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Business / Re: Which Bank Currently Allow $100 Monthly Limit On Their Naira Debit Card? by WebclickNG: 4:36pm On Jan 01
thanks I'll check it out
Business / Re: Which Bank Currently Allow $100 Monthly Limit On Their Naira Debit Card? by WebclickNG: 4:36pm On Jan 01
Zenith Bank
thanks I'll check it out
Business / Re: Which Bank Currently Allow $100 Monthly Limit On Their Naira Debit Card? by WebclickNG: 4:36pm On Jan 01

Access I'm sure. Stanbic I'm sure. Union bank
I'm sure tooo...

shey na Facebook ads u wan pay for?
thanks. I want to pay a freelancee and website hosting
Business / Which Bank Currently Allow $100 Monthly Limit On Their Naira Debit Card? by WebclickNG: 11:44am On Jan 01
We wanted to know which bank currently allow $100 monthly limit on their naira debit card.
We are sure of GT Bank. But First bank said they have stopped all dollar transaction on their Naira debit card.
Which other bank apart from GT Bank do allow $100 monthly limit on their naira debit card?
Programming / Which Programming Language Will You Learn This Year by WebclickNG: 11:35am On Jan 01
Which programming language will you learn in this 2021?

Here at Webclick we are targeting to train 10000 persons in a series of 3 months fullstack training that will cover CES, HYML, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Postgres database.
Programming / Re: Why Is PHP Not Considered As A Best Backend For Web Development Again by WebclickNG: 2:32pm On Nov 30, 2020
My present project built with React, Node.js/Express, Postgres made me realize you can build just about any application on Node.


Business / Join The First 1family1coder Do-it-yourself Business Promotion Program by WebclickNG: 10:24am On Aug 22, 2020
Join Hundreds of Families in the First #1Family1Coder Do-It-Yourself Business Promotion Program

The #CodeWithJetro Family Business Empowerment Program is designed to achieve two objectives namely:
To raise one professional programmer in participating family.
To help promote family small businesses using the internet of things in a do-it-yourself style.

Learn to build your family business Website from scratch
Learn to implement search engine optimization for high ROI
Build a customer care chat bot to automate your business
Learn best practices social media strategies
Get N100, 000 worth of learning & promotional resources
Pay Only N10,000 one-time access fee (Limited Time Offer)
Learn CSS, HTML, Javascript, Wordpress, React, Node JS, SEO
Learn at your own pace and at your own convenient
3 months mentorship & support on WhatsApp & other platforms
Earn While You Learn on Live Projects
Raise a programmer while building your family business!!!

Participating family will nominate one person to represent the family in the program
The family will pay the program access fee of N10,000
We will create a member access for the nominee in our Web App academy to access training resources. You can use intern as username and keyword to login at https://cwj.netlify.app to have a look around the web app
The nominee will spent the first month learning through the web app and our support platforms and the remaining two months will be used to build the family business to a competitive standard.
While the program is on, the family will provide support for the nominee in terms of data and computer access
At the end of the program, the nominee may choose to work with companies or as a freelancer

Who represent a family? Any family member who knows how to use a computer and will have access to it during the program can represent. Preferably, if you have a child who have come of age, you may nominate him/her.

What will I learn during the program? During the program you will have access to courses on CSS, HTML, Javascript, Wordpress, SEO, Web and Digital Marketing

How is the learning process like? The nominee will have access to our online courses including videos and support on WhatsApp and our Facebook group

How long will the program last? The program is a 3 month mentorship online training.

Can I nominate two persons from one family? No

When is the program starting? The program will start officially by September 1st 2020. But early bird applicants may enjoy discount and start taking their lessons as soon as they join. We may also limit number of participating families from a state.

How do I make payment to join? To receive account detail comment below if you are interested or for more information

This is your chance to take your business to a new level while empowering your nominee to become self-sustaining entrepreneur.

Start now by commenting the state you are representing.

