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Foreign Affairs / Re: Salman Rushdie On Ventilator, Liver Damaged, Likely To Lose One Eye by TheGift: 6:53am
reborn knight templar..dosnt it sound occultic organization to you away from the established secular Catholic church?? You will just come here and be boldly spilling trash.. be warned.. stop spreading fake news cause you are sympathetic to terrorist

Oga go and read before warning and accusing people of spewing rubbish or being sympathetic to terrorists. You obviously lack comprehension skills, as you keep reading the wrong meanings into things
Foreign Affairs / Re: Salman Rushdie On Ventilator, Liver Damaged, Likely To Lose One Eye by TheGift: 9:09pm On Aug 13
hey bro ..stop spilling trash.. how many terrorist in the world have u heard is from the Christian faith ? I dare u to name one sad

Show me where I said there were terrorists from the Christian faith?

But since you said I should mention one: His name is Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in a twin terror attack in Norway in 2011.

I chose to name Him because He claimed to be a member of a reborn 'Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar , in case you don't know, were military order established by the Catholic Church. Some of their acts were considered by some as a form of terrorism.

Now can You stop spewing rubbish by telling me to stop spewing rubbish. Then read my post again, and tell me exactly what you disagree with?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Salman Rushdie On Ventilator, Liver Damaged, Likely To Lose One Eye by TheGift: 11:22am On Aug 13

Bound to happen useless terrorist, they can be easily spotted

You obviously don't know how long there has been a fatwa (sentence of death by any Muslim) on His head. Even the person that declared the Fatwa is dead.

Read up on salman rushdie before you react.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Salman Rushdie On Ventilator, Liver Damaged, Likely To Lose One Eye by TheGift: 11:19am On Aug 13
Christian states should please flush out all extremists from within dia Territories.. Enough of this one world nonsense.. its crystal clear that those who believe they are duty bound to fight for their Lame god can't coexist peacefully with other faiths who believe in the God that fights for himself..

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "Christian State". The closest thing is the Vatican , which is still not a "christian state" according to Christ's message about the kingdom of God.

P.S. there are extremists and intolerant believers in every religion.

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Politics / Re: We Are Not Obidients In Enugu, We Support PDP - Arch Bishop Chukwuma by TheGift: 7:27am On Aug 13
We Are Not Obidients In Enugu - Arch Bishop Chukwuma

Bishop, is that what Jesus sent you to do? Partisan politics? What a shame to bishop hood.
Travel / Re: No Jobs In Dubai: Nigerian Man Warns Nigerians Still Coming To Dubai (Video) by TheGift: 9:16pm On Aug 12
Family / Re: Unusual Behavior Between My Step Brother And My Wife by TheGift: 12:40pm On Aug 12
"she was like oh well its ur fault, why didn't u confront him instead of listening to ur mums advise".
Politics / Re: Only Zombies Are Obedient – Femi Kuti by TheGift: 12:34pm On Aug 12
Please vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.

He is the best, the most brilliant, visionary, competent and the most capable of all the candidates.

He is very hardworking and patriotic to our national ideals. Asiwaju Tinubu will take Nigeria to greater heights.

God bless Nigeria for ever!
check my signature for free stuffs!

So is Femi Kuti taking the play on words quite literarily? And if so, is He saying we should be dis-Obidient ? And if so, can we not say Obi supporters are being dis-obedient by disobeying those people who brought us where we are and still want power just because they feel it is their right?
Politics / Re: Beyond The Pyrates’ Offensive Song By Abimbola Adelakun by TheGift: 9:43am On Aug 12

Very well said. This article should be translated to all of the major Nigerian languages.
Politics / Re: PMB: Government Will Do Its Best To Secure Release Of Remaining Abductees by TheGift: 9:30am On Aug 12
By paying ransoms

Yes. And it is the families not the FG that pay the ransoms.
Politics / Re: Nnewi North TC Chairman Suspended Over Wife's "Murder" (Graphic Pictures) by TheGift: 9:28am On Aug 12
Too bad

I know only God can judge me cos i see things clear,

Sunny days won't be easy if it wasn't for the rain ,

And death won't be easy if it wasn't for pain...

First to comment no dey pay and if it does am yet to receive any..

In summary:

Let's try and take back our country .

May God be the glory

"May God be the glory"?
Politics / Re: Coalition of South East Youth Leaders Ask Promoters Of Tinubu To Keep Off SE by TheGift: 2:43pm On Aug 11

That’s not true. All the politicians from the north and south supporting him are not daft. They are closer to him than you. They know when his brain has gone down like you are suggesting.

