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Politics / Re: What Happens If One Who Was Elected Is Not Present During Swearing In. by Spy360(m): 5:06pm

God forbid shetima becoming the president through such means.

I prefer tinubu to be president, Igbo boys who smuggle drugs will make so much money.

A lot of them supported him openly.

Total agree.
Politics / Re: Did They Forget To Rig Abuja Or What? by Spy360(m): 5:05pm
As in, it was an easy ride rigging state after state. What happened in Abuja? Did they forget and never knew it would hook them on the throat down the line?
They rigged the areas they felt they didn't have a clear advantage like Rivers, Benue, Delta, Edo, Akwa Ibom etc leaving the ones they felt were 'in the bag' like Lagos (they rigged but it was too late to finish), Osun, Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa, Kano etc.
Politics / Re: What Happens If One Who Was Elected Is Not Present During Swearing In. by Spy360(m): 4:46pm
What would happen if the president/governor/senator/rep (all elect) is not physically present during the swearing in/oat taking/inauguration ceremony.
Will the vice/ deputy fill in for them for the case of the president/governor.

What about the senator and members of house or representative/assemblies
If the president-elect is not physically present and cannot be found, his vice would be sworn in and would automatically become the president.
Politics / Re: Where Exactly Did APC Rig The Election? by Spy360(m): 4:41pm
There's something I don't understand about Obi and his Labour party supporters.

Where exactly did Tinubu rig the election?

Is Obi suppose to Win SW that you call afonja everyday? Or are the Muslims in Yorubaland that you called different insulting names supposed to vote you?

Is Obi supposed to win in PH of Wike, the same Wike that IPOB put bounty on his head for killing them in Oyigbo?

Is Obi supposed to win the Almajiri North that you insult and curse everyday? The same people you are killing in the SE like rats?

Tinubu lost his lagos, APC lost Osun that has PDP governor, APC lost Ganduje's Kano, El Rufai lost Kaduna, Buhari Katsina, Lawal's Yobe, Lalongs' Plateau even to LP... Whereas APC didn't get 2% votes in the whole of SE. If indeed the whole Nigeria votes the way SE did apart from their hateful utterance and action Obi will only have SE votes because North Central is still north and SS are aligning nationally, they have said it many times that they are not with SE...

So where exactly did Tinubu rig the election that labour party was supposed to win?
The biggest problem was INEC. Yakubu Mahmood had one duty to perform on 25th Feb. That was to turn on the server so that polling units results would be uploaded real time as he actually promised several times.

He didn't just fail, he failed woefully, making this election even worse than previous given the amount of expectations and resources spent.

Now to your question.

1. There was massive over-voting in the northern states. BVAS has proven this already.

2. There was massive adulteration and manipulation of results to favour APC especially. This happened accross the country- as if APC had planned this all along. Seems they knew the server won't upload.

3. INEC were complicit to APC rigging seeing how they totally disregarded the electoral act and election guidelines which they themselves prepared and presented to the public.

4. INEC failed to listen to and resolve the issues raised by concerned parties before and during the final collation of results, after promising to do so on live TV. They had no need to hurry as the law gave them up to 14days to resolve any issues.

5. There were clear records of voters suppression, violent disfranchisement etc. As clearly observed by independent foreign observers. They reported that the elections was a shambolic exercise in futility that lacks credibility, transparency and fairness.

I hope you are convinced. 🙂
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fans Thread: Finally Reborn! The Red & White Army: FA CUP Champions 2020 by Spy360(m): 4:26pm
Can Liverpool allow God to use them this Saturday?

Man City Vs Liverpool
Arsenal Vs Leeds

1. Arsenal P28 69pts
2. Man City P27 61pts

We could go 11points gap if my prayers are answered
Politics / Re: Interim Government: Why Tinubu Cannot Be Sworn-in On May 29 by Spy360(m): 7:55am

Ask Obi supporters how many States did Obi win and they conviniently add Abuja as a State

Did the post mention Obi?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 7:43am
Will the movie include the drug part and do a flashback to when he was still Amoda?


