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Politics / Re: Obi's Supporters Are Not Willing To Bet On Him- Reno Omokri by TrueNigerian300: 1:13am On Aug 17
In the comments I made did you see me refer to Yoruba? I only mentioned a state as example. My best friends offline are actually Yorubas and they are very prosperous .Every igbo man of my generation knows the story of Adekunle Fajuyi and how no igbo property was destroyed during the war by Yorubas .Yorubas and Ibos are very comfortable with each other but I think in 2015 when Jonathan lost and these youngsters started bashing each other online based on ethnicity and now the politicians are cashing in on it. I am suprised that a lot of young people are now making futile online efforts to create division between the two tribes. What I mean in my statement is wealth distribution.There are many Yorubas with billions but it is not evenly distributed like it is in igboland. In 2003, I prepared the deed where one Yoruba man from bought a park around yaba for around 450m Then dollar was around 100 naira to a dollar that’s like buying a property for maybe $40m dollars today. He is a friend Abdul Rasaq Okoya and that when when I saw his wife Shade okoya for the first time and very young so if that man brought property for that amount that means he is worth several billions.Among the igbos that kind of money won’t be owned by one person but by at least 50 to 100 people

With due respect there is no where wealth is properly distributed anywhere in the world, even the more egalitarian societies it is not so. About 1% of the entire population of the world control universe wealth, what does that tell you? Are you saying there is no Igbo that is what 450m dollars? If so how many percentage of Igbos have that How many people are aa rich as Orji Kalu in his state How many are as rich as Peter Obi? There are Igbo billionaires just like in other tribes and there poor igbo just like other tribes. There are Igbos who makes over 10m naira a month and there are those who makes less than 10k per month. The point is poverty is all over Nigeria and it knows no tribes or religion. Yorubas dominate the fintech startups and startups in general today, no one makes noise about it and that is how it should be.Let's be guided with what we say.
Politics / Re: Obi's Supporters Are Not Willing To Bet On Him- Reno Omokri by TrueNigerian300: 6:11pm On Aug 16
You don’t need data. Travel on a bus to Onitsha or Aba or Awka or any city you prefer and see for yourself .You have probably never been to igbo land like most of you ignorant folks online. There is a place in Onitsha they call awada about the size of ikeja, if you go there you won’t find a single 3 or 4 storey building but 5- 6 storey buildings and it costs nothing less than 90m to build one, same with Nkpor , Aba and most recently Awka etc attraction of Lagos started when Lagos was a federal capital of Nigeria until 1991 just like abuja today because Lagos has a seaport too..wzero government support Don’t believe what I typed confirm yourself .Any where you go to Nigeria today outside a major city, most of the time the best house you find there belongs to an igbo man. The reason many igbos have now come out to support Obi is he mentioned how he can fix Nigeria electricity and igbos are capable of manufacturing those things they import from overseas if there is stable power in Nigeria. Mindset differs . It’s the reason some prosper while others don’t . There is nothing like luck or miracle in making money in life . It must be in you . Go and vote for emilokun on Election Day it doesn’t concern anybody . Don’t mention me again as I don’t have time for this kind of chat. Bye

You must be very high with this thought...the whole south east is a little bigger than Oyo state alone. So it is reasonable that land will be more expensive in the east than any other part of Nigeria on the average and people would try to maximize land usage - equating this to mean Igbos are more prosperous is a joke. Also, at the bolded I dont know where you get your data from but you have to stop being emotional and factual. The biggest realtors in Lagos are still Yorubas despite all the noise you guys make. Only Igbo can poduce something with Electriciy others are dumb The only military manufacturing motor plant is in Ogun state and a yoruba man, no one make noise about him that he is this or that. So why do you delusionally think only Igbo can produce with electricity. You guys go all over the place to say things like this everywhere you go - you guys need to change your thought process to integrate properly with others

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Politics / Re: Obi's Supporters Are Not Willing To Bet On Him- Reno Omokri by TrueNigerian300: 4:57pm On Aug 16
Because igbos celebrate hardwork and achievements.The reason igbos are the most prosperous tribe in black Africa. The reason no igbois supporting tinubu and the reason most igbo supported Osibanjo because under six months buhari traveled he brought down dollar from over 500 to above 300 and I still remember how Lagos was under tinubu..high crime rate and killings every where which made Ganiyu Adams form OPC to combat crime. It was during tinubu that one guy armed robber they called akanni robbed and killed house to house until opc caught him and nailed him to the cross in August 2001 . I witnessed the jubilation of people that day. OPC did what tinubu couldn’t do. Marwa was a better governor than tinubu. I bet youngsters like you weren’t even born them. I left Lagos due to insecurity under tinubu as the man was only after owomida than development

