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Celebrities / Re: Picture Of Obi Cubana And His Elder Brothers by TheGift: 5:11pm On Jul 28
Credible Source, please or I don’t believe it.

"ABUBAKAR DUUWALE, the man who trekked from Yola to Abuja for President Buhari when he was declared winner of the Presidential election in 2015 has been kidnapped by Bandits".

It will get to you'all zombies one after the other, since you all support the carnage and evil going on in this present administration. It might tarry but must manifest!
Politics / Re: Tunde Bakare Declared 'Nigeria For Nigeria Movement' (Video) by TheGift: 2:39pm On Jul 27
I have been saying (since I noticed more and more people believe Buhari is dead) that Buhari is not dead but may be brain dead.

He is aging.
The 2015 campaign was His most demanding , especially for His age

Small wonder His health deteriorated soon after.

Following which He was sick and away from the country for an unbelievably extended period.

Only to return with threats against His opposers and no word of gratitude to all those who were awaiting His return.

Most likely , since then He has been on medication, all kinds.

He can’t ever give a speech without looking at a sheet . No passion.

Then you remember He took six months to name Ministers. Then you remember His very poor primary school grades after the school certificate brouhaha... Then it’s not so hard to see why Buhari might truly be brain dead.

Is Buhari truly braindead
Literature / Re: Cancel Chimamanda Adichie's Lecture At University Of Cape Town - SRC by TheGift: 6:08pm On Jul 26
I consider it the height of stupidity when universities which are meant to promote diversity of views and opinion, engage in the emotionally driven, thin skinned , intellectually UN-rigorous and intolerant cancel culture.

That is how UNILAG was having a lecture on improving public transportation in Lagos but the students decided to cancel the. NURTW chairman because He was MC Oluomo and as far as they were concerned a tout.

Forgetting that He is the source of so much data and analysis on the issue.

What an intolerant generation , who will save us??
South African University's Students Want Adichie's Lecture Cancelled Over "Transphobic" Comments

The University of Cape Town's (UCT) Student Representative Council (SRC) wants an open lecture by writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie cancelled, accusing her of transphobia.

University of Capetown SRC

The SRC webinar "The Dangers of Sectional Feminism in the context of trans women" is expected to take place @6pm on 28/06/2021

Vice-Chancellor's Position


The University of Capetown was the first to ratify the Inclusivity Policy for Sexual Orientation and offered students and staff a choice of honorifics.

The said interview:



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Politics / Re: List Of Media Officials and Media Houses Accredited To Cover Nnamdi Kanu's Trial by TheGift: 7:50am On Jul 26
It’s Nnamdi KaNu not kaLu... thank you.

Kangaroo trial.

DSS, Pantami, Malami, and PMB - all Islamic fundamentalists misusing Nigeria’s government institutions to torment Nnamdi Kalu and Sunday Igboho who are up against Islamic Fundamentalism of Buhari presidency.

Nnamdi Kalu did not commit any crime when your Kangaroo court declared Kalu and his IPOB as terrorist and terrorist organization respectively.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Man Accused Of Trying To Kill Mali President Dies In Custody by TheGift: 7:35am On Jul 26
Are you actually trying to compare a slap with a murder attempt, just to fulfill your penchant for Africa bashing ?? Na wa!
That is Africa for you!!!
No time
A citizen slap President in France, they didn't killed him, he was only jailed for four months.
Romance / Re: Louise & Martine Fokken, Amsterdam's Oldest Twin Sex Workers Serviced 335000 Men by TheGift: 7:23pm On Jul 24
335,000 men divided by two women = 167,500 each
167,500 divided by 50 years per one woman = 3,350 men per year

3,350 men per year = 9.1 men per day per woman.

I think they're lying.
I can mathematical prove them wrong.
They've been working for 50 years.
Assuming they worked 300 days a year (periods, vacation, rest day, sick leaves)
They worked ~15000 days.
335000 ÷ 15000 = 22.33
Lets round it off to 22 men a day with 23 men every third day.

I'm no expert, but that's physically impossible for any woman
This is not something that I would be announcing to the world. Just me I know undecided
Celebrities / Re: Clarion Chukwurah Goes Topless For Her 57th Birthday Photoshoot (Photos) by TheGift: 4:53pm On Jul 24
Well said!
Madam Chukwurah has made a huge statement with her beautiful photos.

