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Career / Re: How I End Up Washing People's Poo As A Graduate With 2:1 by tolsee(m): 3:24pm On Jun 26
What State are you in? Send your resume to admin@oyasync and add "Nairaland" as the subject. Not promising anything but let's see what we can do..
I don't know if this is the right place to post this but permit me to go ahead regardless.

How I end up washing people's poo as a graduate with 2:1.

Growing up, I used to admire graduates a lot especially the way they do things, conduct themselves and the rest. You see them living in a good house and in the morning, they dress up properly, go to work and return in the evening. Non-graduates of course used to jealous graduates a lot as it were. Fast forward to today, the table has sharply turned 360°. Now, graduates have not only been ridicule but reduced almost to nothing. Non-graduates who learnt one skill or the other are the ones kicking money bags to the bank.

Well, I finished university 3 years ago and couldn't find a job despite aggressive job hunting due to obvious reasons. Being the first in the family, the pressure was/is already much on me. The aged parents have tried within their powers thinking the best they could do for me was training me to acquire a university degree but in today's Nigeria, it's glaringly not enough.

Let me not bother you all with long story but I don't see myself continuing with this kind of life any longer because it's not what I envisaged.

According to the heading, I graduated with second class upper division which of course is a good grade considered very employable according to society standard and labour market. Despite this, I searched for job in every nook and cranny I could but to no avail. Everyday I have to eat food, rent expiring, bills piling up, parents looking up to me and younger ones who are already in school every now and then would call and ask for assistance and which I didn't have. Out of no option, I accepted an offer to work as a laundry man in a hotel for 15k/month. That's how I thought I have at least got something doing. Frankly speaking, I didn't have an in depth knowledge of the job description.

Obviously, this would be a long story but let try and shorten it. Do you know that I have drained so much from my body in the course of this work physically and health wise? Practically, I wash between15-25 bedsheets/duvets everyday as the hotel does not have washing machine....parked since it got spoilt. Consequently, my pams have developed thick skin which is now very tough, rough and scratchy.

However, the above might not just be my only anger. More annoying is that, some guests are so inhumane. Is it because you paid money to lodge in the place that's why you believe you have to do wickedness? Why I'm writing this is because of the very one that happened few days ago. Actually that wasn't the first time. It's been happening over and over before. Could you believe a guest used the hotel bedsheets and defecated on it, folded it and kept it and checked out. As a laundry man, of course it landed on me and I was the one who washed the poo off. Oh God! Like I said, that wasn't the first time although other ones only used the bedsheets to clean their buttocks (for whatever reasons because I believe tissue paper is always there) after defecating but this particular guest 'pooed' fully inside the bedsheets, folded it and dropped it for whoever to come carry it and wash. I'm not writing fiction here please. This is 100% real of what I'm going through in the supposed 15k/month job. How wicked? When toilet was there?

Moving forward, equally, I can't count the number of times I have washed menstrual blood from bedsheets. These men bring even women who are on menses to sleep with them and end up pouring menstrual blood all over the bedsheets and I would be the one to wash it. God why?

Most annoying of all is, the management pays salary on the 26th of the following month. How inhumane some people can be? In other words, I have to work 2 months to get 1 month salary or simply put, 15/2=7500. In reality, that is the salary I'm receiving as a graduate. When I picked up the job, my plan was to raise up to 50k within the shortest possible time and move to something else, but unfortunately, I don't even know what I'm doing now. I have been in the job for 6 months now with nothing to show for it. This is why I said I can't continue with the present condition. The situation is beyond the one people say 'hold unto it. At all at all, na him bad pass". This one is worst than "at all at all".

Before I end it, just a few questions. Dear Nigerians with good job, abeg where una dey see diz good job after graduation? Abeg where una dey see money do business after school? Where una dey see money chop food and live life? Me still dey very hungry as I'm typing this. Abeg na beg I beg una, make una put me on abeg. Make una be my God father/mother. I don taya for this life. I be una brother o. Help me and help the society by extension. Thank you.