Where is your data of Igbo being the most prosperous tribe in Africa, you fools just come online to chest beat and overhype yourselves. Please can you point us to the data that confirm this. That you guys choose to make the most noise does that mean your assertion is valid? You have to understand not all tribes choose to be stupid by disturbing others with noise of we are successful.
Politics / Re: 2023: I Will Never Vote For APC, PDP – Mr Macaroni by TrueNigerian300: 6:15pm On Aug 15
Millions of Nigerians are like you. Both APC and PDP are a no no for us. We are all voting for labour party. Only the enemies of our country are opposing Peter Obi but thankfully they are few in numbers.

Stop this line of thought...vote for your candidate peacefully and allow others. If you have the right to vote Obi and believe he can fix Nigeria then others can excercise that same right for other candidates. Calling them enemy of the country because they do not support who you support is nothing but stupidity.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: I Can Govern Nigeria Without LP Having Majority In National Assembly by TrueNigerian300: 5:46pm On Aug 13
If Nigerians like let them miss this opportunity of electing Peter Obi. Na we go hear am las las. Obi is already rich.

Atiku and Tinubu are poor?
Politics / Re: Soludo: Unknown Gunmen Are Igbos Who Kill For Human Organs by TrueNigerian300: 3:54pm On Aug 13

You southwesterners have really turned this election to tribalism against the iboez.

If they reply you guys now all of you will start crying victim. Now you see why we other turned and minorities will not trust Yoruba to vote Tinubu?

See how you guys are treating them so how will you treat us?

Atiku or Obi finish.

Keep quiet is there any lie in what you said. You guys can keep killing yourselves as far as you limit it to your enclave. Now you are accusing others of tribalism but your people are supporting Obi because of competency?
You guys must be confused to think everyone that do not support Obi is a tribalist. You guys have elected some of the worst governors in the country but you all want to force the rest of us to vote your candidate with no tangible evidence of his achievement.

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Politics / Re: How Igbos Stoned Awolowo In Aba — Adebanjo by TrueNigerian300: 11:15am On Aug 12
Why are you guys full of tribalism? you are entitle to your own choice.why don't you campaign for you own candidate and allow others to choose their own candidate. Why trying to make it tribal issue? Yoruba vote alone can not make Tinubu win the election. We need each other to make this country work. If we keep dwelling in the mistakes of the past we will never move forward. Be informed also, that tribe has never help anyone in this country.

The support for Obi is tribal in the first place no amount of pretence will cover that. Only fools think Igbos are supporting Obi based on competence. If you guys are tribal why crying if others choose to?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Loading More Than 40% Of The Yoruba Votes by TrueNigerian300: 2:26am On Aug 11

Will you hateful people just go and vote who you want and leave Tinubu and the Yorubas alone for fck sake?

Anyway I am glad this is happening to Tinubu at the hands of you IPOBians. Perhaps now he will accept you folks are creatures of hate who do not deserve grace and equity you are never interested in showing others.

Thread upon thread trying to incite the Yorubas against voting Tinubu while you abhorrent folks blackmail every Igbo it is clan necessity and obligation to vote Obi.

Hope Yorubas are noting the undemocratic, wicked and hateful ways of you guys to understand something has to give with the way they accommodate you undemocratic, ungrateful, ungracious and very hateful enemies-within in Yorubaland.

Tinubu this and that. Is he the only one running against your messiah Obi? Hateful and pathetic jokers.

Dont mind the confused...they are always half- smart and think they are smart. Any reasonable person can see that the support for Obi is ethnic and nothing more. The fools are all over the place blackmailing whoever has a different view from theirs.

By Feb they will go back to Biafra or death leave them let them enjoy their 1 minute fame.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Lady Residing In Canada Berates Fellow Nigerians (Video) by TrueNigerian300: 5:15pm On Aug 06

Are you angry that igbos seems to be the only tribe that brings their brothers out and support them?

