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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by theV0ice: 10:44am On Dec 07, 2017

$2k Amazon GC needed (Valid Receipts ONLY), CASH or DEBIT,.... DIRECT LOADER... INSTANT CASH OUT...

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Eyan mi pataki, longest time. bawo ni?

How do i reach you? need to make some enquiries
Politics / Re: GE Says Buhari Lied On $2.2b Investment. Figure Inflated From $150 M To $2.2 B by theV0ice: 2:06pm On Oct 07, 2016
That's great.
We have so much to export but it appears the government is hell bent on finding oil in the north (Chad Basin and nowBenue)

Prospecting for oil isn't a bad thing even if we are talking diversification. Sensible countries and oil companies build up reserves to take advantage of possible price hikes in future. As wells mature, production drops so getting more fields active is a wise thing to do. Whether there's justification for the expedition up north is another matter.

Our govts keep playing mumu politics with the solid minerals sector and lip service to the agric sector. I paid a visit to a massive private farm in Oyo state last month and was pleasantly surprised that some individuals have bought into the agricultural initiative wholeheartedly. Travelling through the state from one LGA to another, I saw new farms springing up However the farmers lamented that govt isn't encouraging them. Its really sad because the country would really benefit from the output these farms are capable of.
Politics / Re: GE Says Buhari Lied On $2.2b Investment. Figure Inflated From $150 M To $2.2 B by theV0ice: 2:41pm On Oct 05, 2016
Haha, good to know lol.

How have you been?

Hopefully we won't wake up one day to hear that $1= N1000

I've been very good o grin

Well, it wouldn't have been a bad thing if only we had things to export in large quantities apart from crude.
Politics / Re: GE Says Buhari Lied On $2.2b Investment. Figure Inflated From $150 M To $2.2 B by theV0ice: 10:20am On Oct 05, 2016

theV0ice (my friend will still have logical explanation for me

cheesy cheesy my brother, there's no way or need to spin this. Bubu danced with the 'facts' and was rightly called out. GE truly has investment plans of $2.2B for Africa but not for Nigeria alone.

You're free to crucify him grin
Celebrities / Re: Actress Stephanie Linus Looks Beautiful In This Black Dress by theV0ice: 2:03pm On Sep 09, 2016
My bros wetin you dey find come here cheesy
You know God dey take extra time create African women. So pardon me make i admire the work of God tongue

You want make I quench for that negative politics section? Abeg life is more than all the idiocy going on in the political arena grin

Meanwhile, continue to admire abeg. God spend time on the African woman true true unlike all these oyinbo bongafish them cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Actress Stephanie Linus Looks Beautiful In This Black Dress by theV0ice: 4:41pm On Sep 08, 2016
How did you steal my thought. I said she has always been and then I saw this. You be winch joor

Na here my friend siddon dey admire fine woman. Na the work Nigeria send you be dis? grin
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 8:20pm On Aug 29, 2016
Be fare to me. Check my discussions with you. I have told you at least 3 things that i didn't like about his administration. I never said he is all perfect.

Really? I truly can't remember anything you hold him accountable for. Anyway, are you comfortable with the idea that stealing was truly made an occupation under GEJ? grin

I will be surprised if seeing all that is happening now you will vote for Buhari.
Have you read the Wakil interview in Chibok girls?

I voted GEJ in 2011 and I have no regrets about it. If I had to repeat the election in 2013, I'd still have voted GEJ again. After 5 years in the saddle, like i told u before the elections last year, i believed it was time to taste another devil in buhari. As at today, I have no regrets voting buhari in 2015. However, whether he deserves my vote in 2019 is an entirely different matter my friend.

I actually didn't read the story and honestly wasn't interested except you wish to share it with me.
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 5:42pm On Aug 29, 2016
Well the point is that Buhari doesn't want any criticism. Ctiticize him and get probed. I said it before when there was a clamp down on Silverbird. It us obvious there is genuine anticorruption and we have always known it.