Her attire is very African. Nudity for the African woman is when she does not cover her vulva. She is well clothed from her waist down. Many women her age in rural African communities are relaxing topless with only their wrappers covering only what is below their navel.

If you spend 5 minutes at nursing departments in churches or pediatric wards at hospitals, you will definitely wonder if women really care about covering theirs breasts or they do it to fulfill all righteousness. They pull out their breasts without regard while discussing with adult males and place the nipples in their babies' mouths. They don't always seem to care if the man sees their breasts or not. I saw more than 100 bare breasts the last time I sat at a pediatric ward. I was 15+ and mature but the rule of the Federal Hospital was that I deal with the pediatric ward. I felt embarrassed then but my opinion has changed.

Uncovering one's breasts was not nudity in Africa until not more than 150 years ago. In Southern Africa, female Ph.d holders go topless annually to celebrate the Reed dance or Umemulo.

The most important message is her Clarion call to keep Africa's most populous country unified. That should be our focus.

Her message is well delivered and she deserves accolades. Let's not sexualize her please.

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Career / Re: Manager By Day, Sugar Baby At Night: A Week In The Life by TheGift: 8:01am On Jul 24
What is this one saying??. Mtcheeew!
you can scream prostitute ten times while banging your head on a wall - im sure that should make up for the op not calling herself a prostitute for your personal satisfaction .
Career / Re: Manager By Day, Sugar Baby At Night: A Week In The Life by TheGift: 5:06pm On Jul 23
Zikoko seems bent on pushing some amoral values these days.

Anyway, I am not judging the author but She is selling Herself for sex and should be confident enough to call Herself a prostitute - with Her full chest.
The subject of today’s “A Week In The Life” is a manager at a cosmetic store. When she’s not making sure her office doesn’t burn, she’s also a sugar girl. She tells us about how money challenges morals, the benefits of her job, and why she cherishes her independence.


I’m lucky I live five minutes away from work because it means I can wake up by 7:45 a.m. and still resume at 8:00 a.m. Every morning I stand up from bed is a war against Nigeria, a war against my village people, and war, most especially, against the side of me that just wants to relax and be taken care of. But we move.

During the day, I work as a manager in a cosmetics store on the island. At every other time, I work as the minister of enjoyment, aka someone’s baby.

I’m doing manager’s work today.

I work alternate days and run full-day shifts from 8:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. Although, I find myself staying back these days till 10:00 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. As the manager, I have to ensure that when work closes, the books are balanced and the inventory tallies. Work today was slow, but things picked up in the evening. Someone I know asked me to deliver some products to his house and at a 100% markup. I made some good money from that deal.

I generally help high-end clients source goods. Products you can’t easily find in Nigeria, gift sets for their partners, and home services for people who don’t want to come to the store. Even though it can be stressful, I don’t mind. I determine the profit margins on each deal and it ranges between 100% – 500%, depending on my mood. Sometimes, these clients even give me “thank you” money in addition.

I’ve made 7 figures in one day from product sourcing alone. I felt so happy, almost as if someone pumped me with drugs. I looked at my balance and I was like, “Wait oh, na me be this. Na me take my hand do am.” I just kept my mouth shut and didn’t tell anybody.

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You know all those questions where they ask “if you pick ₦100 million from the floor, who will you tell?” The answer should be nobody! Keep quiet and code, because that’s what I did. Anytime I wanted to tell someone, I drank water instead. You don’t know who’s the devil out there.

After that experience, I now believe that there’s no job I can’t do as long as it’s legal and will put money in my hands. These deals aren’t constant — you can go up to a year without getting anything — but they’re worth it when they come.


I like my job because it’s located in a high brow area with high-end customers who always want to see the manager. And somehow, they always want to collect my number, which I mostly refuse. Well, except this one customer.

One day, this unassuming man wearing a top and knickers entered the store asking to see me. He came in scared because he wasn’t sure if the creams he owned could cause cancer. I gave him tips on what to look out for and that calmed him down. He thanked me and left the store.

A few weeks later, this man came back looking very different. His car told me I was speaking to money, his wristwatch whispered that he was the real deal, and his neck jewellery screamed wealth.