Career / Re: Top Digital Career Paths For Developers & Digital Enthusista by WebclickNG: 10:12am On Aug 20, 2020
Web developers are a fundamental part of any tech team. As entry-level developers, they bring to life the mockups created by UX designers. They translate these graphic recommendations into web languages by writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

Web Developer Path can prepare you for the following jobs:

� Junior web developer
� Web developer
� Web integrator
� Webmaster
� Web designer
� E-commerce web developer
Webmasters / We Opened Applications To The Crowdfunding Javascript Frontend Bootcamp by WebclickNG: 6:56pm On Jul 30, 2020
Good news! We opened the applications to the Crowdfunding Javascript Frontend Bootcamp!
Our mission is to help people learn programming and find a job as a software engineer, and I worked hard on this Bootcamp to make it the perfect resource to achieve that.
Crowdfunding Javascript Frontend Bootcamp is an 8-weeks mentorship program to take you from beginner to intermediary Frontend Developer.
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people.
The total value of this Javascript Frontend Bootcamp templates, courses, materials and support stood at $722 (N280, 600).
Due to the challenge of Covid-19 and the poor economy, we are introducing Crowdfunding as a means to cushion the cost of this program. Instead of paying N280, 600, to join the Crowdfunding Javascript Frontend Bootcamp, you will only pay N3,000!

Is this Bootcamp for you?

YES if you are a bit familiar with JavaScript and Web development and you want to dive deeper into frontend frameworks with React.
We'll improve together by building practical projects: React, PWA, Redux, React Native. Those are just a few of the technologies we'll use to build amazing applications!

But we're not just going to work on projects. We'll also learn advanced browser topics like progressive web apps, geolocation, drag and drop, service workers and more! We're going to learn how to organize applications, how to handle state, but also very hands-on topics like authentication, security, testing, performance, deploying applications, mobile apps with JavaScript, and much more!

To get ready for that software engineer job you dream about.
The peculiar thing about this Bootcamp is the weekly cadence of new lessons. The Bootcamp lasts 8 weeks and every week I'll send you a message with a video presentation of the most important things I want you to learn.

This is very important because it's easy to join an online course and forget about it, but thanks to my support, and the accountability provided by your fellow students in the Slack chat room (which is already a familiar community!), I want to provide a good service to you: I will not let you lose motivation.

As a reminder, the Bootcamp signups are opened for the first batch of applicants after which we can start going together at full speed on JavaScript and Web/App Development.

So make sure you don't miss the opening discount window. Sign up now!

Key points about the Bootcamp:
The Javascript Frontend Bootcamp has a duration of 8 weeks
More than 70 modules fully online
There is a students chat on Slack
I will be providing support via chat or WhatsApp if you prefer.
We'll build a total of 5+ practical projects.
You are not forced to keep the pace, in case you can't keep up you can adjust to your time availability.
I ask about 10-20 hours per week of commitment, but it's ok to skip a week and get back to them later on.

One thing to note: this is the Frontend Bootcamp, that will move you from beginner to intermediary software engineer.

I have sought out some of the best templates and resources for this training. Rather than buying each item separately, we are using the crowdfunding arrangement to give you unlimited access to these resources. In addition to the resources, I will be providing training and support throughout the duration of the program.

Frontend Template & Resources
Fuse React Admin Template - $28
TripFinder React Hotel Listing Template - $17
RealDeal Real Estate React React Template - $21
Newsprk React Blog Magazine Template - $5
PickBazar React GraphQL Ecommerce Template - $29
Trydo React Creative Agency & Portfolio - $24
Factory & Industry Template - $19
AppKit Mobile Template - $24
Get Started With React Native Course - $9

Expected Outcome
Gain expert understanding of the core features of frontend framework - React
Gain working Knowledge of CSS Framework - Material UI
Gain intermidiary understanding of Javascript core language concepts - DOM manipulation, FETCH API, ES6 Features
Working knowledge of Git version control tool
Knowledge of code linting and formatting tools - ESLint, Prettier
Signups are opened till the end of July 2020 or for the first 10 applicants to join the first batch.
Pay the N3,000 program fee.
Register for the Crowdfunding Javascript Frontend Bootcamp. Link to be provided.
Pledge N2,000 contribution to the Crowdfunding Javascript Frontend. Crowdfunding Pledge Contribution page will be provided. Please note that you are not required to pay extra money. N2,000 out of your registration money will be set aside for funding Javascript frontend resources. To learn more about the Javascript Frontend crowdfunding program visit the web app.
After confirmation, you will be given access to training resources.

