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Agriculture / Re: How To Initiate A Storage Business In Nigeria by whiterat(m): 12:35am On Sep 03
Best educative thread never red on nairaland......am interested op smiley smiley can you whatsapp me your number via peteranosike2@gmail.com for more discussion
Investment / Re: Concrete Mixer For Sale by whiterat(m): 11:28am On Feb 22
Still available
Properties / Re: Used Concrete Mixer For Sale by whiterat(m): 11:28am On Feb 22
Still available
Properties / Re: Concrete Mixer @ Giver Away Price by whiterat(m): 11:27am On Feb 22
Still available
Investment / Concrete Mixer For Sale by whiterat(m): 10:42pm On Feb 16
Concrete Mixer for sale

Just few months used

Concrete Mixer for complete 1bag

Nothing to fixed but no engine....just buy engine and start using

Price: Only 250k

Call or Whatsapp 07035175273

Properties / Used Concrete Mixer For Sale by whiterat(m): 10:31pm On Feb 16
Used Concrete Mixer for sale

Just few months used

Concrete Mixer for complete 1& half bag

Nothing to fixed but no engine....just buy engine and start using

Price: Only 300k

Call or Whatsapp 07035175273

Properties / Concrete Mixer @ Giver Away Price by whiterat(m): 10:17pm On Feb 16
Concrete Mixer @ giver away price

Just few months used

Concrete Mixer for complete 2bags

Nothing to fixed....just buy and start using

Price: Just 500k

Call or Whatsapp 07035175273

Car Talk / Re: Registered Toyota Camry 2007 For Sale by whiterat(m): 3:18pm On Sep 15, 2022
What is the last price please?
Agriculture / Re: What Is The Name Of This Strange Looking Fruit by whiterat(m): 3:33pm On Jan 26, 2022
This Is The First Place I Have Seen This Fruit. It's Growing In My Uncle's Compound, Looks Like Sour Chop But It's Fruit And Tree Is Bigger.
Anyone With An Idea Of The Name And What It Tastes Like?

It is called Jackfruit...It all-over East Africa (precisely Kenya and Uganda)
Politics / Re: Anambra2021: Where Are The 230,201 APC Members Who Voted In The Primaries? by whiterat(m): 11:42am On Nov 08, 2021
That's the 9th wonders of the world!

The 8th is how a certain certificateless gworo chewing bastard from daura became president of a country.

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Science/Technology / Re: See The Big Scorpion That Almost Stung Me! by whiterat(m): 12:19am On Nov 08, 2021
Should I increase the volume?

On a serious note... am ready to join resources to establish a scorpion farm in Nigeria if you are interested..... thankgodfarms@gmail.com
Properties / Re: Building Of My Cheap Self Cons with Pics by whiterat(m): 12:04pm On Oct 31, 2021
What a nice work!
Travel / Formal Address For Opening Of Anambra International Cargo & Passenger Airport by whiterat(m): 11:33am On Oct 31, 2021
An Address Presented by the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano to mark the formal opening of Anambra International Cargo & Passenger Airport, Umueri on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

Ndi Anambra, this is the day we have all been waiting for…this is our day of Pentecost.

In every generation, history is not only made when the Red Sea is divided for God’s chosen people to walk through. No. History is also made when a leader gives shape and form to the silent dreams of his people. Ndi Anambra the dream we have all nurtured for many years has finally come true today. Mmadu anokwa ebea?

Ndi Anambra, this airport is an idea whose time has come. We fought many battles to be here today. We scaled over incredible financial huddles; survived the global lockdown by COVID-19, conquered self-doubts and flattened out five hills to construct this glorious runaway and to the glory of Almighty God, Anambra International Cargo and Passenger Airport Umueri is rated as one of the best airports in Africa today.

Ndi Anambra, I am told that some people often ask, why should Anambra have an airport when there are airports in neighbouring states? My reply is, why should Anambra not have an airport? Why should a state that hosts the largest retail market in West Africa not have an airport? Why should a state that hosts West Africa’s only auto-city not have an airport? Why should a state whose indigenes pioneered organized road transport and logistics-handling in Nigeria not have an airport? Why should a state with the highest number of owners of private jets in Nigeria not have an airport? And why, please tell me why, should a state with the largest population of itinerant and travelling people in Nigeria not have an airport? Why? Why should we crawl when we can fly?

Happily, I have been repeatedly assured by aviation experts that this airport will be one of the most viable airports in Nigeria very soon. I have also been assured that what we have here is one of the most modern airports in Africa. This airport has a runway of 3.7km. It is Nigeria’s second longest runway. It is second only to Murutala Mohammed International Airport Lagos. But it has a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) of 1km on either side of the runway. Unlike the MMIA Lagos, an aircraft can land on either side of our runway. I guess that makes it special.