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 6:42pm On Mar 29

Interesting how the people that carried Lagos tribal origin on their mind have avoided this topic🤭🤭🤭
Owo mi da don't know who is omoale 😂
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 6:36pm On Mar 29
You stop people from taking these substances by keeping them illegal...unless you're an active user, if you were asked to get a gram of any of these banned substances, I'm sure you won't know where to start searching from, what of a bottle of beer...even an 8-year-old will get one easily. As long as these drugs stay criminalized, only a minor set of the population will get access to them, and that's the goal, to restrict access.

Alcohol and tobacco will cause more deaths yearly because they're mainstream substances, not because they're more deadly than cocaine, crack, fentanyl or related drugs.
You are intelligent
Politics / Re: When Is The Presidential Tribunal Or Court Starting by Spy360(m): 3:26pm On Mar 29
I really hope they can televise this election Tribunal..

It will be interesting
Our court system are always compromised. They would never allude to that.
Politics / Re: Petition Against Bola Tinubu By Bolaji Akinyemi by Spy360(m): 3:20pm On Mar 29
His mother is Ibo. Real Omolubi don't write petition against another omolabi.

Bolaji Shukudi.
Dem don use your brain soak garri.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 2:51pm On Mar 29
Make drugs legal like they did with alcohol regulate its usage.

Unpopular idea but something to think about.

I see what ice is doing on the streets. Legalising drugs will only make it affordable, but will send souls to asylum.

Could this discussion be the growing preliminary effect of having a drug baron as president-elect?

We are f**ked embarassed
Politics / Re: Tinubu Should Have Stepped Down To Avoid This Humiliation Coming His Way by Spy360(m): 10:30am On Mar 29

Once Tinububis sworn in, case closed.

Obi and his supporters can make all the the noises, the will be dealt with accordingly
It will be too bad for Tinubu if he is sacked by the court as a sitting president. He would be the first and his history will be too dirty.

He better think very well and decide his next line of action.

They say he is a master strategist, but his only strategy is that of rigging...

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 8:46am On Mar 29

But the 50% no fit last forever naa grin

Una want make the business fold up? grin
When we say poverty is weaponised by politicians to win elections many did not understand.

If 50% isn't OK now, it was not OK then. But Igbos are the problem of Lagos.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Explained In Court On How The Election Was Rigged by Spy360(m): 6:12pm On Mar 28
All Peter obi votes in the south east should be scrutinized first. Let us see if the INEC officials in those areas followed all these protocols. Even in Lagos labour party rigged. Anyways he will not win in court am 100% sure. 2003 Buhari won the election against obasanjo but court did not upturn the victory same in 2007 . In 2019 Atiku obviously won but Buhari remained president and court did nothing. Same senairo will playout. The CJN most likely will never anul a presidential election. But whichever way the pendolium swings southwest is ready. Regional gov or peaceful separation. We are equally tired!
This case does not involve an incumbent, the judges are not obliged to any of them.

The case favours Peter Obi

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 9:16am On Mar 28

There's nothing contradictory in the post you quoted. And there's nothing neutral about cultures.

Culture is purely a human construct created to serve certain purposes and achieve specific aims, so it's inherently not neutral.

Good and bad are relative, meaning what's good in your own culture may be bad in another person's culture and meaning what is good today may become bad tomorrow.

Cultures evolve as humans (which create them) evolve.
This is Ok. 👍🏽
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 9:11am On Mar 28
Any person that has any iota of hope in this country is a fool..
Who among the following if he was president would not approve such spending?
A. Bola Tinubu
B. Atiku Abubakar
C. Peter Obi

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 9:08am On Mar 28

Good and bad are relative, and no culture is absolutely good or absolutely bad. Cultures evolve over time just as humans evolve.

In all cultures of the world, there are good and bad aspects .
I agree with all you have said except the bolded. I think the bolded may even contradict your first paragraph.

Culture for me by its definition is neutral. That is because by its definition, it is evolving. Meaning that any aspect that no longer ensures the survival of the people, or that no longer adds meaningful value to the lives of the people are thrown away and better ones adopted.

So that as at the time it is being practiced it was considered OK. Whatever idea we know about any bad aspects of any culture is restropective in thoughts. If any of us were born in those eras we would not have had the same ideas or thoughts.

I have given an example of use of fossil fuels today. Which many think is OK. But future generations will consider it barbaric practice.

