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Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili Shares Cryptic Post After Tinubu Got INEC'S Certificate Of Return by Valkrie: 12:30am On Mar 03

This election has proved it that Igbos are coward..

Deep down their heart, they're not happy SS voted for tinubu, but they don't have such gut to call them out for betrayals. This is why they're calling out only wike, just to use him as bait..

Akwa Ibom

All voted for tinubu. So ask yourself, why Wike?

The other day, a pastor from SS origin told the Igbos in Lagos to leave. They couldn’t face him, it was yoruba they’re calling names grin

Despite that SS is nearer to SE, the Igbos have never for once called Delta a No Man's land. Why? It is because the Niger delta didn't give them such liberty..

Kano, just like Lagos is filled with all Nigerians. The Igbos for once have never called Kano a No man's land. Why? It is because northerners didn't give them such liberty..

The west is the only region that gave Igbos much liberty and this is why the west is the only region they're showing Shege. Had it been we placed them where they belong eversince, all of these wouldn't be happening..

I'm sure if Tinubu is from the SS, lord knows Igbos can't say a word!

Modified: To those quoting me, I never said tinubu won all the states I mentioned. I only said they voted for him.

Get it into your thick empty head...SS never and would never vote for Tinubu the drug lord...the whole world know as it went...!! And it's the so called leaders greed and personal gain that made them do what they did and now became anti people....!!!
Crime / Re: Hijab And Rape: Muslim Sisters Share Their Experiences by Valkrie: 12:26am On Mar 03

Try get sense na

What sense..? Its there written in plain black and white except you don't read and not a student of history...the guy was even a brigand...!!

I see you are just been emotional probably cos of or due to religiouse indoctrination but the truth is the truth going by what is written about the guy.. !!


Crime / Re: President Elect Bola Tinubu Thank Nigerians For Voting Him As Governor Of Nigeri by Valkrie: 12:22am On Mar 03
President Elect Bola Tinubu Thank Nigerians For Voting Him As Governor Of Nigeria No Be JUJU BE THAT


No he should instead thank inec chairman Mahmoud Yakubu and his gang of crooks who made him president...Cos Nigerians never voted for him or made him president...!!


Crime / Re: President Elect Bola Tinubu Thank Nigerians For Voting Him As Governor Of Nigeri by Valkrie: 12:19am On Mar 03
President Elect Bola Tinubu Thank Nigerians For Voting Him As Governor Of Nigeria No Be JUJU BE THAT


He should thank Mahmod Yakubu the Inec chairman who made him president cos Nigerians never voted for him to be president and don't need his thanks...!!

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Politics / Re: I Told Obi He Can't Win - Soludo Congratulates Tinubu by Valkrie: 12:16am On Mar 03
Soludo to Peter after his recent loss at the election grin grin grin grin grin grin

But he won and the whole world know...!!

What Tinubu is carrying is a stolen mandate and everybody including himself know...!! Worst part is he is trying to play the old politics of stealing an election and calling for reconciliation...!!! What nonsense...!!
Politics / Re: Twitter Finally Suspends Impostor Claiming Obident After Massive Report by Valkrie: 12:13am On Mar 03
Something that has gone viral on whatsapp.smh.

The Yoruba are not fools o wink Yoruba eat , breathe and eat politics.

Yeah and people could deliver your drug lord other than snatching ballot box, intimidation and rigging...Yoruba is way beyond the agbero style politics some of you bastereds brought to yoruba land..and sooner that later all of you would be flushed out...!!

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Politics / Re: Unfortunately The Youths Who Are Meant To Defend Tinubu Against SA, Ghanaians Et by Valkrie: 12:07am On Mar 03
You think Tinubu who was not fazed by the insults from millions of Ibos on social media gives a fvck about what some SAner or GAYnian thinks?

We're talking about a high level power player, you're here talking about social media rantings.

Ibos are foolish people.