Lol...see this confused guy so only Igbo people support their family or their people Just think about what you typed for a second and see if it make any sense. You guys cry all over the place initially that Igbo are the largest nigerian group in the US with no data to support this but sheer emotion. Now there is a data that shows yoruba is the most spoken nigerian language in the US which could logically means yoruba could be more than any other tribe in the US, but it is only igbo that support or take their family aborad.

I hate talking about this kind of stuff but you guys tend to spread false narratives and sometimes need to be corrected before you mislead people.

Instead of you to accept what the lady said or disagree you brought Igbo into the picture as the only tribe that does no wrong.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Lady Residing In Canada Berates Fellow Nigerians (Video) by TrueNigerian300: 4:49pm On Aug 06
stop exonerating evil.

Don't mind him/her, that same igbo union he is shouting will be full of uneccesary competition. Na me earn pass, na me get house pass for naija and all those useless stuff.They will even be hiding vital info from themselves.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Lady Residing In Canada Berates Fellow Nigerians (Video) by TrueNigerian300: 4:28pm On Aug 06
With the exception of igbos. That idea of having town union meetings and state meetings, even local governments is helping igbos. Once you attend those meetings, they always find to solve their general problems.
Even the Nigerian union meetings, only the igbos attends and takes it serious.

You guys always find a way to claim innocent at every instance. You blame everyone for everything but yourself. I have lived in Germany and now the US and she is not lying with what she said, it cuts across all nigerian tribes and no exception.The first people that make me distant myself from Nigerians abroad are two Igbo people. The truth is the average nigerian is toxic and oppressive, we need a total change of mentality as people. Jealosy and uneccessary competition is all over the place nigerians are concentrated. I would have prefer to work in texas due to the weather but because of the concentration of nigerians there I choose Seattle.

That same Igbo union you are shouting will be full of jealosy, toxic and unhealthy competition. So stop isolating Igbo and accept that it all nigerian tribes guilty of this.


Politics / Re: Tajudeen Ade: I Drove Lamborghini At 18, Joined Politics To Serve Not For Money by TrueNigerian300: 2:22am On Aug 06

Too them every Tinubu Supporter earns money from him

Even Otedola was paid in the mind of PitObi e Bandits

They even went on twitter to drag Otedola as if the noise making trash would get them in Aso Rock

Dignifying this people with a response is waste of time

Let nobody disturb us with Biafra nonsense after 2023 oo


Lol...Biafra or death we stand very hateful and confused lots.
Politics / Re: Kudos To Ndigbo For Always Seeing Ahead by TrueNigerian300: 2:15am On Aug 06
Cry cry babies children of hate and bitterness.You guys have fore sight yet some of the worst governors in Nigeria are from the east voted by 99.99% of you guys. Shouldn't all eastern states be better than River, Akwa Ibom, etc. You guys hate Buhari and it was the sole reason you didnt vote for him not because of any comptency. You will leave your rotten leaders in the east and blame everyone for your problem but yourself.
Politics / Re: Lalong Is Not Competent To Be VP, But Competent As Campaign DG by TrueNigerian300: 5:45am On Aug 05
when ojukwu contested,how many votes did he get from the east? There is one thing people don't understand,the east vote for the best in every election year, just as Obasanjo was the best in 1999, followed by Yar adua ,goodlucky and Atiku, the average Igbo man don't check region, religion or tribe, That was the same reason Atiku was chosen over Buhari in the last election even when 2015 outcome did not favour the east,there still rejected buhari and all his promises. If I may say, the Igbo have forsight of good leaders than any other region.

You guys didnt vote Ojukwu because you are politically confused people, it has nothing to do with competency. Stop fooling yourself about foresight of good leaders some of the worst governors in this country are from the east, why is that


Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu, Abdulahi Adamu, Lalong Visit President Buhari by TrueNigerian300: 12:47am On Aug 05
Two failures

They are not useful to themselves talk more of being useful to Nigerians

I now begin to see our diversity as a curse

Can a nation ruled by the Hausa's or Fulani's allow buhari to be their president when they have better options? Or can oduduwa nation allow Tilumbu to be their president when they have better options?
All these people supporting these failures are supporting them based on religion, tribe or what they stand to gain that's all.
If u have a company and u want to recruit between these three, just be sincere with yourself,,who are you going to choose among the three?
Deep down inside u, u know the answer but instead,u choose to do the contrary.Satan is using u to fight your destiny.What a pity. That's y Nigeria can never be better because majority refuse to do the right thing.So our diversity is a curse nothing more,nothing less.

