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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 1:38am On Jul 13, 2023
Please who knows any WhatsApp or Telegram group for Nigerian students at University of Waterloo or living in Ontario? I need help with accommodation. Please reach out to me and lets connect if you know some group. Thanks guys
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by suavecool: 5:45pm On Jul 07, 2023

Have you checked kijiji and Facebook marketplace?

I am also in this hectic wahala. I am also looking for 1bed apartment within Waterloo, Kitchener or within. Facebook market is full of scam. I wish there were a dedicated Whatsapp or Telegram group with Nigerians for assistance

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 1:50pm On Jun 15, 2023
Please will this floating of naira affect Form A bank rate?

YES!! It sure will
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 10:08am On May 29, 2023
Hello Gurus, I would appreciate if someone can help answer my question;

I was admitted to Fanshawe college for Jan 2024.
I just finished paying my tuition fees of almost 20kCAD
I intend to buy a GIC in July for POF and also apply for my Visa in late July.

I have a BSC in computer Engineering from Sweden but I got admitted to Fanshawe college for a PGD in Business Analysis, although I worked as a customer support representative in sweden for about 2 years after completing my BSC in Computer Engineering, but I don't have employment letter or anything to show that I actually worked as a Customer support representative here in Sweden. I currently work as a production worker in an Automotive company also in Sweden for 1.4 years, I have my work contract, payslip, employment letter from this job.

My question is;
Do you think not having my previous employment letter or payslip, etc is going to have a negative effect on my application? How can I bypass this and get a PPR

I will answer this based on my little experience as one who applied from abroad as well. Based on what you have stated above, you have work experience and i believe you also have your work contracts (or atleast a current one with the Automotive). In my opinion, it should suffice as long as you can back it up with atleast 3payslips. Focus on the current ans if possible supply them with upto 6 payslips of your current. Also ensure you get a reference letter from the former place you worked. That will help backup the information about your previous work experience. Lastly, you have a VERY good chance as long as you are legally resident in Sweden. Goodluck!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 10:07am On May 24, 2023
Hello guys,good morning
I have a question
So I am using my elder brother as my sponsor, he uses the account for daily transactions, the total debit from the account in 4months is about 60million, his bank account has been very active for the past 4 months its his personal savings account but there is no tangible amount in the account as at last week and money started rolling in this week in bits like 2.5m 3m 2.5m to get to a tangible balance before I apply in two weeks time.. would this be a red flag or it's ok?
Urgent responses needed from the gurus. Thanks

I don't think its going to be a problem as long as money keeps flowing in and out of the account.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 10:00am On May 24, 2023
Good morning my people..my ppr landed yesterday...thanks to all the wonderful people here giving advise and providing solutions to issues here pertaining to this visa application.
Here is my timeline

Now the documents i submitted..
Apart from the normal ircc one,
1 year tuition paid (my course is a 2year course)
Upfront medical (though ircc later sent me medical request which i later sent through webform)
Proof of funds....12.6m
Receipt from flywire
Receipt email from fanshawe
Bank reference letter
5months MBS
Employment letter
Study leave letter
Work i.d card
5 months payslip
Promotion letter
Gift deep...notorized
Land survey
Pictures of my bungalow building

Clients information
Statement of purpose
University certificate
University transcript
Nysc certificate
Professional certificate
Marriage certificate
Introduction,engagement and wedding pictures
Church baby dedication
My personal family pictures
My birth certificate
My son birth certificate
I no submit my wife birth certificate because she never change her name officially
My sibling national identification/passport
Skill acquisition certificate
Pictures of tailor in my workshop
Rccg letter of introduction (please this is important...any group u are, collect letter of introduction from them)
Rccg certificate of recognition(this is different from above as this is not letter but a certificate)
Rccg certificate of baptism and recognition
My father with his all his children (we boys with our papa)
Explanation of lump sum

These are the documents i submitted and the consist more of pictures...i have about 80pages for this client information alone.

if there is any other information u need, i will be glad to answer....so many stress in between these past months...but i thank God that it ended in praise.

Thank you all

Wow...Congratulations to you! You really uploaded plenty information. All the best!!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 2:33pm On May 18, 2023
Hiya everyone,
Please I need information. Has anyone been granted study permit after Request for Reconsideration of visa refusal?

Secondly, please is police clearance really mandatory? I heard some people saying its not compulsory. Though I did for my Ist application but it has expired so I want to know if I can reapply without PCC?
Thank y'all as I await your response.

Since you have done PCC before, just use the same. In my application, i used an old one, but make sure you upload a PCC (old or new)
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 9:20pm On May 16, 2023

Please how does one use the tracking number?

Simply follow this link to track your passport. I believe you received an email from VFS and it contains your TRACKING ID. Type in your TRACKING ID and date of birth


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 8:27pm On May 15, 2023
Greetings guys. I just decided to update the house, despite silently reading almost all of the comments and queries on the thread, since I believe it will encourage someone. Thank God for grace so far.
Many thanks to every member of this family for all your contributions.

Original Passport Request May 11, 2023
Correspondence Letter May 11, 2023
Biometrics Collection Letter April 30, 2023
Submission Confirmation April 28, 2023
Confirmation of Online Application Transmission April 28, 2023

NB: I got a job offer with LMIA exempt. During IRCC application, I applied for my spouse and I....both of us got PPR on same day (May 11).