According to him, he came to thank me for not dying, plus he also wanted my number. I playfully told him I was selling my number at ₦5,000 per digit. That’s how this man dropped a bundle of cash on my office table and asked me to count my money — I took ₦50,000 and gave him my number. From that point, I started seeing men who’d “buy” my number for ₦100,000, ₦200,000, and even ₦500,000. See ehn, there’s money and you just need to know where to look. And how to work on your looks.

If you tell these men that you want ₦2,000,000, they’ll size you up to see if you’ve seen ₦500,000 in your life. That incident at the store changed something in me. I started to ask myself: if someone that has only seen you once gives you ₦50k to take your number, how much more will they give you when they have something with you?


I have a confession: I’m having an affair with the unassuming man from the store. It’s embarrassing saying it loud, but let me explain. Nothing happened with this man until after five months after we started talking. Since he made it clear that he was married, I thought we’d just be friends.

During the first five months, he’d come to see me and we’d just gist in his car. Sometimes he’d give me $100 when I’m leaving. Other times, he’d press ₦50,000, ₦100,000 into my hands. On generous days, between $300 to $1,000. And this was purely platonic, or so I thought. Like the thief that I am, I was collecting the money not knowing that he was fattening me up.

One day he asked if I had any idea why he had been coming to see me, and I told him I didn’t. I hadn’t been with an older man before.

He told me he liked and wanted me for himself. He also added that he would not disturb my relationship or marriage as he was comfortable being in the background. He then told me to think about it.

Omo. I thought about it and decided that if someone could spend over a million on me without seeing my pant, nobody would ever use word of mouth to enter me again. That’s how we started seeing each other.

I won’t lie to you, the money he gives me has been so useful. Do you know what it means for you to just stay and someone is dashing you money? Unprovoked? You can buy Ibeju land and be paying instalmentally. Bad as e bad, my life has changed.

However, I’m not carried away. Part of the reason why I’m going to work, like today, is because I’m not foolish. I know he can wake up one day and leave. Me, I’m a hustler, so I try to make my own money. Nothing is too small. I’ll drive from island to mainland to supply products with ₦5,000 profit. Why?

If I miss ₦5K today, miss it tomorrow and the next, at the end of the week I don get ₦15k loss be that. If you check am, that ₦5k na my fuel money for generator. It’ll fill up my 125L keg clean.

I’m grateful for him in my life, but I’m not depending on only one man. I put it to you that if you find one man that’s taking care of all your bills, he’ll also be taking something from you. And let me not lie to you, the money is not constant like that. The generosity is seasonal. Some months there’s nothing and some months it’s flowing. But you know the truth? There’s no amount of money that’s ever enough.


I’m off work today and I plan to sleep all day. I’m thinking about how money has a way of making you drop your morals. At some point in my life, I used to tell married men off. I’d tell them to respect themselves and their wives. But now I’m here, and you know what? I don’t feel guilty. Well, not anymore.

In the beginning, I did. The first time we had sex, five months after nothing had happened, I couldn’t take off my clothes. I couldn’t look him in the eye. I was that guilty. But after he assured me with words, action and credit alert, I felt more comfortable. On some level, I gauged that it’s the same unmarried sex, which is a sin, that I’ll do with my boyfriend that I’ll do with him. Abeg remove cloth.

If you ask people if they can date someone for financial gain, everyone will say no. But with what I know now, I’ll just keep quiet. Life has shown me to never say never. The prayer is not to see temptation that surpasses the willpower to say no.


I like this man I’m seeing for several reasons, but the most important one is that he doesn’t interfere with my life. Today makes it five days since we last spoke or saw each other. And neither of us is bothered.

He doesn’t interfere with my work or any aspect of my life. He’s just a ghost. If you go through my phone, you’ll not find any message from him. But if you visit my bank account, I will cast. You’ll see his handiwork all over there.

Being with him is like having a side guy. Outside of when we see in person, our calls last between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

But I know this won’t last forever. There’s someone in the picture with whom I’ll soon enter a proper boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, with the possibility of marriage.