Your demented and myopic mind still think this election is all about Igbo people, I just shake my head for you...!! It would shock you to your foundation.. don't worry it would come sooner than later....!!!

When we all are talking about a new Nigeria some idiots are still beating the tribal drum....good or bad rain fall on us all...Kidnappers didn't restrict their victims to non fulani and APC members...it affect us all and would be worst if Tinubu ever sit on that throne which he would never.. !!!

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Politics / Re: Obi: A Bronze Medalist Claiming Winner by Valkrie: 11:56pm On Mar 02
Sincerely , wonder will never seized to end especially in Nigeria elections. Peter Gregory Obi who came 3rd position in the just concluded presidential election held on 25th day Feb., 2023 claiming that he won , the election was rigged.

My fellow Nigerians , obi think we are dumb and blind folded , what does he take us for , an intellectual morons or market women or traders who are not learned.

We should not allow all this failed politicians to control our minds for their own selfish interest.

We say Capital No to Obi and Atiku .Nigeria is not a banana republic where politicians can act or split the blood of the innocent souls. If both Atiku and Peter Obi are not happy about INEC presidential results declaring Bola Tinubu as the winner , they can go to court and seek for justice

We say No to War in Nigeria

Thank you and God bless

Oga under your beloved APC a non medalist who came fourth is installed as the duly elected governor of Imo state so anything can happen and in Obi’s case he won the election clean and clear and without doubt...its you people that are having sleepless night cos the thievery is really hunting you people...!!!
Politics / Re: A Single Word From Peter May Seriously Destroy Nigeria by Valkrie: 11:51pm On Mar 02
Soldiers are everywhere to take care of anyone forming obidence.

If you don't know...know it now...soldiers are nothing before civilians when civilians decides to fight for their right...!!!

The soldiers would simply pull off their uniform and melt into the crowd when the heat is up...!!

History would do you good before you put your hope on soldiers to help you safeguard the stolen mandate...!!!

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Politics / Re: How Foreign Press Agencies Reported Tinubu's Election Win by Valkrie: 9:45am On Mar 02
Lol. Aljazeera news this morning made me burst into laughter.

You don't travel so I don't blame you. You obviously don't work remotely and I don't blame you.
If you knew what the outcome of this election meant to the little reputation we have left as a country, you'd be brooding now. You haven't left the shores of your fatherland, so you won't understand a thing in what i said.
Your passport is useless. The stigma that comes with you being Nigerian reduces your chances of getting anything outside the country.
Foolish boy.

Agberos got no life outside the moto Park...how can he possibly understand what you are saying...?

His only joy and happiness is that they would now allow them to do whatever they like without any recourse...!!
Politics / Re: If Obi Win Any State From North Or South West Call Me BASTARD by Valkrie: 8:28pm On Mar 01
Yes I mean it, if that old man win any state from those two region my name should be called Bastard henceforth, Obi will never be president of this county not in my own lifetime grin grin the Agenda is Doom to FAIL

Politics / Re: Tribalist Bigot Contesting For Governor Election In Lagos State by Valkrie: 8:24pm On Mar 01
Egbenu Osi soun. Na una be the real bigots.

Why not use your vote to punish Gbadebo without defamation

They are already in a panic mode...with the revelation of the PDP from their situation room.. LP pulled more than nine hundred thousand vote against APC which got a little ove one hundred thousand... !!

Is that not obvious for all these shaningan?


Politics / Re: Tinubu Won't Be Sworn-in As President Of Nigeria - Anonymous (screenshots) by Valkrie: 8:01pm On Mar 01

Very good..now open the link via Facebook app and click on edited history on the top right hand corner ...you would discover the original post made in Sept 2022 was edited just yesterday around past 10pm...!!

It's plainly fake and the anonymous don't know shiit...!!!
Crime / Re: Hijab And Rape: Muslim Sisters Share Their Experiences by Valkrie: 6:21pm On Mar 01
Can you edit this post,it’s not smart, it’s so silly. This is not a time for mediocrity,it’s not an excuse.Please edit it.

