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Webmasters / Which Of The Following Is True About Mobile Optimized Websites? by usamashafiq382: 10:07am On Nov 21, 2021
Mobile Optimization
Mobile Optimization is defined as the website that basically loads faster. But the question is that which of the following is true about Mobile Optimized Websites?. If a website is not optimized for mobile optimization, it will take more time to fully load the page. It is a direct ranking factor that affects your website ranking.

Is it the same as Mobile-Friendly?
The answer is straight, No!. Making your website mobile-friendly is a strategy that is technical. If the website is made with WordPress, it requires themes that are mobile-friendly. If it is a custom website that is made up of HTML and CSS, it is compulsory to hire a developer. A mobile-friendly website is also known as a responsive website. A responsive website is responsive with all sizes of screens of mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

Does it really affect Ranking?
Yes!. A website that has a good speed on mobile devices will faster and higher. Because Google provides its visitors a good experience. If a website with a bad optimization ranks on google and visitor visits the site. It will be a bad experience for the visitor because it takes more time than the expectation of the visitor.

According to Google, websites with good mobile optimization rank higher and earn more. The higher the speed of the website, the higher it will rank. It is confirmed that the advertiser on Google Adwords displays more ads on mobile devices as compared to tablets and laptops. So if the site ranks higher on mobiles, it will generate more money.

If the website is slow on mobile devices, the visitors will leave the website that is not good. Because the bounce rate will increase that affects the ranking of the whole website. The slow website on mobile devices will also de-rank on desktop devices because of the bounce rate. Always remember, Bounce rate is one of the main ranking factors for Google.

How can I optimize my website?
There are several ways to optimize a website. Custom websites require a good developer who optimizes HTML and CSS codes. Websites that are made up of WordPress will require premium themes and plugins for optimization.

Optimizing a WordPress website
A website that is made up of WordPress will require premium themes and plugins for optimization. It is good to make a website on a Premium theme. Because the premium themes are optimized and have a built-in plugin for optimization. The best theme for a Blog and News website is Newspaper Theme. The Newspaper theme has a separate builder for mobile devices. That means the owner can make separate light pages that only load on mobile devices. The best premium plugins for optimization are Wp Rocket, Wp Total Cache, etc.

Another main thing for optimizing a website is its Hosting. Some premium hosting provides lightspeed servers with SSDs that help the website load very fast. But other local hostings use HDDs that are not fast and slowdowns the website. So, good hosting is important for speeding up a website and ranking on google.

Optimizing a custom built website
Custom-built websites are made with HTML and CSS or PHP. These websites have their own themes or templates. The owner hire’s a developer who makes a custom website. But when it comes to optimizing a custom website, it is not possible for a common person to optimize a website. A developer is needed for optimizing that is costly.

Science/Technology / Is Artificial Intelligence Good Or Bad? | Future Of AI by usamashafiq382: 9:09am On Nov 03, 2021
Source: https://usamian.com/future-of-ai-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-artificial-intelligence/