Marriage lowkey scares me because I’m committing my life to someone’s hand. What if they’re not sensible? What if they want me to be a stay-at-home mum? It’s just too much power to give one person over my life. Even my life wey dey God’s hands, sometimes, I dey find ways to comot am. Now imagine after God, then there’s another person before me. Am I still living for myself?

Nothing spoil. I’m a hustler, so I know that no matter what happens, I’ll never be stranded. My own is that nobody should please judge me for any of my choices. Let’s leave judgement to God.

He who’s without sin should cast a stone. If e sure for you, stone me.

Source: https://www.zikoko.com/money/hustle/manager-by-day-sugar-baby-at-night-a-week-in-the-life/
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by TheGift: 11:55am On Jul 23
Yes! Especially if She confirms it, like He did.

It was recently in the news that an American female teacher committed suicide after she was convicted for sex with a minor.

Just this Tuesday , in the same Oklahoma where this guy was arrested , a 38 year old female teacher was convicted for having repeated sex with a 16 year old.

See this link for a long list of charged, tried and or convicted female rapists. https://canadiancrc.com/FEMALE_TEACHER_SEX_OFFENDERS-SEXUAL_ASSAULT_Female_Sexual_Predators-RAPE_MALES.aspx

My question if it was a boy that is the minor a matter like this do you think the woman would be charge for defiling the boy.
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Floods-passengers Fearing Death Texted Their Wills And Final Goodbyes(Pix) by TheGift: 11:45am On Jul 23

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Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana: I Started Dating My Wife When I Was Living In One-Room (Video) by TheGift: 11:39am On Jul 23
Where exactly are you?
Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana: I Started Dating My Wife When I Was Living In One-Room (Video) by TheGift: 11:38am On Jul 23
How can we confirm this?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Moment Mali President, Assimi Goïta Was Attacked By A Man With A Knife (Video) by TheGift: 10:30am On Jul 23
For real. If they were fully prepared, dagger itself would be soaked in poison. So all it would take is a scratch.
Seems like a prank or a poorly trained assailant. On a normal day, his throat would have been slit before the security details move on him. Terrorist everywhere!
Celebrities / Re: Uche Maduagwu Blasts Obi Cubana: You Claim To Be Wealthy Yet ... by TheGift: 9:10am On Jul 23
Justice for a murderer Non-consensual sex with someone who booked hotel room with a fake name to be with a married man?

Shameless and stupid adults.
Shameless adults.
Politics / Re: Arrest Emefiele, Mele Kyari, Others Now - Reps Panel by TheGift: 1:23pm On Jul 22
Immunity... for now.
grin gandollar nko?
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Flood: Commuters Trapped In Subway Train (Pics, Video) by TheGift: 9:49pm On Jul 21
Ok. I hear you. And I actually agree, as per Lekki.
as per the railway constructed under a reservoir that's a design error..but in our case; say lekki, flooding is as frequent as anything because of poor urban planning..no effective drainage system..so just some down pour and everywhere is flooded.

I am using this foolish lekki I stay as a case in point..
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Flood: Commuters Trapped In Subway Train (Pics, Video) by TheGift: 9:28pm On Jul 21
Are you one of the self loathing people?

Anyway, I will not stop the comparison.

First of all you are wrong to say our cities are NEVER planned, Abuja and some major parts of Lagos are case in point.

However , even the best laid plans can be disrupted by Natural disasters combined with incompetence and corruption.

Did you miss the part where they said a railway was constructed under a reservoir. Technology can be dangerous and there is such a thing as being to smart for your own good.

our floods can barely be termed as natural disaster..so stop the comparison..in Nigeria our cities are never planned with world class drainage systems that should ensure that under normal conditions there is no flooding. Just a little rain in lekki my street is already flooded..

When you see floods in advanced countries it definitely signifies something: natural disaster or conditions out of boundary limits..

Here in Nigeria our corruption, incompetence, stealing and poor planning is our disaster...

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China Flood: Commuters Trapped In Subway Train (Pics, Video) by TheGift: 5:00pm On Jul 21
This is a very cartoonish view of rapture that is not supported by scripture .
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Flood: Commuters Trapped In Subway Train (Pics, Video) by TheGift: 4:57pm On Jul 21
Where are all those self loathing Nigerians that were dragging Lagos after that flood. They should come and drag China oooo. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

We will stay yabbing our over ground railways, meanwhile , see underground railway, built under a reservoir... Na wa!