But that's the plain truth.. he was a caravan raider and have his own gang of thugs...!!


Politics / Re: The Over 8million People That Voted For Tinubu, Why Are They Not Celebrating by Valkrie: 6:14pm On Mar 01
Are they so ashamed of the decision they took

Because everywhere around the country is in a mourning mode

You know nah the 8million people is only on paper Inec conjured...!!

The next thing APC would do is to pay people to go to the street amd rejoice for them...just watch out...!!
Politics / Re: Tinubu Won't Be Sworn-in As President Of Nigeria - Anonymous (screenshots) by Valkrie: 11:33am On Mar 01
Read this Excerpt from Anonymous posted on September 19th, 2022.

"The man Peter G. Obi must be aware of the plans ahead of 25th February 2023, the plans to rig the election and make him come 3rd. However, you should be aware that this plan would only work to his advantage. The man Mr Ahmed T.B would be destroying himself by himself, there would be an arrest on this swearing-in date after he must have won by devious means and corrupt electoral practices.

"We are aware of the 10 million dollars deal made with a man named Wike Nyesom, a Governor in the Southern Region. The man Nyesom Wike, shall be engaging in this rigging too.

"All these shall happen but you must be careful, there might be a breakout of war which should be totally avoided by all means. This war would cost a lot of lives if it happens. This war would totally not be necessary as the Anonymous would do the needful in making Mr. P.G Obi the next legal President of the country.

"Do not forget, all these are connected to the declaration of the new nation which would happen by 2024. The man Peter Obi must be careful of handshakes, there's a plan to eliminate him as soon as possible by the use of biological means. A handshake would be the only option to execute this.

"Keep your fingers crossed and you must not forget, we are Anonymous. We are Legion! We do not forgive! We do not forget! Expect us!


Provide link to the Facebook post cos I'm not seeing anything of such on anonymous page....!!
Politics / Re: Northern Nigeria Elected TINIBU With Over 60 Percent Of The Winning Votes by Valkrie: 1:06am On Mar 01
Tinibu a Northern project. 5.2m votes out of the 8.3 came from the North

.settle issue. Southern presidency . Muric aspirations ..Muslim Majority in Nigeria ( since obident and all churches) failed to .defeat MM tickets. Obi unzubo unzubo strategy has further distant obi presidency by a minimum of 16 years of they learn to form alliance. He was close 2027 .

Oga North didn't vote for Tinubu...all these numbers are conjured numbers and everybody know...!! Its the fall out all are waiting for...good or bad the rain would beat everybody...!!

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Politics / Re: Final Result From Kano State by Valkrie: 9:25am On Feb 27
NNPP : 734, 133
APC : 464,133
PDP : 86,162
LP: 8,926

Kano was churning out over 2million plus vote before...what happened?
Politics / Re: This Is The Most Reliable Result So Far. Direct From IREV by Valkrie: 1:50am On Feb 27

Stop this your copy and paste propaganda. We aren't foolish and dumb like you

No mind the ebira bastered...nah him brother dey dig road for okene, kogi state to enable him rig election for APC...!! grin

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Politics / Re: Katsina State Results by Valkrie: 1:24am On Feb 27
One of the K stats Tinubu is hoping to grab millions vote already in the mud....!!

Somebody remind me again how much votes Katsina churned out in the last election for Buhari APC and what's the total vote cast...!!? grin
Politics / Re: Who Will Bet Me 2 Million That Tinubu Will Never Be President? by Valkrie: 11:02pm On Feb 26
It's as clear as day light....Tinubu can never ever be the president of Nigeria.. Let him just be swimming in the euphoria of his rigging for now...matter would be clear in due time...!!

The owners of Nigeria would always determines who rules Nigeria...!!

