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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 2:01am On Nov 23

You're saying "what ought to be" but obviously not "what is"

and why not?
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 6:32am On Nov 22
TWoods I have longed to see you comment in this section. I need your help in area of personal statement and SoP. Can I dm?

Your personal statement and statement of purpose are reflections of your own views and perspectives. They should express your individuality and be unique to you. Nobody can write one for you.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by TWoods(m): 8:00pm On Nov 21

Hey !

@ Tiger Woods

No reasonable visa hopefuls ie a banker , lecturer , company CEO , teacher or an engineer going for an international conference and standing in front of the VO will say .. I FOUND THIS CONFERENCE ON GOOGLE 😊

.....please stop twisting my piece .

You can find conference via Google and no one will then be foolish enough to tell the VO that i found it on Google.

That aside ... On the day of anyone's Interview, the VOs usually gaze and go through your opened DS 160 in front of him or her and any time he or she finds anything unusual ...he or she usually opens a new page besides the opened DS 160 and quickly check such (name of sch, company , bank etc ) via GOOGLE ..

So tell me , is finding conference via Google a sin ? Or straight way to visa denial ? Or tell me the VO doesn't use Google to cross check facts during visa interview ?

It's fraud... and thus a sin. You found the "conference" as a means to immigrate, not for a legitimate purpose. Folks like you are why legitimate visa seekers with genuine conferences have a difficult time.


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by TWoods(m): 8:04am On Nov 21

Hey !

Where did you read in that piece that I mention fraudulent conferences ? Do we even have fraudulent conferences ? There are many conference you can apply to and won't even pay for the registration until you arrive .




There is God ..Don't give up.

Try telling the VO that you found your conference on google and see what happens.

But as you say... there is God... maybe He will appear at the interview on your behalf.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 3:33am On Nov 19

Hey !

Going for an MSc with 2 teenagers seems like RELOCATION GIMMICK but if she plays her game well she will get the visa .

1. She has to proof to the VO that she has more than enough money as she is going to cater for both dependents ...that can be in the form of a fixed deposit account ...reliable source of money from Nigeria , husband funds from Nigeria etc while she is studying in the USA as an MSc student .

2. I will recommend that she look for a college for the kid that has finished high school right now and print out email correspondence from the college or University....THE VO espects both kids to enroll to school upon their arrival in the USA because they cannot work.

3. She should look for an appropriate high school for the one in Junior school and also print out email correspondence from the school . THE IDEA HERE IS TO SHOW THE VO THAT SHE HAS MADE EDUCATIONAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR BOTH KIDS BEFORE LEAVING NIGERIA .

4. She should tell the VO the dangers of leaving them behind ... perhaps they use to fall sick if they don't see her within 1 week....perhaps they can be easily manipulated into bad influence without the mother ....perhaps they are asthmatic and she is the only one that knows their medical needs ETC ..All those mentioned are some of the excuses that can beat the VOs.

In all, she has to convince the VO beyond reasonable doubt that she has MORE THAN enough money for the upkeep and academics of both kids because the VO won't want the kids to become a dependency burden on American government.

There is God ..Don't give up.

Public school is the same as "dependency burden on American government".


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 3:31am On Nov 19
Sorry I didn’t include that in my earlier post. She is going for her MSC. She has enough money to cater for them but doesn’t want to leave them behind for other pressing family reasons. Thanks.

Her second child is essentially leaving school here and planning to enter a public school in the US, where his parents have never paid tax. The first kid is already done with secondary school and is likely looking to start his undergrad. My hunch is that both the kids will be denied.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 3:29am On Nov 19
Quick question: I have an aunt going for her VISA interview with two of her kids in two weeks. She needs a convincing reason to give the VO on plans she has for her kids when she gets to the US. Note. She wants to go to the visa interview with them. Please. What plans can anyone suggest?
First kid just finished secondary school
Second kid still in junior secondary.

Thank you for your kind comments.

The only convincing reason is the truth. Kids will have to qualify for a visa on their own merit.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 3:24am On Nov 19
Good day!
My bro(29yrs old) just finished his interview for student visa and was not approved.
He said he was asked if he was married and he said No and they said sorry his visa will not be approved!.
He was meant to resume in January.
Pls what was the issue and what can we do now?
It's so exhausting to get to this stage and be turned back.
Kindly advice what we can do next.
Thank you all in anticipation of your response.

Simple. The VO did not think he satisfied the home ties requirement.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by TWoods(m): 3:20am On Nov 19

Hey !

It depends on the kind of conference. For example if you are a teacher ..you can type on Google like ....International Teacher's conference in Alabama ....in USA...in Colorado etc. If you re an engineer..you may ask year 2024 international engineering conference in the USA ..etc .

Using Google is tasking and needs you to be consistent and have patience but if you dedicate time you will achieve your aim .

But apply to a conference that you can defend during your visa interview.

Once you find your appropriate conference, click on apply and go ahead. Some will require you to pay with a valid credit card , check or money order . Some even accepts our local cards and some accept payment on arrival .