Abeg forget this silverbird gist abeg. One man owes 11billion naira he refused to service and you're defending him? I worked for sometime in the banking industry my friend and I know what debts like those do to banks. I have no pity for arrogant and inconsiderate debtors like Ben Bruce angry

Was he the only one who had his business locked? Abi to avoid conspiracy theories, his debt ridden business should have been left alone?

How i wish you guys saw things the way some of us saw it. We won't have been in this mess tbh

my friend my friend has come again cheesy cheesy

If the election happens again today, I still won't vote GEJ. To you and Okupe, he's as infallible as Jesus Christ. I'm still waiting for you to admit 1 error of his 5 year presidency, 3 years VP, 6 years deputy gov and 2 years governor cool
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 10:22pm On Aug 28, 2016
Good to know you dey like dele. That is important.

I have lost count.
Today na Sunday jare.

Oh just recently, Sanusi criticized Ogah. And they said Soludo criticized him too. I come read this morning say FG wan probe the tenures of the past CBN governors.

Welcome back jare!!!

By ogah, I assume you mean buhari?

I read Sanusi's speech and I heard part of Soludo's address and I'm in full agreement with both men. To me, they criticized like genuine patriots would. The PDP and their minions had better take lessons from them on the art of opposing with sense and maturity. If i have my way, those 2 guys would be on an economic advisory team to the presidency.

I've not read that story about a probe ordered on their tenures but if indeed its true, the probe will do nada!! It'll be a wild goose chase
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 9:47pm On Aug 28, 2016
Where you dey? A lot has happened since you last checked out here.

I dey like Dele my bro. What's up? Wetin don happen again?
Politics / Re: Murray-Bruce: Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War Not A Witch-Hunt by theV0ice: 10:42pm On Aug 02, 2016
Please Gani is a different person. Don't compare.

My point is, if you are to scrutinize everyone in APDPC, the way Buhari is going after PDP people, none will remain. You will always argue that he needs them lol

Well I am not defending anyone, I am only comparing what is visible. The situation is if he talk too much, hang something on his neck and get him to keep quiet. Obasanjo did that with EFCC. I was laughing when Ribadu said last week that he is being persecuted. Magu will still say the same thing later.

Why is Burantashi and Dambazzau still walking free?

Billionaires the world over use people's monies to make profit and that's no crime. What is criminal is not servicing your loans. Unless you can prove here that Ben Bruce was servicing that loan will your witch hunting allegation resonate with anybody. Jimoh Ibrahim, Dansa Foods premises etc were also locked that same period, i never saw or heard anybody raise the persecution flag. Why Bruce?

Even Ben Bruce NEVER ATTRIBUTED THE CLOSURE TO POLITICS!! so why do you keep imputing politics into a business venture gone bad? Bruce didn't keep quiet because he was intimidated, He's quiet because he's proved himself a hypocrite. He's a bad debtor who contributed to the loss of thousands of jobs in the banking crisis under GEJ.

The Pharisees asked Jesus why his disciples don't fast and he replied that how did they expect his buddies to fast when he's still around to flex them? when he exits, he said then they'll fast grin

Stop wasting your time expecting Buhari to nail Amaechi, Fashola, Danbazzau, Burantashi etc. When GEJ and his men get the power again, they should help us collect back the yams those ones have chopped. For now, we focus on the PDP goats. The turn of the APC goats will surely come.
Politics / Re: Murray-Bruce: Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War Not A Witch-Hunt by theV0ice: 5:44pm On Aug 02, 2016
Don't forget he is the common sense senator. It is common sense to protect your empire and the source of your livelihood before fighting for the nation especially in Nigeria where the formula for being clean is to support Buhari.

