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Religion / Re: Jesus-like Image Appears In Markudi Church (pic) by Thelma110(f): 2:15pm On Aug 20, 2016
i know i can't convince you because your eyes have been blinded by the religious doctrines of your so called mother church.
anyway as for the image that appeared at "virgin mary's idol Statue"
the bible verse below explains, elucidates and adumbrates it well
2nd Corinthians 11 vs 14-15.

Happy reading dear

Well, thank you for ur over-sabi, it still changes nothing. Just learn to leave pple and their beliefs alone. Practice urs well b4 u think of condemning anyone. Don't be a hypocrite.
Car Talk / Re: How To Obtain Nigerian Driver's Licence by Thelma110(f): 1:02am On Aug 18, 2016

Renewl is 17k according to the person that does for me. Pls understand the price I gave u is only applicable if your dl is original. By original I mean u did capturing of ur face, fingers and u signed electronically.

Thanks. I did all that.

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Car Talk / Re: How To Obtain Nigerian Driver's Licence by Thelma110(f): 8:13pm On Aug 17, 2016
Pls let no one call me to assist in getting a drivers licence for someone who is not physically present. We re here to help each other. Dl is not done by proxy. Your fingers will be captured, you ve to sign ur electronic signature and finally ur face will be capture b4 ur temporry will be printed. On the day of capturing ensure u ve some change in ur pocket incase u will fail the eye test. I failed the last one but I cleaned my eyes again and opened it widely and it became very simple. Only call me if you re real I don't do illegal things. I ve built a reputation for myself and I don't want anything tarnished it. I am not doing a different thing from what the post sttated but am making it quicker. Some spend months at home to be able to get a capturing date.

Pls how do I renew my driver's license that expired in April this year? It was issued in 2013. Thanks.
Religion / Re: Peter Zuni, Kaduna Priest Married Two Wives by Thelma110(f): 2:09pm On Aug 14, 2016

See or read no evil.

The catholic church is the most ungodly institution ever created by men.

Catholic church was not founded my "man". Don't be ignorant. Your hatred for the Church doesn't alter the Truth.

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Religion / Re: Peter Zuni, Kaduna Priest Married Two Wives by Thelma110(f): 1:55pm On Aug 14, 2016
The catholic priesthood is nothing but a cult.

The only reason they don't allow their priests, monks and nuns to marry is so that all their wealth remains in the church.

A priest or nuns worldly possessions automatically transfers to the catholic church after his or her death.

The so-called proclamation of celibacy is in fact to keep the wealth within the catholic cult.

In as much as they claim to be celibate, their major reason for this is because they are against the marriage institutions.

Nuns where allowed into the catholic fold as comfort women for the priests and monks.

Alter boys are meant to satisfy the elite of the catholic church since they prefer boys as you go up on the catholic ladder.

No priest, reverend, bishop, monk or nun has been excommunicated from the catholic church because they had sex but only where they are found out to be married.

Your thought, your business.

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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Helps Emma Ugolee Who Has Kidney Failure by Thelma110(f): 1:37pm On Aug 14, 2016

And what's ur point? Because of her wealth she shouldnt marry any man that comes her way because they are coming for her money? She will die one day and her lineage will stop there. There is more to this life than wealth.

And what's more? Getting married to a gold digging sadist?
Religion / Re: Jesus-like Image Appears In Markudi Church (pic) by Thelma110(f): 1:23am On Aug 12, 2016
hello IDOL WORSHIPPER, that image that appeared is Satan himself coming to visit his servant the pope francis and the demons reverend fathers

Your mouth, your problem. It changes nothing.
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Falls In Poland During Mass (Photos) by Thelma110(f): 10:13pm On Jul 28, 2016
Are people never tired of saying rubbish about the Catholic church? What has your cheap talk yielded? Has it changed anything? The more you talk, the more frustrated you get. So stop getting urselves worked up. As for those pronouncing judgement before The Judge Himself, i hope u'r ready for what is to come. You can't beat them, yet you won't leave them. Why don't you just join them?
Forum Games / Re: Can You Solve This? by Thelma110(f): 7:29pm On Apr 13, 2016
The answer is 12

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Education / Re: Medical Students To Spend 11 Years In Varsity − NUC by Thelma110(f): 6:27pm On Mar 14, 2016
[quote author=SycophanticGoat post=43767726]Later now, those nurses, lab scientists, cleaners, gatemen, etc, will be asking for same salary scale as doctors.. SmH!