Reply to this post if you have any questions or would like to know more about each resource item.
Comment I am interested if you are in.

Visit the Academy Web App at https://cwj.netlify.app/

Drop yout email to get the username and password to login and access the courses right away!
Business / Re: Top 5 Post Covid-19 Digital Marketing Trends Recommended For Small Businesses by WebclickNG: 7:43am On Jul 08, 2020
2. SEO Snippet Marketing

Ranking high in search results is great, but what ultimately makes people click through is the content of the snippet. Rich snippets help make your webpages look more enticing in the search results.

Rich snippets are created based on structured data that is available for certain pieces of content. The data is formatted and organized in a way that makes it easy for Google to understand and use it for SERPs and other purposes.

Small business can benefit from onsite and offsite SEO, but ultimately, it is how you appear in search result that determine if a user will click the link to your page.

As more and more people now turn to the internet for products and services, having a sustained SEO marketing strategy with the right mix of rich snippet is a must for all small businesses.
Politics / Re: Buhari Shops For Magu’s Replacement by WebclickNG: 7:14am On Jul 08, 2020
Politics / Re: Agboola Ajayi: 7 Allegations Levelled Against Ondo Deputy Governor by WebclickNG: 1:33pm On Jul 07, 2020

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Call For Probe Of Atiku, Saraki, Myself Is Laughable - Timi Frank by WebclickNG: 11:39am On Jul 07, 2020
Business / Re: Top 5 Post Covid-19 Digital Marketing Trends Recommended For Small Businesses by WebclickNG: 10:02am On Jul 07, 2020
1. Progressive Web Apps

The introduction of Progressive Web Apps by Google has changed the way we think about mobile app development.

Progressive web apps can be considered as an extension of a traditional mobile website. Think of it this way: What if you get to access an app in the same way you open a website from a web browser? and what if you get to visit websites that offer features and other functions similar to an app? A Progressive Web App is the answer to these two questions.

In the most basic sense, a Progressive Web App is an app that can be loaded directly from a web browser. These apps support most functionalities offered by traditional apps, all without consuming any storage space and requesting permissions to access hardware as an app does. Seems good enough right?

The smartphone revolution has enveloped everyone under the digital umbrella. In the modern-day, getting to know and access the services of business requires access to their digital world. Companies worldwide are making their presence felt by hiring developers for mobile & web app development. But small businesses do not have the luxury of investing in R & D for leveraging new technologies. As such, a PWA offers several benefits that make them perfectly suited to small business owners. Here are some of them:

1. Low Usage of Data
Data is a great chore in whatever application you are using. And hence, it is worthwhile to take care of it. There might be a situation where the entire society is seeing a major downfall in the price of mobile data. In such situations, it is advisable to use PWA since it consumes very fewer data in comparison with the native applications.

2. Security
Security has become a trendy word in this tech-savvy world and it creates a problem for both developers as well as users. So the users are looking for niche since the previous HTTP norms are not sufficient for data protection. It is essential to use PWA inside the safe environment since the majority of the websites are indulged using HTTPS. This gives customers confidence while providing required data into PWA through a secured network. All sorts of benefits such as fast loading time, optimum performance, along with app-like user vibe it offers. What more will you expect from it?

3. High Performance
We all know that progressive web apps are working really fast. But we are oblivious about the fact that they are faster than the normal apps and websites. There are many reports available nowadays which give the answer “Yes”.