The word AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a clear future of humanity. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is how it will look like. If you are thinking that AI will change the world then you are right. It will totally change our society and lifestyle. The term Artificial Intelligence was invented by John McCarthy back in 1950.
McCarthy said ”Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves”.
Artificial Intelligence is a term used for self-learning of a Computer system. AI can be used in Hardware or in Software. Artificial Intelligence is not really perfect. It is also known as weak Ai, which means it is not strong as it has to be. But in the future, it can much more powerful. After the invention of GPT3 that is the open-source AI from OpenAI. The AI future can be seen in GPT3. It is only an example of Future AI.
The main question is that Artificial Intelligence is good for the future or not. We have collected some interesting facts. These facts are based on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.
Advantages for Artificial Intelligence.
Efficiency and Accuracy:
As everyone knows, Ai is more efficient than Humans. It is its greatest advantage that it gives more accurate results than human beings. It is very easy for AI to produce smaller or larger tasks very fast and accurately. It can do very tough tasks in less time with full accuracy. Ai will reduce very much time of humans in the future by automating tasks.
Low Error Rates:
With the Accuracy feature, Artificial Intelligence is very much error-free. It can create results of tough tasks with almost no errors. Artificial Intelligence is also known as Machine Learning. That means it can learn by its own mistakes. If it does a mistake and the user tells the system that there is a mistake, it will understand that and prevent the mistakes next time. The human brain can do one task at one time while on the other hand, Ai can do many tasks on time. Humans can do only one task and can’t focus on it for a long time, in this situation humans can do mistakes.
Availability at 24/7:
Human beings need rest after doing work for many hours. While the robots can sleep, and don’t take breaks for rest. They don’t have friends and family members to talk to and to go away outside. Artificial Intelligence can think faster and perform faster than humans.
Another main advantage of AI is that it is very much risk-free. Robots don’t have life. So humans can use robotics to defuse bombs, space traveling, crush heavy material, explore deep-sea, etc. They can do their job without any risk of mistake in it.
Latest and New Inventions:
Artificial Intelligence is used in the latest inventions and upgrades like Google algorithms etc. AI will be used in future technologies. The latest invention using AI is in the Medical field. This invention helps doctors to predict breast cancer in women.
AI doesn’t get tired:
Robotics are not humans so they don’t need any rest or sleep. They can do their work continuously without getting tired. They just need a command to start and they will do their work until they get a command to stop it. They don’t have emotions so that they can do work without any disturbance.
Medical Applications:
One of the great features of Artificial Intelligence is that it can be used in the medical field. AI can help to make inventions to take medical procedures to the next level. Doctors can check patients’ inner health data by using advanced technologies. This helps the doctor to identify which medicine is causing bad effects instead of good. Nowadays, we have the technology to detect the patient’s neurological disorder.
Decision Making:
Artificial Intelligence is also known as Machine learning and Deep learning. AI has the power of self-learning. The software learns by its self time-by-time. Self-Driving cars are an example of AI and ML. The algorithms that are installed in self-driving cars are based on AI. They learn when the car is controlled by humans.
Disadvantages for Artificial Intelligence.
High Cost:
Artificial Intelligence is very expensive as compared to human resources. Artificial Intelligence takes very much time for humans in implementations of robotics to operate successfully. It has to be operated on the latest technology available like its Software and Hardware.
Software and Hardware must be updated time by time to meet the requirements for suitable tasks. The actual repairing and maintenance costs of AI-based robotics are also very high.
The Virtual Assistant that is used in Apple is SIRI. This AI-based software costs about $200Million. And the implementation of AI for Amazon costs about $26Million in 2013.
One of the biggest disadvantages of AI is that artificial intelligence is slowly replacing the number of jobs for humans. According to the Oxford University of London, Oxford economics finalize a report.
The report says that over 20Million jobs for humans will be replaced by robots in 2030. And that will be 8.5% of the global workforce. Every organization or company is looking to replace humans with robots to do work with more accuracy.
Can’t replace Humans:
Machines and robotics can work more efficiently and accurately as compared to humans. But still, machines can’t replace humans. Making and controlling these machines are in human hands. It is not possible for a robot to build a robot. So how smarter can be a machine be, it is impossible for it to replace humans.
Machines have no emotions so that they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. They only do the job for which they are made. They can’t help others in a difficult situation like humans.
Zero Emotions
Artificial intelligence programmed robotics and machines are emotionless. They only do the job for which they are made. They can’t do anything that is not programmed on them. Machines can’t replace the connection between humans. Machines can’t make an emotional connection between humans. This causes the lack of teamwork that humans do.
Zero Improvements with Experience:
Humans have the ability to learn and change their personalities time by time. Unlike humans, AI can’t improve its skills by experience. Machines can’t understand that what is wrong and what is right. Machines have no ethics to understand the real world. They are only programmed for certain tasks. They can’t do any other task for which they are not made.
Increased dependency on Robotics:
The increase in dependency on Robotics is a bad part of AI. As everyone knows; “ Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”. The unemployment of humans and the increase in robots can be dangerous for all mankind. Because of unemployment, it will impossible for humans to stay alive.

Technology Market / GPT-3 | What Is GPT 3 | Here Is A Complete Info About GPT-3 by usamashafiq382: 8:05pm On Aug 19, 2021
Complete Information= https://usamian.com/gpt-3-what-is-gpt-3-here-is-a-complete-info-about-gpt-3/

So, you’ve seen some wonderful GPT-3 demos on Twitter. This mega machine learning model, created by OpenAI, will write its own op-eds, poems, articles, and even operating code.

If you would like to undertake out this these days, you’ll have to be compelled to apply to be whitelisted by OpenAI. However, the applications of this model appear endless. You may on the face of it use it to question SQL information in plain English. Mechanically comment code, mechanically generate code, write stylish article headlines, write infectious agent Tweets, and a full heap a lot of.

But what’s going on under this incredible model
But what’s occurring below the hood of this unbelievable model? A language model may be a model that predicts the chance of a sentence existing within the world. For instance, a language model will label the sentence: “I take my dog for a walk” as a lot of probable to exist (i.e.on the internet) than the sentence: “I take my banana for a walk”. This can be true for sentences yet as phrases and, a lot of usually, any sequence.

Like most language models, GPT-3 is elegantly trained on AN unlabeled text dataset. In this case, the coaching knowledge includes among others Common Crawl and Wikipedia. Words or phrases area unit every which way off from the text. And therefore the model should learn to fill them in exploitation solely the encompassing words as context. It’s an easy coaching task that leads to a robust and generalizable model.

The GPT-3 model design itself may be a transformer-based neural network. This design became in style around 2–3 years past. And is that the basis for the popular natural language processing model BERT and GPT-3’s forerunner, GPT-2. From an AN design perspective, GPT 3 isn’t really terribly novel.

What makes GPT-3 special and magical?
With one hundred seventy-five billion parameters, it’s the most important language model ever created. And was trained on this, it appears, is that the main reason GPT 3 is thus imposingly “smart” and human-sounding.

As a result of its large size, It will do what no different model will do well. Perform specific tasks with no special standardization. You’ll raise GPT-3 to be a translator, a software engineer, a poet, or a known author. And it will bang with its user providing fewer than ten coachings.

