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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 4:48pm

We were glittering with sweats. Here I was, standing beside strangers who were fighting my fight; one I just met and the other I was scared and running from. Here I was, about to die with them, the irony brought a shallow smile to my face, Jude caught it and asked smiling." what's funny?"

" nothing". I said and peeped to see if anyone was climbing the stairs. Our attackers were now hiding around the stairs. I thought of grandma and prayed she was okay.

" drop your guns now! Last warning!" The voice earlier yelled in a serious tone.

A man ran into the house and hid behind the sofa so he would be out of sight. He ran across the room and hid under the stairs. I could perceive fuel, I turned into the sitting room looking to get a clear shot but saw nothing.

Then a bright light flickered under the stairs and flew across the room. As soon as it dropped it exploded in large fire, burning the curtains and furniture rapidly.

" everybody out! Everyone out!" The voice earlier shouted.

I looked and saw some men running out. I remembered the house that was already on fire beside ours and turned to Jude. " we have to get out of here! "

" they're going to kill everyone that comes out. They want to chase us out like rabbits". Stanley said.

I looked around in confusion. The fire was increasing. I remembered seeing bag of detergent in the room we were. Immediately I ran off without saying anything to Jude nor Stanley.

As i entered the room, Henry rushed to me.

" uncle smoke!". He said pointing at the smoke coming into the room.

" yes. You guys need to help me!". I said hastily and rushed into the bathroom, filled a bucket up with water and poured enough detergent inside and said to the boys. " get buckets and fill them up!" Then I carried the one I filled out.

Stanley was looking at me coming with a bucket of water. I past him and ran downstairs, emptied it in the fire, it made little impact on the fire but I wasn't discouraged. I rushed back to the room, the boys had filled up two buckets already, I carried it out and emptied it in the sitting room. This created much smoke but the fire was still increasing.

Stanley helped Jude into the room and joined me. The boys filled the buckets while i and Stanley tried to put off the fire.

The smoke was now unbearable. I was becoming light headed even with wet cloth around my nose. Stanley seem to be energetic, he wasn't putting on any mask, yet vibrant.

The water was helping but the smoke was now the problem. Each time we delayed, the fire went up, but I continued with believing we can delay the fire from spreading and killing us all before help comes and Stanley followed.

Jude and the boys remained in the bathroom with the shower on .

I was returning to get a refill when I saw Stanley on the floor. He seem dead. I dropped the bucket and tried with great difficulty to carry him up. Finally, I was able to get him in the bathroom. Jude was so emotional when he saw me bringing Stanley unconscious.

" what happened?" Jude asked limping to me.

" I found him on the floor". I said and went to get water to pour on his face.

When I returned, I heard cars driving off. I gave Jude the bowl of water and ran to the window. The men were driving off. I wondered why.

" what's it?" Jude asked pouring water on Stanley's face.

" they are leaving!" I said and turned to my cousins" go to the bathroom and on the shower" Then rushed off with two buckets of water.

On getting to the stairs, the fire had spread into other areas of the house and smoke was now serious. I poured the two buckets which seem to provoke the fire even more. Our only source of escape was closed, the fire was coming upstairs.

I ran back to the bathroom, Stanley was just getting up. He looked weak with the shower pouring water on him.

' we are trapped here!" I said hopelessly.

" what's going on?" Jude asked, looking frighteningly at me.

" the fire...the fire..." I said demonstrating with my hands because I couldn't complete the words.

Just then, my eyes fell on the Window. I rushed to it but it had protector. The smoke had now covered the room, Henry and Tony were my greatest concern, they were coughing profusely even in the shower and wet cloth tied around their noses

I pulled the protector with all my strength, it remained immovable. I turned to Jude for assistance, but he was a one legged man, then to Stanley who was barely on his feet. The two little boys joined me and we pulled as hard as we could.

Jude limped to the window and said to me smiling " do you think this leg can stop me ?"

He was the first to pull before I and the boys followed. Then Stanley staggered to the window and joined us. He was still weak and couldn't even stand steady.

" hey! go and rest!" Jude commanded.

" and get burnt alive? No way!" He said I pulled feebly.

We all gave our best and soon the edges of the protector began pulling from the wall. We pulled harder until it pulled out.

The room was now hot and covered in thick smoke. The heat felt like we were literally roasting gradually. The wet clothes we had on was slightly helpful but our eyes hurt badly and we hard coughed still.

I looked around the room for anything, then saw the bedsheets and curtains, without delay, i pulled the bedsheets, curtains and duvet. Quickly tore them into sizes and tied them together. Then knotted one end to the bed cabinet and threw the rest outside the window.

Henry went down first, Tony followed. The fire was now penetrating the door and coming from the ceiling. I turned to Jude whose leg was terribly bleeding and asked him to go first. We helped him to the window and he managed to go down the one storey building.

It was now remaining I and Stanley. We both exchanged a glance wondering who to go first. I nodded he goes first. He quickly jumped to the window and as he was half way down, the knot pulled from the bed and he fell. I looked down and saw him standing and saying.

" I'm okay! I'm okay! "

The cops had arrived, they were watching with the rest of the little crowed that were gathering. Some persons were busy taking pictures and making video.

I looked for what to climb down with but couldn't see nothing as the room was covered in smoke. I was coughing really hard I thought I may soon start coughing blood. The heat was unbelievable, I knew I had to jump or roast to death.

" jump down! jump down!" Everyone shouted.

I climbed to the window and looked down, it felt like a 300 storey building. I slowly climbed to the window, sat on the base and slide my body down with my hand on the edge of the window and my body half way down.

" jump down!" Everyone shouted.

I looked down, it seemed far off away. I feared that Iay break my legs if I let go, but hearing the crowed cheering me to jump down, I slowly let go and landed on my feet then dropped on my butt.

The crowd gathered around me to ensure I was fine. I stood up and moved past them, checked for my phone and found it still intact in my pocket. I took it out and saw 135 missed calls. Grandma and Mary had been calling. I immediately called grandma.

" oh my god! Thank god! How are the boys? Their numbers aren't connecting". Grandma panicked.

"They're okay! They're with me. Where are you? You got me worried". I said.

"oh thank god! I'm actually at the salon on my way back from the market. We heard the news! Such thing hasn't happened in that area before. I used to hear about it but not for once has it happened in that area. That's why we bought that house". Grandma sounded worried.

" it's okay. Please don't come back. Stay somewhere, anywhere". I said saving her the stress of knowing what happened to the house.

I turned to my cousins, they were overwhelmed by their house going up in flames. Stanley was helping Jude into a police Hilux. Some persons continued taking pictures with their phones. Two other buildings were in flames and people gathered in front. There were dead bodies and people crying around them. The police helped to haul the bodies at the back of the hilux while the injured ones were helped into the hilux.

Some of the residents were screaming that someone was still in the burning apartment, the people who tried to go in were restricted by the fire and heat.

I saw a man yelling at some cops, he said had been calling them since the moment he heard the first gunshot, they did not come until the rebels had caused havoc. The man was so angry he almost fought with the five police men he was yelling at but was refrained by a huge well fed man whom was supposedly a resident of the estate.

" fire service! Where are they oooh!" A crying lady shouted as she threw herself on the floor resisting consolations from some people around her.

I suddenly remembered to check on Mary, so i dailed her number. She picked up almost immediately. " where are you! Thank god you're okay, been calling like a million times!" She sounded apprehensive.

" I'm fine. Where are you?" I asked.

" I'm safe. I was hanging out somewhere when I heard the news". Mary said.

Jude called me and i quickly rounded up the call and went to him. He was in the backseat with Stanley and a boy shot in the shoulder.

" are you not coming with me to the hospital?" He asked as the cop driver entered the car.

" sure. I'll ask where and join you up". I said.

He nodded and the van drove off. I turned to my cousins; Tony was still in shock, he was just looking at the building going down in flames while Henry got his eyes busy.

The fire fighters came almost an hour later after the houses was almost in ashes. The lady crying earlier attached the first man that came down from the truck. She held him on his yellow overall and kept slapping, hitting the man all over. Then the residents all teamed up, yelling at the firefighters and wanted to beat them up before the cops intervened with guns pointed at the distraughted residents forcing them to retreat.

The firefighters could do a little, they tried their best shooting water from their hose to the buildings. It was a dark night for the residents of Royal Estate.

I moved grandma into and my cousins into a five bedroom bungalowvi bought in a Government Residential Area after spending one week in a hotel. Grandma was the one who insisted I get a bungalow against the duplex I proposed, she kept hammering that I should be considerate in my spending but she doesn't know my company abroad will continue paying me even though I wasn't working directly with them.

I, Jude and Stanley became close pals. He was discharged four days after and was their the day we moved into our new apartment. He was still loyal to me even though we were mates. Grandma felt really indebted to him for risking his life for us. I suspected Mary knew about my relationship with Jude, hence the reason she didn't come on that day, though she visited the next day when I was in a drinking spot with Jude.

My meeting with Jude introduced me more guys. Jude knew so many people and I was introduced to most of them. He kept saying I'm family, my dad was a king and so that automatically made me a price. He showed me paintings of my dad and playe me a local song his gang sang of his heroic deeds;.how he cut off the heads of his enemies, slaughter Ten armed men with just a knife, how even the cops were afraid of him and the ladies get wet at the mention of his name. This made me liked Jude more. My dad was his mentor, he practically idolized him.

Jude allowed me his consent with Mary even though I began avoiding her we became pals. Mary visited the hotel to see grandma, when she called to tell me she came, I booked another room in a different hotel. I wanted her to read the handwriting on the wall.

On this very day, Jude was in the house with Stanley. He has stopped working so he can heal completely.

I, Jude and Stanley were in a tent inside the compound talking about music and celebrities with a bottle of gin on our table. Someone knocked on the gate, the security man went to see who it was and opened the gate. Mary was the person coming with a nylon bag. We stopped talking abruptly and fixed our stare on her. She was in blue jean bom short, a white net crob top, a blue push up bra, a small blue purse cross her chest and a white flat shoe. She had Anita Becker haircut, tinted blond with perfect makeup on. She was looking like a magazine cover model.

Jude: what has she come to do here now?

She walked in without taking notice of us. As she was about entering the house, she turned to the car park maybe to check if I was around and saw us staring at her, she was startled and quickly waved at us with a fake smile and went in.

There was silence for awhile and Stanley broke it saying: " that chick is fine! What's your plan with her Jude?"

His question surprised me, the look on Stanley's face told me Jude tells him nothing about Mary.

" I gave her to Mike" Jude said pointing to me, then poured himself a drink.

" really? Why? Are done fvcking her? So you finally didn't allow me fvck her, not even paying twice the money" Stanley said looking disappointed at Jude.

Jude turned to uneasily. " are you interested or not?"

I was startled. " are you sure you really want to do this ?" I asked.

" I have to be blunt with you bro, everytime I fvck that babe I have nightmares. I think she's got husband spirit" Jude said and took a sip.

I laughed out loud. " husband what? What's that?" I asked.

They both looked at me and laughed along with me. Then Stanley asked.

" you don't believe in superstition?"

" of course I don't! African mentality is too outdated " I said.

Stanley: continue bro, foreign guy.

I smiled and stood up. Mary's presence made me uncomfortable. They both looked up at me and Jude asked. " what?"

" I'm not comfortable, lets stroll out" then I remembered Jude's injury. " alright, let's drive".

The boys shouted happily and we drove off.

I got to a gas station to get some gas for my car. As I was about stepping out, I saw Mary's call. Jude looked at me with a crooked smile.

" what?" I asked, picking up my wallet beside the gear.

" take the call" Jude said

I ignored him and took my phone along with me.

I was done with the gas and wanted to return to my car when I saw those teenagers that attacked me at the mall strolling past the gas station playing along the road.

One of them recognizede me and called the fat boys attention. The fat boy whispered to the boy and the four of them with a new face among them in handles to display his muscles started walking towards me.

I stylishly entered the car to avoid being embarrassed by this kids in the presence of my guys and was trying to engage the engine, unusually the car refused to start.

" what's going on?" Stanley asked at the backseat.

I turned to the boys, they had reached my car. The new guy moved to my side and the fat boy stood in front of the car.

" who are these rats?" Stanley asked.

He my side opened my door and said to me confidently. " get out of the car! "

I turned to him said just to show my guys I wasnt weak. " are you stupid? "

The boy held my arm and tried to drag me out but I resisted.

" what is going on there?" The fat boy asked, now holding a dagger and looking menacing.

The boy tried again and I pushed him. Stanley immediately opened the backseat door and gently went to meet the boy. The boy turned to him and froze in shock. Stanley slapped the back of his neck and said coldly: " are you stupid? "

" senior man! Ha! I didn't know it was you!" The boy said humbly.

The fat boy quickly hid his dagger and slowly moved closer, the other boys follow.

Stanley was still washing the back of the boys neck with slap when they came begging. That was when Jude stepped out of the car and called.

" Cricket!"

The fat boy almost fainted when he saw Jude, he touched his toe quickly and moved to Jude shivering.

" what's going on here?" Jude asked in a bossy tone.

" it's this man, he...he " the fat boy hesitating, not knowing if to go ahead as he stole glances at me.

" he what!" Jude stormed impatiently.

" he casted our runs. I just wanted to teach him a les...less...lesson" the fat boy shuttered.

Jude looked around without looking at the boy he said in a cool harmless tone. " and yku chose to embarrass my guy in public? My real G? "

" senior man, I didn't know he's your man. I'm sorry". The fat boy apologized.

Jude smiled looking at the car. " I like you, you are rugged".

" thank you senior man ". The fat boy said smiling.

" bro. Please lets chill somewhere let them wash the car, I think it's dusty" Jude said to me and limped towards a canteen at the gas station.

The boys ended up washing the car. The fat boy tried to avoid it and make his boys do the washing, but Stanley ordered him to wash the tires.

While we waited, a black lastest Benz jeep drove into the has station. We were checking out the car while Stanley was bragging his uncle has it five we laughed and a fresh chubby, light skin lady stepped down, she was in a black fitted mini gown, long rich blond hair that matched her skin, a dark sunshade covering her eyes and a high heel pair of black shoe.
She caught my attention immediately and something about her seemed familiar. Everything else the boys were saying fell on deaf ears, all my attention was fixed on her.

The lady finished with the gas and was about entering her car when I recognized her, Fiona! I was shocked I even remembered her name. Immediately, I jumped to my feet, ran to her car and knocked on her window. She rolled down and removed her sunshade. " Mike?"

She remembered my name too. I smiled and the words that came out of my mouth was irrational " Fiona! You look beautiful!"

She blushed and said. " thank you. What happened? I didn't hear from you".

" our estate was attacked. Our house was burnt down"

She covered her mouth with her hands and slowly exclaimed. " heard about the attack. I'm sorry"

I smiled and said " it's okay" then added quickly. " how is your leg?"

She smiled. " thank you for the other day. I was dying to get a call from you. I told my friend about you, how you carried me like a baby" she giggled shyishly and continued. " my leg is fine. Thanks to you".

I smiled and said. " you're welcome"

She turned to the car that the boys were washing under the hot sun and asked. " what are you doing here?"

"Chilling" I said with a smile.

She returned the smile and turned beside her searching for something, then returned to me with a complementary card.

" don't misplace this. I want to specially thank you with a meal. I mean, home made meal". She said handing me the card.

I smiled and collected the card. " sure".

She turned to Jude and Stanley who were stretching their necks looking at her, waved at them smiling then turned to me " call ".

I nodded. She smiled, rolled up and drove off.


Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 2:10pm On Feb 20

Jude opened the door and used the car door as shield as he returned fire, his friend did same, they were both shooting and ducking inside the car. I couldn't even bring myself to raise up my head, I remained where I was shivering and praying that I don't get hit any moment.

Jude suddenly moved away from the door, fired twice and ran off. His friend followed.

I turned behind me and saw them shooting at a man, they were the only ones standing. I had to summon courage and stepped down. Jude and his friend were the only ones standing.

As I came closer, Jude aimed at a dying man fired twice. I walked closer and was looking at young and old men lying lifeless, some were mutilated, my guess was the ran them over.

Jude's friend was now busy picking up guns while Jude moved around looking at the bodies with the gun pointed to them.

I moved to the gate and knocked, no one answered. I knocked severally no answer. I decided to peep through the opening between the gates but couldn't see much. Jude gently pushed me aside and looked uneasily at the gate, then jumped, held the top, moved his body upwards and was over at the other side..

I turned to Jude's friend, he already had a handful and was straining to pickup another. Then a loud banging sound echoed across the gate. The sound continued heavily and something fell, then the gate opened and Jude beckoned us in. The place was void of a soul and the electronic pole i knocked down earlier made the place as dark as night.

I led the way to grandma's house. The door was locked. I knocked calling on my cousins. Then the door slowly opened with a torch light pointed to my face.

" Tony?" I asked.

The torch dropped and I could make out Tony's frame with a knife in his hand, Henry was behind him peeping, I looked down at Henry's hand and saw a bottle in his hand too.

" where's grandma?" I asked walking in.

Tony was looking at Jude and his friend cautiously. " she's not back yet".

I paused half way. " what? "

" she said she was going to the market and hasn't returned". Tony said, moving away for Jude and his friend who were walking into the house.

" let me have her number " I said to Tony.

" I'm coming, let me get my phone in my room". Tony said and ran inside.

Henry followed me silently. I entered the sitting room and found Jude looking around with his phone torch, I wasn't comfortable with his presence in our house and with his friend carrying all those guns scaring the kids.

" hey!" Jude's friend called pointing his torch on grandma's photo.

Jude went to him and I followed wanting to know what he knows about grandma.

" is this not Mike's mother? " Jude's friend asked him.

Jude looked closely and exclaimed. " that's her! Wow, so we are in Mike's house?".

I was scared. I heard stories of how my dad was into a gang and killed some rival groups. Let it not be that these were some of his rival gang members.

Jude turned to me pointing his torch on my face. " you mean, that lady is your grandma?"

I didn't know what to answer. It could be that his father was likely killed by mine and the question was to decide my fate. At that moment, I couldn't hear anyone's thought, my heart was pounding repeatedly.
" Jude! Look! Mike's picture" Jude's friend stood at my dad's family potrait.

Jude went to meet him and they were both murmuring and exclaiming.

Just then, Tony came in and said loudly. " Uncle Mike, her number"

The two men turned to me. I was confused, I didn't know what to do as I collected the phone from Tony.

" is your name Mike? " Jude asked pointing his phones torch in my face.

I slowly nodded hoping that my money will save me coz Jude loves money.

Surprisingly, Jude turned to his friend and they both shouted: " wow!"

I didn't know what to respond. Jude came closer to me with tightened face. " so your dad was Mike?" He asked.

I nodded.

" wow! Your dad was a rugged member of our gang! His heroic deeds are currently in our songs as a way of remembrance!" Jude said excitedly.

I was greatly relieved, at least I was on the right side.

" he killed men feared by many, he was a terror to other gang members". Jude's friend added.

" no wonder you ran those guys over. Your dad lives in you! Rugged brother!". Jude said and hugged me.

The sound of gunshots broke the embrace abruptly. Jude ran to the window and then to me. " take a gun, I think another group is here. Put out all lights!".

Jude friend handed me an Ak and then gave one to Tony and Henry.

" what are you doing? They are kids!" I shouted at him.

" old enough to fvck but not to pull a trigger?" Jude asked and ran back to the window.

Henry seem excited about the gift, but Tony was sacred. I had to encourage them so I moved to Tony. " you will stay behind me. We are safe here okay? "

" burn down everything standing !" A voice shouted outside.

This increased our panic. I have never used a gun before, so I came closer to Jude's friend and whispered. " please, how do I use this thing?"

He took a little time out to put me through and I went to teach my little cousins. The gunshots began followed by an explosive sound that shook the house.

I took out my phone and dialed grandma's number. Her number was ringing but she wasn't picking up. A gunshot shattered the window and bored hole on the wall beside me.

" go down ! " I yelled at the kids.

Another gunshot fired again and hit the family portrait. Jude returned fire and shouted. " wooo! I hit one".

Jude's friend ran and hid himself behind a window, said to Jude. " lets see who is going to win. I hit one, I will get more scores" he fired and shouted excitedly. " one one!"

This seemed to infuriate the men as they released more gunfire into our house. I laid on the floor. Then I looked up the stairs and shouted. " let's go upstairs! Upstairs!"

Something dropped into the house through the window and fell in front of me. I looked at it, it looked so much like the grenade I see in movies, I quickly picked it up without thinking and shouted: " grenade!"

Everyone turned to me flabbergastedly. I repeated showing it to Jude and his friend for identification " grenade! grenade!"

Jude and his friend both turned away from me dreadfully and ran upstairs pulling Tony and Henry with them shouting simultaneously " throw it away! throw it away"

In the panic, i ran outside, every split second felt like the grenade was going to detonate, like I was holding my death sentence in my hand, but I had to encourage myself to save the house and everyone in it not knowing where I got the courage from.

