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Politics / Re: Solution To Igbo's Investment In North by Super1Star: 9:15pm On Jun 24, 2017
The last time Osus ran away from SW during June 12 wahala, they ran back after just 3months when hunger and cannibalism nearly killed them off.

Politics / Re: The Face Of Lagos-based Northerner Who Gave Igbos Quit Notice by Super1Star: 4:57pm On Jun 24, 2017

See this small boy wey dey give the cowardly Ojukwus and Osus heart attack.

They have dared you to leave their land and you are still foaming in your mouth,

Shameless and cowardly slaves of the nation.

Politics / Re: Oduduwa Republic Map & Currencies At A Glance by Super1Star: 9:10pm On Jun 20, 2017
Please what is Auch Idah Uromi and Benin doing in that Map.

Itshekiri part of Warri is OK, provided they want it. If not, abeg excise it and le them be within the Niger Delta Republic.

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Politics / Re: Open Letter Of Resignation To Ojukwu By Robert S. Goldstein 1968 by Super1Star: 9:36am On Jun 20, 2017
Ojukwu successfully suyanised his own people.

But the Children of Hatred will rather blame Awolowo.


Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua To Visit Nigeria On A 3-Day Tour by Super1Star: 12:39pm On Jun 15, 2017
Shey no be somebody born this world champion. Omo nuuuu

Whereas na someone born the richest kidnapper Broda Evans too.
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Shares Pictures Of The "Yahaya Bello Gang" Attackers by Super1Star: 7:53am On Jun 14, 2017
It is only a woman you can be doing shakara for on the floor of the house.

You have seen your mates that can handle you madness but you are running for your dear life.
Sports / Re: Pep Guardiola Joins Call For Referendum by Super1Star: 11:55pm On Jun 13, 2017

.....and let Osu Jews keep subjugating you.
Sports / Re: Pep Guardiola Joins Call For Referendum by Super1Star: 11:17pm On Jun 13, 2017

According to illiterates, Guardiola has committed treason.

According to iPobic Semi-Illiterates, Guardiola is not a JEWISH HERO because he is not preaching hate message towards Madridstas, he is not inciting genocide against Madridstas and he is not soliciting for funds to wage war against Spain.

To learned mind, he is a gentleman with right to self determination and clamouring for it in a lawful and civil manner without infringing on the right of others or threatening the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Spain with war. That is civility and not a garrulous barbaric and uncouth lunatic bleaching albino.

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Sports / Re: Pep Guardiola Joins Call For Referendum by Super1Star: 11:01pm On Jun 13, 2017
Is Spain not the country where the Biafrau.dsters opened their 1st Beer Parlour that thay are using to deceive the gullible ones among them as their 1st Embassy.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

We’ve been striving for this for 300 years and we’re not going to stop now.

iPods and Biafrau.d agitators or blackmailers, your journey remains 250years in the minimum. grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Abundance About To Replace Recession: Osinbajo by Super1Star: 10:54pm On Jun 13, 2017
See the way ''mere commissioner'' is signing Appropriation Bill into Law and one of his perceived enemy is watching like mumu.

When the Lord set a table before you with correct 7 course cuisine, He always make sure it is in the presence of your enemies. They will be looking and they will not be able to do NADAL.

Oga Bukola Saraki, how market?

God bless PYO.

GOd bless PMB, wishing you speedy recovery our dear president

God bless Nigeria

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Crime / Re: DSS Reveals Top Kidnappers Arrested In 2017 - Channels TV by Super1Star: 10:41pm On Jun 13, 2017



Osikankwu -- the deadliest kidnapper ever from Aba

Vampire -- the most notorious kidnapper from Aba

Broda Evans -- the richest kidnapper from Anambra.

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Accused Of Tax Evasion by Super1Star: 10:24pm On Jun 13, 2017
He must be from Ananmbra state where they do not pay Tax as evident by their ZERO IGR collection for 2016. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Politics / Re: Igbo Rain Anger, Curses On Uwazuruike Over Kaduna Visit- News by Super1Star: 9:22pm On Jun 13, 2017
Osus are bunch of deplorable reprobates.