Complete Information= https://usamian.com/gpt-3-what-is-gpt-3-here-is-a-complete-info-about-gpt-3/
Computers / “the PC Must Support Secure Boot” – Fixed | Installing Windows 11 by usamashafiq382: 3:33pm On Jun 28, 2021
Windows 11 is Real?
Microsoft has released their new Operating System called Windows 11. After the success of Windows 10, every windows user is thinking that will Windows 11 will be successful as Windows 10? Before the launch event of Windows 11. The Developer ISO files leaked on the Internet. And users are facing an error while installing Windows 11 that is “The PC must Support Secure Boot”.

Most of the Tech Youtubers and Tech blogs have made Reviews on that but the question is that. Is this a real Windows 11? because it is a developer ISO so this is not confirmed that the final update will have their features or more than these. People who have downloaded the leaked ISO file of Windows 11 are facing errors while installing it. They are facing Multiple errors while installing windows 11.

Complete Error Fixing Here:

Business / Free Instagram Followers Methods | Heshitech by usamashafiq382: 2:19pm On Apr 09, 2021

Nowadays everyone wants to become famous. Today’s generation wants more followers on every social media platform. Instagram is a widely used Social Media platform. Every user of Instagram wants more and more followers on their accounts. Some invest money and promote their content and get followers or likes. But for those who don’t have money to invest and want Instagram followers for free, this article is for them. Here I am going to tell you different methods to ger free Instagram followers without investing.

Here are some methods to Get Real Instagram Followers
1. Setting up your Instagram Profile Free Instagram Followers
Your Instagram profile must look like the profile of a professional person. You must add your attractive Instagram Bio and username. Your Bio must look like a Brands tagline. Think that your Instagram Bio is a Homepage of your brand’s Website where the user finds every piece of info about the brand.

Free Instagram Followers

Confirm that you have added a good bio as a short description of your Profile. The Second is your Profile picture. If you can add your original profile pic on your profile that will be awesome. But if you can’t add your own profile photo on your profile then you have to upload an attractive or good-looking profile photo.

Then upload few Good-looking images as posts. upload images or videos that people like and that attract people.

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2. Use Keywords that help you rank on Search Results
Instagram is one of the biggest Social Media platforms on the planet right now. It’s too difficult to rank your posts on Instagram searches. But if you do this with little effort then you will definitely rank on Instagram searches. You have to use keywords that match your content or content on your profile. For example, If your profile is all about photography then you have to only post keywords related to the topic of your profile.

Use specific keywords for your posts and if you post on daily basis by using the same keyword, then you’ll definitely rank on that keyword. Do search on Instagram first if there are Verified accounts or accounts with Millions of followers are ranked on that keyword that you are using. You can’t compete with an account that has Millions of followers.

3. Post Attractive Photos or Videos
Instagram is based on engagement social media platforms which means If you get more engagement, the more likes or followers you get. But for good engagement, you’ll have to post attractive Photos and Videos. If people watch your videos or comment on them your videos will rank on Instagram feeds.

4. Share your Instagram Profile on different Social Media platforms
If you have the majority of the audience on other Social Media platforms like Facebook. You can promote your Instagram profile there. There are different ways to promote Instagram profiles on Facebook. You can post Screenshots on the Stories of your profile or a page if you have. You can share links to your Instagram profile with the majority of people on Facebook and ask them to follow or like your posts. You can also share the link of your Instagram profile to Facebook posts also.

The other method is spamming your Instagram profile links to different FB groups or Pages that have millions of audiences. If you do this and someone opens the link and found your attractive posts and will definitely follow you.

5. Using Good Hashtags to get Free Instagram Followers
Like Twitter, Instagram also has Hashtags in which people rank their profiles to get followers and likes. You have to do proper Hashtag research to find relevant hashtags according to your posts. One of the best websites to find hashtags according to your topic or niche is Best-Hasntags.com. You can get top or trending Hashtags from this website.

6. Embed your Instagram posts on your blog
If you have a BLog then this Tip is for you. You can add a post about the topic of the article on your Instagram then embed it on your Blog blog. If anyone read your article on your blog and founds your Instagram account there he will open up Instagram and follows your profile.

Getting followers on Instagram legally is not that easy. You have to post Pictures and Videos on daily basis. Good research for Hashtags and create an attractive post.

If you have any questions about that topic you can ask me in the comments section.

Science/Technology / What Is Pi Network ? What Is Its Future? by usamashafiq382: 3:29pm On Mar 09, 2021
What is Pi Network?

Source : https://heshitech.com/what-is-pi-network-what-is-its-future/

As we all know that the most famous Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin or Etherium. Now a day’s everyone is talking about Pi Network. What is Pi Network? or is it real or fake?. Everyone is asking that this gonna be the number one Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But, no one knows the launching date of this currency.

When Pi Network was Released?
Pi Network was launched on 14th March 2019 and still, its currency is not launched. Many people are asking that it is launched and has a value of few cents, well it’s all fake. Pi cryptocurrency is still mining by the original developers. When it gonna be released, no one knows. 3 years are passed and no sign of releasing this currency.