One love my senator. You will live to fight another day. We are gradually getting into dictatorship because those who can effectively criticise the government are being silenced. God save Nigeria.

agabaI23, why you wan make me laugh this evening? cheesy

I'm sure you remember Gani fawehinmi, why couldn't even the brutality of Abacha silence him? Should i mention Frank Kokori, Olisa Agbakoba, Arthur nwankwo, Adekunle Ajasin? How did they manage to remain strong and unflinching?

My brother, Ben Bruce is VERY DIRTY and CROOKED. He couldn't have sustained the hypocrisy.

My verdict at the end of last years election still stands. OPPOSITION POLITICS IS DEAD IN NIGERIA. PDP is ill-equiped to counter the crooks in APC.


Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 1:28am On Jul 27, 2016
oya pronouce Lai and lie. Give me your result.

Lai is the local spelling of Lie. His parents spelt it as it is pronounced. Haba, check am naa

bad guy. i give up cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 1:16am On Jul 27, 2016
Kai, there is no E in Olisa. There is no one like Lai when it comes to lies. His parents forsaw his ability to lie at birth.

Where did you also see E in Lai? cheesy

you don start wayo abi? angry
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 1:08am On Jul 27, 2016

After reading thise post
I went to this thread

And edited my credit.

Not that I did not know before, but the information was hazy so I preferred to give credit to OBJ than not.

I presented a detailed research on this rail issue about 2 years ago and but I was not bothered to go looking for the post.

Kai, bro, who can you compare with Lai mohammed? Even his parents knew he is a liar and they named him after lies, hence the name Lai. Fear god oo

Ok no wahala wink

Meanwhile, agabaI23, na only God go deliver lai Mohammed from your hand cheesy cheesy

His name fit am just like oLIEsa Metuh own grin

I doubt we can have any era like theirs again cheesy
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 12:44am On Jul 27, 2016
Such is possible in Islam. It is inconsequential here.

The good news is that we did not hear she went for VVF surgery.

I haven't heard that much details to know about Alhaji Ribadu, that tells you it is not much of a concern to me as the inability of this administration to arrest the downward trend of the economy.

We already know the only possible authentic words from APC could good morning if it was not said by Lai Mohammed anyway.

The latest- GEJ administration had no intention to complete Kaduna-Abuja rail.... wink grin

Whether it's possible or not isn't the issue. If muslims like, they can impregnate their girls at 3 and half years old. The issue is that of Aisha Buhari as a person and it was very important because it was a major part of PDP manifesto for the 2015 elections. It's a miracle you guys didn't conjure up a medical report to show she suffered from VVF. After all, you brought out a report showing Buhari having undergone surgery for prostrate cancer grin

Lying is a part of politics. even Trump and Clinton are in a competition on that. I seriously hope you're not making out your dear PDP as a congregation of George Washingtons? wink

What has Lai Mohamed done that Olisa Metuh didn't do? cool

On the railway issue, na dem sabi. even Abacha left projects that OBJ came to complete. It's only Jonathanians that believe Nigeria only started doing projects in 2010 after GEJ ascended the throne or how much credit do you guys give OBJ?
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 11:59pm On Jul 26, 2016
Kai this guy, you don spoil tee, so you were into Dauda escapades and even dey read another one join? Hmmmmmmm!!!

The source is medicine after death.

And yes it applies because Buhari responded, Aisha responded to that. That was an official response from the first lady sorry wife of the president.......... grin

I no dey read them o as i be apostolic faith brought up child but since i schooled in diobu area of PH, you must see them boku for isaac boro park bus stop when we dey go school cheesy

Meanwhile, it's not about source. The question is ''did Audu Ogbeh clarify that matter or not?''

Pilger's law applying means Aisha was truly married by Buhari at 9 years old!

Now agabaI23, do you also believe like some that Aisha, the daughter of Alhaji Ribadu who was a minister in the first republic, was married by Buhari at 9 years old?!!
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 11:05pm On Jul 26, 2016
You take blueprint over dailytrust? Fear God bro grin

Even if it was authentic, you know about Pilger's law don't you?