Outside, four men stood shooting at the window. They turned to me and fired. It felt like I had been hit seeing flashes of gun fired at me,. Immediately, I threw the grenade at them and was about running inside when it exploded in the air with the loudest deafening sound I had ever heard in my life and a hot powerful wind pushed me down. For a brief moment I thought I was dead, I laid on the floor, everywhere was silent with a whistling sound singing in my ears.

I didn't know for how long I laid until someone came and was pulling me up waking me to full consciousness. I looked around the house that was now covered in smoke; the only light In view was fire burning outside and part of the sitting room with a distant sound of people shouting in slow motion. It felt more like I was dreaming. I felt woozy with a strong headache and couldn't keep steady

I looked at person helping me upstairs, it was Jude. His friend stood at the staircase with a long gun waiting for us.

When I got upstairs, my ears regained normal sound with slight whistle ringing. Jude laid me on a bed in a room I didn't know whose. I wipt the bleeding from my nose and turned to Jude's friend who was now at the window peeping.

" kids, get ready. Get ready to guard the window, I and Stanley will guard the stairs, if we leave it, they will kill us all as soon as they gain access". Jude said to Tony and Henry.

The boys who were looking at me in fear as though waiting for me to save them the fate handed to them by Jude.

I slowly sat up and said to Jude. " give me a gun. I'll watch with the boys".

Gunshot fired into the room and everyone took over. Jude's friend returned fire. Jude joined him and they both began shooting.

Then Jude ran to the door and said to my cousins" Boys come and take over!" Then ran out of the room with Stanley.

I stood up with banging headache and moved to the window looking to see anyone. A bright yellow light flickered followed with a loud sound that shattered the window glass. I almost ran away but stopped when I saw the terrified look in Tony's face with Henry hiding behind him, both of them held the gun as if it was going to fly off their hands once they let go.

I had to be brave, at least for the boys. So I turned to the Window and fired, the gun unbelivably jumped off my hands from the the bullet vibration. I turned to the boys, smiled and shrugged.

Another gunshot almost hit Tony. I saw the bright light past close to his head in a flash. This motivated me to act. I rushed to the boys that were now on the floor, took the gun from Tony and returned to the Window.

A man was aiming to fire. I had gotten experience now and so held the gun properly, shot towards the man and he fell. Two others returned fire shouting and shooting. I had to move away from the Window with my back on the wall. The gunshots scattered things in the room and raised dust from holes it bored on the wall.

When the shooting subsided, I peeped and saw four guys aiming at the window. I made to aim and fire at them but met flickers of lights from their guns that scared me back to my hiding.

The door opened and Stanley came in. "Jude is hurt, I need help". He said in a hurry and rushed back.

I turned to the boys and said to them. " stay were you are, I'm coming".

I ran off to the stairs. When I got there, Jude was on the floor with his back on the wall beside the stairs, his left leg was bleeding above his knee. It was tied with a shirt. Seeing Jude in that situation increased my fear. I knew we may not survive the night but I must protect the kids by all cost.

" Mike! Kill as many as you can! I can't believe I'm the one in this shootout, in Mike's house!" Jude said and laughed, then tightened his face in pain and laughed again." What a way to die! I rather die a hero. What do you think Stan?"

Stanley smiled and peeped. Stanley is Jude's friend.

I could see shadows of movement around the sitting room from the reflection of the fire burning outside. My heart was beating so hard, I could hardly breathe, but I refused to show it. I would nod to anything Stanley said even though I barely heard a word and kept my eyes in the dark sittingroom.

Suddenly, they fired at us. I took cover breathing heavily with the gun clinched to my chest. Stanley who should be in his late twenties; athletic, tall, dark with a punk hairstyle and little goatie joined to his mustache didn't make any attempt to retaliate. He was just looking at Jude inhaling and exhaling rapidly, as though trying to summon courage.

The gunfire continued. Stanley waited until they stopped shooting. He looked at me and whispered. " at the count of three, shoot".

I nodded, but I wasn't sure if I was actually ready. So I waited,he signaled his finger and before could show me his third finger somebody shouted downstairs.

" surrender and join us! There's no escape here! We are going to bring this house to the ground, burn everything here to the ground if you don't surrender!"

Those words almost forced hot shit out of my ass. I couldn't hold my gun steady anymore, every part of me was screaming 'surrender they will spare the kids!' I was about to tell them what I wanted to do when Stanley fired, he shot severally. The men retaliated in full force Stanley had to take cover. I lost all courage, it was a lost battle to me, gunshots came from almost every direction and it seem to be nudging closer.

Then Tony's voice alerted me. He screamed so loud amidst of the bullets raining on us. I looked at the direction of the room and ran towards it.

When I entered the room, I saw Henry shooting. I was surprised, the younger was risking his life and the senior laid on his tummy shouting on him to get out of the window. I immediately went to pull him out of the window. When he turned to me he said excitedly." I killed two. They fell! Two fell".

I smiled and nodded quickly, then peeped and saw what demoralized me even further; two cars just joined and the men were now many outside of our house. A house before ours was already on fire, I saw a man with a bottle and clothe hanging on the bottles mouth. He lit it and about to throw the bottle into our house, i quickly fired several shots at him and one hit him in the chest. The rest men with him ran away from the bottle that was already on fire, it fell on one of their cars and exploded in flames.

I moved Henry farther away from the window and asked him to sit on the floor beside the door, which I also told Tony too. Then returned to the stairs.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 4:55pm On Feb 19
Jude came down immediately, went straight to Mary, begging her on his knees. I was confused, I didn't know if to go or remain in the car. This was relationship issue, I knew how complicated it was, coupled with my issue with Jude.

Calista moved to where they were and stood beside them watching in silence.

Mary's voice was loud, she was yelling and trying to move away but Jude held her hand begging. She pushed him off her and slapped him severely, he didn't retaliate. He grabbed her waist begging still on his knees. Calista then joined Jude in begging Mary.

" it's over! My mind is made up! Leave me alone, go!". Mary kept yelling.

" I'm sorry! I was drunk! I'm sorry, please forgive me! I'll die without you! I'll kill myself! Please forgive me!". Jude begged.

" Mary, a man is begging you . Please consider him, please forgive him". Calista joined Jude.

I sat in the car watching the drama that took up to 30 minutes. And after a while, Mary seem to be giving in, she had stopped resisting and was now crying. Jude slowly stood up and hugged her while she dropped her hands by her sides but made no attempt to hug him back. I knew the battle was over, Jude's spell on her was a strong one. He slowly pulled her into the house.

Jude was good. Now I realized what grandma meant by Mary being a good girl. She really was a good girl under the influence of a skilled manipulator.

I engaged the engine and wanted to leave, Calista came to me and said.

" her things in the boot!"

I opened if for her to get them out, and after she was done, she came to the car by the front seat passenger's side and opened the door, bent over.

Calista: I love how he talks. Let me try again now he knows Mary is taken. I can gain from this guy.

" thanks for dropping by, you're such a nice guy". She said.

I nodded smiling waiting for her to leave.

" are you new in town? Your ascent. You sound foreign".

" I believe Mary told you I'm new in town". I said carelessly.

She seem slightly embarrassed but waved it aside. " well, I know this town like the back of my hand. If you need someone to show you around, please call me".

I nodded and waited for her to leave.

" but you don't have my number". She said.

" I thought you're Mary's friend, why are you hitting on her visitor without her consent?"

She was startled and then covered it up with an in innocent smile.

Calista: don't show anger, calm down...calm down...

" am I hitting on you? What an insult. Do you think we are mates for me to hit on you? I'm just trying to be friendly, showing my gratitude for helping my friend".

" I'm sorry, but I have to go". I said and waited for her to shut the door while her face was gradually changing into a frown.

Calista: forming hard to get. I know your type, looking down on everyone, thinking everyone is below him, proud fool! Because Mary is young right? Idiot that doesn't know anything.

" can I go please? My door!". I yelled immediately.

She banged the door looking menacing at me and I was about reversing when Jude rushed out shouting and waving his hand for me to stop. I thought of ignoring him, but then thought I owed him nothing, even the money he claims I owe him was a change to me. So I stopped.

He came towards the frontseat passenger side and I rolled down.

" Sir. You again?" He asked with a satisfied smile on his fave. "I'm very glad you brought my girl back. Thank you so much!"

Jude: don't ask him anything that will provoke you! Mary is your LovePeddler, your money bank and you know it. Let him go.

" it's okay" I said unsteadily.

" please, let me buy you a drink at least ". Jude said.

" some other time please. I have to be going ". I said and added. " I'll call you later for what we discussed".

" Okay. Thank you again". He said moving away from the car.

As I was rolling up the glass, I saw Mary peeping. She wasn't happy. I looked away and drove off feeling my heart breaking. I then decided to take Mary off Jude's hands. Even if it means for me to fly her abroad. She was too pretty and young to be going through such stress.

I got home and grandma was surprised I wasn't with Mary. I lied that she decided to stay with her friend. Grandma saw reason with that and we moved on.

I had to challenge my fear the day by meeting Jude as I agreed I would. We met a place he suggested; a lounge around zik road. I followed the description he sent to my phone and met him there already waiting with another guy. They had drank two bottles of beer each already.

"Here he comes!" Jude shouted as he saw me coming, standing to face me.
I noticed he whispered something to the guy seated. the guy smiled and turned to me. Jude moved to a seat opposite his on the table and wiped it clean with his handkerchief. The few people present at the lounge were laughing laughing at his gesture.

" let my boss come and seat here!" He shouted pointing my chair to me.

I wasn't comfortable with his display but took the seat anyways. He rushed back to his chair and shouted like a tout. " bar man!"

A smart looking teenage boy dressed in white shirt tucked in a black pant walked up to Jude from the counter.

" get my man anything he wants". Jude said to the bar man.

An hour later, I was still ina bottle, Jude and his friend were on their 6th. They would laugh at anything and were talking about their driving jobs and the funny passengers they've carried. I saw this as an opportunity to bring up Mary's case.

I began by joining in their jokes and chipped in amidst laughter. " You're bad! A real bad guy! you sent your babe to me, so could fvck her for the night".

He stopped laughing and asked. " which babe?"

I turned to his friend who was keen to know who I was talking about.

" the girl I was with the day I came into town". I carefully said.

He looked at me ominously and asked. " did you fvck my babe?"

I was scared and turned to his friend who picked up a bottle looking at me same way as Jude. I swallowed hard looking pitifully at them both.

" I'm sorry. I....I...didn't know...I .... Thought she was...em...a...a... You know...a " I stuttered looking for avenue to escape.

To my surprise they exploded in laughter that made Jude's eyes filled with tears. I was confused, what was so funny in what I said?

Jude raised up his hands laughing and then pointed at me " we got him! "

They were apparently drunk and were displaying drunkenness.

When he settled, he said. " it's okay bro. I'm her pump. Was just fooling around with you"

" as in P.I.M.P!" His friend added.

" she's just a little girl I'm helping " Jude said.

" so you are not her boyfriend? " I asked

" we are living together doesn't make her my girlfriend. is that what she told you?"

" why did you beat her up if she meant nothing to you?" I asked puzzled.

" well, I warned her not to bring clients home. You see, bringing strangers home is risky in her line of business, but she never listens" Jude said and whispered leaning closer. " do you like her?"

I turned to his friend gulping the last content in his bottle and returned to Jude. " she's a likable person"

Jude looked at me thoughtfully and said resting his back on his chair's back rest. " then you can have her!"

Jude: as long as you keep paying she's yours ( smiled )

" no, no, no! I can't" I protested.

" she has already told me she likes you. She can pass the night at your place if you like" Jude said and called the waiter, ordered for another round including mine.

" no, I'm okay" I said.

It was already getting dark, the place was now getting full, the music had increased. I gave him an envelope and stood up. He was overjoy and thanked me wholeheartedly.

I sat in the car thinking of what to do with Mary when a man ran past and three others followed. I turned to the gate, the security men were closing it. I stepped down and held a man running pass me.

" what's going on?"

The man was overtaken by fear. " they are close!" He said.

" who is closed?" I asked looking at the security men moving away from the gate.

" the resistance. They're here!"

Gunshots echoed, the man pushed me away from him and ran inside.

Immediately my mind ran to my grandma. Just then I saw Jude and his friend running towards me. I waved them over.

" sir. You can't go out oh. Heard the resistance are around" Jude said to me.

" I have to. My grandma lives here!" I said , then turned to the security men seriously shutting the gate and wondered how to get past them.

He looked at me and asked. " you said you live with your friend"

I ignored him and made to rush into the car, Jude held me back.

" you can't go out there!" He yelled.

" you can't!" His friend said behind Jude.

I hesitated, but I couldn't. I removed Jude's grip from my shoulder and entered the car, engaged the engine and drove to the gate.

The security men pointed me back. I rolled down and yelled." open the gate!"

" sir go back!" One of security men yelled back authoritatively.

I stepped out of the car and held the security man's shirt. " open this damn gate! I said despiratly between my teeth.

The man pushed me off him and made to throw a punch but stopped at the sound of gunshots fired again. The security man moved away from the gate frightfully.

I rushed over to the gate but it was padlocked. I turned to the three security men and went to the gentle looking amongst them " please open this gate!"

" do you want to die? We can't". He answered.

Just then Jude and his friend came to meet I and the security men.

" sir. You can't go out there it's risky!" Jude said to me.

I turned despiratly to him and held his arms. " do you have a mother? Won't you do what I'm doing if you suspect she's about to get hurt?"

He nodded, heaved and turned to his friend. His friend nodded and they turned to the security men.

" please open the gate he has to go!" Jude said .

" not possible. You better go inside!" One of the security men retorted.

Jude's friend held the one who spoke on his shirt and said. " you know me very well, you know what I can do. Open this gate before you regret it".

The man he held nodded , urned to his colleague and said. " open the gate let them go with their problems".

The gentle one among them went to the gate and began opening it. I rushed into the car and waited impatiently for him . Jude opened the other side of the car and entered the front seat, while his friend entered the back seat. I turned surprisingly at them.

" what?"

" you won't last a second out there. Just drive ". Jude said looking in front of him frowning.

Jude: I can't allow my office waste just like that.

I was really glad I had them. The gate opened, I zoomed off and drove speedily towards my grandma's house direction.

When I got to the junction to my grandma's house, I saw some group of men walking down the road shooting in the air.

" stop the car!" Jude said looking steadily at them.

I turned unbelivably to him " that's where my grandma lives".

My sense of judgement had disappeared. All I was thinking was to get granny out of there.

Jude turned to me. " you can't save her dead. Lets see where they're going first".

I waited impatiently in the car. The men got to the estate gate and stopped, then began shooting in the air. I was hopelessly confused, immediately, I took out my phone and called Mary.

" hello" I said as the phone connected. " please call your police friend, grandma is in danger!"

" what's happening?". She asked in a worried tone.

" just call him! Call him now!" I yelled into the phone and forgot to ask how she was.

The men had started shooting at the gate. That moment, everything went silent, it's like I zoomed the men closer and every other thing faded out. I didn't know when I dropped the phone and pressed hard on the throttle towards the men.

" what are you doing? You want to get us killed?" Jude yelled.

I ignored him and pressed harder on the throttle.

The men turned to us looking, then they opened fire when they saw me driving towards them. I bent over and the bullet bored holes on our glass.

The car ran into them; few rolled over from the bonnet through the windscreen and over the car and I felt the car galloping on something I suspected to me human beings, then ran into an electric pole and fell it on the opposite direction with flickers or electric lights.

I slowly raised my head and looked behind me. The men where now few and soon began firing at us.

Jude turned behind him and when he saw the attack on us, he yelled hitting the dashboard" reverse the car. Run them over again!"

With a shaky hand, I put the car on reverse and drove backwards but ran the back tire into a gutter and got stuck.

Now the bullets was raining heavily on the car, i had to bury my head. It felt like a bullet would hit me any minute, hearing the sounds of broken glasses and gunshots.

A pistol appeared in Jude's hand he and said to his friend. " take the right, I'll take left".

I was so surprised. So he had a gun with him all these while?

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 4:34pm On Feb 17

" good morning!" He said catching his breath with his hands on his knees.

I stopped and removed the earphones from my ear. Then pretended as though trying to recognize him.

" it's your driver! " He said standing up smiling.

Jude: what's the meaning of this act? He doesn't recognize me again?

Then I suddenly smiled and said. " oh, it's you"

Jude nodded '' I went back to that hotel and was told you checked out".

" oh, that's true. You see... I had a call ". I couldn't think of any conveniencing lie so I changed the topic immediately. " wow! What are you doing here?

" actually, I'm waiting for a friend. You live around here?"

The question took me off guard, I should have seen it coming. I knew he may to follow me home if I told him my folks lives in the estate, so I thought of a temporal escape lie.

" well, a friend lives around here, that's why I left the hotel. But I'll be leaving today or tomorrow".

Jude: I think he's trying to run from me. I will that my money.

Jude smiled and asked casually. " where does your friend live? "

" just down the road". I said very uneasily.

It was getting bright already. So I ceased it as an excuse.

" I have to continue my morning workout. It's getting bright, lets talk some other time". I said slowly moving backwards.

He came closer and said. " Otodu's boys are hunting to kill me. I now sleep in my car. I'm out of cash to rent an hotel, and i can't afford a new apartment now because I have not been working".

I was expecting him to say that sooner and I had a reply for him. I know how lawless African can be and how they dread people in uniforms, especially in military, so I took the advantage.

" yes, concerning Otodu, I told a top military friend of mine about it. I will call you later in the day, you, I and him will go and settle the issue. Maybe we will go on your behalf so as not to trigger annoyance. If he asks for money as compensation, I'll pay, but if he refuses, my top military officer friend will bundle him and his men to the barracks, and torture him until he fears you. I can actually make him disappear. I have a government assassin friend, he is a government killing tool. We met abroad. If you like that as an option, both Otodu and his boss will disappear in one night. Just get ready, I'll call you by four, so we can go together, what do you think? ". I made sure i sounded lightly.

Judes countenance changed. He was now smiling wearily. " no problem. You have my number right?"

Jude: what kind of nonsense is this? see how he spoilt my plans! Who asked for your help?

" oh yes I do. I'll call you " I said, happy that my bluff worked and as I made to leave.
He said immediately.

" please wait ".

I stopped and turned to him wondering what he wanted to say.

" I'm owing some people. You know after I helped fight for you, I lost my wallet containing all my pay for that day, including the one you gave me. I don't know if you can raise me at least 250 grand. I'll pay back! I promise! It's a loan". He said assuredly.

I smiled, this was what he wanted as a reward. I will have to delay the pay so he doesn't come up with another prank. So I pretended as though I was trying to think it through.

" that's a huge money. That's a lot of cash. I don't really have that amount of money now. I'm currently broke". I said pretending to be scanning through my head.

Jude: it's a lie, you're not broke. You have it but you dont want to give me. I don't know why rich people are always stingy.

I turned to him " you know what? I'll give you 100 grand. that's because I appreciated how you defended me. I will ask my friend to loan me the money. After I finish the job I came for and get paid, I'll pay him back".

" please make it 150, I'm really indebted" Jude said pitifully. " You know, my wallet that got missing in the fight contained 300 grand. That money belongs to a friend. He's actually on my neck now. Please help a brother".

This guy was really a crook. Now I see what Mary has been suffering. I agreed to give him 150 grand. He just ripped me of 150 grand just like that. Though the money wasn't my problem, but what if I was an average guy, was that how he would have made me feel guilty for nothing but extortion?

" well, leave the military out of it" Jude said scratching his head as I was about leaving. " I will go and beg him with some elders"

" are you sure? That guy is dangerous!" I said.

" don't worry sir. We will settle it the street way. The government are too corrupt. I don't like bringing them into my business. I will be expecting your call sir" Jude said and left.

I smiled and continued my jogging, listening to my rock music, thinking how Jude will feel discovering Mary slept in my place.

Then I noticed a fine lady on the floor some distance in front of me, she was apparently jogging too judging by her outfit. I rushed to where she was, taking off a pair of her sneakers.

" hello. What happened?" I asked squatting beside her.

" I think I fractured my ankle". She said in pains looking at her foot.

I tried to touch her foot, she flinched and pulled my hand away.

" stop! Stop!". She said wincing in pain.

Lady: oh my god! How do I get to my car? What kind of thing is this?

" I have to fix your foot or it will get irreparably ugly. I mean swollen and the pain will be unbearable". I said.

She looked up at me blankly for the first time and down at her foot. Then nodded. I squatted in front of her and held the foot while placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked in her face and said " at the count of three".

She nodded.

I began. " one! ".

She held my shoulder tight dragging in air in preparation for what was coming. Before I got to two, i twisted the foot to the left and right swiftly, she screamed out loud, hit and pushed me away from her. But the bone made a cracking sound, showing it had fixed.

She literally was in tears afterwards, lying on one side on the floor. I didn't disturb her, I knew how painful it can be.

After awhile, she sat up looking at her foot.

Lady: what kind of bad luck is this this morning. How am I to go to work? And how am I supposed to attend Bob's wedding this Sunday? Ha!

" it's okay, I'll take you home. That's if it's okay by you?". I said ignoring her thoughts.