Politics / Re: Interpol Arrested Sunday Igboho & His Wife Ropo In Benin Republic — Lawyer by TheGift: 6:59pm On Jul 20
Haiti’s president was “Federal Government” until... that is THE correlation. Or was He not?

Haiti's President was assassinated by a group of which includes US citizens.

Haitian citizens captured those killers. I can't understand how Haiti's current situation correlates with treason, provoking public unrest, assault, and battery, kidnapping, and possession of illegal arms.

Celebrities / Re: Adewale Ayuba, Jaywon, Others Hold Procession For Sound Sultan (Pictures) by TheGift: 6:56pm On Jul 20
The Man is an idiot with a colonized brain, that was probably sent to destabilize the team using a very touchy and divisive issue.

Does He think those athletes are there because they love Buhari?

He must be a Frustrated human being and He is taking it out on green white green.
Hausa man insult Buhari & disgraced Nigeria female National team in Austria.


Politics / Re: Interpol Arrested Sunday Igboho & His Wife Ropo In Benin Republic — Lawyer by TheGift: 6:46pm On Jul 20
So how does one confirm this now?
If you are reading this, pls I am on my needs begging for help, I just got a parmanent cleaning job in one of the company in my place, God answered my prayers after long days without a part time job, but the problem is that, I don't have much to sustain me till I receive my first salary, pls men and women of good will in this forum, I want someone that will lend me 5k, I promise I'll pay back if I receive my salary, please u can chat me for proof, or if it touches anyone to help me, God will bless the person more, please help a sister with no one to help.
Politics / Re: Interpol Arrested Sunday Igboho & His Wife Ropo In Benin Republic — Lawyer by TheGift: 6:45pm On Jul 20
True. But the Federal Government also have not come to terms with what “The people” mean.

Was Haiti President not Federal Government before He was tortured and killed along with His Wife?

If government persists in oppressing the people they are sworn to protect , the chickens will eventually come home to roost.
It baffles me that some people have not come to terms with what Federal Government really mean.

Even as influential as Dangote with his money, foreign network and contacts/connections can't dare the Federal government.
El-zazaky with the most dreaded followers is still cooling off in confinement.

Kanu who boasted that he can play God with his 2m men is in the dungeon of the DSS without a single protest from his so call 2m men in Nigeria soil.
What about the great Tompolo of old, where is he?
After God fear Government!


Sports / Re: Ozil's Girlfriend Slept With Everyone At Inter, AC Milan - Pèrez Leaked Audio by TheGift: 1:04am On Jul 18
You must be confused... Or watching too many video instructions from guys who are so hung up on Women but telling you to act like you don’t care about Women, just so you can get Women to care about you. #SMH

If you need to discuss your sexploits with other Men, in order feel like a Man -when you are not a teenager or in your very early youth- then you are not a real Man, you’re still learning work.

Real men?
You must be a feminist or Simp
Romance / Re: My Relationship Is About To Hit The Rock, Pls Advice , by TheGift: 12:44am On Jul 18

I think you are the biggest problem in this equation.

First of all you are just finishing with NYSC and you are here trying to handle a relationship when you have not even found your own bearing in life.

Because you dated for six years between uni and service year, you seem to think you have some serious claim to stake, you guys don’t even really know yourselves yet , talk less of what it means to be in an authentic ، no games, no scheming relationship.

Don’t let your male ego deceive you, that young girl may be more mature about relationships than you. Who knows wether she is even hiding her phone to protect you because she knows how fragile she sees your ego is and how weak you are.

Finally you are being brutish idiotic, criminally liable and foolish to not only beat another human being، someone’s daughter, sister, that you have not even paid bride price or married but to come here and say it like it’s normal “ till my hand bend”

Intact , you are mad , you just don’t know it. Better leave that girl alone and stop waiting for her to leave you، , for your pride but more importantly for her safety.

If I knew you, I would report you to a domestic violence agency. IDIOT!!!

P.S check all my comments on Nairaland، I have never called anyone an “Idiot” until today... Thanks to you. sad
Guys I need your help here, me and my gal have been together for 6 yrs now, I was convinced that she's the one for me, so I decided to engage her late last year, at least to show that her position in my life is not taken for granted , we have really been through hell for each other even when there was nothing she was there for me, but thank God today I'm working now.