Even if i quoted the pornographic magazine featuring ''Dauda or Nackson'', Unless you can prove that there was no event like the below from that report, you MUST accept it.

Speaking recently at the launch of the Green Alternative, a road map of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, said farmers would not be made to pay any mandatory fees for protecting them and their farms under the Corps special force unit being planned in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

You and this your obsession with pilger's law grin

Do you also think you can apply Pilger's law to the denial that Buhari married Aisha when she was 9 years old? wink

ababaI23, take ya time o cheesy
Career / Re: What Career Track Are You On? by theV0ice: 10:09pm On Jul 26, 2016
Hmmm......a thread to make one do some thinking cool
Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 5:41pm On Jul 26, 2016
Dailytrust a northern news medium and conspiracy against Buhari? You're having a laugh bro cheesy


It was even on Nairaland sef

Crime / Re: Ghana Policeman Shoots Wife & Kids To Death, Shoots Himself In Ghana: Graphic by theV0ice: 12:27am On Jul 26, 2016
This is very sad. What kind of frustration will push a father to end it for his family like this? cry

He even shot a baby? RIP to the children and their mother cry

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Politics / Re: Farmers To Pay Fee For Protection – Ogbeh by theV0ice: 12:11am On Jul 26, 2016
I can't hold back from calling your attention to this madness?
What has come over this guys? Are they for real?

Military task force to protect cattle and fulani herdsmen, farmers to pay for protection grin grin grin grin grin

I don tell you before say you too dey rush to believe conspiracy theories about this government anyhow grin

How can any govt ask farmers to pay for protection? cheesy

Stop believing everything you read online my friend wink
Politics / Re: FG Extends Public Holidays For Eid-el Fitr Celebration Till Thursday by theV0ice: 6:06pm On Jul 07, 2016
Oga, You will always have a counter argument for whatever point I raise even when you know it is the truth. I have answers to your dogo turenchi but I no get strength to type it here. It won't change your nairaland mind even if it will touch your soul. Buhari case don taya me. In fact e don even taya you. He will continue like this until only the fulani moslems can shout sai baba. Good luck.. grin grin

I hope I am wrong for the sake of the common man.

cheesy cheesy

You're getting it wrong. Its not about having counter arguments, its about correcting wrong notions.

What is the truth about saying buhari said he finished Secondary school at 10years old in 1953 when the fact is that we all know he was in the 1961 set and he's repeated it (and even his set mates have) several times while newspapers too have published it?

You're right I don tire for buhari on some of his actions and inactions and you know I admit this even in our off Nairaland chats. However, there's a difference between criticism from a genuine interest in progress and criticism from rabid hate stemming from ethnic and religious bigotry and I'll never be part of that kind of group no matter their prospects or goals.

Those who criticize out of hatred are free to continue but I trust you don't believe the idiots who assume every buhari online supporter is Yoruba or every Yoruba man supports buhari or every Igbo or ND man hates buhari? Also don't believe the imbeciles who assume all Igbo wish the country disintegrates or all Yoruba support one Nigeria.

Whether Nigeria falls or succeeds, GEJ is enjoying his life and buhari will enjoy his too. Its the citizens that'll be left to pick the pieces or share the dividends so every sensible adult must wish the country success for our sakes. I've always known you subscribe to this idea even if we disagree atimes.

The beauty of democracy is that every man is at liberty to hold a different view or opinion.

Cheers bro wink

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Politics / Re: Wither The Avengers. Solar @ 2.99 Cents Per KWH Now Cheaper Than Coal! by theV0ice: 8:41pm On Jul 06, 2016
Its inevitable that we'll join the rest of the world in utilising cleaner and renewable energy. Whether this year or in 5 years time, solar, wind, hydro will play major roles in our energy search.
Politics / Re: SHOCKING: Buhari's Daughter Is Married To Ali Modu Sheriff Brother by theV0ice: 1:25pm On Jul 06, 2016
Never gets old!...no wonder Sherrif is giving a free role to destroy Pdp. The plot thickens!

