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Foreign Affairs / Moment British Prime Minister Was Bundled Out Of Parliament During Attacks(pics) by Symphony007: 6:44am On Mar 23, 2017
While a man attacked Killing people on Westminster bridge And a policeman in the forecourt of the palace of Westminster, Britain's home of parliament , Prime Minister Theresa May was in the building attendingl to business in her office after addressing parliament. She was immediately bundled out in her $500,000 bulletproof Jaguar state car and rushed to 10 downing street from where she monitored the situation.

Politics / Re: Fmr Pres. Jonathan Visits Gov. Wike At Government House Port Harcourt by Symphony007: 4:29pm On Mar 18, 2017
More.. .

Politics / Fmr Pres. Jonathan Visits Gov. Wike At Government House Port Harcourt by Symphony007: 4:26pm On Mar 18, 2017
Former President Goodluck Jonathan today was in rivers state to attend an event at his wife's native okrika town, before going he paid a visit to His former minister of state for education now executive governor Of rivers state, Chief Barr. nyesom Wike at brick house, Port Harcourt

Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Visits Nigeria LNG by Symphony007: 4:48pm On Mar 07, 2017
I bid to disagree o! Your description applies to NNPC. Not LNG which is a proffesional company operated by shell and hires only the best and brightest from across the world to run it's business.

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Politics / Re: Emir Sanusi & Attahiru Jega At Thomas Hodgkin Memorial Lecture In UK (Pics) by Symphony007: 3:22pm On Mar 07, 2017
Emir and modernization in one sentence? That lecture title is an oxymoron...
Health / Queen Elizabeth II Honours Nigerian Nurse by Symphony007: 10:29am On Mar 06, 2017
Proffesor dame Elizabeth Nneka anionu, was honored by Queen Elizabeth II for her work on sickle cell. She was presented with an insigna by the queen for the New Year honours.

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Travel / Chief Of Staff To Pres. Buhari summons and berates Arik MD(PIC) by Symphony007: 11:48pm On Jan 14, 2017
After passing through lagos airport and hearing of the multiple delays and lousy treatment arik passengers have been subjected to, chief of staff to the president, Abba kyari summoned the MD of Arik air and gave him a dress down for his companie's unproffesional conduct.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Malik Obama: Why I Am Voting For Trump by Symphony007: 9:52pm On Oct 30, 2016
Inconsequential mofo!

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Business / Re: Dangote Buys Gas Firm In Netherlands by Symphony007: 2:21pm On Oct 17, 2016
The Nigerian government selling part of it's shares in NLNG to fund the expansion of the trains won't be a bad idea o! The gas industry is getting very competitive and in the long run, NLNG might loose out due to it's limited capacity and decaying infrastructure..

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Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Said Women Would Return To Kitchen Under PMB, Was She Right? by Symphony007: 9:37pm On Oct 15, 2016
Please madam shut up. Go return your stolen money. A virtuous woman takes care of the home front while a responsible man provides for the home.

We started having lawless, unruly and vagabond children when the woman started abnegating from the home front and duties to run shoulders with the man.
very stupid comment, get on your time machine and go back to the stone age where you escaped from and haunt dinosaurs for your family's dinner.
Politics / Re: Buhari And Merkel Laughing Off Aisha’s BBC Interview (Photos) by Symphony007: 3:43pm On Oct 14, 2016
What a disgrace and an irony of multiple proportion when you stand toe to toe as equals with a world leader who is sonebody's wife and say your own wife belongs in the kitchen!!

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Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 9:20pm On Sep 09, 2016

Arguing with dead brain like you will just make me be like you, I am a grown up man, I have witness decades and diffrent President including Buhari as Military Head of states and President now, No President has ever been honest as PMB... Keep living in your looted Govt era, It's not business as usual and no more free money. You can wail till eternity i know Buhari won't even care and he will still win in 2019.
grandpa! Where is the recovered loot?
Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 11:56am On Sep 09, 2016

So many people are dead brain and you happen to be among them? I am not sure of your age but i am sure you are over 15, Now i ask you where are all the money your fathers have been making all his life that he cannot give you a better future?