In addition, this airport is equipped with a Satellite Landing System for navigational ease. It is equipped with Category 2 Light. This is among the best airfield lighting system in the world today which makes it possible for flights to land even in the worst weather. It also has Instrument Landing System which ensures that the aircraft is vertically and horizontally aligned to the runway while landing. Our runway is 270 mm thick. That ensures that airbuses, including Boeing 747 can land with ease in this airport.
The Apron measures 200x300 meters wide and 560mm thick. Our Apron can comfortably accommodate 8 Boeing 747. It is connected to the Runway by two Taxiways.

Ndi Anambra our Control Tower is 34.5 meters high or 11 floors tall. It is equipped with a lift and a staircase. But the most important detail about our Control Tower is that it has an inbuilt fire fighting mechanism. A 350kva standby generator is at the service of our Control Tower.
The terminal building has a capacity to accommodate 400 passengers at a time. The scanning machines have all been installed and fully are functional. There are two carousels, three elevators, 36 shops and a VIP Lounge. The terminal building has a most audacious design. The roof is made up of several layers of aluminum and insulator to reduce the intensity of heat and the noise of rainfall. That is why it does not have a conventional ceiling as we know it. The terminal building has a car-park that can accommodate 750 cars at once.

Electricity supply to the airport is well planned and functional with 18 hours of light everyday supplied from the substation at Agu Awka. We also have 800kva generator on standby in case of a power outage.

This airport is classified as Category 9. This means that it is equipped with three crash tenders of 6x6 with a capacity to dispense 12,000 liters of water at a time. The airport is served by two industrial boreholes and an overhead tank of 21 meters high and a storage facility of 163 cubic meters of water and two surface tanks for fire-fighting with 640 cubic meters of water. We also have 20 water hydrants.
The meteorological garden is fully equipped and ready. Our Emergency Operation Center/Clinic is ready with two ambulances; a public address system and other essential equipment fully installed.

The dual carriage way leading to this airport from the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway measures 5.7km long and has been completed. It has two bridges and it is well lit at night with dazzling streetlights from end to end.

Meanwhile, we have provided land to the management of Air Peace for the proposed construction of the aircraft maintenance hanger within the airport. We have also allocated land to the Nigerian Air Force to set up their operational base here in the airport.
In all, we have trained 295 people in various critical operational areas for the take off of the airport. During its construction, this airport put over 2500 in direct employment. Over 400 people will be employed as it finally goes into commercial operation. The process will be gradual. But there will be more jobs for our people. Ndi Anambra, we are ready to welcome the world. We are international now!

I must emphasize here that this airport was built from start to finish without borrowing a kobo from the federal government or any financial institution. I must also emphasize that the Government of Anambra State does not owe any contractor for jobs done in this airport. But I must however acknowledge the historic role played by the Anambra State Board of Internal Revenue which lifted our IGR from N8.7bn I inherited when I assumed office in 2014 to N28bn as at the end of 2020. In all likelihood, this airport would have been difficult to complete without their support.

In conclusion, Ndi Anambra, here is your airport. The economic viability of this airport is in your hands. For years you have done it for others. Now is the time to do it for yourselves…do it for your home State!

Umu nnem, this airport is a monument to the resilience of the Anambra Spirit. It is a tribute to the Vision of our great party, APGA. Our dear state needs sustenance of vision. We need a man whose vision is globally acclaimed; a man who will turn this airport into a beehive of rewarding commercial activities. That man is Prof Chukwuma Soludo.

Ndi Anambra, our dear state is on the runway. We need a competent pilot to take us to a destination where the land is green with opportunities. With Chukwuma Soludo in the cockpit, we shall arrive in the destination of our dreams.
So, bring out your voters card next Saturday.

Vote for APGA
Vote for Soludo
A-P-G-A ----APGA

Willie Obiano
Agriculture / Albino Rats / Wistar Rats / Laboratory Rats / White Rats For Sale by whiterat(m): 1:58pm On Aug 20, 2021
Albino rats / wistar rats / laboratory rats / white rats for sale (use for experiments, practical, project etc)... Contact us on 08143487616, www.Animalfarmsnigeria.Wix.Com/rats email: thankgodfarms@gmail.com

