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Fashion / Re: I'm In Church And I Forgot My Underwear - South African Slay Queen by TeamSimple(m): 1:54am On Jan 06, 2021
We are in the Endtimes.
Many Jezebels and Deliah's are unleashed in various forms to liquidate and Damage Destinies..
No place is Spared!
Some of the Preachers are not Helping Matters.
So many are not told the truth that will save their souls. They are fed with Motivational words that has nothing to do with the salvation of the soul.
The Church has become worldly
The World has become Churchy

Be it as it may, the Word of GOD cannot change because of a Changing Word.
Hell is Real!
Heaven is Real!
Without Holiness! No Eyes will see the LORD.
Nooo God doesn’t look at the dressing but the heart . This silly statement is what has dragged Christianity/church to some of the immorality it face today .
Travel / Re: Coronavirus Lockdown: A Nairalander In Ireland Shares His Experience (Photos) by TeamSimple(m): 11:13am On Apr 01, 2020
There are movements around London and buses still operating, although with fewer buses.

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Politics / Re: NIMASA: MURIC Congratulates Bashir Jamoh Over Appointment by TeamSimple(m): 12:26pm On Mar 05, 2020
I am a Muslim but this MUMURIC got nothing on me or my religion Islam . Bunch of hypocrites.
Education / Re: Thomas Goodness Shekwobyalo: JAMB Orders ABU To Offer Girl Medicine by TeamSimple(m): 3:00pm On Jan 09, 2020
A girl who scored 309 should be able to study medicine. Fuc. you ABU for discriminating against her .
Go back and read before making comment

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Islam for Muslims / Re: What Can I Do by TeamSimple(m): 12:27pm On Jan 02, 2020

Your headache.. I will speak the truth
We know una Type hypocrites
Islam for Muslims / Re: What Can I Do by TeamSimple(m): 12:17pm On Jan 02, 2020

Bid'ah renders the doers deeds useless. Hence, hell fire coz the person disbelief in Qur'an
Custodian of the hell fire welldone.
Islam for Muslims / Re: What Can I Do by TeamSimple(m): 7:14am On Jan 02, 2020

1st.. Jumuah Mubarak has no basis in Islam
2nd.. Fasting on monday and Thursday is not for prayer answers purpose, same is tahjud and other ibaadah.. That's Bid'ah
3. We Muslims make dua during salah on sujud IN Arabic
4. There are lots of dua Rosul taught us, pick any that suit your problem and do it.
5. Use Allah's name and attributes to make dua and so is your good deeds
6. What's written for you shall come to pass. Comparing yourself to another people will only destroy you. There is only 1 you in this world. That makes you special..
7. Reply on Allah, try your best and pray.
All these Bid’ah people sef . Any small thing Na Bid’ah nonsense
Celebrities / Re: Henod Luxury Hotels, Lagos Owned By Prince Odi Okojie, Mercy Johnson's Husband by TeamSimple(m): 4:38pm On Dec 23, 2019

Why do you guys like making claims you cannot substantiate?
Sit down there make pant Dey wear you. Timaya is also enjoying the same benefit . Hushpuppi , mompha et al

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Politics / Re: Shina Peller Arrested And Detained By The Police by TeamSimple(m): 4:36pm On Dec 23, 2019
Y'all not getting this, remember Peller and Hon. Akin Alabi spoke out against the re-arrest of #Sowore and the bill clamping down on social media and all. So they're prolly tryna get back at him. And soon there will be some other trump up charges to nail him. Abi na today clubbers start dey park for road side there ni?
But he walked into the station himself . He was arrested probably because he was trying to make things difficult for the officers .
Celebrities / Re: Henod Luxury Hotels, Lagos Owned By Prince Odi Okojie, Mercy Johnson's Husband by TeamSimple(m): 3:17pm On Dec 23, 2019
Fronting for a politician


Education / Re: ABU Didn't Admit Goodness Thomas Into MBBS Cos In Niger Alone She Ranked No. 7 by TeamSimple(m): 10:57am On Dec 20, 2019
And some people were attributing it to Islam, calling it Islamic agenda.

Many began to spite the school, calling it all sorts of derogatory names, with Islam in the picture.

WaLlohi, the minds of many of these people are dark and evil, the Muslims have just become too weak to expose them.

Indeed, it's the truth what Allaah said:

“Never will the Jews nor the Christians be
pleased with you (O Muhammad) till you follow their religion"

It's Islamophobia that will kill some people.