Nothing more nothing less.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin


Politics / Re: Abiola Was The Architect Of His Own Misfortune - Anenih by Super1Star: 7:02am On Jun 13, 2017
Another failed propaganda from the Children of Hatred who love peddling their twisted tales by moonlight stories and make-believe tales, all in their bid to deny MKO his rightful place in history, just because he died for his people, rather than sacrificing 3m to Shango and subsequently running away to Abidjan.

After Gideon Orkar's coup, there was a pact between IBB and Abacha that IBB will hand over to Abacha because Abacha foiled the almost successful coup.

IBB retained Abacha in Govt when he stepped outside and it was given that it was only a matter of time before he will take over.

For Anenih, the consequence of your ignoble role in the annulment of June 12 is playing out in your lifetime. You lost your wife and within weeks apart you lost your 1st Son. Keep reaping what you have sown, shameless old man.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Leaders & Hamza Almustapha Meet Prof Ango Abdullahi (Photos) by Super1Star: 6:55pm On Jun 12, 2017
The Osus have gone to beg their Masters

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

The fear of the North is the beginning of wisdom for cowardly and chest beating Osus.

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Politics / Re: June 12 1993 And The Lessons Of History By Joe Igbokwe by Super1Star: 6:50pm On Jun 12, 2017

Mtcheeeeeeeew... See talk. Just like what my guy said up there, if not that Abdulsalam tool his own share from abacha's looth and decided to stay clear and give rule to civilians what did the yorubas do? They did nothing except mop and expect others to pity them. why ws presidency given to obasanjo and not the the dude they choose? Baba u need no to make ur research well b4 u start typing long meaninless stuffs

Is this person a toddler?

Why was an Igbo not chosen by Abdulsalam. At least Ekwueme wanted to be President but they went over his head to pick a prisoner.

Shows how worthless. You people are.

Nothing more and nothing less.

In your dreams, Abdulsalam just felt l relinquishing power!!! See this joker. What befell Abacha would have befall in, simple as ABC.


Politics / Re: "No Election In Biafra Until They Give Us The Referendum Date." Nnamdi Kanu by Super1Star: 4:40pm On Jun 12, 2017
This Lunatic Scammer is deceiving the gullible ones that bought the Biafrau.d Passport again!!! grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

If you fail to vote, who will not have representation at all levels?

That is what they call Self-Marginalization.

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Politics / Re: Photos From June 12 Anniversary In Lagos by Super1Star: 3:40pm On Jun 12, 2017
God bless MKO and Kudirat Abiola.

You have the opportunity to flee to Abidjan, but you chose to die for your people while saving 3million women and children from the claws of blood thirsty devil called Abacha.
Politics / Re: Nnandi Kanu Hate Messages. Pic, videos, link by Super1Star: 3:10pm On Jun 12, 2017
Ohanaeze saw all these and they could not denounce the Lunatic Scammer


Politics / Re: June 12 1993 And The Lessons Of History By Joe Igbokwe by Super1Star: 2:38pm On Jun 12, 2017

Nigeria is just a cycle of Hatred .

Only for those who understand history.

Whoever removed History from our school curriculum should be shot.

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Politics / Re: Five Feared Killed As Dino Melaye's Protest Turns Bloody In Kogi by Super1Star: 2:36pm On Jun 12, 2017
Madness (Gov Yahaya Bello) meets Lunatic (Dino Melaye)

Wetin Konsign me?

I am not from Kogi.


Politics / Re: Osinbajo To Sign 2017 Budget By 3PM by Super1Star: 2:30pm On Jun 12, 2017
Wailers and CHildren of Hatred and Perdition over to you.

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy


Politics / Re: June 12 1993 And The Lessons Of History By Joe Igbokwe by Super1Star: 1:51pm On Jun 12, 2017
Mynd44 Lalasticlala FP pls

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Politics / Re: June 12 1993 And The Lessons Of History By Joe Igbokwe by Super1Star: 1:23pm On Jun 12, 2017
God bless Joe Igbokwe.