How to use Pi Network?
Pi is an app-based platform where anyone in the world can start making Pi Coins. The user has to open the Pi application after every 24 hours and click on the start button to start making Pi coins. This application tells the user after 24 hours by notification to start mining the Pi. After every 24 hours, it automatically stops.

Is it available in the future or not?
Well, the developers of the Pi network have provided the complete information of this platform. They have published a Whitepaper on their official Pi website telling their complete details about this network. No one knows when is currency is gonna release and what value will it have. Expert says that if this currency will release, it doesn’t have any value. Because millions of users have produced millions of Pi coins. So, if everyone got this for free, then who will pay for these coins which are produced for free?. So there is a genuine confusion that is gonna release or how much value will it have after releasing.

According to some information on Linkedin. Pi network has 70 employs in 2021. Many of them are App developers and Cryptocurrency traders. They have an amazing growth of getting reviews from the Play store of about 170k+.

Pi Coin Details
Pi Network allows mining Pi coins without any computing power. And mining power affects the demand for cryptocurrency, and if it does not requires any power to mine then it not gonna have any effective value that the Pioneers say that they are rich or something.

However, in the Pi app, there is a referral system from where the user has to add users to boost the mining. As per the user, the mining increases which helps the user to make more Pi coins at the same time.

The mining speed of the Pi Network is calculated according to this formula:


If a user has 10 referrals, then its speed will be according to this Formula:

10 * 25% * (0.39PI/HR + 0.39) = 1.975 PI/HR (1.975 PI COINS PER HOUR)

As we talk that this currency is not released yet, and no one knows when it will release. It is in the mining process for the last 3 years. Developers of the Pi network claim that they will release it in 2020 but they haven’t released it yet. According to some Cryptocurrency experts, this is not gonna release. And if it released then Pi coins don’t have any good value because everyone is making it for free and no one gonna pay for these coins which are produced without any effort or computing power. Because the higher computing power is equal to the value of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Etherium is a live example in front of everyone.

Source : https://heshitech.com/what-is-pi-network-what-is-its-future/

Science/Technology / PS5 And Xbox Series X: Why You Shouldn’t Go Next-gen Until 2021 by usamashafiq382: 11:50am On Sep 30, 2020
Complete info : https://heshitech.com/2020/09/ps5-and-xbox-series-x-why-you-shouldnt-go-next-gen-until-2021/


Final Fantasy 16. God of War: Ragnarok. Halo Infinite. These games have two things in common. One, they’re all console exclusives. You’ll need a Sony PlayStation 5 if you want to play the first two — or a Microsoft Xbox Series X or S to play the latter. Two, you won’t be able to play any of these games until at least next year.

And that means you don’t have to buy either a PS5 or a Series X until next year either. That’s a hard reality to face after a September blitz of next-gen news.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (left) and Xbox Series S will launch Nov. 10.


Both Microsoft and Sony spent 2020 in a game of brinksmanship seemingly centered on who could say the least about their next-generation console for the longest. The standoff ended on Sept. 9, when Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X will launch on Nov. 10 for $500, along with the less powerful, digital-only, $300 Series S. Sony followed up just over a week later, revealing that the PS5 will hit store shelves on Nov. 12 and will also cost $500. Its digital-only version clocks in at $400. Oh, and Microsoft bought Bethesda.

Conversation has justifiably swirled around these points for the past couple of weeks. But with the rush of console news having ebbed, and with preorders difficult to secure for either console, the most important question now arises: Do you actually need to buy either a PS5 or a new Xbox this year?

Complete info : https://heshitech.com/2020/09/ps5-and-xbox-series-x-why-you-shouldnt-go-next-gen-until-2021/
Science/Technology / Google Meet Won’t Limit Calls On Free Plans To 60 Minutes Until March 2021 by usamashafiq382: 11:22am On Sep 30, 2020
Source link : https://heshitech.com/2020/09/google-meet-wont-limit-calls-on-free-plans-to-60-minutes-until-march-2021/

Google is extending its policy that lets free Google Meet users host calls for longer than 60 minutes. The policy was set to expire after September 30th, but now free users can host those longer calls through March 2021.

“As we look ahead to a holiday season with less travel and important milestones like family reunions, PTA meetings and weddings hosted over video, we want to continue helping those who rely on Meet to stay in touch over the coming months,” said Google Meet’s group product manager, Samir Pradhan, in a blog post. “As a sign of our commitment, today we’re continuing unlimited Meet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through March 31, 2021 for Gmail accounts.”

Google has steadily updated Google Meet this year
The extension should come as a relief for those who have relied on the service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Google has steadily updated Google Meet this year to keep it competitive with other video conferencing services like Zoom, adding features such as a Zoom-like gallery view (which can now show up to 49 people at once) and background blur.

September 30th also marks when G Suite and G Suite for Education customers are set to lose free access to some advanced Google Meet features, such as hosting meetings with up to 250 participants and the ability to save meeting recordings to Google Drive. That free access is not being extended, Google confirmed to The Verge.