Agriculture / Re: Albino Rats / Wistar Rats / Laboratory Rats / White Rats For Sale by whiterat(m): 12:44am On Jul 20, 2021
grin grin grin
It can be use for experiment because it has a strong immune system, and some people keep it as a pet because of the beauty (a stainless pure White)
Is as big as brown bush rat.
If you loose it and it keep feeding it self for long in your apartment without you finding it to put back in his cage,is going to become wild to the extend that you can not touch it any more without been bite.
If is roaming about in your home and it kill all the mice and it notice that no more rat in your apartment it will find his way to another people apartment that are close to you,or though his is going to be coming back to you,but there is a risk for it to be killed for stress passing by people.
It do kill snakes too and other small small animals,like wall gecko,lizard and big inseck like beetle.
One more thing be say the is too much sensitive to sound and can passive aroma of for from far away.
Is a good pet to keep if you like a pet that you want to be charting with because of the intelligent,apart from that no other thing that is useful for,the rest na for laboratory grin
Agriculture / Albino Rats / Wistar Rats / Laboratory Rats / White Rats For Sale by whiterat(m): 11:01pm On Jul 14, 2021
Albino rats / wistar rats / laboratory rats / white rats for sale (use for experiments, practical, project etc)... Contact us on 08143487616, www.Animalfarmsnigeria.Wix.Com/rats email: thankgodfarms@gmail.com

Education / Albino Rats / Wistar Rats / Laboratory Rats / White Rats For Sale by whiterat(m): 11:56pm On May 02, 2021
Albino rats / wistar rats / laboratory rats / white rats for sale (use for experiments, practical, project etc)... Contact us on 08143487616, www.Animalfarmsnigeria.Wix.Com/rats email: thankgodfarms@gmail.com

Business / Please Which Bank Specially Have You Done Worldremit Transactions In Nigeria by whiterat(m): 12:38pm On Jan 08, 2021
Please which bank specially have you done WorldRemit transactions (cash pick up) here in Nigeria
Politics / Re: What Is Electricity Supply In Your Neighborhood Like? by whiterat(m): 8:23am On Sep 12, 2020
18 to 20 hours daily but a day off every week.....Nsukka Enugu State

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Health / Re: Two-piece Face Shields Available For Sale. It Comes With Shield And Glasses by whiterat(m): 11:02pm On Jun 11, 2020
We have a 2-piece face shield for sale.

It comes with a shield and glasses as shown in the picture.

I need the 2-piece face shield (shield and glasses) to buy here in Enugu, WhatsApp 07035175twoseventhree
Travel / Will India Embassy Extend Visa Expiring Date After This Coronavirus Pandemic by whiterat(m): 9:28pm On Apr 20, 2020
I applied for India Medical Visa and luckily was granted the Visa on February ending, 2020 (The Visa valid from February, 2020 till May, 2020). I booked a flight to travel by third week of March, 2020, unfortunately second week of March, 2020, India government suspended all visas issued to foreigner due to the Coronavirus outbreak till 14th April 2020, and again on that 14th April 2020, the Indian government extended their Visa ban to third of May 2020 ( when my visa maybe about to expire).

My question now is what will be my faith? since the Visa will expire on May 2020, which is just next month, Will the embassy extend the Visa or issue another to me after Coronavirus must have ended without I undergoing another visa processing stages or paying another Visa application fee. (Remember UAE just extended all their Visas till the end of 2020). Do you think India may also extend her Visas till end of 2020?

Although, I know this may not be the proper place to channel this question however, considering the numbers of travelers that are on this nairaland, I believed I will get good opinion and advise. sorry for any error.

Front page please
Politics / Chief Of Staff To President, Abba Kyari, Passes On by whiterat(m): 12:59am On Apr 18, 2020
The Presidency regrets to announce the passage of the Chief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari.
The deceased had tested positive to the ravaging COVID-19, and had been receiving treatment. But he died on Friday, April 17, 2020.
May God accept his soul.
Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly.
Femi Adesina
Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
April 18, 2020
Health / Re: Coronavirus: Suspected Case In Enugu Tests Negative by whiterat(m): 2:05am On Mar 16, 2020
Thank God for the news!
Travel / I Want To Book My Flight Myself Online.......someone Should Help Me Out by whiterat(m): 9:30pm On Feb 28, 2020
I want to book my flight myself online but I am afraid of those fake booking site and the scammers........someone should help me out.......Is this booking.etihad.com booking site for real?
Car Talk / Re: Best Cars For Transportation Business In Nigeria by whiterat(m): 11:52pm On Feb 14, 2020
Toyota Corolla:
Hmmn, this car is one of the top most reliable car in Nigeria. I won't say much about this brand of Toyota because it already spoke for itself. This one is good for UBER, Taxify and
intra-city/inter-city private taxi business. You can create relationship with people and build clientele base for your business. But it's best you get tokunbor or very sound registered one for your business.