The problem you guys have is that it must be your way or no way Why must you bully, blackmail or insult others to vote your candidate. You guys know how to select the best leaders but some of the worst governors in this country are the east. So you guys failed to select the best leaders in the east just like the rest of the country, but you think you must be right about the best leader that must rule Nigeria. Is that not foolish just think about that for a second.

Vote your candidate let others vote theirs no insult, bully or blackmailing.

Thank you.
Politics / Re: Over 5,000 PDP Members Decamp To APC In Kebbi In Support Of Tinubu by TrueNigerian300: 8:15am On Aug 04
Ipob is the problem of our campaign as Obidient people. We actually started well as we were gathering momentum all over the country.
Let me appeal to my fellow Easterners and Obidient people that we need to restrategise. We can not be allowing all these Ipob guys into our folds, they are rubbishing our focus and making people look at us as a sectional group. Please let's fish out the Ipob and MASSOB supporters amongst us nah beg I deh beg. The rate at wish Tinubu supporters are creating jokers these days is worrisome and giving many of us sleepless night. If Tinubu eventually wins, we are all in soup.

Good to see some reasonable obidients or whatever you guys called yourselves. Some supporters have made it so obvious that Obi is entirely igbo project, anyone with emotional intelligence can sense that.

Go all over the social media and see insult and bully against anyone that does not support Obi, is that what democracy is Why must everyone accept your candidate?
Politics / Re: ‘Obituary’: Sam Omatseye Alleges Death Threats From Obi’s Supporters by TrueNigerian300: 9:11pm On Aug 02
Just pray your ancestor will not kick the bucket if he elected as Nigeria president. His old and sick.He is almost close to his grave.

I dey see am. He may end like up like Umaru Musa yaradua cheesy Na time una eye go clear!! grin

Fool...I have no candidate between the three fools �. Nigeria can't be fixed by any of those fools but you idiots can see beyond your nose. But with political situation of Nigeria either of the two fools Atiku or Tinubu is your next president.

So you will cry biafra or death after election...e pain am�


Politics / Re: ‘Obituary’: Sam Omatseye Alleges Death Threats From Obi’s Supporters by TrueNigerian300: 9:06pm On Aug 02
your mother wasn't born during the civil war. To discuss such with you will be an insult to me. As for the civil war, there are bandits in your region, face them. The igbos should come afterwards in your quest for suicide.

I know you will come with insult...this time around your entire generations will be wiped out so no one of you fools will turn to victim and disturb our peace.
Very hateful set of people.

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Politics / Re: ‘Obituary’: Sam Omatseye Alleges Death Threats From Obi’s Supporters by TrueNigerian300: 8:51pm On Aug 02
He is making noise. Small shaking they have given him he is crying. It's unfortunate many of them don't yet know what is cooking for 2023. You bring it hot,we raise the temperature.

At the end, we will either triumph or we scatter it all

This is what you guys did doing the civil war when other retaliate you became victim and cry till today. We are all waiting for you guys as well no be only una get crazy.


Politics / Re: ‘Obituary’: Sam Omatseye Alleges Death Threats From Obi’s Supporters by TrueNigerian300: 8:49pm On Aug 02

I am more Yoruba than you and I've always and will always stand for the truth. The simple truth here is that Peter Obi is the best Presidential candidate by miles.

What is the truth in what you said?
Ode, people want to force their opinion on you and you think it is cool? How many Atiku or Tinubu supporters have threatening others because they choose to excercise their civil right?

Why is it only them that threaten, insult or bully others for not supporting their candidate

I already said it, only a fool would believe the support for Obi is based on competency it is strictly because he is Igbo and nothing more. Do not be deceived.

After elections the fools will go back to Biafra or death and insult everyone. What a very hateful set of people!!!


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Tinubu Is Actually The Best Governor Nigeria Ever Produced by TrueNigerian300: 2:08am On Jul 31

Nyamiris wey write neco / waec free in Lagos are the majority enemies attacking dis man because of thier hatred/ triberlism act ...

Obi wey no do them any favour for east naa him Dem dey support .... Lesson to some afonja miscreants here wey fail to support thier own because one idiot from fail region don brainwash dem say him be angel... The angel wey him no be the time wey him be governor for anambra ...