Did a story not come up one time of Covenant university rejecting admission to one Muslim guy in a similar fashion like this?

Did anyone shout Christianization?

When a Muslim does something, they attribute it to Islam. If it's the other way round, you won't hear such a thing coming from us.

Why are you all so deeply obsessed with Islam if you do not fear for its greatness and try to talk it down or criticize it at any given chance?

The reality is that many of these people are just insincere, sick-minded hypocrites!

Imes is coming! Imes is coming! The world should prepare. angry

The reality of your true selves, how evil your hearts are actually and how foolish your arguments and philosophies are will soon be exposed to the world when Imes comes.

All of you should continue! angry Imes will be making you all famous; yes, the whole will know you all for your evil and hypocritical ways.

By the time Imes will come, humiliation will be your companion. humiliation will be your nick names. You will all wine and dine with humiliation unless you repent and turn towards truth.

When Imes comes, it will be the end of your era and the beginning of a new one.

When Imes comes, it will be game over for many of you hypocritical lots

Imes is coming, You should all get prepared! angry

And you are free to wail and attack me on mention. grin That's your way and it will only make your humiliation more interesting when Imes eventually shows up. grin

Imes, we await your coming grin cheesy
You couldn’t have depict them better . Let them show us how many Muslims we have in those so called Christian state institutions we have in Nigeria , compared to what we have in the north . They are just bunch of hypocritical evangelists .
Education / Re: ABU Didn't Admit Goodness Thomas Into MBBS Cos In Niger Alone She Ranked No. 7 by TeamSimple(m): 10:50am On Dec 20, 2019
I laughed when I read some people say ABU is sentimental and tribal blabla . I don’t think any other federal institution Nigeria has the level of cultural mixture that ABU possess as a tertiary institution.
Sometimes you be around the campus and be having a feeling you are in Ibadan , sometimes you feel you are in calabar speaking community not to talk of the middle Beltans . As for the the lecturers , I had more lecturers from the south in my four years than the north .

In ABU admission process even if you score 90/100 in aggregate score you still have to wait to see if other applicants from your states didn’t do better with 91 and above . I had 97% for me to be admitted from
ogun state .

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Religion / Re: Davido Dissociates Himself From The Viral COZA Video by TeamSimple(m): 7:05am On Dec 19, 2019
Marketing Coza lol
Foreign Affairs / Re: Boris Johnson Wins Parliamentary Majority In UK Snap Election by TeamSimple(m): 11:31am On Dec 13, 2019
Trump don win again. This guy na trum padi
You don’t know anything . Is this not the same man trump called Two faced and gossiper along with Canada’s president . They are both really on bad terms .
Celebrities / Re: Bambam And Teddy A White Wedding Pictures In Dubai by TeamSimple(m): 6:40pm On Nov 25, 2019
Adesua Etomi and Banky W's wedding was still like this but today their marriage is in a sorry state as anytime their name is being mention brings tears to our eyes.
Bam Bam u should pray God to bless u with the fruit of the womb so u won't end up like Adesua Etomi.
She is already pregnant. Look the pictures well again

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Business / Re: Allen Onyema: U.S. Seizes $14 Million In Bank Accounts Linked To Air Peace Boss by TeamSimple(m): 2:35pm On Nov 23, 2019
Well I used to think America and Biafra are best friends .

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Business / Re: FEC Approves N200 Billion Loan For Bank Of Industry by TeamSimple(m): 7:50am On Nov 21, 2019
Education / Re: Leaked Sex Tape: Why Babcock University Reserves The Right To Expel Student by TeamSimple(m): 10:54pm On Nov 20, 2019
Babcock only expelled them so they can go continue their sexcapades in their parents house .


Politics / Re: Wike: PDP’s Loss Of Bayelsa Poses Serious Threat To Rivers by TeamSimple(m): 9:15am On Nov 20, 2019
Because mama Peace is gradually going APC


Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Reelected As Kogi Governor by TeamSimple(m): 12:20pm On Nov 18, 2019
kogi people have been raped
Through the back ?