Source link : https://heshitech.com/2020/09/google-meet-wont-limit-calls-on-free-plans-to-60-minutes-until-march-2021/
Science/Technology / Google Pixel 5 Event: Rumors And What To Expect by usamashafiq382: 11:13am On Sep 30, 2020
Source: https://heshitech.com/2020/09/google-pixel-5-event-rumors-and-what-to-expect/

Fall hardware season is in full swing, and tomorrow, Google will be showing off some new products at its “Launch Night In” event. The company has already officially announced some of what we’ll see: Google will be telling us more about new Pixel smartphones (the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G), as well as a new Chromecast and a new Nest smart speaker.

We already know a lot about each one of those products, partly because of the the typical pre-event leaks, rumors, and renders — and partly because people have already bought some of these unannounced products off store shelves. (That includes The Verge; we bought the new Chromecast at Home Depot on Monday.)

We’ve collected what we know in this post. And you can follow The Verge for the actual news when the event kicks off tomorrow at 2PM ET.

The Pixel 5 is Google’s next flagship
The Pixel 5 is Google’s next flagship smartphone, and Google has already revealed a few details: the phone is coming this fall, will support 5G networks, and will be available in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia, the company said in August.

As for what the phone looks like, Google itself has revealed a side profile of the device (see the picture at the top of this post). And Google Japan showed off most of the Pixel 5’s front in a now-deleted tweet on September 24th. A translation of the tweet said the phone is now available to preorder. (Narrator: it wasn’t.)

Source: https://heshitech.com/2020/09/google-pixel-5-event-rumors-and-what-to-expect/
Phones / Apple Crossed 2 $ Trillion Market Value by usamashafiq382: 11:41am On Aug 21, 2020
for Complete Article: https://heshitech.com/apple-crossed-2-trillion-market-value/

Apple has become the primary United States of America company to boast a value of $2 trillion as technology continues to reshape a world wherever smartphones area unit like appendages and digital services area unit like instruments orchestrating people’s lives.
The iPhone maker reached the $2 trillion milestones in Wednesday’s early stock exchange commerce once its shares surpassed $467.77.
The stock later backtracked to shut at $462.83, however it didn’t diminish a motivating action that came simply 2 years once Apple became the primary United States of America company with a $1 trillion value. It comes amid a devastating pandemic that has shoved the economy into a deep recession and caused state rates to soar to the worst levels since the good Depression nearly a century agone.
But Apple and alternative well-established school giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix have thrived throughout the upheaval because the pandemic has forced legion individuals to figure, attend categories, search and entertain themselves reception. That, in turn, has created technology even a lot of crucial, an element that has caused investors to grab the stocks of the industry’s biggest players, in addition to relative newcomers, like video conferencing service Zoom, that has seen its shares quadruple to date this year.
Apple’s stock has climbed nearly fifty-eight p.c this year. In recent weeks, the rally has been bolstered by excitement over a four-for-one step-up that Apple proclaimed late last month in a shot to form its shares more cost-effective to a wider swath of investors.

for Complete Article: https://heshitech.com/apple-crossed-2-trillion-market-value/

Business / What Is Digital Marketing? Complete Information About Digital Marketing by usamashafiq382: 7:46am On Aug 20, 2020
For Complete Infomation about Digital Marketing Click Here: https://heshitech.com/what-is-digital-marketing-complete-information-about-digital-marketing/

The Digital World could be a busy place packed with brands battling to be detected over the babble of advertising and multimedia system. Internet Marketing services have mature out of this to assist brands to urge detected by ultimately elevating their online presence. Having larger on-line visibility, achieved by leverage organic computer program results, social media, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, or content Marketing helps drives your target market to your sites, increasing the number of potential customers.

Marketers describe this method as ‘the conversion funnel’. Obtaining your brand’s name seen within the digital house (the wide a part of the funnel) is that the opening that starts the user on the journey to turning into a client. Once your complete has been seen, whether or not that is in search engines or through paid advertising, users ar additional doubtless to go to and come back to your web site (the middle section of the funnel). This helps them type a reference to your complete through partaking content, and with a bit facilitate from electronic equipment, leading them to eventually purchase your product or service (the slender section of the funnel).

For Complete Infomation about Digital Marketing Click Here: https://heshitech.com/what-is-digital-marketing-complete-information-about-digital-marketing/

Science/Technology / F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) by usamashafiq382: 5:27pm On Aug 19, 2020
for Complete Article Click Here : https://heshitech.com/f-35-lightning-ii-joint-strike-fighter-jsf/

F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter (JSF), is being developed by Lockheed Martin physical science Company for the United States of America Air Force, Navy, and US Marine Corps and also the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Royal Navy.