Btw, is our educational system going forward or backward? How many years is spent in studying medicine outside Nigeria? SmH..

With all these forex palava? shocked shocked shocked[/quote

Mind the way you ridicule other professionals with your unnecessary sarcasm .
Travel / Re: Reverend Sisters Die In Accident In Cross River (Graphic Photos) by Thelma110(f): 8:33am On Feb 10, 2016
So they died as virgins.

It's a pity

May God have mercy on you.
Religion / Re: Are You Comfortable In Your Place Of Worship?Read this photo inside by Thelma110(f): 10:03pm On Jan 24, 2016

The communion is made up of the body and the blood....when you receive communion during mass do you partake of both

When u'r offered the holy communion, what does the priest say to you? Quit trying to discredit the Catholic Church just because u decided to leave. Worship wherever you "See the light".
Religion / Re: Are You Comfortable In Your Place Of Worship?Read this photo inside by Thelma110(f): 7:26pm On Jan 24, 2016

It is more than you are willing to accept. It isabout knowing that it is dangerous to remain at the level of #ChildofGod. Until I left the Catholic Church I never knew there was a huge difference between child and sons of God.
I am now conscious of it

Lols....i think i'm begining to understand what this is abt.
Religion / Re: Are You Comfortable In Your Place Of Worship?Read this photo inside by Thelma110(f): 7:17pm On Jan 24, 2016

You are not correct. BTW, how often do you partake of the blood during communion?

U didn't give reasons why you think i'm not correct and your last question should make me ask you if u'r a Catholic cos i don't know what u mean by "Blood during communion".
Religion / Re: Are You Comfortable In Your Place Of Worship?Read this photo inside by Thelma110(f): 4:46pm On Jan 24, 2016
Thats what catholic does to me. Its as if I m not even committing enough sin sef. The worst is I cant even change church, it ll break my mother's heart.

Catholic church is One Church that reminds u of the need to be holy and at Peace with God. If you are a good Catholic who understands what the Eucharist is all about, u would know that u can't receive the holy Communion if u have committed a sin (especially a mortal sin) without going for confessions. This alone should make you uncomfortable in ur sin, especially when others go to receive the holy communion and u'r seated all through as a communicant. Not that anyone would care why u'r seating, but in your heart u wld know it's because u are not "in a state of Grace". In fact, pple leave the Catholic Church because they preach holiness most of the time and most people, especially the youths, do not want to hear all that because they consider it boring . So they go to churches where they preach what they want to hear, and at the same time do not emphasize on holiness, confessions, and penance.

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Religion / Re: Are You Comfortable In Your Place Of Worship?Read this photo inside by Thelma110(f): 4:29pm On Jan 24, 2016
Thats what catholic does to me. Its as if I m not even committing enough sin sef. The worst is I cant even change church, it ll break my mother's heart.