I am not suggesting any thing.

just speaking what I have seen with my eyes.

The Man was away for many months , we got to know for medical reasons. After they started by saying He was just making consultations, almost 9 months before.

I saw how He struggled to hold the APC flag when it was handed to Him - Ganduje and Buhari were literarily carrying it for Him.

I saw How he struggled to hold the sheet of paper He was to read from during the primaries.

I saw How he was wedged between two people more or less stabilizing Him as He walked through a crowd.

Just last week, I saw how much less vibrant, how much slower he walked than the party chairman and the VP nominee, when they went to visit Buhari. He didn't seem as present as they were, his energy was lower and His remarks didn't carry much weight compared to theirs.

This is not about campaigning for or against anyone. Just that from where I am sitting the man is not all together. And some people might be using it to their own advantage. I stand to be corrected.
Politics / Re: Coalition of South East Youth Leaders Ask Promoters Of Tinubu To Keep Off SE by TheGift: 11:15am On Aug 11

NO!!! I can categorically inform you that Tinubu is not Buhari. They are light years apart. Tinubu is far more intelligent and pragmatic. Tinubu is more foresighted. Tinubu is not nepotistic, he is more nationalistic than Buhari. He knows how to get the best hands to do the job. He is a go-getter. He has records of achievements. These are what Buhari lacks.

Yes. However , one thing Tinubu has in common with Buhari is that they are both Old & Sick. Tinubu is not as sharp as He used to be and is currently sicker than Buhari . He will be used, by the powers that be.
Politics / Re: Coalition of South East Youth Leaders Ask Promoters Of Tinubu To Keep Off SE by TheGift: 11:12am On Aug 11


They want to now bring temperamental and aggressive tendencies into the struggle. Make una dey try calm down. Everything no be by gra gra.
Politics / Re: Dayo Isreal: Tinubu Doesn't Sleep Until 4am, He Is Fit To Govern Nigeria by TheGift: 7:41am On Aug 11


It's a bad habit to be awake till 4am. The lack of sleep will affect cognitive abilities; Especially for His old age. Therefore, He is not fit to rule Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Tinubu To Obi: Falsehood, Disinformation Won’t Win Elections by TheGift: 3:29pm On Aug 10
I dont how Ibos will feel like after election in lagos ,after losing to Tinubu

Tinubu is the man

The Man with the plan

The clearly sick Man, with the very scary plan, for 50 million Nigerian youths to join the army to fight terrorism , while surviving on corn and cassava.
Politics / Re: Tinubu To Obi: Falsehood, Disinformation Won’t Win Elections by TheGift: 3:24pm On Aug 10


What is disinformation and falsehood?

Certainly not the fact that "Leg dey shake , hand dey shake, e dey shout e mi lo kan"
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Declare Cubana Chief Priest Wanted After Killing Ogwu Mozambique by TheGift: 3:22pm On Aug 10
All the pages used for OBIdient are still the same pages used for IPOB terrorist groups.

Like this I don wash my hand for Peter Obi matter. The devil I know is better than the angel I dont know

This your strategy will NOT work. Thank God you know who the devil is.
Politics / Re: INEC Denies Recognising Lawan, Akpabio As Senatorial Candidates by TheGift: 9:36pm On Aug 09

Previous Thread:
Thus is the best news I have heard today. Especially after the fake news that the truly irrelevant Lawan was about to be given a false sense of relevance once again.

He will go down in History as one of the most useless senate presidents there ever was. No character, no mind of his own, just rubber stamping everything from the presidency, no understanding of His legislative role. No charisma. Such a disappointment is the Man, Lawan.

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Romance / Re: She Cheated With A Married Man Now This. Please Advice. by TheGift: 4:07pm On Aug 09
Good day Folks, I am not going to bore you with all the details. Ok, I have been a member of this Forum but I really need matured advise cos I am in a dilemma right now. I met this cute babe in 2021. She is from Edo I am Igbo. I was really thinking of getting married to her but I have some serious concerns.

Firstly, sometime last year she came visiting. While she was sleeping on my laps her phone screen lit up so I was tempted to look and I saw message delivered to Mariam. So something whispered to me to check the content of the message. When I checked, I discovered that the message was deleted after it was sent.

So being a Guyman, that discovery spurred my curiosity. What I did was to copy the number and checked on Truecaller, lo and behold a Man’s name appeared. So I checked his name on face book and checked on WhatsApp too and I saw it was a married Man with five kids.