Business / Table Management System (POS) For Restaurants And Bars by tolsee(m): 9:09pm On May 05
Do you own a restaurant or bar? Need affordable software that can manage orders taken by waiters? Do you need to improve transparency? Then talk to us at OyaSync. Regardless of the size of your business, we have a package for you.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Reconciliation Analyst Training (lagos And Abuja Participants ONLY) by tolsee(m): 3:47am On Apr 26
Sorry, see program details.
If you are a graduate and are under 40years old this is for you.
If you have a laptop and live in either Lagos or Abuja, this is for you.
If you have a Business or Accounting degree, this is for you
Apply for the Small and Medium Business training program to become a Reconciliation Analyst with OyaSync.
Program fees paid when you get hired. Oh yes, we would place you in one of our partner companies.
Send me a message.

Jobs/Vacancies / Reconciliation Analyst Training (lagos And Abuja Participants ONLY) by tolsee(m): 10:54pm On Apr 23
If you are a graduate and are under 40years old this is for you.
If you have a laptop and live in either Lagos or Abuja, this is for you.
If you have a Business or Accounting degree, this is for you
Apply for the Small and Medium Business training program to become a Reconciliation Analyst with OyaSync.
Program fees paid when you get hired. Oh yes, we would place you in one of our partner companies.
Send me a message.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Sobic Microfinance Bank by tolsee(m): 10:47pm On Apr 23
Apply for the oyasync program. You will likely get hired within 1 month. Good starting pay too.
Good evening, please what should I expect from sobic microfinance bank interview and I need more information about the company on their salary scale and how they treat their staff. Thanks
Crime / Re: Police Detain Jobless Youth For Attempted Suicide, Court Grants N200,000 Bail by tolsee(m): 2:28pm On Oct 01, 2020
9.5 suicides per 100,000

Guess the 0.5 is counting those who tried to die but did not??


Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/punchng.com/police-detain-jobless-youth-for-attempted-suicide-court-grants-n200000-bail/%3famp=1
Education / Re: With 8m. Should I Run An Msc Prog., Go For A Pilot Course Or Do Business? by tolsee(m): 5:21pm On Apr 19, 2020
Get a job, or take a chill for one year before you make any move. You still don't know what's best for you, neither have you identified your strengths. Be patient..

Hello guys, as a fresh graduate with a 2:2 grade, which would you advice I do or would you rather opt in for among the three to have a successful career in the near future?
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Gives Up: "Nigeria Is Not Worth Dying For" by tolsee(m): 5:37pm On Feb 21, 2020
Dont be deceived by this guy, he has made more money from these politicians than any one of us can imagine.

This guy is RICH, like really rich. Do you know how much he made from Atiku?

Many of these influencers are doing things for thier own pocket. We know them na.


It's a sad day for Nigeria though most zombies don't know it.


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Politics / Re: Fashola: FG To Begin Sale Of New Houses Soon Nationwide by tolsee(m): 7:50pm On Oct 31, 2019
Ofcourse it would be loaned in form of mortgages. It's still selling. Interest rates will be lower compared top traditional banks..

Just saying.. anything fit change for 9ja.
Why will you sell it, why not loan it to us to be paid monthly or as the case maybe, or mortgage it to us. The so called big men will hijack it now and turn it to their own mistchew
Travel / Re: Nigerian Immigration To Introduce Various Visa Categories by tolsee(m): 4:49pm On Oct 27, 2019
Do you know it costs $450 to get a tourist visa to Nigeria!!! In Houston, Pakistanis are the ones running the visa center! God help us.