The furtive, supersonic multirole fighter was selected the F-35 Lightning II in July 2006. The JSF is being in-built 3 variants a traditional take-off and landing craft (CTOL) for the United States of America Air Force. A carrier variant (CV) for the United States of America Navy; and a brief take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) craft for the United States of America US Marine Corps and also the Royal Navy. A 70%-90% commonality is needed for all variants.
Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) development

The Lockheed Martin JSF team includes John Howard Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Pratt and Whitney, and Rolls-Royce. The final assembly of the craft happened at Lockheed Martin’s city plant in Lone-Star State.
The training center at Elgin Air Force Base and F-35 Lightning II operational bases

An integrated coaching center for the F-35 fighter program has been got wind of at Elgin Air Force Base within the United States of America. The coaching center was inaugurated in Gregorian calendar month 2010 and can be absolutely operational by 2013.
Concept demonstration part semiconductor diode by Boeing and Lockheed

The construct demonstration part of the program began in Gregorian calendar month 1996 with the award of contracts to 2 consortia, semiconductor diode by Boeing region, and Lockheed Martin. The contracts concerned the building of demonstrator craft for 3 totally different configurations of JSF, with one in all the 2 consortia to be hand-picked for the event and manufacture of all 3 variants.
First flights of Lockheed’s F-35 Lightning II 

The F-35C took off on its 1st flight in Gregorian calendar month 2011. The F-35A fighter was delivered to Eglin Air Force Base in Oct 2011 and is below purposeful test; the F-35B was inaugurated in Oct 2011.

for Complete Article Click Here : https://heshitech.com/f-35-lightning-ii-joint-strike-fighter-jsf/

Education / Your PAST And FUTURE by usamashafiq382: 3:01pm On Aug 17, 2020
For Complete Motivational Aricle Click here : https://heshitech.com/your-past-and-future/

Is there a lot of at stake to the alternatives you create than simply your future? Might you be living a life that’s not of your own making? These were the queries that raced through my mind one terribly standard trying day. It clothed to be a mind-opening day.

I was having breakfast in a very eating place on a recent operating trip. The waiter greeted me warmly as I visited serve myself. He then people to a corner of the space, usurping the common stance that waiters assume with their hands clasped ahead, a towel suspension between them.

As I weekday right down to eat he came and asked whether or not I required some low or tea. Not being notably keen on hot drinks I declined and the same the juice would answer. He noticed that my glass was little and offered to bring a bigger glass of juice.

So the morning went on. He would serve me, then return to the corner and watch. It had been like at each moment he was perceptive me and asking himself what else he might do to form my breakfast higher and my keep softer.

For Complete Motivational Aricle Click here : https://heshitech.com/your-past-and-future/

Education / Happiness – Want To Reach Your Maximum Happiness Potential? by usamashafiq382: 11:04am On Aug 17, 2020
for Complete Article Click Here : https://heshitech.com/happiness-want-to-reach-your-maximum-happiness-potential/

It is essential to require care of difficulties and to chop back the glumness that produces the complete state of affairs even worse. However, it’s equally essential to amplify the nice things in your life as a result of it’s integral to your satisfaction in life. happiness

You should apprehend the design of manufacturing associated augmentative the positive feelings for an extended time-frame. Reaching your most happiness potential is simply not naturally gifted in most of the parents. However as luck would have it, it is a talent and will be completed by everyone.

Following square measure the strategies that will show you ways to in reaching your most happiness potential:

1- Learning is Good: happiness
Nostalgia has been coupled with negativity through the sooner years with additional stress on housing among the present.
2- Go behind the lens:
Taking images isn’t solely an associate exercise for youngsters; It’s one issue that will create your experience life from a definite perspective.
3- Be grateful: happiness
Being grateful for the blessings in life may also be a good thanks to extending the number of.
4- Be fascinated:
This world could be a beautiful place. Everything in it is a marvel of its personal sort, anyplace you reside has some form of magnificence that you’ll acknowledge.

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Education / Successful People – Habits Of Successful People by usamashafiq382: 10:52am On Aug 17, 2020
for Complete Article https://heshitech.com/successful-people-habits-of-successful-people/

We’re all creatures of habit: We tend to rise up at an equivalent time, go to work, have lunch at an explicit time, head home at nighttime, and know everywhere once a more future day. No routine is that the same to become successful people, however routine will offer us a way of accomplishment and normalcy.
In fact, the state of our daily lives reflects our daily habits. Per a Duke University science study, forty-five p.c of everything we tend to do on routine factors in those daily habits.

That's why, for many, modification is associate degree inconvenience. It always entails one thing unknown. My very own view? It's: "Change is that the sole issue that’s constant." We’ve been conditioned to worry the unknown, however, while not somebody having the gumption to "walk the plank," there wouldn’t be inventions or innovations. To not mention the actual fact that we tend to entrepreneurs may still be continuance in and out of us.

Pushing boundaries, clasp modification, and increasing our horizons is however we tend to grow as professionals and people.
Is there one thing that we are able to do (or do better) so as to be a lot of success? affirmative, there is. Here square measure 5 habits you'll be able to cultivate to assist you to become a lot of prospering.

for Complete Article https://heshitech.com/successful-people-habits-of-successful-people/

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Science/Technology / Robots Taking Over Jobs About 20 Million By 2030 by usamashafiq382: 1:38pm On Aug 12, 2020
Follow Link for Complete Information about Future Robot Jobs : https://heshitech.com/robots-taking-over-jobs-about-20-million-by-2030/

Robots Taking Over Jobs
Humans have to be compelled to prepare for the financial gain difference within the future as Robots have gotten able to take over many roles. There would be twenty million producing jobs everywhere the globe by the year 2030 however Robots can take over these jobs from humans. Robots Taking Over Jobs

In a new study from Oxford social science, economists claim that the subsequent decade orchestrates for robots to require jobs from humans. There may preferably be fourteen million robots place to figure in China alone.