The people shouting Biafrau.d today were subservient to their Hausa-Fulani masters and they actively participated in the annulment of June 12.

They ran away from SW, wishing war on us.

They even organised 1million man match in support of the devilish Abacha.

We vividly recall the inglorious role played by cowardly Humphrey Nwosu, useless David Mark and Halilu Akilu and Saboteur Arthur Nzeribe and Lucifer IBB. Not forgetting Daniel kanu, Uche Chukwumerije, Tony Anenih, Jery Gana, Baba Gana Kingibe etc

At the end, our tact, wisdom, resilience, patience and international diplomacy paid off. We demystified and dismantled the Fulani Oligarchy, we sent the military packing and got South to get to power after 20years. IBB was sent packing and Abacha died as a chicken. That was dealing an eternal blow to the enemies of Yorubas.

The same Lagos Abacha wanted to level is the same place some jokers are saying they developed, as if their forefathers even developed a village.

Special thanks go to the likes of Alfred Rewane, Anthony Enahoro, Frank Kokori and his Nupeng and Pengassan team, TELL Magazine, Newswatch Magazine, ColonelAbubakar Umar, Sen Shehu Sanni and Ndubuisi Kanu etc for the support they gave Yorubas during the trying time.

To the Yoruba Nation from Jebba to Ilaje, Saki to Okitipupa, Badagry to Kaaba, I salute your courage and resoluteness. We should always remember that our forefathers were warriors that bestowed an industrious and prosperous Empire on us, while our Grandfathers played active role in the liberation of our nation from the colonial masters and our Fathers fought for the democracy we are all enjoying today.

The onus lies on.this generation to rekindle the light of hope of our forefathers and tap into the wisdom and history of our ancestors and further forge a path of greatness that we shall bequeath to the coming generation. So that history can be magnanimous to our generation in years to come.

God Bless courageous MKO Abiola and Kudirat (for their supreme price that they paid for us to have democracy, instead of fleeing)

God bless Yoruba Nation

God bless the land of Oduduwa

God bless Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Why We Will Never Be A Part Of Biafra- Urhobo Elders Issue Strong Statement by Super1Star: 10:12am On Jun 11, 2017
Success has many fathers, while FAILURE IS AN ORPHAN.

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Politics / Re: ""Yoruba Pastors Worse Than Boko Haram"- Nnamdi Kanu by Super1Star: 7:13am On Jun 11, 2017
Judaic Osus are subjugating Igbo Xtians.

Judaic Osus are giving the Igbo Xtians bad names

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Politics / Re: Enough Of This Igbo And Yoruba War On Nairaland by Super1Star: 9:51pm On Jun 10, 2017
Preach your sermon to your kinsmen that started it in 2009.

Carry your gospel to your kindred that stoked the flame in 2011 after election.

Take your crusade to your kith that were embittered with the voting out of their hero in 2015 and resorted to spewing venom, preaching hatred and calling for genocide.

Judaic Osus are the ones causing problem for the good natured and well behaved Xtian Igbos.

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Crime / Aguleri, Umuleri Communities Fight Again, 2 Injured by Super1Star: 12:04pm On Jun 10, 2017
Two persons were reportedly injured on Friday in a renewed clash between Aguleri and Umuleri communities in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a residential building was also torched in the conflict while one person was shot in the leg and another reportedly inflicted with machete injuries.

Our correspondent also reports that it was not clear from which of the divides the victims came from.

But the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Samuel Okaula, said his command has restored calm in the area.

Okaula also warned against any further breach of the peace.

A source, who pleaded anonymity, said a joint task force of the army, police and civil defence had been deployed to the area.

Meanwhile, the traditional ruler of Umuleri, Igwe Benneth Emeka, denied any killing.

According to the monarch, security operatives responded on time in quelling the clash.

The two neighbouring communities have had intractable conflict over land for more than a century..

In 1999, scores of people were killed while properties worth millions of Naira were destroyed in the area.

Leaders of the communities with the help of Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra, who hails from Aguleri, have embraced peace and conflict resolution mechanisms to resolve the crisis.


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