Now for the past 2 yrs, It looks as if I have been struggling to keep her, cos we have been cohabiting since I came back from nysc. Since I came back over two yrs now she has been mishaving , she locks her phone constantly, something she never did before, even if its opened the apps are lock only her can open it, if complain abt that she will respond like why will I touch her phone, asking me who does that, to touch a woman's phone even to go to social media, and she has being subjecting me to that because I don't trust her, when we are about to sleep she put her phone on flight mode, and put it under her pillow and put her head on top. Her phone is constantly on silent mode during day time so if it rings she will determind whom to pick so I won't hear and know. We can't watch movie together as partners perhaps she afraid of who will call next ,because she knows I will give her hit.

If I manage to pick up her call she will be shivering,
We have had alot of issues because of her giving in to distractions , I'm tired of talking , I don beat her tire my hand don bend. I have told her if u don't want me again and you have seen somewhere better , open up and tell me instead of cheating that will be honorable thing to do. I don tire for this gal, if I drive her away she has no where to go. The school she's going I'm the one supporting her, her family is not giving her enough support because the don't believing in education all the know is business, and I'm the only one bearing her load and i'm not doing that because i want to marry her, i'm doing it because she needs help and she is my lover.
She doesn't want to loose me because we have really suffered together so she want to keep me as potential husband and still be playing games outside , what crime did I do to go for service so I can come back and make life better for us, cos that was when she got spoilt. I deflowered her and thats not how I left her.

I have resolved chasing her away, right now I'm in offshore , I never trusted her while I was on land is it now that I'm offshore I will trust her?

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Sports / Re: Ozil's Girlfriend Slept With Everyone At Inter, AC Milan - Pèrez Leaked Audio by TheGift: 5:33pm On Jul 17
Real Men don’t kiss and tell or brag about their sexual exploits.

He is not hiding.
No man denies that he slept with a sexy lady, "its a medal"
Events / Re: Guests & Bouncers Struggling To Pick Money At Obi Cubana’s Mum's Funeral (Pics) by TheGift: 4:52pm On Jul 17
I no go pick. I’m so sure of it. As sure as I am that I will not be there even if invited. Such vulgar and despicable debauchery. I wonder if His dead mother will be proud.
If u dey there, u no-go pick undecided
Travel / Re: Heavy Flooding In Marina Lagos Drowns Cars (Picture) by TheGift: 7:08pm On Jul 16
Rent in the Estate where i live is comparable to Lekki, but with much better value , more spacious rooms, Living rooms and kitchens. Water doesn’t smell and taste rusty like it’s flowing through pipes rusted by salt water. Wide drainages flowing straight into the surrounding moat. Not a pool of water on any street.

Oga talk true, na high rent pursue you grin


Celebrities / Re: Obi Cubana: 346 Cows, 72 Goats, 20 Rams For Mother's Burial by TheGift: 4:51pm On Jul 16
Lol, e reach to ask.
Who are these men,?
Travel / Re: Heavy Flooding In Marina Lagos Drowns Cars (Picture) by TheGift: 4:47pm On Jul 16
They article says “Marina” , where did you see Lekki, Sir? Sounds like you really don’t know Lagos.
Lagos is the dirtiest, overrated, frustrating, suffocating, shiitiest, over populated, filthiest, disorganized, irritating and over hyped state in the world.

The presence of celebrities is the only thing differentiating Lagos from Abia and Ekiti state.

A ground for thuggery, traffic, depression, crimes, fake lives, bleaching, oloshoism, infections and all manner of fvckery.

Any honest Lagosian will agree with me.

If you ever leave Lagos to Abuja, Port harcourt or Kano, you’ll understand me better. To even think this is happening to the overrated Lekki makes it more funny.

Tueh!! angry

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Travel / Re: Heavy Flooding In Marina Lagos Drowns Cars (Picture) by TheGift: 4:42pm On Jul 16
This is why I don’t like the Island. Even though I spent the best part of my childhood and early youth in VI.

I am now a full time mainlander.
Heavy Flooding in Marina, Lagos Drowns Cars.



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