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by suavecool: 5:29pm On May 11, 2023
Congratulations! This one na miracle ooo...that was so fast

Hello everyone. Please thank God for me . After my refusal last year on 3rd November, I reapplied just last week Wednesday 3rd May 2023. Today I finally got answers to my prayers with PPR. Going to Alberta province for my 2nd MSc in Computer Science. I couldn't get a PhD admission with my current MSc in Information Technology. Glory to God. Thanks to my colleagues at Nairaland too. May God grant your requests too.

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 5:59pm On Mar 21, 2022
Hello guys. Please how much is legalization per document now at Italian embassy lagos? Thanks in advance

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 9:18pm On Nov 16, 2021
I was granted visa this year

Please many people here has been granted visa ...i heard this year visa is only for business class people
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 3:21pm On Sep 07, 2021
Why Italy....Lol

Does Italy have an immigration arrangement whereby if your spouse is studying in Italy, you can go with your children on a work permit visa to unify you family and live together like UK and Canada does?

Cos its seems like Italy is our sure way to study abroad at the moment.

Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 4:23pm On Aug 16, 2021
So guys i picked up my passport today with work visa approved. All the best to y'all,,,may our heart wishes come thru. Cheers


Travel / Re: Study And Work As A Masters Student In Italy by suavecool: 10:54am On Aug 11, 2021
Hi...did you later get the visa?
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 5:59pm On Aug 08, 2021
I have now transferred all the numbers to the Italian group Admin.

Although the group is full right now, the Admin will try and create space. So each person will be added one at a time.
So kindly be patient.

Has anyone done Italian work visa here before?
Travel / Re: Italy Visa by suavecool: 3:44pm On Aug 06, 2021
Please has anyone had difficulties with booking appointment with the Italians later? What’s the problem and solution?

They now use TLS for visa booking and application
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 6:44pm On Aug 05, 2021
I don’t get this statement.....You mean we should go along with the ID card of the person that did the sworn affidavits for us right ..?

Yea...very necessary.

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 10:29am On Aug 05, 2021
Good morning all, please for those going for legalisation, if u know u are using affidavit(declaration of age)and attestation of birth, please and please go along with your despondent valid idcard th@ d signature on it merges the affidavt sworn on ur behave... My non academic documents were rejected due to dat. And i was told to go and book a fresh appoitment. And also Check your translations very well line by line, the lady is very sharp in detecting errors. Please from my own mistake, imagine the pain and annoyance when u are not book again and haven't known that u can get date earlier than late september. God bless

The truth is that the process for this Italian thingy is arduous. I can feel the pain and disappointment. Even in my translation, the recommended agency still made a slight mistake. Though the luck i had was that the embassy didn't detect it, but the Italian guys in Italy saw the error! Infact, na only God fit help person for this kind journey
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 10:24am On Aug 05, 2021

Ello, I guess they are not using VFS, https://it.tlscontact.com/ng/LGV/register.php try this and let us know the outcome.. thanks

Many thanks. Yes indeed they now use TLS, and as expected booked appointment and done the necessary submissions
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 8:21pm On Jul 25, 2021

How did you sort yours out? Did you authenticate & notarize it as requested?

Yes I authenticated, and notarized with the country's MOE (where i earned my degree) and then the Legalization was done at the Italian embassy in the same country.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 10:25am On Jul 24, 2021

Any need to authenticate a UK bachelor degree certificate at the ministry of education and foreign affairs?

Not sure because i had a degree outside and i was asked to authenticate and notarize it in the country i earned it (I also legalized it there). But ask around sha, ur case might be different

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 5:59pm On Jul 15, 2021
Visa booking

[Please can anyone help me I want to join a group of Italian university aspirants quote author=obinna11 post=102290340]
Please pardon my questions. After DOV, what is the next step?
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 9:54pm On Jul 14, 2021

What level are you now? Have you gotten admission?

Mine is more like an academic research job at the school. They are supposed to send a Nulla Osta and notify their ministry....thats what I've been waiting for. How about yours?
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 5:42pm On Jul 12, 2021
I have an already authenticated copy of transcript and degree certificate done in 2014, can I translate and use to apply for legalization?


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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 4:03pm On Jul 12, 2021

Thank you for the information. But please, if I am to send my documents to someone in Abuja for the legalization (authentication), can I send the scanned copies (soft copies) of my documents or does it have to be the original documents that I must send?

Based on my experience, you MUST send both scanned and Originals. If they don't see the originals, they will not attend to you.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 12:37pm On Jul 11, 2021
Please is there anyone here that has been admitted to University of Pisa? Please indicate so that we can work together.

Please hit me up. I am also interested in UniPisa and been on it for some time now.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 2:21pm On Jul 09, 2021
Please who recently applied for Italian visa here? I have been told to use VFS, and trying to book online is difficult as it keeps showing me "No appointment slots are currently available".
Please how do i overcome this? Also is there any other visa booking site or center for Italian visa application??
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 7:49pm On Jul 01, 2021
Embassy in Lagos

You can do your translations with Mrs. Zita at TBS Lagos or Grange services all in Lagos. Please check Italian Embassy website.

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by suavecool: 9:00pm On Jun 16, 2021

They have to put signature and sticker at the back all academics documents in Abuja at the Ministry of education. Translating your documents can be done anyhow, just make sure the documents are authenticated and translated before legalisation.

Ok thanks alot. One more thing, please I only know Mrs Zita in lagos....but unfortunately she is very occupied till August. Please is there any other certified translator that Italian Embassy (Lagos) uses? One who can do this like urgently

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