If you think they collect those money and will just keep it somewhere despite the development going, Then your brain need to be completely checked.. You are one of those PMB is refering to when he said changes start with you.
see who is calling me a child! When you had facts you were calling me bros and being very diplomatic, now that your links are finished you are hurling insult like a desperate drowning man! Please where is the money your government recovered from corruption, us their is documented proof of it's expenditure? Surf the net na! I'm sure you'll find a link or two! grin angry grin sad
Travel / Re: Accident On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway: 70 Rams & 1 Man Killed by Symphony007: 9:50am On Sep 09, 2016
May God give the owner of this buisness the fortitude not to commit suicide in this bad economy.


Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 9:49am On Sep 09, 2016

And i ask you what did he use to clear most of those debt? Stones?

Road construction are going on all over Nigeria is he using stones to pay contractors?

Oh.. maybe you want him to share the money the same way GEJ and his cabinets shared our future.

Mr man! you are still assuming! Many people have been asking about that money, where is it? Stop telling me your opinion of what you think the money went into, have you run out of links to share ?
Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 9:03am On Sep 09, 2016

Now compare what he has recover with all the debt he has paid.

Govt has recover #3.4trn so far..


Now go through my post and see how much debt was left by last administration and how do you think Buhari paid those debt? with stones?
minister for finance, who told you the money went into debt payment? Making stuff up to win an argument! Wise cracking! Where is the money? Since you love links so much..show me a link detailing what that so called money has been used for.
Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 8:37am On Sep 09, 2016

How do you want him to deliver the change and with what?

Empty treasury account?

Debt profile to the tune of #7trillion?

Crippled Economy by the scAvenger?

Tell me how bro let be sincere and honest with our self, If you were given a company with bankrupt account to run how will you run it without firstly going through hardship?

let me pretend to accept this your ruse of empty treasury..
but he has recovered billions and quintrillions of pounds and dollars from corrupt officials like dasuki and denzani!
Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 8:24am On Sep 09, 2016

You still never get the point here, Tell me a country with so much debt profile as listed up there, Now couple with the bombing of pipelines lately by the useless scAvenger to cripple the economy.

Now tell me which country can survive that of burden putting on her by Last administration? bro Nigeria have been brought to her dead Dying bed by last administration and PMB is just trying to revive everything so Nigeria will not collapse by introducing TSA and that's the reason why some banks does not see free money again, All access to free money buy Govt workers have been blocked to save Nigeria from collapsing..

Bro things have gone wrong and won't be easy to get back on our feet with the recent economy recces that is facing so many countries.

We need time and support the Govt to bring this country back to her glory days.
before election: I will deliver change!

After election: change begins with you!

Spare me the semon, deliver it to nigerians who have been defrauded.
Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 8:08am On Sep 09, 2016

Good observation bro, We never knew GEJ and his cabinet have looted this country to the ground? Did GEJ tell Nigerians in his campaign that he has been borrowing to pay salaries? Did he tell us about the following?

Fertilizer debt (#65billion)


Did e tell us about the oil marketers debt (#600Billion).


Did he tell us about another (#413billion) subsidy payment??


Did he tell us about another ($800million) oil marketers debt?


Did he tell us about (#4trillion) Contract debt?


Those are few of the burden your hero left for Nigerians did he tell you about all listed up there and mind you Buhari have almost everything under 15Month..

If after everything i listed up there with proofs and GEJ never deny them and you still support GEJ and blame this Govt, Then i weep for thios country.

is it not comical how in trying to defend your lord and personal saviour buhari, you refer to and compare him with the devilish, incompetent, clueless and drunken jonathan? should we now hold both of them to the same standard?

Mr president, why did you lie during your campaign?

But Jonathan lied too.

In communication class, we call that change of context and agent patient obfuscation.
Crime / Re: Mohammed Audu Charged With Armed Robbery by Symphony007: 8:01am On Sep 09, 2016
I get the feeling this is the last we'll hear of this story! Our media will be too lazy to provide follow up, money will exchange hands and the issues sweap under the rug.

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Politics / Re: “presidential Order To Cut Time For Business Approvals, Registrations Underway” by Symphony007: 7:58am On Sep 09, 2016

The fact that you can't start or think of a business right now doesn't mean others won't. It's been argued that millionaires are made most during recession..

