hope she gets justice.
Politics / Re: Police Kill 4 Wounded IPOB Gunmen Receiving Treatment In Rivers, Recover Charms by sparko1(m): 5:40pm On May 15

My brother imagine, this is not even assuming the story is true.. It's true..

Like someone said earlier, the Police did not follow due process, this is far more than extra judicial killing but extra customary killing

1. As at the time, the wounded didn't surrender

2. They engaged the police.

With these, the police don't require by law to stand down, if you engage the security forces, be ready to receive fire.

Those seven policemen killed are human with rights, if you have an issue with the government, dialogue, protect but killing anyone to prove a point is barbaric.

The fact that the likes of you think it's okay is worse than those doing the killing.

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Politics / Re: Army Sends Reinforcement Troops From Borno To South-East - Sahara Reporters by sparko1(m): 11:40pm On May 14

Boko want to rule their land with sharia. You're welcome to move there if you want sharia too, doofus

What they want to rule with is of no importance, it's just a comparison from your comment, if the government decide to leave every region that wants self actualization, the country should divide and get it over with.
Politics / Re: Army Sends Reinforcement Troops From Borno To South-East - Sahara Reporters by sparko1(m): 11:29pm On May 14
I will never support the movement of troops or police or any force to a region that wants to secede from the rest of the country. Instead, withdraw ALL security and government forces/agencies in the SE and concentrate on fighting bandits and boko haram.
Let the UGM/IPOB rule their people abeg as long as they keep whatever it is they are doing in their region, I'm good.

What is the difference between what you are saying and what boko haram want, they want to rule their land as well.

As far as it's still the federal republic of Nigeria, there's no withdrawing of security forces, what you lots don't get is, fighting boko haram might be difficult for the army, the east doesn't have that constraint.

The common people will suffer, there's no way the presence of the military will be good for anyone.
Romance / Re: The Mumu Button Of Every Man. by sparko1(m): 11:14pm On May 12

They are many. A friend is passing through this , she was a virgin too when she met that useless guy. he treats her like she doesn’t exist despite the so-called respect . roll eyes.

Ladies, don’t kill yourself respecting a guy for a mumu button that won’t add anything to your life .

Though I don't subscribe to mumu button, this your story is one sided, she was a virgin and she allowed him to sleep with her without marrying her and she hopes to make him value her.

Why did she give it to him, maybe he was richer than all the other toasters, therefore she's not really respecting him but his money.

So many ladies don't understand the difference, respect is not tired to anything, if you respect him because of his family background, then you are not respecting him.

Ladies are generally disrespectful, maybe because they feel they have lots of options, what they don't know is so does most of the guys, the difference is they will do anything to get what they want and when they are done, respecting them at that point is a complete waste. So if you think because he was nice to you before the walk of shame, he will continue then you haven't been paying attention.


Nairaland / General / Re: Three Things A Feminist Should Avoid (Opinion) by sparko1(m): 10:49pm On May 05
1. We are not all christians.

2. Feminism doesn’t mean the woman must work. Respect all women and their choices. If she is a housewife, that is fine, provided her and her husband are in agreement.

3. There are things that would always be considered male and female.

You haven’t stopped traveling to America to prove you are equal to the whites. Sorry to say, you and your kind are not making any sense.

The people who needs this sermon on the mount are in The view hotel, charity hotel, and so on.

Ordinary hardbook for feminist that is not up to 10 page you can't read, you want to add gospel according to saint pocohant to it.

Feminist can't be a christian it's that simple, you have no shame you could type number two and then add number three because your fat ass can't allow you do anything.

Madame hit the gym jor and stop disgracing a noble cause.
Nairaland / General / Re: Three Things A Feminist Should Avoid (Opinion) by sparko1(m): 10:40pm On May 05
Lol all of you will be fine, the earlier you guys realise that a female movement is for the betterment and inclusion of females in every sphere of life, the better for you.

A movement that is not even recognised in Nigeria, is what is giving most of y'all heart attack like the government is about adding it into the constitution when there are so many ills in the country right now, yet you people keep crying and wailing over it, concern yourselves in getting solutions to the negativities everywhere, then when or if feminism sees the light of day, your wailing may be heard, which is actually never cos of the high handedness of naija men and religion.

While you do what? We should concern ourselves with the happening in Nigeria while you ....

Contribute constructively, no body is crying about anyone, to think your gender can have four of you sleep with one man at the same time without shame sharing one man's rooster for money � and you are talking about feminist! Madame take loud � speaker and educate your gender first.

There's no way in hell I am sharing a woman with another man not to talk of on the same bed, I can bet you your gender is having a field day as we type.
Business / Re: Bill Gates Took Getaways With Ann Winblad After Marriage To Melinda by sparko1(m): 9:41pm On May 05

Go on twitter and read more
Google more on the story
If anything was right we wont be discussing divorce

You seems to think just because they are divorcing, they have marital issue, if they feel differently why can't they end it rather than wait till one of them stabs the other or sleep with a foreigner with video all over the place.

By the way he was already rich before they got married, and if he didn't cheat for 27 years what makes you think he cheated now, don't fabricate story just answer the question, there's nothing on twitter or anywhere to support your claim.
Business / Re: Bill Gates Took Getaways With Ann Winblad After Marriage To Melinda by sparko1(m): 7:57pm On May 05

And the wife was so happy with it?
If another Nigerian wife should share such relationship with her pastor for instance then you will find nairaland.com filled with pastor bashers and lady bashers

Really you are joking right, 99% of Nigeria married women have that kind of relationship with their pastor, they just don't set time for private meeting.

Hope you noticed the relationship between them was a professional one, and he doesn't have to disrespect his wife or spend the family limited resources in pleasing her.
Politics / Re: Over One Million Bags Of "Tinubu Rice" Flood North East by sparko1(m): 6:42am On May 05

Stop this I swear!!!.
He will not become the president, only if he did not contest, else, be ready to carry your swear.

You wish, keep dreaming, he will be lucky to win in south west.

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