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Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 9:54am On Jun 26
18000 today in Ekeapkara market Aba
Current prices pls
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by udysweet(f): 2:18pm On May 26

Hello, does this screen guard come with a hole for the camera or it's completely covered?
Walai if I tell you that I haven't looked at the phone 2ce since I got it yesterday, you won't believe. I just threw it away somewhere. When I have time I'll come back to it and check what you are talking about grin
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by udysweet(f): 2:30pm On May 25
Note 10pro 8/128 130k
Note 10pro 6/128 124k

Its a birthday giveaway from BuchiGadgets

Payment on delivery to some major cities

28th may is my birthday!!!
Just took delivery of my own phone. Thanks sir. God bless


Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by udysweet(f): 3:09pm On May 24
Note 10pro 8/128 130k
Note 10pro 6/128 124k

Its a birthday giveaway from BuchiGadgets

Payment on delivery to some major cities

28th may is my birthday!!!
Let's talk please
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by udysweet(f): 6:00am On May 23
Protein0, aezenkwu, macbeyland
God bless sir
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by udysweet(f): 2:49pm On May 22
I'd like to get the note 10 Pro
Any tested trusted dealer here and is it possible to deliver today? I live in aguda surulere. Was thinking of going to computer village but I'm too swarmed with work.
And pls, pay on delivery ni o
Means dealers within lagos only
I'll appreciate a fancy case too and glass protection
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 10:26am On May 04
Xiaomi MI 10Tpro
It's this phone I want cry cry cry
Money de yab me
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 9:39pm On Mar 23

Thanks sir
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 4:23pm On Mar 23

Update Android system Webview

Pls where can I find it
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 3:45pm On Mar 23
Hi guys. Una good evening o. Mbok epp. I've come again. I'm still managing my mi9t (hoping to be miraculously blessed with money to change this as old age de do am lol. By the way any new suggestions for something better in terms of cameras, memory, battery, speed etal? Camera and memory is key)
So to my present predicament, I updated yesterday but all of a sudden, apps are shutting down on its own cry cry
I can't open my yahoo mail wch is very important
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 4:50pm On Feb 21
grin grin
We don hear you sir
For your freshly milled grade one palm oil from Akwa ibom call us 08066722556

PS: We accept orders from 20kegs upwards.

PSII: Pay your cash down first and send down your empty kegs. I can help you buy if you don't have.

PSIII: I don't sell kegs, i will only help you and buy.

PSIV: If you can't pay cash down then you have to come down and pick the oil yourself.

PSV: I don't travel with oil. I don't have chance for that. Thank you, daalu, sosongo!
Celebrities / Re: DJ Switch Begs Peter Okoye For Giveaway: Says "I Am A Fugitive" by udysweet(f): 10:45am On Jan 31
more like soft copies
Corgi for me
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 2:19pm On Nov 26, 2020

K30 ultra - 180k minimum(great battery, nice camera, wide range of memory options, 120Hz refresh rate and the infamous MTK flagship D1000+ capable of handle anything you give it)

Poco F2 pro - 200k minimum - same as above but 60Hz and the powerful SD865 chip inside)

Mi 10t/10t pro - minimum 180k(base version of the mi 10t 6/128) - 5000mah, 144Hz refresh rate, SD865, 64/108MP camera etc only drawback.people think it has is the LCD panel which honestly is quite good with color accuracy. AMOLED remains best but you are sure getting value with this LCD which makes AdaptiveSync possible. There are some effects of using LCD like no indisplay fingerprint scanner, no AOD. Still offers great value

Mi 10 - 210k minimum - All check here

I'd have recommend mi 10 ultra but that's a flagship device starting at 370-400k in NG after import duties.