Federal government should invest in tourism first .
Politics / Re: Timi Frank To FIRS: I Stand By My Statement, Says I Shall Meet You In Court by tolsee(m): 6:13pm On Sep 24, 2019
All monies collected inform of Taxes goes to "Treasury", not a bank account run by FIRS. Especially now that we have TSA, monies can be tracked easily (no story). FIRS, like every government agency, submits its yearly budgets for approval to run its business. FIRS does not have a budget of upp to N90billion to run its offices, money generated from taxes goes to CBN (Federation Account).

Let's look at this allegations objectively before giving credence to this man's accusations.

This is a very simple something. Except he's mixing up agencies, no way FIRS can transfer funds to the VP. They don't even have access to the cash!

FIRS told us last year they generated over #5trillion for the Nigeria government now their defence for the fraudulent allegations is that their allocation is not up to 100billion. You do not need allocations to steal

If you can generate #5trillion then it is very possible that you can under declare smaller #90billion which is the bone of contention. Yahoo Yahoo

This is Nigeria there is no way the FIRS boss Fowler who is a Tinubu guy will not loot for his cronies. Practically impossible
Politics / Re: IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu Places N1m Bounty On All Igbo Governors by tolsee(m): 9:27pm On Aug 18, 2019
Not true. It's assault and you would be prosecuted if you do this in the US. Putting your finger on my head is enough to get you charged.

Egging, flour bombing, and throwing ink on these politicians will not take you to jail abroad.

You will not be charged even if you do, you could claim it was a prank gone wrong.

My opinion though.
No bodyguard will be able to take you down in another man's Land.
Them go join hands beat the body guard well.
These people don't have that powers once they step foot out of the country.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can I Still Get A Job With My 3rd Class Degree In Accounting? by tolsee(m): 10:48am On May 16, 2019
I graduated with a Third class in Accounting too, many years ago. It will be a tough path but you can succeed if you stay focused. Try and look for internship positions and gain some experience (even if you need to pay for it) Once you get in, you most likely will become family and get hired. Best of luck.
Celebrities / Re: BBC Team Visits Olajumoke Orisaguna, Interviews Her At Home (photos,video) by tolsee(m): 11:25am On Jul 28, 2017
Your bitterness will consume you. Having a 5.0GPA does not guarantee success. That's the problem with Nigerian youth. She came upon some luck, something very few people in the world get. She has been able to make something out of it, and you say it's no story.. God help you.


BBC is a shame to professional journalism!

What's Olajumoke's merit?
What's her story?
What's her future?
I bet BBC doesn't even know the name of the boy who graduated with a 5.0 CGPA.

How is she an inspiration?
Olajumoke is simply a product of sentiments and corporate prostituting.

She has never caught my attention, empathy or respect, she never will.
She has been constantly shoved down our throats by the harlotry cabal that all of a sudden, she's now someone to reckon with.

God forbid!

A generation and nation which celebrates nobodies out of sentiments, fad and ethnicity has no future.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Future Of Mobile Phones In The Restaurant And Bar Industry In Nigeria by tolsee(m): 7:49pm On Jun 22, 2017
There are some restaurants and bars in places you will not imagine that use these applications. You don't need to go to upscale bars to see them use it. Places in Magodo, Ajah, Ilupeju, even cities like Abeokuta, Calabar, Asaba, are using these applications. What does that tell you?
Jobs/Vacancies / The Future Of Mobile Phones In The Restaurant And Bar Industry In Nigeria by tolsee(m): 7:39pm On Jun 22, 2017
I recently read an article written by the current CEO of Mercedes Benz. He stated that any business that cannot be managed using a smartphone will not be sustainable in the 21st Century! Do you know that some restaurants in Nigeria use mobile phones to take orders from customers? the use of paper dockets is gradually being faced out. And guess what, many Nigerian youth working in Hospitality have no clue how this works. I have seen restaurant and bar managers who earn up to 100k monthly that have never used a point of sale application. Guess what, they have smart phones and access to the internet. This industry is growing rapidly, some bar managers make up to 400k monthly. True fact!