One day unprotected sex would be seen as uncultured behaviour. Children would be born in the labs not through sex.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 9:02am On Mar 28

Noo, there are indeed BAD and BARBARIC aspects of culture.

There is no way to rationalise or conceptualize the slaughtering of innocent twins for centuries out of ignorance.
Or murdering albino babies,

Or making a widow drink the dirty water that was used to bath her dead husband's dead corpse.
Or making sure a woman never ever achieves sexual satisfaction throughout her life.

These things were done out of gruesome ignorance, they had no positive addition to the culture at all but actively caused harm to all its victims.

And mind you, some of these practices are Still carried out to this day as we speak.
You are right only because you are thinking in retrospect. That's why I said culture by its definition is neutral.

I gave an example of the use of fossil fuels today (that we have discovered destroys the environment). That future generations will consider us barbaric for carrying such acts. This is something we considered OK and necessary for our survival.

Do you imagine that if you were born in those eras, that you would have been part of such acts and still regard yourself as pious?

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fans Thread: Finally Reborn! The Red & White Army: FA CUP Champions 2020 by Spy360(m): 8:22am On Mar 28
Imagine you have been eating delicious Semo with correct vegetable garnished with ponmo, prawns, shrimp and others. Then, somebody took away the food from you and place in front of you, a plate of undone beans cooked the previous day.
That's the summary of my international break fellas.

I went from watching beautiful Artetaball to watching nauseating football by our so called super eagles.

SMH..I'm glad it is over sha.
That Super Eagles tasted like CBN naira redesign.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 8:16am On Mar 28
Should any culture or its aspects be termed or qualified as good or bad?

We know that cultures are the ways of live of peoples. These ways were adopted based on their idea of what's good and necessary for their continued survival and even existence.

Culture is dynamic and transient. So that, those aspects as time progresses that do not ensure the ultimate goal of survival are ditched or adjusted.

So for example, animal sacrifices were required to appease gods for good agricultural productivity. Then with time, when manure was discovered, there was no longer the need for such sacrifices. So we cannot conclude that animal sacrifice was bad culture, because as at that time in reference it was good practice.

It is similar to the use of greenhouse fuels today, some day it will phase off but the future generations should not then consider our generation as barbaric.

Cc A001, Donjazet2, Bombblacks
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fans Thread: Finally Reborn! The Red & White Army: FA CUP Champions 2020 by Spy360(m): 4:03pm On Mar 27
See where £0 worth more than £100m


Politics / Re: Pandora Papers: Lawflex Writes CCB, Demands Prosecution Of Peter Obi by Spy360(m): 3:55pm On Mar 27
the fear of peter Obi is the beginning of wisdom

the law firm should equally petition the CCB to equally investigate how a bullion van mysteriously lost its way
Two bullion vans actually undecided

grin grin grin

Tinubu bu Onye osi

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 3:37pm On Mar 27

Honestly doc, it's like where do you even start to have these kind of conversations.

Up to 67% of Tory 'Senators' had zero local link to the constituencies the represented in Parliament.

People in UK largely vote for party not individuals. I don't even know who my MP is, I just know I vote Labour.

Obidient in UK, Batist in Nigeria

Ekele m gi

grin grin grin

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 7:44am On Mar 27

Respectfully speaking, there is no point doing this.
Agreed. But it was based on request- those I tagged. Thanks.
Politics / Re: The Supreme Court Has Resolved The Nigeria President & 25% Fct, Abuja Quandary S by Spy360(m): 7:42am On Mar 27
Saying that the FCT has no special status is nonsensical.

The administrative head of a state is the governor. But the administrative head of the FCT is the president. How can you win less that 25% of the area under your watch?

The legislative arm of the state is the house of assembly but the legislative arm of the FCT is the national assembly. That means the FCT is the mixture of all the states in the federation. A microcosm of the nation.

Also, Nigeria as a constituency is domicile in the FCT.

This is reasonable, just and sensible.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 4:57pm On Mar 26

The concept

What is a god? An object of worship.

Why do people worship?

They do so because there is an innate sense of awe, wonder and reverence in every man. Every body worships something. Could be the heavenly bodies like sun and moon or stars, animals, stones and rocks, some other humans like their ancestors, some it's more abstract like their nation of birth, or a philosophical idea or creation.