She looked at me briefly and said. " I can manage".

Lady: let me not stress this young man. I can manage. I hate adding my problems on someone, I can manage.

She slowly stood to her feet with my help, and when she made to move, she fell on my body.

" easy! Easy! i said, " I told you. Now can I insist. Show me your car".

She didn't hesitate anymore. I helped her walk a while, she could barely move a step in 5 seconds. Then she stopped and asked if she could call her friend with my phone. I obliged her.

After waiting for a while, her friend seem not to be picking. I had no option than to pick her up. She screamed, shouting that I should put her down, I turned deaf ears and struggling with her weight. Eventually, she got tired of shouting and enjoyed the ride.

Lady: this boy is strong! Thank god it's still early, no one will see him carrying me. What will I tell them, that a total stranger found me on the road and carried me? My husband won't like such story. I pray nobody sees us. Please god, let him just carry me to the car invisibily.

Her weight was killing my arms, my muscles were hurting and back ached terribly, but tried not to show weakness.

" where?". I asked when I got to the junction, trying to control my breathing.

" that car in front of the green house over there" she said pointing to a green storey building by my right. "Sorry, you can bring me down now, I can manage".

" it's okay, I'm almost there". I said struggling to keep steady tone.

I finally got to her black SUV and dropped her beside the car. She searched for her key in her little crossbag and opened the car.

" you were so helpful" she said, bent into her car and came out with a business card. " my name is Fiona. Please give me a call, I will love to buy you lunch in appreciation".

I took the card and looked at it, she was a CEO of an oil and gas firm. I nodded. She entered her car, waved gratefully at me and drove off.

Back to the house. I heard voices of my two cousins and grandma's, they sounded like they were fighting. I quickly rushed inside and found grandma shielding Henry and pushing enraged Tony with a wood box in his hand backwards, both Tony and grandma were yelling on top of their voices, while Henry kept shouting. " I did not take your money oh!".

Tony got so angry he swung the box at Henry and I had to intervene; I held his hand and pushed him away from grandma.

" what is wrong with you!" I yelled, " you want to beat up grandma?"

" no uncle. Tell Henry to give me my money oh". He said grudgingly.

" which money are you talking about?" I asked him.

" I am very sure that I have saved 20,000 in this savings box". Tony said almost in tears showing the opened box to me. " but when I broke it this morning, I only saw 3,450 bucks".

I moved to Henry " why did you take his money?".

Grandma moved away from Henry, but still holding his hand and she said angrily " that is how they fight oh. Everytime I keep separating them. Let this one not kill his brother one day oh".

" I did not touch his money". Henry murmured.

" liar! Liar!" Tony shouted and made to attack, I blocked him and grandma shielded Henry.

" what is wrong with you, stop that!" I yelled at Tony, he stopped but was now in tears as he fought with his temper, looking at his brother ominously.

Henry: I did not take his money oh, I did not touch his money oh. I only took 500 oh, I did not take that money he said I took oh. I only took 500 to buy Linda a Val gift.

I turned to grandma who was yelling at Tony in our native dialet and asked. " is there someone else living here with you?"

Grandma shook her head and said. '" no, just a lady that comes to clean the house twice a week"

I turned to Henry. " did anyone see you the day you took the 500?".

Henry was completely dumbfounded, he couldn't believe I knew about it. I asked him again before he said the house cleaner caught him.

" liar! Don't accuse the poor lady of anything, just give me my money!". Tony barked.

I gave Tony a warning look and he kept quiet, then took the box from him and examined it.Turned to Henry afterwards and asked " how did you get the money out of this squared box through this tiny opening?".

He hesitated a little before he murmured looking at the floor in guilt " I used a long slim curved hook ".

" how?" I asked.

I noticed grandma too was surprised how I knew and also was disappointed at Henry.

" I dug the hook into the savings box hole and when I brought it out, it pulled out money". Henry murmured with his face on the ground stealing glances at each one of us as he spoke.

" what did the lady do after she saw you?". I asked Henry.

" she asked if it was mine, I told her it belongs to Tony and begged her not to tell".

" did she ask you how you pulled the money out?"

" no, she saw me pulled out five hundred".

I turned to Tony. " we have to wait until she comes to work". and added before he could say another word. " I'll give you the money, leave Henry alone".

The surprised boy nodded and walked away. I turned to grandma who was looking behind me with a surprise look on her face.

Grandma: she slept here? What happened to her face?

Immediatly I knew who she was talking about. I turned and saw Mary walking down the stairs in the same clothe she wore the previous day, her eye now had a thick black patch around it and a vivid cut on her lips.

When she came closer grandma gasp and screamed " what happened to you!"

She smiled innocently and greeted her kneeling on a leg. Grandma didn't notice her greeting, she was overwhelmed by the state of her face.

" what happened to your face? Who did this to you?" Grandma asked examining the damage.

Mary smiled and was looking at me to defend her, Grandma misunderstood it and turned to me angrily. " Mike! Mike!''

" no!.it's not me! Her housemate did that to her. I only brought her here". I defended myself immediately.

Grandma turned to her " house mate? What did you do to the person to have received such a treatment?".

" actually, he's not my housemate". Mary said eyeing me and smiling " he's my boyfriend ".

Grandma's anger increased " what sought of boyfriend beatsup a lady?'

" a jealous one". Mary added.

I was just looking at the ladies without saying a word. Grandma took her in to apply some ointment and honey on her eye and lip.

After a while, Mary was out and came to meet me in the seating room.

" Mike, I'm leaving" she said.

I turned from my phone to her. " what? Why? Stay until the cops apprehend him".

" I want to pickup my things now I'm sure he is not around"

" how are you sure?"

" I called my neighbor. She said he came around early hours of today and left afterwards"

I concur with what she said and insisted on dropping her off. Before I could stand to my feet, grandma came with a mug of hot tea and few slices of bread.

" Mary, eat something before you leave" she dropped the tea and bread on the dinning and said to me " Mike, ensure you be a gentle man and drop her off".

" what about mine? I'm famished!". I said.

" don't worry my son. I'm bringing it soon".

After eating, I drove her to her house. She stepped down and ran inside while I waited in the car.

It was almost 15 minutes since she went in. I noticed a chubby light skin lady came to take a look at my car and went inside. She was in a short pink mini handless gown. The gown hugged her so well that every shape and contour of her body was visible with her fresh fat thighs shooting from under it and her full braless breasts pointing its sharp bold nipples.

I was beginning to get uncomfortable. What's keeping her?

After another 25 minutes, the light skinned lady followed Mary from behind with a big bag while Mary carried two. I wanted to step down and help them but my spirit told me not to.

I opened the trunk for them and they put the things inside. Mary opened the door and sat, the lady came to Mary's window.

" good morning sir. Thanks for helping her yesterday. That guy is a monster. He almost killed her. He is so wicked".

I nodded impatiently and smiled awkwardly hoping she would get the hint and shut the damn door so we could get the hell out of there, but she kept talking, her boobs bouncing as she demonstrated. I was too distracted to get moved by her luring body.

Mary stopped her and was thanking her for her kindness and help, she was just smiling and nodding, but her mind was busy.

Lady: even though he's so delicious in bed, I'm not in support of him hitting her. I'm happy she's leaving though, atleast I won't be afraid of getting caught. Free access to the house!

" Mary, lets go!". I said hurriedly after hearing such a betrayal she called a friend.

She waved her friend goodbye and wanted to shut the door when she began searching herself and opened her bag looking for something.

" what's it?". I asked.

" my phone!" She screamed and stepped down before I would say another word and ran inside.

" hi" her friend said to me extending a handshake. " my name is Calista".

I didn't want to receive her handshake, but I eventually did. When our hands met, she brushed her thumb at the back of mine and smiled flirtatiously looking in my eyes.

Lady: handsome, young..hmmmm. Everything Mary said he is is true. It won't be a bad idea to fvck this guy too.

Then she said in a whisper. " such a handsome man ". And turned, pretending to be looking for Mary, but wanted to to see her behind. She widened her legs stylishly so that her dress would roll up and possibly, for me see her bare ass through the reflection of light on her dress. Then she turned to me and bend so that I could see a reasonable parts of her breasts.

" don't worry sir. She's coming". Her tone was flirty and her eyes was fixed in mine.

I looked at her face for the first time, she wasn't bad looking; bold lips, pointed nose, oval face with dimples, her natural hair was braided backwards and her eyes got seduction all over it.

" can I have your number so I can check on Mary?" Calista asked.

I felt irritated at her level of betrayal, so I just said " no!"

Lady: Look at this fool, because I asked for your number? He's not even fine!

" it's okay, you think I'm trying to woo or something? Please, you're too small for my class". She said moving away from my car.

I smiled and noticed Mary coming out and then the engine of an approaching car. I looked at the rear mirrow and my heart almost stopped beating. Jude was very close, Calista's distraction didn't let me notice him in time.

Before Mary could get to the car, he had stopped beside my mine, in front of Calista and our eyed met.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 12:06pm On Feb 15

We finished with dinner, it was already late, so grandma insisted I drove Mary home even though I had it in mind to do so.

I stopped in front of her house; a non painted new bungalow with no fence and sandy floor. A yellow bulb shone in one of the rooms facing the road with a green curtain covering it half way. Two ladies and a man sat outside discussing in the dark but turned their attentions to us on seeing us.

Mary wasn't so proud of the house as she turned looking at it.

" are you sure it's okay I brought you home?". I asked looking at the people outside that were curiously staring our direction.

She turned to me smiling. " you're really scared of Jude"

" not that I'm scared, I don't just want trouble".

" don't worry, he comes home very late, that's if when he doesn't sleep in one of his girlfriends house".

" alright, I will call you when I get home". I said, waiting for her to leave.

She smiled, then opened the door and stepped down.

Just then, a car light rays flashed into mine from behind. Mary saw it, waved at me and rushed inside.

My stomach knotted when I saw the car moving towards me. I engaged the engine and reversed. Low and behold, the car that passed me was Jude's, he was looking to see who was in my car, thank god for the tinted glass.

Back at home, I retired to my room and called Daniella's number, the phone rang twice and diverted to answering machine, Daniella's voice came on: If you're hearing this, kindly drop a message, I'll get to you ASAP.

The sound of her voice on the answering machine reminded me of her. What I felt for Daniella was so strong I could barely imagine that I would feel that way for someone almost twice my age.

I dailed her number again, same answering machine, I tried three more times before I left a message.

" hi, this Mike. Yeah I'm home... Em... i wanted to let you know I'm home...em.... Are in the office?" I cursed myself for asking such question, how would she be in the office by that time?!. " em... Just em... Wanted to...em..."

Then the phone connected and my heart almost jumped out through my mouth.

"Hello, Mike?"

The sound of her voice made me speechless.

" Mike, is that you?" She asked.

" yes! Yes!" I said finally.

" oh my god! I have been expecting your call!".

Really? That was more than my all day fantasy for fvcking the shit out of her. My heart sang with joy.

" oh..em.. I just got a phone". I managed to say.

" you should have called me on a pay phone, but that's by the way. How are you? I saw you on the news! You looked so battered, me too...". I sense her smiling.

My mind went straight to the ghost cult. Now they know what I looked like. But I shoved it aside and attended to what's more important.

" oh...that's nice.I wish I saw it "

" check it online. CNN". Daniella said excitedly.

CNN? Wow! I'm in soup! I thought.

" how's the office?" I asked to change the topic.

" they all saw you on TV though non recognized you until Gabriel called their attention to it". She said, bringing it up.

" wow " was all I could think of saying.

" Tasha asked me to bring the documents to seal the deal tomorrow. I'm so happy! She asked after you though, I told her what you told me. The police are on it right now". Daniella said

" what? You told the police?" I bellowed. This got me off balance.

" yes, I ought to. Yes, som cops maybe corrupt, but some will do their job effectively well". Daniella insisted.

" what! I didn't expect you to make such mistake!" I yelled

" Mike, Tasha was going to take up the case accusing you of knowing what killed her driver. They all saw you on TV. I had to defend you, that was the only option I had. It was better you have only the assassins on your trail than have both the cops!"

There was sense in what she said. But that wasn't a palatable news. I had to swallow.

" I understand you. It's okay. I'm happy for you. The two difficult jobs". I managed to sound cheerful.

She chuckled and added." Thanks to you. I'll send your ten percent as soon as we begin the job. And I owe you that date too".

Two great news. Ten percent for one client is about 20 million of local currency and I landed two, plus the other jobs I got for the company.

It works this way, any job you bring to the company, you will get 10 percent of every service charge and profit. As long as the client partners with my company, I'll always get paid even after I retire.

" wow! I can't wait to have that dinner with you!". I said almost shouting.

She laughed and said. " I'll be in Africa for another deal after I finish with Tasha's. I believe you will come with me for the job".

" with all pleasure!". I said.

She laughed and added. " Gloria is asking after you, have you called her?"

" no "

" you better call her. She misses the meat between your legs".

I was shocked at her statement. Daniella was too loosen this evening. I wanted to ask her what she meant but she hung up.

I was very happy. She made my evening completely. Then one fantasy crossed my mind. 'Marry her!' I laughed at the sound of the ridiculous idea, but suddenly, I realized it wasn't as funny as I thought. She was everything I wanted my wife to be; smart, intelligent, confident, beautiful, strong, achiever, charming, sexy, bossy...damn! She had it all. I began nursing the idea to propose to her, thinking of how beautiful the wedding will look like.

"Mike weds Daniella". I said out loud, picturing the scenario in my head and laughted happily.

I went to the refrigerator for a drink but saw only juice and yoghurt. I turned back to the bed and remembered to call Mary. I ignored it and turned on the television, but I wasn't comfortable and didn't know why.

So I picked up the phone and the sheet of paper she jotted down her number, dailed her line and it rang for long time before it connected. The sound of her voice got me activated.

" hello. Mary what's it?"

" Mike is that you?". She asked whispering and sniffing in.

" are you crying?" I asked.

" I ran out of the house. He wanted to shoot me!" She said and began crying.

" hold it! Hold it! Where are you, who wanted to shoot you?" I asked getting to my feet.
"Jude! I'm in a bush waiting for a friend... A client though. He's an officer. But he's an hour away". she said in a crying tone.

" can you come where I can see you?" I said grabbing the car key from the bed.

" no! No! " he will kill me!" She said and began crying.

" I'm coming, just give me the location". I said rushing out.

" please don't come. He will shoot you. Jude is crazy when he's angry. Please don't come !"

I was already downstairs and was entering the car.

" I'm coming over to your house if you don't tell me where you are". I said and engaged the engine.

"I...I'm behind my house. I'll meet you at the junction. Please wait at the junction, don't come here. If you don't see me in thirty minutes time, please call the police". She said and hung up.

I drove as fast as I could to her junction and parked. I was very worried and fighting back the urge not to go to her house.

"But Jude knows she was a hooker then why attack her? It doesn't add up, but when I see her I will find out" I thought aloud.

I kept looking behind and forward at any shadow I saw hoping it was her. It was fifteen minutes gone. I tried to engage the engine but refrained. I feared something must have happened to her. Beads of sweat ran down from my forehead and moisture gathered in my armpit.

Someone hit the passenger side window beside me hastily and my spirit almost left my body. I turned and saw Mary struggling with the door. I quickly opened it for her and she said hurriedly hitting the dashboard." go! go! go!".

I quickly engaged the engine and zoomed off.

We got my house and stopped at the car park. I turned to her face, her left eye was swollen, with a cut on her lower lip. I was furious and wanted to inflict pain on Jude.

" what happened? I thought he's cool with you doing your job, why attack you?". I asked angrily.

" he believes any man that brings me home is no longer a client. He very jealous and very dangerous when angry". She said avoiding my face.

Dangerous, that I can relate with. I have seen him exhibit it twice.

" what about your friend? The officer, he should arrest Jude's girl beating ass". I barked.

" he will call me when he's around. But I bet they will meet Jude at home. He has this signal in him he feels each time trouble comes for him. They can never get him. This is not the fifth time he's doing worse". She said .

" this is not even the first? And shooting you is not the first?". I asked surprisingly.

She shook her head. " he shot at me once before now but missed "

" wow! wow!" I couldnt say further.

After hearing what she said, I was scared for my life and that of my family. Every part of me wanted to send her away, but when I turned to her, she was looking more like a beautiful, innocent teenager that needs someone to protect her.
I strenched my hand and held her hand. She turned to me and looked away abruptly trying to hide her broken face.

" it's okay. You can stay in my room until you recover". I said.

Mary: this guy is too kind! How do I pay him back?

She began crying. I robbed her shoulder and wanted to open the door when her phone rang. She looked at me frighteningly.

Mary: it's him!

" Jude?" I asked.

She nodded still looking at me.

" take the call!" I said.

She shook her head and turned to the phone as though Jude was coming out of it.

" don't worry it, so you will know what he wants" I said.

She slowly picked the call and was looking at me while she listened to the caller. Then she barked all of a sudden.

" give me my car! It's over between us! Return my car Jude!"

Then she kept quiet, her eyes dangling like a pendulum. She barked again." you are evil! Don't expect to see me again..... You can't do anything Jude, you can't....Go ahead and report me! Tell them I killed somebody! It's better I rut in jail than live in the same roof with you!... Go to hell! I'm coming for my car!". She hung up and threw her phone angrily at the backseat.

Mary: I don't care anymore! It's over! This time I'm not going back! Thank god for Mike, what would I have done? I'm not going back, never!

I sat silently on my chair looking at her. She now looked bolder now after speaking to Jude. I heaved and said to her.

" lets go inside".

Her phone rang again. I turned to get it.

" leave it! It's that fool!" She said opening the car door.

I looked at the caller ' officer Johnbull '. " it's not him" I said , showing the phone screen to her.

She returned back to her seat looking hopefully at me. I handed her the phone, she took the call hurriedly. " hello! Yes! I'm out of the house, at a friend's in the neighborhood. Where are you? Okay, did you see him?" She turned to me and made a face. " he is not at home? I just finished talking to him... Yes he threatened to shoot me,....yes he had a gun... Yes sir...Please arrest him! Okay sir.... Thank you sir...No, I'm here for the night...Okay sir...I'm grateful....bye".

She dropped the call and said to me. " they didn't meet him at home ". then smiled regretfully.

I led her to my room and she went straight to the mirror and wasn't happy at the shape her face took. I got some ice for the swollen eye and made her a hot tea. We talked about everything else and later slept.

The next morning at about five A.M, Mary was still fast asleep, I went on morning jogging out of the estate. It was still dark as I jogged with my headphone on listening to music.

An approaching car headlamp shone on my face. I wondered why the idiot won't dim his light. As I made to jog pass the car, I recognized it immediately as Jude's and increased my speed. I hadn't gone few distance when someone shouted.

" sir! Sir wait! "

I ignored it and continued. Then I heard footsteps behind me and someone touched my shoulder. I turned and saw Jude jogging after me smiling. I was surprised how he was able to catch up that fast.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 11:09am On Feb 12

Something whispered to me: why are you allowing these kids oppress you? Can't you do something?

Immediately, I gave one of them that was dragging my shirt a head butt on his mouth, and pushed two away from me, then I moved backwards. The fat one attacked with swings of blow, one hit me across the face and the other in my stomach but not too strong a punch to inflict pain. I retaliated, ensuring I made mine count; a very strong blow in the middle of his face and another on his chest, he moved backwards clinging to his nose.

Two attacked with a blows and kicks, I moved backwards and they missed. They came again with a third following them from behind. The first that came close, I pushed so hard he fell on his butt and rolled over his head. The second threw a punch, I held his hand and retaliated with a straight blow on his neck, he bent holding his neck and coughing. The third was being careful, he monitored his next move, I was being observant too. Then he threw a kick, I grabbed his leg so hard he fell and my phone fell also from me, I ignored it as pulled the boys leg, dragging his back on the floor.

In a reflex, I caught a hand holding a knife aiming for my neck and left the boy's leg I was still pulling. When I looked, it was the fat boy. I held the hand so strong we began struggling. The boy held my neck digging his finger into it while dragging his hand off me, I swung my head to his face so hard I felt the pain in my brain from the impact and pushed him off me, then followed with a kick on his chest. He moved backwards and stood looking at me holding the knife and his other hand on the side of his head where I headbutt. The other three stood behind the fat boy hesitating to attack.

When I looked around I noticed a little crowd watching the fight excitedly. Then my eyes fell on a sharp rod attached to a fence, I rushed to it, broke it off and chased after the fat boy and his boys, they ran as though I had a machete. When they were far away, I stopped chasing after them. Then the fat boy began shouting on top of his voice pointing at me as he was going:

" I know you!, in this town? You're dead!" You!, you!". He continued until he left with his boys.

I went to pick up my phone and noticed the crowd were now smiling at me. I was disappointed at their level of immaturity. I looked around for grandma she wasn't in the crowd, then I decided to check for her in the mall. She was just coming out when I met her at the entrance.

" sir, you tried, that is how they disturb people in this area". The door man said to me.

Grandma turned to him questioningly and handed me her shopping bags.