Not everyone can make money from blogging, some of us can make a career from the hospitality industry, learn the ropes from being a waiter (25k monthly) and in less than a year we can be earning up to 100k. How much do you pay for all those training programs that get you nowhere? Some people pay as much as 40k and in the end they cannot find jobs. Why don't you look for a restaurant or bar that uses some of these applications, start from being a waiter, use your money to pay for transport and get free on the job training while you earn about 25k monthly. See where you will find yourself in 12 months.

Heed to my advice and thank me in 6months. Best of Luck!

Career / Re: A Look Into The Hospitality Industry In Nigeria by tolsee(m): 6:59am On Mar 14, 2017
Search for Bizcreativz. Social media handle is on my profile page. I heard no advertising here.

@tolsee. Any website or social media handle of your firm?
Cc: Lalasticlala,seun
Career / Re: A Look Into The Hospitality Industry In Nigeria by tolsee(m): 7:04am On Mar 13, 2017
We started training for prospective employees in our office in Ajah.

You are welcomed to join. Candidates who are screened successfully will begin training Monday, 13th of March. Training goes on for one week before deployment. A stipend is provided to cover all or part of individual transportation cost.

Thank you.

Good,so hw will it be done
Career / Re: A Look Into The Hospitality Industry In Nigeria by tolsee(m): 1:15pm On Mar 12, 2017
An opportunity to be trained, and specialize in the hospitality industry.

So what are u bringing to the table for your fellow nairalander
Career / A Look Into The Hospitality Industry In Nigeria by tolsee(m): 6:48pm On Mar 11, 2017
I have been fortunate to serve clients in the Hospitality industry, ranging from Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, and Lounges. I can clearly state that this is one industry if well located, can stand the test of time (regardless of the economic situation in Nigeria). As an accountant operating in this industry, I have the privilege of gaining access to the inner workings of these businesses and I see their potential. In Nigeria, most especially Lagos and its environs, people will always eat, drink, celebrate, and sleep. Last I heard, Lagos has a population of about 20 million people (Even if we agree 18 million that's still a huge market), imagine the businesses in this industry that serve 10% of the demographic of Lagos? Meaning about 1.8 million people are served daily. My experience has also shown that every strata of our society has a business catering to them, from the high income to the low income (Iya Basirat stores).

But guess what? We have more hotel and restaurant managers making more money than the investors or owners of these businesses. True fact! The industry is ridden with friends and family members in managerial positions, making it difficult for employees to thrive in such environments. We had the opportunity of working with one of such businesses for 3 months and we increased their sales by over 40% with the same number of customers that patronize them. All we did was put in place control systems to track sales and monitor the business operations. We recommended the manager be fired and new set of people be recruited and trained. 1 year later they were back to where we started with them, the manager was still there, and they had lost the best people that could have helped grow the business.

Not everyone has the same story, a client is better off today than when we engaged him because he took advice and hired the best people, fired family and friends who were not performing, and adopted systems to enhance transparency and accountability.

In 2017, there is room for specialized skills in the hospitality industry. Hospitality Accounting, Hospitality Auditing, Supervisors, Team Leads, etc. Please do not let those big names fool you, you do not need to have a BSC to become an accountant/bookkeeper in the hospitality industry. With the right experience and training, you can become a regional manager managing 4 different locations of a bar, making up to 150,000 a month or even more. Is this not better than you being over 30 going 40, not married because you do not have a job, and still waiting for that big break?? Try getting a job as a server/waiter and begin to learn the operations and the inner workings of these businesses and in 2 years you will be closer to your long term goals than you ever have been.

Wish you guys luck.
#barbaric #seun
Nairaland / General / Hospitality Clerical Specialist by tolsee(m): 7:25am On Mar 08, 2017
Earn up to 50k in one month working with us to help setup Mobile Point of Sale and Accounting systems for our clients who own Restaurants and Bars in Lagos and Abeokuta. We would train interested and qualified candidates in our office in Ajah (one week training). Accommodation will be provided at the discretion of management for those living far away.