Below is the link to the Forbes list of billionaires who were made during the Great Depression.

your best defense for this debacle is comparison between recession in the United States of America to the sqalour we are experiencing in this country? Why don't you link me an article to recession made billionaires in Nigeria? You disappiont me!

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Politics / Re: List Of Sectors That Have Shut Down Business Due To Buhari's Ill Policy. by Symphony007: 7:45am On Sep 09, 2016
Before election: I will deliver change.

After election: change begins with you!

You have been scammed!!


Politics / Re: “presidential Order To Cut Time For Business Approvals, Registrations Underway” by Symphony007: 7:42am On Sep 09, 2016
Who wants to start a buisness in a recession? People can't find money to get by daily, you are asking them to generate capital!

Pls, who is buhari's economic team or does his staff just sit around a table and decides what rubbish to throw out to the media to show that our master is working!


Politics / Re: Apapa Customs Generates A Record N35bn In August by Symphony007: 7:39am On Sep 09, 2016
Today, government will tell us that they have cut corruption in government and revenue is through the roof!

Tomorrow, they will tell us nigeria is broke so we are borrowing from world bank and china! So we're is all the money going to?

Propaganda is best effective when it is well coordinated.


Politics / Re: FG Okays Loans From World Bank, China, Japan by Symphony007: 7:33am On Sep 09, 2016
Where is all the trillions chibuike ameachi claimed the buhari government has recovered from so called corruption? Where is all the quintrillion billion pound sterling that propagandists in the buhari administration were spouting out everyday that they recovered from denzani?

Buhari the undertaker is hammering the last nails in nigeria'a coffin.


Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: My Salary Was Cut By One-third, I Go Hungry Too by Symphony007: 7:32am On Sep 09, 2016
Adolf Hitler and Joseph gobble are learners in propaganda when.it comes to the buhari administration.


Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 7:29am On Sep 09, 2016

How is he going to fulfill his campaign promise of change when you are not ready to change yourself?

How are we going to see the change when your brothers started bombing pipelines to sabotage Nigeria economy,

How are we going to see the change when you and your likes keep supporting those looters that have been prosecuted so far?

How are we going to see the change when you and your likes keep supporting and shouting witch hunt when the Gov is trying to prosecute the likes of.. Saraki, Metuh, FFK, Dasuki, Tompolo, GEJ, Apkpolokemi, Omisore, Obanikoro etc.

How are we going to see the change when you and your likes always happy and jump up when ever you hear the militants bomb any pipelines crippling the economy...

Sorry change begins with you.
Why did'nt you and your president tell this your long epistle to the Nigerian people during the election? Instead you lied to them and played on their intelligence, telling them you will deliver change, you like give them 5k per month for not working, you will make one naira equal to one dollars, now, you are in office and the lie and falling apart and this is the best smokescreen you could come up with?

You are disapeakable! Your president is a fraud and this country is in trouble!
Politics / Re: Buhari At The #ChangeBeginsWithMe Campaign At The State House (photos) by Symphony007: 12:56pm On Sep 08, 2016
Excuses of a failed leaded!...during the campaign, he never said change began with you, he promises that HE was the change that will magically transform nigeria, but in the face of his abject failure, his cronies have come up with this farce to make nigerians complacent in their failure and impotence! Fellow nigerians, we are in for a long ride of ineptitude.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Shonekan At NEC Meeting Presided By Buhari Today by Symphony007: 1:34pm On Sep 07, 2016
He's back!! And presidential as always!

See how buhari dey frown for that first pic, shebi you wan be president? Enjoy!!

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Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth Robbed In His Lekki Home by Symphony007: 9:30am On Sep 07, 2016
Serves him right! Political comedian.
Politics / Re: There Will Be A Turnaround, Nigeria Will Prosper by Symphony007: 9:26pm On Sep 06, 2016


Politics / Re: Photos From NNPC GMDs Forum In Abuja by Symphony007: 8:42am On Sep 04, 2016
I can see my uncle, third GMD of NNPC, chief Odoliyi lolomari.

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