" where have you been? I heard they were fighting, I was praying it wasn't you because your father was a 'fighter the fight', i had to rush out!". Then she examined my sweaty face and rumpled shirt and asked as we strode to the car. "What was he talking about?"

I wanted to lie when a familiar voice called from behind.

" Mike! Mike!"

I turned and my stomach clinched in shock. Guess who? Maria! She was just coming out of the mall with two bags in her hands. She wore a white handless gown reaching her at her knee level, a red and green summer hat with her white braided hair dangling beside her face and dropped behind her. And pair of green flat shoes. She was looking descent unlike how I knew her.

" is she based abroad? " grandma asked looking at her smiling.

I wanted to dodge her and hurriedly enter the car but she was already running towards us.

" no, just a girl I met ". I replied grandma feeling uncomfortable.

When she came closer, I had to fake a smile.

" Mike! Is this you?" She asked smiling, turned to grandma and greeted with her knees on the ground.

" my daughter how are you?". Grandma asked heartily.

" fine ma. is she your mother?" Maria asked.

" his grandma". Grandma chipped in.

Maria knelt and bowed in front of grandma and grandma placed a hand on her back.

Maria: Mike, I have seen you today, I won't let you off my sight.

I heard it and became worried. Grandma had already taken a liking to her. She was just smiling at the girl and nodding at everything she said. I on the other hand only nodded and faked a smile when needed.

" which area are you people going to Mike?" Mary asked.

I was going to ask her where she was going so as to tell her we weren't going that way but grandma told her: " royal estate!". I almost fainted! Now Jude is going to know where I live and disturb my life!

" wow! That's where I'm headed! What a coincidence?" Mary said joyfully looking at grandma

Mary: So he actually lives around my area? Wow! Mike lives around my area!

The next thing I saw was me on the steering driving while grandma and Mary getting pretty close as Mary cracked her rips with silly dry jokes and talked about whatsoever grandma loves. She was really a hustler, she hustled grandma to get to me.

I stopped Mary where she was supposed to find her way, she turned to me and asked. " Mike, you didn't invite me for a drink, you don't want me to know where you live?"

I turned to her beaming my fake smile and wanted to tell her some other time but grandma snatched the words from my mouth. I tried to signal grandma but she seemed to have been taken by likeness for Mary to even notice me.

" off course, you can come. I already like you, I would love to use your company often, I really get bored sometimes". Grandma said to her.

" really?" Mary's voice went on high octave.

" yes!''

" I'm honored ma!"

" you're welcome dear". Grandma said wholeheartedly.

That was how Mary was invited to my house a day after I met her as a hooker.

As soon as we got into the house, I told grandma to help me with something In my room while we left Mary in the sitting room watching television.

As soon as we got to my room, I shut the door and said to grandma fighting back the fury in my anger that was threatening to erupt.

" do you know who that girl is?! Do you know anything about who she is?"

She looked into my face questioningly and asked. " is she not your friend?"

" I just met her yesterday!" I said in frustration.

" okay... So?" Grandma asked carefully.

" so I don't know her! For all I know, she could be a serial killer or worse! You don't just invite anyone into your house, it's wrong!". I said half raising my voice.

" you know she may hear you" grandma reminded me cautiously.

I took some in air, moved to a wall and rested my back on it.

Grandma gently moved to the bed and sat on it.

" my son". She called looking at me with a smerk. " I may not know her, but I know both of you had something yesterday".

I was caught off guard by her statement and fought within myself to sound neutral.

" what...what do you mean". I stuttered.

" you know what I mean". She smiled and continue. ' that young lady is beautiful, a true beauty she is. I know she will not do anything to harm you; yes, she maybe a hustler, I saw how she was hustling me. But I understood something, she was after you. She has feelings for you, genuine one, if not she won't pass through me to get to you just meeting me for the first time, that's why I invited her over, to see if could if I was wrong about her. I'm never wrong about character. I also know she's not after your money because i saw something else in her, a good spirit. Something she does not even know she has. And you have it too...". She paused and looked at me momentarily.

Grandma: just like your father and Ruth, but he would'nt listen.

Then she continued " you need to believe me. She's not going to harm you "

I was surprised she was able to suspect that much about our previous day's encounter. I wanted to tell her that she was a prostitute and about her boyfriend, how she's very relevant to him monetarily, but I couldn't.

Grandma: children of this generation will look at older people and think we were not young once. They always amuse me. Please let me go and meet our guest, she will be wondering where we went.

Then she stood up and said. " I'm going to meet her, join us later".

I nodded and sat on the bed unpacking my new phone after she left, I activated it and was checking the fuctions when someone knocked on the door, I looked up and asked who it was, my 15 year old cousin came in gentle and slowly made his way into the room. He was tall for his his age, about 5.9, slim, handsome with a reading glass on and a full afro hair.

I smiled and beckoned him in. He slowly entered and stood nervously looking at me.

Cousin: he looks very fresh, what makes them fresh abroad? I don't like his haircut, the other was better. This haircut reduced his handsomeness... Hmm fresh skin, not even a spot

" how are you?" I asked, smiling at him for what I heard him thinking.

" I'm fine". Then his eyes fell on the phone. " you got this phone today?" Moving closer to me.

" yes. I just activated it now".

He smiled and asked. " can I see it?"

" sure! " I handed the phone to him.

He began operating it with a smile on his face, he seem too engross with the phone.

Cousin: all they said about it online is true. When am I going to get a phone like this ooh, heard it's expensive. Wow...3000MP, you can x-ray? Wow! Car remote? Wow! Look at memory space INFINITO! A month battery life capacity? This is just unbelievable!

He finished and handed the phone to me still looking at it.

" who fixed this room ?" I asked trying to forget all he was thinking that was now making me laugh.

" I and Tony did! ". He said proudly. " we got the concept online. It was expensive though, but we love class" I smiled satisfactorily. " grandma opposed it initially, saying we were spending too much money fixing common room. But when we were done, she wanted to move in". He laughed.

A knock on the door called our attention.

" who?.". I asked.

" it's Tony".

I turned to him and said. " Your brother! "

He nodded.

" come in !" I called.

The door slowly opened and Tony looked at me and his brother. " Henry, grandma asked you to call uncle since and you're here!

I smiled and said to the slim 6.1 feet tall boy with a striking resemblance with his younger brother but darker. " tell grandma I'm coming".

Tony wasn't really happy seeing his brother with me as he nodded and walked away.

I stood up and Henry escorted me downstairs. Mary was really making grandma laugh too hard she was in tears. Mary stopped talking when she saw me coming down the stairs.

I walked passed them to a seat beside grandma and Henry beside me with Mary on a couch by our left. She was still looking at me, grandma stylishly pinched me to call my attention on her gaze on me.

Henry: blood of lizard! This chick is fine! Oh my sweet penis! See fine Punana! Damn! Give me this fine chick and I will fvck all week till my sperm runs dry! Sweet lizard!

I almost exploded in laugher at Henry's exclamation. No one would believed he just reasoned that with his innocent stare at Mary.
" you this boy! You always like to stay with adults. Now follow me lets go make something in the kitchen". Grandma said to Henry.

Henry grumbled and stood up. Grandma turned to Mary. " my daughter, you will have dinner with us today"

" mummy no, I'm sorry, I'll be leaving soon".Mary protested.

" Queen my dear you're speaking French. If I come back here and I don't see you, I won't talk to you again". Grandma said walking to the kitchen with Henry behind her.

After grandma and Henry left I turned to Mary. " what about Jude?"

She seemed startled at my statement and looked at me thoughtfully.

Mary: did he investigate him? Why asking about him? I don't understand this guy.

" he's fine. why asking?" She asked.

I scuffed and asked. " Queen? "

She looked at me amiss and answered. " yes? "

" i mean, that's what my grandma called you. Is that really your name?". I was becoming pissed because she would also lie to an old lady who trusted her.

" that's my name!" She defended

Mary: what is he up to? What does he know?

I watched her body reaction to see if she was uneasy, she seem a little but more confused.

" is Queen your real name?" I finally asked after a brief moment of silence.

Mary: Mary don't lie to him again. You've lied enough, open up, he knows something.

Her shoulders dropped and she leaned closer on her chair. " my name is Mary. I changed it to Queen since I moved into this town".

" why did you change it?" I asked piercing an interrogative stare at her.

Mary: no lies, tell him the truth! Oh no I can't! I just can't!

" tell me the truth!". I said in a serious tone looking into her eyes.

Her pretty face turned into a sad one and was gradually moving to tears. I forced myself to be mean and needed not to budge into sentiment.

Mary: tell him the truth. No lies.

She heaved a sigh and began:

" two years ago, I got pregnant for a man. He was married and wanted me to abort the pregnancy. I refused, he threatened to kill me if I allowed my pregnancy bring him shame, yet I refused.

So one day, he asked me to meet him in an uncompleted building and promised to give me the abortion money. Let me tell you something". She said almost in tears " I have done things to survive, prostitution and even sold drugs. Worked in restaurants, bars. But I'm not a bad person. My dad died before I was born, my mum died giving birth to me". She looked away to wipe her tears and returned to me. " So I met him in the uncompleted building. Guess what? He tried to strangle me and my unborn baby. I struggled, but he was overly powerful. I was almost passing on when I picked up a stick and hit him hard beside his head, he fell and blood pumping out from where I hit, it was then I discovered their was a nail in the stick. I dropped it and ranaway.

Jude happened to be wooing me online. I called him and told him everything. He sent me money immediately, that was how I came to town. I had a stillbirth after a month. The baby died in my stomach and I wasn't aware. And after that, Jude told me I owed him. I have been paying him ever since. We live together, but he cares less about who I sleep with as long as I pay up at the end of the month. Then he made it daily".

I understood what she meant, I had had my own share of Judes indebtedness. So I asked.

" aren't you guys dating?".

She smiled . " we are because he can't allow me date someone else whereas he brings girls home and when I try to talk, he threatens to expose me and tell the police how I killed a man. I have been putting up with his drama, I don't have a choice".

I listened to her and all I heard her saying was: Mary what are you doing? Telling a stranger your secret? What if he's worse than Jude? Well, I would rather take the risk than lie to him again.

I felt pity for her. She was young, at about 20 or 21 at most, beautiful and charming. I just sat looking at her wondering what she must have gone through growing without parents.

" what?" She chuckled. " Please, I don't like pity"

" no no no!" That's not it. I was..." I wanted to say, I was just thinking how beautiful you are, but I decided to keep it to myself. " so where do you really live?".

" not too far from here" I asked trying to know how close Jude was.

" and you live with Jude?".

She nodded and turned to grandma who just brought dinner to the dinning.

"dinner is ready oh...Queen, please come and help with the dishes"

I and Mary exchange a glance as she went to assist grandma.


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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 11:09am On Feb 12
Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 8:17pm On Feb 11

As we drove, the old man who also fell for my stunt kept telling his own problems; how his five children are in the university, two dropped out for the other three, how he needs cleansing from witchcrafts and ancestors and seeking for prayers from me.
When he dropped me in front of my house. I counted 10 foreign currencies amounting to over 200,000 in the local denomination and handed to him. He was paralyzed in shock and soon began crying.
" that's how God answers prayers. Use the money well". I said to him.
" thank you seer! Thank you seer!". He said amidst tears.
Then he waited as I knocked on the gate of the estate. It was past 3 am by the time. I knocked severely before the security man responded. The old man waited in the car looking at me.
" who ris rat!". A funny ascent stormed as though he was fighting with the person knocking across the gate.
I turned to the old man as if to seek his approval before I answered. The old man nodded and motioned me to go on.
" I'm asking after Mrs Margaret! I'm her grandson". I said in an uncertain tone.
" who?" The voice asked.
I reasoned if that's the name they know her by before I went on. " Mrs. Margaret".
" deriz nno bori answer ra nname hia! ". The voice said.
I thought of other names they could know her by, so I mentioned by uncles name. " Steves Mother!"
" I ron nno any bori oh!" Mpliz, atink you av a terephone! Cur ram!"
I turned to the old man in the car blinking his eyes at me and moved towards him.
" please sir, can i make use of your phone?".
Old man: I have only 50 left. what if somebody enter trouble....( native dialect )
" em...I no have airtime. What we go do now oooh. And you need this phone, chai!" The old man said, filled with concern.
I was shocked to my marrow, someone I gave a huge amount to to help his family?! I was highly disappointed!
" chai! And it is night oooh. If I have airtime, I for gave you, what is airtime? Please ask them if you fit to use him phone call..."
The old man was still talking I walked out on him to the gate.
" sorry bro. I got no phone here with me. Can I borrow yours. I'll pay you, a thousand bucks!".
The voice on the otherside went mute. Then a smaller opening on the gate opened. An eye was seen looking at me and the driver, after which he said. " cur ram! "
" the number?" I asked.
" nyes"
I called the number and he dialed it. Few seconds later he said. " e nno picking ooh. Nlet me try ram argain!". He dialed the number two more times and then shouted. " haro! Nderiz a man hia. He nsay he is rooking nfor Magnet!" He turned to me and asked. " your nname!"
" he nsay he name is Mike! Are you nsure? Okay!". Then he opened the gate
The drive engaged his engine and waved me goodbye. I didn't respond as I entered.
The estate was impressive. Houses laid in a single file facing each other, all one storey building painted in yellow had flowers in front and street lights making the place look like afternoon.
Beside the gate was a yellow security house with two windows and a door in the middle.
" wait hia!". The security man said pointing at a plastic chair in front of the security house.
I looked at the man in his late thirties under the security light. He looked bleached with cream reactions on his fat face; clean shaven, in a yellow top and blue pants with a funny looking blue cap on his head, I wondered why he wore it at night.
" thank you very much. I'm grateful!" I said to the man as I sat down.
He didn't respond, he was looking down at the estate grudgingly.
security man: reez ma njust rizturb my sleep nah.
" who is that?". A taller dark guy in same uniform came out of the security house without the cap on looking sleepy.
" reez Oga! He nsay he rook nfor Magnet. I ncal ram, she nsay, she is ncuming" the first security man explained.
The second security man looked at me and stepped down from the house. " you're welcome sir. Mrs Margret at Plot 10?".
I shook my head and said. " I don't know which plot she lives in".
Just then I saw a lady putting on native; material top and wrapper around her waist with two guys behind her. She was literally running than walking.
" I think she's the one!". I said standing to my feet.
" my son! My son ooohhhhh!" She shouted as she running to meet me.
I moved towards her and met her halfway. She embraced me like I would disappear once she let go. When she broke the embrace, she began scanning through me and asked.
" where's that your nonsense hair and stupid beards?"
I smiled and before I could say a word, she added. " you now look handsome! Chai! You look so like your father! My son! Is that really you? I'm tired of video calls and pictures, now I see you and feel you! Live! That Phila of a lady held you back but god pass her!"
She was over joy with my presence that her wrapper fell and she didn't bother to raise it up, one of the boys with her helped her with it and she thanked him and tied it recklessly.
" Mike my son! I thought you said you were coming tomorrow? what happened? Mike! Night journey is not good in this country oh. Why! Are there no hotels! Please oh, don't kill me earlier than I should oh!" Then she turned to the boys of about 17 and 15. " meet your cousins".
Before I could shake hands with them, she began talking pulling me towards the house talking and talking. I suddenly remembered the money I promised the gate man. I dug my hand into my pocket and brought out the change from the hotel, ran to him and was giving it to him, to my surprise he refused.
security man: ha! Wariz diz na? Becos of small cur? Nnoo"
" Oga, ntank you. ayam nfine!". He said putting his hands behind him smiling.
The first honest man I met since I returned. I winced in surprise looking at him before grandma shouted my name. I thanked the man specially and ran to meet up with her. Already one of the boys was helping out with the bag.
That night, grandma talked and talked. She made me our native food which I couldn't remember what it tasted like anymore. She told me she filled the refrigerator with all kinds of native food. Even as chubby as I looked she complained of me looking slim and promised to get me fat.
We talked till it was morning. My cousins had left I and grandma in the seating room. When I checked the time it was past seven. That was when she yawned and stood up. " my son, we will continue later, let me rest my old bones a little". Then she turned towards the staircase and then to me. " ha! These boys didn't show you to your room. Follow me, let me show you to your room"
They actually spent time to fix the very large room; beautiful wall papers, air conditioner, big refrigerator, 72" television, high definition sound system, window blinds, huge bed, glass dinning, sculptures, paintings, shelves and a mini empty bar.
I wondered who pimped the room, apparently, not grandma. The room was way better than the so called executive suite I lodged earlier.
I slept for hours and eventually woke up around 2 pm, staggered downstairs to the sitting room and met grandma cutting vegetables.
" good morning ". I greeted.
She turned to me. " my son, are you sure you won't go back to sleep? Remember you slept late after a stressful journey".
" I'm fine ma". I said, seating on a couch.
She dropped her tray of vegetables on a stool beside her and turned to me. " are you hungry?"
" I'm not sure. Not after eating that heavy meal this morning".
" I am preparing lunch for you. I thought of making something new "
" what about the ones in the refrigerator?". I asked.
" they're not fresh. I want you to eat fresh food, not microwaved "
I smiled and turned to the drama showing on tv.
" i want you to drive me to the mall after you have rested ". she said, picking up the tray and began her slicing.
I agreed.
Later that day, at about 5 pm, I was in the steering and she was beside me. We had our first stop at a tailoring store.
" I want you to meet a friend of mine!". She said excitedly as she unbuckled her seat belt.
We entered a very big tailoring shop with lots of sawing machines and female staff, everyone seem to be overly engrossed with work.
Grandma seem to be popular there as everyone greeted us with a smile and she never failed to introduce me as her grandson to all the workers.
" good evening, my grandson, he just came into the country ". She would say to anyone who greeted her with a smile
Then we went to the table of a young slim girlie man. He tied a pink scalf, wore a gray saggy singlet with a wide collar up to his nipples region with tattoos across his chest and shoulders. He carved his brows very slim and wore a girlie makeup.
Grandma seem not to like him.
Grandma: I wonder why Jane insist on putting this thing here to attend to customers.
" good afternoon Madam Margaret. How are you this afternoon? ". He said chewing gum.
" hello. Is Jane in?" Grandma asked looking at the door behind him.
" yes ma". He said eyeing me with a smile.
Girlie man: who is this fine creature she brought? I bet our girls are drooling already.
I looked away and turned to a pretty girl cutting a material on a table.
" yes! Let me call her. A minute!". He took up the phone and said after a moment. " Madam Margaret is here...okay ma". He finished and turned to grandma. " go in ma" then he turned again to me and winked.
I looked away and followed grandma from behind. As we passed his table, I heard him saying.
Girlie man: oh lawd! He thinks I'm gay! Hahahaha... That's how they all think".
I turned to him, he was now smiling and winked again at me. Grandma caught me looking and said before she opened the door.
" that boy is possessed. I pity his parents who abandoned him here and travelled abroad".
Madam Jane's office was big with pictures of models on every wall. Some already made clothes hung on hangers and mannequins. She had some huge framed pictures of herself and celebrities. The Windows covered with huge brown curtains, a chandelier hung in the center roof, two big orange cushions facing each other.
A beautiful chubby light skin, classy lady with her face professionally made-up, in her early fifties sat across a magnificent table. Her long hair hung on her shoulders. She smiled as we came in.
" Maggie Maggie! Long time! I hope I am safe?". Jane said grinning.
" Jane! You are a bad friend! Your son graduated abroad you didn't tell me!". Grandma said moving over to a chair in front of her table.
" that's my last boy! It was nothing serious,". She said defensively and turned to me. " who is this fine young man with you?'
Grandma face lightened and she wanted to introduce me...
" wait! wait! Is this little Mike?". Jane asked standing to her feet and moving towards me.
Grandma nodded excitedly. " he's not so little anymore".
Madam Jane: he looks good. Heard he works in a nice company with good pay. I'll hook him up with my daughter before it's too late.
Madam Jane came closer and hugged me. When she broke the hug she asked. " do you remember me?"
I shook my head.
Madam Jane: He looks just like my secret sweet sugar boy, same age. But finer!
She hugged me again, pressing my head in her soft boobs. " my little boy has turned a man!" Madam Jane giggled.
Madam Jane: this boy is fine! I feel like leaving his face here.
Then she broke the embrace and went back to her seat. I saw her big round butts shaking from her mini green African fabric gown and her fat fair legs, I began considering her as I took my seat. Then I turned to my grandma who was completely oblivious who her friend really was.
They spent an hour talking partly about family , the new design grandma planned on making, before Madam Jane began boasting of her escapades with celebrities and her exhibitions outside the country. All the while they spoke , she kept glancing at me harmlessly, but her thoughts betrayed her innocence.
We got to the mall, I went to the a phone shop nearby to buy a phone. The place was busy with customers and sales persons in black t-shirts attending to some prospects. I moved to section and was looking at the collections they had, a teenage boy in grey jacket and his friend in red t-shirt were standing beside me checking some phones out. Then I over heard one of the boys saying in his thought.
Boy One: we need to get out of here. Once this sales man looks away now, I will move.
I turned to him, his eyes was busy surveying the area. His other friend whispered something to him, he nodded and looked behind him at girl attending to a lady and her husband. Then he said something to his friend and his friend nodded.
The boy was walking pass me and I held his hand.
" drop that phone! " I said to him.
He looked so surprised and immediately pulled a phone that was already out of its pack stylishly from his inner jacket and whisppered to me.
" please, I'll drop it!"
I watched him whisper to his friend and they replaced it in its pack and walked away. I got the phone I wanted and walked to the cashier, made payment and stepped out.
On my way to the mall I saw four teenagers following me. I turned and recognized the two boys with them, their faces where menacing and I knew they meant no good. One of them; a fat average hight boy called arrogantly." hey! My friend said you stole his phone, where's his phone?"
I turned looking for a security to intervene but found non on sight. So I summoned courage and replied him.
" you better get out of here before I get you arrested!"
" you think we are joking? Go and get the phone from him!" The fat boy commanded.
The teenage boy I held in the phone shop walked up to me and held my hand.
" where's my phone! " he sounded determined to attack.
I pulled my hand off him and looked around if grandma was in view and then for any security personnel. Passersby walked passed minding their business.
" what is wrong with you? Because I did not report you? " I said trying to intimidate him with my tone.
The fat one came to me and wanted snatch the phone I just bought from my hand, I was fast to swerve his hand. Then he attached me and others followed; they were now hitting me on every side and dragging the phone from me.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Do You Think Nigeria Is Really The Giant Of Africa? by topher052: 1:29pm On Feb 10
Bankee, been trying to reach you. Hope all is well. Sent you a mail, please reply the mail if you got it. Thanks