Yet Fayose, Wike, Akpabio, Ugwuanyi etc were falling over themselves to make him their chairman despite all the warnings from Oyegun? cheesy

Now i believe Someone strong truly bewitched PDP cheesy

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Politics / Re: Rampaging Avengers Blow Up 3 More Oil Facilities, Attack Surveillance Team by theV0ice: 12:41pm On Jul 06, 2016
And the surveillance team didn't return fire but were happy to escape unhurt This is national embarrassment!

Because everybody is benefiting from it

The group told the National Security Adviser, NSA, that some military officers were colluding with the militants and extending the crisis because they were benefiting from the emergency
Politics / Re: Rampaging Avengers Blow Up 3 More Oil Facilities, Attack Surveillance Team by theV0ice: 12:38pm On Jul 06, 2016
Imagine. A military patrol was close, yet nothing. smh

It now obviously a business with the military men getting kickbacks. See from vanguard

Go and look into the history of JTF past commanders and officers attached to each of the areas in the Niger Delta during the Warri Niger Delta crisis. They have billions in their accounts and acquired property during their stay here.”

And we all know Hausa/Fulani dominate the JTF. So militants blow up pipelines, gworo chewing officers reap the 'benefits' with the militants. Cordial business relationship and we tag it freedom fighting.

The Niger Delta is truly fvcked


Politics / Re: FG Extends Public Holidays For Eid-el Fitr Celebration Till Thursday by theV0ice: 8:53am On Jul 06, 2016

No bro, I am not forcing you.
May be you did not see the caption about Buhari receiving his classmates of 53 set and a picture to go with it. if you want the picture I will show you. You can google it anyway. If he said 53 years ago, it is part of the inconsistencies.

You see agaba, even in your obvious dislike for the man, you should know when tabloids make errors about 'facts'. Without going back to any archive, I remember buhari, coomasie, Yaradua etc as being in the 1961 set of katsina college. If newspapers make mistakes, whose fault is that? See stories about this


I agree with you that no politician is free. I even said that in my last post. Which is the reason why it is laughable he is fighting only the APC PDP.
Burantai is not a politician but the story is that he benefited from arms money just like Badeh and Amosun. He was accused of owning 2 houses in Dubai. The army did not deny that rather in his defence, the said he bought them with his savings. How laughable?
Later, the Army said that it was those officers who were forcefully retired because of armsgate that made the revelation so that they won't go down alone.
Why is the EFCC not arresting Burantai?

If Burantashi partook of the armsgate, I expect info on how much he received and how to be all over the news media now. More than enough wikileaks outfit in Nigeria. I only hope its not like your famed $300k matter? wink

GEJ's method of corruption fighting was blocking loopholes. He was building institutions. Buhari is here to self serve without thinking of what is happening under his nose and what will happen when he is gone. By the way, I said it would be difficult to nail Tinubu. If you touch him, a whole lot will go down.

cheesy cheesy the famed "goat and yam theory" I guess? Agaba, don't make me laugh. Building institutions by giving Dasuki the keys to the treasury? Building institutions by converting Fidelity bank to oil sales clearing house? Why were you and GEJ scared of the 'lot that will go down' because of Tinubu? Is Nigerian destiny tied to his balls? You and others with your unhealthy fixation made Tinubu the enigma he's become today.

It is always funny when you say he did not acquire wealth. How can you say that when he has refused to declare his assets publicly like he promised.

The statement he made about his asset before election was different from the one after just 2 months down the line. He is not an honest man sir. You should have known that and so many things point to that fact in this present administration.

Someone wrote this on facebook. The highlighted is it. He is better than others in concealing his corruption. Even he did not acquire as much as Danjuma, of course he had no oil well like Danjuma, he had so much more than people knew about. He is embarrassed to let people know he had deceived them into believing he had only a house in Kaduna, one in Kano that he borrowed money to build and a mud house in Daura, when in actual sense he had upto 5 houses in choice areas and even a plot of land in PH...