I am from yagba , kogi .... I am fully in support of tinubu ....

I don travel go many state .... I don dey in side politics for long ... At dis dispensation , tinubu is the most performed ex governor among the aspirants ....

All tribes in Lagos are benefiting from his initiatives ... How many Nigerians don benefit from Peter obi initiatives or ideas ... Weytin he do for the anambranians ? Nothing ... I repeat nothing ... That place naa complete Dungeon ...even majorities of obi supporters can't live in that anambra now and during his governing days ...

Social media naa scam.... Many dogs are attacking dis man for no reasons...

Nyamiris are not ready to vote Tinubu even if he choosed northern Christian ...

Nigerians vote wisely... Do not vote enemy of the Nation....

IPOBIANS are Nigeria enemy ...

They are full of hatred for other people and always cry when others return it. Any one that believes these fools are supporting Obi because of competency is a fool like them; the support is solely because he is Igbo and nothing more. Do not allow any fool to blackamail you into voting failed governor. They bully, blackmail and insult others for excercising their civil right. They will tell you they didnt support Buhari because they know he will not perfom, but it is all lie only a fool will want Jonathan to continue in 2015 and many Nigerians choose to try another person which is what any reason person will do. But these guys because of hatred for Buhari they said Jonathan must continue. Buhari failed everyone and himself, but would Jonathan have done any better?

I have seen hatred across the board but I have never seen anyone as hateful as these people.And any small things they will tell you others hate them because they are successful. They are not the richest in Nigeria. Apart from some petty tradings where they can be found in large numbers they are not dominating anywhere. Is it oil, banking, startups etc. But they foolishly disturb everyone with their overbloated success.

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Politics / Re: You Are Campaigning For Tinubu - Deji Adeyanju On Muslim-Muslim Ticket by TrueNigerian300: 5:11am On Jul 23

You don't know that the more you attacking tinubu on moslem moslem ticket, you are getting more moslems to vote for him

Dont mind the novice some of them are too emotional with everytbing. Did anyone see of the contestant attacking the ticket

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Politics / Re: Court Sacks Governor Umahi As Ebonyi South APC Senatorial Candidate by TrueNigerian300: 4:17am On Jul 23

Can you speak more intelligently, you are wailing.

Dont mind the joker they careless about competence they detest Buhari not because he failed, but because he remove them from power through Jonathan. So they hate him for that. If they care about competence how come some of the worst governors are from the east

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Politics / Re: Nollywood Actors Meet Bola Tinubu (Photo) by TrueNigerian300: 2:18am On Jul 23
I see Vawulence and bitterness thread loading shocked shocked shocked

Dem go call dem sponsored buh if na d oda way round na free love.....

Dey believe anybody wey dem hate no fit get love for free without dem paying for it....

Well said...children of hate and bitterness their hearts are full of bitterness and hatred for others�. When others return it they cry river.Let them enjoy their fame for the next few months until Tinubu or Atiku is declared winner. Then they go back to Biafra or death �
Politics / Re: Which Corrupt Yoruba Politician(s) Do Yorubas Hate Like Igbos Hate OUK, Okorocha by TrueNigerian300: 3:56pm On Jul 22
you know the direction you are going is different from what we are saying here,you can't have obi as a yorubaman and the igbos will support Tinubu as an igboman, same with northerners, oga that is our point of argument before you resulted to insult and name calling.

You only want to appease the north and we will still not vote your fraud. Is Tinubu worst than Atiku aren't notherners supporting Atiku You no get point oga
Politics / Re: Which Corrupt Yoruba Politician(s) Do Yorubas Hate Like Igbos Hate OUK, Okorocha by TrueNigerian300: 3:49pm On Jul 22
Oga who voted OUK and Okorocha? don't tell me they rigged the election because you people have the option to recall them.
Infact when OUK was released, he was celebrated by his people.

The Abia state governor is in his second term did he do well in his first term?

The truth is the Yorubas have shown that as an incumbent your second term or you handing over to a party member is not guaranteed, it happened in Ibadan,Osun and Ekiti on like you guys who have been voting a party since 1999.

The only reason why you mentioned those names is because they are in a party different from what you guys have been voting for.