Analyzing the automation within the work, Economists analyzed trends prevailing within the long by observing the past trend, by distinguishing robots worldwide that are a place to figure, nearly threefold within the last twenty years, raising the quantity to concern a pair of.24 million during this amount.

Follow Link for Complete Information about Future Robot Jobs : https://heshitech.com/robots-taking-over-jobs-about-20-million-by-2030/

Health / Russia Has Developed ‘first’ Coronavirus Vaccine: Says Putin by usamashafiq382: 10:40am On Aug 12, 2020
For Complete Information go to the Link Provided: https://heshitech.com/russia-has-developed-first-coronavirus-vaccine-says-putin/

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced on Tuesday that his nation has developed the primary vaccine providing “sustainable immunity” in opposition to the coronavirus.

“This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered” in Russia, he stated throughout a televised video convention name with authorities ministers.

“One of my daughters had this vaccine. I think in this sense she took part in the experiment,” Putin stated.

For Complete Information go to the Link Provided: https://heshitech.com/russia-has-developed-first-coronavirus-vaccine-says-putin/

Science/Technology / GPT 3 Explained – The Openai’s New Language With 175B Parameters by usamashafiq382: 4:24pm On Aug 11, 2020

So, you’ve seen some wonderful GPT 3 demos on Twitter. This mega machine learning model, created by OpenAI, will write it’s own op-eds, poems, articles, and even operating code.

If you would like to undertake out this these days, you’ll have to be compelled to apply to be whitelisted by OpenAI. However, the applications of this model appear endless. You may on the face of it use it to question SQL information in plain English. Mechanically comment code, mechanically generate code, write stylish article headlines, write infectious agent Tweets, and a full heap a lot of.
Go to Link for Complete article to know everything about GPT 3

Science/Technology / Quantum Computers : Quintillion Calculations In A Second by usamashafiq382: 3:04pm On Aug 10, 2020
Complete Information: https://heshitech.com/quantum-computers-quintrillion-calculations-in-a-second/

A Quintillion Calculations a Second.Quantum Computers
A quintillion calculations a second. It’s the speed at that associate exascale mainframe can method info. The Department of Energy (DOE) is making ready for the primary exascale pc to be deployed in 2021. Nevertheless, quantum computers could also be ready to complete additional advanced calculations even quicker than these gumptious exascale computers. however, these technologies complement one another way more than they contend.

It’s progressing to be a moment before the quantum computer area unit able to tackle major research queries. Whereas quantum researchers and scientists in different area units are collaborating to style quantum computers to be as effective as attainable once they’re prepared, that’s still an extended manner off.
Scientists area unit working out the way to build qubits for quantum computers, the terrible foundation of the technology. They’re establishing the foremost elementary quantum algorithms that they have to try to easy calculations. The hardware and algorithms have to be compelled to be way enough for coders to develop in operation systems and software package to try to research. Currently, we’re at a similar purpose in quantum computing that scientists within the Nineteen Fifties were with computers that ran on vacuum tubes.

Complete Information: https://heshitech.com/quantum-computers-quintrillion-calculations-in-a-second/

Science/Technology / Toshiba Officially Announce To Quit Laptop Business by usamashafiq382: 2:08pm On Aug 10, 2020
Complete article: https://heshitech.com/toshiba-officially-announce-to-quit-laptop-business/
Toshiba quietly exited the portable computer business once and for all last week, ending a 35-year journey by transferring its remaining minority stake in its computer business to Sharp. 2 years past, Toshiba sold-out associate eighty. 1 % stake of its computer business to Sharp for $36 million and Sharp renamed the division Dynabook. Sharp exercised its right to shop for the remaining nineteen.1 % of shares back in a Gregorian calendar month, and Toshiba free an announcement August fourth that the deal was completed.
The company created the primary computer portable computer in 1985: The T1100 boasted internal reversible batteries, a 3.5-inch floppy drive, and 256K of memory. ComputerWorld’s 20-year retrospective of the T1100 notes that Toshiba executives were unsure concerning the personal computer, however eventually visited, and started commercialism the T1100 for around $2,000.
Complete article: https://heshitech.com/toshiba-officially-announce-to-quit-laptop-business/