Optimized web performance gets more response from the end-users and adds more value to the progressive web app. So what is the main reason behind this? The simple answer is that PWA works on a particular technology of caching. The website performance had a great influence on the lead conversion along with the retention rates.

4. Google Backup
The leading software giant Google promotes PWAs. In the I/O meeting of 2017, Google appreciated the continued development of an app like preference. From that time, Google began the promotion of Progressive Web applications.

5. No Installation
The most important aspect is that the visitors don’t need to download any particular app from the play store and then wait till the installation gets over. Using PWAs, they can add an app straight into their devices. It is similar to the mainstream mobile application and similar to the normal mobile application.

Furthermore, it brings the own icon on the home screen negating the sloppy and no complicated installation process. As a result, it enhances the audience’s experience. This mitigates user abandonment which implies that users will spend time on your site. Moreover, it asks the user to download these apps when they navigate to that particular website.

6. Application Resemblance
One of the main features of PWAs is that they bring an app-like experience to their users, but, at the same time, allow them to skip app store browsing and installation. In other words — they feel like a mobile app but work as an ordinary website and combine the best features of both. PWAs are able to provide users with features mostly associated with mobile apps, while opened in a browser. There are push notifications, background support, and more.

7. Special Features
The next gift of this PWA feature is the push notification. Most of the publishers use this property to produce creative solutions for popularizing new content. It is mostly adopted by e-commerce giants because it’s a brand new channel. Customers directly view the push notifications on the screen of their device.

8. Seamless Offline Work
This feature is most fitting for developing countries like Nigeria because of high cost of data. Unlike the usual web apps, such as Facebook, Instagram or many others, PWAs allow users to keep on interacting with the app even when they’re offline. When a user enters a website with a PWA feature, a browser stores the entire app (or caches it). So, when a user enters the website again, the information is entirely served from cache. When the device comes back online, the application re-synchronizes. Impressive, right?

9. Low Development Cost
The development cost of PWA is much lower than the mainstream applications and so it gathers a huge group of people. A normal app must be compatible with both Android and iOS which covers the majority of smartphones. This requires huge costs mostly for small startups. At this juncture, PWA comes into the picture and decreases the cost.

10. Updates Upon Use
Unlike with traditional mobile apps, developers can push all the necessary updates a PWA needs directly on the server, the same as with web apps. The other great thing is that there is no need to wait for the update approval because PWAs are not regulated by any app store. Plus, users don’t have to intentionally load the app store and download the updates (some people avoid it due to the lack of storage on their mobile devices), so you get the reassurance that they use most up to date version.

11. PWAs are Universal Tools
One of significant progressive web apps advantages is that it fits all types of operating systems, browsers and devices — it works on all kinds of PCs, laptops, and tablets. Therefore, it is easy to maintain the app and keep it running smoothly both online and offline. They are hosted on owner’s servers and can be easily modified — just like web pages.

Wrap Up
Progressive web apps are armed with the best modern goodies from both worlds — mobile and web apps: push notifications, offline mode, background support and more. These features bring new opportunities for business owners to reach their customers and have better user engagement.

From Pinterest to Uber, the adoption of Progressive web apps (PWAs) has been rapidly increasing since Google introduced it 3 years ago.

Pinterest has increased its core engagements by 60 percent, which equated to a 44 percent increase in user-generated revenue. Its users now spend 40% more time on the website.

Twitter also designed a PWA for users who didn’t prefer their native app on smartphones(which actually does suck, honestly). The result? The company saw an increase in the number of tweets sent by up to 75 percent, which came at a 70 percent decreased consumption of data.

Similarly, Uber’s PWA app takes less than 50 KB of space on smartphones and takes less than 3 seconds to load even on 2G networks!

These examples highlight the importance of progressive web apps in the world of fast-paced and feature-heavy internet technology today. But the success experienced by these companies isn’t reserved for the big corporate giants alone. In fact, small businesses have the most to gain through PWAs.

For small business owners, we recommend that the PWA should include pages such as Homepage, About Us, FAQ, Contact Us, Services, Testimonials, Privacy, Terms, Sitemap and Page not found.