Fact is everybody has a sense of awe, wonder and reverence.

The idea of god is personal and also universal.

Personal in the sense that every man has his own convictions, and universal in the sense that there ought to be a general idea of what or who god is and should be.

The general idea is that

1. He should be a person (one with agency- purpose and will).

The person to worship. Note not a person but the person.

2. The god (God) is the one who created all things (or is the source), and therefore is considered the first (and the last after all things come to an end). The beginning and the end. He should be the one who gave the purpose of all creation and hence considered omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

3. He should have a sustained influence on creation according to purpose. That is should be involved with creation, and not docile. His creation power should be responsible for all physical laws that govern the universe and sustains it, this must be consistent, and reliable.

4. He should have personal relationship either directly or indirectly with His creation. People should be able to attribute their personal life's experiences to Him. They should be able to acknowledge His influence in their personal experiences.

The evidence

1. There is purpose in the universe. There is purpose for the sun along with other stars (primary source of energy), there is purpose for the moon, animals show purpose is their daily existence, there is purpose for man. A man is born, gets an education, reproduces, looks after his kind etc. You just have to look at the early morning hustle and bustle to see life's purpose. We are here because there is purpose to everything. Life is a purpose, no one can create life except him. You cannot create life out of chemical engineering. Life comes from life. Purpose from purpose.

2. There is design in the universe. From galaxies to photons. Stars are stars, atoms are atoms. Man is man and monkey is monkey. Mangoes and oranges etc. The process of reproduction is same across all living organisms. Non of these things can happen by chance. There is the DNA. Not a chance molecule.

3. The laws of the universe are the same everywhere. There is gravity in your house, in the earth, in the solar system, in the Milky way, in Andromeda, and in all the galaxies in the universe.

4. People have experiences of God. Though this is personal, but there are stories which cannot be wished away. Over 10billion earth inhabitants cannot be fools. They pray, they sing, they tell others.

Cc Donjazet2, Bombblacks, OkpaNsukkaisbae
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 5:53am On Mar 26
It is very outrageous that an Igbo leader would echo such irresponsible statement calling the yorubas “political rascals” forgetting that no one has monopoly on anything.

They threw the test by calling our territory "a no-man's land". And we picked the challenge by beating them in the game of politics. Politics can be dirty sometimes. If you don't have the thick skin don't step into the ring. We will not condone arrogance on our land.

For those that are trying to defend him, the man was explicit, clear and confrontational in his speech. He said, “Yorubas are political rascals". It’s the audacity for me.

Funny thing is, everywhere is quiet. The hypocrisy here stinks! Hope your sentiments here would still hold when the tables turn…
He didn't say Yorubas are political rascals. He said those who attacked Igbos during the elections are political rascals. undecided


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 5:50am On Mar 26

I remember when Sege uploaded his varsity Certificate. i.e an evidence which shows he graduated from Uniben. Pls show evidence for the existence of god. Potential to exist is not evidence
You need to have a meaning or know that character that defines what a certificate is to be able to accept or reject whatever evidence was presented to you.

I can show you a tea cup as certificate if you don't have an idea of what certificate is.

So tell me what's your idea of 'god' or what does it mean to you or what characters define 'god' to you.

From there I can present any evidence.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 10:02pm On Mar 25

I wish you would just head directly into your argument. I'm eager to hear your proof of God's existence.
I have seen your other reply. Right now I am sleepy, I promise to engage tomorrow if you're willing.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 9:59pm On Mar 25

I'm game for this.

God is just a noun used to describe an entity that has been accorded characteristics. That isn't proof of it's existence.

A unicorn is a noun used to describe an imaginary animal that has even been accorded characteristics. Does that mean it exists?

We can describe a unicorn. Let's say a flying horse with a horn.

How can you describe the characters that define 'god'?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: EPL Chatroom - All Discussions by Spy360(m): 9:55pm On Mar 25

No it means simply proof you have a Dog. It's not different from me telling you I can fly like superman and you asking for proof. Stop trying to create a soft landing for yourself.
You didn't get me.

The statement on the bolded assumes you have a definition for dog.

What does 'dog' mean to you?

What does 'God' mean to you?

Answer this question and we proceed.

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