Webmasters / Reasons To Use SMM Panel by usamashafiq382: 2:01pm On Aug 10, 2020
Complete article : https://heshitech.com/reasons-to-use-smm-panel/
Today, there’s quite a lot of hype about Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, all of it boils right down to boosting site visitors to a selected web site. In different phrases, each web site and model struggles to get buyer consideration. Without buyer retention, it isn’t attainable to spice up gross sales and keep forward of the competitors. In this text, we’re going to discover out 5 causes to make use of an SMM panel for a similar goal. Read on.
Schedule Posting
If you run an enterprise, chances are you’ll be searching for an easy advertising and marketing method. With an SMM panel, you possibly can schedule posts. After all, it is very important to submit your articles and weblog posts frequently. Posting irregularly will create a destructive impression in your guests.
web optimization enhancer
If you need to catch customer’s consideration, it can be crucial that your web site content material is top of the range and accommodates related key phrases.
Easy to funds
If you may have a brand new enterprise, chances are you’ll be engaged in restricted funds. Since SMM panels include completely different packages, you possibly can select from any of the packages primarily based on your funds. Plus, you may have the freedom to select from a number of cost choices.
Complete article : https://heshitech.com/reasons-to-use-smm-panel/

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Education / How To Get Motivated? Strategies For Staying Motivated As A Business Owner by usamashafiq382: 12:04pm On Aug 10, 2020
1. Create Goals
Business homeowners tend to lose their motivation whenever they fail to make goals for themselves. After all, if you don’t have any goals to figure towards, then however can you ever get the motivation to try and do anything? You can’t expect your business to succeed if you don’t apprehend what you wish to accomplish with it.
2. Avoid Things That Waste Your Time
It is very easy to waste time within the twenty-first century. We’ve access to smartphones, laptops, video game devices, tablets, and good “IoT’ technology that keeps the United States of America blocked into the web. You’ll be able to watch tv and films or hear music with simply many clicks or faucets. Sadly, this will limit the productivity of Associate in Nursing undisciplined person.
3. Keep Track of Your Achievements
Does it seem to be you’re employed endlessly with none reward? that’s however running a business feels to several new entrepreneurs. Don’t let this sense drain your motivation as a result of there are very little rewards you most likely don’t notice. Keep track of your achievements in spite of however massive or little.
4. Set Deadlines
You must set a point for everything you wish to accomplish. It’s not enough to make goals if you don’t have a point for them. Otherwise, they’ll simply be looming within the air while not knowing once you’ll complete them.
5. Maintain a Positive Environment
Negativity is the killer of motivation. You can not keep intended and grow as someone if you have got negative folks in your atmosphere. This is applicable to each of your home and work environments, however particularly in business.

Education / How To Build A Successful Online Business by usamashafiq382: 11:00am On Aug 07, 2020
1. Thinking too short-term
The blogger that mentions gave up when solely six months. Several package developers hand over once their 1st product isn’t successful.

2. Failure to optimize
An online business can have processes that get dead over and over. a number of these square measure human processes, however several square measures dead by technology, and in my opinion, it’s the technological processes that square measure the foremost vital whenever somebody messes up your home page in their application program, that’s a method being dead.

3. Failure to market effectively
How many blogs receive dismal traffic as a result of all the owners who will write posts? I think that if you dare to be Associate in Nursing enterpriser, you would like to be told selling or have somebody in your business who’s skilled at selling.whereas you’ll source plenty of various business tasks, I don’t assume the core selling of your business ought to be one in each of them.follow link for full information.

Science/Technology / Microsoft’s Tiktok Grab: Inspired Or Naive? by usamashafiq382: 10:45am On Aug 07, 2020
I thought Microsoft’s boss would be mitigated that his company was safely out of the firing line.
What I did not recognize at the time was that Satya Nadella was in reality trying to expand deeper into social media.
deed video-based social-media platform TikTok, though, would create it chargeable for its controversial content.
In short, it’d open itself up to any or all the criticisms and accusations that the opposite massive social-media firms have round-faced in recent years.
It needs to encourage fun, creative, sharable content.

Health / WHO Says COVID-19 Impact Will Be Felt For Decades To Come by usamashafiq382: 8:47am On Aug 07, 2020
PARIS: the planet health body on Sat warned of long drawn out virus pandemic as Republic of India and also the Philippines rumored a record rise in new cases.

Six months once the planet Health Organization declared a world emergency, the novel coronavirus has killed quite 680,000 folks and infected quite seventeen.5 million, in line with AN alpha foetoprotein tally.

Health / Covid-19 – Here Is How To Make Working From Home More Productive by usamashafiq382: 8:38am On Aug 07, 2020
Coronavirus has forced the world to travel for internment. folks area unit forced to remain reception and work from home.
Work from home has been a priority for several folks, particularly freelancers for the past few years.
Those who work from home understand that in today’s busy, unrestricted setting wherever distractions abound, it’s exhausting to become a lot of productive at work. There can be colleagues developing to raise queries or simply the brouhaha of the day. this is often the very fact that always a strict workplace regime isn’t causative to productive operating. this is often the rationale functioning from house is being most well-liked by several businesses today.

Science/Technology / Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review , The Ultra Premium Flagship by usamashafiq382: 8:30am On Aug 07, 2020
Samsung has formally proclaimed 2020’s Galaxy Note lineup. There are 2 models this year: the regular Galaxy Note twenty and therefore the high-end Galaxy Note twenty immoderate. each features the most issue that completely differentiates the Note line — associate enclosed S Pen stylus — however the new Notes ar a lot of different from one another than you may expect.

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