Don't mind them bro...I have never seen a people with this kind of victimhood mindset.They are the only people that do no wrong. Like or not despite how foolish nigerian politicians are we have seen governors that performed a little and gain national popularity for what they did eg Donald Duke, El-Rufai,Amechi, Fashola, Zulum, Akpabio let forget the wrong they did and just the projects they executed. Now please mention any from the east and these fools shout on top of the roof accusing leaders from other regions.

I can't wait till Feb 2023 when they will go back to Biafra or death. To any reasonable person we now know for sure that the cry for Biafra is never about competence but just to have an Igbo president, there is nothing wrong with this but why blackmail, bully and insult people just to make this happen. It shows they lack tactics and only driven by emotions.

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Politics / Re: Which Corrupt Yoruba Politician(s) Do Yorubas Hate Like Igbos Hate OUK, Okorocha by TrueNigerian300: 3:39pm On Jul 22

Okorocha and his boys pointed a gun at INEC returning officer to declare him winner after it was obvious he lost.

The returning officer fearing for his life declared him as winner and went to INEC State Headquarters to make report that Okorocha and his boys forced him to to declare him.

INEC took Okorocha to court and asked the courts to nullify Okorocha’s victory which he obtained under duress.

I think the High Court nullified Okorocha’s victory but Appeal Court ruled in his favour. That’s how Okorocha became a Senator in Imo State. Fergie001 and Garfield1 will tell you about the case better.

About OUK, his case is like that of James Ibori who stole from the people and has maintained popularity with the people by giving them back what he stole from them.

Because of stipends he gives to them, OUK has continued to retain some popularity amongst his people of Abia North. But that hasn’t saved him from being held in disdain by the generality of Igbos.

Now, I have answered you, can you now tell us which ones you people dislike because they are corrupt?

So who told you every yoruba man likes Tinubu...is Obi a saint How many Igbos are attacking him for the wrong he has done compare to how some yoruba are attacking Tinubu Keep deceiving yourselves and finding excuses for electing fools to represent you. Ekeremadu also pointed guns to the returning officers for almost 20 years in the senate. The point is some idiots across the board defend their kinsmen no matter how wrong they are and it is not peculiar to any tribe.But you guys like pointing fingers and act as victims or saints in every instance.

How many Igbo codemned Kanu when he was running his mouth or call for his head like you guys did to Reno. Please tell us.


Politics / Re: Segun Awosanya: Obi's Supporters Are Violating Freedom Of Expression Of Others by TrueNigerian300: 3:22pm On Jul 22

Well done. Nice observations. GEJ too told us he had no shoes during his school days.
Buhari too told us he had only one house and he didn't have money to obtain form for election.
If you think these your observations are achievements to solve the myriad problems bedeviled Nigeria, well, good luck. But for me, he needs to convince me more how exactly is he going to solve the present problems with facts and figures not with one wristwatch and few pair of shoes. Chai!!! Some Nigerians will not stop amusing you. What a joke of a country. grin

Thank you bro...that you spend prudently in your personal life would not make you a problem solver or great leader. Forget all the noise the support for the Obi is simply ethnic and not any competence.

The fools shouting Obi lives average life Buhari lives a poorer life according to him, but what has Buhari done Jonathan the faliure has no shoes what was the result. You guys should take your nonsense he kept 75B to your villages in the east we are tired of hearing that as his only achievement.

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Politics / Re: Segun Awosanya: Obi's Supporters Are Violating Freedom Of Expression Of Others by TrueNigerian300: 10:49am On Jul 22
For those of you who still believe any of the jokers contesting can fix the helpless country, good luck.

Now, just a piece of advice do not allow any fool to bully, blackmail or shame you for voting whoever your candidate is. Election is all about interest and opinion and no one should bully you for having one different from theirs. Some Igbo people have made it a hobby bullying others particularly on the social media for having different opinion. But they cant take half of what they are dishing out we saw that when their mini God was tackled by Reno their old friend but turned enemy.

You will all go back to your Biafra or death mode when your mini God lose in 2023. I still cant comprehend the kind of bitterness and hatred display by these guys. You guys think whatever you believe is right everyone must agree with you and some of the worst governors in this country are from the east.


Politics / Re: Which Corrupt Yoruba Politician(s) Do Yorubas Hate Like Igbos Hate OUK, Okorocha by TrueNigerian300: 8:36am On Jul 22
You won't see them on thread like this, the obvious is that when it comes to support based on integrity, i give it to the north ,irrespective of how Buhari have turned out to be a calamity, the only region that comes close to that is igboman, you will find it difficult to see igboman supporting and promoting a corrupt politician on the basis of ethnic and tribal sentiment.