So I waited till morning and confronted her. Initially, she denied it was a man but when I confronted her with my evidence she confessed it was a married man. I enquired further and she told me they have had s*x like 4 times while we were dating ooo. I butted her out of my house and blocked her completely.

But this babe will be using other pple’s phones to call and be sending msgs telling me she is sorry. So at a point I forgave her and we continued, but, I was not ready to start trusting her again. So last week, I was trying to see if she has truly turned a new leaf before making a major move by going to see her parents. I was shocked what I saw in her WhatsApp.

There was this random dude asking her out. From their chats she told the guy that she has a boyfriend so she can’t have anything to do with him. But, she sent him a video of her touching her Vagi*a. Telling him she wets and squirts very well. When the guy demanded they see so he can feel her she told him no that her Vagin* is only for her boyfriend. Also I saw so many guys asking her out but she kept telling them she is in a serious relationship and she can’t date them.

So I am really confused. She is 22 and I am 33. It pains me so much cos this girl is so loving and caring and also a good cook. She treats me well and has never disrespected me. I am really hurting inside cos I feel this is not the kind of woman I wanna marry like how do u expose the most intimate part of ur body to someone else. Is it lack of maturity or she is jst loose and I didn’t know. I have refused picking her calls but she keeps on begging and sending msgs seriously. I am tired.

Please I need matured advise cos I am no longer getting young and I wanna settle down ASAP.

you are no longer getting young, that is why you want to marry someone you don't trust? what's with the rush and marriage?
Politics / Re: Pyrates Confraternity Officially Responds To The Trending Emilokan Video by TheGift: 12:51pm On Aug 09
All of this does not change the fact that

Leg dey shake, body dey shake, e dey shout E mi lo kan!
Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Is Nigeria’s Only Solution – Oluwo by TheGift: 12:49pm On Aug 09
2023: Tinubu is Nigeria’s only solution – Oluwo


I don't take you too serious , Mr Oluwo, Sir.
Health / Re: My Friend Has HIV, But She Recently Had A Blood Test And Is Not Showing anymore by TheGift: 12:47pm On Aug 09
Pls I don't know if this is the right section, mods should pls help to move it.

My Friend Has HIV, But She Recently Had A Blood Test And Is Not Showing anymore.

Pls what does it mean doctors, nurses and health practitioners in the house.

So if it's not showing, why are you still saying She haS HIV. You should be saying She haD HIV. Past tense.

However, She should get a confirmation from a different and more reliable testing center.
Career / Re: I Finally Re-signed And I'm Free From My Abusive Boss by TheGift: 12:38pm On Aug 09
Congratulations ����
Family / Re: How can I stop my wife from divorcing me? by TheGift: 7:22pm On Aug 08
Now, he can be blamed for putting them in the situation. I am more than 50% sure he spent most of that money on his wife. From what he wrote, the woman wasn't working before and was just freeloading off him as per wife- husband thing. grin He even had to assure her that getting a teaching job was a temporary thing, he would hustle for money to give her a poultry. May God let him live long. He is worshipping her.

Like seriously@ bolded! grin Are you sure you read his post? His major source of livelihood was stolen. That alone can demoralize an individual and lead to a few unwise decisions. People are going through a lot. The wife should understand that.

It is not really the woman planning to leave that I'm against. It's the attitude behind it. How can you begin to shun your husband in public because he is a debtor? This is the time he needs loved ones around him most. Now, if things turn around then she will come back and they will start enjoying it together. E kare. grin I can also distance myself from a disgraced person if he has always been a bad person but not a man who has always tried to hold things together for his family.
.If the man needed to be by himself at a time like this, he would be the one to suggest it, and even jump at the woman's idea. But he knows better. That's why he is feeling low about it. That doesn't look like a woman trying to give a troubled man space, she is giving herself space from a man she has been ashamed to associate with lately.
Loneliness will make his mental health worse. Unless he is the one who wants that space. If a woman has a problem and the husband says, 'Let me leave you in the house so that you can sort yourself out.' How does that sound.
We know. They should slug it out together. The wife has a #20,000 job. The man should go and get a job too instead of lamenting here. He should forget about loan apps or trying to start a business.
If she truly loves him and she is not a Fairweather wife, she should stick by him if he is a man who is honest and respects her. That man may commit suicide if he is too lonely.

Well done ooo. You really took your time.

No further comments, Mi Lord.
Politics / Re: Will You Vote In Next Year's General Elections Or Not? by TheGift: 6:56pm On Aug 08
OK Nairalanders, we are barely six Months away to the 2023 general elections, kindly indicate if you will partake in deciding who your next leaders will be or you prefer we decide on your behalf? �

I won't say who I will be voting for, but I can say who I will be campaigning against.