There's God..Don't give up.

Statements in the above colors do not go together. Trying to scam your way to the US with fraudulent conferences would be unlikely to find God's favor...


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 3:15am On Nov 04
A female friend whom I knew here in the USA is in serious trouble. She needs advice and assistance:
1. Though she has an M.Sc and 6 years teaching experience with 28 publications in Nigeria, she was admitted to one of the highly ranked Schools in USA as an Msc student without funding, she didn't admissions orientations before we met. After 30k GA was given to her, Her Tuition is still 35k yearly. She has managed to pay 11k, but the remaining 24k needs to be paid b4 registering for spring but she doesn't have the money to pay and she was advised to take leave of absence.
2. The major problem is that, she has her husband and 3 children in 9ja. The goal is to enter a Ph.D by fall 2024 in my school or any other school here and I am already helping her with that. BUT SHE WANTS TO LEAVE THE CURRENT MSC PROGRAM TOTALLY, AND CONCENTRATE ON GETTING PHD ADMISSIONS WHILE DOING UNDER-G JOBS FOR NOW.

When you tell people to plan well before jumping to obtain a visa, they tell you you're trying to block their destiny. Your friend is in a lot of trouble. Her only option is to get a transfer. If she goes out of status, it will be difficult to reinstate her.


Travel / Re: If You Were To Get Second Africa Citizenship, Which Country Will It Be? by TWoods(m): 8:29pm On Nov 03
Namibia or South Africa.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by TWoods(m): 4:31am On Oct 25

Stop unnecessary Jealousy and wish people well, so good things can happen in your life too. A fellow I met here called me and gave me better advice on this. If you can not advice accordingly, waka pass or shut up

You responded to a post from 10 months ago? undecided
Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport: New York Branch by TWoods(m): 11:32pm On Oct 12

How long did it take?

Also do you have a contact person there

Having a contact person is the problem with Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by TWoods(m): 11:20pm On Oct 12
Please has any one encountered this. I travel just before my US visa expired. I was stamped in for 6months which expires December. I was to head back with my baby on Saturday but was told by Lufthansa airline which I came with that I can’t go back through Frankfurt as my US visa is expired. Am in serious pain and distress. Exhausted all my funds. And I came here with my two older kids. As anyone being in this shoe. I was told by the airline to get a transit visa and I will be rebooked. How do I get a German transit visa here in the US. Please. I need help. I have an infant and two toddlers with me. My funds are depleted already. Help.

You don’t have a choice, either find a direct flight, or one that transits through a different nation of go to New York and apply for a transit visa.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 1:22am On Oct 07
Please I need assistance.
I am currently looking for a course to apply for Masters in SLU Saint Louis University in the states.
I have been advised to do a STEM related course. However, my Bachelor degree is in Theatre Arts and I am currently working as a Customer care rep in a Telecom company at the moment.
Please I need advise on nice courses I can apply for that would grant post study visa and employment opportunities.

Come back when you're interested in going to school, not using it as a loophole.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 1:18am On Oct 07

pls how did u apply to schools??

i dont know pls. m stucked

You're not "stucked", just lazy.


Literature / Re: Pacesetters Novels In PDF by TWoods(m): 5:30am On Sep 27
This is extortion frankly. The cost in NGN is approximately $3 if you convert using current exchange rates, but it charges you $12/book if you choose to use USD currency. Was looking to buy all titles but will look elsewhere.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by TWoods(m): 3:51am On Sep 27
Hello All, Please i need Advice. I hope to go to the US to have my baby, i am using an agency(they will be in charge of everything, accomodation, hospital and all) They applied for an emergency date but I wasn't told on time. When i asked for update, i was told to check my mail, i checked and saw approval for an emergency date but it was 3 days after, so the agency re applied for an emergency date for me but this time around i was denied. I am just confused on how to go from here.

Looks like you're out of luck. you requested an emergency date, it was granted and you failed to show up. That means your situation wasn't as much of an emergency to you. This is why you should not use agents.

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by TWoods(m): 3:15am On Sep 27

go with all, but the Americans are notorious for not requesting or attaching much importance to any nigerian document....so don't put your hopes on carrying huge piles of document to the interview

For good reason. It isn't about American notoriety, it's about Nigerians being notorious for providing false documents.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TWoods(m): 2:43am On Sep 27
Hello my beautiful people, please I need your honest opinions no matter how bitter it sounds.

So my little sister got admission for a 10 month masters in usa in a top 20 school. Please will the 10 months be stamped on her visa?

Will she be able to continue studies say PHd there without coming back?

What's the disadvantages or advantages to this 10month thinh because I personally have no idea .

I am scared of immigration policies cos of this wo mo th that's why I rushed here to seek your honest opinions......

Thank you all in advance

1. No one can predict your sister's chances... she'll have to prove to the VO that she is a genuine candidate for a student visa.
2. No she should get the traditional 2-year visa (or whatever the standard visa validity interval is today).
3. Yes, she can extend her stay to a Phd without needing to return to a visa. She will need a new I-20 though.