Romance / Re: Etinosa Vivian: My Sugar Daddy Took Me To Dubai & Spent Millions On Me by TeamSimple(m): 8:39am On Nov 15, 2019
Wetin Dey worry all these Etinosa’s


Celebrities / Re: Mompha Returns To Instagram Again After Sudden Disappearance by TeamSimple(m): 8:29am On Nov 15, 2019
Who is fooling who is this country?? Prolly someone is operating his account though but if this guy walks out of this mess without a trial then we should understand why we are where we are today, no sane country will ever take us serious
Take us serious you say ? It is because our country underdeveloped that is why they won’t take us serious . The level of fraud carried out by US citizens , Chinese and Indians is on a tertiary level compared to ours .but the media can’t damage their image cox they are super powers . It is a Nigeria Spirit to blow things out of proportion because we all want to say something condemning , but believe me our scam level Na child’s play .


Politics / Re: Kiki Osinbajo Outfit To DJ Cuppy's Foundation's Fundraising Event by TeamSimple(m): 12:50pm On Nov 12, 2019
Daughter of a hausa/Fulani slave...spits
So much hate coming from an orphan .

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Celebrities / Re: Troll Apologizes For Body-Shaming Eniola Badmus Because Of Her Unexpected Reply by TeamSimple(m): 12:36pm On Nov 12, 2019
If he/she gets what Eniola Badmus typed in Yoruba , he will know she already finished her reply in that question .
Islam for Muslims / Re: Sheikh Dauda Onyeaocha Is Dead! Chief Imam Of Imo State Dies by TeamSimple(m): 12:18pm On Nov 12, 2019
This one done go hell direct VISA
Serve No other GOD accept Me Johova ELOHIi am the way the Truth and the Life No one cometh to the father accept through Me shocked shocked
I wish you both would be able to come face to face on judgement day , so you can say this directly to his face. A shocker awaits you

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Reacts As Otedola Donates N5 Billion For North-east Intervention by TeamSimple(m): 2:21pm On Nov 11, 2019
To me I squarely blame Islam for lack Love for Humanity that themed the message of Allah to mankind as contained in the Quran.

The maidaribe, indimi, mandara, alimodu Sheriff and hundreds of naira billionaires in Borno alone should have come together to give back to their communities. But no. They will prefer to eat alone, steal more, create more violence. Leaving Bill Gates, Ford, otedola and hosts of other NGOs who are Christians to keep cleaning the mess ups created by Muslims across the country and beyond.

When a religion is focused on too much hate for infidels and no love for even amongst it Ummah except you are fully into Jihad, this is what u get.

Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bharaine, Saudi Arabia and UAE are extremely rich Muslim countries that can afford to eliminate poverty from among world's poor Muslims of Nigeria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Rhoyinga, and Yemen.

But they rather fund terrorism to create more death and poverty than economic empowerment.

Globally, Christian countries are always leading in charities because Christianity is founded on LOVE for God and Humanity. Muslim nations should wake up.
I don’t blame you . You have no knowledge about Islam itself and it position on charity and how the Rich is supposed to live with the poor. And those Islamic countries you listed up there aren’t poor Islamic quantities , they are far from being poor but political and social unrest caused by external and internal factors won’t allow them have a taste of their wealth .

You lots are very quick to use the actions and happenings of a Muslim or Muslim community to judge the religion itself without really knowing what the position of the religion truly is . There are a lot of inhumane acts that goes on in the so called Christian countries and you people will be quick to single it out and blame it on the people involve and not the religion , sometimes you even find it comfortable to blame it on other religions . Your so called Christian country are responsible for more death in world history than any other religion . You can go figure out yourself .


Politics / Re: Buhari Hosted By Justin Welby, Archbishop Of Canterbury In London (photos) by TeamSimple(m): 10:47am On Nov 11, 2019
They seem to be good friends
Politics / Re: Darkness pervades the country as national grid collapses again by TeamSimple(m): 10:44am On Nov 09, 2019
There is light here
Travel / Re: What Is Happening to Nigerian Job Seekers In Dubai? by TeamSimple(m): 7:10am On Nov 06, 2019
please, give me your number I want make you help me do my visa processing...naah you my mind choose
How do I get my number to you ? I can’t paste on a public forum Biko
Travel / Re: What Is Happening to Nigerian Job Seekers In Dubai? by TeamSimple(m): 6:41pm On Nov 05, 2019
Job still Dey there if you no go do yanga . You go still find 120k monthly job with accommodation and work transportation .


Crime / Re: Victims Recount Their Ordeal At Lagos Christian Rehab Home (video) by TeamSimple(m): 5:33pm On Nov 04, 2019
Religion is not meant for Nigeria


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