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 5:19pm On Feb 09

I turned to the driver and sympathetically placed a hand on his back. " bro. How can we fix this?"
He sat up, whipped his face and said in tears. " how... How will I survive? These guys are dangerous. This is my only means of livelihood. How am I take care for my aged mother in the village and my five siblings in school...ohhh! I'm ruined! " then he wept bitterly.
" it's okay. drop me at the hotel, come check on me by 12 noon, I love lengthy sleep. I'll see what I can do for you".
He stopped abruptly and stared at me unbelievably. " are you serious?"
I nodded. He grabbed my hand, kissed it thanking me. I just nodded feeling irritated. He was such a good actor, no wonder he has been ripping the poor girl of her money.
Driver: jackpot! Jude you're good!
We got to the hotel and he offered to walk me to my room. I didn't stop him. He followed me to my room and sat on my bed looking around admiring the furniture and the things in the room.
Driver: wow! This is an executive suite oh. chai! This place is fine!
I went to the fridge, got a bottle of brandy and handed it to him. " take. Come back by 12 tomorrow, I want to rest".
His eyes almost popped out from the socket when he saw the drink.
Driver: wow! 501! Original one! This guy is rich oh!
I stood infront of him and said. " go please I want to sleep"
He stood up and thanked me. As he was going out I heard him saying.
Driver: I'll be here by 7 am. I can't afford stories.
Immediately he left, I locked the door and moved to the bathroom window to ensure he left.
After 4 minutes, he surfaced by his car still looking at the hotel. I stayed in the shadows watching him. He seem to be contemplating something, then he entered the car and drove off.
I turned around the room, picked up my bag and my other belongings, headed downstairs.
At the reception, i met a plumpy light skinned lady.
" I'm checking out " I said to her.
Lady: where is he going this late? I hope he hasn't killed someone in that room. Let me alert the security to check the room.
The lady checked her computer
Lady: Ha!, who drinks 70,000 worth of drink?
And she said to me. "You owe us 70,000 for drinks".
I handed her two notes.
Lady: wow... Rich kid. No wonder
Then she took the money and handed me about 20 local notes as change. I handed her five notes from the change as tip. She was so happy to receive it.
" I need a cab. Can you find me one?". I asked.
She nodded, took up the phone and dailed a number, waited briefly before she said. " please get me connected to the driver a client needs one... Okay... Thanks". She turned to me " kindly wait he's coming"
I smiled and nodded then sat down waiting for the cab man to come around.
Few minutes later, an elderly dark skinned man in black worn-out suit and brown shoes that has seen the test of time walked in, he was slighly bent as he dragged his feet to the counter to meet the receptionist. He wore large reading glasses, full mustache and clean shaven hair and jaws and his round face was quite wrinkled from stress than age.
" you call driver?" He asked the receptionist taking his words slowly.
" yes. He's over there!". She replied pointing at me.
The man turned slowly and adjusted his oversized trouser's waist. Then started dragging his feet towards me.
" good evening sir. You wan a driver?" He asked.
I nodded wandering why such an old man who should be at home sleeping and receiving money from the government should be allowed to work.
" come, my car is in the yard". The driver said and slowly led the way.
As we walked, his thoughts were something in his dialet, he sounded bitter, but since I didn't know what it was, i channelled my mind to going home to grandma's place.
The got to a clean yellow and green camery. The old man opened the front door neglecting me. I had to help myself to the backseat.
" where you go?". He asked looking at me from the rear mirror.
" em...zik road!" I said.
" here is a zik road. Where in the zik road you go?". He asked in his careful tone.
" em...". I said checking the note. " royal estate, beside..." Then I paused, palmgroove was beside my grandma's house!"
" where sir!". The old man asked impatiently.
" em... Beside palmgroove". I found myself saying.
The old man engaged the engine and drove off.
We drove in silence for few minutes when I spotted a bright torchlight shining on us in front by some group of people blocking the road. I was scared, so I asked.
" are they armed robbers?".
" they worse than arm robber". The old man replied with a hint of contempt.
He slowed down. I was very frightened but my encouragement was the old man's calmness. One of the men walked to us shining his torch in the car. He pointed it at me and I saw he was putting on a uniform, what a relief!
The police man moved to the driver and asked. " where are you coming from and who is that man in the backseat?"
The driver explained that I'm a guest in a hotel and I'm headed home. The police moved to the trunk and shouted. " open your boot! "
The old man stepped down murmuring and went to open the boot for him. I checked my time, it was 11:23 pm, hunger had started eating into my intestines. I slowly adjusted in my seat trying to listen to their conversation that was now more of murmuring.
The police shone the light in my side and said in a harsh tone. " oh boy step down!"
I obeyed. Then I heard him saying.
Police: This boy looks rich. How do I get something off him?
" where's your bag?". The police man asked.
I pointed it to him so I don't say a word. I didn't want him to know I'm a foreigner from my ascent.
" are you pointing the bag for me to bring it for you?". He bellowed.
I whispered sorry and brought it out for him. He opened it and searched it, then he saw my passport. He opened it and perused through it.
Police: ha! He just came into the country. Good fish. How do I get money from him oh...
Then he said to me. " this passport looks forged!"
I was surprised how he came up with that so fast.
" how?". I asked.
" Bright!" he called his colleague. " please come and take a look at this passport, it looks funny".
Bright happens to be a tall heavily built man with a fat tummy, he hung his gun on his shoulder walking lazily.
When he came closer, the first police man asked him handing the passport to him. " look, is this picture supposed to be here?".
Bright looked at the picture carefully.
Bright: Dan this racket is not going to work oh, there's nothing wrong with this passport. Why not put weed in his bag. Your brain is slow oh...
Then he handed the passport to Dan and said. " I think the passport is okay. Have you searched that bag?"
Before Dan could reply he had moved towards my bag. I watched him dipped his hand in his pocket before moving towards my bag so I blocked his way. He was shocked to see me standing on his way.
" are you mad? What's wrong with you?". Dan yelled at me.
" let me see your hands?". I demanded from Bright.
" what? What? Is something wrong with you? My hands for what?" Bright yelled at me
" I don't want anyone framing me with weed gimmicks". I said still blocking my bag.
The old man whispered in my ears. " no argue with the people oh. Give them money we go".
Officer Dan bent in front of me and picked up something, sniffed it and turned to officer Bright." weed!''
Officer Bright then slapped me and forced me to seat on the floor.
" no wonder he was shining his eyes and stopping us from searching his bag! Drug peddler! Your own has finished. Shoot his leg!". Officer Dan commanded.
I thought they were joking until Bright corked his gun.
Bright: let me scare him a little first to know if he has good money, moreover, i don't know whose son is this oh. But if we kill him thé way officer Dan killed that boy last week, we can always say armed rubbers did it. At least take his foreign currency.
The old man moved in front of me begging them.
" old man, leave the way!" Dan barked
" please let we settle it, he just a boy. You know how this boys be. Please!". The old man begged
I was surprised and confused. They changed it right I'm front of me. Brights thought scared me. So they had the ability to shoot and cover it up? I still could not believe I was made to seat on the floor like a common criminal. I remembered Africans are very religious and superstitious. So I tried my luck.
" I'm a seer. I see doom around your destinies" I shouted angrily.
They all turned to me, including two other officers who just joined in.
I stood up and repeated what I said.
" what kind of madness! Go down! You see your father small dick! Go down or I kill you!". Officer Bright yelled wielding his gun at me.
" stop!" I yelled. ' the spirit told me you have weed in your pocket, precisely your left pocket. You planned to put it in my bag before Dan played his role"
They all exchanged glances. I heard Dan asking another officer: " how did he know my name?"
" and! ...Officer Dan! ...You killed a boy last week! Yes I see doom clearly!". I shouted and began shaking like I see them do in the movies.
They were cold and began murmuring among themselves. I needed to play it right. I was actually fighting for my life here.
" I can avert this doom hovering around your heads! Not long, one of you will die!"
One of the officers who just joined in, a younger officer was thinking: I have never been in support of thier evil deeds oh...
" you!" I pointed at the young officer who was startled by my yell.
" me?" He asked.
" yes you! You are not in support of thier evil deeds. But you still share their evil loot with them why?... Why?...".
Bright: let me kill this boy before he exposes us.
I heard this and was scared. Maybe I played the wrong card. He was shaking and restless, threatening to pull his gun up. I quckly turned to Bright .
" the spirit says you are thinking of killing me so I don't expose you!".
I could see his shoulder dropped and his eyes filled with wonder.
" why are you so blood thirsty? Before the sun comes out, five armed men will attack you guys and you!" I said pointing to Bright "shall be dead!".
Bright: it's a lie! He's lying! I can't die!
" Dont doubt the spirits Bright!" I said and he slowly dropped his gun completely surprised.
Dan who has been silent all the while came to me and asked.
" who are you?"
I had to sell myself right and get the hell out of their midst before I overdo it and mess the whole thing up.
" I was invited secretly by the Able Democratic Party members for cleansing to succeed in the forthcoming election. I forgive you people. Get me water and I'll wash the doom off your heads". I said averting the question and striking their weak points.
Dan stood looking at me.
Dan: could this kid could be fooling us? No! How did he know I killed someone? How did he know about the weed? He's true. I need the cleansing.
Then Dan turned to the young officer and yelled. "get us water!". The boy did. I washed their heads chanting gibberish , all five of them except Bright who refused to believe my stunt. He was aching to shoot me and bury their secret but Dan who fell head over heels stopped him.
I finished and they thanked me for washing the doom off their heads and officer Dan precisely begged me not to report them. I agreed and they allowed us to leave.



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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 8:33am On Feb 08

I droped the call, she moved passed me to the shower, turned it on and began working lather on her body.
" the driver is around". I said leaning on the bathroom door.
she turned to me with lather on her face. " you said what?"
" the driver is around!" I repeated, a little bit louder.
" okay. I'll be out soon". She said and moved closer to me and pulled me into the shower giggling. She embraced and wanted to kiss me. I turned away.
" the driver was the one calling you". I said showing the phone to her.
She paused, looked at me startlingly. " what do you mean?"
" go to the window, you will see a white car parked over there". I said pointing to the window.
She slowly moved to the window and peeped.
Mary: god! What is he...he's the driver? god!
She slowly turned to me and was fidgeting. I moved to her and embraced her.
" it's okay. I know you're working. Does he know you do this job?". I asked.
she nodded her head pitifully. I heaved and looked down at the guy waiting, It was already getting dark. I turned to her.
"Alright, I'll pay you off now, 80 grand you say?". I asked.
Mary: its not about the money! I want you!
She slowly nodded.
" I'm not a bad guy. That young man is a hustler, I know what he goes through everyday on the road. Do you know he was robbed recently?".
The look on her face told me she wasn't aware. I left her in the shower and went to get dressed.
She slowly came out of the bathroom looking pathetic. She grabbed the bedsheet, coverd her unclothedness with it and sat on the bed looking at me getting dressed.
I turned to her pretty face and almost changed my mind then remembered the young man waiting for me downstairs. I took out my wallet and dropped on the bed an equivalent to 100, 000 in local currency. She looked at the money with contempt and slowly picked up her .underwear and slide into it, wore her blouse without the tapes on her nipples, then her boot and stood up looking at me.
Mary: Tell him you want to see him again. Swallow your pride Mary!
" let me have your number. when I get a phone I'll give you a call, strictly business!" I said to compensate her hurt.
She smiled and looked around in the room for a pen, when she couldn't find one, she took her hair clip and wrote her number on a table .
" that's someone's furniture!". I cried out.
She ignored me, and when she was done, she said. " I wrote it backwards. The last number is the first digit"
I moved to see the damage she had done and discovered it wasn't much. She wrote in the edge of the table, on a tiny part, almost not noticeable.
"I'll be going now". She said and walked to the bed, took the money like it was some change, shoved it in her back pocket and walked out.
I just handed her a hundred grand and she took it like it's nothing. Well, it's not money to me, but It is to her. I shrugged at poverty and shut my door.
Downstairs, it was already dark. The driver was so happy to see me, he opened the backseat door quickly for me.
" sir, I have been calling that number for an hour now. I thought perhaps you left without me. I said,' I'll wait here until you return!' ". He said without any sign of anger.
" I'm very sorry. The lady I used her phone left, so I couldn't call you back". I tried to sound as normal as possible.
" no problem sir". He said smiling. " where are we headed sir?".
I stood at the door he opened and moved to the front seat. He looked at me puzzled and ran to the driver side. I was already seated and adjusting the seatbelt.
Driver: ha! He doesn't want to stay in the car owners seat. He must be a real guy.
" where are we going sir?"
" just take anywhere wé can bave fun!". I said with a slight excitement in my tone.
Driver: we? Wow! This is going to be good. Where will I take him to ooooh....let me see, let me see...where oooh...okay! Palmgroove!
He engaged the engine and we were off.
The place was very busy with loud music. We met two bouncers at the small gate checking a long queue of people on foot. They allowed us in, maybe because we were driving. I thought we were done with bouncers but met four heavily built guys in black t shirt, black jean pushing some peoples back. I began to wonder what was in that place we were going through the stress for.
It got to our turn, the driver went to whisper something in one of the bouncers ear pointing at me. The bouncer then asked us in.
Inside was overly crowded and noisy. I had never seen so many black skin in a place without one single white. It looked like an outdoor drinking lounge; tables and chairs clustered with mostly overfed men and their girlfriends or overfed wives with beer, plates of fish and barbecue on most of the tables . A stage where a young man was singing while his female dancers partly nude shaking their butts to his music. Waiters in uniform were busy attending to guest, bouncers mounted on different post looking determined to unleash mayhem on any miscreant.
I looked for a seat, the whole place was filled up. I wondered why the driver brought me there, but funny enough the young man was so excited, looking around joyfully.
I called a waiter and asked for a seat, she just nodeed and hurriedly attended to a bulky man beckoning her over yelling angrily in front.
The driver saw what happened and pulled me to a vacant table with half drank bottle of beer, an empty soft drink bottle and half eaten fish barbecue on it and asked the people beside us if anyone was there, they just shrugged and mind their business. He took the free seat beside me nodding his head to the song and stretching his neck to get a clearer view of the topless man with chains on his neck singing. Then he turned to me.
" this is the happening place in town! If you come to this town without visiting here, you missed!". He yelled in my ear due to the loud music buzzing from a huge speaker behind me.
I looked around at the very noisy people and place; some were dancing on their tables, some were nodding their heads and drinking from a bottle or glass cup. I noticed some guys at a far end seated at an executive chair and table popping cheap champaign and priding about it with some cheap girls with them smoking and laughing.
" who are those guys?". I asked the driver.
" oh, they're in the VIP section ". The driver said casually and held a waitress' hand saying something to her.
She moved to where I was with à pad on her hand, bent over and shouted. " what can I get you sir!"
" take us to the VIP!" I screamed in her ear.
" you said?". She asked leaning closer to my mouth.
",take us to the VIP!" I repeated.
She looked and assessed me, then nodded. Turned and called a young man, but he was rushing off and didn't hear her. She turned to me and motioned with her mouth and hand. " excuse me". I nodded.
The driver turned to me and shouted in my ear. " that guy singing is a celebrity! He's a big star in this town!".
Someone from behind held my seat and said to me arrogantly. " will you get up from my chair!".
I slowly turned to the heavily built man with huge potbelly looking down at me in his brown brocade. I said politely to him.
" sir, no one was here when I came here. Ask these fellows". I said pointing to the people we asked earlier.Funny enough they turned their faces away like they didn't know what I was talking about.
The man pulled me up from the seat holding me by my collar, the driver swiftly removed his hands from me and faced him.
" what is wrong with you! Don't allow your fat tummy deceive you oh, I'll disgrace you here!". The driver yelled, standing few inches away from the man's face.
I held the drivers hand and pulled him away to avert trouble. The driver turned to me ranting his disgust about the man's oppression, when suddenly, the man pushed him so hard from behind he fell over the table shattering the bottles on it.
I stood speechless feeling embarrassed, afraid that they will soon throw us out. The fat man picked up a plastic chair and hit me on my back so hard the chair broke. I knelt on a knee in pain stretching my hands to touch the spot. And slowly turn to him in anger, I wanted to attack before the driver appeared from nowhere and clapped two bottles on the man's ears simultaneously, then began stabbing him continuously with the broken part of the bottles. I had to pull him away from the man so he doesn't ending killing someone. The place had scattered by the time, everyone moved away from that section, tables and chairs turned over, ladies shouting and the sound of music still buzzing.
I spotted two bouncers coming towards us, quickly, I pulled the driver by the hand and we ran off.
Outside at the parking lot I was surprised it felt like fun to me. I really liked how the driver dealt with the man. I was laughing heavily. The driver was still in shock and trying to catch his breath.
" you would have killed that guy!". I said after catching my breath.
He wasn't laughing, instead he seem scared.
" what is it?". I asked adjusting to the drivers mood.
" I'll tell you in the car. Can we go please?". The driver said frighteningly and hurried into the car.
His behavior made me scared. I also joined in the car looking around if we were being followed and he drove off.
" what is it?" I asked.
" that's Otodu's boss! i didnt recognize him until I spotted one of his boys rushing towards us. Sir, this is trouble!".
Driver: yes! I have found an office. You think anything is free in this town?
I heard his thought and was relieved, at least he was fooling around, but I knew I had to play along so he doesn't set me up or worse.
" so what do we do? ". I asked with concern in my tone.
The driver pulled over by the side of the road and began crying. Wow, he was a good actor, I was learning the ways of my people. He cried so well you would think it was true.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 10:18am On Feb 07
I tried to tame my dick bulging from my trouser as I followed her from behind. The door man looked startled seeing I and Mary alias Queen. We passed the receptionist, she frowned at Mary. I would have wanted to know why they stared at her that way but I was too hungry for a quick one to want to wait a second.
We got to my modest room, far from what I'm used to but I was surprised Mary fancied it. She was thinking I must be very rich to be able to afford a room like that. I understood though, poverty mentality.
She sat on my bed feeling relaxed still looking around. I went to the refrigerator and discovered it was empty.
" who leaves a refrigerator empty? " I said aloud.
" what? " Mary called.
" Nothing". I said, then walked to the telephone and called the bar. " hello. Why is the fridge empty? "
" sorry sir. Do you want us to get you a drink?". A young male voice asked.
" aren't you supposed to fill the refrigerator with all kinds of drinks?! " I bellowed.
" I'm sorry sir. We are going to do that right away. What kind of drinks should we get?"
I felt furious. What sought of nonsense question was that? Aren't they suppose to know that all categories of drinks from juice, red wine, brandy, whiskey, spirit , vodka, minirals and so on ought to be there. It's left for the customer to call for the brand he or she wants.
" get me all the categories of drinks you have" I said.
" which brand sir "
" any brand you have !" I yelled and hung up angrily.
My dick had slept by the time I was done with the call. I turned towards Mary, her pretty face staring questiongly at me melted my heart. I have never been with a typical African girl. Mary depicted African beauty in every sense.
" why are you yelling? You're supposed to order for the drink you want. That's how it's done". She said.
I moved and sat beside her.
Mary: this guy must be pretty rich. Look how handsome he is and young! His father must be a politician. I'm already wet looking at him.
I was flattered by her thought. I blushed and looked away.
" what? What are you blushing for?". Mary asked laughing.
I just smiled and turned to her. "You" I said.
" me?" She asked flattered.
" you. You make me want to kiss you everytime I look at your pretty face"
Mary: do you need that line? You are paying for it, just grab it if you want to and stop playing the romantic guy. I guess he doesn't know I'm a hustler yet, rich kids can be too naive sometimes.
A knock on the door took my attention from her uneasy eyes. I went to get it and saw three boys with two baskets each, filled with all kinds of drinks. A man in suit was behind them. He quickly moved in front of them. " we are very sorry sir. Just let us know whatever you need we will get it for you". The man said and the boys walked into the room moving towards the refrigerator to fill it up.
I turned to the man's breast pocket and saw 'manager' written on it. I had never seen a hotel manager before, that was my first time. I was now beginning to enjoy the treatment.
" it's okay. Thanks". I said to the manager.
He bowed and yelled at the boys. " hurry up! Can't you see he has a visitor?". Then he stole a glance at Mary and turned to the boys.
Manager: ha! Isn't that Queen? This girl that refused my advances, see how cheaply she fell for this small boy because of money.
I smiled and looked away. Mary wasn't even bothered about them, she was busy taking off her boot.
The boys finished and bowed in front of me before they all left.
I shut the door and went to check out the drinks they brought. Some of them looked okay. I took a scotch and turned to Mary to ask her if she would love to add scotch to the whiskey she had earlier when I saw her taking off her short. She had taken off her top already. My jaw dropped, I stood motionless looking with the bottle in my hand.
She was now in a pink g.string smiling at me.
" what were you saying? " she asked flirticiously.
I closed my mouth and moved to her with the bottle, sat beside her and opened the drink, poured a large quantity in my mouth from the bottle and when I dropped it, she took the bottle from me and did same, then handed it back to me.
I was beginning to get hot in the cold airconditioner. That actually wasnt my first time of bedding a girl, in fact, I had bedded all kinds of ladies from all race and ages, even transsexuals. But this Mary made me felt like a virgin. Maybe because she looked a typical African, maybe because of her small fragile stature and vulnerable innocence that contradicts her flirtatious boldness, maybe it was her smile, her beauty, her youth, I just couldn't place my hands on it, but it got me pretty bad..
She was looking at me with a flirty smile biting her lower lip. I took another long gulp, then she took the bottle from my mouth and threw it in her mouth, drank for awhile , handed it to me with her bold eyes on my face.
Mary: come and take me, what are you waiting for?
I dropped the bottle and moved closer to her. She was still smiling and looking at me. Then she moved her hands behind her on the bed supporting her weight. I leaned closer and kissed her neck, she tilted her head to the right so I could gain access on her neck. I kissed her with my tongue brushing on her neck and she let out a little moan. I went up to under her ear, put her earlope in my mouth and sucked it. She moaned a little louder and moved her ears to me.
Mary: kiss my neck.
I left her ear to her neck kissing and licking.
Mary: bite it. Oh yes! Bite it! Oh I love it!
I kissed and nibbled. Then she dropped her back on the bed while I laid on top of her working on the sides of her neck.
Mary: oh come on, kiss me. I don't care if you're a client, kiss me!
She didn't make any move to kiss me while she was thinking this, she only moved her hands passionately on my head and back with her eyes closed. I moved from her neck to her lips. She accepted my lips hungrily and we kissed passionately.
Mary: take my tongue, yes, kiss me like that.
I french kissed her, sucking her tongue, upper and lower lips as she took mine and fed me hers simultaneously. She was such an experienced kisser.
Then she turned her face away breathing heavily as she moaned in her throat.
Mary: my neck. Kiss my neck.
I went to her neck on both sides as she moaned and crossed her legs around my waist and hands digging into my back from my shirt she was squeezing hard.
Mary: ears! Ears!
I went to her ears, sucking her earlopes, dipping my tongue in and around it. She cried out louder. After a while she said in her thought.
Mary: oh grab my boobs and suck my nipples. I wish he could suck it now...they are calling for a suck
I kissed her down to her breasts, grabbed them gently and used my teeth to remove the tapes on each nipple, then began sucking, nibbling each and handling her breasts. Then packed the breasts together and put the two nipples in my mouth simultaneously, nibbling and sucking.
Mary: harder! Harder! Oh stop! too hard! Yes, better! Oh you're killing me. You're just in my head. My cunt is calling for a suck. Take all the money and give me a suck. I will pay for it! I wish he would hear my thoughts and suck me!
I kissed down from her breast to her to her pubic area. Kissed around it. Slowly used my teeth to pull down her panties kissing her V shaped region as I went down.
Mary: is he going to do what I think he's planning? Please do! I will give you the best Bleep ever! I'll die in your hands if you do!
I patted her legs and slowly began with her clitoris...( CONTACT ME ON WHATSAPP 08138943767 FOR YOUR COPY OF SEXUAL HEALING TO LEARN HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN)
She cried out loud as I pounded her. She had ripped my expensive lacoste shirt earlier, and now boring holes in my chest with her fingers and hitting me while she moaned in the sexiest tone I had ever heard. I knew where to thrust and how to target the g spot which made her cum faster than I did. She had squirted twice and I came once. This was my second round and in no longer time she had her third, it was explosive;.it splashed on me like a burst tap. She pushed herself off me shaking on her side with her legs together and her face on the bed like one convulsing.
We finished and she was breathing heavily. She kept looking at me ceaselessly.
" what?". I asked.
" are you a psychic?" She asked still breathing.
" how do you mean? " I asked.
" you were in my head all the way. Like you heard everything I wanted you to do ". It's strange.
" that's because I'm good in bed". I said smiling.
After she had recovered, she turned to me looking at my sleeping dick, then to my face. She slowly moved up to my chest, kissed my nipples and sucked them. I closed my eyes receiving it. She moved up to my lips, kissed me tenderly...( Learn more on how to satisfy a man and the best sex positions for all penis and vaginal sizes in the book SEXUAL HEALING)
After another round of sex which she gave me one of the best sex I had ever had, after giving her best to satisfy me she really blew my mind. She laid her head on my chest kissing my cheek at intervals.
" that was awesome!" I said.
She smiled and heard her phone vibrating. She ignored it and I reminded her of the driver.
"oh, that's true!" She said and hurried to get the phone. " wow!" She exclaimed.
" what?". I asked sitting up.
" 52 missed calls!" She said looking at her phone's screen, " I think the driver. Take!". handing the phone to me.
" hello". I said hastily.
" who are you?" A gentle familiar voice asked.
" who?". I asked baffled at his question.
" give the phone to my girlfriend if you don't want your entire generation to be wiped out!". The gentle voiced bellowed.
I handed the phone to Mary.
" who?". She asked.
" some guy". I said and grabbed the bottle of scotch.
" hello?"
Mary: oh my god! Jude! I did not check the SIM the call came through, I got carried away! This boy again! Please I can't take this call now!
" hey look! I'm busy! I will call you back later!". She said and hung up.
Mary: I know he wants money that's why he's calling. I don't know what he does with his money. Everytime, he's broke and he works! Look at this guy, gentle, knows how to handle a lady and way finer. Please oh, I don't want oh.
I had been looking at her as she stared at the phone quietly.
" is everything okay?" I asked.
My words startled her. She smiled and said. " oh. Yes! He's no one you should worry yourself about".
" really?" I asked. " coz he sounded pretty mean on the phone".
She smiled nervously. " no! He's harmless". Then she turned to the drink in my hand. " please!".
I handed it to her and moved to the bathroom to take a leak. I looked down and saw the white car packed at the parking lot. It then occurred to me that the familiarity in that voice was the drivers. I quckly rushed to the room and asked for her phone, she handed it to me absent mindedly, I went to the bathroom to crosscheck the last received number and the drivers number, they were not the same. I wanted to return the phone when one thought told me to dail the last called number, I hesitated, then yielded just to satisfy my curiosity. So I dialed the last recieved number using Mary's main SIM and looked down from the window. Someone standing beside the driver handed a phone to him.
" hello?"
The voice was same with the driver's. I slowly turned to Mary who was coming to meet me the in bathroom.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 4:15pm On Feb 05


Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 4:12pm On Feb 05
About 12 long hours in the air, we finally arrived. Before we touched the ground, I looked at the buildings clustered together thousand feet below. The huge traffic and wondered why the country hasn't changed.
I boarded a clean white Toyota airport taxi, driven by a young vibrant light skinned boy. He wore long dreadlocks knotted together backwards and neartly groomed beards. He spoke polished fluent English as well as smartly dressed in starched white shirt tucked in a black trouser and a black and white all stars sneakers.
" where are you going sir? ". He asked.
I looked at the note with the description to my grandma's place and wanted to tell him to take me there, but on a second thought I said. " take me to any five star hotel around zik road".
" alright sir ".
After few minutes of driving, we got stuck in a traffic that seemed like we would sleep there. A boy of about 15 ran to the driver side glass saying something. I heard the driver thinking.
Driver: these boys, that's how they robbed me last week.
I looked at the driver eyeing me on his rear glass. He smiled when our eyes met and looked away.
Driver: this boy doesn't know this is a thug zone. Well, we didn't talk the price, he will pay me what they stole from me.
He caught my eyes again, smiled politely and looked away.
The boy came to my side and waved at me saying something I couldn't understand.
" what does he want?". I asked the driver.
" sir, ignore him. They're thieves"
" have you been robbed here before? "
" yes sir. Once. But this area is filled with bad boys "
I looked at the otherside of the glass and saw three men jumping into a man's car, pulled him out and began arguing with the driver who was blocking them from entering his car. One of the men slapped him and pulled him away by his belt while the man struggled for his car that another guy had entered.
" why is nobody doing anything?". I said in alarm seeing a police walked past as they oppressed the man.
" sir. The best thing is to pin down when driving pass here. They can accuse you of anything just to steal and extort from you. Our government is corrupt. These boys works for them, so they are immune". The driver said looking nervously at a man coming towards our car.
The man; a tout looking fellow knocked on the glass of the driver side yelling. The driver pretended as though he wasn't seeing him.
Driver:Otodu! You again! Dont' look at him, just don't look!
The drivers thought worried me. I looked away praying that the traffic gives way. Soon the car started moving.
The man whom the driver called Otodu looked at me in the backseat and called one thuggish looking tall teenager across the road. The boy crossed the road without looking. He said something to the boy who then moved in front of our car and stood, weilding his wood at the driver yelling on top of his voice.
" lets give them what they want!". I said nervously at the backseat.
Driver: I don't want trouble oh. This guy should just get out of my way!
Then the driver began moving forward ignoring the boy that was trying to stop a moving car. The traffic gave way slowly, the driver sped towards the boy who now jumped on the bonnet. Otodu hit the side of the car speaking his indigenous language.
" if you scratch my car! If you scratch my car!" The driver yelled.
Otodu tried to open the door as the car stopped for another to drive pass. The boy on the bonnet jumped down and rushed to my side hitting the glass with the stick. The driver navigated through a small space, scritched the tires of the car through it and sped off.
I was still catching my breath after five minutes, looking behind if we were being followed. The young driver seem to have gotten over it as he sang along to the song playing. I wanted to ask him if where I told him I was going to was that rough too, but swallowed back my words.
Few minutes later he drove into a hotel and stopped in front of the entrance. I looked at the four storey building and then asked. " how much "
Driver: tell him 5000, no, tell him 7000
" seven thousand " the driver said pretending to be removing something from his beards looking at the rear mirror.
I took out my wallet, and drew out a foreign currency note, handed it over to him . " I don't have local cash. I believe this will cover for your troubles"
The look on the drivers face surprised me. He was overjoyed. A broad smile spread on his face as he said. " oh my god! This is more than I asked for sir! Thank you very much sir!" He turned to face me. " sir. If you ever have need for a driver, just call me. I can beat any traffic to be here".
" and encounter Otodu again?" I asked.
He paused and looked startled at me. " how did you know his name? "
I realized my fault and said. " because I know him. Of cause, who doesn't?".
The driver suddenly shoved it aside and said." well, he knows too well not to mess with me. Just call me sir". Then he dug his hand into his pocket, brought out a modest complimentary card. " call me sir. I'm on 24 hours services".
I took the card from him and stepped down.
The hotel was less than what I expected and fvcking cheap for an executive suite. I called grandma with the hotel phone. She was pissed that I didn't come home directly. I promised to be home the next day. So i called Esther immediately and Phila after before I caught a little slept.
Few hours later, I was up and bored, it was just past five. I thought of where to pass time but knew nowhere. So I went downstairs at the receptionist, asked the young lady I met there if she knew any happening club in town. She was completely mesmerized by my ascent. Maybe intimidated, she couldn't say anything. I could hear her speaking her native dialet and nodding yes and no to everything I asked her. She was a total waste of time. I moved out and met the door man.
" do you have a 24 hours club around? "
He looked up thoughtfully and shook his head. Then he snapped his fingers and said like he just remembered. " we have club here every night 8 pm".
I just nodded and asked for the direction to the bar. He pointed me to the direction.
I sat drinking a bottle of cold beer thinking of Daniella and tried to forget about her. I needed to be in a busy place, I needed a distraction. Then I remembered the driver. I took out his card from my wallet and looked around for a phone when my eyes fell on a pretty young black skin girl that just walked to the bar ordering for something. She was about 4.9" with an amazing small round backside. Slim waist, straight legs. She was in a black bumshort, a see-through yellow blouse and a long white braided hair she packed upwards.
I forgot all about Daniella and calling the driver and focused on her.
She walked to a seat at my left and sat. I could see she wore no bra, she just used a black tape to cover her nipples on her slightly saggy boobs. Just how I like them.
Then she took out a stick of cigarette from the packet in her hand and lit it. I stood up abandoning my drink and went to her table.
" hi , can I seat?"
She looked so beautiful, her makeup made her look like a typical African model on a front page magazine with her oval face, small African flat nose, lovely kissable lips, bold white eyes looking up at me. Her perfume was rich and enchanting. I already had my heart beating for her.
Girl: wow, a handsome young foreigner. This is a good one.
" sure. Seat!" She said and turned away dragging smoke into her lungs.
Girl: Mary, play it cool, he's the first foreigner you're meeting in your life. Don't scare him away, play it cool Mary.
I sat and looked at her, my dick kicked immediately.
" has anyone ever told you, you're so beautiful?"
She smiled.
Girl: old line.
She looked at me and said. " thank you " puffed out smoke.
I adjusted in my seat. " what should I get you? "
Girl: champagne? No, Mary play it cool.
" I already ordered for something". She said looking at the bar.
" my name is Mike". I said extending a handshake.
She received it. Her hands were soft and small in mine. "Queen".
I smiled. She doesn't know I knew her real name.
" Queen. Beautiful name. What is a beautiful girl doing here by this time of the day?"
Girl: meeting a client. But I have met a better one.
" is that what you came here to ask me that?" She sounded offended.
" no! I just felt it's rare to meet an angel walking alone without an over protective superman by her side. Who would want to loose such a perfect being as yourself?".
She smiled and checked her phone.
Girl: He's calling! How do I delay him? Lemme send him a text.
"Excuse me" she said and began typing.
Girl: please lets meet somewhere else. I met my uncle there. I have to keep him waiting so I don't loose both at once.
I smiled and looked at her as she was busy typing. She finished and said to me. " what are you doing here?"
" I just came into the country. Feeling bored. I really could use a company. Can I count on you?" I said smiling at her.
" time is money. I don't like wasting it ". She said beckoning the bar man over.
" I understand. I'll pay you well for your time. Can you tell me where to find a 24 hours club? Would like you to accompany me there".
The bar man came with a glass of whiskey, dropped in front of her and left.
" I know a few depending on your pocket ". She said and sip from her glass.
" I want the best "
She smiled and sip.
Girl: I like this guy.
She dropped her glass and said. "Okay. I got a place in mind. You lodge here?"
" yes. The cab man brought me here"
She sip again and turned to me. " on a business or pleasure? "
" well, both. I think I can get both from you " I said smiling.
" I'm not a prostitute just so you know " she sounded hurt.
" I never said you were. I'm just saying I need a friend that is fun and knows how to manage time. You strike me like you can do both perfectly well "
She sip again and asked. " how much can you pay for my time ?"
" you tell me ".
She looked at the entrance door.
Girl: I have to leave here before this fool comes here and spoil my show.
" 50,000". She said and took a sip.
I winced as though it was too much. Then said. " can I give you 30,000? "
Girl: is he stingy? Well, that's a good bargain, but I have to insist on 50.
" I'm a very busy person. I'm not cheap. 50 or no deal". She said impatiently and pretended to be looking in her phone like she was expecting a call.
I nodded and said. " are you passing the night with me?"
" that will be 80,000" she dropped the phone looking expressionlessly at me.
I smiled and said to her. " okay. Now I'm your employer. Can we get going? I'm bored here "
She smiled casually.
Girl: thank god I came here today, cool 80k!
She rushed her drink and stood up. Then moved in front of me. i looked at her behind and my heart skipped a beat. Soft and bouncing to her steps.
I quickly paid the bar man, maybe I paid him a little too much because he was overly happy.
Outside of the bar I turned to her. " can I call my driver with your phone?".
" sure ". She took out her phone from her short, took out another SIM card, slotted it in the phone and handed it to me.
"Why did you put that SIM?". I asked.
" nothing. Don't like strangers calling with my line". She said.
I called the driver with the SIM she put in. He was happy to hear my voice and asked me to give him an hour thirty minutes. That was too long a time. I turned to her.
" he said an hour thirty minutes. Can we wait in my room ? "
Girl: prank to get in my pants for free?
She showed me her palm. " money !". She looked away.
I smiled and handed her a note. Her eyes widened in surprise.
Girl: what? This is a blessed day! Foreign currency! Mary! Comport yourself!
She then nodded casually putting her excitement in check. " lets go ". And put the money in her pocket.
My dick cried bitterly to be fed. My thinking went straight to my loins. She moved in front of me and I almost caught a heart attack watching her ass bounce.


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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 1:23pm On Feb 05
Nice one, Topher. You're inexplicably talented.
Thanks a bunch for the update.