Since you're not a gamer or maybe an heavy user, K30 ultra is perfect for you, or Poco f2 pro is another option since you already used to full screen no notch displays, it'd be easier to transition.. else mi 10 would be nice

Macbeyland has Poco F2 pro and K30 ultra I think on hand already in Nigeria. I don't know for the mi 10 tho
Thanks so much for making it easier for me smiley
Na that mi10 de my eye but the money sha

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 1:20pm On Nov 25, 2020

K30 Ultra, Poco F2 Pro, Mi 10T/Pro Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra
*faints * grin grin grin grin grin
Don't confuse this poor lady Mbok � where do I start from o
I just want something better than my mi9t, the memory is full
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by udysweet(f): 12:21pm On Nov 25, 2020
Good morning house. Mbok wch phone is better than the one I'm currently using?
I am using a mi9t
Just want to compare and know which is better
Those are my two key features that I am looking out for
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 8:15am On Nov 11, 2020
Osisioma . Aba.
I'm presently in Aba pls Post your details if I can see you today. Leaving for lagos this evening. I'm around ejinaka
Fashion / Re: Fashionable Handmade Stone Bracelets by udysweet(f): 11:07pm On Oct 31, 2020
Check out these beautiful combo
Perfect for a 7.5-8inches wrist size
You can gift your loved one or even for yourself too
Pls call or WhatsApp 08020335477 to order now

Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 7:47pm On Oct 30, 2020
Good evening house.
Trust we have been doing great and keeping safe too? Please I need help o
Please anyone with contact in Oron that sells good crayfish and prawns
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 7:41am On Oct 14, 2020
Sorry this is coming late. As promised the 3kegs of udysweet plus her fresh demand has been delivered to her.

For humanity sake i feel the urge to quickly plead with the house to forgive @kedar.
It happens that I've met him long ago but couldn't recognize him from name and wasn't sure when i saw his picture until he hit me up via WhatsApp to narrate what happened.
Even with his own narrations of the story i found out he was at fault all round which i told him straight up, but his case was that of a finance than scamming.
He has no intention of scamming @udysweet, he was just another guy hustling to raise some funds for the business but was cut short by uncertainties of the market.

A piece of advice; this business needs capital. For you to meet up demands and handle disappointments you gotta put in a lot of money.

God bless you sir for everything. Thank for always.
OK I'm sorry to say but I won't take down this post. I feel greatly insulted by @donkelz attitude towards me and my hard earned money.
I repeat NO ONE should transact business with Donkelz or be ready to lose your money. His is pure case of gamble. Because I see no reason how you'll use my money to be turning me around, what nonsense. Let him coman pay me back or refund the money to the person who helped me out. Everyone knows he's at fault. Let him come and apologise to me here and to everyone he spoke arrogantly to.
I'm not taking this down and even you, Oga C, know you can't force me grin
By the way, thanks for a seamless business relationship so far. I one I've frustrated you a few times grin Mbok manage me like that wink


Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 7:45pm On Oct 05, 2020
Pls is there anyone in uyo who can help me verify that palm oil can be sent to damaturu from that hausa park Mbok?
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 9:02am On Sep 29, 2020
I had wanted to keep mute on this issue but just so people still young in the biz can learn. There's never a biz without challenges but how you managed them especially with clients. I feel donklez did not manage the situation quite well.

I think late 2018 or so, a woman bought some oil from me in Lagos, after about seven months she called that some of the oil was bad and needed me to change them. Well before the deal I had actually assured her that I was going to change the oil for her if anything happens after storage. So after almost a year she returned 17 kegs.

That same year 2019 I had so many issues which I shared here and could not make her oil. march this year I made the oil and was about sending down to Lagos when the lock down happened. She needed freshly milled oil and nothing more. So after the lock down she said those oil I made won't pass what she wanted and I offered a refund of her cash but she declined.

Fruits have soared due to rain but I've got no option than to make those oil because the client in question have been very patient.

All through this moment, I never ignored her calls even when it wasn't comfortable. I kept her in the picture and above all assured her she'd get what she demanded. Am putting this here just so we know everyone including myself isn't perfect but how we deal with situations matter alot.

At donklez please see how to address this issue mbok. On a final note, be ready to rise more than you fall in biz.

God bless our hustles

God bless you Don
The last impression I want to give is of a troublesome person. I always feel I'm being taken advantage of alot of times. "You'll hear from me" isn't an assuring statement. He's told me this long ago. Trying to extricate yourself from paying me. Let him eat the money and let it choke him
I'm so sorry for messing up this thread but it helps to bring insincere people out so we don't fall prey. Imagine I had told him I wanted 100 kegs? The spirit of my late mother would have visited donkelz and his lineage if he had done that.
Once again sorry for bringing this out here

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Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 11:17am On Sep 26, 2020

One of the numerous reasons I prefer clients coming to pick their oil themselves...