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Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu's Son, Lloyd Weds Tiffany, Peter Obi, Saraki, Others Attend by TWoods(m): 6:45am On Aug 20
One thing I noticed is that the wedding took place in Nigeria. I don't think the Ekweremadus trust the English people anymore. grin

Another thing that I noticed is that Senator Ekeremadu and his wife have accepted their travails with philosophical calmness and therefore gave their blessing to their son to carry on with his wedding. May God give us the grace to accept the things we cannot change. Amen cool

Wishing the young couple, happy married life!

Why should the English people care?

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by TWoods(m): 4:08am On Aug 12

There is a law against birthing in the US. The VO is right. You never stood a chance at all.

S.17 — 117th Congress (2021-2022)
Ban Birth Tourism Act
This bill provides statutory authority for the ban on admitting an alien into the United States as a nonimmigrant if the alien's primary purpose for entering is to give birth to a child in the United States in order to obtain U.S. citizenship for that child.

No such law exists. S.17 was introduced in the Senate but never went beyond the first reading. Considering the House was in Democrat hands then, S.17 was dead on arrival.

However, a State Department rule states birth tourism is an impermissible reason to obtain a US visa. The VO was right and it was foolish to argue with her about her own country's laws.


Travel / Re: Family Regrets Selling House And Borrowing Money To Relocate Abroad,Now Stranded by TWoods(m): 2:25am On Aug 01

You've buttressed my point already

The fact that you can't return home to enjoy the fruit of your labour shows you are slaving for people back home. So what is your gain

Also, how does someone earn 340pounds per day in UK How many hours do you work How much are you paid per hour
Make una lie small small nah

Back here, not everywhere is like Lagos.

Where I am power is 24 hours except there is a fault. Some people have access to potable water which they don't even pay for. Everywhere is calm. We thank God.

Unless they are generating their own water, this is an example of the problem with Nigeria. Some people use utilities without paying for them while others have none. Other countries work by making sure everyone pays their fair share.


Travel / Re: This Is What I Think Need To Be Done About Visa Application by TWoods(m): 2:21am On Aug 01
I honestly think new laws should be created for these embassies in Nigeria busy rejecting Visa applications, to refund the applicants money. You don't want them in your country then return their application fee. With that they will think twice before rejecting applications. It's painful to be rejected more than twice and more painful with the money gone forever

Visa applicants, including children, are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee, sometimes referred to as the MRV fee, before applying for a nonimmigrant visa. The visa application fee must be paid whether a visa is issued or not.

These are the first lines on the website of the US consulate in Nigeria. Your choice is to decide whether to waste your money or not.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Moscow Has Forgiven $23billion Debts Owed By African Countries – Putin by TWoods(m): 12:47am On Jul 29
Ukraine is suppose to negotiate with Russia instead of fighting a war they can't win.

You negotiate with armed robbers who invade your house?

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Travel / Re: Americans Will Need A Visa To Visit Europe Starting In 2024. by TWoods(m): 4:38am On Jul 28
America is being decimated truly. If truly it's about security, there are still many other ways they can go about this without them queuing up for visa

Guys check my signature to see a New Way to Canada Permanent Residency.
Schedule a free appointment today

This is simply the same as the ESTA process EU citizens have to go through to get into the US. Nothing new. I went through the same process to travel to South Korea last year... I got approved in minutes right there on my home computer.

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Romance / Re: My Wife Wishes Me Dead Over An Argument by TWoods(m): 1:14am On Jul 25

And I am doing very well financially, I am spending more than 300k in my house with 30days


I am a public servant, working in an office from 8am to 5pm, so I don't think leaving her alone will be possible, and considering the environment and how thing are going here in the north....

Folks like you are why I left Nigeria... only in an unserious country will a public servant have enough money to spend N300,000/month. What public job pays you that much? In the north which contributes close to zero to the public purse?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Wagner Troops Want To Go On "Excursion" To Poland & Explore West - Lukashenko by TWoods(m): 10:10pm On Jul 24

So because they are Muslim/Arab they deserve to be destroyed. Slowpoke

They've been destroying themselves since time immemorial...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Wagner Troops Want To Go On "Excursion" To Poland & Explore West - Lukashenko by TWoods(m): 8:12am On Jul 24

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 👿

There is one thing common with all the countries you listed - muslim/arab.
Business / Re: I Want To Arrest My Father For Selling My Palm Oil by TWoods(m): 1:13am On Jul 12
May I not be a father who brings sorrow to his son. Many who call themselves "fathers" today are glorified sperm donors who feel entitled to anything their child owns. It is horrific for a father to sell his son's property simply because he is too lazy to take care of his own responsibilities. Everyone has kids today, without due diligence on how they intend to raise them.

Brother, shake the pain off. Your father has shown you how much he values you... learn the lesson and move on.

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