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Education / Re: Ahmadu Bello University Postgraduate Programme For 2015/2016 Session by swillonch(m): 10:59pm On Jan 05, 2016
Good day frnds!
My name was short listed and I got disappointed after a friend told me that NYSC discharge certificate is a must for screening process.
Currently I'm still serving, by 5th April 2016 we'll be issued NYSC discharge certificate.
Should I still proceed with registration? Need a comprehensive advice from you pls...
Religion / Re: Prophetic Picture Of The 2016 By D.K OLUKOYA by swillonch(m): 5:28pm On Jan 01, 2016
Every pastor has a prophecy.

But not all are the same. If they'd spoken in unison from different parts of the world, I would have agreed.

For I think God could not have been saying different things about the same year to different people.****

My honest thought is, pastors are humans like You and me. Worship God like you have been taught and not fall Mugu for anybody. why would you accept negativity because someone said so?

ronu e daada my friend!

Happy New Year

Old stubborn habit. Enjoy it and live with it wailer

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Politics / Re: Biafra: Kanu Apologises To Buhari, Jonathan, Igbo Elders by swillonch(m): 2:14pm On Dec 30, 2015
He's smart but not strong hearted to lead.
He doesn't know major In african customs and tradition. "It's wrong to insult an elder in africa"
Kanu, stop showing your people your myopic sense of leadership
Sports / Re: Ogenyi Onazi Buying Akara In Jos (photo) by swillonch(m): 1:43pm On Dec 30, 2015
This mst b a lie. I can bet u dat pix is nt recent. Onazi is in Lagos. Yesterday was his wedding and we both chilled somwhr in Lekki.
At least OP shown us pix, ur evidence pls n stop d Noise
Properties / Re: Identification Of Spyder880 Outside Nairaland. by swillonch(m): 9:05am On Dec 26, 2015
It's a clear sign that you weren't consistent being a supervisor @NBC. Building and same time working @NBC until u left September 2013! It's only money Mongers that can tenaciously look into Big pockets.
Well, your building records for the past 5yrs is impressive.

"I wont blame them for believing so, I have built more than 25-30 houses here in the last 5 years without issues. I have nothing to hide."
U have trust issues though!
NYSC / Re: FG Pays December Allawee by swillonch(m): 8:52am On Dec 26, 2015
pls ur comment is needed here oooo. i registered u.b.a acct in the camp and when the december alert allowee enter my phone i saw zenith bank alert pls my fellow corpers in the what's going on. i rep b15 stream 1
Return the money to zenith and wait for UBA's alert!
Education / Re: "Missing OAU Law Student" Found!!! by swillonch(m): 4:53pm On Dec 22, 2015
Everything bout her is fake!
Her dp shown she's Oloshi sef... Wanka!!!
Politics / Re: Names Of Nigerian Looters Released By World Bank by swillonch(m): 1:04pm On Dec 18, 2015
Since you knew the cooked story have no Real source u're asking us to help circulate your fact?
Celebrities / Re: Dj Cuppy Flaunts Her Dog And Their Cars [PICS] by swillonch(m): 8:11pm On Dec 16, 2015
Lovely shadow of the person behind the Camera
Romance / Re: The Story Of Princess Ocholohi(someone Good) Of The Kwararafa Kingdom Of Idoma by swillonch(m): 6:31pm On Dec 12, 2015
9ice story bro,bt they is no where like dat kingdom u mentioned oo shocked,abi no be idoma i da again,any ways 9ice story.is da name Akondu or ekondu?
Truth be Told! This story came through my Imagination and I really did all I could to make it real. I have not done this ever before!
Ur cool comments will be my pleasure...
Romance / Re: The Story Of Princess Ocholohi(someone Good) Of The Kwararafa Kingdom Of Idoma by swillonch(m): 6:23pm On Dec 12, 2015
rewrite the story in good english
It's open for modification sir.
Romance / Re: The Story Of Princess Ocholohi(someone Good) Of The Kwararafa Kingdom Of Idoma by swillonch(m): 11:37am On Dec 12, 2015
you had to type an idoma story in idoma?.....how exactly are you expecting us to understand what you trying to pass across?