*Any politician who is sick

*Any politician who is old especially those with ties to the old guard who have joined hands to rob the youths of their future

*Any politician who is obviously not as mentally alert as He used to be

* Any one who has a vice that I definitely do not want to be president (in case the president becomes too ill) if it would be a continuation of the kind of leadership that we currently have , who have normalize terrorism and sympathized with terrorists.

*Anyone who is not carrying the diversity of the country along

*Anyone who is running because they feel they are entitled to it

*Anyone who has gotten rich and has been feeding fat off the back of this country

*Anyone that has too much baggage of corruption , especially in foreign nations, that could hold us to ransom.

*Anyone that is not listening to young people and trying to carry them along.


Family / Re: How can I stop my wife from divorcing me? by TheGift: 6:25pm On Aug 08

The wife ought to bear and generate money during the troubling time otherwise it becomes à marriage of convenience where both parties remain together only when theres money and part when there is no money....

Did you miss the part where He said She had to get a job and they have been surviving on Her small 20k while He was using His money to pay and enter more debts?


Family / Re: How can I stop my wife from divorcing me? by TheGift: 4:10pm On Aug 08
Is leaving him the solution to the problem? They more probably than not spent the money together. The wife can not be excused in the case, especially if she is trying to run away. The man messed up financially but it wasn't entirely his fault. He said his bike was stolen. Look, people fall into all kinds of problems. That's life. But it is at such times that really need their family and friends around them.

How can you run away from your home because your husband is a debtor and the secret is out in the open. What would see do if the man suffers a terminal illness? Reason am now.
My own be say: he should stop gambling and get a job . Even if it is okada riding like he was doing before.

Read my post again. There's a difference between leaving and giving someone space to sort themselves out. And you are jumping to judging her behavior as bad , without speaking first to the Mans responsibility in putting Her in such a situation. If He does not start from there, he will have problems even with the most docile woman.

Some Men need a serious wake up call, that is How some Women help them.

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Family / Re: I Discovered That My Wife Has Been Cheating On Me: What Should I Do? by TheGift: 3:22pm On Aug 08

In this case, the wife already told him why she's doing it.

That's why I said there may be a Deep-ER issue.

Even she may not be articulating it well and like most people it is easy to blame our problems on lack of money, rather than the real issues like , lack of honesty with the spouses we want to respect us, mismanagement of time and relationships, poor financial skills, irresponsible behaviors and ill-thought out decisions, lack of vision, lack of self confidence to sexually satisfy his wife etc.
Politics / Re: It Is Distasteful - Soyinka Condemns Pyrates Confraternity Video Mocking Tinubu by TheGift: 3:18pm On Aug 08

Ipobians are always clever by half. I will answer you but why dont you complete all my questions? You have not even asnwered the main question of how many job adverts today that who they are looking for are 3rd class graduates? Then I will answer you

Apart from jumping to conclusions which is an indication of poor reasoning skills ( I am neither Igbo nor an IPOBian) you are still avoiding my question by asking more questions , even though I was magnanimous enough to answer your question. Or do you have challenges with comprehension?

It appears you have no answer to my question. In which case , we are done here.
Politics / Re: It Is Distasteful - Soyinka Condemns Pyrates Confraternity Video Mocking Tinubu by TheGift: 2:56pm On Aug 08

Will you also hire a 3rd class graduate when you have so many first class brains? Hahahahaha. Obi is the least qualified person to govern Nigeria. Don't you get it? How many Job adverts today are looking for 3rd class graudate? Even your own father will be reluctant to hand over his company if you graduated with 3rd class

Answer my question first before jumping ahead to raise another question especially as I did not say anything about Peter Obi.

But if I must answer you, I would rather hire someone who is average, younger and healthier with room to grow. Than someone who was once smart but is now weighed down by health issues and age which have slowed down their mental alertness. (Let's not even talk about all the other moral baggage's they are carrying) Especially if that other older person may die on the sit and a VP such as His VP nominee ends up becoming my president.

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Politics / Re: It Is Distasteful - Soyinka Condemns Pyrates Confraternity Video Mocking Tinubu by TheGift: 2:32pm On Aug 08

Hahaha. Just read this and dispute it
Does this change the fact that

"Hand they shake, leg they shake and person wey no well they shout e mi lo kan"?

Will you hire a sick person to run your business just because they ran it well when they were well?

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