You guys deceive yourself a lot...who were the fools supporting Stella during her corruption saga shouting she is our daughter??
You guys hate Orji and Okorocha yet you voted them to represent you in the senate. Think for a second is that not stupidity

When your foolish Kanu was running his mouth with all kind of hatred against other tribes how many people Igbos said he must be removed from facebook or other social media? Reno dished you guys half of what Kanu the fool did you all call for his head.

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Politics / Re: The SW Seriously Owes The Entire South And Northern Christians An Apology... by TrueNigerian300: 2:30am On Jul 13
good , since you sound reasonable to engage, I will engage you.

As a yoruba man, can you tell me what your issues are with an igbo man. Why do you have trepidation at an igbo man. The yoruba and igbo have lived together for years without a tribal or religious crisis all the years. Igbo villages are inhabited by yoruba and yoruba villages are inhabited by igbos. Now I ask again what are your issues with an igbo man.

The civil war was mainly between the igbo and the North, the yoruba fought in it by association , even though they were instrumental in the defeat of igbos, the enemy of the igbo was the north. Post war, it can be understood why the north feels anger against the igbo, what will be the reason of the yoruba.

Now let's come to Nigeria and why yoruba are the issue. The NORTH is the problem of Nigeria. The poor north, the arid north, the backward north, the murderous north, the religious hypocritical north, and they have for years banked on the unwarranted beef the yoruba have with the igbos to Foster disunity amongst us furthering their grip on power.

A yoruba muslim isn't regarded as a Muslim in the north, a yoruba Christian is called an infidel, the entire South comprising of igbo , yoruba and other tribes have long had to go and kneel down to the north to get any form of power or say in government. How do we stay in a country where the south with all the education, wealth, knowledge and experience have to beg the backward north for power. How can the people with eyes be subservient to people who are blind.

The south has failed to become great because of the yoruba. This is why they are the source of Nigeria problems. The south of Nigeria who should be calling the shots cannot do that because the yoruba time and time again betray the entire south for personal gains in the name of politics.

2023 election Has proven again how the yoruba will do anything even risking the unity of the nation for personal gains. That is not politics, it cannot be politics when there isn't fairness or unity.

The solution to Nigeria is a United south against the Real enemy of Nigeria (north). But the north know the yoruba will continue to betray their brothers and use them as willful pun for their evil schemes.

So when I say yoruba are this problem, it is not because I hate the yoruba. I live with them, I work with them, but they have continually betrayed everyone , stopping the southern part of Nigeria from taking their place as the power brokers of the nation. We have everything in the south even to be an independent nation. Tell me one reason to go to abuja and kneel down in Katsina and Kano.

Always pointing fingers Igbo the tribe that do no wrong. Who voted Atiku in PDP even when their son is on the ballot? Orji Kalu was supporting Lawal for president is he from Oyo? How many Igbo stood to fight for Obi in PDP You all have the same mentality with your leaders. It is either you guys way or no way and that was what Orji did in APC and Igbo in PDP. And it boils down to bitterness and hatred.It will never take you guys anywhere
Politics / Re: The SW Seriously Owes The Entire South And Northern Christians An Apology... by TrueNigerian300: 2:00am On Jul 13
Dont let them manipulate you emotionally. The only reason they are supporting obi is because he is igbo and they want a taste of presidency. All ipobians shouting biafra or death are now supporting obi. Yoruba agenda should be for all yorubas because nigeria can never be one. We have no business with the choice of tinubu's vp. Our concern should be tinubu who is our own man

Smart guy the support of Obi is purely ethnic anyone with emitonal intelligence can sense that.Forget all the useless talk of he is this or that. How come people who want Biafra and called Nigeria a zoo support him?? What has change? I repeat the support for Obi is ethnic based and there is nothing wrong with that but stop blackmailing people.

Some yorubas are saying it boldly that their support for Tinubu is because he is Yoruba have you seen any Ibo say this Probably not just to make it look like they are supporting him based on competency.

So despite all the curses and insults you guys want the presidency badly? I thought you guys said you dont want it. Those who planned the coup this is same strategy they use but they are always half smart thinking they are smart.

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