My dear, money that can be concealed so well in this 21st century is not money. Did he convert this money to cowries and bury them in an evil forest? I thought you guys see him as a dullard? How come the dullard seems to be wiser than all of you in hiding evidence?

You'll soon make a legend out of buhari with this your fruitless and untiring search for his hidden billions cheesy

TBH, I have no sympathy for those guys as a person. If they did not conspire against GEJ, they would still be free today. Imagine if such monies were released for the election? Nigerians are buyable and you know that. Even in the North, such monies would turn heads in PDP strongholds. No they wanted to keep the money to themselves and I am happy they are in for it.

Agaba, the Hausa cobbler who uses his money to buy a standing space in a dirty cattle truck for a 15hour trip from PH to kano to vote for buhari CANNOT BE BOUGHT. Which conspiracy? GEJ was beaten fair and square. The fact that we we are for sale in the south doesn't mean same in the north. I lived and worked in the north so I know.

Its we the enlightened ones that refuse to accord importance to elections but are the loudest crying when things don't go our way. You must beg and pay a southerner to register. You must cajole and beg him to go collect his card then pay him to vote for his candidate. Udengs Eradiri, the former IYC president said folks in Bayelsa were asking money from him to go collect their voter's card TO VOTE FOR THEIR SON!

Do you know how the slang "who you epp?" Came about? cheesy
Politics / Re: FG Extends Public Holidays For Eid-el Fitr Celebration Till Thursday by theV0ice: 10:54pm On Jul 05, 2016
Firstly, You did not get the gist of the 73 stuff. It is not about age. It is about getting his waec at the age of 10.

I was asenior prefect and my friends hated me because I spared no one including my boy who was supposed to be immuned.
Where I work now, my friends respect themselves when I am involved because they know, there is no sacred cow in my books.

I did not talk about Amaechi. It is a more difficult one. I talked about Burantai AKA burantashi? We are talking about a man who rode to power on the back of Integrity. These excuses should not come. Unfortunately, I don't like to derive joy in the misfortune of another but Buahri should have lived up to his name. I would have been singing his praise and no person would have complained.

Why is Burantashi having a field day? Why is that no one said anything about Fashiola. Tinubu is a god in this government and he is very smart and covers his tract anyway...

But there are clear cases he would have taken care of to establish his maigaskya tag

Agaba, you're forcing me to do defensive work. I can still picture buhari wearing a sky blue babariga with kwankwaso sitting by his right saying before the TV cameras trained on him that he got his waec 53 years ago. Where did you see or hear 63 years??! These kind of childish propaganda portrays the 'opposition' as grossly unserious!

Really, the Burantashi case is neither here nor there while Amosu had clear cases of funds diversion under him so what's the point? I'll read up the Burantashi matter tomorrow to get the full gist because I've really being sad about the country to care.

I always laugh when you guys keep crying about Tinubu. A man left political office 8 years ago during which gej was president for 5.5 yet its buhari you expect to dig up dirt on him? What stopped GEJ from taking him down? After all ibori was dealt with.

Sorry for using the class monitor analogy. I forgot we were discussing Nigerian politics. I told you about that mai gaskiya issue then and I asked you whom you expected him to work with even if he was Jesus Christ. Buhari isn't a saint and this point was well trashed between us before the elections. What stood him out from.others was that he had opportunities to lay a stupendously wealthy future for himself and family (like Danjuma, Babangida etc) but he didn't take them. That quality is rare.

Were u actually thinking he'll take the bait and turn on his supporters? Relax agaba. This isn't a romantic movie.....its real life. There isn't one unencumbered Nigerian that could have helped buhari get the presidency. Let's get real. He had to work with the devils that were available.

