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Travel / Re: The Crystal Service immigration Scam by tigerpaws(f): 11:23am On Sep 29, 2011
@justwise, Pls tell the "Brainless Mor0ns" for the second time!
Travel / Re: Fred Olawale Makanjuola (Crystal Services) Scams 7,000 People by tigerpaws(f): 3:58pm On Sep 25, 2011
@ siena lol
Travel / Re: Fred Olawale Makanjuola (Crystal Services) Scams 7,000 People by tigerpaws(f): 3:38pm On Sep 25, 2011
@csc42554, the website ussafrica.org is fake! They are scammers!!
Travel / Re: The Crystal Service immigration Scam by tigerpaws(f): 3:27pm On Sep 15, 2011
You must have NO Brains to think it's real! Dummies . .
Travel / Re: The Crystal Service immigration Scam by tigerpaws(f): 3:24pm On Sep 15, 2011
wow! How did i miss this thread? I only read the first post and thread title to conclude: It's a scam!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Uspry1's Chat Line On Nairaland by tigerpaws(f): 11:25pm On Sep 05, 2011
Sorry for bringing it up, I just thought I should let you know Wunmi Allen the scammer is back under so many usernames so you dont bump into her for another business  grin   grin   

Did you win the $50K Pepsi USA Refresh project?
Nairaland / General / Re: Uspry1's Chat Line On Nairaland by tigerpaws(f): 6:06pm On Sep 04, 2011
Hi uspry

It's been some time you updated your journal. How are you and your kids?

Guess who's back on this thread grin https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-733558.1024.html
Nairaland / General / Re: Please Do Not Trust This Nairalander by tigerpaws(f): 5:54pm On Jul 21, 2011
Ms. Potato:

Dear Nairalander,

If you come across this person called JazzyJ  please do not trust her. Just last week, she ask me to borrow her RM50.00 because she had a car accident. She said the total amount was RM450.00 but her mother gave her RM400 and she only needed RM50.00 on FB.

I told her aight I have RM50.00 and I personally told her that if she can pay back, she is free to do so but if she cannot pay back, no worries cause I dont take it as a big deal. She said she would pay and she swear to pay.

And than after I send her the money she said thank you and the next thing I found out, she immediately blocked and deleted me from FB. Im like WTF! Is RM50.00 such a big deal? It only proves how cunning and low she is. My god!       

Anyways, may God bless her is everything she does and hope her life is happier. She is engaged to a NIgerian guy and I hope she is not as cunning as she is to her man!  angry  angry   angry   angry   angry  angry  angry   angry

@Ms. Potato,

C'mon behave 'Professionally' those were your words to the victim; when your friend scammed him of $14,000

Here you are crying your eyes out over 50RM ($17) embarassed  such a shame. Why didnt you behave professionally?    undecided  grin

Wow, what a way to get attention which you LOVE. . . by slandering Jazzyy's name for no cause.  undecided
Travel / Re: French Foreign Legion: A Legitimate Option For Nigerians Living Illegally In EU. by tigerpaws(f): 10:13am On Jul 02, 2011
I think I should visit the romance section often  grin  since it's [b][size=16pt]assumed[/size] [/b]I only comment on scam-related threads  undecided
Travel / Re: French Foreign Legion: A Legitimate Option For Nigerians Living Illegally In EU. by tigerpaws(f): 10:07am On Jul 02, 2011

God bless you for confirming the validity of this option. Tigerpaws has been calling me a [b]Scammer [/b]on another thread just because I suggested this option to a guy stranded in the EU, rather than pursue the asylum option. That been said, their website clearly states that they will teach a volunteer the French language during training, albeit "knocking" it into your head using all means necessary. Anybody wey join dem go learn French by force within a month, they will "grind" it into you grin grin grin

When did I call you a scammer?    undecided https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-703152.0.html

Scammer : - a person who swindles you by means of fraud, a scheme used to attempt to obtain money from a person
Travel / Re: Assylum In Europe,please Help by tigerpaws(f): 10:00am On Jul 02, 2011

Definition of Ignorance: lack of knowledge, information, or education. That said, I didn't insult you, I merely pointed out your ignorance as far as joining the FFL is concerned. The official FFL website clearly states that a volunteer only needs a valid passport with/without visa, the passport is used to confirm if the volunteer meets the age requirements. Everything is stated on the website, I no bi Marketing Manager of French Foreign Legion, I'm just providing a legitimate option for the poster. I only know of one Bini boy that was accepted in, I know this because I watched some of their training videos on youtube and I heard the guy speak, and as an Edo man myself, I know when a fellow Edo man is speaking grin

Are you saying, The terms and condition of Joining the French Army is very EASY  

Woah! It's good to know. I will be Joining the French Army soon  cheesy

Thanks for the info, the un-ignorant one grin Information is power cheesy
Travel / Re: Assylum In Europe,please Help by tigerpaws(f): 9:35am On Jul 02, 2011
^^ I will pretend I didnt hear your 'little' [/b]insults.