And if it want to go side ways there are many options open to them to retake charge.. !! Many dumb fellas here don't understand and keep hailing the drug lord... grin

There is a reason the country was handed over to the fulanis and made sure the censors was rigged in the favour of the north in the 60s.

The West was duly appeased after the Abiola debacle by bringing ObJ even though his people never wanted him nor vote for him...!!

Nah just to stay tuned and watch the unfolding film...!! grin
Politics / Re: Labour Party Floors APC & PDP In Satellite LGA by Valkrie: 7:32pm On Feb 26

Fake news from Satellite LGA grin
There is nothing like satellite LGA in Lagos.

What about Amuwo odofin ? Is like you just select where to read and leave the rest due to panic and frustration grin

In another thread APC with all their rigging and intimidation managed to win Labour party in mainland by magin of 2000 vote and dem no wan allow people rest...!!

You people and your agbero master would be buried on or before Tuesday....!!!
Politics / Re: INEC Threatens To Cancel Kogi Presidential Election Results by Valkrie: 10:05am On Feb 26
When I wrote on this forum that APC can never ever win any election in Kogi in a free and fair election some idiots where arguing...!! APC is the most hated party in Kogi today...LP took that state in this current ongoing election...!! As before all what they APC know is to write fake result for themselves and bribe INEC to validate it, is what is currently happening now in Kogi State...!!!
Politics / Re: Festus Keyamo Loses Polling Unit To Peter Obi (Video/Pictures) by Valkrie: 4:00am On Feb 26


The spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Festus Keyamo has lost his polling unit.

The APC spokesman lost his polling unit 017 situated at ward 2, in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State to the presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi.

LP won the polling unit with 100 votes, followed by the All Progressives Congress with 22 votes, while People Democratic Party (PDP) came third with 6 votes.

Source- https://www./2023/02/25/nigeriadecides2023-festus-keyamo-loses-polling-unit-to-obi/


Senior Advocate of Nonesense...!!!!

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Politics / Re: [video] NYSC Corp Member Beaten To Death For Compromising The Elections by Valkrie: 1:58am On Feb 26
When you see criminals comment..there is no arguing..
Politics / Re: This Is Looking Like A Landslide Victory For Peter Obi by Valkrie: 1:56am On Feb 26

Just wait for it Bro.

Wait for which one, the rigged or the real?
Politics / Re: This Is Looking Like A Landslide Victory For Peter Obi by Valkrie: 1:18am On Feb 26

Peter Obi won't win Benue. He won't get 20% in any of Kogi or Niger. You can bookmark this.

Then you've got no idea...!! Why is kogi governor digging road up and down if truly APC is on ground there...and why the much violence and ballot box snatching...? Kogi already have a celebrity ballot box snatcher who was gunned down by the army....!! If APC is on ground to win why all these..?
NC is simply between PDP and LP...APC people are just trying their best to rig...!!!

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Politics / Re: APC Situation Room: Tinubu Takes Early Lead In Presidential Race by Valkrie: 1:08am On Feb 26
Is this an official site of APC? I ask because it's not even secure 🔐

What do you expect from criminals and ballot box snatchers...?

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Politics / Re: Game Changers Are In-bound To Cancel Out Obi by Valkrie: 10:23pm On Feb 25
APC is leading so far in ballot box snatching... grin


Crime / Re: Breaking News:….Boko Haram Attack In Borno by Valkrie: 8:30pm On Feb 25
E be like their oga dey loose... grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wins Big In Benue State by Valkrie: 7:57pm On Feb 25

Where is yarimo my friend? grin

Yarimo keh...!! Kwankwaso dey put fire for him yansh for Kano...he no fit talk now...he is fighting for his life for now...!! grin

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Politics / Re: Are You Ready To Celebrate Tinubu's Presidential Elections Victory Tomorrow? by Valkrie: 7:46am On Feb 25
Yeah..ready to celebrate tinubu lu le after the election....!!!

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