Sorry sir. Shit happens.
Thank you sir. Female here by the way smiley
Well I live in lagos and I don't have the power to be taking trips to and from Akwa Ibom because of oil. I don't have any trust issues because I like to operate with an open mind. Infact even with this attitude of his, I won't stop trusting people o. Honestly I won't. Now Donkelz, I won't take down this post. It'll remain here for as long as you have that money with you. I see you have tried to reach me. Why? You' suddenly remembered to call. I knew you here. Let's bring everything to a close here
In trying to avoid paying me, you want to drag this issue till I give up. Well I have been assisted with the money but I have to let people know that you are not sincere,you can't collect money then start singing different tunes, why? I should even paste you on Facebook too
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 1:10pm On Sep 24, 2020
Took me a while to do this but at this stage it's safe for me to conclude at this point that @donkelz whose photos appears below is a scammer and nobody should transact any business with him. Irrespective of the fact a kind spirited being from this platform opted to help my situation and not this scammer(because he doesn't deserve any pity)I feel by now he should have gotten back to me with any update. Its been way over a month since we had the talk on this thread and 4 months in all since I paid him in full to have oil sent to me. I will be glad if any of the Mods or super Mods will ban him from this forum for life. Your kind isn't needed here. You're a liar and a thief from the pit of hell and if I have my way I'd have you sued for psychological trauma and health challenges (I remember telling you several times about me not wanting to aggravate my health condition) but in your I don't care attitude you still didn't do anything tangible. I paid for oil and I'm supposed to received it. Anything short of that, it's unacceptable.
I did receive a call from a US number and the person went all cool and chatty with me like someone I had known before (I don't recall giving him my number) and that was my personal number. His excuse was "I gave him the number" and " Must u know person before u give him or her 30 seconds of your time as someone doing business online"
Well it turns out to be that I never gave him my number and he wasn't from the platform I thought he must have come but Nairaland here. And he was planning on having @donkelz run his business here in Nigeria and the business he wanted to transact with me was to get information from me to know more about donkelz (well that's what I was able to conclude through the noise and all,while on the phone with him, because he chose to call me at an inconvenient time and I didn't want to be disrespectful and terminate the call) I see no reason why I should even give my two cents concerning someone who has my funds for 4 months to someone who eventually turns out to be that he only wantd information about someone from me and not business like he said initially.
So apparently the business partner or client as donkelz claimed, doesn't exist because I don't see how someone will come up talking about a business partner who will pump in funds, from where? The same you who couldn't remove 3 kegs of oil from the lot you were given to sell, as you claimed,how would you suddenly get a financier like that.
Well you can go with the money or decide if you want to refund @kaboninc but I need people to be wary of you. You're not a sincere person. And I pray May God's curses visit you if you pick up your phone after now to suddenly message me, because you had ample time to do that Sam Ewah Jnr

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Fashion / Re: Fashionable Handmade Stone Bracelets by udysweet(f): 8:44am On Sep 20, 2020

Mmmmmm, ayaya eti eti! Yak Abasi udiung afo. They look beautiful. Weldone ma'am. I will be ordering few for myself in the soon. Lemme just gather some cash. I also make but not for sale, just for my own use. But ur own acessories are lovely and unique.
Aaawwwnnnn thanks so much for this sir. Mbok coman patronise us o wink
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 6:35pm On Sep 03, 2020

Hi. I have responded.
Pls Nairalanders, help me say a prayer for this Godsent. I am very grateful for what you did for me. God bless you so much. Thank you so much sir.

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Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 7:24am On Sep 03, 2020
Ok bro. The cost of the 3kegs will be 30k.
But don't give me the money, give it to @udysweet though i have stock already i planned to keep for her...

I will take care of the logistics side of it when it's time.

I promise everyone will be carried along from now till when she gets the oil.

Thanks once more @kaboninc and every other persons that shows concern.

Thank you so much for this sir, appreciate
Pls @donkelz can I Atleast have the money for the empty kegs back or be given to the quoted person so he can fill the oil for me? Notwithstanding, you still have a debt hanging on you, you need to redeem your image by paying it back albeit to the person who's stepped in to assist me here. I wish I could say all I have in my mind but as is usual with you, you'll come to my WhatsApp again and attack me with words. Never seen a vendor who doesn't respect clients or wether it's just me alone you do this for. You will go far if you have a good attitude towards business and the people you deal with.
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 8:57pm On Sep 02, 2020

Can you get this supply from anyone here? I'll pay for it. Or can I send you the cash for this? So you can source anywhere?