I don't agree with you.
Romance / Re: Pls Advice Me,we Are Both Introverts by Thelma110(f): 9:14am On Dec 27, 2015
Hmmm...i don't see any problem here except you want to find reasons not to marry him. If i got you correctly, u said u both love each other. You must not have everything you want. I think you can work on the personality aspect (especially yours) if u feel it makes u guys incompatible. If there's no other problem apart from the "introvert" issue that bothers you, then don't create one by listening to advices that'll discourage you. Marrying an extrovert because you'r an introvert does not guarantee your happiness in marraige.
Career / Re: I Want To Sack My Employee I Was Crushing On. by Thelma110(f): 11:02am On Dec 19, 2015
Op, these are my suggestions:
1...Don't send her away immediately if this is d first time she has displayed her rudeness. Give her a second chance. If u sack her outrightly she'll think it's because she didn't give in to ur advances and that u were hurt by that.
2...Call her to ur office or privately and warn her never to be rude to u again for any reason.
3....Treat her like every other worker by not paying her special attention and not being unnecessarily harsh so u don't look like a wounded dog.
4....Be disciplined and professional in relating to ur workers. Over familiarity breeds contempt.
If after taking these steps she still behaves rudely, then u'd be justified if u send her away.
Family / Re: My Husband Has Idolised Me And Now I'm Fed Up. Need Help by Thelma110(f): 12:17pm On Nov 26, 2015
Op, I feel your pain... I read your post from beginning to end and it can be scary for someone like you. You mentioned studying and training. seems you are furthering your education so I can imagine hw you would fee. But this is it. Also I like how you broke it in paragraphs so it won't look so long a messy. Nice. Many people would misunderstand the op.

Edit: The op is not saying her husband is too loving! Neither is she selfish or wicked. She is even a good person. From her writeup,if she says "Kill yourself" to her husband he would do it. It's not right so those silly comments below should be edited by the silly posters. The man is obsessed. It's dangerous for her very soon it would become obvious in public and you know the society would start accusing her of using metaphysical powers on him. So she wants to fix it now before it advances.

Back to the topic:

In your first/second paragraph you said it all. You were his first love. He was new to romance. And now you are married so he is carried away with it. He wants to make you happy that's all. And I can bet that he has been crushing on you before two of you met one on one. So for him To finally get you, he wants to keep you but he got it all wrong. It's normal in life.. something you have always desired finally comes your way of course you would protect it. So he is acting silly and idolizing you because he wants to keep you around.

I advice you talk to him. Sit him down and explain things to him let him know you love him for the man he is that he does not have to do silly things to please you. He knows it's nt right. I'm sure but he has no choice. So let him knw there is a choice. Give him the assurance you are his forever. That's all
Its just communication. And as for intimacy, he likes you, but you need to let him know that you value your study time and once in a while make the move too. Let him know you too can make the move not him alone so he does not have to do it always. And also there might be something about you that drives hm crazy which he does not want to depart from him.. ask him he will tell you. It could be your eyes, your accent, your voice, or even your fingers or your hair or skin or legs.. talk to him that's my point.


Edit: Hmmmmm FTC

Hmmm. Well said. U sound like a psychologist. Great advice and display of understanding.
Romance / Re: My Friend's Girlfriend Broke Up With Him For Proposing On Whatsapp! by Thelma110(f): 12:37am On Nov 25, 2015
It was very wrong of him to have proposed online. It doesn't show seriousness at all. It's not as if they were far away from each other. People should learn to do SERIOUS things SERIOUSLY. Shyness should not be an excuse to propose to your "Long time girlfriend" via watsapp.
Culture / Re: Why It Is Offensive To Give/Receive With Your Left Hand? by Thelma110(f): 10:35pm On Nov 24, 2015
In this part of the world, it is assumed that receiving or giving out something with your left hand is disrespectful and uncourteous. I have seen my mom scold my sister a number of times for either handing something to her or taking something from her with her left hand. It's just a sign of respect to always use your right hand especially while dealing with someone older than you.
Family / Re: This Is What My House Help Did To Me by Thelma110(f): 10:26pm On Nov 23, 2015
Thank God she didn't hurt your son. That would have been worse. As long as you know you didn't do anything to warrant her misbehavior, try to forget the episode. Anyone who decides to get a house help must do so with prayers and must remain prayerful. The devil use a lot of them to cause havoc and only a few of them appreciate what you do to help them. You must be very devastated considering how well u tried to treat her. It is well.
Religion / Re: Today Is Christ The King Sunday by Thelma110(f): 9:10am On Nov 22, 2015
Happy Feast of Christ the King. smiley
May Christ reign forever in our World and in our hearts.


Health / Re: Neurological Screening Test by Thelma110(f): 10:34pm On Nov 21, 2015
If this is a true test, i'm not quite happy i didn't pass, but i know i'm fine. smiley

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