That being said, Can you pls copy and paste the 'section of the link you posted' which states [b]Illegal Immigrants
can Join the French Army.

Travel / Re: Assylum In Europe,please Help by tigerpaws(f): 9:11am On Jul 02, 2011

I hope I did not forget to say that they will feed and accommodate you all through the process of selection, so you won't be spending any money in hotels e.t.c. in fact, they even have a branch office in Paris and you can find your way there. I don turn into [size=16pt]Business Development Manager[/size] of French Foreign Legion grin grin grin

LMAO @ Bus Dev. Manager  grin   grin   grin


You can consider the advice claremont gave you, If you are looking for a FREE One-way Ticket back to Nigeria grin cheesy grin

Listen. You turn up at the French Army with NO documents (I mean visa entitling you to Live and Work in France) your sorry hassss  gets Locked up and deported immediately!

I hope you realise the French have NO MERCY for Illegal Immigrants  wink
Travel / Re: Needing Uk Visa Application Form? Booking An Appointment With Us Embassy: by tigerpaws(f): 2:55pm On Jul 01, 2011
For the UK Visa Application you can download it FREE from http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/howtoapply/vafs/


You can also book an appointment yourself at http://ustraveldocs.com.ng. [size=18pt]No need for touts.[/size]

Travel / Re: Needing Uk Visa Application Form? Booking An Appointment With Us Embassy: by tigerpaws(f): 2:54pm On Jul 01, 2011

The form is free and available on UKBA website, anybody can download it for FREE. Its [size=18pt]NOT [/size]to be sold for profit.


Seems there isnt letters N-O-T on your keyboard these days grin
Travel / Re: CLOSED by tigerpaws(f): 5:43pm On Jun 28, 2011

(Take your time to read this AM ACTUALLY WRITHING THESE SO THAT YOU GUYS SHOULD STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSION BECAUSE SOMEBODY SAID SOMETHING THAT YOU DID NOT EVEN VERIFY, at the end of the note do your research on me and him OGUGUA and see who is likely to be a scammer)

I got info about his South Africa Visa early this year on this forum and i call him for more info after which he ask for my international passport bio data page which i did send to him, he also said he used to help people fixed Bank account and i send him one of my account detail ( i think GTB) just to confirm what his capable off and we later fixed a day to meet, but to my surprise this guy does not have an office or even allow me to know his house, neither did he used  an eatery but said i should meet him at Allen Avenue junction were i waited for over 30minutes before he came and mere seeing his personality i was disappointing and to make the matter worse he said he will take N20,000 for account fixing, N25,000 for his man at the South Africa Embassy and some other money i could  not remember.
This guy did not say anything about hotel reservation, ticket itinerary and other document you would  have necessarily needed for visa procurement, i remember i ask him about were can one stay there but said. when they get there they would find there way once in SA.
so what crime have i  commit ed in GETTING and PROCESSING AN INFORMATION now this same  came here to write thing about me and you guys just went ahead using it against me. check him out on this forum and see for yourselves.
AGUGUA am waiting for you to come and deny any of this because i have everything recorded on my mini pen camera if you can remember i was holding a pen that day.


Talking about my post tittle Learn, Live and Stay in Canada and Paraguay i don't understand the problem you have with it.
Learning is Living Enterprises have 2 different types of programs available:
1.    Study Abroad Program in South America (Learning Spanish & Optional sport Component)
2.    Sales & Marketing Seminar in Canada

Both program are design  for participant to learn  the Paraguay program runs between 1-3months, while the seminar in Canada is for 2weeks. our policy is that no matter what you have in mind you must attend this program and enjoy what you paid for.

I believe before anybody travel there must be a reason and plan in place. our program is a platform for you to achieve that after the program in Paraguay there numerous opportunity for different person. but do you now expect me to start saying i will give job when i don't know your education background, personality, exposure level and so on? Traveling is a Doctor and Patient relationship thing, what a school dropout that wanted to travel will do over there is different from what a skilled person will do. after your 1 month program in an home stay with free meal and ability to say few words in Spanish couple with conducive environment to travel around am sure what you will be able to do will surely be different from what i can do. The same applies to the Canadian program.


THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING WE DO IN LIFE and when it comes to traveling you don't  wake up and start thinking of it.

I want to tell you that its easier for you to get to Canada or America from South America than from Nigeria.
For example i have some ladies that will be traveling with us in July that got to know about the program from there elder brother in America and his the one paying for it, he will be coming to Pick them after the program, he alone understand how he will achieve that. can will now compare this case to a guy that tell me he does not know anybody in North America or America and he desire to settled down in Canada, he his a graduate of English, in his case all we did is to send his CV to an NGO in Uruguay and they show interest in him and send him everything he need to do and get before coming to Paraguay, they will then pick him up from there after the program.Both Canadian and the South America program comes with Certificate   