What exactly is ur Question pls..?
Romance / The Story Of Princess Ocholohi(someone Good) Of The Kwararafa Kingdom Of Idoma by swillonch(m): 10:12am On Dec 12, 2015
Princess Ocholohi was an outstanding gorgeous Princess of the kwararafa Kingdom in Idoma land. One day this cute Princess fell in love wit dis great Hunter that felt He was dis Lucky 2 have this Adorable Princess. love was very colourful like Rainbow and the wind moving the relationship was mild! This Hunter shared filings wit al his love one around telling dem about His 1st ever lovely soul mate. This princes always clog around with her lover bird and they always found it Gr8 in d Jungle like in d movie( judge of d jungle). The time came too soon when d world turn it back on d jungle boy, after his Princes vow never to be d lover of His life!He was Mad right in d jungle turning down trees and Doing harm to all around Him all because He has Lost His Breathe.
It took Him time to realise that wasn't the end of live. He so much believe that in this world Love is all around us bt who is our Match? This Hunter Boy so much believe in nature and He started restructuring His Jungle to make it Look like a tourist centre were d World look upto and d Glory will Go to the woman that will b behind His Success. The hunter now made it known to this caring damsel that has Being there even before, she was comforting n showing Gr8 care 2d damaged heart caused by the Princes that chose with was Good 4 her. This new Cute happens to be their for this Hunter Boy all through n gradually d damages became Healed an Fillings for this new Cute damsel Germinated and Her Roots was spreaded Round d Hunter Boy's Heart and they Came Love! things began fine again after having found milking of affectionate Love. The love that sparks without ignition. He felt the world was truly a beautiful place n utmost Joy comes when love entails.
Not to long, the Princes later got married to a Man from a Royal Home from a far kingdom. The jungle Boy was even there at Her wedding and He wishes them Well..
Many years gone by for the Princess without an issue and she began to face hell of her life from her bully husband. Regrets fell upon her and she flee from home due to torture from her husband.
She was seen crawling at a far distance heading Home and dehydrated by her hunter guy. He immediately rushed her home and proper care was Given to her.
Many days gone and she took some work to thank him 4 help rendered to her. At the entrance to His(jungle guy) home she was marvelled and two boys, Ekondu(God's own) and Adakole(man of the house) ran to her and welcomed her.
After long time her husband came to her Dad to request back His bride price and they gladly gave him and he left.
she always sneaked to come and play with the two kids whenever their Dad's isn't home. The kids became used to her and started filling and saying to each other "it's over 3yrs our Mum deceased and dad hasn't said anytin on getting a new mother for us". Let's make it known to him that we like her care for us and would want her to be our mother!
Things worked out as planned by the two brave kids and they both got married and she Had two Girls Ene(mother) and Ehi(gift).
After long time she advised her kids: let no one tell you who is best for You, let true genuine love guide you. True love breath and makes one live longer and happier.
Politics / Re: David Mark Returns To Benue To Meet A Rousing Welcome From Supporters by swillonch(m): 7:41pm On Dec 11, 2015
D crowd 2day was real!
Dis is December n we nid sum rice n cash 4 xmass eve.
U guys shudnt wory much coz A.B Mark is fun of d APA state technique in catching our attention. He's bein logically remotin us. Jus look @ his quote "if not, we shall be forgotten in the map of Nigeria", he added".
He knew that d Idoma pple dosnt like him much n d facts still remains d@ d Idoma pple 4 long has being suffering in d hands of d stronger tribes(TIV). So He always kept remindin us d@ he's d access key 2 grant us APA state. WE SHALL SHOCK HIM!
Politics / Re: David Mark Campaign Rice, Salt Flood Otukpo, To Construct Four Roads Before Xmas by swillonch(m): 2:27pm On Dec 01, 2015
Hey Senator Mark! Sixteen Years ago wen I was still a kid u Promised 2 #BringHome Apa state and we're all looking up to you even as you fly off our roofs every Friday and Sundays with that Helicopter and you forgot there was #Bad roads all around Zone C senatorial Zone.
The Time has come for you to witness the real change!
I remember the last time u fed us with your rice and u're still doing same again? I gues u're not use to our present era of #change.
Thanks to your Scholarship to the people of Benue, now we have no cause than to Navigate for #Change!
VOTE 4 Change, Vote APC, Vote Daniel ONJEH!!! grin angry cheesy grin