Please respond to this post by telling me a little about yourself and include your email and phone number.

We are have only 10 spots left.

You do not need to have an accounting background or a university degree. If you have a white shirt and black trousers, you have good command of English (written and verbal), and have basic computer skills, you will be selected for training.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Focus Group (food Vendors And Restaurant Owners) by tolsee(m): 8:07am On Mar 02, 2017
Jobs/Vacancies / Accounting Applications In The Restaurant And Bar Industry (hospitality) by tolsee(m): 1:03am On Mar 02, 2017
Have you ever worked as a waiter or bar manager? Do you have experience using software applications which include social media? Then you need to call me.

We are looking to train 20 people, equipping them with basic skills in accounting and the use of Point of Sale applications for our clients in the hospitality industry,

If you reside in the Ajah area, good for you (that is where our training facility is located).

Cost implication ZERO. No application fees, guaranteed employment for PARTICIPANTS who complete the one week program. Starting salary is N30,000. Employees can earn up to N120,000 (We have different levels).

Send me an email. Training starts NOW!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Focus Group (food Vendors And Restaurant Owners) by tolsee(m): 12:55am On Mar 02, 2017
I am back in Nigeria and ready to start recruiting..

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Jobs/Vacancies / Focus Group (food Vendors And Restaurant Owners) by tolsee(m): 6:54pm On Jan 23, 2017
Have you had problems selling your food items and wish you could have a stand in a restaurant near your house, where you can sell your food? Are the conditions for setting up a stand ridiculous, especially when there are no guarantees you might even break-even?

Do you own a restaurant and have problems with kitchen staff stealing your food? Do you wish you could have a robust food menu without the hassles of dealing with theft from workers?

At Bizcreativz, we are developing a system that will create synergy between food vendors and restaurant owners. Participation at this focus group meeting is absolutely free and participants will have their transport fee covered.

I am open to questions that will shed more light on this subject.

Thank you.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Shares Her Test Result To Debunk Reports That She Still Smokes by tolsee(m): 6:33pm On Jan 23, 2017
... She smoke or she noh smoke, how e take dey worry una I tire! Tontolet, You don't need to prove a thing to anyone.

Seems genuine..

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unemployed Ajah Graduates by tolsee(m): 6:25pm On Jan 23, 2017

I Said I can do it . is it a contract job or what?

Yes it is, it requires travel within Nigeria. We are looking for atleast 5 tech support staff for now. Successful candidates get paid on a job to job basis. Details will be given during the recruitment process. Looking to commence operation by 1st of March. Training for successful candidates will commence 20th February.

Send me your email address and I will send you an email.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unemployed Ajah Graduates by tolsee(m): 3:08am On Jan 23, 2017
Am interested pls kindly send details to
You think it's safe to just post your mobile number in a forum like this?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unemployed Ajah Graduates by tolsee(m): 3:06am On Jan 23, 2017

One of the factors affecting businesses today is inadequate information on customer service satisfaction which include but not limited to:

*Product Quality Satisfaction ;*
*Customer Relation Satisfaction ;*
*After Sale Service satisfaction* among others.

In other to solve this, let EGCA conduct a customer service satisfaction Research (Business Research) for you, with the view to providing information that will increase your Business Turnover.

For more info, contact: 08165536883, 08116568722
Our website: www.egcandassociates.org.ng
Email: mail@egcandassociate.org.ng

Pls Rb

I'll buzz you when I get to Nigeria sometime in February, your field looks interesting.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unemployed Ajah Graduates by tolsee(m): 3:03am On Jan 23, 2017
u mean printers on a network? What do u want to do on it. I can handle it.

Networking receipt printers used in restaurants and hotels, over a WIFI network, using routers and an internet modem..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unemployed Ajah Graduates by tolsee(m): 10:10pm On Jan 17, 2017
Anyone know of someone good at networking printers on a WIFI network?

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