If you need more information on how to get started for your business, you can chat up TeamWebclick on WhatsApp on Zero Seven Zero Six Six Nine Nine Nine Four Six Six

Now over to number 2 of the Top 5 Post Covid-19 Digital Marketing Trends Recommended For Small Businesses

2. SEO Snippet Marketing- Details loading...
Business / Top 5 Post Covid-19 Digital Marketing Trends Recommended For Small Businesses by WebclickNG: 9:28am On Jul 07, 2020
The COVID-19 lockdowns around the world are causing major economic impacts, but one key benefit that we have in modern society, that hasn't been available in pandemics of the past, is the internet, and increased connectivity, which has enabled many businesses to continue operation despite not being able to open their physical stores.

And while the human impact of the crisis cannot be overstated, for those that are able, minimizing the economic impact through the available means could be the difference between staying afloat or going under, and suffering massive financial burden as a result.

To help with this, the team from Webclick Communications have put together a listing of key digital marketing trends worth focusing on amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, which could help to maximize response, and subsequent sales performance.

1. PWA (Progressive Web App)
2. SEO Snippet Marketing
3. Social Commerce
4. Chat Bot Marketing
5. Pay Per Click Marketing

Details loading...
Politics / Re: Rivers APC Crisis: Appeal Court Fixes Date For Hearing by WebclickNG: 7:12am On Jul 07, 2020
Webmasters / Re: SEO Master Urgently Needed On Naijaplaylist.com by WebclickNG: 6:46am On Jul 07, 2020
Good day sir, we are in need of search engine optimization master on out blog @ naijaplaylist.com kindly message us via whatsapp at +2348158887753
I'll message you with 07066999466
Webmasters / Re: I Need People Good In Wordpress Design To Work With by WebclickNG: 6:45am On Jul 07, 2020
I'll message you with 07066999466
Webmasters / Re: I Need Someone To Build A Website With A Blog. by WebclickNG: 6:00am On Jul 07, 2020
On what?
on whether you are adding domain name and hosting. I have some free time now, so I can help you fix it. But if you act fast.
Crime / Re: Army Flags Off ‘Exercise Sahel Sanity’ To Stop The Current Spate Of Banditry by WebclickNG: 5:59am On Jul 07, 2020
Politics / Re: Edo Election: Ganduje Says "We’ll Isolate Gov Wike, Humiliate Obaseki" by WebclickNG: 5:48am On Jul 07, 2020
Webmasters / Re: I Need Someone To Build A Website With A Blog. by WebclickNG: 12:16pm On Jul 06, 2020
What about a blog? Can 15k build a standard blog?
it depends
Business / Re: Programmers Needed For Remote Job At 100k/month by WebclickNG: 12:03pm On Jul 06, 2020

Not sure that we're ready to work with an agency, but I'll buzz you up if we decide to. Thank you WebclickNG
I work as a freelancer that's the capacity I'm contacting you on.
Programming / Re: I Need A Programmer To Work On A Website Idea I Have by WebclickNG: 11:06am On Jul 06, 2020
Contact me and let me see if it's worth it. WhatsApp 07066999466
Webmasters / Re: Need Help Of A Web Developer by WebclickNG: 11:02am On Jul 06, 2020
Hello house please I need a good web developer around ikeja ogba that can help me with a web project.
Contact me on WhatsApp and I can help you on the project. 07066999466
Webmasters / Re: I Need Someone To Build A Website With A Blog. by WebclickNG: 10:56am On Jul 06, 2020
A female friend need a well built website with a blog. Her budget is 15k. If you're in, share links of your previous work here. Let me go through it and connect you with her.
What kind of website. You can chat me up on WhatsApp 07066999466
Business / Re: Programmers Needed For Remote Job At 100k/month by WebclickNG: 10:49am On Jul 06, 2020
We work remotely with a lot of clients. We'll like to know the components of your job description. WhatsApp 07066999466

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