Celebrities / Re: Mr Ibu Looking Very Stylish In New Photo by swillonch(m): 11:51am On Nov 27, 2015
Abeg Fello Nairalanders, my Frenz Bday is 2day! Pls, let's cheer Her up wit many #likes. Tnz... *HBD Golden Girl(Corper Peace)
Celebrities / Re: Photos From DJ Cuppy's Birthday Party by swillonch(m): 9:21am On Nov 14, 2015
Op is obviously misinformed or just ignorant. That Otedola's "small phone" will conveniently buy hundred of your phones with enough change still remaining.

Those phones you are seeing cost over 2 million naira each. The name of the phone is called Vertu
Oboi, no d use vex d Hype!
Some of us go d like/share comments asif Tab+(search engine) is disabled on our Browser(s)

Celebrities / Re: Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His $4.8mil Supercar by swillonch(m): 10:15pm On Aug 23, 2015
May weather, u'll soon get whether... spendin asif ur Dad left dime!Daz ur live-line Bro!!! Beta invest d@ #Cash b4 u die Broke niqqu
Sports / Re: Sunday Oliseh Strikes Pose With His Boys After Today's Training Session In Abuja by swillonch(m): 2:23pm On Aug 22, 2015
Breakin newss await u if u Dare 4kup@S.Oliseh
Politics / Re: Patrick Obahiagbon Speaks About Buhari's Alleged "Sluggishness" by swillonch(m): 7:56pm On Aug 20, 2015
B'tiful Nonsens!!! kiss cheerio...
Sports / Re: Sunday Oliseh, Invites 23 Players For Tanzania Match by swillonch(m): 11:21pm On Aug 08, 2015
Hahahaha!!! Oliseh, u go c swantin. W@ am sein in my3Dcalabash isn't 2 ur Favor at al...[color=#990000][/color]
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Gives Birth To A Boy (Photo) by swillonch(m): 5:44pm On Jul 23, 2015
If d@ Dude look lyk His Mum wit dis complexion, I mus ask d@ Niqqa sum offline Q!
NYSC / Re: Ogun State A15 Lets Meet Here by swillonch(m): 9:43am On Jun 09, 2015
y nw
I d purge nw sha... i'll b #Ballin 4 my Platoon.
NYSC / Re: Ogun State A15 Lets Meet Here by swillonch(m): 7:50am On Jun 09, 2015
u no contest for Mr macho
nt at al...
NYSC / Re: Ogun State A15 Lets Meet Here by swillonch(m): 8:01am On Jun 08, 2015
Twas o0..
was it d welcome party
NYSC / Re: Ogun State A15 Lets Meet Here by swillonch(m): 11:26am On Jun 07, 2015
Twas really Great n Funky@ d Ogun State NYSC Camp Hall yesday.

NYSC / Re: NYSC Mobilization: General Complaints And Enquiries Thread by swillonch(m): 7:07pm On Mar 23, 2015
WRONG JAMB: 93221217FJ
MATRIC NO: RE/13686/09
DOB: 7/7/87
NYSC / Re: NYSC Mobilization: General Complaints And Enquiries Thread by swillonch(m): 6:55pm On Mar 23, 2015
help us look in2our case@SodiqYinka

NYSC / Re: NYSC Mobilization: General Complaints And Enquiries Thread by swillonch(m): 3:54pm On Mar 23, 2015
NYSC / Re: NYSC Mobilization: General Complaints And Enquiries Thread by swillonch(m): 3:10pm On Mar 23, 2015
Am still Hopin u say sumtin abt Mine.
University of Agric, Makurdi
Name: onche
Wrong Jamb: 93221217FJ
Correct jamb:93221216FJ
Matric no: RE/13686/09
DOB: 7/7/87
NYSC / Re: NYSC Mobilization: General Complaints And Enquiries Thread by swillonch(m): 3:03pm On Mar 23, 2015
i BEG U 2 look in2 my case pls...
Please everyone that submitted their details over the weekend should start checking now. Most of them hae been resolved but i'm so busy to split right now. Congratulations everyone. Cheers

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