Even God had to partner the cruel pagan king, Cyrus of Persia to help rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The beautiful ones are still not born you know? cheesy

What should bother you is whether FFK, metuh, amosu, Baden etc received stolen funds or not. When PDP comes back to power, I expect them to help us retrieve whatever APC crooks steal/stole.

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Politics / Re: FG Extends Public Holidays For Eid-el Fitr Celebration Till Thursday by theV0ice: 9:52pm On Jul 05, 2016
OBJ was attacking opposition within and without. He did not spare his party members. This guy sees APC members as untouchables. Burantashi's case is the latest. Ontop Burantashi, they are asking UK to help them confiscate Amosu's properties in the UK.

PDP as opposition was doing well until Olisa was arrested. Their style was civil. The remaining voices in the PDP have been arrested and siege has been laid around Fayose. You don't need a magnifying glass to find a skeleton in the cupboards of a Nigerian politician who has been in a position of authority.

So the incumbent can dismantle any party especially when the party has been in power at the centre.

Anyway sha, a man who is 73 years old, and got his certificate 63 years ago (1953) is very smart. He got his waec certificate at the age of 10. I believe he should be able to sort Nigeria out wink

I will give you fuel at the rate of 500 naira per litre

And PDP was justified to lose their senses because olisa metuh was arrested for receiving stolen funds? Do you know how many years Frank Kokori, Shehu Sani, Lam Adesina etc stayed in prison for doing nothing but complaining about tyranny? I really don't blame olisa and co. They were chopping for 16 years. Jail isn't nice.

My friend, as a class monitor in secondary school, I never wrote my own name or close friends names in noise maker's list. Did u?let's stop pretending buhari is meant to be an angel. What would you have called him if he turned on Amaechi immediately he came in? Hero or traitor? Your anger isn't that he refused to catch Amaechi the thief. Your real issue is that he didn't give you a reason to laugh at Amaechi cheesy

Donald Trump is 70, Hillary is 69, Sanders is 73. How old did u say buhari was again? My dear, leave trash for lawma abeg.

If pmb was OBJ, Fayose would be in jail and Wike would have been ejected no matter how many rivers indigenes died or judge is assassinated. Buhari still dey learn work.

As for fuel, I'm very happy buying at 143. Keep your supermarket fuel cheesy

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Politics / Re: Nnpc Board Under Former President Goodluck Jonathan And President Buhari by theV0ice: 9:19pm On Jul 05, 2016
I'm a buhari supporter but pls the GMD should have been a Niger Deltan!!

If Jafaru can be prisons head under Dambazzau, minister of interior, there's nothing wrong in an Urhobo man being GMD under Kachikwu as minister.

My dear Daura mallam fall my hand big time on this call. I don't even know what that sloppy, lazy, greedy Abba kyari is doing there angry

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Politics / Re: FG Extends Public Holidays For Eid-el Fitr Celebration Till Thursday by theV0ice: 9:04pm On Jul 05, 2016
May be you should just burn it now. To be honest even though I want it differently, I have not seen any sign. The direction. Every action is actually a reaction. All baseline actions have worsened the situations on ground.

GMB does not want opposition. Any opposition to him is opposition to his "fight" against corruption.

A government without a credible opposition...

OBJ is my kinsman but he did worse to the opposition than pmb has done. It was so 'good' Tinubu was the only one standing and we know at what cost to him and Lagos.

The problem is that PDP is useless as an opposition. I made the following statement on a thread on April 1st 2015

"Opposition politics is dead in Nigeria because those gifted in it have been pushed to the centre"

PDP is the reason why buhari looks like an untouchable. You're doing propaganda and you're mixing halliburton case of 1994 with igate case of 2006 to 'nail' Aisha?? Geez!! What idiocy?!!

I also predicted in April 2015 that the real opposition that will shake buhari will arise from within apc (forget saraki abeg) if things don't truly change. I might yet be proved right

As for burning the card, I've bought matches. I'll wait 6 months more to see if I'll buy petrol cheesy

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