I need a very sound and clear (registered or tokunbo) but cheap Toyota Corolla or Camry.........Do you have any? If YES Whatsapp me
Travel / Re: Domestic AIR Travel/cargo Hacks In Nigeria by whiterat(m): 11:36pm On Feb 01, 2020
Hello peeps

I'm creating this tread as a form of sensitisation on procedures/protocols to make travelling by air within Nigeria seamless and stress free for Nairalanders.
Though most of us have lots of travelling experiences, this thread will open our eyes to some of the hidden procedures that may be costing us our time/money and some other valuables

I'll also be discussing about cargo movements by air.
Key issues this thread will take care of includes:

I. Ticket e.g fresh booking, Ticket Payment, Rescheduling, Rerouting, Refunding etc

II. Check-in e.g Seat selection, Online Check-in, Counter Check-in, Offloading etc

III. Baggage packaging e.g Baggage Allowance, Contents Packaging, Dangerous Goods, Excess Baggage Payment etc

IV. Flight Boarding

V. Buying unaccompanied ticket

VI. Charter etc

This section will cover the following:

I. Cargo packaging

II. Dangerous Goods

III. Charges on Cargo

IV. Clearing of Cargo

V. Live Animal Cargo i.e Birds, Dogs, Goats, Snakes, Pets in General

V. Human Remain; processing for cargo, Charges on Human Remain

VI. Documents

Most of the above listed issues will be ironed out to enable us move within our airports with ease.

I will refer to myself as an experience ground aviation staff, with vast experience in Baggage, Cargo, Ticketing, Passenger Service.
I'll be dealing with these issues professionally and Asis in Nigeria Airports( Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, Murtala Muhammad International Airport Abuja.

Thank as you follow

Travel / Re: What Are The Requirements To Get India Visa (both Student & Business Visa) by whiterat(m): 2:33pm On Feb 01, 2020

Okay. Did he apply for a business Visa?

Do you know anything about this "clearance" they need from India?


Yes he applied for business Visa. as for the clearance, I don't know anything about it but maybe the country wants to review their immigration policy.
Family / Help Save 4 Year Old Boy Life by whiterat(m): 9:18pm On Jan 31, 2020
This is David diagnosed with heart disease at of the age of 4,the doctor said it's only prayer and money that can save David's life. He needs 5million naira for operation. Plz we are pleading to all well wishes in Nigeria and all over the world to help David to live again. No amount is too small. Even if you don't have money pls share. This is David's father account number and phone number..
Bank name :first bank
Account number :3046916708
Bank name :ibegbu. T. Augustine.
Phone number 07062611380

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Travel / Re: What Are The Requirements To Get India Visa (both Student & Business Visa) by whiterat(m): 5:15pm On Jan 31, 2020

Apply again ke?

And what happens to the existing application and my Visa fees?

What's the guarantee I won't be made to wait months again for the so called clearance?

A friend of mind that also applied for India Visa from Nigeria early this month said them told him to wait till middle February 2020 (either for approval or refusal ) and that is the reason I suggest you wait till that middle Feb. 2020 too. However, you can go back to the India embassy there in Uk to ask for an update.
Travel / Re: What Are The Requirements To Get India Visa (both Student & Business Visa) by whiterat(m): 1:16pm On Jan 31, 2020

I applied directly in November

Wait till middle of February if no reply from the embassy then, apply again
Travel / Re: What Are The Requirements To Get India Visa (both Student & Business Visa) by whiterat(m): 7:09am On Jan 30, 2020
I applied for an Indian business visa from the UK and I have been waiting for over 2 months to get my visa issued. I was told they are awaiting clearance from their ministry before issuing the visa. Please any suggestions on what I can do or who I can contact to get the clearance issued asap? Thanks

When exactly do you applied and do you applied direct to India embassy over there yourself or through an agent?
Travel / Re: What Are The Requirements To Get India Visa (both Student & Business Visa) by whiterat(m): 12:54am On Jan 22, 2020
Thanks for the inform..........well, I still need more light

Go to their website and apply or go to their embassy in Nigeria and make enquiries but rest assured work Visa does not exist in India. Yes they can grant you student Visa but that is it, you cannot work while there, you can however do business with them over there and make huge profit or loss as the case may be in business.
They have very good schools and lavish culture, they were colonized by Great Britain too so they speak good English. Also to note is there are very dirty places and slums in India and they rape both men and women their. Just like any other place, if you understand the languages of the locals, they will embrace you and if you dont you may still get lucky but if granted Visa, pls do not get involved in their Hindu/Islamic fights, you will lose 99% of the time.
Lastly, their women are very beautiful but stay away from them.

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