God bless you for this, I'm truly grateful for your kindness.
@ccjontweet can help me sort it out,he's making arrangements for some oil for me later while I raise funds down
Thank you so much, may God replenish your pocket bountifully for this.
To everyone who helped chip in one or two words, I pray that you will find help when you need. This means alot to me


Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 11:21pm On Sep 01, 2020

Sorry for the whole mess you are going through. It is painful.

It is obvious that donkelz has no Palm oil, whether belonging to him or another, to give to you. I only hope that in the future, we will not have similar complains from other persons about him.

How much of your money is still with him? Give us the exact amount.
I'm really grateful for this
8500 per keg for 3kegs(25500)
1200 each keg for waybill (3600)
Sent 950 each for three empties (2950)
Total would be N32,050
I had told him to add up the 1200 to the 8500 to eliminate any further excuses since he said oil was now 10,000 per keg. He has repeatedly told me that he'll send down my oil, all costs borne by him so I just told him to balance up the 300 left on each keg (I didn't think 900 would have been too much for him to pay out of his pocket after the whole delay)
Pls note that I had told him that I'm going to be paying for the waybill. Till now no definite arrangements cry
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 10:08pm On Sep 01, 2020
Thanks to everyone who has shown support. @donkelz (Kedar resources) isn't the only one facing hard times, everyone is feeling this too. Honestly there are some people who you can't do certain things and go scot-free with, they will hunt you down and take you out. But I guess in my own, I can't do anything so you'll keep coming up with different narratives. I did ask him if he wanted me to leave the money for him (we had a long conversation two days ago wch still yielded nothing) he said he didn't tell me to. I even still told him that couldn't he even manage to give me three kegs out of the ones he said he's helping someone to sell, he said he couldn't? I still told him that he should give me a time frame so we can both have something to hold on to, he still refused. I mean, you can't give me a time frame after the whole delay? I said I can't keep waiting until its convenient for you, isn't it better to forgo the money? My case is like a missing person, you keep wondering :is the person dead or alive? It's even better that you heard maybe the person you thought was missing had died in an accident. Its painful but your mind is rested knowing the person has gone to rest.
I don't know how to owe, even the smallest amount I won't feel OK but there are people with deadened heart, they don't mind if you develop hbp, Atleast they are rest assured that you won't get your money again because you are dead. I have repeatedly sounded this to Donkelz that I do not want to get heart attack just because he's chosen to take on a merry go round because of 3kegs of oil of a little above 30k
I really like to collect my oil. Pls I beg you in the name of my late mother, you casually said something about one week, it's a new month, help me send the balance of the oil. @uboma
I want to sincerely appreciate your input in this matter, God bless you immensely.
And to the USA contact from here, please help me also beg him on my behalf that he tries within now and next week to sort me out so that God can bless him his business, prosper his ways and cause him to find favour
I will definitely come back here to give update hopefully next week, once he settles me
God bless you all once again.
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by udysweet(f): 10:30pm On Aug 28, 2020
embarassed cry cry cry cry cry
Honestly I don't deserve this one bit
Udy, so sorry you to hear the full detailed story from you which balances his initial comment. I hardly come in here. I know my response to his takes might seem that I sided with him, I'm not, i only related with his issues cos i have seen that countless of times and I'm also a victim.

But come on kelz we are talking of 3kegs here. You can't make a sacrifice to satisfy your first time customer who has paid you in full?

Bros, i'm in the same state with you. True the price have gone up but that's on you not her fault that you couldn't meet up. Sort out her oil guy. What's the different.

I one time this year self collected money and before i knew it the price went up. I didn't complain. I continued with my job religiously and delivered without complain except that I was even happy that my client will more profit cos i told her.

Guy, if you don't have stock, there's oil everywhere now though not price favorable, but make that little sacrifice and balance her mbok.

You're in akwa ibom, so am i, ...and your actions can affect me or some other clients here too.

Settle this now bros!!!

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