Olorun that your SEXUAL HEALING BOOK make sense die! I just can't stop reading it, over and over again.
Thank you so much. I'm happy to know you found it captivating.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 8:06am On Feb 04
I and Daniella ran as fast as we could. Each time I turned behind me it seem like they were getting closer. Then suddenly a spear flew passed my head, I was completely demented by it but didn't stop.
Daniella was even running faster than I was. She was now ahead of me pulling me forward. Then she tripped, staggered and fell. My whole world crumbled in that instant. I looked behind me and saw them few distance away, I pulled her up and we continued, but she was limping.
She stopped few steps and said to me pulling my grip from hers. " go! I'll be fine! Go!". Pushing me hard.
I looked at the men now closer. I knew we couldnt outrun them as it was. So I looked for something to defeat myself with but nothing was in view. The first man got to me before I knew it and landed a hot punch on my face that sent me to the ground. I struggled up hurriedly, rushed towards Daniella and squatted in front of her shielding her with my body.
The rest men joined in. They stopped and were breathing heavily, smiling as they looked down at me. One of them had a spear with him, he raised it up and wanted to strike me, I quickly laid on Daniella's body and screamed what I randomly heard one of them thinking. " Mara opio liqua".
Few seconds later nothing pierced me. I slowly looked up repeating what someone else was thinking. " lio mba didi".
They were looking strangely at me. One of them whispered to another and they seem to be contemplating something. I turned to Daniella, she was obviously paralyzed with fear.
The biggest amongst the seven men that attacked us moved in front of me and asked something in their language. I said what I head him thinking. He was apparently thrilled and turned to his men looking surprisingly at them.
They started talking within themselves. I turned to Daniella and said trying so hard to sound assuredly. " it's okay, it's okay "
She was looking at me in confusion. I knew if I could read her thought I would probably hear her thinking how I was I able to understand their tongue.
One of the men; slim, average hight with locked beards and hairs which apparently was as a result of less care. He motioned me up and stood in front of me . I felt he wanted me to say what he was thinking, so I did. He's reaction was hysterical. He jumped and ran off, returned with his hands on his head. Another came and i said what he was thinking. That was how I narrated all their thoughts.
Daniella could not understand it, she was so lost.
The men moved aside deliberating on something while stealing glances at me. After about four minutes, the shortest among them came and pointed his spear at me, motion me back to the village. I held Daniella's hand and helped her up, she was limping slightly. They followed behind us discussing what was obviously about me.
As we were passing the hole were the prisoners was and I prayed they didn't take note of it, and they didn't. We got the the village; it was burnt to the ground, smoke filled air, blood and dead bodies of youths, men, women and children littered on the floor. The chief laid headless, I only recognized him with his dirty pant and fat body. Funny enough, I felt pity for them cannibals who wanted to eat me some hours ago.
The men led us to where the rest of them were chanting victory songs. They stopped when they saw I and Daniella. One of them, an athletic built man in his fifties, his goatie was tied, his eyebrows shaven, his hairs covered his face, he had to move it aside often when he speaks. He shouted at the men approaching pointing at us. The biggest among them explained to him. He then moved slowly towards me and studied me. The hot breath from his nostrils met my face, I flinched and shut my eyes as he sniffed every bit of my face before he moved away and said something to the man standing beside him. The man he spoke to moved automatically in front of me and forced me to my knees, then forced Daniella too.
The leader then screamed something angrily and moved about reciting whatsoever gibberish it was he was saying, demonstrating his authority, pointing at the dead bodies and the burning village hitting his chest. Then he returned to me and collected a spear from a man beside him without taking his eyes from me. I shut my eyes and prayed to a god I had abandoned for a quick death.
He took up the spear and was about to strike when someone called from behind running towards them. I opened my eyes and noticed It was the man with the femur and two other men. The leader slowly dropped his hand and turned to the distraction. The man seem troubled as he explained pointing behind him breathlessly. This seem to alert all of them and they all turned ready for attack.
I turned to Daniella. " god just saved us again. Stay at alert, we need to..."
Before I finished my statement some military men rushed out of the bush and surrounded the men. The leader said something boastfully and made to attack but was shot dead. The rest were also killed as the tried to follow their leaders trial.
I and Daniella were lying on our tummies. One of the soldier men came to us and said. " get up! Any other?".
I looked behind and shook my head, then pulled Daniella up as we moved away for the men with the gun. I turned behind me and saw Jeremy's father coming with some military police men. I smiled and remembered the law that says " one good turn deserves another "
He came to meet I and Daniella. " are you okay? "
" we are fine. Where did you meet them? ". Daniella asked impatiently.
" saw them at the spot of the crash and led them here forthwith ". Jeremy's dad said .
I wanted to ask about Jeremy when I spotted three very tiny dots under his wrist close to his palm. I must have stared for long for him to have noticed and turned his hand looking at me suspiciously. To cover up, I smiled and asked after Jeremy. He responded causally, but I knew he knows I knew something about the dots.
At the place of the crash, Press men, cops, paramedics and anyone you can think of that ought to be there were everywhere moving busily.
I sat with Daniella quietly whose leg had been bandaged eating good food since the last hours of our capture. I turned to a journalist interviewing the Chinese man and he kept pointing at me. I turned away trying to avoid unnecessary publicity that will further endanger my life.
" I'm coming ". I said to Daniella and stood up to leave.
Another press lady ran front of me from nowhere with his camera man behind her.
" I heard you killed a bear that attacked a little boy and rescued everyone that was captured. What gave you such courage? " the journalist asked, shoving her microphone on my face..
I turned around in confusion and noticed the surprise look on Daniella's face. I just shrugged and smiled dryly before moving away. Another journalist was seen running after me, I turned behind me the one I left and the one interviewing the Chinese man were coming speedily. I waved my hands at them to let me be and Daniella came to my rescue and said to them in a bossy controlled tone. " he's still under shock. Please let him be, he will attend to your questions later".
They slowly moved away and one of them faced the camera saying. " the young man standing behind me was said to have courageously killed a bear with his bare-hands and rescued a bunch of captors. We shall have his statement soon..."
Daniella pulled me away from the crowd and took me into the tail of the plane. As I sat down I felt relieved but I knew they had telecasted it, meaning my hunters knows where I was.
" you killed a bear with your barehands? ". Daniella suddenly asked.
" with a stick ". I corrected her.
" wow ! I never knew you are that brave "
" I wasn't, I just did what I had to do to defend myself and Jeremy " I said flatly.
" like you saved me today? ". She said flirticiously.
I looked at her beautiful face and it was plastered in admiration. All the while I was talking with her I wasn't paying attention to what I was saying. But looking at her face made me realised that was an opportunity to cease, so I immediately played along.
" that's because I'm crushing on you " I said shyly.
She laughed and said. " was that why you wanted to take me on a date? "
I looked her in the eyes. My heart pumped rapidly, at that moment, I wanted to kiss her, damn! She looked so beautiful! I didn't know when I went off track. " I would have gladly gave my life to save you. I have never felt like this with anyone in my life! Daniella, I think I love you!".
I discovered she was embarrassed the moment I finished. She kept an expressionless stare on me for ten seconds and then stood up.
" I need to check on something " she said and walked away.
I suddenly regretted being carried away. I wondered why I went too forward. She made me misbehave. I was so in a hurry! my heart betrayed me.
An hour later choppers came and took some injured people away . I looked around for her but didn't see her. The second sets of choppers came and I declined. Two more choppers were waiting to take us off. I ran around looking for Daniella, then saw her with some soldiers who were trying to communicate with some young natives, Daniella seem to be the intermediate. I ran to her and asked.
" what are you doing here? The chopper is waiting"
She turned to me in her bossy look and said. " go with them, I'll join you guys later "
I looked behind me at a man beckoning me over. I turned back to Daniella, and then to the man and waved him off.
When the choppers left, Daniella looked at me angrily and didn't say a word to me until we were on board in another chopper.
We arrived the nearest town and so many press people and onlookers were already there to take pictures, interview, welcome and to see us. In the bus taking I, Daniella and other passengers to a government facility where we were to rest before returning to our various destinations, I said to Daniella who sat quietly beside me looking out through the window.
" I'm sorry ".
She turned to me and smiled. " sorry for what ? "
" sorry for what I said to you "
She shook her head and said smiling innocently. " you don't have to be. I'm angry coz you would have been killed coz of your silly emotions. I need you to be wise boy "
I looked at her smiling face and whispered . " is there anything wrong in having feelings for you? "
" with someone old enough to be your mother? Yes!". She retorted loudly.
I stylishly looked around and saw a man turning away a glance. Then I leaned closer to her ear.
" then I want to be wrong! ". I added and kept quiet.
I noticed she was uncomfortable the rest of the journey. She kept stealing glances at me with the side of her eyes. Once I caught her blush looking through the window. I knew I had a very strong feeling for her and I wasn't giving up.
We arrived our destination, and was led to meet some persons, had our information taken, took some photographs and then retired to our rooms. It was more like a camp, four men to a room.
Jeremy came to see me and spent two hours with me before his dad came to take him back.
After few minutes, Jeremy's dad returned to my room and sat beside me. I was very uneasy about his presence, but I tried to remain neural.
" I just want to thank you for saving my boy and saving me too. Thank you". Jeremy's father said in a soft tone.
I nodded and tried to say something but couldn't think of something.
" are you returning back ? ". Jeremy's father asked.
" I don't know for now ". I said, trying to be unpredictable.
He smiled and turned to me. " you have to go back to Africa. Now listen, it wasn't you on tv, I don't know you. Go to Africa. Never come back. Just a pay back for saving my son". He smiled, then stood up and left.
I watched him leave silently. My whole body shook in fear. I have never been to Africa more than twice and that was about 15 years ago. How was I to cope? Grandma had called over a zillion times checking on me. I had to switch off my phone to have a moment of peace. I see the crazy men in Africa, and I heard they had an argument about separating the country I was to go. Though the world learders had intervened to make it amicable, I hope it doesn't escalate. To say the truth. Since I heard of my dads tale in Africa, I have been scared of going back there. Although Phila told me it's temporary that she would come in two weeks time.
I never saw Daniella again until two days later on our way to the airport. She was headed back and I had already boarded a flight to Africa. I had to continue my trip for my life sake.
I went to meet Daniella briefly where she sat alone looking into thin air.
" hi ". I greeted.
She was looking stunning that afternoon. She was putting on a sunshade, in a yellow jacket, a green jean and an anchor yellow boot. Even through she wasn't on make up, she was still beautiful, looking innocent with her hair packed backwards.
" hi " she returned taking off her shade.
" thought you were coming to Africa ?" I asked.
" no. Maybe later ". She said and added. " what really happened? I mean with you going to Africa, skipping work"
" I got entangled with some assassin cult. They killed Tasha's driver"
Her face froze in shock. " why didn't you call the police! "
" they're in the government. In fact, the guy who killed Tasha's driver was a cop "
She practically couldnt believe her ears as her jaw dropped.
" how did you get involved?" She asked .
" trying to save someone at the park. He was a link to me landing Anthony's job". I said and noticed my bus just arrived.
She turned to the bus with a man holding a placard with Africa writing on it standing in front of the bus. ". That must be your bus ".
I nodded and said the words forcing itself out of my chest. " I will miss you "
She looked at and smiled. Then dipped her hand in her jacket side pocket, and handed me a card. " send me a mail. That's my private contact". Then she turned to her bus that just arrived. " got to go "
I felt like someone that just won a trophy. I watched her leave forgetting my bus was waiting for me.
" hey! Are you not coming?!". One of the passenger's shouted from the bus.
I jerked towards them, then quickly ran to the bus.

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my guy you're the best ,I keep searching for updates even when food is on my table waiting to be devour.
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Next update is tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
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Episode 14

I and Daniella was left to fix the damage, while three guards watched us keenly. The wounded man laid on the floor in pain, grabbing his stomach and blood flowing out like an open oil can.
I knelt on his right wondering where to begin, while Daniella stood on his left watching me.
" do you know if there was a doctor on that plane? ". I asked.
Daniella shrugged and kept looking at me. I searched in my pocket for my handkerchief, took it out and placed it on the wound to stop the bleeding. The man was already breathing slowly by the time. He was apparently dying.
Foot steps from behind called my attention. It was an elderly lady holding something wrapped with leaves and a fresh tree branch on the other hand. Two young girls followed from behind carrying big clay pots.
The lady hurried to where I was and shoo me aside. I quietly obeyed.
Daniella was still staring at me, she wasn't concerned about the dying man, her whole attention was focused on me.
As I moved towards her to allow the ladies do their thing, Daniella asked suddenly. " you look familiar. Mike? Is that you?"
I was surprised she recognized me. Immediately I pretended not to know what she was talking about changing my tone. " who? ".
She winced at me and then called assuredly. " Mike! "
I was stunned. How could she recognize me? I thought I was invisible.
I smiled a boyish smile and waved at her. " hi ".
Her face now stiffened. She was now looking flabbergastedly at me.
" Mike! ". She called again.
I turned away from her to the man screaming in pain. The lady was stuffing the leaves inside the hole of her injury.
" where have you been?" Daniella asked holding my arm to draw my attention. " Your number has been switched off. Why did you cut your hair? Why Africa? you left everyone thinking you were kidnapped after we found Tasha's driver dead. What's going on Mike?"
" it's a long story " I said and remembered I left Jeremy all by himself and immediately wanted to fetch him, but the guards stood on my way. I then stopped and looked towards the chief's hut and found the little boy staring pitifully at us.
The lady had finished with the man. She placed leaves on the wound and covered it up with mud. Then said something to the guards who called three boys watching from from a few distance away. The boys hurried over and helped the wounded man up, then took him away.
I turned to the guards and pointed to Jeremy. They didn't even bother to look at where I was pointing to, they just stood motionless like robots looking at me.
" why did you get involved? Now you're in with me " Daniella said.
I turned to her and wanted to say "because I have feelings for you" but kept quiet and waited for what fate had for us.
I and my crush moved restlessly turning frighteningly at any one coming. I knew they won't harm me but I couldn't say same for Daniella.
" why did you stab that man? ". I asked, trying to satisfy my curiosity.
Before she answered, some group of men looking like the same tribe as the ones that held us captivate, but tied a piece of clothe around their waits and under their lips pierced with what looked like little bone. They surfaced from the woods making battle noises. That wasn't a good sign. I held Daniella's hand immediately and waited for the men guarding us who now charged for attack to leave so I would go for Jeremy.
The guards shouted their battle cry and attacked. The one in front threw his spear and simultaneously jumped on the man in front of him, planted his mouth on his neck and bite open his throat, before one of the attackers used a big femur to hit his head and blood splattered.
The second guard attacked with his spear, stabbed one in the tummy pushing him backwards. Two of the attackers rushed on him and dragged him down hitting him with a rocks on his face and stabbing him all over.
The third threw his spear but missed, he ran into their midst, picked one of the men from the waist, lift him above his head and threw him on his men. He picked up the man's spear, stabbed two men swiftly, before two men; one hit him a thick femur on the head, the other stabbed him from behind holding his neck. He turned and embraced the one with the femur, both of them fell on the floor, the rest gathered him hitting and stabbing him mercilessly.
I pulled Daniella by the hand and ran towards Jeremy. By this time other warriors from our captors were now rushing out. The ladies screamed as they carried their kids inside. The younger men ran into the woods, their attackers had scattered around, killing anyone on their path, everywhere was scattered in confusion.
I grabbed Jeremy and Daniella's hand heading for the woods when Daniella held me back and said." we have to get others! ".
Then she pulled her hands from my grip and ran off without waiting for my reply. I had no option but to follow her. This time I carried Jeremy who couldn't keep up.
Three men from our captors suddenly ran out from behind a hut and stopped in front of Daniella . She swiftly set for defense the moment she saw them.
A long spear from nowhere stabbed one of the men in the back. I looked behind them and saw the attackers; the man with the femur and four other dreadful beings with him running ominously towards the remaining two men standing. I quickly held Daniella's hand who was obviously was confused seeing another attacker and pulled her through a narrow pathway between two huts. Behind us were shouts and cries.
We got to a hole coverd with leaves and bamboo sticks. This was from the one I saw earlier. Daniella quickly rushed off towards a bush and came back with a bamboo ladder. I dropped Jeremy down and took the ladder from her while she opened the hole and we dropped the ladder inside.
" hurry up! " she shouted at the people in the hole.
Four men and nine ladies climbed out. A black heavy man, was the last to climb out. Jeremy saw him and shouted. " daddy! " ran and hugged the huge black man on afro hair and full beards. I was momentarily happy for them when I remembered the other hole.
" run faraway from here. There's another hole I need to go to ". I said to Daniella.
She turned to Jeremy's father. " take them away. Pass through here" pointing at a nearby bush. " it's the only safest place right now". Then she turned to me." Lets go!".
I was shocked. " go where? You go with them " I said.
" no way! We are in this together. I'll come with you!" She protested.
" no. I won't let you risk your life for me. Go!"
While we were arguing, one of our attackers surfaced and shouted. " yetuman Ketu! Ubafidi!". Pointing at us looking at his adjacent direction.
I didn't know when I shouted at my group " run! "
They all ran into the bush, but something made me stay. I looked around for a weapon but found only rocks. I picked up two and ran towards the man. All I was thinking at that moment was to shut him up from calling others.
I got few yards from him, he charged with his spear. I was scared to my balls but attack. I threw one of the rocks, he dodged it and wield the spear towards my head but missed, I immediately swung the rock in that reflex hard on his head and got him by his ear, he spun180 degrees and fell. I jumped on him and hit his head continuously with the rock and one hand on his neck pinning him down until his head was battered.
Daniella came from behind and pulled me away from him, that was when I realized what I had done. I just killed a man. His skull was opened, shooting out blood on different spots like a broken pipe, his tongue was out and his eyes looked aimlessly confused as his body jerking on the floor.
" lets go! " Daniella said as she pulled me away from him.
I was yet to recover from what I did. The image of the man filled my head. I wasn't thinking as I ran, I just knew I was running.I just killed a man was what was resounding in my ear.
Daniella stopped and slapped me. " get a grip on yourself!" She yelled.
I came shook back to reality.
" where is the hole? ". She asked looking me in the eyes.
I looked around and discovered we had past the place.
" over there ". I said, pointing behind Daniella. She shook her head in frustration. And dragged my hands as we ran back.
On our way a lady ran past us screaming. I couldn't help but looked at her big bouncing behind. And when I turned to continue the race, I saw two of our captors coming from behind her and they were close to us. Daniella pushed me and a spear narrowly missed me.
The two men approached us; one had an axe and the other a spear. The one with the axe swung it towards Daniella, she dropped on her butt and he missed. I quckly jumped on him dragged his feet from the floor, he fell on his back and dropped the axe.
I turned and saw the other coming to stab him with spear, Daniella jumped on him from behind. He pushed her from him and slapped her so hard she fell recklessly on the floor.
I quickly reached for the and threw it at the man with the spear expecting the axe to dig into him like I saw in movies but It flew passed him. He threw the spear towards me, but I was lucky to jump off and it hit his colleague in the eye.
I was struggling up when he dived on me and pushed me down. He moved on top of me with his hands on my throat strangling me with all his strength. I saw the wicked and mean look on his face as he drew his tongue out dripping sweat.
I couldn't breathe and couldn't push him off. It was so uncomfortable being strangled. I wanted him to pity me because I was young, I tried to beg him to be considerate since I wasn't strong enough to push him off, but the look on his face told me he meant business. I was slowly going, I tried all I could in vain to catch a little air and stop the pain in my lungs and throat.
He suddenly stiffened and fell on my side. I pushed him off, jumped up coughing and gasping for air. That was when I saw Daniella standing behind him and an axe blade dug behind his head.
" lets go! ". Daniella said impatiently.
I ran off with her and got to the spot. I looked around for ladder but couldn't find one. Daniella had already opened the hole.
Just then, smoke was seen going up from the village. They had set the village on fire. I looked around despiratly for a ladder but couldn't find any. Then I went to Daniella.
" I can't find a ladder ". I said breathing heavily.
" what do you mean you can't find a ladder? " she said and ran into a nearby bush.
I looked inside the hole and the first person I saw was the Chinese man. He smiled excitedly and called. " bear slayer! Hey! Help us please!"
I nodded and ran off looking around for a ladder when I bumped into a group of the attackers few steps away. They stopped when they saw me.
We stood looking at each other for few seconds before they began getting set to attack, while I slowly moved backwards calling Daniella. Before I could turn, they were already running towards me. I took off and ran past the hole to the bush where Daniella was, saw her still looking for the ladder. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me running as fast as my legs could carry me.

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The three men left after what seem like forever of being neglected. The chief beckoned me over with a finger. I walked slowly to him, he paused looking at me like he was trying to listen to my heart beating, then he pointed to his chest and his ears looking at me to explain.

" maravuda cumcopo latifa" I repeated what I heard him thinking.

He sat backwards looking thoughtfully at me, then he stood up and crossed his hand around my neck like a pal and began walking out pulling me along with him.

Outside of the tent or so It looks, passersby's stopped to catch a few glimpse of wonder at me before murmuring something and walked pass.

The chief seemed to be very happy walking with me as he threw each feet like a Korean soldier. He would wave at anyone he sees smiling and exchanged what looked like pleasantries with some older men who would eye me negatively. I kept wondering where he was taking me to, while being reminded of how famished I was by the rumbling of my tummy.

We stopped in front of two naked guards with spears they held as long as their height standing beside each of them. Behind them was a hole covered with leaves and bamboo.

The chief said something to them and one of them moved to the hole, pulled away the bamboo. I heard some cries and impulsively wanted to move but the chief held my arm and shook his head. I then stood, restlessly looking and hoping I would find Jeremy or Daniela.

The guard pointed inside and the cry increased, he looked uneasily at the chief and called his colleague. The second moved towards him with agility and he said something to him, the second immediately raised his spear ominously towards the hole; the first guard drew a long knife carved from bone tied to the edge of his spear and jumped into the hole. The cry increased.

After few seconds of trying to contain my curiosity I saw a little hand surfacing, the head followed, my heart leaped for joy when I saw Jeremy.

The little lad's face brightened when he saw me. He immediately ran and hugged me. I was very emotional at that moment, I never knew I could be happy in that situation I was in.

" hmmm! ". The chief called my attention and began walking back through the path we came.

I broke the embrace slowly and held Jeremy's hand, this time I assured myself I won't let him out of my sight.

Back in his tent or palace, I don't really know what to call it, the chief sat on his supposedly throne which was a small stool. I and Jeremy stood by the bamboo seat waiting for him tell us what he wanted.

The chief pointed to the bamboo seat and motioned us to seat. I sat gently and Jeremy followed. The little boy was dying of hunger, his cry for food was beginning to make me uncomfortable.

Two beautiful young ladies came in with clay pots. I was lost for few seconds; their breast were so perfectly curved and their buttocks, damn shit! They were the roundest asses I had ever seen. I guess I was staring obviously for the chief to clap his hands and pointed me to look away. I then noticed Jeremy was also looking, immediately I covered his eyes with my hand.

A lady walked in with a clay pot and handed it to me smiling and nodding, dropped the food in my hands and walked away, I stole a glance at her big behind and looked into the pot at what was smelling like boiled orange and fish pepper soup: mushrooms, leafs with green rice, all of them floating in hot water.

The chief was already devouring his meat hungrily. He looked at me and nodded. " hmmm...hmmm". And continued.

I turned to Jeremy who was looking with disgust at the food in my hand. I dipped my finger trying to see if there was any meat and fighting the memory of the lady that was popping into my head. I leaked my finger and the soup was tasteless.

Jeremy was looking at my face as I moved my mouth trying to find a taste. Then I picked one of the mushrooms with the tips of my two fingers and slowly put it in my mouth fighting the irritation and goosebumps that filled my body. The mushroom had no taste. I turned to Jeremy and smiled, pretending like it was very delicious. Jeremy shook his head and looked away.

" you have to eat it, I assure you it's okay. You need strength. Eat something!" I persuaded.

Jeremy turned to me and then to the food. I took another mushroom and a leaf. Jeremy took one mushroom, when he put it in his mouth, he almost spat it out, I closed his mouth immediately.