Bye and Large i Appreciate all of you on this forum. but whit all this i to sabi move that some people are showing on this forum, why do they still get scammed. have you ever think maybe they are the reason because i have noticed that majority of Nigerians want to here (what they love to hear) not what you have for them. you can imagine a guy telling me that will should remove the accommodation and feeding from the money so that more people can patronize us. when i ask him where he intend staying over there, he said as a nija guy he will find his way without the knowledge of their language.
Make una keep looking for scammer when they are the one that is even calling we genuine people names e.g Agugua and the rest

well all is well even in the well


i will be here again in later in the evening  till then keep replying GOD IS ON THRONE and the Company is doing fine

Travel / Re: CLOSED by tigerpaws(f): 8:19am On Jun 28, 2011

  Your attached animation suggests you call him a thief, i know that you use that animation only when you suspect a scam or thievery

Good thinking not far from the truth  grin   grin   grin

If 1-world started a thread marketing his Seminar of soccer training in parguay and canada only, It wont be an issue but to say the seminar can make you Live and Reside in Parguary and canada is what i dont understand?  I hope you understand where l'm coming from

The rate at which you Jump at his defence and started a thread (though you have NOT used his services) makes me wonder If you got some goodies off him lol  grin   cheesy  grin (no offense)
Travel / Re: CLOSED by tigerpaws(f): 7:52am On Jun 28, 2011

   Dear Tigerpaws, please, be respectful, it is demeaning to call him a thief, there is no need for that at all.

   Now, some people condemn him because he clearly states that he doesn't offer or promise any job to clients, this to me suggests that his targets are recreational traveller and tourists, not those would-be immigrants, this is not difficult to understand as not every traveller is migrating


Where have I called him a thief?  my comment was directed to him not you. Pls stay off as i respect you too much!
Travel / Re: CLOSED by tigerpaws(f): 6:00am On Jun 28, 2011

Its so unfortunate that my previous post were banned. but am back again. am an Nigerian that can show his face online and offline any time any day, how many of you so called travel agent on this forum can do that?

My office is located at
Learning is Living Enterprises  West Africa
100, Obafemi Awolowo Way
Beside, Fan Milk, Opp Intercontinental Bank.
Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria,  Africa
Telephone :+2348065220074           

well it surprise me why all the scam scam and scam issue here concerning my advert, have i ever scam anybody? i have a genuine opportunity for intending traveler to CANADA and SOUTH AMERICA. which is guaranteed because these programs where design with good intentions. that why we include for the [size=15pt]SOUTH AMERICA PACKAGE:
Spanish lessons.
Trip around Paraguay with a guided tour.
soccer training or any games of your choice.
Free accommodation in home stay
Free 3 Meals per day
Free Insurance Cover
Free Medical test (conducted in Nigeria)
Free Visa Fee (Multiple 3-MONTHS Visa for Brazil and Paraguay)

for just N400,000 i don't think this is too much.
for more details check http://learningisliving.ca/Learning_is_Living/Study_Abroard.html[/size]

i have decided not to join anyone here in arguing about my business, this is what i do i serious people that are interested are doing it, if it looks or sound fishy its your own cup of tea, Traveling is meant for serious,responsible and those that can afford it not noise maker that does not even own an International passport.

.  & the copy and paste answers continues.  undecided



I am the Business Development Manager West Africa, for [b]Learning is Living Enterprises [/b]and you can find out what we do at www.learningisliving.ca

Questions were asked all you can say is I am a Business Development Manager (WHO HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT HE IS MARKETING **rolls eyes**)! visit the website for details 

Who gives a s.hit about your title 'Business Development Manager'     undecided All you are concerned about is the commission you get as a Marketer of a ridicuolus package. Of what relevance is the package? How can attending a soccer training seminar, learning spanish language within weeks help me reside and STAY in Paraguay and Canada?  https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-671363.0.html After the soccer training and DYNAMIC  grin spanish lessons in Paraguay what happens next?

Answer: I am a Business Development Manager visit the website or get in touch with us at our Head office in Canada!

I decide to pop in unannouced to your 'HEAD OFFICE' only to see a post office  at the Head office Address shocked Seriously who takes such NEW Business still testing the waters with a dodgy address serious?

Imagine you have been invited to speak at a SEMINAR at a company, you get there to find a Post office not the said company? What does that tell you? You ring up and you are told its a virtual address?  :-
How would you feel?

Well you dont expect people in Nigeria to visit the address physically and it makes them feel you are BIG and have a Physical Address in canada  lipsrsealed

This is the only reason you decided to show up to remind us you are the Business Development Manager grin


Hmmm well i must say this personally i don"t see why guys here are condemning Vicjustice, as per u sola bummi [size=15pt]were u not the one who came by my house asking for a south african, [/size]i thut u said you work for some company and u quit because the ppl you work with do not see things d way u see it concerning the company , i think u said sometin like an export company, also u said your wife runs a school. [size=15pt]now all of a sudden u now secure visas to canada. hhmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder shall never end, if come out and deny it, i will put up some tin that will rilli f/u/c/k you up [/size],


Sola u know i have a copy of the data page of your passport and i appreciate it you come online and address this issue.

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