" stop! Eat it! Eat!" I commanded

He chewed and swallowed in disgust. That was how we finished the food, left only the water in the clay pot.

Few minutes later, I heard a scream outside. The chief stood up and rushed out before I could even stand. I turned to Jeremy and nodded assuredly. The boy swallowed hard and was looking hopefully at me.

I stood up and went to see what it was about. It was Daniela, she stood, fiercely looking at the men that surrounded her trying to attack with a spear covered in blood in her hand. Beside her was a dying man.

I quickly turned to Jeremy. " stay here! I'll be right back!" And ran towards the frenzy screaming. " stop! Stop!"

The men turned to me as I slowly moved passed them and stood in front of Daniella with my hands calming them down.

" what are you doing?! ". Daniella barked.

" I don't know, trying to save you " I said, wondering what I was even up to.

I turned to the man on the floor and pointed to him slowly with my other hand raised towards them. Then I bent to the man and pointed at the man's injury and at to my chest and nodded.

The chief walked in front of the guards yelling at me angrily pointing at Daniella.

I slowly stood up and pointed at Daniella, then my chest and towards Jeremy who was peeping from the palace.

The chief looked at me thoughtfully and I asked Daniella without taking my eyes off the chief. " how bad is he? "

" really bad "

" can you fix him ?"

" are you crazy? I'm not a doctor!". She barked.

" I'm trying to save your life here "

The chief then turned to his men and motioned them to bring down their spears. He pointed at the man and then drew the back of his thumb through his neck and pointed at Daniella, then walked away angrily.

The message was clearly passed, now I need to save him by all cost.

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As we were nudging closer to the table or bench, well, it looked like both with blood stain on it. Fear took over of me and I began struggling for my life hoping to break free and escape, but the men were way stronger.

Like a child, they hauled me on the table. Two others joined them; two on my legs and two on my hands. I watched as the beast of a human; fat with a protruded tummy, short fat hands that could not wrap his tummy, face covered with hairs. Raised the knife up with his eyes in the moon speaking something that sounded like incantations.

I had to think of something fast! I looked around desperately for a clue and I heard his thoughts.

Fat Cannibal: Lula Lula, cafa cafe , labonga! Estimo heptis latinga!

I immediately shouted with all my might "Lula Lula, cafa cafe , labonga! Estimo heptis latinga!"

The crowd went silent and turned to me. I was now breathing heavily, looking both sides hoping I haven't infuriated them.

The fat man dropped the knife looking at me surprisingly.

Fat Cannibal: hiti tinda tuna yaba hada?

I turned to him and repeated what I heard him thinking. He moved away from me frightfully and the men holding my limps let go abruptly.

" katika lopotunga!" The fat man yelled pointing at me dreadfully.

Everyone turned me with curious stare. I sat up and turned to one of the guys that pinned me down earlier, listened to his thoughts and repeated. " zixta luinop kaka oats!"

The guy gasped and moved away from me. I looked around the crowd and spotted a lady moving backwards dreadfully and repeated what she was thinking. " jip, hiko lopox".

Her eyes opened in surprise and she screamed. " hita! Hita!"

The crowd immediately gathered around me looking curiously.

Then the chief; I presume he should be, the fat man in dirty trouser came through with the boys with him. He turned to the fat executioner who was still eyeing me dreadfully and asked something in 'bush language'. The fat executioner explained with every ounce of energy in him.

The chief moved closer to me and I repeated what I heard him thinking: talo ziba hita jip Hilo

The chief was obviously thrilled. He held his chest in surprise and moved two steps backwards from me and said something faintly to one of the boys with him. The boy turned and ran off.

I stood looking at the eyes' staring at me as though they just saw a ghost for the first time. I slowly started moving backwards and the people behind moving away from me. I thought this as an avenue for escape, but before I could finish thinking it, the chief shouted pointing at me. Two men with spears wielded that spears at me ominously but were careful not to come closer. I respected myself and moved forward.

Few minutes later of having these eyes boring holes on me, a shouted sounded from a distance like a chant. The ladies screamed and took their Kids away from the crowd.

A short, slim, stricken old man who could not stand erect save with the aid of a walking stick. His legs were as thin as two standing bones, his gray hairs had few strands remaining, and his teeth were all gone! Not one remaining. The only thing he had on were some charms around his tiny waist and something like a mirror covering his dick with a sack bag hanging across his chest.

The boy walked patiently behind him until they stood in front of the chief.

The chief explained to the old man what happened pointing to me stylishly as he spoke. The old man who looked like a witch doctor nodded and took some glances at me behind him.

After the chief was done, the old man sluggishly walked up to me. I tried to listen to his thoughts but heard nothing. He was looking into my face as though to pick something off it. I was not comfortable with the stench oozing from him.

He grabbed my hand unexpectedly and opened my palm. I tried to moved my hand away but he was unbelievably strong, his hand was unmovable as I pulled. And as I clinched my hand, he bit my knuckles hard and i was forced to open it. He spat into my palm and licked off the spittle, then spat again and licked it off. He then looked at my palm circumspectly and traced one finger through the lines.

He dropped my hand nonchalantly without notice, turned to the chief and said something that made the chiefs face froze in shock. The old man repeated it nodding.

The chief immediately commanded two men speaking in their bush language. The men grabbed my arms and dragged me away. We walked some few yards before entering into one of the empty thatch houses, then dumped me there and stood at the door looking at me with their spears standing beside them. I sat wondering what the problem was.

Few minutes later,two naked young ladies with lovely bodies came in carrying little clay pots with them. They dropped the two pots in front of me and ran off.

I looked in the pot and saw watery soup with huge lumps of meats. My thought flashed back to the lady killed earlier, her face looking blank as the ladies cut her open, her screams... Immediately, the food that smelt like boiled meat with ginger now made me nausea. I moved away from the pot and turned my face from it fighting back the urge to vomit.

The men stood at the door post looking at me all night. I caught few sleeps and each time I woke up, they were still standing in same position.

The next morning, the guards took me to the chiefs palace, don't know what else to call it if not palace.

The palace was made of bamboo sticks and leafs over the roof. Two long bamboos arranged on the left as chair where five naked men sat. In the front, the chief sat on a bamboo cut in 25cm by 25cm with leafs on top.

I was made to stand in front of the chief. He adjusted himself like trying to make me know he was in charge, then said something to the men seated and turned to the guards, commanded something that made them drag me in front of the first man on the row seated with other men.

I turned around confused. The chief called my attention and demonstrated by pointing his chest, his ears and then pointed to me and men. He repeated it twice before I discovered what he meant. I strained my ears and heard the first man. I repeated what I heard. Then listened to the rest four and repeated what I heard.

Two of the men knelt down after I was done begging. The chief said something to the guards and the men screamed in despair. One made to runaway, one of the guards threw his spear at him, the spear dug into his back and he fell on his side crawling out, crying miserably.

The chief stood up saying some gibberish to the man in pain, walked slowly towards him, drew out the spear, ignoring the man's cry, then stabbed the man on his back severally until he was still.

The other man was still kneeling begging. The chief said something to the guards, they dragged him off as he screamed, yelling in tears.

I stood looking at the dead man on the floor. " what have I said?". I turned to the chief who was now chatting with the rest three like nothing happened.

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The men reeked of decay as they pushed us recklessly forward. I held on the Jeremy's hand firmly as we forged ahead.

Suddenly, some of the hostages in front pointed at their left murmuring something within themselves before one of our captors bellowed some gibberish, pushed them and flogged some with a stick. I followed the direction and saw the tail part of the plane. The first thing that came to mind was Daniela, I was almost moved to run over their and check then I cautioned myself when I saw the menacing eyes of the tall man beside me.

We had walked over two hours, I had to hang Jeremy on my neck. I could hear the little fellow praying his dad hurrys up with the cops and rescue us. He was obviously famished and kept crying out for water in his thought, though he never mentioned it to me. What I wouldn't do to give him some to drink.

We started approaching the sound of a drum playing and voices echoing a demonic song, or so it sounded in my ear. One of our captors; a chubby man in full beards nodded his head and cried like a chicken. Others joined him with their bows and spears in the air.

As we came closer, the stench became unbearable. Few steps ahead, Jeremy grabbed my head was shaking. I wanted to ask him what the problem was when I saw a naked female corpse hung standing with a stake pierced from her vagina and out through her mouth. The gory sight made the females among us cried in fright. Our captors bullied them to shut up.

We walked into their settlement; the houses were built with woods and the roofs in grasses. Few more corpses laid on every angle, some of which was already decomposing, emitting a strong stench of decay.

There was a fire by the corner where some naked women and girls were roasting a corpse across a fire, they seemed so excited to see us and beamed friendly smiles at us.

Everyone that weren't covered in mods looked like red Indians. There were more of them, like over a hundred coming out to see us.

As our captors moved us in a single file,there was a happy mood in the air. Some of the grown ups would touch us and smile nodding happily. Their kids would hit us and runaway, one very cute kid, a girl of about Jeremy's age touched me and smiled, then moved to touch the hostess in front of me.

I gently brought the petrified boy down from my neck that now ached badly and comforted him.

" nobody is going to touch you. I'm here". I said and he nodded looking around frighteningly at the people coming to see and touch us.

They stopped us and were now separating us in two different groups. One of the men wanted to push Jeremy to the other group, the little boy cried like someone who was about to be thrown into a hot boiling oil. I held on to his hand stretching towards me and didn't know when I landed a punch on the face of the man, immediately blood gushed out from his nose. I pulled Jeremy away from his grip and hid him behind me moving backwards expecting to be jumped at.

The man looked up at me ominously and attacked with his spear. The spear came directly to my chest, I miraculously dodged it and held the man from behind on his waist.

I was expecting the rest would attack me but to to my surprise, they began chanting a very funny sound watching us keenly.

The man elbowed me twice on my nose, I bent under his smelly armpit and jacked him up on his waist, threw him hard with his back on floor.

Both of us laid on the floor struggling. He suddenly punched me unexpectedly, I fell by his side in time, he reached for his spear but I grabbed his hand , he bit me on the shoulder so hard I felt he could chop off my skin. I grabbed some sand in that confusion and poured on his face, he let go abruptly, I then grabbed the spear and wanted to stab him but sticks from different directions landed on my body, I had to throw the spear away before they stopped.

A very fat man in full beards and long twisted hair, came from behind with two young boys holding spears behind him. He was wearing a very dirty trouser which has lost it's true color over the years around his waist. He spoke some angry gibberish to the man now standing on his feet and turned to me, then to Jeremy who held on to my leg. He turned to the men and commanded something before leaving.

I moved backwards as three men moved towards me, they grabbed my hands and pulled me away from Jeremy. I struggled with all my might, but they were way stronger. I watched as they pushed others away with Jeremy crying his guts out calling for me, but there was nothing I could do.

They dragged me to a different location and tied my hands to a stake then walked away.

I couldn't get a moment of peace thinking of Jeremy. Then they began their drumming, I heard a lady crying and begging, then she began muffling and nothing again.

Cold goosebumps covered my body when I imagined they had killed her. I prayed it wasn't Daniela.

Footsteps approaching made me worried. Two men surfaced, loosened the rope tongue and dragged me towards the drum.

The place was crowded with people around a fire. I saw few ladies who looked at me expressionlessly and returned their focus to cutting open the stomach of a lady.

I turned away in fear and saw in front of me a table with fresh blood on it and a man waiting with a huge knife in his hand. My heart stopped beating, I felt like I was suffocating.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 12:37pm On Jan 27
I will advice topher to post excerpts from his book here

That book is damn rich
And I have learnt a great deal reading part..

I need to settle down and read it well

Thanks. I'm most happy to know you found its content rich. smiley
Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 12:36pm On Jan 27
@Topher052 I wants the book and how do I get it ,

Royalguy123 you have my number, call me. Or send me an email nebechris052@gmail.com.
Literature / Re: The Sacrifice by topher052: 1:37pm On Jan 25

BankyGee, Please I am asking for your acceptance of my official apology! The same for Oga Topher! I was away for 3 weeks (work) and had access to epileptic network. I just returned back and currently on leave.
Wow!!! The Sacrifice story has ended!
I thank God it was a dream Andrew was dreaming o, because from my own point of view Susan will never forget Abdul in this world or in the world to come, even after going through a rehab, the flash of the memory would still be there! BankyGee you know what I mean na shocked.
Oga Topher, I cannot thank you enough for adding value to life through this your God giving talent. I thank God for the 2019 Nairaland award and we your fans made you proud (you won).
Wishing everyone of us a happy new year!

Madam and I part two here we go.....
You're welcome my brother. Apologies accepted. Just join the moving train grin

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 10:32am On Jan 25

Topher052, you have rendered me completely speechless with your book titled SEXUAL HEALING! And I kept asking myself which planet did this man actually come from?

You are indeed a multi-dimensional and a passionate writer/author! You know how to walk through minds and situations using your stories and books. I wasn't exaggerating when I called you THE MAN WITH THE PEN! For that's exactly who you are.

I presume that your purpose for Sexual Healing is to use it as an avenue to rescue dilapidated marriages and even add new wine to already sizzling ones. Well, I am certain you will achieve that.

Wished everyone could read your book. The whole details keep playing back in my head. It would really make a whole lot of sense if they do. And the price too, is reasonable.

I am happy to be one of your ardent fans. The vital information I garnered would help me personally in the nearest future. *Winks*.

Thumps up, Topher. May your ink never run dry!

Thanks so much grin! I'm glad it was helpful. I love to hear such testimonies. Thank you once more for reading.

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Literature / Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 10:28am On Jan 25

I opened my eyes slowly and discovered I was lying on my tummy in a dark uncomfortable place. My whole body seem like it had been beating my a team mobsters. I struggled up with my two hands on the floor, everywhere was so dark with only flickers of light from broken electric wires was the only thing i could see.

I heard distant screaming and cries but couldn't see anything. I looked around for anyone but stumbled on a body covered in a slippery liquid. I shook the body but it only fell like a log of wood on the floor. Immediately, goosebumps filled my skin when I realised he was dead. That instant, fear monopolized me. I sprang up but met an obstacle above, strained my eyes to at least see where was, but was met with faint images of chairs and something else i couldn't say what it was. I felt around me and discovered I was trapped. Then I began pushing and kicking but everything remained unmovable. This was not good!

The voices were coming from behind. I turned and cried out on the metal and soft surface I was trapped in. " hello! Help! "

The voices seem not to hear me, so I shouted even louder, yet they didn't hear me still. I then began kicking as hard as I could on the surface close to my foot until a little ray of light flashed in. This was hopeful; I continued until more lights came in. Then i moved towards it and forced myself through. I pushed, climbed into to the light and saw a tire of the plane.

"Where the fvck am i?". I said aloud.

I crawled out through the tire and discovered I was in the front part of the plane in a deep forest , the other half was nowhere in view. I looked at the long large pathway the plane created and saw some passengers and hostesses scattered around; some sat looking dejected, some stood wearily, others were trying to arrange their belongings. I turned behind me and noticed some persons being pushed out from the plane.

I climbed down and looked around for Daniella, she wasn't anywhere in view. My legs and arms and every part of my body hurts so badly with bruises and cuts.

I made my way slowly to the opening where people were being pulled out to look for Daniella, the place was dark with few rays of light coming in. My eyes adjusted to the dark and what my eyes saw made it popped out; blood and dead bodies everywhere. Some persons were compressed under something with parts of their bodies shooting out, some had their parts away from their bodies, awful sights! I couldn't look anymore, the once I saw, the smell of blood and mutilated bodies made me nausea; I spun and ran out to puke.

I had just finished vomiting and sat some distance away from the horrific sight breathing. Someone touched me from behind, I jerked backwards abruptly and found a little charming black boy who apparently was neatly dressed before the accident in yellow jersey t-shirt and blue jeans on a blue leather sandals. He was about five years old looking at me in tears like he had been crying for long.

" have you seem my daddy?". The boy asked.

My heart melted. I opened my mouth but couldn't find words, so I held his little hand and drew him close getting on my feet.

" your daddy". I said thinking of what else to add. I'm not used to consoling people. " your daddy went to call the police. He's bringing the police to rescue us".

The boy's face brightened a little. " is he coming soon?".

I smiled and nodded to him. " yes! The cops will be here with your dad!".

The boy turned behind us to the plane." I heard a terrorist boarded with us, who is a terrorist?". He asked and turned to face me waiting for an answer.

" bad people! Yes! The devil!". I said and began adding up the reason for the crash. It has been years since it was recorded of a plane crash, this really explains it.

The boy turned to a white older lady seated on the floor with a young man who was apparently dead on her thighs crying. Everyone just walked passed like it was normal as each had his or her own burden.

" is he dead? ". The troubled boy asked me looking worriedly at the old lady.

I didn't know what to say to him. So i just turned him aside saying. " don't worry about them. The cops will make everything okay". I turned behind me to the lady and felt bad for her.

" when will my daddy come?". The boy asked.

" soon". I said, and added. What's your name?".

" Jeremy".

I can't tell if it's about an hour or so we've spent, but it seem like two minutes to me. Everyone was still in bad shape. I and Jeremy sat quietly looking at the unfortunate event. Jeremy kept asking when the cops would come, I never stopped telling him " soon ".

"Help! Help!" A voice screamed.

I turned behind me and saw a fat white man running out from the woods. He looked so terrified. Everyone's attention also turned towards him.

" A bear! A bear!". He yelled and fell.

The next thing I saw was a wild beast jumping on him, clamped its teeth on the mans neck, dragging its ferocious head frantically as it pulled the fat man along, using its claws to cut into the mans flesh bounding him simultaneously.

There was a commotion; everyone ran on different directions screaming. I shielded Jeremy behind me thinking of where to run to.

The bear left the man and attacked a lady. I was still thinking of where to run to with Jeremy when the beast caught my eyes and immediately left the lady, running towards me.

I pick up Jeremy and began racing towards the broken half of the plane. Something hit me hard on my back and I staggered few steps forward before falling down with Jeremy.

I turned immediately and saw the biggest animal I had ever seen in my life jumping on me. I grabbed the closest thing in view in that reflex; which was a rod and raised it up, it held the bear on its throat pushing it's big salivating mouth with huge teeth away from me. I looked into the big hungry mouth that was almost the size of my head and held on to the rod with all my strength.

The beast suddenly picked me up by my shirt and threw me aside, roared, hitting its chest. I moved away from it and reached for the rod. It felt like this was my end. To my surprise, it left me and went after Jeremy. The little boy ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. I shouted calling on the beast to attack with all of my heart, but it was hungry for the little meat. I jumped to my feet, picked up the rod and ran after it screaming like a mad man.

It jumped on Jeremy, roared and was about pounding on him with its fist, when i hit the rod on its back, it roared again and spun, spontaneously knocking me aside. I fell recklessly on the floor.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the beat coming towards me on its four limps. I moved backwards eyeing it horrifically and abruptly grabbed the rod that was few inches away.

The bear rushed on me and attacked with its mouth opened, aiming its fierce teeth on my neck. I impulsively drew the rod into its mouth in reflex and dug it deep with every ounce of strength I could mutter at that moment, until it pierced out from the back of its neck.

The beast moved away from me, struggling to remove the rod from its mouth. I moved away, running towards Jeremy who sat in perplexity; picked him up and ran far away from the bear, watching as the ferocious beast sagged on its knee and eventually laid on its side breathing slowly.

Soon everyone started gathering around the dead animal. I and Jeremy stayed far away observing. They kept looking and pointing at me, murmuring something within themselves.

Two men; a black thick middle aged man with a reading glass on and a smallish Chinese man, bald in the middle of his head came to where I and Jeremy sat.

" that was brave! ". The black man exclaimed, sitting beside me. " you saved us all! What gave you that courage?".

Black man: And he's young! Shame on me!

" that monster would have killed us all" the Chinese man added, still standing in front of me. " you are the hero".

" I guess help is already on its way; i mean, the black box". Said the black man." I hope they come soonest before a monster jumped on us again".

" I heard the black box is not that reliable". The Chinese man pointed out.

I and the black man looked at him as though he was not from planet earth.

Chinese man: Well, nothing is reliable not even science.

" where did you hear that from!". The black man yelled unbelievably.

They began arguing. I turned to Jeremy who has been yawning and asked the men." can we eat that beast?"

" sure. I was even going to suggest that ". The Chinese man said taking a seat beside the black man.

The sky was suddenly becoming cloudy. The black man looked up and cried. " no! No! No! "

" this is not good! ". The Chinese man added.

We were just looking around for where to take shelter when an arrow stroke the black man in his right eye. I and the Chinese man turned to him simultaneously. The black man sat stunned with the arrow shooting out from his eye, and then fell backwards.

Some group of naked men rushed out from every part of the woods with their bodies covered in muds making some dreadful noises as they surrendered us with spears and bows pointed ominously.

I stood and pushed Jeremy behind me looking at each of them running towards us with my heart pounding dreadfully. I was at that moment thinking of what to do and how to escape and one of them; a very tall treelike of a human, pushed me forward I tripped and fell. He also pushed the Chinese man pointing his bow on each of us.


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